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- j-,-
Wit' I .
w. 10
Stere Open 9 A. M. te 5 P. M.
Gimbel Brethers
Philadelphia, Wednesday, June 28, 1922
Yeung men, men of all ages, will be interested in the Feri
"Coupon Day" keeps the Stere cleared of remnants
and short lets sold while in full favor.
sale of Suits at $22.50.
Thursday "Coupon Day" at Gimbels
All prices are newly-low at Gimbels tins summer tnerein is our leaaersmp. Aim
from these low prices
We Save Yeu Third te Half
.i i 111 A1
The sale touches the whole store mere than half one's summer needs can be met.'.
Short lets ours or from a mill or brother importer but they meet your requirements as1
well as though we had carloads.
;? VjC. vdt.'i7;Avrtt'-'-' 'VtiWwM' "
. , V..HI
t I!
V (remnant) u
j i
ra $an
Wt, ,H...
fciii r.-.'
Men's Terry Cleth Bath
The season's newest pattern",
full cut and well made. (JO QC
Se value, at . . QOtVO
Men's White Oxford Shirts at
Jvti attactiea ...nan. VTy
"t V
Men's Solid Cowhide Belts
Black, full iriam Vatpe: geed
tongue buckle5: .ill i i
Men's White Buckskin Belts
Pearl buckle. Ail m,. Qrr.
Men's Eagle Wide Web
Brass trimming: plain 1 Q
colers: ""c valup. a' . lOL
(.InitirN. "I oupen !.. ' 1'lr.t lloer.
Ne Phene or Mail Orders
Filled Frem Coupon
This Dees Net Appl te
Other Geed
Misses' n 5, $20, 25 and 35
Suits, Dresses
and Coats
New $9.7S
''Or.'s" a? "two-" i-f eve- se inar s'.v'.e-.
All a-e exactly the -ort for aiatim wear.
The .uit ar .il! tweeds.
The Ceat- i'V..'Je both peits and d e.-- style.
The Drest"- aie ah - Ik.-.
It- te l-vcui -tr.es -n er.ch dii-ie:'
I. nilwN. M.len. of Drr. Ilnrtl Heur.
Black Peplin
L- .1 M ...... .. (.Oc.ll Ul'lL'Ilt
for nne-iuvn dn-e- v ftC
bathinc suit-. At, yard
l,mll.. "lonpen l).i." -rtenil fleer.
Infants' and Children's
(iewii. Petticoat-. Drawer.
Bleemer-, 'i.'iui' -.i.-e Blankit"
and Ke-.e- .M'--H and -oiled.
Values ;:e m -.:. OA. te tf 1
at LvQ. Oi
Children's "Eillie Burke"
Of blue at.d p'nk per. 1'e vv t'l
nurserv fgun-. S:t- t te cM
lOveai-.-. $1.3e alu-, at . Ol
RnK:c e,1 Pkllrlrnn't
Hats and Bennets
nrftnlv' tHn.mpl' mt!i nbhen .r
f ? t' tn .i .... 1 ,r '
flowers. Seme -he- hum! mr.
Size-: d nmi.th- ' : (a'. Vui'.e-
OC te ? ..f.",
', Olt " CO QC
31 JW wuav .
iiJt JUU1
OunhrN '( eu.Min Dm " Teml flour
-' ,
" A
h jK) Priced
, i'
1-1 IS I
1 '
P "1
Buss; .(Eseae
Organdie Vestees
With Cuffs te Match
'I rimmed with a. and ,
pattern lac. 1 ! t inn elUr-
attached. M. 'it
value, at
Imported White Organdie
Embreidfnd m lepnhagen or
rese: finish,.,! with l,..i,i. Vc
stitchcl edge. tf2 alue, at ODC
Sports Vestees
With tuxedo or teund fl.u i"I-
lars; :eme have . jtT- te or
match. SImiIue. at OC
: ... ...:.u r.,iT-
"JU'" . V
te Match
50c value, 1 C
at IOK.
