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Evening public iEKrHiLADWiiiA, MjhSday, utfra is;' us?
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HrMlillies, 'Deuble Victory Strengthens Their Held en SeVenth Place in National League Scraimbf
Es fnJl . .... i '-"' " ,
With Lewest Batting Average in League, Phil Hurler
'i&'Wins Own Game With Heme Run Twe Reverses
f Stun Cards Hexlman s 14th Hurts Mackmen s istreak
(TIMMY KING. Renin), geed-natured son of Hrnekt.rn. In the wert batter
V In the National League, reruee the nverngca of laet week. His grand
total for the seacen. exclusive of esterdny, wiis Icsh than his weight ever 1,0
pounds. It vns something like .(WO. about nt unhealthy an average ns any
nan In baseball would cnre te have tacked after Ills name.
ritchers aren't supposed te hit. and King Is a firm believer In It. The
awkward swing he takes nt the ball, the width by which he mimes the pitch and
his ungainly stance at the plnte have amused the fans ever since Jimmy
tartfd his big league career eight enrs age.
At times, however, a pitcher feels the world and besides pitching nlse
hits. Jimmy King did this yesterdn out In St. Leuis and handed the Cards
a defeat by se doing. Uaily In the game King surprised the huge crowd out
for the bargnln day bill by making a single. The remainder of the gnme, net
.counting the seventh round, saw Hlng perform ns Is his way walking te the
plate and turning around and walking right back te the bench.
In the seventh, tired of going along with the score knotted. Jimmy
Surprised everybody by tnklng a healthy wallop nt the liersehlde as served by
Sherdell. Instead of a weak, puny fly. nn Inlleld grounder or nt bet u fly te
the outfield. King deposited the pellet high and tlr into the pocket of one of
the miiitlsh In the bleachers. It was a home run.
King didn't faint nor did Irv Wllhelm. noerdlng te reports, but Jlmtnv
the King wns surrounded by his teammates, who escorted him te the bench
while the populace applauded nnd laughed with delight. It was one of these
treats In hnsebn!'. that even the home folks can enjoy, "non when it Is nt
their expense.
Thnt homer broke the tie nnd enabled King te turn in his eighth victory
f the season. It also gave the Phillies u double win, something that has net
been accomplished by them in many toens.
J Dff' 'tartrd out a though he iccie join? tn hand the nnmr te the
Card en n silver platter. Of the first ttrelrr mm te fore him,
fix hit safely, runs coming in the second and thiid inuinas. After that
Jimmy tcei as stingy at a rent pinfitec-. He allowed hut one hit
from the third until the ninth, tcheii 7 erpnrcer doubled irith tire
down in the closing frame, 1'laek, however, iicd out and ended thtt
Deuble Reverse Costly te Cardinals
THE double defeat was a snd dose for the Cards te swallow. Tt
cost them one nnd a half games in the battle for first place, the Giants
winning from the Cubs and advancing just that much.
I.ee Mendews twirled geed bnll In the opener while his mates were
hnmmering North nnd Itnrfoet hard. The score steed ." te - in favor of our
heroes when the ninth started. Rogers Hornsby. who is rapidly gaining in
his fight tn break tiie National League home-run record, gave Ills team u run
In tile sixth when he hit his twenty-third home run of the season.
North exited from the mound in the sixtli nnd youth Tlnrfoet ambled te
It. He stymied the Phils in the seventh and eighth, but exploded In the ninth.
Fletcher stnrted the frame by getting winged. Leslie funned nnd Peters,
Jealous because Fletcher was nursing a sere arm. nlse walked into one. Mea
dows, however, fouled out. Then came the fireworks. Happ doubled. Fletcher
counting. Hornsby mussed up Paikinsen's grounder, Peters and Happ de
positing their markers nt the scoring station.
C'y Williams, after a long rest from home-run hitting, shot the pellet
ever the wall in right jlcld, sending Parkie in ahead of him and making it easy
for Meadows. Five runs nnd the game. The Cards proved enBy in their linlf.
The victory in the first gnme broke the winning streak of the Cards, that
had reached eight. The double win placed the Phillies two gntnes ahead of
Bosten In the cellnr bnttle. as the Hraves enptured their opening fray with
the Pirates. The Phils had been Minimized five straight times before they
handed the Cards the jolt in the opener.
With (Jrever Cleveland Alexander serving them up. the Cards had high
hopes that the Giants would be dropped. The former Phil proved incnpnhle
of holding the fast -moving (limits in tow and they walked away with n
B-te-1 verdict.
