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iaMmibi '.x-A u aWM
V ..!?" i ' aswwc.
Etwn -!--
w,,m. vns rj" .7
; wfv.. -i' .;MwcwLyfM,'wMiS?r " ifJijyvrass
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fT J JW Jit t
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It. j
,t f
eiers W.0 Refuse
te Have Beys Call en Them at Heme
Jffi' 'Are Exposing Their Daughters
Arc Sure te Meet Beys Secretly or Cheese the
Wrong Kind of Beys
"nUEY wouldn't let hop en with boys I
(X flit home; cold that she wni tee
'k I
flt.A ...no .IvtnAll '
ij Hna tftnn wlin turf n tmv elie lllfeil
hnd became she liked him. hecnuse she I
u..i. i.- i.. iti.t.... i.i.. i '
niuni sec no mum in hiiiiik niiii aim
RBing nut with him she sneaked out
JUld met h!m en the corner.
This went en for some time until her
I inether caught her.
Then there were tear" sceldings, ex
planations nnd pleadings.
I After a lone time her mother yielded.
Had she wns allowed te have the boy
come see her at home.
. I Wonder why It Is that se many fam
ilies fall te see the dancer there is In
, rrfmdne te allow elrls te have boy
One Slrl Milt! that she ya almost
fcpnntced like n little ehild bcciiiife she
dared w.ilk from the corner te her home
with a boy whom she had known In.gllnc nt their foolishness.
And she was "In love" with her
teacher in school, a young woman about
eight or ten years elder than she.
l friendships, she is bound te make up
'for it, often In something that Is ery
much worse for her character and rep
utation and mind than friendship with
Why shouldn't she be friends with
boys In the first place?
She will have te grew up some day
and take her place In the world ; she
cannot escape, knowing men then.
The Idem In thin seclusion hccuib te be
that a girt se young does net knew hew
te take men and may be disillusioned
and hart; when she Is elder and has
learned mere of the ways of the world
he will be better nble te take care of
herself and cope with men, the wicked
But will she?
A Number of Delicious
Are Suggested by Mrs. M. A. Wilseni
With tlw Menth of July Come the Summer Apples TTtey'
Make Delightful Apple Snetc, Apple Custard and
Apple Ginger Cake
S ny sirs. m.
C0VVTi3ht. lift, hy Jfr. 3f. A. TVIIjew.
TJHB summer apple that comes te our
markets along alxnit the middle of
July is known as dune apple and wind-
falls. Thlv nst s flip ntitile I hut fa s
during a stnrin, and is usually mar
ketcd at once. Mnnj attractive was
lire given te serve this apple, whlih l-
usually of the tart variety.
i Apple Snow
Wash summer apples and pncl. out
In thin slices nnd place three cups of i
the prcpnrcd apples in saucepan, adding
nbeut three-quarters cup of neliliig
WHter. Cever c eselv nnd steam until
tender, then drain well, nnd runt
through a tine sieve. Whip the whites
of three eggs until a tirm dry snow.
then whip In nn-half cup of powdered i
sugar, nnd fold In two cups of the pre- i
pared anil well -drained apple pulp.
Pile high in hiirfnit glass, and dust
with cinnamon. Serve ice cold. t
d Apple fritters are also delicious for
Place in mixing bowl i
One and three-quartern cvpt of flour.
One ieaipean of iatt,
' One level tablespoon of baking note-
One-half teaspoon of nutmeg.
One cup of milk.
One egg.
Rent te smooth batter, and then add
Tice cwni of pared apples chopped
! Fry by dropping from the spoon.
sprendlr.g like for pancakes, in skillet
containing smoking het bacon fat ; turn
' nnd brown en both sides. Serve with
bncen and little powdered sugar for
i breakfast dish.
Raited Apple Dumplings
Place In mining bowl
Three cups of flour.
' One teaspoon of salt.
One tablespoon of hnUing pexeder,
Tire tablespoons of sugar.
I Sift twice te blend : new rub Inte the
flour one-half cup of shortening, anil
use ene-lmlf cup of cold water tn form
pastry. Chill fur ten minutes en the
Ily Hareld Donaldsen Kberlein
The Choice of Hugs
J" Three things, enrel-, pattern and size,
determine the choice of rugs from n
decorative point of view. As with car-
jets, the quality depends upon the
purchaser s pockctbeolc.
