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"m Igfr lis' ' ' : ' i '
;4eWrtfttnNnnTrT L
icrum 1 wi 1 iimiiun 1 l m
Stere Opens, 9 A.'M. te 5:30 P. M.
' Philadelphia, Wed ne id ay, "June 14, 1922
Gimbel Brethers
Stere closes today at 5:30. Commencing Thursday,
June leth, Summer hours will be in fdrce Stere opening
at i) and closing at 5.
Mistakes? .Every business makes them. Our aim is
te reduce the number and te take titc hurt te eurselves'1
in every case. Buncombe? no; friendliness. y
jSihMmd Insure Success of Jewish
dv Homeland, Brith Abra-
ham Declares
Atlmjlflf ntt TtinA 1.1 nnl.c4.
fA&JMBi for n nfemlicrsMn f ''(10.000. the
pfe f Jndfpcndrnt Order of llrltli Alirnham.
',', Jit top concluding M"inn of It antnnl
,, convention here .vpttnli.v. petitioned
' Cengresn te" pass the 1 .01 co bill recog receg
nising the Ilrllish mandate ever Pales
finr. ) The resolution declared thnt pnwte
of the bill would Wrtually lnure th-suet-ess
of the Jewish home-land move
Mint and that' the egtnblMimcnt nf a
home for the Jewish nation would be
bet a matter of a short time. Speaker1'
alie urged that ilclfsnte g" back te
their locality and make the matter :i
lectl lsue with Kepre'-enfntUei and
Senater wlm'SeuKht election.
. CTbe convention ye-terilnj ted te adil
, additional ten ientMe enelr member
dues, the assessment te be ued in
carrying out the work of nKrlrulturNtK
throughout the world and ppeelally '
la the war-tern Kurepean countries.
Saratoga Spilngs wen the 1012! gather- 1
,lnjc. The vote was somewhat of n sur
prise as th order has ben mcetln; In
Atlantic City vear after year. I
Municipal Court Judge Aaren .T.
J.evy, of New Yerk, was unanimously
Ve-eleeteil fraud mnter. Other office
filled without opposition were: Grand
tecretary. Max I.. Ilellnndei'. of New
Yolk; grand trustee. Ilmry S. Nndel
frelss. of New erk. and chairman of
Jaw, Jacob Achcr. of lloten.
v - -
Weman Causes All Evidence en
March te Be Allowed
Charleston. W. Va., June 11. A
ew angle whiih may prolong indefi
nitely the trial of the Her. J. K. Wll
butn for the killing of Deputy Sheriff 1
Gere, of I.egan County, developed late I
yesterday. 1
The Ceuit ruled evidence may be In-
treduccd from thf -first gathering of
armed miners at Marmet last Mtmmer
wntll Federal troops were sent into the
southern coal fields and the fighting 1
T The reason for the ruling, the Court
beld, whk that the motive for the kill- '
tog must be preed and whether mnllre
was behind it. The Court contended '
this conclusion could h re.-ietieil unit '
y the jury in ascertaining facts con"-
aected with the armed march.
The point was brought up by the
Cress-examination uf Mrs. Isabella I
lllgss, a beardlnj house keeper in
Blair. .. - 1
While the men were .standing about.
Mrs. Rirgs said, one of them lifted a 1
fun and told the crowd : ,
"Here's the gun that shot Gere. The '
preacher pepped it te him." 1
Twe eye-witnesses 'of the sheeting
also testified. They were Jack Ilrink-
man and Velasco Cnrpcnter. The lat- 1
ttt was one of the eight originally in
tiicted in connection with the killing,
but who turned State's witnesses during
th Blizzard trial.
The prosecution said It had thirty
snore witnesses te examine and ns evi
dence wan extended te the whole inarch
It would be necessary te Irrlng in many
President Will Back Opponents of'
1 McCumber In Senate Fight
Washington, June 14. (Uy A. 1'.)
