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Secetid Trial of Weman Pictured by
State as Beautiful but Heartless
Vampire Nears End With Mystery
Still Unsolved
Girl Discarded Spouse for Old-Time
Sweetheart Whom She Then Lured
te Death at Hands of Anether
Admirer, Prosecutor Asserts
TS MRS. MADALYNNE OBENCHAIN, en trial a second time in Les
Angeles for the slaying of Jehn Belten Kennedy, a heartless vampire
of the weist type?
Or is she merely the unfortunate victim of her own reckless love for n
man who went armed because he feared attack, who had been "beaten up"
and shot at net long before he was slain, a man many might have wished
te kill?
tnMiin.ltr W94 alnin nlmnsf. n vnnt arm U nl.lij. .C A.. ...t r. -..
ncmu-uj ..- -.... ....-- ,,... "B", -- ""gin ui nugUBk e, us lie
it about te open the deer of a bungalow he owned at Beverly Hills, a
residence suburb of Les Angeles much favored by motien-picturo folk.
Mrs. Obcnchain was with him. They had gene there, she raid, te leek
or a "lucky penny" she had hidden under some stones months before
uhen she had been there with a half-sister and net in Kennedy's
On March 19 the jurors trying
Mrs. Obcnchain disagreed. They
had been in session since February
6, but the trial had been adjourned
several times from one te three days
because of illness of jurors or wit
nesses. When the case finally
ended, after an exceedingly bitter
fight, the jury remained out fifty
lix hours and took five ballets.
Finally the jury reported agreement
was impossible, and the jurors were
dismissed. They teod nine te thiee
for conviction, though no ballet had
been taken as te the degree of '
With Mrs. Obenchain was indicted
Arthur C. Burch, of Evanston, 111., '
ion of a minister and once hen
childhood .sweetheart. The State of
California endeavored te prove that,
it was he who fired the shot which i
killed Kennedy, and linked him te
the ciime by a long chain of cir
cumstantial evidence.
Burch was brought te trial before j
Mrs. Obenchain. As in her case, the
trial was prolonged and bitterly
fought. In the end the jury dis
agreed, and Burch was remanded
te prison for a retrial. Since the
first attempt te convict Mrs. Oben
chain of participation in the murder,
as its instigator and accomplice,
Durch has been tried again, and
once meie the machine of justice
crashed against the wall of dis
He in te be placed en trial for
athiid time nfter the present hear
ing of .Mrs. Obcnchain. If the
'Weman in llln mqh" in nnntiif tA1
Jimi,.,. ii i . . .1 Mndalynne Is remembered there ns the
newever, it is likelv that the case .... i i i vi.. ,,.. ..-n,i
v un i ivm lU-ill III v. .rjjv, ,1 fJ , rui.nii:..
.?! rs.y e
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Faithful Ex-Husband
Is Ready te Reived Her
of Madalynnc, will marry her
again if she is freed of the mur
der charge.
"Steady Ralph, the man in a
million," she called him during
her first trial. He met and wooed
and wen her when he was a
senior and she an undergraduate
at Northwestern University.
He married her years later,
after a broken engagement had
been resumed, in spite of her neiv
love for Belten Kennedy.
He released her, aiding her te
get a divorce, when her love for
Kennedy proved insuperable.
Avd then when she was
charged with murder he hurried
te her side, where he had re
mained ever since, fighting for
her. He wanted te marry her
again in jail, but an unromantic
sheriff intervened. If she is ac
quitted he will make 'her his wife
once mere.
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lynne. lie wns the untne. man of trhaa
Af iiilnli'iiiiii li.i.l tt'i'tltttti l.t FCnnnPilvi
"tin li.iu .t.itu. ihniii r.tt. in., ttinn IflVrjH
,,- nun iiwiir limn- i... iii ....... "J fl(VJri
one ctw! ever would : I nin net worthy, f &Rfn
him. but the least I could hnve done wi;S!M,
le nave paid my linrRnln "
Discarded Husband Stand 9
by Weman During Trial
Through the tinys of preparation, of
anxiety, of the trial ltm-lf. Itulph Oben
flinln was all that n loyal friend could
he. The woman he btlll loved new
lennci en IiIh htrenRth. Cenntnntly it
wiih brniiKht home te her that here was
a man hIie could trui.t, whose xtendy nf'
fectlen wns (IcppMiliiblc unclinniclni;.