(ilmlirN. '( unpiin D.i " I lrt fleer.
, ,.. , , .. .
Women s Ribbed Union
Lihle or cotton; tight or shell-
knee st.slex bodice or built-up
Biieuiuer. lu-guiar aim nu.i
""" '"'" ""'"" XC
Beys' Union Suits
Of naiiiboek in athletic PLQn
style. $1 value, at ... OOL
(.mlirl, "Coupon Da)," lirt lloer.
Flower Bowls With Black
Glass Stands
C' . Vfl in. IT 1
"I viiitn fr 1
.,) ailU, JJjJ
Imported China Umbrella
S13 value, (fcC
Hall Tea Pets
-t.up size; absolutely QC
fireproof. At OOK.
Imported (English)
Dinner Sets
M pieces. 19.50 value, (MA
Reet Beer Bettles
r:lU"' Moppet. i?l
vmIiie . :i doze"' .
Glass Ice Tea Sippers
V.iriei.- i !(.! t 12 9fif
Fnnted Comnetes
l-'fht cut - thin-.ion QC
'" ? "L.
rysiai nuwer tesw
12 inche high. Heavy fj0 CA
cut. S3 value, at pfauv
Imported China Cereal sets
Several designs, 15- 1Q f
jpe,,, $15 value, at. et PUtU
t.lmtM-1. Coupon Da-." l'eurlh fleer.
Traymore Hair Nets
Ml .-ha'ic cap or fringe OH.
naPe A dozen at .
Household Aprons
A-erted ty!e-. ode and OP
;t values, at uDC
Sanitary Aprons
Pvre cum in -hell-pink or white;
al-e rubberized. 30c and
- value-, at
, p...:.,
Bay rant.es
' r'Jre '-'um rubber.
Bp SheppinB
p. af
" ' n" ' '' u 'r.'- u
Woven Open-Mesh Dish
1 "C V.llut'
at . . Jl
C. M. C. Crochet Cotten
Bex 1 ba:'". 7fi-
at . tif.
Steel Scissors '
A--erted MZC-. at. np
.,.4.r. CtDQ
,i iii1mI. "( euihhi t.i. ' 1 tr.t fleer
i 1
Women's $25 te $29.75
Silk Dresses
Thri'e .st lc in tricoleitc and en
stitch tricelette. .Sizes :3G and 42.
Three style.- in ('repeknit one of the best
vacatien-l'abrics there is! Sizes 'AG te M.
A model in Shammyknit in sizes .'i6 up te
And the bveett't, daintiest crepe d'ete's in
astel colors, and lace-trimmed and in sizes .'50
and :)S.
(.iinlwl-. s.ilnn- of Dn, Tlilril fleer.
Women's 2-Clasp Kid
Mat!-, white- tan, blown and
gray, --titched m -elf en contract
ing color. Pique sewn. S3 (?
ulu at, pair
Women's 16-Butten Glace
Blak. white, tan and brown.
0er-iam M'wn. .5.5U dJQ OC
value, at pair .. .. puUJ
Women's Milanese Silk
'""uu"" kw " -. " "'-.
Uaier, tan and matu. 1 1 A
!..... ului-, at pair 1,1U
lij-outten length. Black, white,
Women's Silk Uleves
Strap-wriht -tyles and 16-but-
ten length. Black, white and
coers, alue, te $1.75, at, QO
Women's Wash Fabric
Twe-clasp, s-trap wri.st and 16-
button style. Values up OQ
t si 25, at. pair ... vOC
Men's Chameisette Uleves
OMP-rhlfp (.HO. ulUfs
-,,s 68c
M and l.2.".. at. naif
Men's Silk Gloves
'I we-cla.'-p. firuy, $1,50 QC
U,U1., all sizes, at, pair. . OiJL
(ilmtiels, "l oupen liar," I irv noer.
All-Silk Natural Pongee
SUO erode, at. y5c
,lnN'l- "Onr.'en l.n." "up"'
J fleer.