JOppenents of the plan fit Chairman
aacuumDer or the senate Finance Cem- 1
mittctt te sidetrack the Tnriff Hill for'
the' soldiers' bonus will have the sup
port of President Harding when the
question is brought te a decision in
shaping the majority plans for con- 1
sideratien of the bonus bill. It was,
stated officially at the White Heuse '
yesterday that President Harding re- I
gards tariff legislation ns most im
portant and worthy of the undivided
attention of the Senate at this time, j
Although Senater McCumber has'
flTcn notice that he will call up thei
bonus bill in tlie near future, plans for
itsconsideratien remained indefinite te- 1
day with some Republican leaders de
airing a party conference te puns" en
the 'question of priority as between the '
two .bills. .
Definite shaping of plans may fellow
the return here today of Senater Ledge, i
the Republican leader. Should a patty I
conference be called Senater McCumber,
and ether proponents of the bonus are
expected te make a fight against de- !
laying Senate action en the measure. 1
of Craft Burning- -en St.
Clair Unverified
r Detroit, June 14. (Hy A. P.)
Harber officials made little headwuj to
day in verifying a report that a jneht
or some ether small vessel hurmd te
the water's edge In Lake St. Clair late
last night and sank. Lighthouse kcpns
declare they saw no fire en the lake nnd
Inarters of pasuing lrelghters knew
nothing of the report.
Residents of Grosue Peintc declare
they saw the fire nbeut two miles off
shore. Seme said they believed they
could mnke out a large btcumship
standing by.
Power beats wcie sent te the scene
before daybreak, but could find no
isreckage or ether evideiue of mishap.
Tstal Immigration Allotment Is In-
, crease Over Last Year
f Washington, June 4. The number
f aliens te be admitted Inte the I'nited
States the coming fiscal year front the
principal countries of the world under
the 8 per cent ietricilvc luiiulgr.t-
ren Act was fixed yesterday by the i
LaberDepartment at ;i."i7,!Mi:i, ns com
pared with .1S5,R2." lant year.
Germany's quota was reduced from
' 88,030 te 67,007, by reason of the fiiet i
that, Silesia's quota was tranhferrel te
the number te be admitted from Poland.
Bpaln. under the new regulations, is
SSrt pernutted te iuercaHc her ouetn from
iftRf' IPl nl2- A nepnrate (juutn was
Xr eTaslgnated for Hussian Armenia.
ntmkf i
LrftTt BsMMtlensi in IJnlviUis In v9-
yjLia swi -T -.w v v f t hi w w in t
lt.it-, Teta S7.7B9.fiSB
ft K T . f f
vpalUmere, June W, .lehns Hep-
University receiveel 57,7e0,0.'8 in
In the last year, Frank J, Ceed-
pretiqent, etutcd in his nnutuil
read at the commencement ex-
w -vit-",i
i ;?
i -r v irija an
"t ',
(tfce Be
ilta, canto
gent single mi te, $(j.0m.0(H)
Misses' Dresses
Tub-Silks and Dressy,
Beautiful Cottens
Sale -Grouped
The smartly color-striped
white tub-silks that every
body wears mornings and
afternoons at the Country
The smartly tailored silk
pongees that are a great
fad this summer, besides
being cool.
The lovely dotted Swisses
navy blues, browns, and
Wonderful non-crush lin
ens in colors geed enough
te eat! Geed, little, tailery
styles hew they suit the
texture of linenl
And the imported Eng
lish garden dresses that are
a positive been at the shore.
A Sale Greup
at $12.75
Linens in soft colors
and plenty of all-white.
Dotted voiles plenty of
navy and white.
Dotted Swisses the pret
ty dark-ground Swisses.
And a Whole
"Rummage Reel"
at $12.75
Mostly organdies. All
high-priced Dresses that a
careful tubbing will make
like new.
lilmbtln. Salens of Dre, Third fleer.
V 7 I
Perte Rican, Philippine
and American-Made
Vacation Lingerie
Sale- With
Grouped JkJ MS Values Up .
at Kw w$4
Philippine hand-made luxury in nightgowns and perfectly wonder
ful petticoats, net only the flounce hand-embroidered, but the very duet
ruffle hand-eeallepedl
P6rte Rican nightgowns and envelope chemises.
