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' -J . V V f
"i J nl.ea mi Q ami 4ailR
WEATHER'" 'i',"?!
1 Organ at 41
Stere Opens at 9
Daylight-Saving Time
Stere Closes at 5
Daylight-Saving Time
Generally Cleudy
;) Meledy nnd Chime at Noen
Going A way or Staying Heme, Summer Is Gladder With Little Comforts Clese
On This Day, June 14, 1777
in old Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Congress adopted the
following resolutien:
"Resolved, that the flag of the thirteen United States
be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that- the
Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field,representing
a new constellation. The stars te be arranged in a circle,"
v That was the start of the flag.
' The people took te the flag and it went a flying right off
and has never stepped.
' Today it is in the schools and homes all ever our country
' and in Hawaii, in Perte Rice and in the Philippines; and the
pe0pie have fallen in love with it.
The finest fashion that has recently come te us is the
aalute of the flag.
" pledge allegiance te my flag, and te the Republic
for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all."
Se it has come, that, by the honor and faith of a people
eet toward the right and determined te reverence Ged and
held te their faith that the world shall be lifted te great fame
Vand greater love for the banners of -history.
And it is ours.
It is our, flag, "Old Glory" labeur pride. Its stars and
'stripes are our stars and stripes, "it is the emblem of our
Union. It is the sign of our freedom. It inspired the down
trodden of the world with a new hope. It is the star of every
new generation under the sun.
Held up your head because you are an American and
because this is your flag ! v
June li, 102
Knitted Capes Are Se Pretty
te Wear at the Shere
Seme women threw them ever bathing suits en the
way te and from the surf; or they can be used for the
evening stroll along the boardwalk, when the salt wind
blows a little sharply.
They include white ones
with scallops round the feet;
heavier styles -in bright colors
with large woel-ruched cellars,
Prettiest of all $22.50
$ilk Dresses Arrive
for Yeung Women
THERE are four models, all of fine all-silk crepe de
; It is really hard te cheese between them, each
is se attractive. In the darker shades they are exactly
.the right dresses -for mornings. In the "lighter
colors and white, for afternoons and evenings.
A graceful bloused style in navy blue has the square
Chinese sleeves, the cellar and sash ends of beige silk em
broidered in blue. Or it comes in all white.
A straight-line dress with loose
pointed sleeves has much silk
fageting, even down the side
A charming little bloused
model is trimmed with many
hand-made French knots -and
bows of ribbon.
rphree of the
Grand Pianos
in America
are here in the Wana
maker Piane Salens and
nowhere else in Philadel
phia. They are
P'wie, new in its 99th year of
me among true musicians the
teuntry ever.
u Jje sweet - toned SCHO
MACKER piano, a favorite in
Niiladelphia and elsewhere
ince 1838.
And the celebrated KNABE
Pwne, unsurpassed in the 85
Jrs of its making.
A modern development of
Beautiful Small
iit!raCi!J"!tan.C0.a" exquisite
i:" - i ei me original
UMrfni""!? ,that established
" fume of the piano.
nEE : Prcsees the rich
size tJS!ne tene of the fu-PreJ-trumen.t'
but ca3ed in
Pfopertions that fit it for
smaller quarters.
Dinn mec!fer small grand
Pianos are Susc,
Pianos"" "."I KnBbc ""
W ac each 5122T).
null . me,' of thes three
ethers. hJ?!,03 tnan ?"y
in nLT 7, .V,B music- ev-
r'"""" "'l. Htcend Fleer)
ZW.J f. . A.
m..VJiua.'J I. JWi'i
or with long tasseled scarfs,
or with rows of rather heavy
Prices are $25 te $45.
A printed crepe de chine in
lovely colors, with round neck
and short slashed sleeves, is
bound and trimmed with white
moire ribbon.
Alllarc in sizes from 14 te"20
The Weman
Who Meters
knows this is the time of year
when tee much wind and sun can
de queer things te the com
plexion; consequently she takes
The Salen de Beaute gives
careful facial treatments which
are wonderful for keeping the
skin in geed condition. Appoint
ments may be made by telephone
or in person.
