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PublUhed Dally Exe.pt Sunday. Bub-crlpUenPrlc. 16 a Tear by Wall.
h VIII.-NO. 250 Ent.r.d a. B.cenCI... tUytPgtyit mud.ltf.te. P.. PHILADELPHIA, MONDAY, JULY .3, 1922 FUb"""a ""pKa.TVarr C.mp.W " " frM J
Scores Crushed in All-Steel Cars as Tewerman Sends Reading Flier te Wrong Track
tcuenmg yueitc meeget
'.WW -iv sniw . buk seaia - ..eWeiBH 'sUm.
Six Shep Craft Unions Declared
te Have Forfeited Rights-
by Action
..mn nBftAUI7ATinW5
dew unum..fcn.v.w
TO RtfLAUt inc ulu
lillets of 400,000 Maintenance
of Way Men -Being Can
vassed at Detroit
"Transportation Net Yet, Seri
ously Interfered With Sched
ules Are Well Maintained
1 tu Atiectattd Prtu
Chlcne. July 3.-Th8 six railway
hop craft unions which went en strike
Biturday were outlawed by the United
States Railroad Laber Beard today.
In a formal resolution the beard de
clared that the unions by their action
forfeited all rights before the beard bb
railway empleyes and that new organi ergani organi
sateons of shepmen taking the striking
en's Jobs should be formed te represent
the shop empleyes In disputes Deierc mc
' The beard requested empleyes re
v, wining In the service and the carriers
He tike steps Immediately te form tcse
new organizations.
Ne Lenger Empleyes -
The resolution formally declared tlmt
the striking shop workers are no longer
empleyes of any railroad and therefore
without the jurisdiction of the beard or
whject te the application of the trans-
, poratlen act. Although applying dl-
f rectly te the shepmen nt this time, the
beard also said that If the maintenance
of way men, slgnul men, stationary
flrereen and eilers and clerks joined the
'walkout, they would be relegated te the
tame position as the shepmen.
Letters will ba addressed by the beard
te both the carriers having men en
strike and te the shepmen remaining
at work, advising them te form new
"associations or organizations" which
would function In bchnlf of the em em
peoyes before the beard and which would
be accorded the application and bene
fit of the outstanding wage and rule
decisions of the beard.
The beard's pronouncement formally
seconded the statement of Chnlrman
Ben W. Heeper Saturday, that mt'ii
remaining en the job should net be
called "scabs' or be considered a
"itrlke-breakers." The rcHolutlen said
such men were "within tlielr lights"
and "have the mernl as well ns the
legal right te engage In such service
of the American public te avoid in
terruption of Indispensable railway
transportation." 8ueh men are entitled,
the resolution added, "te the protection
of everv dennrtinent nnil branch nt tlie
Government, State and national."
Count New Strike Vete
Interest was also centered today en
developments dependent upon the enn
vass at Detroit of the strike vote of
400,000 maintenance of way empleyes
and action by their union officials.
Edward P. Grnblc, president of the
maintenance of way empleyes, who re
turned te Detroit after conferences here
with officials of ether unions, teduy ap
parently held the key te the strike sit
uation and upon him hopes for averting
further walkouts largely were banked.
Claims en the completeness and effec
tiveness of the shepmen's strlke dlf
fered according te the sources. Union
officials asserted that the walkout wns
virtually 100 per cent and would sorl serl sorl
eusly hamper railroad operations. Hull-
Ceatlnnd en Pa Twe. Column Seven
Camden Prosecutor te Take Crimi
nal Action If Facts Warrant
i- .Li "unciiuii icu wamucn
any this morning for Wlnslew Junc Junc
wmte make a personal Investigation
;Ld?n. O Stem and two coun
ty detectives with him.
Mnt.t0 ."""tain If there la any
S Si'1,"1111 negligence," wild
ther.Y.0l! n bc,(?r. hVe,t' "an "
7?oie?uter. Wolverton first conferred
railroad official., at Camden. It
eSSnti? X6t becn, detwnilned in which
Sir2Li or?ck occurred close te
we Camden -Salem line.
lOwrgs Lafferty Believed Killed by
l.,ve wire in Park
The IWldr nt n.. t-k . .. . .