Stenographers' Desks
Quartered oak tops and front.
Regularly $35. $97 Cft .
Coupon Day price $&i OV
Stenographers' Chairs
Of quartered oak. regularly tfJO '
$12 at ;v..- PO
Reception Chairs
Regularly $0.75. Priced dJO CA
for Coupon Day .... $00J
Desk Trays
With felt bottoms. $1.U." Qtp
value. Priced. Coupon Day. ?
lilniteW "Couiien l),i." vrn(li lloer.
"Coupon-Blend" Rich
;,3c value, at - lbs. QC
for 7,J-
"Coupen-BIend" Black and
Green Mixed Tea
Half price at 1 lbs. for OO
$1, or lb. for OUK.
Rich Cocea
In bulk, "Purity Brand," CC-,
.",0c value, at C lbs. for O JC
Philadelphia sugar-cured, clee
te wholesale price, 01
California Peaches
In rich syrup, 45c value, limit
one dozen cans, at 09
Borax Seap
fiinibel- real White .Seap, half
price, limit 10 cakes ACt
Early June Peas
Ne. 1 cans, 12c value, limit one
dozen, at .'! cans OC
for LeZ
(lmhN. "( mitxin If.n " ( lisfnut
-trrrt Annex.
Full-Size Khaki or Gray
Couch Remelink Spring
Complete with chains (j7 Af
for hanging Of 0
Ceil Springs for Couch
Hammocks or Perch Swings
Black enameled makes swings
or hammocks ride easy, at, CC
pair DDQ
42-in. Mission Perch Swings
All hardwood, complete with
herks and chairs for d0 ftC
TVA . 1 :t r- 1 n-U:
(empkte with all-wool white
1 M-ersti'il shirt, puaranteed color;
naiy flannel pant.,, ftO 1 C
white wel) belt pJIJ
Menls or Beys' Bicycles
2C- and 22-nch frames rubber
pedal.-, Messenger saddle, Fire-
-tune lire- and cea'-ter brake:
fail., guaranteed, 9Q QC
at 9Coe
Beys' Juvenile Base Ball
Made of a heavy striped flannel,
, nay trimmed; sizes 0 te 10 years.
tepplete With sllirt, (PI Or
pant-, cap and belt, at. . pxt)U
.unl.4-, "( eui'cjti Day," 1 eurtli lloer '
Discontinued Patterns and
Odds and Ends of
Silver-Plated Flatware
1M7 Rogers Bres., Oneida Com Cem
inunit;, R. Wallace & Sens and
ether ' well-kncirTH manufacturers.
De-sort TM-nilium forks, mc-
bouillon spoons, oyster forks, but-1
mum Knivei wmi uuuuw iiiiuiiiL'n,
u1. sprCaders, cream ladles, chil
dren's forks, tablespoons, dessert
p0en.s, 5 o'clock tea spoons, pickle
forks. C5c te $t values, Q C
lern,, uec ie 9i u.ua t
III . Lltlll at
(ilmlirN, "(oupen D.e," Jlrsl lloer.
c is a drop- -:j(ii' isS!
11 ":
JL-1' L
Remnants of 60c te 95c
Cretonnes (cp0S) 29c a Yard
One- te ten-yard remnants but we'll cut any dchired length.
25c te 65c White Goods
Remnants (?rin) 18c a Yard
.Scrim.", marquisettes, panellings, curtain-net .
300 Tan-and-White Striped
Rcad te hang,
Cumplete with all bankwire.
1 1 OO
i&i&r js 2')
im ' feM'Mffl
i 90 .:. -v. H V Y" I z in WMe? Slim.
$& A IMLmKMW h
i x a wMMxvmm'stTbWfii
i s,' il ticci.Qr wtriit m -, u v?K .
M&I-. v- ' -sttMfflim'; HOKtT
A , ' AVfiMSlU aw K
t$ibsiam ten
'Writing Paper
Asserted colors, ribbon- OC.
ted. .()c value, at .