U1U jeu ever see an uriental rug or n
Chinese rug III whicli the design junped
DUt from the background, or In which
the colors jangled? I'erhaps in an 1ml-
W tat design nnd keeps Its place. In
Oriental rugs the design U often In-
trlcate, but t generul y gives the lm-
. ' . , f D .. !
ce, and then roil out en tleiired psstrv ,, , well-buttered eusfnr i thnt this undeveloped t tie Is t'leueh In- ,r' ,hat mnke!' '"" &" my seat in -- hnd leen Alices idea te deceive me.
an jfcaEsrwtt,, is hsjijtssSis ar srxs wetsfep r r ': VS -7 Timc.Smr inw xl, xsnrsi
trLr::; a. i: :; : "vr; s- s a r 1 ;1F hw ''""' "- --: nsw:- " " '- -"- .,. ,. , .. ,.,,i.,.,, ,, ri?''y;,',s!,ff r's;
sagar for each apple dumpling. Feld ,lth ,u t--aI;1",lan t,r,'"' "'"h' with Prr. Te sum up. I try te kiss all the girls steel stored away in the nttic? One nf , J. "A" S", "Pp rnUlu a B00(l "1C"
up the deugii forming the (himpling and ''c wIlt'-'1 ''" two eggs left out of The taste of men a generation or two ! I"et ':. ', , ?'" .,,", ""PJ'crs and I'm these that revolves around. A very ler un ,mu""
rfnch the edge- closely. Place enak- Lqiv' "' ?(f '"V i" i"lf ,B nhM "fvnnf'" ,m '' run te buds. Nowadays lJ h , ' "J fr uTnT'-ind "nv'1 "" "" "N wrvleenble ny te ills- Tomerrow-fietting Even
ng sheet, brushlns the dumpling with '"i K"t "' !" style egg-nter , t Is decidedly for :he full-bloeRieii he real and or gin"?' ' fiend and ,MU.P e thc steel s te use it for a chair I .meii
beaten egg and milk, link- in -low lin,il Ul" meriiiBiip will held Its shape, nlns.em. SLVTiMrvrvi TOMMY m ,,H lr0,,slR tnb,(, lt 1n J" the I
even inr iniriv in nines, en s inir iwtce . . inini: ir ju en nniuii nreuiiu in u nu-
i: , t.ilnH Kut tmcnK i.. .. .n..1 ,. n'i.t wiliun l l.-.livti mm rJtini?u UUU Iin nm ICll niO. IT ir lq n t.nfret limnb ,-.. nrrrnnmn (ha hnt-nn nnul if t.tt .,.-
m .iK'beckuse in each Vu"e there Is' i": , It,rma1t1e,htS011,e,a8sheU leek Van " i" """" A nBADBU. , In miming It, but the name' stuck and
ip.WiUng color with which the ethers nre black enough tc show -from behind te k ,Yur la1ttcndat "illed either a continued te cause death nnd hllndnefs.
K Artfully blended nnd because the de- ' footlights . ' .l''os'"al(l,?,rnem'1 ren ?,f ,oner' whl- ' Kvn before the days of prohibition we
M$m I" ""'it" or conventional.,! nnd I ' sts win lave te tm" v their iMi" h"'1 'l1,I'1,"n'!p of """' n1"0' PlHpnlng
KLllet lintunillstlc. Chinese rugs usually Blue Dreas la Streaked i read fare If tL veddhtg is smMl "n" I fren MMn? " ns 'Hwdtreus as' the
n' tiareu tiisui ci i esiKn. uui n is n wnvs r tin, r-Miim- nt li'mnui'i fnne- craveii lnv tnt ens nm nni ..,-.. v.... ineseiii eiinieiiui-, ncnirni mini nun
A uressien ei ueinir a texture rather thnn
3. "",1"" " "V" a ,'.r. l""' .""'I'' IIIUII
!!.. aiMinrt uesign. j nerc. tee, the de-
L'iiii Wi J iii i t
j.j;)5, ,. luntiiin, in i iiiMirniii i ii-., rve mai
' tf- !! ,... ,.),! 1 1,,,. ..,,1,,,. .... -.,,, .'..I .......,
S?- .MV l'.- , ,,,1,.. iw ,., ... ,,wi,. lllilLX
' ...1,1. tl,.. ..,,1,... ...I,..,,,., I-.,- .,,..
ui, itl.ll iiil i'mmi r.i iii'iik- in, ,,,rui ieiiiii,
, If ymi are bujlug uu iiiiltutluu (hientul
tZ ni, nrst stuiiy ine real urieiitai rugs
,r la shops or in a museum mid then see
fc'ji.h i ue iniiiniiuii is u goon one i
tre , ipivr nun iivsij;ii. in L-niiesiiii; (limn
;-iiwiaier ruw with a self? toned border.
Tl.Valw Kthe cjitef. thing te ihluk of,.
amsj-rr: ,.r-..2,
lTrf vaijwa awi nugm,
te Allew Girls
te Greater Danger, for They
Hew enn dic learn the way nt men I
enil the world if she Is kept -uy from
everything of the kind? N '
One doesn't ilnil out hew In read by
licltiK forbidden te leek nt books until
nne'n Imlil fnlk linn iHtliel ilUnn-
"QL'T aside from all that, even If she
-Dcnuld learn about men from laek of j
association wiin mem, wna: happens
te her In the meantime?
It Is naturnl for clrls of fourteen,
liftcen nnd sixteen te "have It bad"
en a boy.
Silly? Whv, of eeursc? Wrenc '
well, why? Net half se wrens If net
rarrled tee far as te moon around and i
write poetry te another g'rl only a few
jenrs elder.
Harmful.' Net half se harmful and
ilenrev-slni" n t. ill mi the nnnOi nr In
the parlor window wat'-'ilne ether clrls
fullr K -itl, ,.., lm,.t,ti, ,.t i,.