(Third Fleer)
Here Are the Loveliest Silks for
an All-White Season
Crinkly white silk crepes
se smart. 40 inches wide, $4
White silk novelty crepes pat
terned with a satin figure or
stripe, 40 inches wide, $5 and $6
a yard.
White sports satin of lustrous
shimmering surface, 38 inches
wide, $3 a yard.
Plain white rough pongee, all-
( First
Women's Nevel
Twe-piece pajamas in middy
style nrc of cress-bar muslin,
pink and white, at $2.75; of plain
and figured cotton crepe, pink,
blue and white, at $3.85; of
sateen, white and pink at $3.85.
Brocaded sateen in pink, laven
der, blue and white, $3.85.
Regulation style pajamas of
selsette with frogs or with braid
and buttons, $3.85.
(Third Fleer)
Bedroom Drapery
Sets, Coel, Dainty and
New this season. Of unbleached
muslin with stenciled and patch
work embroidery patterns in a
variety of pretty color effects.
Complete sets can be bought,
consisting of curtains, bureau
scarfs, table covers and bed
Curtains, $4 and $5 a pair.
Bureau scarfs, $1.60 te $1.85.
Table covers, $3.25.
Bed covers and bolster covers,
I6.GQ and $7.76. .
rum nw) ' '
' . " - f .. .wftl .
'JAl . r??v::..eU m,
it ' l!1 li a . . u i i I .j - j w ir'- - " -1 ' -
ftfje TOieman'a
Honben Ijep
is showing some extremely
attractive linen sports dresses
in combinations of dainty col cel col
ers. As a rule they have the
upper parts white and the
skirts colored. Prices are
$16.60 and $20.
Flannel sports skirts el flne
quality and tailoring, $15 te
Many Spring sports dresses
will be found here at reduced
prices, $25 te $42.60.
(The Gallery)
A Large Importation
of St. Gall Swisses
Fine sheer Swisses of beau
tifully clear color, with firmly
woven dots in two sizes, pin-dots
and a little larger. White grounds
with black or colored dots; col
ored grounds with white dots. 30
inches wide.
Priced $1.25 a yard.
(Firit Fleer)
There Are Any Number of
Pretty Silk Bags Frem $3 te $5
Bags that are abreast with the newest in fashion and
leek altogether tee rich and fine for the price.
The silks are mostly striped
or the moire effects, while many
novelty shapes are in the group
along with the pouch shape and
the flat style, envelopes and
shopping bags.
Ejpme have dazzling metal
frames, while ethers have cev-
Coel Sports Dresses for
Women $9.75 te $16.50
First come the sleeveless sort, intended te be worn
with shirtwaists. They are made of a fiber with a silk
stripe in it the texture being close and soft. In brown
and black, black and white, green and white and scarlet
and white. Priced $16.50.
Second are gabardine
dresses with sleeves which are
mere caps. In all-white,
white and green nnd white and
rose, 9.75.
in a rough loose weave, ever
a yard.
silk, durable and washable, 40
inches wide, $3.25 a yard.
N. B. The vivid colors which
many smart frocks combine with
white are here also in new silk
.crepes flamingo, jade, pink, yel
low and se en, at the same prices
as while.
fje little
has been enriched by a number
of choice pieces of old furni
ture of mero than ordinary
Among them is an old Chip
pendale sofa of uncommonly
large proportions, covered with
rare old petit point of soft
and lovely colorings in rich
floral and pastoral design. It
has the straight fluted legs of
Chippendale's later pieces and
high curving arms. The price
is $4250.
A mnnllrr Georgian unfa, cov
ered with urn llnrr and leTtllrr
old fllt point. RtamU en rabrlole
lr with nIik.v rlnw-aniMinll
fret and rurvrd ihrll knren. It
u rnrr nnd grnrrful old plervt
prlrrd 14(170,
A Leuis XV commode of
black and geld Chinese lacquer
with marble top, is $1300.
