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Mrs. vr itsen l auzs
About Meringues
great Care Should Be Taken
Never te Stir Them, as in
' This Lies the Cause of Se
Much Failure .
-mm. Hit. bv Mrs. W. A. TVUse. 411
'" " rlehtx rctcrvta
MERIN0UES for the pip, the pud
ding mid In'thc form of kisses, have
alwajs been the boegle-boo of the
beuscwifc. Failure after failure tcllti
the story of wasted materials.
.Keen thin firmly In your mind, when
making meringues of nny kind, te stir
in nny form Is the cause of failure.
flrcic In anv form will also spoil a
meringue for the egg whites" vlll net
whin up sufficiently stiff, hence failure
uealn. If jnu use the egg-beater for
'making innjennnUc or whipping 'cream
It will net de for making meringues.
When ready te make the meringue
cald both the egg-beater and the bowl,
then rinst in cold water te chill and.
wine drv en frcMi clean towel. The
deter ltvle of beater is best for making
rtftlnsucs as the whip or spoon tvlc of
bcater does net whip in air sufficiently
niiiek tn make the meringue dry btferc
.adding the sugar. '
Haec whites of four eggs in bewl:
ev measure Out two-thirds cup of
cramilated sugar, and sift the sugar
once, place in f-ceend cup three tnble tnble tnble
Hoens of the powdered or confectioners'
' '".Vew begin nnd whip or beat up the
whites of eggs ufntll when you lift the
ME-beatcr the little points of egg
hite are nbeut one-eighth Inch long.
The ecg whites will be quite, dry nnd
take en the plmpc of the egg-beater, an
ih. Mmli turn in the meringue. Re
move the heater nnd take the wire spoon"
Ik h.iml nnu commence ie eeai. iiikc
u care that you de net stir, just beat,
using a whip motion.
Add the granulated sugar slowly,
beating constantly, turn the bowl half
ttay around when you have used about
three tablespoons of the sugar, re
mnvinz the snoen while you arc turning
the bowl, and continue te add the
uigar. Make four turns like this while
beating in the sugar. "When nil the
granulated sugar is whipped in remove
the spoon and dust the powdered sugar
ever the meringue and with n spatula
rut ami fold in (his sugar, turnlnc the
bowl ns directed while whipping in the
iraniilatcd siurnr. Xew the mcringite
i ready 'te place en the "pie. Place
meringue in moderate even te brown
lijhtl en the top. AIwu.vn place the
meringue "ii the pie while (he pic ls-liet.
When ou remove the meringue from
the even place te cool in a spot where
no draughts will strike it. The quick
draft of nlr en n frcMi meringue will
male It leathery tc cut.
Meringue Pudding
Line a baking bheet with paper and
pease this paper and flour the paper.
New pluiu in a mixing bowl prepared
S3 directed for making meringues; the
whites of four eggs, bent until stiff anil
then tnkc wire spoon nnd whip in one
and one-quarter cups of granulated
sugar; new fold in one-quarter cup of
the confectioners sugar, turn in a
prepared pastry bag using the star
fhnpe tube, and form in small rings en
the prepared baking sheet ; go ever each
ring, making two layers of the
meringue. The mixture should be about
one and one-quarter inches high. Dust
lightly with confectioners)' sugar, and
lake In slew even for twenty-five min
utes, cool, turn from sheet, using a
tpatula te lift the meringues nnd place
Mchring en small lace paper doily.
Fill center with peach or fresh berries.
ItrnUh .with whipped cream, sprinkle
with finely chopped nuts and top ad a
garni; li with maraschino cherry.
Prepare the utensils as directed for
making meringue and then place in
miiing bowl the whites of three eggs.
Vhip as directed for meringue, ami
when riadj remove the beater an 1 use
the wire spoon te whip in one cup of
rifted granulated tuigar. new fold. In
fine-half cup of confectioners' sugar,
turn in pastry bag tuJng the stnr tube
and form in the kisses, dry off in very
tlew ecn for thirty minutes.
The kisses must net show any nlgns
(if the heat and should be bnew white.
The pan for the kisses Is prepared as
for the meringue pudding. Remove
all eicess Heur by shaking the paper,
and returning the paper te the pan.
Lay e'ne of the mciirfu" mixture in
the shape of lady Honors and when cold
,'.Uc hei with little lelly.
Yeu can add three-quarters cup of
finely chopped nuts at the same time
you cut and fold in the confectioners'
mgar for nut kisses.