Boxed Stationery
21 phucts paper; 24 envelopes or
te ripu uu,a- "'"'' -."-
colors- 3ee and 50c values-, lO.
at '.'"-1
.. , Fountain Pens
" n "T0J ,u-lw u, , 3C
Guaranteed $l.e value, at .
FeKer L.nips
Of paper unbreakable. CA
?1 vaiUCt at JJt1
Pocket Knives
Thin model with four blades;
bone handle, brass lined. CQ,
$1.30 value, at ui
i.lml.cU. "Coupon Day." Fir.t lloer.
Table Linens
Pure Irish linen fcatin damask,
finely woven.
at .'.".!". .S'. $2.95
ciet'hV," 60x81 inches, tf0 OC
at J))Ou
Napkins', 21x21 'inches, A A C
at, a dozen JJtt J
Crash Toweling
All-linen, heavy and serviceable
suitable for hand, dish or roller
Yl'ltttn )FL,, iinliin nt C f
mml,w l'"" ZhC
Turkish Bath Towels
Bleached all-white or with fancy
borders nnd .lacquard effects.
Slight seconds. 35c OO te 7 Q n
te SI.
i.j.i values, ai -- w.
(ilniliela. "Coupon luy." Seronil fleer.
Women's Ready-te-Wear
Black and M and (je j-a
)1ers. At ,,P1 P.JU
Legnern nais
In black and colors, chenille
trimmed. $ and !?8 $35!
J .iiiiTiwU. "coupon Day." Thini Fleer.
Women's Untrimmed Hats
Small and medium &hape-i in
black nnd colors AC.
- 1 - 1 t
Women's Ready-te-Wear
I Tv.lptmmf.r1 nnrl 7 F
. HaU at I Jl.
I !-
eimi.fi... "Coupon nm." lir-t fleer.
Women's Handkerchiefs
I Irish linen, hemstitched. Slight
v mussed. At, 1dT
,y mussee. at, i n
Olmbeli. "(oupen Duy," Ilrdt lloer
I'ilLII ! -
tfKT) $1.98
t.iinliele, I plieMrrj Mere, Tilth fleer.
Suits for Men
20 te 70
2v" ..V
". r 4Vrt
54-Inch Black Surf Qgc
Cleth, at yd
anillN, "Coupon liny." erenn noer.
, peer Lamps and Shades
, MaheBnny.finishc(l stand with
silk or jilace decorated (til QC
shades, at V 1 1
Iren Bridge Lamp and
12-inch tinted parchment paper
t0 QC
at fPOmOO
I ' '. 1""' .
Attractive Dresser Lamp
' with bilk-Lined SJX 7S
Shade, at ..
f v
I "''"'' "fem'Q" '" "r-t fler
American Cotten Flags
Complete with pole, rope and
bracket, size 1x6 ft. j1 OO
Special" J1.0
A Set of Three Mercerized
! American Flags with
. , Bracket
I' or automobiles. Vc
' SPcciul D"
Fleer Sample Baby
i Heed and fiber, best makers, all
colors. Keg. s:;, te fe.)0. hpe-
sitnl flkAA V rt Anir,a J" A
:," .'nZ.hll 3.i -Ml1
"v T T
-Clmlieli., "Coupon Dr.y." reurth fleer.
Suede Hand Bass
$1 te $2.50 values. Brown, CA
1 tan .....1 ..,. at OU
Alligator-Grain Envelope
Tep handle htyle, regularly dl
$1.95, at P1
Silk Hand Bags
$2.95 te $3.95 values; d no
i.iuci: nn.i nnv,, nt
I OlmMi. "Coupon ny." llrnt fleer.
Women's Morning Dresses
, i.eng-wnist ana straigiit-iine
with loose, dctachable belts,
f hocked, plaid ( and striped ging-
meaeis some witn sasnes eiuers
" " -- 'i ",,,' ir
C every style. Values up
te S3.95. at ..,
fiinilirU, "Coupon D.i." l'lrnt fleer.
