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'Hi, Gallant -)j!r
.?C out 6': OWticev
PeJ itWNerth Atlantic
Rftff S..r Victim in the
I tie
Stared. hepwi:'i,-rTj
..- eh iii ue ""x "ir.T
E" tf tR Yankee, op t0 ""
VCii seeflk" Teurn,J
by that organ Isatl
Drevem-nts." "dred-In
work," "control of flood waters"
Jen for
harbor lin-
and Icvee
15 Tuitiens pt the In ?
lk:lT. i J h days of "4P.
ELst te sM In K" i" niew.
WLM-Ttlie' 'iron inert
SOS hVoedcn,..ip.,am,urV
...- .
,11 in vi ---- w i- AfrPOBBrnn.iuif
MM sturdy craft fair.
ffibattwi the, hardrtip, te..
ffSte keVatrwk from out
stf "?? : i" far It. .cracklrV
Ittra. ,"B"V; ..in have I
Ith their -.-
te'F'U' genuine regret we
S2 ?W
Mi we " " r"r.i thr
m"1".? . feo tender for words.
-'' , innii
jm ZOt,V"
"neeNnrv lmorevctnentH In the ('nnnl
Zene" and ether nntlenal'tacpendltures
absolutely neri military.
Mr, Dernh has, net een the "scrap;
Plies" nt our navy innis. itweum net
serve his purpose The enforced eco'n ece'n eco'n
erates lit naval disbursements are.
today, wistlni millions In dollars of
valuable Naval Air Service materials
alone, rusting .and retting away,
owing te lack of mechanics and proper
caretakers . v .
We de .mere than our share for the
Russian, people, and will , continue,
.without Hiving approval te the present
ruling force, by .recognitions It was
net demonstrated at any time, by Mr. J
uerail or unyumcr rem auwuriiy ma.
the cemraunistle rule of Russia is given
approval by the people -there. .Certainly,
we, have much evidence 6( a contrary
nature,- and if. photographs and non
partisan' articles whlcli appear, in many
of our Dertedicala count at alt welll
never, reach the heart of the Russian.
question 'tnreugn tne, Keviet dictator'
ship, i ''
Among. Mr. Berah's audience were
many people swayed by bis arguments.
There w'ere these who were (quick te
seise every utterance xavering communi cemmuni
isu and te applaud; Hissing, applause,
laughter and ridicule demonstrated con
elusions of varied opinions. A few per
sona loudly acclaimed when the name
"Lenlne" was mentioned. The self
same, persons were the leaders of all
pre -Soviet rule. (They would select
1'resldent and his Cabinet. We were
told that, the civilization of today Is
just the same an It was at the time of
ue .French Revolution. If se, Mr.
Berah' has n lifelong task te Improve It,
by bringing te us his brothers of com
munlsm te make any, worse the state
of the lynching, strike wars nnd law
lessness that we seek te stamp out
among its.
Which reminds mc, In California
there was a prominent educator, the
president emeritus of a Western col
lege. His lifelong study en one subject,
his, forte, i.waa cast aside that be may
devote his 'entire endeavors te prevent
War; Thus, he made' many unintentional
and intentional misrepresentations. HI
must make, his. cause (he only one' that
was right, ,jHlg, theories were accepted
by many people audi his audiences were
international. He traveled extensively
and .prospered. .War was Impossible,
says this man. The: capitalists will
never finance any great 'war i' the' Japa
nese .are Impoverished by. war and will
never again make war en any people,
unless it Is a war toads by the Jlnaelsts
of America. Se his 'university could
net have a "rifle team" affiliated with
the National Rifle Association, because
men were instructed hew te sheet their
fellOWmen. When this nlila Pihtfntnr
was properly enlightened by certain
agents of our Government and a work
about te be published was "censored,"
it was found that, while he did net
walk in the garden with the Kaiser, his
expenses in a large way, his earnings
in a great measure, had been disbursed
from the German Embassy at Washing
uestiem Ahswered
&1tifflmffi St'SJivi SSvSSH SSlSfet f rrSSSSHl
?rtfr? rf1 y-- y . v j Wetnl aar-?- nssr a-jr4s-aatyS gsgteffl
J.-' x -i-rJ infe'rh na.that of the. treat budget, of It for,eurvry own, government.! Thee T.llked your, decisiveness in. handling "' - Lt-- ., tm. 'An, eid rut." Fienas te th. fel- - -. .