The mini for whom nlic had wicritlcetl
Ills love wnM dead. Her heart stirred
agnln te the steadfimt devotion of thf
hlfC, Kentle, slow-s)ekcn lawyer. Once
mere, with chnmc and thf gnllews
tlirciitcnliiK, they pllKhted their troth,
eh they lind ilniip In happier days at
commencement time, when all the world
ispeki of piemlKO. Obenchain took out
ii licence te remarry her. lint even this
wns denied him. The Sheriff refused te
permit the rereineny.
Hut if the present trial results In
Mmhilynne's ncipilttul, lmshniid and
wife will he reunited, nnd the man
who has never conned te love her hon
estly will try once meie te help her for-
' Ket the (lllti'rliiK affection of the man
who took her from her husband, but
feared te make her his bride.
In preparation for the trial, Oben
chain brought from Chicago Charles B.
Krbsteln. n noted criminal attorney, te
help defend Mndnlynne. There wns an
exciting clash between Krbsteln and
District Attorney Woehvlne, of Leb
Angeles, when the Clilcngean first ap
peared In court.
Woehvlne denounced Krbsteln ns "a
creek, a corrupter of juries and a
suberner of perjury." nnd demanded
that he be debarred from practicing in
the Les Angeles ceurtf.
' Woehvlne himself hnd been under Are
n few days before, the Les Angelta
I County Grund Jury having brought M
cMv tj ',
J. Belten Kennedy, the murdered man
Madalynnc Obenchain
but be lind Ilia sympatliy nnd the
admiration of the hundreds who dnlly
w-ntc)ied the trln', as with all patience
anil gentleness, ith faith nnd loyalty
that li.'iil survived every shock, he
fought le save the life of the woman
wlie bad thrown him ever.
An cxtinerdinary feature of the mur
der of Kennedy nnd the trials of Madu
lynne and Hureh is that they are a
tragic climax of youthful friendship.
Kennedy, Bnirch, Obenchnln and the
gill were nil frlendB in college, at
Northwestern University, in Kvansteu,
against Burch will be dropped.
State Spent Thousands
te Unravel Mystery
California has spent ninny thou
ands of dollars trying te bring
home tlie death of Kennedy te Mrs.
Obenchain and Burch. The eyes of
the country have been focused en
the dlnmttir rtfT.Mfu vP tVif TWf,.ir.-
- ...... L.i ui lq Ul Liin LlinillVI J ... ... I
I.. .... I i'v (iieneiiain
Auenicy or i.es Angeles te prove ,. .r iisb,ind. Kennedy was net
then "In the running, although a
friend of the ethers.
Hiircli wns in one of the lower
elnssed. Obeiiclmin w-iis In his senior
,ear. Beth men bete reputations for
scholarship, llureh's standing with his
fellow sliirents. however, was less thnn
Ohenchnln's. Hureh wns net unpop
ular, but he had few stanch fi lends.
His nickname was Boobs. He took a
prUe In debating and was a member
of Delta Sigma Uhe, nn honorary frn-
I ternlty, end De tn l.psilen.
sunny, vivacious girl, with dozens 01
admirers among the boy students. She
said she had gene te college te have
n geed time, and there were many
ready volunteers te see thnt she get It.
She bete the reputation of being a
thoroughly geed girl, and was unusually
Intelligent, keeping up a first-clns
academic standing.
Anions the favored few of her mnny
beaux were Hutch, who came from
the sHiue town of Kvansten and had
been her chMdhend admirer, nnd Ita'ph
later destined te be
They were married. Hut with Mndn
lynne it was a marriuge of convenience
she hoped te feiget. Kergetfulnesb
did net come, hnwcer, nnd seen she
wns cerrcsKndlng again with Kennedy.