Women's "Pellyy Prims"
and Band Aorens
of inhani( crct0nnc, percale
' and black s a t e e n, cretonne
trimmed. Values 50c te $1, QQ
- jt
r Women's Bungalow Dress
p i..i-ua;i iiiuiin ,.Lll nti.i lit; wi
ci, .... ,.,,..i,.i ,..'.i, .,,,1, i;n nr
striped, ngureti anci cnecKeu ITH
percale. At UOC
(iluilieU, "Coupon Dm." l'lrnt fleer.
Girls' Khaki Middies
i Sizes 8 te 22 years. (J1 QC
! At Vl.ie
Girls' Khaki Bleemers
Pleated full. Sizes 8 $1 CA
te 22 years. At J)1IU
Girls' Khaki Knickers
With pocket and cull' bottom,
Sizes 8 te 22 years. J0 QC
At ' t)
Khaki Pongee
Royal Shirts
Fer camping and hiking, d0
I shpe u tn .14 at 3
J -Mml-VlL. "Coupon liaV." TMrd IleJr.
Values Running te
Sizes te 46 in.
regular and
50 in. Stouts
."A All-wool or wool with
lr y--P cllr 4-rtc4-rl nh-
right in strength and
sure of color.
Chiefly worsteds geed
Velours, cassimeres and
cheviets, as well. One-, two-,
three- and four-button coats.
Mostly quarter lined with
alpaca and mohair.
Plenty of sports models.
Plenty with extra pair of
$22.50 your choice.
One man te whom we
showed the samples said, "I'll
buy suits enough te last a
Ready Thursday morning
and all should be sold by
Saturday evening.
Cimlxle, "Coupon I).ij" Second fleer.
Women's Sun-and-Rain
Fine silk with tape edge in navy,
green, purple, garnet, brown and
black. Beautiful assortment of
handles; white or amber color te
tips. S5.50 value, at v5
Men's and Women's
American taffeta with tape edge;
silk ease. Bakelite handles some
I leather-trimmed. (Jj-i jc
I At
(ilmbrls, "Coupon 1ii." f'.riind AUle
l'lrl fleer.
Muslin Underwear,
Nightgowns, Envelope Chemises,
Bleemers, lace and embroidery
trimmings. 85c value, CQ
Odd Lets nnd Samples
Muslin Underwear
White and shell-pink Night
gowns, F.nvclepe Chemises'. Cami
soles, Bleemers some silk gar
ments. Half IJA te M QC
price at .... JUC plVO
Extra-Size White Sateen
Hemstitched hem. $1.25 QC
value, at 2JDC
tilnilielw. "Coupon Put." Sereml lloer.
Porcelain Table Tens
Damaged, asserted sizes; if
tti'cra wmi nnar si iifi
firsts would cost $5.65 te (Jjl OQ
$7. Choice at Ma69
Electric Washing Machines
Equipped with wringer, cylinder
type, guaranteed. Q QC
Regularly $135, at.. J)OD.aD
Electric Vacuum Cleaners
Equipped with General Electric
meter, guaranteed. tOQ QC
Regularly $35, at yLeVO
Priscilla Electric Irons
fi-lb. size, complete with detach-
nble cord and plug. Regularly
.je.zt), guaranteed flQ fr
Imported Hellew Ground
j Razors
Made of the best quality steel.
u,any "' , SI .50
r w
Cabinet Gas Ranges
Five burners en top, including
simmering burner; elevated baking
and broiling evens. Connected free
in city limits where fuel line ex
tends te kitchen; sold en easy
payments. Regularly $45, dQQ
at J))5
Hygienic Refrigerators
Enamel lined, top icer, double
deer; ice capacity 100 lbs., dQO
at PJ
(iln.lwU. "Coupon Day." l'eurtli fleer.