i -iejhi '. J I !h,lw". R-J,tm,'nt n. iar Pwjwttten persena! furnished most of the, iuffaws theymattet e Haiti, and treat yftti will . incomprehensible Magn tudea '"1 AN1. 0. D qg. Plrewerk Oltpta erl..taWrai
f" u'V".l ..?" An i J ft tin Ktlttr of iM Evtuina PUMte imagers
Yours for 4he truth. C. C. A. d"JZ ....u . ..- .in,nA nnw.. AAr
......... . An .(.ft HIT J.IUVI. (. l"..i. ....v ..w.. r- ----
j.'niiBueinniB. juni zu. muz. t
r f. -
Adelphla, JuneS
FH .. nnn. Pound Ten of
jw . v-- -
yUUrw,"- - ,
.. . ...i.n puhile Ltaarrt
B4U "tnt i-v-'"- .VI MU,,)..
KrddWeer . " -
Whit a peer" simp you
ficsnppiy at the market price.
IT PJf " trustees appointed , te,
r. y yeu,.Diiy in ?""
'ftiri. u deserve
W A "".Xnn
IFluladelphia. June au. iw
ii '.i. Ruisla and the Truth
fcZmr et - !"r r5Hnr'
IJ ii.ta.Teur editorial et "-"t,j'1-fcj.."Ti2L,in
Haiti was timely.
m .""'."".'Nf ' Tinrnl,'- criticism.
'W snrones. It Is sufficient
Mtimair'.nnu .. ---- ni
Wld not'tlepiere W-r
:l tWrt'WiKSS-SlatlM CeFps
SfLdwerk in Haiti and served the
l""t i.fi.fvinir the majority t
'ES, tlere., Without .that interven
Cfire might have had "savages" in
!$'pe&ple went te hear Mr. Berah
l -"HI'S m iu Ahsiuf TImmIb."
MSfidv iee xruiu ev ".
TiU fci nersenal opinion?. wtn-
resr.5.. mlMtantlatlen. While he
imtrrrr-.Z.; i. ',. mmnnii"
n our
ts us
ng th
use e
'Isateincey,! toward the present aq
' .i.auZ.lt.k'.: mi
ffmmmmmm?S5SZ2SLmi "i iw
Cltasab Prices
1 tea - 1448
1M 17SO
2 tea " 2190
2H.UB" 2390
3Ji tea - SIM)
(. .W. Buffalo
The Right Truck
for YOUR Business
Over 200 different lines
of business use Stewarts; ..
fiislnst the "war passiens:
aTT'litelerance" existent wun our
amnntnt-.ana amens our
rSarhly ,inrcfercnce te its
rCi-.l.. ..ma-lni. nnd verT sole
ISanrn Communists representing the
fcMrnle'ef Russia. His own use of
Effitr.-'.-i.h.rH ihr, nresent Ad-
Hehat' Aya.shlngten was slg-i.T,-,'J!tinr
hnsslen." founded
Sl,partlsanshlp. They de net
tblakW he -would have them think.
: jB.'.fiorth'quetca no authorities of
rnSnence. except the War Depart
artina naval appropriations. These
ktpNienttd te the audience, who gath gath
crarfeKek the truth, en n basis of
ahMp-eientatien. Mr. Berah .did net
CTEWARTS .rebuilt for Business: sturdy.
simple, practically trouble-proof. Profit
able te own at the start Stewarts coat $200.
te $800 less te buy, improved design, quality
materials and workmanship assure years of
long life and faithful, economical service.
Nine year old Stewarts, still in daily use, prove
why Stewart reputation for Price, Quality hnd Service
haa circled the glebe. 1922 Stewarts represent the
greatest truck value en the American market
Gemery Schwartz Moter Car Ce.
Sales Roem, 128-140 North Bread
Service Station, 2400-14 Market St
Y.rk . first
beasttl S
new awa 31.
Yeu might as well be cool
, . .. .