She told her husband she still leed
l.er former sweetheart. Then Oben
chain resolved te set her free, hoping
thnt she would be buppy. and quixoti
cally deciding thnt he would sacrifice
himself for her sake. The husband
told this chapter of the story en the
witness Htund nt Mndulj line's lirst trial.
"I saw thnt she was net getting bet
ter and the way she cared for this ether
man was stronger than I thought It was
at first, and in some way she could net
threw It off," he testified. She was
net well. I told her I was going down
nnd have it out with him. but she said
no, that Kennedy was sick and worry
ing nbeut her. I then told her the best
way te de was te get away from both
of us te go off somewhere by herself
nnd decide what was best. I could
net stand te see her wnrrjlng heisclf
sick, te see her health falling."'
Their remnnce had lnsted enlv n few
months. Accerring te Madah line's
testimony, her husband arranged mai
teis se that she could get n di.-eue.
Nhe did se, expecting te marry Ken
nedy. Hut that young man, either oe ee
cnuse his love for her was net us great
as his words hnd led her te believe or
because he fcard te offend his parents,
failed te make her his wife.
Mrs. Obenchain hud gene te Cali
fornia te be near Kennedy. She hnd
expected him te meet her in San Fran Fran
ciseo and marry her. He did net. She
went te Les Angeles, but it brought
her no nearer her heart's desire. Ken
nedy, she testified at her trial, urged
hnd produced testimony te show that
Hureh owned u nun mill cirried a glut
eus when en the I'lillman car ridlns
from Chicago te I.es Angele. tluiclt,
it was further proved, hired a roadster
from an atitomeblle-rcntiugngency, giv
ing a fictitious nnme.
Twe hits of evidence seemed te con
nect Hureh with the crime, nnd enlv
two. One wns that tire mnrks similar
te thece ninde by the hired machine
were found near the scene of the mur
der; the second was that the speed
ometer showed it distance trneled that
night almost exactly that between I,os
Angeles and the scene of the murder.
This was rebutted by Hurch's state
ment thut he hnd gene te another town
nearby, which was at a distance ex
actly te bear out the record.
Search for "Lucky Penny"
Ended in a Tragedy '
At her first trial Mrs. Obenchain I
testified that Kennedy had called for
her between .'5 and 4 o'clock the
dav of the murder nnd that she hud
gene with him in his automobile te
the bench at Del Itej. They remained
there for supper, leaving nfter the
sun went down.
They metered out by the Glen read
and stepped at Kennedy's cottage te '
see It tlicy could tind the "lucky penny"
Mrs. Obenchain said she had hidden
there seme months before. She hnd
been there, she testified, with her half
sister, (Jlenys Sninrt, and a party of
iriemis some time between the previous '
January and May. She had picked
some flowers nnd had hidden the
She showed the flowers te Kennedy
pebbles, but
ceumiii c nuu it in the dnrkness.
Kennedy, Mrs. Obcnchain testified,
held out n ring te her and begged her
te put It en and mnrry him. It was a
w ccuiing ring, she said.
"I refused te wear It," she testi
fied. "I refused te go nwny and marry
him. He begged and pleaded, but she
still refused. He would net tnke her
no ' for un answer and saiil he
ineiigiii ne ceuki persttnde her,
i ne en in n
He kept talking," she testified, "nnd
then I heard n voice say something. I
didn't think it was Helten's elce. but
I wasn't sure.
"I called, 'What did you say. Hel Hel
eon?' And then there was a shot. I
heard Helten say 'Geed night,' and
then 'Mazzlyn, nnd then nnether
Mrs. Obenchain climbed the steps
nnd there nt this top found Kennedy's
body. She says she bent ever him.
tfgg., "'
Arthur Burch buying cigafa
from convicted slnrcr in jail
man and woman guilty. The case
lias been crowded with interesting
iand sensational incidents.
But apparently the death of Ken
ndy is no nearer solution than it
vs the night the murder was com
mitted, when n hysterical woman
ran after a iias-ine motorist nnd
begged him te return with her te
e If Ktinneilv ctill livml , .. r ..