And u iiuulnt little itrretary
link of Wid'am nnd Mary iWtlgn
In rrd and void lurqurr, U (810.
:' (Fifth Fleer)
: vt ,
Flannel Skirts for
Yeung Women
Fresh from the hpxes and it
is the first time this particularly
pretty style has been here in a
white flannel skirt.
Flannel of such a beautiful
?uality it is a pleasure just te
eel it. The skirt fastens at the
left side with two large pearl
buttons and there is another one
en the belt. The right side has
a slot pocket.
In 30, 31, 32 and 33 inch
lengths at $9.60.
(Second FJoer)
Queen Mary
Superior Talcum
is the only kind many knowing
people will have. It is se extra
fine and pure" that there is an
added pleasure in using it.
Delicately perfumed in eight
favorite odors. Priced 20c.
(Main Fleer)
ered frames or partly covered
frames with metal clasps, while
the prettiest of all has a cev-'
ered frame with a rhincstene
The colors arc black, navy and
Third are either sleeveless
dresses striped in black or
green or rose with white,
All have narrow belts of
leather or of the material.
Imported Dress Linen
Special at 75c
An importer's small overlet of
a high-grade dress linen, usually
sold for considerably mere. White
Substantial weight, fine finish
and 44 inches wide. At 75c the
entire 1000 yards will melt away
OVeat AUIr)
About 350 One-Gallen Vacuum
Jars, Specially Priced at $7.85
,... ?isr roomy Jars that are Sed for feed or liquid.
Will keep it het or kr ' old.
Covered with bnW .nnrnel finish, durable
and convenient for mereHS'tnd camping.
The opening is wide enougFfe admit large portions
of feed and is protected by a vacuum cork and screw top.
(Fourth Fleer)
Black Surf Satin
Bathing Suits, $5.75
A new let of a much-wanted
kind black surf satin without
even the rudiments of sleeves,
and with many rows of ruffles
en the skirt, $5.75.
(rimt Fleer)
White Shoes Won't Smear
Everything Else With White
furniture, clothes, in fact, anything shoes can come into
contact with, if they are kept white with S. A. P
thst Aij-rtd.nxfit ' ZebseoreLk:rshoc3' k,d
clean and will net rub off. 8hecs or buckMn shoes.
What, is mere, S. A. P. is,, a large jar U priced 60'cenU.
(Main fler)
iliiill iiiliilti tell I iiilii -ri iPdf -1im iaA...
"What Time Is It
the Hall
Haven't you often heard
some one in the family ask
this question? In ether words,
the hall clock is the final au
thority en correct time.
Here is the reason. The
mechanism of a hall clock is
of the finest and most delicate
kind, and the greatest care in
adjustment has been taken
before it is put into the case
and then again before it is
sent te your home.
It is the one clock in the
house, usually, that is never
moved and is less subject te
Fer a family who lives en
train time or a bride whose
new home is te be in the
suburbs, there are few mere
welcome wedding gifts than a
hall clock.
Clocks in mahogany cases
with Westminster chimes,
$310 te $475. With Westmin
ster, Canterbury or Whitting Whitting
ten chimes, $415 te $600.
With Westminster, Oxford and
Whittington chimes, $525 te
(Muln Heur)
First Things for the
First Baby
infants long slips of nainsoek,
in plain bishop, tucked or yoke
styles, machine made, 60c te $3;
hand made, $1.25 te $5.
Nainsoek petticoats, machine
made, 85c te $2.25; hand made,
$2 te $4.50.
Shirts of cotton, 65c; of silk
and wool, $1.50.
Binders, 25c te 40c.
Woven bands, 50c te $1.
Flannckt petticoats, 50c and
Flnnnel petticoats, $1 te $7.50.
Ever thing else for baby's first
wardrobe, from the simplest te
the most luxurious garment.