Alex went along well until the seventh, when the Glnnts scored a peir.
They ndded two mere In the ninth for geed measure, sewing up the gnme
beyond repair. Sixteen hits were made off Al'x, while the Cubs gathered
but eight off Fred Teney.
CASEY STESOET.. the ttcelrc-ycur irtcran u he it playing the
greatest game of Ait long career, will he en the sidelines for n
ireek as the result of bring hit in the face tcith a pitched ball. Casey
suffered a paralysed nerve. In tircnty-ieveii games Stengel hai the
giand aieragc of ,.?iS, ranking iccend in batting in the icnier circuit.
Cobb and Heilman Ruin the Day
WITH an excellent oppertunitj te get out of last place, the Athletics fell
down in the third game of the series because Tyrus Raymond Cobb in
listed upon getting n safe hit every time up and because Harry Heilman in
sisted upon mnking his fourteenth home run of the seusen with two pals en
the path in the ninth.
Cobb evidently was much upset at the double reverse his charges suffered
en Tuesday. He was riled before the game by a hnndful of fans in the upper
pavilion, who gave him nn unmerciful punning from their safe perches.
They kept It up all during the frny. peeving Cobb te such an extent that
he mnde five safe hits.
Outside of the ninth inning Ilollle Nnyler hurled n geed enough brand of
bnll te win, but he faltered when he shouldn't line faltered. He hnd Hlue
out of the wny. but walked Jenes. Cobb came through with a single and
Veach bunged out n double. Heilman put en his act and sent the pellet high
Inte the bleachers, milking the game cecuie m the iJetreit leg.
Kellie was found for ten hits tp te the linul frame, and he kept them well
scattered in nil but two innings. He wai. backed up superlatively by his
fellow workers, and had it net been for a wild peg by Frank Ilruggy he would
have gene into the ninth with the figures in his favor instend of being even.
Our chief knights of the bludgeon were inactive most of the afternoon,
the vetcrnn Geerge Dauss holding them te a quintet of safeties, two of which
eame from the ash of Chick Galloway, who once again edged in with several
startling plays.
Six of tile Mackmen reached first through the generosity of Dauss who
franked them te the initial corner. Manien helped the A's te the tying run
In the eighth when he shot the bull into left field when TIM Walker strayed
off third. Frank Druggy essnyrd the sprinter's role, but d'ul at the plnte
en a geed peg from Ilcbby Veach. Had Mack sent a fiiMeeman te rtn. for
the big catcher in Unit round the Mnckmen would have cuutcd another run.
UTRME of tan ninth the Athletics played meat hall, ehii h.id
V Xayler been able te get by Cobb and Jlrilmnn another result
might have been told. The fait deubW (,;njt m irhich ailer and
Galleicay played tHiirueit ;uirft hclfd te cut deien premising
Tiger rallies.
Pruett Fans Ruth Three Times
tllKD ' SClirCK.sV pitrnTT. Missouri I niversitv e.,lle,.i r
yesterday in Getham that history can repent itself. When tin. rnnnv
was starting his major league career he was forced te face Dabe It'uth three
times during a game with the, Yanks. The same number of times the bustin'
person walked back te the bench via the strikeout route, th eungster's
fadeaway completely upsetting Ituth.
Over in Getham, where the fnns have hopes of again seeing a heme-nnd-
, home World Series, Pruett related the feat. With men en bnses each time
add three en en one occasion, Pruett fanned the home-run kin- of the unl-
rerse three times. This he did in five innings, during which time he held his
own with Wnlte Ilejt.
Net only did Pruett plh h effective), yielding five kite nnd three runs in
five and one-third innings, but lie also crnihed out n single. He wabbled in
the sixth and Vun Gilder went te Ins rescue nnd subdued murderers' row
Tim Drowns wen the game by mussing up Heyt in the eighth inning
A batting roily in which four runs were made guve St. Leuis the victory und
game lead in the American League race.