. "' -- "vuian uuiieriy. tlilrtv-
beat . ' m ,3200 Seuth Tnth
tteet, was found late last night near
&nd!TDla trttcks LeagSe
It Is thought that Lafferty. a work-
employed In the Park, 'had been
?UW wlrT1" Whea he " "d ever
"anU lle.nt ed t0y Bt th0 Pennwl
'nw Hospital as the reaiil nt lnl...l
iu uay at ine renni-yi-as
the. result of Injuries
weiveji June 20. wh, iW r.",.
li fiti Tn". iV' wh?n two te M
S BiiiiWsiiiiBs'sWXBWBsTswlSBIPKSwBKiialCaw JMiiMsss1hBiBalfK?J'a xiiiitt wf'&i fe-1233jS1iS3HETfiiiir!.' fi
SBry?ISSHiBSBEBHiWW , 'BiSlSSBVKisTV'l!'WjtKwb'iS'' i?i' JHlBa3a9"'LtC :.j.i'.tBMSlllSlfllir i- .JUaflSM. SBBBg?11BBPT
iaaiBBCBmKzrBaK?tB- ,',' ?; ssez.," asBBJy xt .,'- r -x-. ,.,'(' ,.'i,ui,.fciL, "Vi'l!"SiiFr n r":
'KLJR vR-TCBtiMVraKSJ'" XJw: . r-v '.-W jT. 2 'r" . , ... . .'' a a "'". W T'a.A.-y vrAs--As-'.Kf'.vA-
vwTS,MR''1iyiiikxTN!,-lli ."? -r .....c-iiit'.." -; " . :ri! '." v.. .i--,'if; l.c, -- : tys.n.
General view of the wreck of the
Threaten te Open Seme Mines
en Nen-Union Basis if Con
ference Falls
Bu Asseciattd Press
Washington, July 3. Lines of dif
ference were drawn mere tightly than
ever today when representatives of bi
tuminous 'coal operators and officials of
the striking cenl miners' union went
Inte their third joint conference in
company with Secretaries Hoever nnd
Prier te the meeting It was evident
that the operators Intended te force
some sort of a conclusion today without
yielding from their refusal te meet the
union for the purpose of ninklng up a
national or seml-nntlennl wage f-cnle.
Frem the views of Jehn L. Lewis,
president of the United Mine Workers,
It wns evident that the miners consider
It necessary te prolong the strike rather
than agree te negotiate for district wage
sculcs with the operators.
At n lengthy meeting by themselves
the bituminous operators' representa
tives prepared absolution incorporat
ing their view, and though its detail
was held confidential it was understood
that If the joint conferences broke up
today the operators hnil been determined
te open a number of union mines In
former union territory en a non-union
basis en Wednesday.
The principal property se understood
te bc rendy for opening was n fiOOO-ten
dally capacity mine of the Pittsburgh
Ceal Company in Pennsylvania. Va
rious ether mines In strategic points
throughout the central cenl Held were
nlse understood te bc selected for Im
mediate operation.
The old wage scale calls for a base
wage of $7. 50 per day underground,
while the mines that will open nre te
offer miners the 1017 scale, which hns
a base of about ?" per day underground,
Iieth the union officials and operators
nppcnr te be fully Informed of cncli
ether's determination nnd the only
doubt remaining concerned the Govern
ment's proposal.
Secretary of Laber Davis nppeared
still hopeful before the nicetics; nnd
wns again the chief source of the im
pression tlmt the Administration would
Intervene further before letting the
gathering fall of accomplishing a strike
After the presentation of the opor epor oper
ntors' resolution te the joint meeting
there wns another discussion during
which the Government's representatives
wcre sqld te have urged the joint con
ference net te brtak up hut te leave a
small committee from each side In
Wnshlngten until next Monday while
the remainder return te their homes.
The miners nnd the operators then
separated, each side te discuss the pro
posal apart from the ether.
The tactics were taken te indlcnte
that if the Government had n settle
ment proposal te muke It would be ad
vanced by President Harding personally
upon his return te the city from
Marlen, O.
III, Disappears Frem Heme
Mrs. Helen Senlnskl, seventeen yenrs
old, disappeared ftem her home. -137
Catharine street, yetterdny, after a
quarrel with her husband, who has
nsKfill IIIO limire i Niuni ii yri. jii:
)ilu, Ueury Zelutaky, '
toeK uer iiiue rtw
with her.