Lace Fleuncings
Dainty shadow patterns; also
embroidered cotton net. 10 te 36
inches wide. Value
38c t0 85c
55c te Sl.f.O yd..,
Odds and Ends of
Ruffled, tucked and embroidered
voile, and ergandie fleuncings in
white and light colorings. 10
inches wide. $1.50 te $3 7C
, values, at yard tfOC
Closely dotted, in black, brown,
I .vy and two-tone cembiiu
tiens. 38c value, at yard.
W -WmM. "Coupon ta." Ill
Iliivy aim iwu-iunu euiiiuiiiu- i U,
Iritt fleer.
Framed Pictures
Sepias, nature prints, French
prints and colored gravurcs, vari
ously framed in weeds nnd
antique gilts. d1 ?A te dC
(ilmlifN, "Coupon Mnv," Seventh Fleer
Children's Dresses, Rompers
and Creepers
Fine chambray and striped
gingham. Seme show handling.
Sizes z te 6 years in the let. ?1 te
$3.9e values,
75c t0 $1.95
(ilmbfli, "Coupon Day." Flrnt fleer.
Dress Gingham
Mill ends of 32c quality in
checks, stripes nnd plaids. 32
inches wide. At, OA
yard UC
Gimlirls, "Coupon Day." l'lrnt fleer,
(irmid Alnle. '
Georgette Crepe or
Mignonette Overbleuses
Collarless, Peter Pan and tux
edo cellars. Shell-pink, white,
bisque in Geergettes. Sports
shades in the inignen- (JjO QC
ettcs. Coupon-priced.. v0'
Mmlirts. "Coiiiieii Itny." Third Fleur.
Regular-Size Cord Tires
"Firsts" all fresh wrapped.
Manufacturer's guarantee with
ench tire. Ferd sizes only.
30x3 $6.89
30x3H: $8.39
rsimtifW, "Coupon l.y," Feurlli fleer.
Broken Milk Chece-
lntf Ik. Vinv
Chocolate-Covered 'Pine.
apple m Cream, 45
lb. box ......... v
Jelly Gum Dreps
Asserted flavors, lb. 41-
box ti.
nimbel. "Coupon Hay' CliMtniit St.
Annex iinil.siihuuy Stere.
rfT 1 PS.
A. I ; A
I 111 J rwi
3500 Pairs of Women's
Lew Shoes $2
Werth from $6.50 up te $9.
Coupon-priced at a Pair
(ilmlieM, "Coupon Day," Second fleer.
In the Subway Stere
Clearance of Muslin Under
wear, 35c; 3 for $1.
Clearance of Silk Petticoats,
$1.85, instead of $2.95.
Clearance of figured crepe
Kimonos, 83c, instead of $1.
Clearance of Bungalow
Dresses, 65c, instead of $1 and
Clcnrance of all-wool slipover
Sweaters, $1.
Waists and Smocks, !0c, in
bteatl of 85c and $1.
Men's and Yeung Men's $20
Suits, S10.75. 33 te 40 sizes.
Youths' High Scheel Suits
with Extra Trousers, $12.30. 16
te 19 years.
Beys' Wash Suits, $1. Values
$1.50 te $2.
( Women's black, white and
coulevan Stockings, 3 pairs for
65 c.
Women's Summer Vests, 6 for
90c. Seconds.
Men's nthlctic Union Suits,! 500 All-feather Pillows, cov cev
58c. ered in art ticking, $1. Val
Men's Half Hese. 6 nuirs. 5.".r
85c Corset Girdles and Corset
Brassieres with hose supporters, Shep-soiled Bedspreads, $1.18
Women's kid d fabric i te S,-'j:5- I)ouele-bo(l sb;c- ,.
Gloves, seconds, 35c. Heavy Cotten Crash TewelmK
Women's imported sport cel- "l ,0c ynrtI' Regular lac.
et cd and plain Handkerchiefs, Odd lets of various kinds of
for 25c. White Goods. 12'2C yard.