Use one-half cup of grated aweet
chocolate fdr" the chocolate kisses.
Meringue Shells
' Use beards similar te the beard sold
for cutting bread en, cover the beard
ith paper, prepared as for the
meringue pudding, and then form the
tnenngue mixture as made for the- kissy,
en large tablespoon and piuce en the
prepared beard. Dust with granulated
agar and place in er.v slew even te dry
off; this usually takes about three'
quarters te one hour. When cod lift
carefully and bcoep out the centers
lth a tablespoon and return te warm
place te continue te dry, be sure and
turn the Midi down for it may break
tip if the bottom is placed upward te
finish dring out. The pulpy center
may be used for cake filling or placed
en pudding.
COR that hungry
half hour before
bedtime take it het.
It induces sleep and
can net tax the di
gestion. You'll like
the chocolate flavor,
Black Chantilly Combined
With White Chiffen
An avalanche of beaded gowns has
descended, upon our summer. Steel
beads e the white georgette evening
frock arc a favorite thought with Paris.
Se arc crystal beads, llut why men
tion names In a season when every bead
and bugle nnd sequin of every possible
tint and substance Is out taking the
If you don't twant te bead your crepe
or chiffon the first' way out is by way
of the lace path. Lace-trimmed gowns
have enjoyed an increasing popularity
this summer and none Is mere' popular
than the white combined with black
Chantilly or ether fine weave.
We are showing today n charming
version of this costume in the white
chiffon model where the black lace
forms the tight undcrslccves and a
rhinllne trnln at the side. This train
is really a development of the band of
Chantilly set under the bodice, and at
the point where it begins the corsage
is cut away Inte an inverted V. Tim
girdle of black satin terminates in a
flower of geld tissue.
Dent Mrs. Wilsen My husband
has for years spoken of the sponge
cake his mother made when he was a
little boy. It was made with a boiled
sirup, and he ns n lad used te beat
the het sirup en the steps in the
buck ard until cool. Would like
the recipe for this cake.
Italian Spenge Cake
Place In saucepan
One and one-half cups of sugar.
Three-quarters cup of water.
Hring te boil and cook for eight min
utes; remove from the bteve and pour
In n bowl, and add
The yolks of sir eggs.
Beat until the mixture is cold; then
One teaspoon of grated lemon rind,
Juiee of one lemon,
Ttce cups of flour,
7'ice teaspoons of baking powder,
sifted icith the flour.
Sift flour and baking powder five
times, then beat the mixture until
smooth. Cut nnd fold in the stiffly
beaten whites of the six eggs and turn
In a well-greased and floured pan and
bake thirty-five minutes In sle woven.
27.T degrees Fahrenheit is about the
right temperature.
My Dear Mrs. Wilsen Could you
give me a method for using lamb tallow
for making a hand soap? Would honey
or almond oil be any addition te same?
Ii. McM.
Melt and strain the lamb tallow and
add te three pounds of lamb tallow and
equal measure of salad oil.
One-quarter cup of borax.
One cup of almond meal.
One cup of oatmeal ground fine
through the feed chopper te six pounds
of the prepared fat.
,Nev dissolve ene can of lye in three
pints of cold water and add te the mix
ture, stir until creamy and then turn in
a pasteboard box lined with paper, set
aside te become hard, then cut In pieces
te suit you.
il .J
Al'l iy-.-.- I Yjl
VKjuyif If III
17lr vAi am
VjjM Jmm
Cream Buttermilk
Little Benny s
Nete Boek
By Ltm Pap
Mr. Parkins came te see mv sister
Gladdls last nltc nnd they wan In the
pnricr tnwklng nbeut dlurent-suDjecKs
and I wan setting, there Usscnlng te
them en account of Gladdls net having
chased me out. vet and non came anil
steed In the pnrler deer and looked at
Mr. , Parkins n wile, saying,' Geed eve
ning) Mr.' Parkins.
livening, sed Mr. Parkins.
And pep looked at him a wile longer
saying, leurc net by cny chance a
gambling man, are you, Mr. Parkins,
you dent play poker, for instants, I
slppose '
O, no sir. ccrteny net, Im quite set
tled in my habits, you mite Hny, thank
you for inquiring, Mr. Parkins sed.