That makes a slrl srw tip before her
time, makes her dull, sorry for her
self, dlsceuraced with life.
There In a whole girlhood full of pent
up 'plrlts which tnu.it have .some out
let In some form.
Often It takes the form of desperate
dellnnce. "I will go out with bejs like
the ether girls." nnd sometimes It trica
te satisfy Itself in an Infatuation for
an elder girl or an unworthy man.
This is dangerous.
TIIHRK couldn't be anything harm
ful about a friendship that wan car
ried en under the sanction and within
the knowledge of a careful mother.
It will always be a mystery why par
ents don't realize this perfectly plain
Especially when their Indifference te
It, or Ignorance et It, has caused se
many stolen meetings en street cor
ners, runaway marriages, unwholesome
infatuations and unhappy girls.
with the epg and milk while the dum- ,
plinas are baking. Serve with vanilla ,
App!n MInce
I'ere and chop tine sufficient apples
e measure three cups, place in mixing
uevi iin.i anil
t)nv cup of xcetlrd raisins.
n4 halt ... l ,.,,,... .,. ., t
fC-n(lf Vltn Of ptmiCS StOnCtl (inn
cur m eiti.
ihic-lnilf en it ) cifren chopped fine.
i nr(c-'iuurters cup of finely chapped
One cup of finely chopped nuts.
One timpani! of nutinei.
Out -hi teaspoon of cinnamon,
iiiiv-iiiiurter teaspoon of each cloves
una allspice.
(Irated rind of one lemon
Juice of lemon.
ine cups of liratrii supir,
One cup of breadcrumbs
Four tablespoons of vinegar.
Apple Sauce (linger Cake
I'laie in inlvin bowl
Oi.r 1111 one-half cups of thin apple
One cup of mela.ssrs.
One cup of brown sugar.
One teaspoon of cinnamon.
One teaspoon of allspice.
Tire teaspoons of iiinger.
Tin ec- quarters cup of shortening,
Twe 11 til-beaten eggs.
Whip up well and tien add
'three and three-quarters cups of
sifted flour.
Three level tablespoons of baking
Heat te blend, and turn In well-
greased and (leured pnn, and bake in
The Weman
Te "A Reader"
Apply te the Pity Editor, en the fourth
fleer of the Ledger Hulldlng, COB Cheat
nut street. It Is necessary te have ex-
penence in order te obtain this position
but they will tell you In detail Just what
the requirements are.
Silk Hair Curlers
Te tl r f ditnr of lCemnH'a V.er '
Dear Madam t have heard that
bobbed hair .can be curled with the aid
of s Ik and would like te knew If ou
can tell me hew this Is done'
Just use the silk rags ns you would
ili ii nil i in in
Beading Eyelaehea
Tc ih' Killtcr of Weman's root-
ri.nr Mn.inm wnnM vim ii n vimi
and explain te me what bending the
u.vl. .i ,... i. i.. .i .,
eyelashes means and hew It Is dene''
i This Is dene bv actresses for stage
' work only It Is tee noticeable for
street wear It consists of touching each
eyelash with n bead of black cosmetic,
I Dear Madam I have a periwinkle
' crepe de chine dress that I Just washed,
I and wnen it uncu it nan purplish streaks
..ii ,!.... . .. i t.n -.. ,.n
t "" llluuK v -mi j"u nu mn buiiii' -
,v,ln." t rnn ,lr tr. ,.! tl.ean ulr..l,. r.t V
Ti,B",rB,'H ,,,,,,,,. " eBh", ":'" r, A
! dress by mistake. De you think thnt Is
i me cuusu or tne sircnus
This very often happens with a dress
of this color If It Ih net very carefully
washed Illnse It again In lukewarm
water It should have been washed that
way In the first place and de net wring
It out. Just tqueeze as much water cut
ns possible and then hang It where It
can drip without hurtln? njJythlnK.i It
in me uje wii;i'ii tunica jmriiy eui mu
pauses this streaked appwcAIice. Tile
mtiaa weuia net affect ll
u 'n 11- nvnn (iipf I'.nim ri 11, ill.,., 1 ' i .. ...1 !..., 1 1. .. .. . 1 i. .
Ice with water icing, using thin apple mentality. pnNe and womanly charm them ' Tne a,-., the finest little wa. ; S"0' "" lt ...enirtn.r ,in te
sauce m place of the water. Sprinkle thnt has net wn come te the girl in UireH ,hat n'r etisted. The finest pals. I lf Jn lr ?.,? ", "s, ," ";' "" r'!',',l1 ln, r, ' ,," ' ', ,n IK,''1 "lnm,-1 . n "mllfln " '
hnelv chopped nuts ever the icing while her teens. This j the nae when men f"pndH ,l1"1 companions In the wld ! ,'M1- I hen cutlvatc a restful, placid, ninke It easy for hlm. he must never
'"0lkt- Apple Cstar,l O T, T ClVlnH H P '" - '" X.-rlre; Xrv.