"Senia" and "Lenex" Hairl Odd Ditmcrware, 5c and 10c.
Nets, SIX shades, ''fir .Inyo,.
Women's 35c Neckwear, 15c.
i ellar sets and vestees.
Children's 75c Fancy Parasols,
Lie. Limited quantity.
Women's Lew Shoes. I5c.
arieus leathers and canvas.
Clearance Sale!
Women's and Misses'
Mestl Silk Lines
Values il i) te $20
I Sies as
j Veu Find
t Them
Beys' Palm Beach and
Panama Suits
With Extra Pair of
l Unickerbeckers
Bex-nleated coats witi, ...,
back and front. Various ceWk .
Arcs 12 te 19 venrs. ie2i0r-!
tseys' Khaki Knickers j
Ages 7 te 16 years. t .1
$1.50 value, at P J..1U1
Beys' Washable Suits
Oliver, Tvvist, middy and French'
models Celers guaranteed W
Ages 2 te 8 years. ft Si.
$2.50 te $3.50 values, at. M.D5'
Beys' White Duck and Khsld
Norfolk Suits
Ages 8 te 17. Value (Ne ei
$7.50. at Aa.Kh
(llmbtU, "Coupon Day," Third Fleur,
Girls' $2 te $3.95
Tub Dresses
at $1.0
Gincrhams plain, checks, and plaids
0- te 14-year sizes.
And slightly mussed organdies but
the organdies in larprc sizes only.
GlmlieN. batons of Drn, Tlilrd deer.
$1.50 Mussed and Handled
Dresses at 65c
Ginghams and lincens.
6- te 14-year sizes.
Glinbrls, Firm fleer.
i Angera for Trimming
Fer trimming hats, sweaters,
capes and dresses. 1 n white, gray
and tan.
a incnes wide, at TP
yard lOCi
G inches wide, nt
12 inches wide, at An
yard p&
Olmhels. "Coupon Day," Third fleer.
Tourist Cases
Of rubberized silk. $2 QJ
value, at "DC
Teeth Brushes
, J f 25c 7er2 45c
Hftjr Efmhes
?1 vaIu -
. nt DUC
Rubberized Week- '" " 9C
, n CtDC
I tna -aSeS, at . ,
1 CJImbelK. "Coupon la." First Fleer.
Beys' & Girls' Play Shoes. $1.
Men's Lew Shoes, at $1.93.
Women's White Canvas
Pumps, $1.
Little Beys' Straw Hats, 20c.
Mostly small sizes.
All-silk Ribbon Remnants,
10c yard.
Pearl Cuff Links at lie pair.
Rogers "1847" and Reed &
Barten Flatware, lie each.
1 Imported Surf Cleth, 59c
I yard. Value 75c. 36-inch.
High-pile Axininstcr Rug
Samples, $1.75. 27x72 inch.
Japanese Grass Rugs, 9 x 12
ft., $2.75. Damaged.
New Precess Felt-Base Rem
nants, 25c sq. yd. Twe yards
Plain and fancy Organdies,
IZ'jc yard. Values te t.uc ya.
ues $2.
Seamless Sheets, 68c. Size
51 x 90. Regular 90c.
Werth twice as much
$2.35 for $3.50 all-silk Canten
Crepe, all colors, 40 inches.
Palmelivc Shampoo, at 29c.
Value 50c.
Suit Cases and "Telescopes,"
68c. Half price.
Hand Bags, at 18c. Shop Shep
soiled. l
Men's Blue Chambray Shirts,
77c. Value $1. t . u
5000 Opaque Window Shades.
55c each. Perfect, size 36 x i-
i All colors.
I Kiddies' Rompers, Creeper14
and "Pantie" Dresses, at evc
Value SI.
I Girls' Gingham Dresses. J te
I II eurs, tt!ii Value $1.2-.
I. li.il.nl. "f'lllllinll IllOl
l huhu t01
" AJVl . 4
iV i
fc'i i "'

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