0 thats nil rite. I have some frends
up stairs, there are 3 of us altogether
and I thnwt if I could dig up ft 4th
I thought we mite stir up a little inno
cent game of poker, but of cerse if
you dent play you don't play, pep sed.
O I sec, well, as far an that gees, of
cerse V'mvc a smattering of the game,
that is te say I knew the roles nnd
that sort of thing nnd I have a fair
idcer of wat le play nnd wat net te
play under various slrcumstnnecs. In
ether words Ive had cnuff Ixpcrlcnce te
sit in en a frindly game and taxu
enre of myself, as it were, Mr. Parkins
sed. Mecnlng he knew hew te play,
and pep sed. Geed, fine, come rite
along, Im sure Gladdls wll ixcuse you a
wile, went you Gladdls?
Mr. Parkins is perfcckly free as far
as his nctiens nre censerned, Im sure,
Gladdls sed looking independent but
mad, nnd Mr. Parkins sed. Thnts very
geed of you, Im sure. And he went
up in the setting room with pep look
ing glad and Gladdls picked n boela up
off of the peane nnd slammed It down
ngen hard, me saying, Wats a matter
Gladdls, nre you mad?
Speck wen yeure spoken te, sed
Proving she was.
187 Samples Upen Requeat
Colonial Yarn Heuse
1231 Cherry St. ,"!,,.
Third Anhual
Reductions en all
Exceptional Values
in lets at
$2'98 nd $4'98
fflademt Clang,
835 Chestnut St.
Plf Always Moderate
Have ytu inspected the Storage System? A tankful of
het water always ready. Ne work. Ne dirt. Little expense.
Automatic. Demonstrated whenever you please at any
U. G. I. store. ' If you cannot come in, ask us te send a
Away will go that wilted feeling. You'll
be bracingly refreshed. You'll feel like work
ing, or playing. And it's because Abbotts
Cream Buttermilk is real buttermilk with
the old-time buttermilky flavor. Served fresh
every day.
"Milk suppliers le critical buyers"
Philadelphia Atlantic City Pleasantville
Ocean City Wildwood
.There nre nil sorts of sleeves and ru
morn of sleeves in -circulation just at
present. An interesting model Is
slashed nbevc from Blwuldcf- te wrist
,nnd held tege'tlicr by a band of white
organdy permitting a little overflow
of cuff. Anether arresting sleeve is
the one which .cuts out a triangle of
the 'material right en the top of the
arm. And. by me way, mis snmc
surgery is observed in the side panels
of n few of the latest frocks, where
cither trlnnglcs or ovals disclose the
material beneath.
Best Heme Treatment
for All Hairy Growth
(The Modern Beauty)
Every woman should have n
small package of delatenc handy,
for Its timely use will keep the skin
free from beauty-marring hairy
?rewth. Te remove hair or fuzz
rem arms or neck, make n thick
paste with some of the powdered
dclatene nnd water. Apply te
hniry surface nnd after two or
three minutes rub off, wash the
skin nnd it will be free from hair
or blemish. Te avoid disappoint
ment, be sure you get real dela dela
eonc nnd mix fresh. Adv.
(feCS I
', 1 :
11 w
I T" T O f
i rresn mm eunaae
jj Deliriously cooling en a het I
9 day. Just fresh crushed fruit f
0 pineapples, raspberries, 1
peaches poured ever ice 1
r cream of the same flavor. I
A 1320 Chtitnut Street
Special this -week:
9 Chocolate
1 Cocoanut Royals f
Het Water
Service for
All Seasons
Gas het water service is all-year insur
ance of a plentiful supply of piping het
water for all household needs at the turn of
a faucet.
When you're het
tired and thirsty
and you just can't
dodge the heat, that's
the time for Abbett's
Cream. Buttermilk.
Delightful Summer Dresses for All
Feminine Vacatienists Are Lew
Priced in the Wanqmaker
Summer Comforts
Talcum powder, violet,
trailing arbutus or cory cery cory
lepsis, in 1-lb. tins, 18c.
Bath sprays, 65c, 75c and
Bath soaps, round or
square cakes, $1 dozen.
Geed hair-brushes, 75p te
Short Lightweight
Corsets for Yeung
Corsets have undergone won
derful changes this season. Surely
they have never been as sensible
in cut as they arc at present.
These corsets have the minimum
of boning and are perfect for ail
kinds of outdoor exercise, includ
ing swimming.