Ken Williams hit his twenty -first home run of the season during the
tame and new stands tied with Tillie Walker in the American League, rice
for circuit clout honors. In the fifth inning ploy was held up nineteen minutes
bj- the Browns, who protested n decision by Fmpire Ollie Chill. Tem Connellv
Ttfused te assent te the forfeiting of the game, which Chill hnd indicated he
.wanted te de and the Drowns resumed pkj . After that they wen the came
Urban 1 aber who handed the Mackmen a reverse while here, held the
Senators te four Hits while his mates pounded the rookie Francis for n decade
The Sex wen the game nnd kept their held en third place bv half a game'
Most 1 was the. big gun In the visitors' attack with a single, double and triple'
He also scored three of the four runs. ' '
- Herb Pcnneck and Jack Kurr proved easy for Cleveland Bni, ,..
twin n Med out nn 11. tn. 7 vlntnrt- T. .,.... i.i. .... , . . ' . ""v
i a u Y.r J :, " . "'" '" "'"re rcgisieieu uy tlin Indians
gt je. Sewell getting five of them in siucessivV times at ImT i
MM"Pyril!n, Um' CUnlPd SU r""8' Swit" geUi"B Lenw "'"'
tf THE Xatienal, Denehue held the Dodgers te six hits while t
lledt icere making nine off Qrimes Peer support enabled the lit
fa score their rum, fentcca had tietlva chances at second. Peer
luppert cost Chief Yrlloicherse a g1me with the Bratct after he
eutpitchrd Johnny D atsen. Miller saved the Jleaneatcrs in the
ntnth by great relief pitching.
.. Lee Gates Subs for Greb
Jw Yerk, Julv 13. I.oe dates nuhstl
d for Hurry (Ircb, who iheweU up with
idly cut eye. rebelled In u recent l'MIu-
phta light. K.'tlnel the declalen ever Wolf
wn in one os me len star luur-ruuna
; nia nt the wueennDnrq Ainieue ciue in
land city titanium here. Jenuny
lly 'wen the uVIlen ever Shamui
turieun Dame.
Miss Dicksen Is Favorite in Gelf
Tourney Over St. Martins
Though tennis is nb-erhlng a let of
attention nt the Philadelphia Cricket
Club, golf Is b) no means n dead Issue
there. Yesferday --aw the beginning of
a handicap tnttrnnment anions the Indict
that will come te its culmination today.
Mls Dicksen, the Cricket Club star,
Is expected te win It In spite of the
fact thnt she is staking ninny of her
clitlmmtes te heavy hnndlcnps. This
eung lndy apparently outclasses the
field, hut In medal piny of this sort nn
unknown oftentimes makes n race of it
nnd noses out the Mar.
I : very .Saturday nt the Cricket Club,
"lit nearly every ether Philadelphia
links, a teurnnment is run off. either
four-bull matches or the "fifty-fifty"
tournaments that have become s pop
ular nt the Chestnut I Till Club.
n July 27. L'S and 2!) the thirteenth
annual invitation teurnnment for the
Si. Martins (,, ,M 10,i u,,, 0P)ltcr
of the stage. This Is 0lic of the biggest
events of the jcar at the Philadelphia
( rlcket C lub and the Oeif Committee
leeks for a record entry list.
The boys are net overlooked out there
either, and en August 7 there will he
n teurnnment for ret?iKini-.i .,,i,u.,
Though the date K euite a wnv off. the
yetiiiatters are practicing their ap
proaches nnd putts wherever tliev can
find a hit of umisued ground. "Frem
these matches among the little fellows
some of the best professionals of the
future may be developed.
The Inverness (lelf Club, of Teledo,
wi I be the scene of the first national
public links championship of the United
States Mime time In August. On the
enssic course where Ted Wny wen the
open in HI20, the plnjers who ninke
thel- gnme en the city course will meet
te decide their rhnmplnn.
A lenimlttee has nlready been formed
In .New erk te cheese the host proil preil
ucts In the Vnn Cortland. Moslielu nnd
Pelhnni liny link,. St, I.euis. 'Frisce
the Northwest. New Knglnnd nil are
heating up in nnticipatien. but our own
fair village is lagging behind.
New Wk will iiny the expenses of
their munlclpnl golfers te the tournn teurnn
ment: se. in nil probability, will a
number of ether cities. Philadelphia se
far hus made no nreimrntlen tnunnl tlil
end. Yet Council could de no better I
thnn te boost interest in the public "sr
ciiurse i mm ny .senuilig a team of five
men te Teledo te represent Philadel
phia. Mike Tobin. who broke two records
here in ten dujs. h going nt his own
expense. Heb Pierce, a golfer who lins
been sheeting consistently in thu 70s,
will he In Teledo en business nt the
tint" of the tournament and will com
pete. Hut no team has been organized
vet. 'With Tobin, Pierce, Jee Ceble,
Heb Hamilton and one or two ether
Cobbs Creek star competing at Inver
ness, Philadelphia would have an ex
cellent chance te win the public links
The Stnndish Cup ns well as the title
of champion will go' te the city whose
representative wins. It will be wertli
Philadelphia's while te see that a team
! sent out te the Oliicxity in the fading
ifnjs of August. An elimination test
could lie held in the ne.ir future eer
Coblis Creek te decide who should go.