And the loveliest, fluffiest, lace-topped nainsoek nightgowns and
envelope chemises te tuck into that vacation trunk net hand-made, but
machine-made lingerie that is a revelation of what exquisite things
machines can be made te de,when brains direct them!
fllmbtU, Second fleer.
Women's DressesImiwtarit
Showing of Summer
Resort Gowns
Grouped at
Men's Sexten
Union Suits
Tomorrow at-
is the get-acquainted price!
Regularly $1.35 te $1.75
Fine cool madras and nainsoeks a newly
comfortable durable athletic cut.
Netice especially the Sexten all-round web
belt and three-piece "balloon" seat.
Sizes 34 te 46. Olmbcli, ririt fleer.
. Fair Hands
Wear Gloves
except during sports, of course, and indoor
hours. The pores of the hands tend te coarsen
with constant exposure te sun and wind. And
then, tee, think of sunburned hands with fairy
dance dresses next fall!
Heavy Milanese Silk Gloves, special at $1.35
16-button length.
Novelty and Strap-wrist styles at 95c.
Gtabtl. GIote Shep. Vint fleer.
Twe of the Most
Stunning Cotten Waist
Medels of the Season
The orer-bleuse at $5.95 of fine French voile, with the
new Ukrainian embroidery in red and blue.
Plenty of hand-hemstitching. Plenty of real Irish lace.
Peasant sleeve. Slip-ever neck.
The Frill-Waist at $lb.95 is laden with the exquisite
Florentine filet known as "antique filet" in the exquisite
old-time patterns that Italy was famous for.
Glmtwli, Salens ef Dren, Third fleer.
I BBbBbbbbbbbBbB 'JoSebHII Hi
Including the
airiest of lace-and.
Georgette gowns-i
in the all-white or
trie all-black that
are the "two "bhj
themes" of better
class Paris this
In the very grace
ful style, pictured
which, comet in.
sues up te 5j?
Wonderful Sports
Dressesr-the love
Her, heavier silks
that women iajes
for their "favorite
"sport" sitting
upon the club ver
anda I
Satin -"faced
crepes se rich I Se
Indescribably rich!.
Canten crepes the
dress of dresses for
train -wear for
"heavy' days at
the shore, when the
dampness dispirits
almost every ether
Flat crepes the
flat crepes that
drape better than
Anri hnnrtafl frnwna -frnm Pnftc 4Vioea in utfua tin tn 4R ?"
Coel Navy-and-White Dotted Swittet .
Special at $10
Sizes up te 42. aimtwli. Salens of Drew, Third fleer.
A Heat-Dispelling Toilet Goods Sale!
Te feel fresh and cool is what every one is seeking these warm days. Use cooling toiletries !
are worth while. Mail and phone orders filled. Order Desk en Grand Aisle.
And the savings
$1 La Fevre's Mande, 35c
La Fevre's Ncdra Celd Cream,
$1.35 value
Talcum Powders
2Cc DJei Kins Talcum Powder. 10c.
25c Mavis Talcum Powder. 17c.
(Slmbel Talcum Pender in 1-lb.
cans In forylepsls odors or un
scented. 19c.
10c Vnl Dena Talcum Powder, 7c.
25c Babcecus "As the Petals"
Talcum Powder. 19c.
Smith, Kllne and French 25c
Orange Blessem Talcum, at 19c.
$1.25 Le Fevre's
Combination, 65c
65i I.e Fevre's Xedra Celd
Cream. 60c Le Fevre's Xedra Face
Powder, the two ler ec.
Manicure Preparations
$1.75 Vantine
Combination at 50c
$1.00 double box of compact
Face Powder and Rouge, 75c
Sachet, the two for SOc.
Compact Faa Powders and
Routt In fancy caiei at one-
third their regnlar prices.
Toilet Soaps
30c Odoreno, at 'J3c,
fiOc Odoreno, at 40c.
GOu Amelln, at 40c.
SOc Amelln, at "Oc.
Face Powders and
60c Pussywillew Face Powder. 33c.
levy's La Blache Face Powder,
2Ec Lady 'arle Face Powder, 19c.