'...- A man's bodily comfort in summer depends
largely en his clothing. The fabric in a Palm
1 ' ..; Beach Suit lets the heat escape from the body.
.' ". This quality, together with its thinness, makes
it a blessing in het weather.
Yeu can get Palm Beach Suits in any pattern
or color. The price, of course, depends en the
amount of tailoring skill and talent that is de
voted te making the suit.
' The Palm Beach label guarantees you the
quality of the cloth, and for your protection it is
- sewn in every suit of the genuine cloth.
Gelf Knickers made of Palm Beach are cool
' and geed-looking practical and durable.
label Idmhftctihc Genuine
Staling Aft: A. Rehaut, 229 Fourth Avenue, New Yerk City
at Geed Clothing Stores
'. . , .. h1 . V
' ' i- .--in
'... lr trrttH-tfi"
The Colerado Floed
Tn th Rrfllar tit ihd'jlvenina Puttie Ltdeer!
Sir Hew many llvts wcrs lest in th.
rant Colerndo .flood 'Jut .ytftr.
PhlU4lph!s, July 1. J3.
A. week after the catastrophe, whteh was
primarily due te a cloudburst, elxty-ilx per per
ens were known te have been drowned and
1ST were mlielnt. The less et life was
retarded as exeeedlasly small, cemlderinc
the wide extent et the Inundation, and was
attributed larsely te the fact that forelsm ferelsm
ere refuied te heed repeated warnlnta sent
out by the authorities et Pueblo.
The Old 'tate, Houae"
Te the Editor of ih Evtnlna Public Ltdeer:
Sir Pke tell' me why' some people call
Independence Hull th ".Stat Heune.v
Philadelphia, July ... 1S32. ,
Independence Hall was erlttnally known
aa the "State Heme of Fenntylvanla." In
1TS8 the Leslelatur sat l the' completed
part et the itructure which waa known aa
the "Enit Roem." Denjamln Pranklln waa
eernlns Mars, and Venua. the, poMtblllty'ef
wlril'ss communication In order te tab
il.h wtieihir them cemparntlvely eiear.-ey
planets are capable et austnlnlna Ufe, etc..
Lb aailna esywarl a, few evcnlnuj n?;
suddenly remembered navins reaa ei new
braUd netronemer whoa name I cannot r
ehll maklnr aem calculation of the slse and
Klume et one of thea(ari' stttterlna In a
Knttellalldn. which heaald waa many time
iaraer than th earth. Will you kindly tlve
m th flsures. I think the atar v named
BetfllseUM. . ' ' ASTER
Philadelphia. July .8, 1682. .,
Profeaier Albert A. Mlchelaen, of the Uni
versity of Chicago ndMeunt Wllaen Ob
rvatnrir. California, laat year meaaurad'the
dlamater'ef BeteUetue and found It 800.0.'-
000 mil, Its volume a7.eoe.uon time' ina
et th un and 8,100. 000, 000.000, 000 (Kht
quadrillion en .hundred trillion) that of
th earth. Antare was meatured alae and
found te b vn Iaraer than Betelgeus.
Poems and Songs
"Any Old Rsgs"
Tt th Editor et th Evening Public Ltdgtrl
Sir Will you kindly publUh th words of
the old ena "Any Ruil"
Philadelphia, June 3T. ,1923.
Parhap the ar-i th line you deitr.
Any old ras. did I hear you ayi ,
dan 1 take them and cnet them. alda7
They ellna te. m e, thee rae of a brldel
Brenthlnr allurement, deep, dtcp within
I fellow death, th ware of sin.
Any old bottle? Th part they had
Wa te warm 'men's heart nnd mak thm
They filled my slaw with th iparkUn
Mid the areat whit way where th brlahj
llaht ,hlnel '
What matter I snatched one hour from
tlmT " . t - .
Death cometh certain te thee and m!ne.
, ?
Any old boetT T. blatened with at)ld,
They're tarnished new and could net be
They've danced their way te th hearts et
Ovr and ever and o'er ateln
Dearly bought and emed with vanity
C(t aside. Ilka all humanity.