11:00 P. M. Philadelphia and Reading flier. The train was switched te the wrong
12:30 o'clock this morning and left the rails
"Yeu Miserly 1" Yell Ban-
dlta When Peckets'YIeld Srriall Sum
Near Third and Vine streets early
this morning Charles M. Donaldsen, 248
North Sixteenth street, was approached
by two Negroes who asked for a cig
arette. He replied that he had none,
whereupon one of them drew a pistol
and demanded his money.
They' searched Donaldsen and found
"Is that all you've get?"
Donaldsen said that it was.
"Yeu miserly 1" they
shouted and beat him ever the head,
leaving him lying en the pavement.
Suspect Held Without Bail en
Testimony "of Bank Detec
tive Ballinderf
Jeseph Dean, the twenty-four-yenr-eld
cx-cenvlct, arrested ns n suspect
in the Kensington payroll held-up of
last Friday, wns today held without
ball by Magistrate Ceward, In Central
Police Station, after he had been Iden
tified bv n bnnk detective.
At the same time he was held In
$"000 ball, charged with being Impli
cated In robbing Geerge W. r.efferts.
at Thiid nnd Merris streets, of S2000
June 24.
When Dean was confronted by Jeseph
X. IlnlllnderlT, the detective who ac
companied two pnvrell messengers of
the Stead & Miller Company when
they were nttneked at Fourth and Som
erset street, he mntutnlned nn attitude
of defiance.
"Yeu never saw me before. What
are you talking nbeut?" he said.
"Oh, yes, I did." replied lliilllnderf,
"and It was last Frldny morning."
ilnlllnderf nlse was certain lhat a
cap produced nt the henilng by De
tective Mnhaffy was the same one worn
by the suspect. MahalTv confiscated the
rap when he arrested Dean at his hoive
en Montreso street near Frent Satur
day afternoon.
Pollce learned that Dean purchased
a new automobile the Monday fellow
ing the robbery of I.efferts and paid
for it with new ten -dollar bills.
Dean has a long police record nnd
at the present time Is out en bull en
charges of larceny of an automobile.
Charles A. Vullle, of Huntingdon!
Sheets Himself Through Head
Huntingdon, Pa., July 5. Charles
A. Vuille, wealthy pioneer nutomebiln
dialer of Huntingdon, shot himself
through the head and died Instantly nt
U o'clock this morning at his home.
He was a native of France, His
widow anil four children survive,
Flannery Jury Out Ten Days
Pittsburgh, July 3. (P.y A. P.)
The rinuncry Jury, continued Its delib
erations today, having failed te reach
n verdict since it went out ten days
nge. The jury Is considering evidence
in the case of .lames J. Flannery,
prominent undertaker, tried for wife,
()0U8 AN ' ueAttuiKq ie Vrt yev.
purie m advertuit. pu aa.-av,.
Mrs. Jeseph Pandante, 2012
Dickinsen Street, Trapped With
Family by Flames
mother and five children were
trapped for mere than fifteen minutes
In a burning house nt 2012 Dickinsen
street, early this morning. During tlmt
time, when It seemed te the excited
mother that they all must perish, she
made a rope of bedelethlng and lowered
the youngest child a five-year-old boy
te the' sidewalk.
The woman is Mrs. Jos-eph Pandanle.
Her husband, a grocer, wns in Xew
Yerk en his first business trip In ten
years. She was sleeping In the front
room of the second story. Beside her
In n crib lay the youngest child, Vin
cent. The ethers Julie, seven ; Casmlr,
eight ; Bridget, ten, and Leen, twelve,
were nlbe sleeping.
A whimper, from the baby reused Mrs.
Pandnule. She found the room filllm;
with smoke. Snnthing the hnby fiem
Ills crib nnd wnking the ethers nnd
shouting te them te fellow her, she
started downstairs. She found the wav
blocked by smeke nnd flame.
Kcurnlng te her room she went te tlw
window and screamed several times, net
knowing whether the was heard. Then
an idea seized her, and she knotted to
gether seveiul bed sheets, tied them
about the tinby's waist, and lowered him
out the window.