1 q. .. "" , , 'College ijeve-iuanmy
CI "T. Ended in Marriage
eemn,,,., ii T ."", ..-, Un, h elll!ll(.nttn-H reputation ns!
commanding ligure, Ralph Oben- f(U. character as well as scholarship.
in, hmband of Madalynnc Me was e bachelor of arts nnd at the
Tl,ftn,.i, . , . , ' . time he met Madal.Mine a senior In the
ineuRn pcihnps he has suffeied Inw .innl. lie represented his fra
mst in the months that preceded trinity, l'hl Kappa Sigma. In Inter
and fnlln,.. .1 i i fiaiernit.N affairs. He was one of the
nuiouewcd the crime, he has mur- lm,t ,IOpulnr men in the university. i
toured least. His wife divorced him Obenchain tell In love with the pretty
le thnt ki, : u .i 'and popular cj-cd. She returned his
mat she might marry the man llfll.t,el,,i HIIll Wie hP wns graduated.!
hn .... .it ... ...
v au siain (though the marriage
lr took place), and
In dune of 1014. their engagement was
-., i '..?... ...... ..i.. .i....... .. -..
ii . Vn Ime llliueuiiceii. 1 01111111111111.-1,1 unn- ...,.
J CI llu lius i .ii. ,,-,,,i j .mil lii ilin ful nil Inir
i . i iiti-iiH.'1 - .-.-...
by her. ' September their engagement was broken
s given her net enlv his , 0""a. i,.... .. , . i-hi
morslppert but his active physical where he took up the practice of his
a"d financial niil rmin.r fi-nm CM profession, trying te feigt the preitj
. B K Mad.ilj tine in hard work. Although he
"go, wiicrc he is an attorney, te Les did net siuceed, ii wns in keeping with
Angeles, thnt tin ln.i i nf r his chaructcr that '. left her In peine.
... .. 'iM, ,1,1,1111 i u inmirrv k entrance
'ftn.. i i ,. I Ot'II l Hint linn luiinu,, n viiiin.ivv T -. . .--. - -
iPunsel tuble and aid in her defense. mm the war. Obem-hahi was nulek te n ''os )"wvl' and when he arrived
Lns even mere than willing te
B her once mere, nnd obtained
Hpse te de he, that she might
Wp the comfort and the moral
P'l' of his name nnd belief.
marriage in Jail
'hiked by Sheriff
luil il(. iciimrrliiB
9 at
enlist. He wiih dlschurKcd in Decern
her. 1D1S. He learned that Madalynne
was In I.en Angeles and 111. The
premptings of love were stronger than
Ills resolution te accept the break which
had occurred between them four years
before, nnd he hastened te the Const te
see her.
Mnihilvnne's line for Kennedy,
inline. IiniwKeiiie nnd n member of n
yJ8HL'' x vffiijfflpESflW
ll v ''l 1 lbir!iK
VVHjK1 .'J?y )l-g--S8li W$x 'wh& j'
VsHV ' iNied3HiR
mMSkmumiimumNMalp zUBiS&WWMCmm&mm place
MMKniTMr fiNnfBrfMWTii 1 7 i
9HMa!lir 'f3naflr WMilfwfWMy&SiM
lfraHP''mliF fmMiMim
' MlilF '' MM---laff 'MWimWMnrMfSSafmma
1 S9r M mmSBm i mimFwm
WmBmm Mi Wmmmf & MlitmM:m
TOPwwrLr nR; i&$&fv&$zteam PwffJnMMmiLT-li
Kennedy's cabin where he was
away with n lead of bucKihet. A woman
neighbor, u he hnd hemd the su,K nud
sum sue saw the Hash of (hi
sem. ran out urli her husband and
sons. (im. f ii,,. i,j ,,. fmli tH(1
shotgun shells en the mad.
Weman Says Burch Was
Driving Near Crime Scene
This woman nwghber as one m the
damaging witness,. ngninsi Madah nm
and Iturcli. Sln tciifini iim, .1,..' 1....1
seen Hui eh ,lrhe past tin house earlier I "u" " s('" her
Fie was mere thnn willing te abnn abnn
den his practice in the Chlcnge courts
thnt he might give of bis energy and
knowledge of the law te save Mada Mada
rleus charges ngulust li tin in connection
with thi' conduct of his office.