(Third Fleur)
Blankets Cleaned
by our sanitary process are
made sweet, soft and spotless,
and finished te leek like new.
They will be stored without
charge until you arc ready in the
Single blankets, 75c.
Deuble blankets, $1.50.
Telephone, Rittcnheusc 1000.
Lew-Priced Summer
Sheets and pillow cases of a
quality nice enough for the sea
shore or country cottage at low
Pillow cases, 12x3G inches, 25c.
45x36 inches, 28c.
Sheets, 63x90 inches, $1.
63x99 inches, $1.15.
81x99 inches, $1.40.
(I'lml Fleer)
White Flannel
Skirts at $8.75
All are the straight gathered
sort, with piped slanting pockets
and 26 te 32 inch waists.
(Flmt Fleer)
Cloisenne Table
' Lamps Frem Japan
Much wanted and net easy te
All two and three lights, in
eight different designs and priced
$17.50 te $40. Lamp shades for
them are $5.50 te $50.
They are among the safest of
all things te cheese for wedding
(Fourth Fleer)
100 American Dinner
Sets of 106 Pieces
at $37.50
Mostly new arrivals in the
extraordinary sale of dinnerwarc
new going ahead.
Finest American semi-china, in
a choice of eight new and ex
clusive patterns.
The majority have solid geld
handles and all have geld edges.
The price, $37.50 a set, repre
sents a substantial saving.
(Fourth Fleer)
June Has Its Showers,
Toe, Confetti, of
Fer no wedding would be com
plete if the bride and bridegroom
escaped without the usual bom
bardment of gayly colored con
fetti. All the confetti for all the
weddings is ready in the House Heuse
furnishing Stere. Price 25 cents
the box; rose petals, 50 cent3 the
box; serpentine, 35 cents the
dozen rolls.
(Fourth Fleer)
New Silk Sweater
Blouses Clese Kin
te Sweaters
In fact, they take the place of
a blouse and sweater and give
the same effect, and they are ex
tremely pretty with sports skirts
or white tub skirts.
Like sweaters, they are in the
slip-en style with V neck and are
in a closely knitted weave in
blocks, the material being fiber
silk. Anether style with a Peter
Pan cellar is in a novelty weave
with several colors which appear
te be changeable.
$9.85 is the price.
(Third Fleer)
When a Man Can Get a Mighty
Geed Brogue for $6.40
there is no reason in the world why he shouldn't have sev
eral pairs te change off and get nearly twice as much service
out of each.
And right new is as geed a
time as any te start, for a hmart
looking tan calf brogue is here
at $6.40.
Up te fashion in every detail
perforated en the tip, lace stay,
The Three-Piece
Tropical Sports Suits
3Jn tfje Jflen'a ILonben &fjep
are the kind that men of
individual taste prefer.
Coel and easy suits, yet
decidedly different from
outdoor Summer clothes
found in the usual shops.
The fabric is tropical
worsted, but it is as light
and cool almost as linen,
while the pattern selection
is as varied as it is distinc
tive. Several solid shades, mixtures and striped effects.
Trousers, knickers and sports coat comprise the
suit, and the coats are in three models old Norfolk
style (which is popular again) with all-around belt;
belleuse-back coat with half belt fastened down ; pleated
back with half belt fastened down.
And each of the better tropical sports suits is
priced $28.
Hand-Played Word Werd
Rolls 25c and 50c
The latest fox trots and
waltzes in about 200 Reed hand
played word-rolls at 50c each.
And about SOO word-rolls at
2ec that have been much higher.
(Srrenil Fluer (inllrrj )
Seme of the Newest Summer Rugs
Are in This Surprising Clearaway
m,mt,?"f.i!"" ea",le rem "'"kera in faraway lands, or somewhere in this
ceunuj, only a week or se age.
arrangement eXpl'ess the newest most popular in pattern and color'
down Ltaantiall? in' grtaT 'mVe beC",e '"KmniMe and em'y iB.
nnd sje
fxlO ft 121.00
6x9 ft ?ic
' "JT
An Old
Meet "Chapeaulet," the Wanamaker
Felt Hat That Is Light and Coel
for Summer
Net back from the war, but back for the first timt
since the war and a little better for the experience.