50c Ladv Carj le Face Powder, S8e.
50c Derln's compact Face Powder,
23c CJImbels Liquid Tleuce. 18c.
Oucrlaln's Lip Stick, metal case,
Uuerlatn's Lip Stick, leather case,
A 2.'.c cake Oulda Reute Free with
each box of Oulda Face Powder at
23c and SOc.
Odd let of Imported and Demestic
Fecn Powders at one-third off their
regular prices. Seme at half price.
Rubber Goods at a
Fraction of Their
Fermer Prices
Guaranteed Het-Water Bettles,
all new, J1.00 value, at flOc.
11.50 Guaranteed Het-Water
Bettles, at 73c.
$2.60 Guaranteed Het-Water
Bettles, at fl.4S.
$1.00 Fountain Syrlncpt. com cem com
plete with rubber tubing and hard
rubber pipes, at 00c,
$2.60 Fountain Syringes, com
plete, at S1.43.
$1.00 Douche Syringe, at 30c.
75c Melded lea Caps, at 38r.
Household Rubber Gloves, 76c
kinds, at 88c.
$2 Metal Het-Water BettleB, at
SI. 45.
25c Rubber Complexion Brushes,
Deuble-coated Rubber Sheeting,
maroon or white; yard wide, at
SBc a yard.
Hair Preparations
$1.50 Ferrond's Hair Grewer, 03c,
i0c Hay's Hair Health. 33c.
$1.20 Hay's Hair Health. 73c.
4 0c Glmbels Bandeline, 2Sc.
35c Glmbels Brllllantine, 23c a
75u ( Hever' h Mnnge Cure, 48c.
50u Palmolive Shampoo, 35c,
30c Danderine, (it 23c,
tool of Hygiene and I'ubllc
line from the Jterkcfeller
t'en? ...
ar s. total uonuiieiis exceeded
tbe sums preyitletlwr till
juvstituUeK. -
aMW ' T ! " A v
P 'WK' ,-:. .v? . a . . fU dTI
Ivory-Coler Celluloid
Toilet Ware Half Price
and Less
Seeial attractive patterns In a
Keed heavy creamy stock.
A few of the many pieces are:
Powder Bexes. Hair Receivers,
at St. 00 and SI. 10.
Hair Brushes, si.93 and S3.S0.
Mirrors, si, S3, S3. 30 and S4.80.
Combs, SBc. 33c and 73c.
Cleth Brushes, Sl.ae and 11.45.
Bennet Brushes, si.eu.
Trays, 40c, SI.7S uml S2.25,
35c Cutex Xall White. . . .
35c Cutex Liquid Nail
35c Cutex Nail Paste.... ) Mch
10c Pumlca Stene, at 7c.
25c Olmbels Nail Fellsh, He.
25c Glmbels Nail Bleach, 18c.
SOc Nail Polishers, at 3Bc.
35c Nail Files, at tBc.
Leng Emery Beards, pkg. of 12
for 10c.
Shaving Preparations
26c Daggett & Ramsdell ShaUng
Stick. SOc.
25c Daggett & Ramsdell Shaving
Cream. 20c.
33c Molle Shaving Cream, 25c.
35c Rubberset Shaving Brush, 25c.
Heme Remedies and
Household Drugs
76c Baume Analgeslque, Bengue,
SOc, .
COc California Syrup of Figs, 40c.
SOc Musterele, 40c.
25c Cascarets, 17c.
50c Cascarets. 36c.
25c Hill's Cascara Quinine, 17c.
60c Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, 35c.
60e Lysol Disinfectant, 10c.
26c Lysol Disinfectant, 30c.
BOc Olmbels Fig Syrup, 25c.
$3.76 Herllck's Malted Milk, S2.80.
26c Carter's Liver Pills, lflc.
30e Glyco-Thymellne. 21e.
25c lb. Peroxide of Hydiegen, 18c.
$1.00 Brome Seltzer, 16c.
Glycerine and Rese Water, 3 oz,
Glycerine and Rese Watec, 8 oz.,
Glycerine, plain, 3 oz , 20c.
Glycerine, plain. 8 e , BOc.