Krbstein. ready nud a tighter, met the
denunciation by the District Attorney
with a scathing ariuigninent of the lat
ter's 1 enduct In office. Krbsteln de
fended himself, saying lie hud been tried
twice en charges, of "jury fiMiig" und
twice had been acquitted.
Woehvlne has a reputation for being
a bitter fighter and twice had at
tacked opposing attorney physically.
Krbstein had just come thieiigh an
1 operation at the time of his appearance
' in the I.es Angeles courts. Up is n
little man. but full of spunk, lie de
clared publicly that if he were in physl
cal condition te light with his fists' he
would net let the DKtilct Attorney's
weids go unchallenged.
j The trial, long diawn out, was re
plete with unusual incidents. Kven the
dream element was brought into it
A witness fr the Commonwealth ,,."
tilled that en one occasion sl,0 hail told
Mrs. Obenchain of vicing her. in n
dieam. sitting b a count r read, with
water sutging toward her and n proces preces
sion meiing along the mad "I knew
xaith what that nn " ,1,..
second testified Mrs. Ohenehnli, 'nid. "I feel
semetiiing I going , M.n , iM.
ten. and added that she felt 'Helten
would net Un. long."
Alie her w linens f,. ,j,0 proseciilieii
wns fei tune-teller, who tctille,! .Mrs.
Obenchain had vlt,, .r , ,
whether she wnnlil me,..., 1 ....
1 , t, ,,,.,. siieei
in. i.nier me tertuiie-ti
.'lis iiDcucanhi niil In.
Mrs. Irene Smith, who says Mrs.
Obenchain asserted Kennedy
was killed by bin own parents
In an attempt te kill her
her te mnrry him secretly, but she
refused te become his wife unless his
parents would consent.
Old-Time "Leve Triangle"
Becomes a Quadrangle
l his was tlie slate of affairs when
Hiircli entered upon the scene. He Inn
been In love with Mailalyuiie at cellege:
lie still retained his affection fei her,
lu her unhiinnliipsN nvir Imp niTiiii. mil
Kennedy she telegraphed lii.n te cenn
nr 1 M-iiiii- ill iiiitinit ami !,..
hiiMlmud both snfd thev had seen him
pas again after the shoetln- Tim !...
tense produced ivitllcss-es who contia centia
I dieted these steilc.
! Mrs. Obi'iicl.nin lireli. iim n ...i,...
plctelj after the sheeting She wa
taken te I s Aiu'eics nnd exanumd b
the Distiiet Atreiney At lirst no
suspicion attached te In r Then, little
by little, clrciiinstiini e nm-n 1,1. .,,,,!.,
er said,
ought a leunif
Whom she cnlleil Iti.l.
uin-r ins, iisMili. Ih.i 11.1 .
something f vnrn bl.. -1 . I.i ... T ,." f
fine-tellerebllKHl by saying' t ",
elemuity that the lei.ng cimple sheTd
inuirj each ether.
Denounced as Heartless
and Frigid Vampire
tasi wciii in in. m
nf.er , ..... ".' Jl". "".,
out which made ,,e Commonwealth Unneh, one" f .' "' ', ". ; ' ;
suspicious. en(. f tli- ft grnie Attorneys n fel l,,..s . ," 1,1
causes for suspicion s.rangeh enough, a woman w he I ." ,' , '' " ' Un
was her story that Kcnneih hadcalhd her beck and ,, f , , Ul l
.0 her, after he was shot, "(leml-nicht. get out , ,., . '',."' " ...s .
.Ma7..lvn." uslnc 11 iini.in ,i,i I.... ,.- V ., '." eecmieii Mh,.
she urged him te see Kennedi ami seek
a solution of their difficulties. This
was several weeks before the murder.