Piace , " r" !.',a TrScrhr0.r'5?W.rr, weswinfnrnetZrX "? "' N"B' ' WBt 0
1 ee and one-half cups of thm apple of adult Intellect am the fully ( eve op. 1 happened in ihe "Real Oentlimnn." ,V VI. ,.,l 1 , , .,. , 1 . 1 1 he.. lle' , 1 e 1 1.
ncr " ,..1 n,..,...ii f .1 1.1 ...: 1 .. ti, i, ..v.. .....1 i.i- ,"'." ether, for your temporary mood wll ".lean, you re wonderful. I'm net
T-ve. thirds cup of sugar, live. ' ' letters and who stele hl lndy'' hand ;mlv slightly modify your custeinnry or WOrthy of jeu. I'm sorry that I tried
TVf,,r0,"' "ntirUhehrin u"Ul,hit Mienr. '" nV?, Te net extinct. 1 am ' '" -'-- "'-te you. ka of IIJ,Mp oughtn't te
t ire whole egijs. ions dered seriously bv men who ine.m ' one of the species. 1 will confess . l,nlf .......... return en thu same (rain.
T;nn, .,..11 .i,i. ,i. i... .. Li. , , ,... i...i...r ..'..I. ...1 ' 1 "ii. : ei..r. thnt i iu n,.. ,. cr,iri, r n... i omerrow .ueniai xnnng Aanin tnnt lenp 01 my nenrt. n it
use Hm ,.r ceiiuii. u ,.r uiiimi urn married" Alse. I de net live In the c jtv ' MUen n '''l1"' Wntn n ng tnrrv nnd
UU unrVXrr"5f eveUrn Lht ""Wi inhwlllch J ' t0 bemkrrllS In De "her pre.luets is ,Tr.Klur..,l. Methanol is
rlcTty "n he sflk s supposed te have ' hav, t0 '"-"vide autos or pay the rail- nbtalm-il from this by distillation. The
the des fed effect mpva"i ,0 nav0 way fare fcr the reception euests? first methanol was greenish yellow In ,
1 Aw enBraved invltatlena, and an-. roler, nauseating te taste and of bad
It Is really a suit with a printed
crepe wdlst which mntches the
lining of the coat ; but, made In
this loosely belted style. It might
eiisily be taken for the kind of
blouse thut Is worn e much this
j ear with a crepe skirt
Through a
Weman s Eyes
Bud vs. Blessem
: scenario contest recently held
mir ' v3 t v'- "'?
aim.". '.' M . :V-St-)t "SW-ms,:ih
HH fas', fSw&rt ' uwl
m'i: sHkHEiV
Baaarx sasBaaaplBasaw
bbbbbx s,j aaaaaHBaaBBa9H
B 7 BlBaaaBaaBaaBaBBai
Baaj . r a BBBBBBaaaBBBj
y a prominent newspaper, in which!0'1'. ,he" 1 gave him one. .New, Cyn Cyn
heusands of stories were submitted. I la. here ,s what 1 1 wan te knew.
i... Ine, wns r..venle,l tl.nt the most Pld 1 ,d1, " r.0,"t " k SS nhJml -Sneul,,
i i i I ,i
ttminlnr ni-n nt hernltiPM u-ns twpnlv. I
ciglil. Hint is. of all the heroines in
a ti scenarios submitted a greater!
nimher were twentv-clght than anv i
ether age.
Iwenty enrs age an unmarried as you can! as 1 want te call him up
unman nf tveiit. -eight was a hope- , about n party and would like te apolo apelo apole
less spinster. Ten jrnr later she was ' glze. for Kissing If I should,
still below par in the matrimonial WORUHJD.
market. Tediy she ranks first as the, you should net have kissed the young
heroine of love stories, and hers Is the 1 man, but It Is net your place te npoto npeto npote
age about which mere romance is I glze nbeut It Simply de net dr It
wevin than the time-honored s,Veet ! alu. If you want te nsk the eung
sixteen' man te a party. It's quite all right
' . , , , te telephone te hlm, but It's rather 11
1 in fact that there 1 no lenget n . waste of his time nnd yours te call
line of deiu'iniitlen which dubs a weni- him up Just te tense and flirt,
tin nn "old maul" mid puts her "en ,
the shelf." thnt her attraction for men He Kisses Whenever Possible
VJ'IZ?' ' Tr l!,i,n,r. n", r i,m"'h by ' l""- O-nthM-Afur having read the
her j ears as by the Individual woman, epistle written bv "Sparrow" I ex
lias been generally ic-egnized: bill1 claimed: "Here is a lad after my own
that twenty-eight should be chosen n& heart ' Hut upon further pursuance
the met desirable age for the .lullet ei ' of the narrative my admiration was no
the love sterv was a surprise even i"
the most modern of us.
And with tins levelatien is home In
upon us another. And this Is that the
c.ielce of young men who are mnrrsliu
ledii is net the ery young girl, but
the jeung woman of mere than twenti -five.