Meanwhile neighbors sent In nn
alarm. Jeseph Dl Angele, a boarder,
forgotten at tiist, awakened nnd came
te join the beleaguered party in the
front room.
Firemen arrived and raised n ladder.
One by one James Cnrinichacl, a fire
man, and Jehn T. Meylan, a neighbor,
carried down the family, except the
eldest boy, Leen, who escaped by
crawling nleng a back reef.
The house wns badly damaged.
Physicians Give Out Adverse Bulle
tin, Following Rally
Uninntewii, Pa., July 3. (By A.
P.) United States Senater W, K.
Crew, ill at his summer home near here,
wns In a weakened condition today, his
physicians aumiuuccd.
I.ate Inst week the Sennter had Im
proved te such an extent that he was
permitted te receive visitors. Yester
day President Hardlns nnd his party
stepped at the Crew residence while
en route te Marlen, O.
French Tennis, Star Defeats Miss
Colyer at Wimbledon
Wimbledon, July 3. Mile. Suzanne
Lenglcn, of France, world's woman
champion tennis plucr. today defeated
Miss Evelyn Colyer, England, In the
International grass courts champion
ships here, fl-0, H-0.
Bey Falls Off Wall, Breaks Arm
llnrrv Till, nine years old. 273.J
Xertli Twenty-fourth street, fell from
a wnll at Qgeutx yesterday and suf-
! b,''eli11 Si'm",,ne WU!i touted
at the Ablnqm Hp!lnl.
,sv i H XV' S 3
XVA -VW M -' ' fil
. . ., r . - . j- . " . .. - - 1
track at Winslow Junction at
Sen Declares Probe Will Shew
Wreck Due te Faulty Signal
Jehn De Wnld, the old tewermnn at
Winslow Junction, tedny admitted, ac
cording te Corporal Campbell, of the
Xew Jersey State police, that he
thought P. and It. express Ne. 33 had
gene through, nnd opened the switch
for the Cnpe Mny freight.
De Wnld is under bitrvelllnnce nt his
home in Hnmmonten. He is n'mest
crazed with grief, and Corporal Camp
bell nbnndencd the attempt te get a de
tailed statement from him, planning te
return inter in plain clothes. De Wald's
son declared "an investigation will
show that the accident of switching the
express was due te faulty mechanism in
the blgual apparatus."
Corporal Campbell sold the elder De
Wuld told him the throwing of the
switch for the freight would have Unshed
a signal back ."OO yards, which the
engineer of the express might have seen
except that he was going seventy -two
miles nn hour through a night se thick
that even the operation of an automo
bile was difficult.
The signalman Is sixty-four jeurs
old, and has been with the read nearly
fertv jears. lie has been stationed nt1
this switching tower nearly twenty
three yars.
Six Screllas, Atlantic City, and Four
Natales, Egg Harber, Injured
The entire family uf Jehn Serella,
Atlantic City, wu injured in the Win Win
slew Junction train wreck. The fam
ily of six was riding in the third coach
when the train was derailed. Serella
was wedged under a seat, but he man
aged te extricate himself nnd, although
badly cut and biuised. he aided in the
rescue work and saved his family. All
wcre taken te the Atlantic City Hos Hes
pitnl, where phsslclans say all will re
New of His Death Withheld Frem
Mrs. Westcott, Gloucester
Wulter Westcott, the dead engineer,
lived nt 4111 Market street, Gloucester,
with his wife, Mny. They had no
children. Mrs. Westcott wns net told
of the denth of her husband for hours,
ns It was feared the effect would be tee
She cellnnseil ulimi nIh. ,..
Mie (eunpseii wnen sue was i
first informed of the wreck of her hus
band's train.
Xeted as a careful engineer. Mr.
Westcott had been In the employ of the
Philadelphia and Heading Hallway six
teen years. He was widely Known and
universally HLcd en thu Atlantic City
He was a member of Cloud Ledge
Xe. 101, F. nnd A,,M of Oleucenen
Hiienm i-iinpter, nun ujrene Com Cem
mnndery, Knights Templar; also a
member of Crescent Temple, Mystic
Shrine, and the Arwamcs Ledge. I. O.