Hureh took a room hi a hotel just
across the street fiem Kennedy's efficii,
se situated that he could wutch Kennedy
fiem the window, lie spent hours
watching the man who had fulled te
mum Madalynne. A hotel employ 0
testified thut a woman hud called en
- friends had called her at college a ,, ,, .haVis" ', X,? ,' e , '.i
I Th' (orener's physuian nt l.e- for murder . lhat si e ,.,fc 1. , 1 ... A"1
Angeic- after a ca.eful exam.tmtien in hid, ,.," ! ,r,. .,!'' m . "'I. Il,0l,,h
of the body announced that the hmk- Itulph (ibencha.n w as ",. . ...
she , barge had damaged ,, f ,0 I1II111U ,,, ,,,, l,w"K,1,Tl . "V. "
, lira In which contiels . nmetien of in ills m,.i . .,,,. Il"l,1
i -Aa.X'TOSi aita-"Air :& S !ES
. ""i ne- iiis.iiiii niier ne wns ,ite
I Mint. .Mis t) chan stud; te h
C wns 11.. t I. .. ..f.i t...l..
1 " liiuii 01 ciiucr .iiiiini
?n "r li,.- husband. The Sheriff
WUSpll Im I, ,, 1 .i
1 I I'i-iiiiii iiii-iu 10 iiu ii-iiiuriiv-u
.fiA1111' At her lirst trlnl one of the
iiiV ? J01' u, "'"te referred sneer-
IV 1 '. . ' Oheilflinlii nu n "ilnnrumt."
wealthy family, already had become the; uurcii the day of the mauler. The
I biggest thing in her life, Obenchain 1 Commonwealth lentended thnt this was
net Inke miked with the girl about It. Kennedy's Mrs. Ohencheln. The same empleye
Ohfiichnln ns a "doormat,
nnrents disapproved of her, and there
seemed Utile hone that he would go
against their wishes. Obenchain urged
her te become engaged te him again,
premising te make her forget Kennedy
In the wealth of -iffectleu with which he
would vrii ) ''er.
testified that he saw Hiircli Ic.-ivlm- tim
lintel nlene the night of the niurdei,
about 8 o'clock, carrying a package
wrapped In newspapers. The papers, r he
State tried te prove, ceuceuled a shot
gun. ,
The Commonwealth, In Burch' trial,
when hi- called that night, she snld,
and when they went te leek for the
Penny It wns partly with the Ide.i
of proving te him that shu really had
been at the cottage.
m2?!ir. hunc1 'or the penny for a few
moments, she said, under stones end
Diagram of scene of sheeting
ways carried. He hail the pistol, he
md told her. because of a fear lhat her
husband might try te "get" him.
As they iieurcd the top Kennedy asked
lier te wait a n.eincnt while he went
uu te the cabin and made a light. He
climbed the steps ahead of her.
As he climbed ha kept talking te her.
S.'10 said she hn,i s,rn tn ,. . m
and badly dress,.,,, I)v ' ,
after the shot was fired. Thei had tied
jway. she said, nnd llttl,'-later "he
" " nil liriruil I irilllls V nn.n
11c I; se lentrii .ul nn. I
stnrv. I1.111.H..P. rt.iii I... 1....1 :n. 1 ... 1 """.' ' '" "UI lie is perfectlv
"(.mi.i.i8i.t.-Mni,n uui m" ""ili;t.r:,(y,!:M,",,B f,,r i,er ".
Burch and Weman Ai? , ""'' 'n.ni1" ' objection t0 the di-
Arrested and Indicted mSTiZ i'.'c !" ISA
Mrs. (Ihenchuln ll.mlly wiu nr.ested Kemudv" ,!?1!mT ,r!',"Mn nr,,,.,n,l 't
and luiprisened in the I.es Angeles jnil love lett'ers B ' "" Wr,tln" blm
Xr"',h,e.!(in ws kn;;i t,;feiimir,,,ml "i,bv nni r .
the tram nt l.ns ft.,,s ,,n bN 11 1 11 J"" de or net, but It shown
hn.lc te Illinois "N ,U1J ' duly nne Obenchain had no icgard e?
Mndahune wanted te be tried f.rst. g 1 "te" ViHr " """ w,m ,,l,Vp l"e"
but Hutch wns tii-st hnuigbt te trinl i V. ,, ,
While she wal.ed In pifseu ! ,. , , " '! ''' " '' -I'". surprised
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