Andy Koberteii, who lias been the
professional at the Philadelphia Cricket
''lub for the last te jears, has entered
the Philadelphia open championships,
scheduled at Mirion for July lit) and 1!1.
uv v
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zrresRJK fei rnmPS:?-jv4
(VsK-5ej fe&KiYi e & Sr-Ptlr- "N i
&&i Wwmxv
v. iv wrtcfli-'BwyjiivMWiiva
Lags' Wr? irj-v'i if -y
--" V C' f IS '-t.,
. - J V I . !A .
r r&'r -t" . j i -
.V- -V-
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fcz. ci
t h
VJ1 7-
e.YT 'I S
-S- . ts. ?
e-U ' "vS,J
rzs: --
a- V- S-
Cepvrtaht, 10!t, bit rubllc I.tdetr Company
Starting Career in Navy, Up
town Welterweight Is Step
ping Along at Fast Pace
K s. 9i 9 ' '
I' -" '', '
TT'KNRINOTON can never be denied
Thcn It comes te wielding a mean!
Kvery once In n while a new
pugilistic product
sprouts up and he
.s declared te be "n i
einlng champion."
I'lic fistman may
fall back into obli
vion sooner or later
nevertheless, they
teep bobbing up
iccasieniilly. '
Latest of the i
liexers from the ,
Kensington district
'or whom nil sorts
of laurels nre be- x
licved te be wait-,
lng Is Jee Martin. '
jeu rnciv jiAUTiMTIiey call him
"Peck." Peck hns , Will Be Ready te Defend Flyweight
hnd enlv half n dozen matches, in all r, ?
lef which lie showed te superiority, and
new Mnrtin is in line te step in a- a "" ""' "". . ""
wind-up boxer uptown. That's pretty who was suspended esterdny together
Runs Scored for Week
In Three Big Leagues
New Yerk.. I 1 231 4 hi 32
Cincinnati.. O'll' Oi 41 30
Phillies 3 7 Olli 21
Uosten 2 0 1014' 16
Pittsburgh..! I 7 41 3 14
Chicago 7 40' II I 12
St. Leuis... ' 4 31 4i I It
llroeklyn ... 1 4 1' 1 0
j suSTriWrtTFTHTi
Detroit I 01 7 101 7 1 30
Cleveland .. 01 I 2lll 22
Athletics . . . , ft 1.1 3 21
Washington. 113 21 3 1 10
St. Leuis. . . 8 1 7 1
Bosten I1 81 0 7 IS
New Yerk..; 7 -' 4 13
Chicago I 2l 2 4 I 8
"TsT"sT"tTvi t j f i sift
HerJiester ..'ie"r2 III Oi 1143
Terente .... 01 518 i20
Syracuse ... 71 7 12 2 128
Baltimore .. 13! 8 0 27
Newark .... 11 8 .11 22
Beading ... 3 4 121 19
.Irrse.vCUy.il1 4 l! 16
Buffalo ' 4i 2 41 ' 10
Stere Beys Add Montgomery
County Pennant Winners te
List of Victims
Next week is full of Importance te
local golfers On the 18th and 10th
quick stepping.
Martin is a welterweight. Although
Jhey talk light a let as well as light a
let up Kensington way. where Johnny
Burns stages weekly boxing matches,
fifty -two weeks a year, it never dnwned
en Peck te de any punching himself.
He always was a fan, though.
In the Navy.
with Jee I,nch, new bantamweight
champion, pending Investigation by the
New Yerk Stnte Athletic Commission
of nlleged finnncial arrangements in
connection with the contest, will net re
tire from the ring, his manager, Lew
Diamond, declared today in denying re
ports te that effect.
"Huff intends te rest for three or
the postponed interclub chnmpienslilp ln ,lle avJ.
win uc iirm ac line uue.v. Muring '" iikiiiuik s iiru ei .nil run urst , uiltu nn.l nfier thnt will i nre
the next two days the Philadelphia open I came te ight In January of 1018. There T.fnn llTw .l,,t Vl'J
eYTrlZ );';, ?rJZ!""W&$rn
will bi staged at Merlen. On the
--d tiie reception te Walter llagen.
open golf champion of Great ltritnin,
mid a four-ball match between Hagen,
Chnrlev Ileffner, Jee Kirkwood anil
either IIutchien or Il.irnes will be the
feature nt Philmont.
Net te he forgotten is the Newspaper
nun's (elf Association nuallfying round
for the Mastbaum Trophy nt Philmont
en .Monday.