O. V.
The Evunine 1'uuua LEDdEn
will net he published tomorrow, the
Fourth of July. s
A iintlmM ram i' tlmt tnu Itiineml in
that of Vhrlhihin Xataln. Km Harber. I ls '," fc5u.81?".u.rt'. .
These injuied besides Xatnle arc his ., UL' '" J T (, '"'" ,r," TT .
brother Teny and two children. Jeseph, 'i'" ' ,i" lTl" nt ' L '
seven, nnd William, six. All were f ,"!" ,?,? T "K lvn" ' l,nt iAt,la,nt"
treated at the Athmtlc City Hospital. Ji BiffiffuSa"
Waller Wctrelt. engineer, 110
Mail.tt .-tnct. Clidirestcr, X. .
Jepti DllaMia, tlilrty-ilvc enr!,
10:i l.urlen iiveinip, I'lciiHuntvlUc,
X. .1.
William T. Neudcr. thirty years
,,1.1 1111 tt Seuth Missouri avenue,
Atlantic City; lireinan.
Jehn Lliiuclian, tweut) -four yenrs
old, 1714 Allegheny avenue, Thlla
ddpliln. Jas. Owen, Xrgre porter en Pull
man. Hedy In Camden morgue.
Sel Werth, telegraph operator,
Mn.vt I.nndlng, X. J.
I'nlilen tilled man (no description),
Atlantic City morgue. V
One Unidentified Man
Francis L. Corbet t, nbeut twenty
eight jcars old, 1714 North Twelfth
Jonathan K. Miller, twenty-two
years, a University of Pennsylvania
dental student ; lacerations of back.
Later sent home.
rhlladclphlans in Atlantic City
Jehn Zlfewltz, twenty-five years
old. 711 Pine street; head cut.
Arthur Parker, twenty-five years
old. of CW North Iledlleld street.
James Owens, fifty-four years old,
217 North Far.sen street.
Charles Lukcits, fifty-live years
old, t"iU7 Iicccher street, (termnn (termnn
tewn. Jehn It. Summer, thlrtv-fmir years
eld, r.ighth Street Hetel.
BOSTON, July 3. The game scheduled for today between
the Phillies and Bosten was called off en account of rain.
TOKIO, July "3. The Admiralty today Issued a formal
statement flatly denying recent reports that Japan was evading
the Washington naval treaty by increasing construction of
auxiliary vessels. The statement, which outlined the tentative
auxiliary program, also announced that Pert Arthur, taken from
the Russians in the'. Busse-Japanese War, would be abandoned
as a naval pert.
READING, PA., July 3. Tossed ten feet into the air in an
acrobatic rehearsal, Geerge Beadencup fell te the ground when
his descent was misjudged and is new in a critical condition.
Physicians at a local hospital believe he has a broken back.
Beadencup lives in Beading and is employed at the Beading
Bailway shops.
Bride and Bridegroom Injured at
Winslow Junction a Few
Hours After Wedding
A hnnc.wnenn thnt ended in Injury
nliiwt before It get tnrted was that
of Mr. and Mrs. I.euls Celkcr. of U4
Columbia avenue. They were pas
sengers en the Heading Railway train
wrecked at Win-low Junction.
Beth weir I'Uricnted from 'lie wreck-
age and taken te Atlantic City for
medical attention.
They were married last evening by
Habhl Lcvinthal at VIC, Pin street.
The wedding was n jojeus affair and. I
following the ceremony, the 100 guests
adjourned te n downtown restaurant I
for the wedding supper. Colker. who
Is twentv six, has a fractured skull and
fractured leg. He l In a critical con
ditien. Ills brld" who is twenty-five,
rvnml fnrflllip WAS Iireilll-tpil ftw tha .,
pie by spenkers nt the wedding feast : i
then came the shower of rice and old i
shoes iik they drove off te the ferry.
Just before thev bearded the train there
wns nnether nffeetlenate and noisy fare
well. Tiic train left the station, and
net long after the bride nnd bridegroom
were crushed beneath Its wreckage. I
When the rescuers finally reached
them, Colker's first thought was for
his bride, who was removed tirst. Then
he was curried out. nnd both were given
tirst al.l and hurried te a hospital.