Camphorated OH, 3 oz , 30c.
Essence of Peppermint, 2 oz , 25c
KBsence of Peppermint, 4 oz., 4 Be.
Caster Oil, 3-oz. bottle, 3 Be.
Caster OH, 8-oz. bottle, BOc.
Ammonia, Violet, pt, bottle, 15e,
Ammonia, Violet, qt bottle, 2Sc.
Ammonia, Household, pt. bottle,
Ammonia, Household, qt. bottle,
Ammonia, Aromatic Spirits, 3-oz.
bottle, SOc.
Ammonia, Aromatic Spirits, 8-oz.
bottle. 60c.
Witch Hazel, triple distilled, 8-oz.
bottle, 20c.
Witch Hazel, triple distilled, 32
oz bottle, 05c,
Witch Hazel. Violet, 8-oz. bottle,
Witch Hazel, Violet. 16-oz. bottle,
Benzoin, Glycerine and Rese Water
8-oz. bottle, 15r.
16-oz. bottle. 25c.
Bay Rum, Imported, Glmbels,
7-oz. bottle, OBc.
14-oz. bottle. 81.20.
Qt. bottle. SI. SB.
Epsom Salts, lb. pkg.. 10c.
Chalk and Orris, Vi-lb. pkg 20c.
Seldlltz Powders, box of 12, at 29c.
Sodium Phosphate, lb. pkg., SOc,
Bicarbonate of Seda, lb. pUg,, 10c.
Borax, lb. pkg., IBc.
50a Glmbels Milk of Magnesia. 23c.
Effervescent Sodium Phosphate,
Magnesia Citrate and Vichy Salts,
!i lb, SOc lb., 70c,
Klsslngcn Salts, lb. size. 73c.
One dozen cakes Glmbels Hard
Water Seap, value; 10c a cake; 1
dozen Wash Cleths, value $1.00 dozen.
The two for 81.00.
Lemen Complexion Seap, 3c a cake,
or 25 cakes for f 1.00,
Reslnel Toilet Seap, ISe a cake.
Palmolive Toilet Seap, 7e a cake.
Olmbels Peroxide Complexion Seap,
3 cakes In box, lOe a cake, or 3 cakes
for 2Bc.
Olmbels Peroxide Bath Seap, I0e
a cake, 81.10 a desen.
Glmbels Rese Glycerine Seap, 7e
a cake, 7fle a dozen.
Kirk's Square or Oval Line Toilet
Seap, 10c a cska, 81,00 a dozen.
10c Lehman's Wonder Seap, 7c a
cake, 80c a dozen.
Large cake Cucumber Toilet Seap,
shaped like a cucumber, at 10c a
cake, 11,00 a dozen.
Castile Soaps
' 35c Olmbels Ollve Oil Castile
Seap, wrapped In tin foil, at C
cakes for 11.3ft, or 2Be a cake.
Large bar Green Castile Seap,
at 40e a bar.
Large bar White Floating Cas
tile Seap, see a bar,
4 -lb. bar Olive OH Castile Seap,
$1.00 value, at 10c.
Pure Olive Oil Castile Seap,
IS He a cake, (1.20 a- dozen.
French Perfumes
Made from the flowers of the fields
of Southern France.
Coty's Toilet Water, L'Orlgan, In
original bottle. $6.75 size at I3.7S i
$13 size at B7.S0 $26 size at $17.80.
Chypre Toilet Water. $6.75 size at
3.73 $18 size at 87.80.
L'Or Toilet Water. $13 size at
7.60) $25 size at $17.50.
Jacqueminet Rese Toilet Water,
$6 75 size at $3.78; $13 size at I7.S0
$26 ilze at $17.60.
Round Glass Bettles filled with
Cety'n Toilet Water In L'Orlgan,
Rese Jacqueminet and Chypre, at M
oz., 60c i 1-oz.. S1.00.
Coty's Styx Toilet Water, '.a-oz.,
7Bi i-oz., SI.2B.
Round Glass Bettles filled with
Oucrlaln's Jlckey Perfume, U-oz.,
at 0ct 1-oz., 81.20.