Put the question te nn.v circle nf
marriageable men. nnd yeii will find
s Exchange
About a Wedding
Te Ihe Z.Vfiier of tl'einan't raae:
Dear .Madam This is the first time I
have used your valuable column, but I
i feel sure I will receive your kind advlce
t( the ful)Mt
I nm te he married seen, nnd this
being my first experience. I de net
knew quite nil that Is necessary about
the nrepnrat'ens
erate) clreuinstnni es. therefore I want
as simple ,i wnldlnir as possible.
I cxneet te be married In ehnreh nn,l
have one attendant Y Bl,e enl V.,
"V,,psr i , ", 1 ' "' ' , ,'" "" .i,-' ". "
i . .i . . . . - ."'"
r'0 the 'Vamo" mai e, ?- "?'' . v n'arVn.5
are. separated, hiw should invitations,
etc . be worded If used.'
lH 'l necessary te give the bridegroom
n irlft?
ithcrVesnnSsflVnre'' brMe ani1 hcr
p S1 ,r,de her.attendan.
, with dress, hat, etc
or merelv mutest
" rr
Please suguest nn Inexpensive menu
' In thin ense engraved anneuncementH
would be nice te have, although this Is
"" lra7 ,n you cannot unrerd It
Them, kmemIm 1a ,-nnlln.l ,!. n..l..
. .-, ,,, .......... ,, crutuK m
tllO Wedding 'lift liarent VOII llvn with
i should atmeunce the mnrrinW
It Is nice, but net necessary te give
the bridegroom a gift. The bride imd
her mother are resnenslliln for tim p..n,.
tlen and for cnnvejnnces te take the1
brtde and her attendants te the church.
The bridesmaids provide their own
ilressed and hat... the bride chceslng the I
color nnd lURimstliiir the stele i.iir.i..n '
a In king, palad and rolls, coffee, Ice
cream and enke would be an Inexpensive
menu, A buffet meal Is served from the
kitchen, each nlat arranged before It.ls
brought In, If there Is no mnld, the
gentlemen present mnv he eniierf mum
te praMaubcjBteUaqp, iha n)hir jnnta .
Please Tell Me
What te De
What Is Leve?
Dear Cynthia I would very much ap ap
preclnte your advlw en a little prob
lem of mine.
Fer the last months I have constantly
been asking msclf the follewing: "Hew
does a girl knew she Is In love?" and
"Hew does she feel when she Is In
As you may nlready have gueBscd,
I have net been able te nnswer these
questions te my satisfaction.
I New, ryntnl.i, as a great deal tie-
penus upon me solving e mesa qucs
tlens, please see If you can help inc.
Tlie usual symptoms of love are a
certain feeling of rest and well being
when with the One cared for; a light
hearted happiness; a trust and respect
nnd a wish, te be with tlie person when
he Is net "there. Many persons feel
differently when In love, but the san
est, surest love Is a quiet, happy thing.
Will He Mind Curlers?
Pear I'ynthla I "am In a terribly
mean iwslilen. May I aslc you te help
me? Please?
Te begin with. I am a very young (
plrl and. I think, desperately In love i
That Is the main trouble. I am tee I
much In love. The man In question
loves me. I suppose t should be very, i
very happy, but, Cynthia, I nm a little
feel. Although I de leek rather pretty
when 1 am dreesed nnd powered, I leek i
"different" In the morning. And my
hair Is straight. I have It bobbed and
naturally have te curl It often. What
would he think If he saw me In curlers?
He likes beautiful things and, although
he would net mind at first, he would
gradually, wouldn't he? Oh. Cynthia, It
may sound foolish, but I am afraid I
might lese his love. De you under
stand? We are planning te be mar
ried seen, but I am se axrald.
Many men have neen their wives In
curlers and managed te live through It
nnd the ether trouble Is net worthy of
worry. Why net consult a. halrdrosser
bout waving your hair permanently?
Then you would net need the curlers.
Hewever, real love leeks te the woman
herself, net her outward appearance,
only, though, of course, the appearance
In a great help. It seems te Cynthia
It would he well te say nomethlne about
your worries te your fiance. He'll seen
laugh them away.
Shall She Telephone Him?
Pear Cynthia I have been helped
many times bv ethers' letters, but here
Is snniethlng I ciniiet solve, pe I have
come te you, like many ethers, for
Al out three months age I met a
voting man who Is twenty-two years old.
The firs' night I met hlm I did net like
him, but three days after our meeting
a girl friend of mine called htm up
and I talked te hltn. He setmed very i
nice evnr the telephone, se we asked I
him rut te n block party at our school, j
Me came and we hud an enjoyable!
Itm. IT.. .....nn nl.n ,n , t. n tilr.nt, lt,Hll I
1 the net renlng nnd we went out with)
one or bis boy friends In his machine.
I We were nut about an hour and he
nskeil mi- seeral times for a Kiss. 1
dttl net allow him until I wea getting
i apoiecizc.- aise. is u wruns xer me
... '.-n i.i , ,.1.1 1-1 ,.- ,
a wonderful kldder? He ennnet call
me. ns he thinks 1 have no phene nnd
that I call up from my girl friend's
TllnfiaC rV'Mlliln nnnAr flila na anrn
sooner cscueu mnn it was com. "spar
low Is right In his. query concerning
the kls It Is perfectly natural te want
te kiss a girl If .ou like her
1 try 10 kiss evtry nice girl I meet
Sometimes I succeed Sometimes I don't.