Mr. Colker is a trnvelinc salesmnn
'' worn Heuse, ins urine was M ns
t , en,.,,,..,,,,, a-i- ni.. .,,. i.,.
. . , . itj .. . , v.
cltv. Mr. Colker's mother, Mrs. Iler.i
Colker. is seventy-four ears old, and1
inci'tu 1'nii.iiMnin wt -j euvci, lllin
has net jet ueeu told of the accident '
for fear of the effect it mny have upon
ICr' ,
Samuel Teplan Held Up by Four,
Men at Fifteenth and Cayuga 8ta.
Four bandits held up and robbed
Samuel Teplnn. 4fi00 Xertli Carlisle
I'lllvlnn' wMlt n.. I
When ou think or writing
think of WHITINU.
WUUUuf rapr Company .
I, I
i-trant WllPtl lie W'llk U
Fifteenth street near Cayuga shortly State Dennrtment from (.,,. i ci' ... 1.
I before 1 o'clock this morning. The Tainpice. ' "'
lebbers get S2NI A Mli c'lifiiey is an American rill rill
Teplan told he police the b.u.dlt.s .en bv ui.tnlugc. th .......:
..ba.i .i iin(iniifrir tit,., n rat...
uevu .m. ... ,,.i, . hull.
Ixswls Celkcr, thirty-six years old,
C1'4 Columbia avenue.
Mrs. Celkcr, twenty-five years old,
C21 Columbia avenue.
Carl Wilsen, forty-two years old,
(iOOS (treenwuy avenue.
Mrs. Lulu Datlke, 2814 North
Twi'tity-fccend street.
Alfred Datalene, eighteen years
old. 2814 North Twenty -second
Frank Kevse, forty-eight years old,
1724 Seuth Twenty-fourth street.
Jehn Hroltegle, thirty-eight ears
old. 711 Pine street.
Themas McUnlre, forty -seven years
old. 3,'HO Hnverferd avenue.
Charles McGulre, forty-six years
old. 3;il0 Haverford avenue.
Emanuel Zeeln, twenty-four years
old. 1030 North Third street.
Rey Cepe, twcnty-pix year", of
240.'! North Sixth street; lacerations
of head.
Out-of-Town Injured
Frank Kutler, fifty-six years, of
220 North Ureadwny, Gloucester,
N. .T.
Jelui Mace, conductor, 583 Line
street, Camden.
Geerge Fisher, thirty-five years, of
1071 Morten street. Camden.
Sidney Peel, 144 East Montgom
ery avenue, Ardmerc.
In Atlantic Cily Hospital
Jeseph McLeughlln, thirty-nine,
years. Atlantic City.
Jeffreys Werner, forty-six years,
Atlantic City.
Jeseph Parrlsh, twenty-nine years,
Atlantic City.
Continued en Tate Twe, Column Tnn
The following official statement re
garding the Winslow Junction wreck
was made by Charles H. Ewing. vice
president of the Philadelphia and Head
ing Hallway, at neon today;
Jui.v :?. ln'-'.
The Atlantic City Hnllrend train
Xn. Jin, leaving Camden for Atlan
tic City nt 10:40 P. M. Sunduv night
was derailed at the interlocking
plant at Winslow Junction nbeut
11:20 P. M.
The train consisted of steel Pull
man car. four Meel coaches ami nne
steel combination car nnd carried
ninety passengers leaving Cnniden.
It was nurincd by the following crew:
Nnme Tltle
li,.U,r wttt lltiBlneman
nuiuun r. Soulier J'lremnn
.Inhn Nnci"
Oi'erKe F Flfhr
Jenntlian K. Miller
Six persons were kjllcil, including
the engineman. lireman and Pullman
porter. Thirty-two passengers in
jured have been taken te tln Atlan
tic Clt.v Ilesnital and one te the
Cooper Hospital. Camden., Others
with slight injuries went te homes in
Atlantic Citj.
At Winslow Junction the Cape
May branch of the Atlantic City
Kntlrend diverges from the main line.