$2 for a girdle which has a
boned diaphragm front, 10 inches
deep and an elastic back 6 inches
$3 for a girdle which is short
in front and cut slightly longer in
back, where there are elastic
inserts and lacing.
$3 for a g-irdle entirely with
out bones. It is quite long in back
and has clastic sides.
$3.50 for a light corset with a
short, soft front steel and elastic
top. Only 12 inches Jeep.
Hats That Speak for
the Charm of Black
and White, $6
Delightful hats, smnrt hats,
charming hats! It is difficult te
remember when we have had meie
interesting and becoming hats at
this price. Especially in the de
sirable black-and-white combina
tions, as well as plain black or
Levely wide - brimmed white
hats, with oft drooping ostrich.
Smart black fiber satin hat3,
with taileicd wings of grosgrain.
Small white crepe de chine
hats, with '.'lusters of black
glycerined ostrich at each side
and little peeping rims of black
velvet such aie the hats in type,
but hew great is their variety!
: x-:
Women's Pumps
Special $4.90 and$6.90
Correctness of fashion, durability, fit and sound
economy all meet in these low shoes that have but
recently worn considerably higher prices.
At $4.90
Well-made, low-heel sandal
pumps have two buckled in
step straps and a vertical cen
ter strap. They arc of black
calfskin, patent leather or
suede, with turned soles and
covered heels.
Plain slippers, with baby
French heels, are of black
patent leather or calfskin.
Twe-strap pumps, with baby
French heels, combine black
suede and narrow trimmings
of kidskin.
These aie but a few of the
many styles at $4.00.
Net all sizes in any
prices make it worth while te find your nze among
. the many styles.
Mottled Percale Is
Newest for Smart
Combination Freclts
An all-ever indefinite mottled
check is in orchid, green, navy,
brack, green and red. This is used
for the top of the dresses. The
lower part is made of a pattern
with the same ground but with a
definite ever-stripe or plaid in it.
36 inches wide, 30c a yard.
Japanese Crepe in
Levely Celers, 35c
Beautiful tints and shades for
every use! The best array of
colors that we have ever had.
Turquoise, violet, orchid, two
tones of brown, peach, buttercup,
watermelon, rose, pink, white,
cadet blue, Copenhagen, navy,
tan and gray. 30 inches wide.
The geed old stand-by the
thoroughly reliable dollar um
brella of sturdy tape-edged black
cotton is here again. Nothing
like it for an extra office or home
umbrella! Women's umbrellas
have wrist cords or bakelite rings;
the men's have creek handles.
Here Cemes a Sale of
Bath Towels!
25c 38c 50c
Right when every household is calling for them.
Summer cottages never have enough bath towels for all
the people who go in swimming every day. And many a
Philadelphia home would be glad te have a new supply of
these soft, thick spongy towels.
Every kind seems te be included plaids, stripes, jacquard
figures, borders and plain whites.
In size the towels range from 17x28 inches te 22x44 inches.
Fiber Silk Knitted
Crepe, $2.25 a Yard
One of the most fashionable
materials for dresses, skirts and
handsome suits! It is soft and
attractive, and combines effec
tively with lighter-weight silks.
36 inches wide, in the new gray
ish tan tints, reindeer, caster,
cafe ail lait, etc., and in jade, cin
namon, old rose, henna, Harding
blue, navy and brown.
Crepe de Chine at
$1.50 a Yard
is excellent quality, and the colors
are pretty, tee. 39 inches wide,
in silver, orchid, henna, old rose,
maiine blue, brown, pink, tur
quoise, whity. navy andblack.
At $6.90
An interesting pump has
three buckled straps ever the
in.step and a Spanish heel. It
ih of black suede, patent
leather or calfskin, tiimmcd
with perforations.
Pumps with single instep
straps and baby French heels,
en particulate geed lines, are
of black satin, calfskin or pat
ent leather.
Various plain pumns have
high or baby Fiench heels
Geed satin slippers are in hcv
eral styles.
one style, but the lowered
! .-fi.
Down Stairs Stere
Net dresses of one or two kinds, but charming Summer
dresses of all kinds. All of Wanamaker quality, all in this
season's best styles.
Coel voiles are in light and dark colorings,- in dots and figures
and soft plain colors. Hundreds of dresses, in sizes for women
and young women, are new marked $3 te $9.
Plain Celer Voiles at $5
are especially interesting. They are quite simple and come in
cool gray,t navy'blue, white, orchid and black.