Heublgant's Coeur de Jeauettr, 'i
07... 8l.20i 1-or., 82.26.
Kerkoff's DJer Kiss, U-oz. at 70et
1-oz.. 81.33.
Colored striped long narrow bot
tles, with elongated steppers, filled
with Vantlne's Perfume, at 26e each.
Kerkoff's DJer Kiss Perfume, $1.75
size at 81.40 $2.50 size at $2.10;
$3.25 size at .7B.
Kerkeffs DJer Kiss Toilet Water.
$1.75 size at 81.45.
Kerkoff's DJer Kiss Face Powder,
60c slze at 38c.
Pills and Tablets
25c Bland's Iren Pills. 100 for 17c.
4$e Cathartic Compound Tablets,
100 for SBc.
26e Calomel and Seda Tablets.
H-gr., 100 for 15c.
36c Cascara Sagrada Tablets, 100
3-gr ISc.
Rhinitis Tablets. 100 In bottle, at
Qulntne PHIu. S-grain, 100 for 68e.
Migraine Pllh, 100 for SOc.
Asafetlda, 100 3-graln for SOc.
Pocket-sire Seda Mint Tablets, 10c.
Pocket-sire Seda Mint and Pepm
Tablets. 10c.
Seda Mint Tablets, U-lb. glass, 2Sc.
Hair, Teeth, Nail, Bath
Hair llrinhn, felt kinds, at SSe,
SOc. 75c and up te 12.80) values 60c
te $4,60.
Teeth nruiliei, all textures and
styles, at lOe, IBe, 18c, 2Be and SSet
alues 18c te 76c.
Nail limine., at 10c, 18c, 23c and
up te BOc values 16e te $1,
$1 50 Bath Brushes, 9Sc.
Dressing Combs
75c Hard Rubber -Dressing Combs,
35c Hard Rubber Dressing Combs,
Shell - color Celluloid Dressing
Combs, 75c, BOc and 36c kinds, at
SOc, 3Se and SBc.
Newest Bathing Caps
Rubberized silk, sateen and all
rubber In a number of pretty styles
and colors, at 8Se, 60c, 85c, 7 Be, 81.00
and up te $8,25.
Bathing Shoes
At SBc, SBc, 81.00 and up te $3
for a beautiful black brocade high
HMOO with uhltn satin vnmn
Olmbels, Regular Section ana iitmi Ai.la. Flr.t AT
Sale of Clocks Save Half
We ve taken no chances you de net. First of all, we knew the clocks knew they
are trustworthy se are the makers. , Toe many of same lines hence, the sale te us at
a less. '
8-dayCleck; half-hour strike; mahogany-finish case, 20 J4 ins. long,
1 1 Va ins. high. $7.95 instead of $1 6.50.
Full Westminster Chime Cleck chimes en quarter hour; solid ma-
negany; lb ins. high; 13 ins. wide. Been our
$75 clock this let at $37.50. A rather sumptu
ous gift.
Mahegany-hmsh Alarm Cleck same shape
as$7.95 clock shown above. $2.95.
The clock business has been wen by Gimbels.
Glmbels. Cleck SeetUa and Oraad Aisle.
Teeth Pastes
ROe Pebeco Teeth Paste, Sic.
25e S. S. White Teeth Paste, 17c.
25c Kal Phene Teeth Paste, ISe.
$1.00 Pyerrhlclde, for receding
gums, 75e.
60c Caulk Dental Cream, 35c.
Face Creams
30c Hind's Heney and Almend
Cream, SBc.
36c Helmes' Frestllla, Sle.
90e lb.-tln Glmbels Theatrical
Cream, SOc.
COc H-lb.-tln Olmbels Theatrical
Cream, SBc.
50n Olmbels Benzoin and Almend
Letien. SSe.
60c Tale's Almend Blessem Cream.
, ' F Lemen Celd-Massage and
Cleansing Cream: SOc alze, SSet
6ec size, 42c ; 86e size, B8c $1.26
ur , , a
T? '. :h" ' i ' sfK
f " AyAV. . " -V ( ..