The switches are controlled bv an In
terlocking plant, which was in
charge of Jehn V. lie Walt, an ex
perienced operator, who entered the
service Xevemhcr IS 1SDS nnd wns
eniplejed nt Winslow Junction since
entering service. He lni SPt ,n
switches for the movement te the
uX. iny 1","n'1'. seemingly In the
belief thnt a train of emptv passen
ger coaches which hml previously
passed was train Xe. :i.'i. These sR
nals as displayed apparently were net
observed by the engineman of train
.Ne .U, wj,e took the junction switch
nt full speed. This caused the do de
railment. Knglnemnn Westcott was
nn experienced engineer, cmpleved
June ie. HMW. and promoted ' 7e
engineman June 21, IflOO.
A searching investigation into the
..men win no promptly conducted
by the management, in conjunction
-..i ' I "lljlt (ill Mill
with representatives of the Interstate
f enimercp emmls.nn nnd Beard of
Public 1 tility Ceintnissit.ners of Xew
Mexican Wife of an American Rec-
egnlzed Their Leader, Says Repert
W"'"". ! a.-Mr. ti.eu.us
(honey, the Mexinan-bern wife of mi
American employed by an American
l'0,Pny operating In the Tnniplce oil
rRen' "nH killed by Mexican bandits
June 20 when she recognized their i,i
nt iinvnuitliiM n ..,. . a
i immediate representations te tli.. i
I leu City (ievernuieiit urging that the
iiiuiunwi Ml wrvut:uueuauil Dull
r "mv.
Rails Give Way When Flier Hit
Curve and Cars Are Cata
pulted 150 Yards
"My Ced! I Sent 33 en Wrong
Track," He Wires te Atlantie
City and Collapses
Relief Trains Rushed te Wint-
low Junction- 17 Philadel-
phians Injured
Five minutes late and driving
through the night at seventy-two
miles an hour, the 11:30 P. M. flier
of the Philadelphia and Reading
from Camden te Atlantic City waa
wrecked at Winslow Junction fifteta
minutes after midnight this mernir-
Taking the wrong switch te Cape
May by error of the tewerman, the
Jieavy train failed te respond te the
rails and plunged ever a steep em
bankment, the en?ine and seren
cars becoming a mass of twisted
At neon Charles H. Ewing, vice
president of the read, issued an eMr
cial statement, explaining that the
tewerman had thrown the switch
"seemingly in the belief that a train
of empty passenger coaches, which
had previously passed, was train
Ne. 33."
Mr. Ewing adds that the "signali.
j as displayed, apparently were net
observed by the engineman of Train
Ne. 33, who took the junction switch
1 at full speed. This caused the da-
1 railment."
The vice president of the line
premises a searching investigation
by the read, in conjunction with the
Interstate Commerce Commission
' and the Public Utility Commission
j of New Jersey.
Nine known dead had been taken
out by daylight, ten were misS'
i ing and seventy-two were injured
' thirty-seven of them seriously.
I The injured included sixteen women
nnd ten children. Seventeen of the
injured nre Philadelphinns. The
small less of life as compared te the
injured was due te the fact that the
! cars worn nil dnnl n.V,;U .,. ' " sj
- - kwvi, ,tuwi oeig-
guardctl lives and prevented fire.
The wrecked train was catapulated
at such speed that it crossed ever
I 150 yards te the right of way of
the Pennsylvania te Cape May,
, blocking all trafllc en that icilread.
j Telephone Girl Sends Alarm
The engine of the wrecked train
struck a lighting pole in going ever
the embankment and carried ever all
j the feed wires, plunging the town of
Winslow and the surrounding region
into darkness.
I A girl telephone opernter at Wine
low Junction en her own initiative
I immediately sent an alarm te hospi
tals, police stations, physicians and
firbt-nid workers between Camden
and Atlantic City. The first reper
, was that there were fifty dead and
I many hundred injured,
I The tewerman who mndn ttia Sat.i
error of supposing that the oncera- I
nig truin vvhu a ircigllt, which Wag
due nt the crossover te Cape May
at almost the same minute, was J4a
De Wald, new under surveillance at'i
his home in Hummonten. When btj
realized that the trafn had
Ceiitliiurtl ue I'use TliJrtrffi, CIn
0 OU Mlft A 1IA1IY CAI
HfaVA or Aturthltirr ! fnr t
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i' ?.
wet Bait celt
.. 4
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.?.e rffvr.. jjjivi- i .t.j.
, ! i t.f V( ,.
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