But the fact ihat I don't always suc
ceed only strengthens my desire. New.
Sparrow." are ou really tired nf flap-
1 llftllll IO II .1 UODII U. ilUII . I
ners? I think one of them must have '
been the cans.' of your general cen-j
demnatlen of all flappers. Speaking of
Can Yeu Tell?
By Ii. J. and A. W. Bedmtr
What the I'olsen In Weed Alcohol Is
If what Is commonly spoken of as
weed alcohol hud originally been called
by Its real nnine. Mntlnl or Mnthn,...!
no one probably would have thought of
drinking it, because, net only would we
1 !ieitate at drinklni" nnvthlii!? n immeil
but any dictionary would set us right as
te its real nature. The naiue should
neer bnve been applied te It, as it is
It was first inanufnetuicd in ihe
l'ntt.i siin, i., 1u-.11 .. .. v... .. " i... 1
.,"V, ' ,' "." ".".""..," "' '" '"""
"' "lp. '"""'.er industry, l-ieces of weed
"' Placed in a retort nnd by cenden-
O,ler- nn'' '". P!MS ?n." te drink ;
n'"' tlieug lit of doing se.
Within ten years, however, the nred-
wt had been refined until it looked
ltl.t I.. l l.-l I .! I . . .
' of ,he PwPWtJ'i f '! '"""r that It
. E"" ViSL'i',,'" I"l 1
"" "K, nieruaiiy. n was rererreil te
1 flL ll'iti-wl nlirilinl ns Aim rt n i i f n .. .. ..
Kvc different nnme.s te their product te
...- .. "wn ii i wii tn. i iii iwiin iiititiiiini'i urrn
1012 nearly 1000 cases were reported.
About Tm per cent of the victims died,
while 12 per cent became totally blind
and another 1- per cent suftercd from
Impaired vision.
, ,, . -, "" ., .. . .
Tomorrow Mmt Causes haiiliqiialics?
Ltttrrs te CuMhla's column must be
ti'rUlmi en one nittr 0 tif vanrr nnlit.
and must he ulaniU i((i the lerltrr1!!
tmmf enil ncdrfs.i, the vame tilll set
be published 1 the vriter does net wish
it. t'nstaned letters and letters tiTttteii
011 leth allies et the linptr will net be
imnu'errd. Writers who tclsi iiemenal
answer (Ant ran be uiven in the column
villi pirate leek' there, at perianal Itlttri
are enlu written When absolutely neeM-
farif. ,
' V irli 3'S
Red nnd yellow knots form the only
trimming en this charming street
frock of beige crepe. Its style Is
the old story of long waist nnd
slightly gathered skirt which has
heroine such n favorite with us, but
its distinction is In the graceful,
tnsselcd side pieces. And the
Milan hat with a huge ribbon bow
adds n great deal
Read Your Character
By Dighy Phillips
r)tlve Writing
Tti (hn rrntin tn I cnlnnnn nf nlinnii nlnn
olegy it is customary te divide people '
into three kinds 01 temperaments, call-
ing them "doers," "enjeycrs" nnd
"thinkers." If you want te come right
down te it fine point, however, this Is
net quite correct. Yeu should lirst
divide tiietn into two classes, "doers
and "enjeycrs" (cnll them "energetic"
nnd "Inzy" If you will) 'nnd then
divide each nf these Inte "thinkers"
nnd "non-thinkers." the former being
that class in which the mental make-up
completely dominates nnd submerges the
physical, and in which muscu'nrlty and
nppetlte are less than In the n'ertnnl
person. '
De this, nnd you will find that the
division corresponds te the divisions
which arise naturnlly'ln graphology.
1 mis. ns wns s own vesien nv. ine 1
.. . 1 . . . .. '
writers of rounded hnnds correspond te
the possessors of rounded faces, the
enjeycrs. nie easy-going ones, m,
angular writing is the natural expres-
slnn of these whose temperament shows
IiiijMciiiiv 111 iivuini 11111 eieigj most.
who will perform physical work, net
mere'y for the results It will bring, but
because they actually enjoy the cxer
They are. as a rule, energetic, active.
1 a . ..a.
""'" muscular. it is natural that
their writing siieuiu lie lingular, ou
can even test it nut en ,eurelf. Werk
yourself up Inte 1111 Intense, energetic
thing for you can swing around mid nd-
nilre your hnlr first from one side and
it..... f.,.i,i lltn rtllier (w. ..,.! ...1,1.
cretonne te match the curtains who
would ecr recognize tnc eutimersemc
,'iu'" W'l0l?
Hepe for Others
Mnrv I'lckferd, whose present In- i
ceme hns been estimated at $700,000
a year, received n wage of les than i
!?3.ri n week In the early days of her
career before the screen.' '
By Helen Dceie
The Fifth Avenue Bus Company In
New Yerk awarded J.'iOO recently ns a
prize for the best essay en civility.