? lk r4f , K-t... IK a .. i . i ... . ... A . iLtkir . . d. 1 . . l, '. A . I S.sZW Jl
.-r. , --r.'iv- "N ' ' ' If..' A'i. 1
- ... i:-,,m
In the Subway Stere
Toilet Paper Specials
Waldorf Toilet Paper. G50
sheets In a roll, 12 rolls for 90c.
Heb White Toilet Paper, 4j-0Z.
rolls. 14 rolls for 80c.
Crosscut Toilet Paper, 1000
sheets in a roll, at 12 rolls for
Snow Dlrd Toilet Paper, at Se a
roll; sse a dozen rolls; 81.00 for
3 dozen rolls.
Fer Protection
Against Moths
Manahan Bags
!H5 Business Suit alze, at lie,
jl.80 Ulster Suit size, at S1.80.
.ki0 ?te Ceat slM' '.
Hethei; Tar Bags
76c sire, at Bc,
Tar Hhesls 85e dozen size, at
Cctlar nags $1.75 size, at St.SO;
$2 size, at 81.80. $2.60 size, at
'"I -.! size, at 83,0a,
GlmtwU, Bubwar Stere,
White Organdie Vestees With Cuffs te
Match, Special $1
Exquisite organdie Vestees
and Cuffs. Tucked and trimmed
with val and venise lace;
wonderful value d
for p 1
Crisp organdie Vestees and
Cuffs. Dress-sports models
white with alternately hem
stitched colored blocks in red,
kiccu, navy, cepen ana iav- i i
ender. Value $1.50 nt. . . . P X
Glmbels. First riser.
E' J i
v i IP '
ft IB 1
Odd Let of Napkins
Priced Specially Lew
Beautiful patterns fine heavy all-linen satin
damask. But no table cloths te match. Se
20-Inch size C Eft a dozen
Napkins.... JDOeOU
22-inch size d 7f- a dozen
Napkins.... PDe0
Regularly a geed bit mere!
Olmbels. linen Shsp, Beeead fleer.
Wash Suits for Beys
Four thousand of them for boys of 3 te 1 0
for the $2.50 te $3.50 qualities.
Geed cottons white or wifk
woven-in color.
In both groups these styles Oliver Twist,
for the $3.85 te $6.50 qualities.
Shantung silk, Venetian, linen,
seisette, galatea.
Middy, Breadfall, Junier Norfolk and Balkan.
Glmbels, Third fleer.
at 34c
Government Pocket Knives, 34c
Melded Garden
Hese 28;i,nd 15c
Government Pocket Knlcs and BereW
lv.er!:?mbln'7J' 'or which the Clown Clewn
inent paid nearly a dollar-.. one blade a
H!J2 ?feed temPerecl steel, the ether a
knife and screw driver combined, inuenl.
eus y plannwl se that It will net clesu ex
cept en pressure of the blade, a knife
a man will always find jtoed use for
Nene C. O. D. Mall orders subject ei
te prier sale, at ,,,, e4C
Steel Cabinets, at $3.95
Hlx compartments; steel body ami uiikIp
LrnV ifr,?nt' w.'" nhe Ideal tool caWniu
an4 'pS,:ffJ 18 Inches deep, 48 Inches len
and 12 Inches high. These cost the tinv
dellmy. "CVeral ,lmc3 " Ta, da,Mer
Melded Garden Hese. -in.
size, coupled in remnant
lengths, reg. 25c, special at
15c per feet.
Intention window
Screen.., walnut stained,
priced accord ng te elee.
at 3c te l,3."
Olmbel Lawn Blowers,
ball-bearing-, with J 3-Inch
elf sharpening steel
blades, cuts high or short
ir. $7.96
"rVWJ. ...
& A4 M ' i t
sy3r., . 4
"J1VU,V ft ? ' j jf
J&iJffimx tiu if.st-.. .hrrtv"-
ULi. P" "1."r i .v ....i. j.--j,iy.
Olmbels, fourth fleer, l-LU
;.--,J tfi.TOaAisa-thMaiiiHnirrilr;Tn Bfft '- -f V iV -f" i satiia

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