On. sir. naxman. and ply your trade
Whsr rak and bottle and beet ar
Th Prple'a reTim wni appnr daily
in scvening renii iwmi, ana
,n th. Sanaay. runiie Manr,
acussuig timev iwin win n
he pnnrefl,
iia well n reaumted poems, and qiirstMBa
of reneral Ititerest win
be answered.
which was forced te postpone Its lire
works display Jat nlfiht, will, held It
. ' A Business-Gettins Sales Organization
if Backed by Aggressive nnd Continuous. Advertising 7
Lar corporation manufacturing a new horn appliance et unlimited ali
M..ihili)i haa decided te extend It sales activities ime ...-... --
J..,ii.iii Tn rnmri-i the croeer organisatien . for hanailng tni msines
the company will appoint local aiitrimner "!'V -ii AiinTewk and
Wllkes-Barre. neadln; Wilmington, I.ancastr. eranten and Allentown ana
I desirous of securing a man competent te 'rnp'0 ..""'L.,1!.1,'!.
who Is financially responsible te successfully conduct I'm buslne.
The profit possibilities In this preposition era limited only 'te $MMyt
the man who will secure this position. In view of th, lf '"lnd
eempeny will make in advertising and ."'. Pr"n,.,'n;.Jh" .iiif? ability
tlens In reference te t'.ie dltnhuter selerted are chs raster n ' I?",'yi
together with the disposition te energetically fellow the company's proved
successful aalea, mctliedn.
Ne Investment Is required ether than the "nanclna of distributor a own opera
tion and for the machines required te meet We demand. Thla will approx
imately amount te 17000.00. ?
Te the man who can qualify In the above requirement, a net preflt of IllV
000.00 the first year Is a conservative estimate of hla n"d"
additional possibilities extend te thellmlts of hla executive jMI'r-MMjrr.
Distributors will be nppelntcd wlf.iln th next ten days. ... APPUcft'en "J"'?
be mad by mall,' giving Information and facts In Ine with ie ,v ""'".
menu. Company ex-utlve will then make appointment for personal inter
view. Address 15ex Ne. 8603, Ledger Office.
- - s
m i lftllsWTi'' 13 I M
i l I I I rsTsfWr aTaTVBsfZZZ ' llTr iJPfiaW--- i -llllrVll
WaS mz?. WMg? &. & Will ,
SSI fir K
x V -iMPi v
sasal '.lffBw -.. . 1 V
i .vwr n
T7UU nave perhaps noticed the silvery DuDDies in m fePs I (vV
SB miiMMi M
B Ginger Ale i
M m.. . lur Hws"t i5' nuie eus
H r'i.? aiCCu0T J'"' ATia,tll4iS.j.ajUU H
0"'".eMicuM,eAMtAi(rauiirue III
' KigjuetClub Ce.Millis Hass.J)H
The man who puts the
bubbles in it
'OU have perhaps noticed the silvery bubbles in
Clicquot Club Ginger Ale and that they stay in it a
long time.
"Putting in the bubbles" is an important part of making
Clicquot. The spring water, -drawn from the bed-rock
through aluminum pipes, is quite cold but net cold enough.
By refrigeration, the temperature of the water is forced
down almost te freezing. Then the water is carbonated.
That's what makes Clicquot se lively, se full of sparkle.
Warmer water would net take the carbonation se well,
nor would it held it se long after the bottle is opened. Se
the. man who puts the bubbles in Clicquot watches the
theitnem'eters and keeps the temperature just right
And every part of the malting of Clicquot Club is just
as carefully guarded. Ne ginger but real Jamaica ginger
is used, only pure cane sugar sweetens it, and the happy
blend of Clicquot is made with the addition of fruit juices.
Ne wonder they all like it
Order Clicquot Club Ginger Ale by the case. Should
you desire a change in flavors at times, you can get a
ni'xed case with Ginger Ale, Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer,'
and Reet Beer.
Ginger Ale
Birch Beep
Reet Beer
a ..,.. -M)ay-.
.. ,., Ki..i.'.&jfc)fei.i,., ..'.&'-M,r,J.J.,fl!,
tJf?Uy?W& vVf - .ft is ,v'ttw.nfift
LsasasW -N 1M1
t '111
i. &&-;
." ITT
' nrv VkW.'Ii
n m
Aj I

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