It Is Interesting te nole thnt the winner
cf the civility contest believes that
I ceu'r eeus aiVvlce'"" ",W"y" SeCUr6
i A Philadelphia street car
..n.u lTli r...UM..nA . . ...I""-
n..,,-., me .1..11180 iinrnuiiKer upon our
curs sometimes ferttnts that we nre hu
man beings, tee. Dees he step te think
that perhaps tlie mutermnn Is eating his
henrt out with anxiety exer the serb us
lllnetn nf his wife, nr that the con
ductor hasn't averaged three hours'
sleeii a night for the Inst two weeks
because, of a sick child? if he did
hew much plcns.inter It would make
things, nnd hew much better service
we all could cive hlm. A tlitin 1,1... 1
ness, 11 little consideration and tetul
HtrangerH become gecd fellows together
In the XwlnkllnK'ef nn cye,r
The Wife Cheater
.foett FUockbridec mnrrkt Xennan
Wayne fn spile of many ieirilp
from her friends. Xerman is the
kind of man che has never been
kneicn ie earc for one women mere
thnn a few weeks al a iime, u-hife
Jean is inellned ie he tee posses
sive. She is determined, however,
net te show her jealousy and even
when she has reason te auspeet that
Xerman has taken Mice Wilsen, a
mutual friend, te dinner only four
weeks after their marriage, Jean
fights against the jcaleur feelings
that siccep ever her.
I WAS lying in bed, wide-eyed and
nervous when at last I heard Nor Ner
man come In. This was the first night
he had been nwny from me since our
marriage. Would he speak te me, e.vcn
thniieh mv light was out? Wouldn't
he fccl'nny stirring of remorse due te
the fact that he and Alice had plotted i
against me that evening?
I could henr him stirring around
downstairs, nnd then finally his feet-
I steps en the stairs, cautious nnd slew,
i He thought of course that I was,as'ccp
I and he was being careful. When I henrd
him go into his room nnd close me
deer I knew that he had no intention
of speaking te me. On top of my mis
ery this fnct geve me n queer little
feeling of loneliness, nnd It 6cemcd
hours before I dropped asleep.
At breakfast the next morning Nor Ner
man was taciturn and quiet. I was
glad of this because It enabled me te be
cheerful and gay. I carefully avoided
anything that might lead te the ques
tion of where he had been last night,
and I had the satisfaction of knowing
that my attitude puzzled him. Evi
dently he had expected me te ask ques
tions, te exhibit Jealousy, nnd Inas
much as I was doing nothing of the
kind he was vaguely troubled.
When he finally rose from the table
I followed him into the hnll as tisunl.
nnd In n minute he had swept me Inte
his nrms. There was n fierce posses pesses
slveness In the way he held me, nnd
for n few brief moments the nchlng In
mv heart was relieved ns If iny magic.
'He put his hand beneath my chin
nnd raised my fare te his. His eyes
senrched mine, nnd for n minute I was
tempted te threw my pride te the winds
nnd make an effort te clear up this
mystcrv between us. but I refrained.
"I love you. little .lean," he said,
finnl'y, "nlwns remember thnt. And
u moment later he was gene,
I simnose that most women would
mnsiilnr thnt reinnrk of Nermnn's n
peer conselntlon for whnt had Imp- '
peued. but It comforted inc. Our mar- j
rlage wns net an average union, nun i
was sure that Its-hls way Nerman loved
me. rca117.cu mm. vvii .., i-s
of the fact that I wns facing n rather
perilous future. I was net sorry that l
hnd chosen him in preference te Her-
ncrt J.tvingsten. nn; mwh imiiu:i.-
en me uciguis wuii .""." ........
worth n lifetime of peaceful content
with n man I wns sure would never de
the slightest thing te muKu me tin- ,
hannv. I
That nicht when my husband re
turned from the city he wns all' devo
tion. It was as though he was mak
ing an effort te ntene for whnt he had
done, mid we were very gay. He wnsn't
willing te have me out of his sight 11 (
moment, nnd after dinner tie drew me
out te the percii nnd we sat In silence,
his arms around me, and my neau en
., .1 -.i
Vlnnlly he spoke
.,ienn, 1 ,nd dinner
with Alice
WIUn last night."
M h01ir, V1. n Brent ienp. At lest
j , J,, C0nL,. j hmi l)PPn willing te
wn,t (m(j ew j wn8 (lUeut te rca,, my
Did you?" I snld, quietly.
Ills iirm tightened. "Didn't
"Yes." I returned.
"Then why didn't you say something
nbeut it?"
"Whv should I?"
Hecause most women would have
Adams Dermatel
I (Clay Pack Wonder Treatment)
' Removes lines. blnckt.eHila nnil leaea th .
toce sort and smithful. 1'ranareil anil ee!d by
Adams & Adams, 1505 Arch St.
Mfir. of that lilih-xrude "Prepnifitlen Mne"
iiw iur suir hi uninrinieni nterea.
Price 75c and $1.25
and feed value of
malted milk-but
a delicious choc
olate flavor, tee.