Beets and Saddle
Se he joined the nav.
sidf out of
j... ...... ,. ............ -. ........... -,.....
' Tlin nmnnilutiiTi cnunendml ltnff nml
their managers, after
hnrge thnt Lynch
i fi..it" .-.r nlu. net ii.tr. gunniniteii nun qi.w.uu w in case tne im
-...v ... . .,- n. te ...I.,
Hew Dees It Strike Yeu?
Dykes' Courage
U. S. at Wimbledon
Miss Bauer's Stroke
WHEN Ty' spikes nre glcnming it tab.es something mero than Instinct t
stand ground nnd put the ball en him. w !
The Georgian gem rides high into the hags ana many a bnll player cm.
the Imprint of his spikes. ""
Cobb thinks only of getting le the base safely. If the guardian of tt
sack iblecks the path, he does se nt his own peril. M
It takes considerable grit te Interrupt the fllitht of these sharp spikes, im
It takes nn Atlnntlc City benchful of snnd te dive headlong Inte them.
Yet thnt Is just wlint Jimmy Dykes did in the ninth Inning of the emj
game en Tuesday.
The A'h held n one-run margin. One wag out and Cobb, the master h.,
runner, was en third with the tying run. Hnrry Hcllmann, American LeiB
hitting chnmplen, wns swinging his bnt ever the platter. m
Hcllmann rapped solidly te Dykes' left and Cobb started for home. Dk
went nfter the bnll nnd enmc up with it. Ty stepped dead In his tracks, '
Almest at the same instant and from nn equal distance, the .....
for the bag. Ty slid feet first j JHnmy dived headlong right Inte these spirt
lint cmltfAu Tlvlr-fia wnn I
It was n clean putout and no one was hurt. Through some mlrnei. e.
Ilryn fnwr boy escaped the steel.
Dykes is playing a smart game at third fcr Mack. He has ability, yj.iv
and above all, courage.
BLUE laws bar Sunday golf in New Hampshire. In this city, the
absence of another public course ban golf for the majority en Sen
days anil weekdays.
Americans In Three of Wimbledon Finals
CONSIDKHINO the few first-class representatives entered, America did i.
self proud in the tennis clnsslc at Wimbledon.
The United Stnlcs was In three of the five finals nnd one champlenrtit,
wns shared with France.
Of nil the Americans entered, Miss Elizabeth Ryan was the most int.
.tncuftil Tlin rn1lfa,.tiln tr1 wnn 111 lu'n fltlflla v
Playing with the sensational Suzanne, Miss Ryan wen the women's deubkn
with Randelph Lycett, the runner-up in the men's singles, she rcacM
It wns.,', lg after Martin entered ' "T, , Tui . thl
the Outfit that he discovered it nan ' "V "",,! M
virtually nicessary elthe '-te talk him- ' 1'V'l",,:ntl,n?,..w,S
actual combat with his dukes, in order
iter lest his title, and that because of the
After securing a notable victory ever
the CJlcnside champions of the Phila
delphia Suburban League en Tuesday,
Marshall R. Smith traveled te Lnns
dale Inst night and tried conclusions
with (he champions of the Montgomery
'County League.
' It was the same tnle for the store
I boys, only the victory wns registered
I in n mere decisive manner. The score
, en this occasion wns 2 te 0, nnd the
high-priced Lnnsdale outfit wns com cem
Miletely taken by surprise.
Hill Durbin wns en the hill nnd be
'was opposed by Williams, the new
liurlcr secured by Mnnager Jnrk Mayp,
from the Southern League. The latter
wns In fine form nnd held the Mont
gomery champs te six scattered hits.
Smith scored in the fifth when Davis
singled and Kdwnrds doubled, nnd
counted ngnln in the seventh when
Heed's fcingle scored Rath.
Stonehurst in Iead
Stonehurst new lends in tiie series
for the championship of West Phila
delphia with Straw-bridge & Clothier
two te one. The Delaware Ceutians
wen an exciting contest en the store
boys" field, .1 te U. Reth teams saved
all their excitement until the finish,
when the fans of betli teams were given
plenty te enthuse ever.
Charlie Glock was en the hill op
posed te McMillan, nnd the former had
the edge en pitching. His tenm was
leading until the ninth, when two meie
runs were ndded en Miilllu s wnlk nnd
Minnow's homer. I
Then Struwbridge enme te bat. Ruth
walked. Curtiss Hied out and Karl
Bluing's homer mnde the count X and i
2. Ycabsley and S'eliriver singled and
the Straw-bridge rooters were en their
feet. Powell hit te left center nnd the
drive looked geed for a two bagger, but j
Kutlelpti speared the tinll with his
the finnl of the mixed doubles.