Men everywhere have come
te knew "Chapeaulet," for men
everywhere have many, many
times during a Summer wanted
te wear a felt hat and found
the Winter's "left ever" was
like a- furnace en the head.
Ask the Man Next te Yeu if He
Has Wern a Balloon Cleth Shirt
"Coelest shirt I ever put en," is the one answer that"
springs universally from the lips of grateful men.
"What is balloon cloth?" another will query. Take out
your handkerchief, and if it is made of the finest kind of
linen, imagine what a shirt would be in a material nearly as
fine and just as sheer.
Ne two ways about it, a plain
white balloon cloth shirt is
mighty fine te wear all the Sum
mer through. And mighty rea
sonable at $3.50.
Men's Half Hese
Have Just Stepped ,
Over Frem Paris
Luxurious half-hose of the
French lisle men have spoken a
preference for because of its
silky appearance combined with
unusual durability. r
At $3.50 the pair are lisle half
hose with handsomely hand-embroidered
clocks. In two-tone
effects and the colors are black
and brown, black and red, black
and blue, blue and tan, blue and
red and blue and plum.
At $2.50 the pair are plain
half hose of a beautiful quality.
The colors arc black, white, tan,
blue and plum.
(Muln Fleer)
vamp seam and heel foxing, the
calf is grained and the tee soft.
Up te standard in quality, tee,
for it is about as serviceable a
.shoe as a man could ask.
. HJi
eljU I;
100 Empire Fabric Tires, Special
at $9.50
New tires of absolutely first quality, suitable for Ferd
cars and guaranteed for service.
The price, $9.50, is substantially ;, .,n..,, ... ,
less than the standard retail fig- b"0 "0x,J B Kxcl ene a K
ui'e. sound sure-te-satisfy tire.
(Thr (.ullrr.v)
,A- ll WJ.OU
8x10 ft .' $22.50
" v.' '-L-' -j.- : v?!5
wwwni vivurf
, t -
ti&'MV?, ' T ..
Friend Is
But "Chancaulet" is cool.
light and easy. Made te serve,
shaped in the Alpine style
most any man can wear it an
in abundant variety of colors-
three browns, three grays and
The price is $5.
Three styles neckband "with
soft turn-back cuffs; web cellar
attached with the new straight
cuff that fastens with a link;1
button down sports cellar with
straight button cuff.
Your Bey Should
Smile, Net Swelter
His comfort depends upon
his clothes.
A cool, washable suit spells J
the difference between smiling
and sweltering.
vniy me nest grades ej
oeys wasnabie suits caw
satisfy this store, and a
ethers should satisfy you.
We have boys' washable
suits in every desirable style,
size, color and fabric at fair
prices from $3.25 te $12 in
sizes for boys of 3 te 18 yeara.
Washable trousers, for beyt
of 6 te 18 years, at $1.50 te
(Third Fleer)
Summer Blankets
Coel as Thin Sheets
Notwithstanding that they are
woven of wool.
But the fabric is light, the
weave is airy, mere airy tha
thnt of an ordinary sheet.
Size, 60x90, $11; 70x90, $12.50,
and 80x90 inches, $14 each.
(Sixth Fleer)
I Iandkerchiefs
Special at $3.85
a Dezen
Sensible handkerchiefs for
man who wants them for every
day use. Sturdy linen that wean
Either plain or with initial and
in the usual size. Bought singly
or less than a dozen they are 36c
(Muln Fleer)
High-Grade Fiber
g""- . $13,711',
7.6x10.6 ft tmh
6x9 ft y- ittf
"" M "
) A
Mr ' ;l -
ttfc "1
t' nU
rt. t.'ai
frl'V . in
'mtifr') ..-".w;i

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