Things You'll Leve te Make
TTnrn (u n untnmltit u-nV te lltltlZC .1
straw cuff. With tome 'paint or en-
.. , , ,,.. .1..... . nl ,.,,
amei nnu n nine spare nun- ""''"
urn It lnn n mnal nMrnrtlvp STRAW"
rTl'T VAHE. Yeu can cither lenve
the vase the natural strnw color or en
amel the whole thing any color you
.IntlfA Tf ., lnnA Ml n tl'ltllrnl kll'aW.
shellac the vase v-ith clear sbernc
after tlic deeorntlensc nrc pnlntcd en.
The illustration shows one method of
decorating. f you prefer, you inn
use n simple geometric design. If you
cannot draw or copy n design, glue en
n bunch of flowers or a picture of some
kind, cut from it magazine. Then
shellac the whole thing. When you
wish te use your STRAW-CUFF
VASE, set n vlde-meuthed bottle In
side of It te held the water.
IH 1
! WmjfflmMeW,AyimwmmBiKkni,.
RvalffiClSSESsEBrBlB I
:: lenlN HMIM t
ammzmiJkWMkMmkkkw i
1 w
.ataBSaB MM fiaBkVafl
MM Ml t a Mjm. M WW M V bbbB
mm m. m BkX wok m Mm twn ImmmM
kmm JB mi IMflL if IfS-'W
I jmkYl i . I
MAT I M i LmsH AV.'sW
B mwmsr mmr &S3&F'Wfcf4 '''HM
M mr BbT jrJme -riXStmmmVk',.tJ!'Js ,
.m IT kW jr.sr rfiwWtWMWMUMh&'&VsA-)) i
wMmmW triv'INKK;
wm -a-wB",-"ll,VAH- f .' AtgZStWMtwtwWatwKuntmtmtKltwWM
mj(W vkf ,& '''PxymVmmm&smWMMtwtltwtmWmm '
W-imPj fffj' $3&MmwWmwMMwMMMMW '
MS0:WM Mf 'MmBBBmmmMMmmmmm
MSm&fM fWSImslmmmmmWmmm
fM&WM IK 'kamMMmmm
&,iyWMmi. ' ' ''i&tmmMMmWmmmm
W.'jWmMk sU tpX'MtmmmttmWtmtmmm
s, ,r 'mmwmw ixillmtmtMm'ii,JiAC?l.
A'C-.'s' i f wlkwmMT " '-ffttWtwmmtwWik)" .
hvj. M it :r'j&JkAwrin v ,
: AW yi'I iff.r 3bMmm 'X 'AW
tv szm &. ' .u&2mmws.,jMmW
Jr JauW tfv f JftM a fl f" jfVSmMr SMttM . BTaTaTaT'
yrZt$&m 2$ tSr . JmWRt1j3P&' " '' 'f ttWmw
'TpHE first really ripe Georgia peaches
choice, golden, luscious beauties;
their delicate, fresh tartness exquisitely
blended with rich, yellow cream. Yeu
can't mistake the flavor it's Abbotts.
Order it for dessert tonight. There is a
dealer near your tieme. '
cm rv mi fsrsSvV
Ice Cream - ?
f f - ' - - ; Jjt. T
Adventures With n Pim.
OKOANDIK wishes nrc se f.,i, t ,
pretty-b.it only for i. ' ' ."
hecntise ns non ns one Is about for -
length of tlnie they mtisn. () of "
shops hns sashes, already made. 0t m.Ii
,ti ii.. r... ...i.. , .""PUIil
iM ...u v,u .-nun neillSlUcncd, T1,.,
nre just ns dainty and from m , 7
ence de net iiiusm tpilfp nN mCM py'
ethers. Thev nre enlv flfiw " a8.t'
la ccrtnlnly much cheaper than!.!'"
the material nnd having the tr0uh,Jln!
making them. uouWe of
Stlinen which linvn tin Hn M...t
golf shoes which have, come into"8., i
favor, nre very comfertnble, nnd .
tnlnly ,the most sensible shoe te ?
Hut no one wnnts te wenr a shni
is just Rcnalblc; it needs" "e
mnrc. I have seen n 'white shoe wi I
S!?I "1L L,:,.,J!!ni,.c..?.f ,5?AfWii SSj
v ciiuiu pmiiw -.iinii men iq r(.j :
it Tt I.! n nnmhlnntl " " Cri3
nnd comfort; The soles are whlti T
I. the low heel, nn.l !, -."'".. S
t$ie. Z ' nre m
Mlter or nhene Wslntit SOOO or iSSli iB
mttrmttn thft ftntirs tif fl mmJt Isl lHl
ii 1
Sold Everywhere
.t3W J . 01 A
."Jffs "iaiinamvmm,
S.,.i. ... ' . W - ......a',
- V il
'. . lil'l.
w',w K,
zll ..y. ..i ar,. -i.
M-.Lk-.ia.4Vt. ft .. t . . . "I ( .- -" fr. . f 5 Jl I J
1 . f,., . K .a . W

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