The ether United States finalist was Mrs. Mella Maliery, who
defeated by Mile. Lenglcn In the singles. Dean Mathey and G. C. Coner
scml-linnlistH In the men's doubles.
Virtually nil of the tig stnrs with the possible 'exception of Mile. LeniUn
will come le this country this summer.
Gcrnld L. Patterson, world's chnmplen, and .T. O. Andersen and Randelph
Lycett, the doubles titlchelders, will be here In Davis Cup piny and will ilr
compete in the nntterftils te be played nt the Gcrmnntewn Cricket Club.
Miss Kathleen McKnnc, a seml-flnnllst in the women's doubles, and MhV
Ryan both have given their premise te enter the women's nationals' at Fet
Hills. '
Se far Mile. Lenglcn has been non-committal concerning another trip te
this country, but .she is being urged te make the journey.
CADDIES went swimming in the puddles that collected nn (he Skokie
links yesterday. Golfers en local courses virtually swam in their
perspiration. Rut it's never tee het te golf!
The Iiackstrehe Feats of Miss Bauer
THERE nre a number of us who possess natural ability nnd net the pe
of execution, and then again many nre capable of execution and lack nnturtl
ability. The combination of both Is n rnrc gift.
Miss Sybil Ilnticr, the Chicago miss, who has been startling even Xew
Yerk with her hnckstrekc swimming performances, is fertunnte in having' tu
correct combinntlen.
The Western girl possesses the necessary ability, and she uses in fruit
less manner me iniesc lype or onckstreue.
Miss Bauer's stroke may be termed nn Inverted six-bent deuble-trudptn
crawl, for the arms work alternately, driving deeply nnd recovering above sur
face, while the legs perform six scissoring motions te each full cycle of til
two nrms, the first and the fourth scissors wider than the ethers, which glm
the thrash n neticenble dunl accent or rhythm.
It is the stroke thnt enables her te exploit thoroughly her natural n
sources nnd hns established her ns the greatest liackstrekc swimmer of n
sex ever developed.
Life Guard Bathing Suits
Shirt pure wee! worsted
warm In the water, dry en
the beach, comfortable In or out.
Pants all-wool flannels
fuaranteed faat-coter dye
Belt with rustless buckle
'4 sstt.
?jj iBHR
JiW' """"--
Wlnilsnr mei'tini nnpns tnilnr ullh n
first-class cnnl tin. FrentW llnn.ll.-.iti ! 2v 1II21. Peck had indulged in nbnut
being the feature, with a $10,000 purse 'forty bouts, und while some of his
attached. Horses which seem best are : I opponents socked him around a bit his
rift race Lathrop. Lndy Ress, record shows that lie wen a let mere
Hopeless; second William Oldt, contests than lie lest.
Charles J. Crnigmlles, The Decision ; Lured Hack
iilrd-Hladema. Aunt Lin. King's j W1.n Mart, rPturned te civilnn llf(.
four . fourth (the lrentier Handicap. ,, ,,,, intf,lltims ,)f tauillB )X.
mile und nn eighth iT7irebrnnd. Ren - , s ),.,,,,. nul th(i ,llrp ()f
face, Jehn Jinn: Jifth t ltlmata. HII-!s()r).lllK M110l,m, 0M th,, ,.hln w, cn.
uur. uppiiv iiMiei: siNin i.mir. i r,.lv , MrK fel. p,.c.1i nil(1 ,,
uiiiiiii, ..Mint' i ji, rri tinn , f
Piniik Fogart, Sniisiieur II
Mil ice
ln.in)iin. ,nA , mii ,..i i . i vnte arrangement or tins sort is in (II-
Peck. He wen IUf first bout and there- m'1 violation of Its rules prohibiting
after found himself lined up for ring agreements between boxers net sane
matches consistently. Before he wns ! tlenetl by 'the commission. .e dnte was
liscnurgcii from the Navy en August I be lur "" "" ,u l"v -"sc.
Scraps About Scrappers
Empire City: First race Ten llut llut
tens. Cum Suh. Muveurneeii ; seceii't
Devastation, Oppcrman, Bellselar;
third r.dlet, Ililllieuse, Helle of Rlue
Ridge; fourth Ilrainsterm, Ileph Ileph
esites. Comic Seng: fifth Hnlu,
Iteckna, Mnrtin A. Neenan ; sixth
Dream Star. Heur Dell, Ethna.