Every Gingham Dress Is Lowered in
Price $2.50 te $5
Pink, red, blue, geld, brown, green and interesting mixed
plaids and checks are made, in mere ways than you would care
te count. '
Taffeta Dresses Reduced, te $6.50 and $10
Mostly navy blue, brown and black, some with Georgette
undersleeves and vestees. All were originally much higher in
price. Seme pretty. Canten crepe frocks, such as the one
sketched, are $16.50..
Wanamaker Shirts
of Woven Madras, $1.50
Men knew that Wanamaker shirts are cut ever
the very best, most comfortable patterns and made of
the best materials.
These are particularly geed the season's best
stripes in all colors and sizes.
(Gallery, Market)
Girls' Suspender
Skirts, 75c
A lower price for these prac
tical little pleated skirts of brown,
trreen or Copenhagen gingham.
7 te 12 year sizes.
oel Frecks, $1 te $3.75
Several hundred comfortable
and pretty Summer dresses are
of lawn, vcile, gingham and
linene, including some shirtwaist
Fer girls of 6 te 14.
Organdie Frecks for
Tiny Girls
Dainty little butterfly dresses
arc in lemon, light-blue, pale pink,
peach and se en. Ruflly little
affairs with wide sashes. 6 te 10
year sizes at $5 te $7.75.
Tub Silk Petticoats
With Deuble
Panels, $2.25
Generously cut and well-made
white petticoats are in two styles,
both with juble panels in front
and in back. One is straight of
line and finished with silk scal
loping. The ether has a deep
ruffle and is trimmed with hem
stitching. Each has elastic at the
Coel White Dimity
Bedspreads, $2
Hew satisfactory they are in
the Sumnieitime, when they can
be easily washed and need no
ironing! These are 72.90 inches
and hemmed. Sl90-inch spreads,
Canten Crepe Skirts
Price -Lowered te $5
Hew graceful are their lines and
hew attractive the colors! The
skirts are in various styles, some
trimmed with small, pretty buttons-.
They are gathered, and some of the
belts have pearl-like buckles and
tassel-finished sash ends. Net eery
color and style in every size, but
rose, pumpkin, deep eichid, tanger
ine, peach and Copenhagen among
them. A few are of satin-faced
Canten crepe.
Pleated Canten Crepe
Skirts, Special at $7.50
Pleated in various pleasing ways,
the skirts are in blue, peach, gray,
black, navy, orchid and green one
or two of a kind. Werth-while
TnU Cl,:rc
AMU erniia, ejc -iv pu. te
The outstanding feature is that they are all se fresh, clean and
unmussed. Each skiit is ready te be put en and worn immediately,
as far as freshness gees. Included are many, many medeis of gabar
dine, cotton ramie, linen, surf satin and ratine.
' (Market) i
BBw 7
Black Enamel
Suitcases, $3.50
Smartest luggage in many a
day for such a low price. The
cases are of black enameled duck
and have leather corners and
handles, two strong catches and a
geed lock. They are cretonne
lined and come in four sizes, 18,
20, 22 and 24 inches.
With Trays, $5
Black enamel suitcases, 24-inch
size, with short straps across the
top, are cretonne lined.
Extra-deep cases, 24 te 30 inch
sizes, are cretonne lined and have
straps all around. $6.50.
Suitcases, $9,50
24-inch tan cowhide suitcases
are admirably constructed for
hard service. They are sturdy
and strong with reinforced cor
ners, straps all around and du
rable handles.
Cowhide Traveling
Bags, $7.50 and $9.50
Suitable for either mea or
women, these bags are in tan or
black, leather lined. $7.50 bags
have riveted frames. $9.50 bags
have sewed frames both 18-inch
Little Pantalette
Frecks Are $1.25
They are for Miss 2-te-6 and
are the nicest kind of play clothes.
Made of pink, blue or green
chambray, adorned with black
stitching and little embroidered
Children's Drawer
Bodies, 35c
Especially sturdy ones of strong
white muslin with taped buttons
and icinfercing everywhere it is
needed. 2 te 14 year sizes.
Combinations for Beys
and Girls, Sec
Made of checked muslin these
combinations for giilh have ,
bloomer diawers. Fer boys they
have the straight-leg drawers and
garter attachments. Sizes 4 te
12 years.
ec an nz.
sa r
t wt
rr -nrf 4
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, Ajftf ftfrfyiM?.W V
, A 1
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