The Empire City Special, in which
WMsknwny, Grey Lag nnd prebnbly
P. Iprmiiiiitiir uer tn hnvi. met. lins
been cal'ed u(T. Trainer Howe decided I around the world :
net te enter WlilsKnwaj, nnd the race
for tiie present wiw dropped.
te make lite ns a gob worth while. , "" saie rewipw w as euMseti te pay
Peck was picked te slip en the mittens, " tlu' 'nrmT -"nmplcn .!ll..( .15 out of
n,,,i i,n ,ii,i.f,a.. tL, ..,.i .his own pocket te mnke up this sum.
ut.ii in. tin -ut-i ririiii-vnv niitiivu t ' .... . . . . - . , -- , i... -V .
rumor tlint Jee "might be Yellow." I lne commission eec iiieu mat n pri- gloved linnu. Tlien Jiarlier tiled out and
i nienciiursi. inns ereaiiieu easier.
' Sphas Even Series
The Seuth Philly Hebrews and Hlll
dale met at Camden am the Sphas
evened the series with their rivals by
staging a belated rally and winning out,
8 te 0. An nvalanehe of bnsu bits in
the eighth settled Gillespie when five
runners crossed the plate.
Label Goldblatt was the hitting star
with five blngles for uu average of
1.000, while Geerge Jehnsen continued
te knock out homers for the Dnrhyites,
his round tripper In the first scoring
Jess Francis abend of him.
IlilhhUe meets Dobsen this afternoon '
nt Darby nnd the weavers also fur- )
nisneii u sin prise yesterday wnen tliey
traveled In Chester and handed llrls
Lord's heys a selhnck by the score of
10 te II. Trautwein's and Heed's hit
ting wns responsible for the Dobsen
The Seuth Phils und Fleisher met nt
by wiiPiune. ' Hrend and tilgler streets and the Spurs
evened the series hy winning ever the
Marshall E. Smith & Bre.
724 Chestnut Street
Mvr latxe has rfeevered from two frao frae
turml rlbi And he hr.H "tarteil trainlnic The
Ut-Stale welterweltht han iret met of tht
leadlni: men his n eight In the cuurirty
A beneflt hew lina heen nrraticcd by Tho The
ilnr.i Klllck for the benflt of the mother
of ihe liMe Willie Seencer m Oluucvster,
K. J., tomorrow nlnht. Twvlin heutn will
, iiii-i.. i.ie .-iiiiiiK nil . .n, uiiw n ni put nn iiiriuiiinn r rnntil.i WUnM ny N.
seventh tlullr(1j (, n)Klt W(, gct p,1( for uecky Kenl. Hay fimltli , Huah I'leinene.
I, Pirate .J" .v.:,.., s:,, i..,, ml slinne 1n', " "ennell h llattllmr .Mack, llattllnir
Ills Ilstlcillts. e .loe get into snipe. jurry v Temmj Murray nnil !.. Temllei
nnd new nit Kensington is noesung him , win utpiir pp e-nrien. Jaek Uqm vm
for n high station in the welterweight "lamimai; iirninn i r icj- Jee Leen UoWn UeWn UoWn
divisien i son nnil Tootile .Mecy am tu Im rrfereta.
Hebby Hern was Martin's, first oppe- Ja,k nrrraan nnd Tussle Walk.r ar re
nent nfter Peek separated himself from i matched at the seuthwurh .Mn's Cluh for
tiie garb of a gob. and then followed I Jul -' !' th,,r '"".' .'""L "'.raman-B cc-
..mte. reuiinetlvBlv ltli .tlmmv "!?. f J?"!I.ff. ln" "'.. MH
r.,.w...... ..-. "'t;'V'"ii " ".' i jbck wanme in uiiiuinu. ner.ny wuiuuns,
Pnenn. .llinniv Atct.evern. Sam IUiipk- i Murlrn lirlm. Joe Clark. I-ranU!. Wnif
und new his staunch cohorts believe vinvmt Iiim Is te nvptar In a bout nt
that it Is only u matter of time before rittaburgh en the mme program ahewtnic
something like this will be flashed 9"b J" '""J1 ?JJu'.'-.eeerillnir te
. ,, .... n enr l rriffii inirn n snriisu a.i.ini
Tee Pick .Mnrtin is the new welter
weight ch.iinplen."
' KnitH Is innKina u iet of the SiHte heuU
InK up Iiptz for u st-rhs of inmchea
inrncrs, a ie e. .leu resrenu wns en ,
the hill nnd he wns opposed by Hill i
After wnlleplng Nashville filnnts ii.
1 nn Tuesday. Stenton came rlclit luifl:
nnd handed the colored lads anether1
trimming, this tune lit te
The ruling off of Tribune nt Empire
City for form reversal when Cromwell
wen in about three seconds, in slower
ttme than Tribune had wen in a few
dujs previously, will give general satis,
faction, perhaps: hut the question arises,
whv single out 'tribune for being un in-nnd-euter
when that quality Is con
tagious en the New Yerk tracks? Where
the bookmakers dominate racing, these
tilings are expected, and It appenrs te
he a waste of time te single out it few
isolated cases and administer punish,
Yeu Aute Knew
3 held a
fipnff Is
Makes Hele In One
New linilen, f'nnn,. July 13 J ij. rrn.
itrenK, of Huffule, mude th I'.'il-tarU fif
teenth hole ri the Hheniieceseett links here In
'no. ie reKlstered his ace with a mashle
e a veiy hlKh, ell trapped Kleen. This
la tu second one at Uhennacesutl In five
years. Colonel Lynch. Providence, ttlnc
en en the sixth last year,
trr grim! In e wilie with f mm ,
Dim of the esetrntluW of hlgli spent Is
pruprr bnlnnce.
The distributor Mheulil be kept freti of nil
rrirfeil ur mrwi uiiii.
Ilrakrs which iirl tmi nulrMr will cans
liremaiiire wenr of the rear tires.
A rennfrllni red linixk Is usunllr at
tribute! te liKisrurss In the brurlm.
Kimlnes run mere qiilclli uuil icenrratr less! Pine snucer 111 about II week
Iteihe Kedxer ilmli that he must seek Catholic ( Jul) opened a series with Ce-
pa,'"kn,eVehdWul,?UN:,r'Ktzkl1Vtie '"''"r WS " "nA U
ns inamntrra hre tell ,m local 180-I cl,s -t-1 Mi-teij.
eiiuniUrs nre pr.sslnir him up IledKera will One of the largest crowds of the sen-
MSHvirnieSSW g v? ,au?",Vi sV. i"0" "" i,l'U S1" ,,r? Wlldwoed team
trim Hnltlnieru Hlack Sex .1 te . nnd
Andersen, Mlquel, Carman and Jimmy riK, n weight stnbiemate of the Jewish erld easily defeated Inter-i
ninmv iuuKiirnn. win wet iti iinrriv.nPl. i t ..... t 1 .. r
Cerry Ride at Dreme nxt Menly nUht nifnlnst Ilalph Jtepman I "nl "L,l"ue il lu
, . ., .,., , , Leunhran will be In HrluBs' corner for this
Most nterestlng comiietltien for the match. I
leadership in the season's points' stnnd- ,. ,.
, ,V ,,,,,n, l. inorercvcle followers will L . ..nJ"!E 'iW..r?P'' f '1rn..''.0"''P'. rl '
:'7 , ", . t, , , ... I ee oil itie mim turn uir seierai wenKB OWIIls
held tonight lit the elodteiue, Point te u fracture te his rluht h.iml Hi Injured
llreee Park. Three riders, nenr the i h, nuir e,ln" "eorule itusseii
top l ling of points hceied. nre entered Ke.ltT jtnr,ui. who hns reunle.l into
In the contenders race, un hour h grind. fl, (ptne. will meet Jack McCiuthy In the
together wltti another .tar who Is net
far behind.
Ilraask Andersen, the Danish title
holder. Is Iho outsider in tonight's
event, and lie will have te he taken quite,
seriously by llm three lenders Frank
Cenrv, Australia; Carmnn, America,
nnd Jules Mlquel, France.
This internntlennl quartet Is the
greatest set of moter-piicers en the cir
cular track today, with Vincenze Mad Mad
deun en the sidelines, reciipernting fol
lowing uu nccldent several weeks nge,
Mnddenii. by the way. is expected le
I Hart practicing for his return te the
I-rat whrn werMiiK wllh un ndtiinrril spark,
l of Hitrr mm result li.i re.lsen of
Hie worn inmllllnn of c.im, rellerK mid Krurs
that ui'tuate the ineirmrnt of the iiilirs,
Iick of limner liihrlrntlen rulhrr th.in the
lek ef niinnlllr of oil In the Joint Is the
ruiise of ta prr cent of all unlvrriul Jalnt
iniir of crock junior followers of
the meter vill meet in a inn t c h nice of
live miles. They are Felix Pntti. of the I
Italia Snertnvla Cyclers. New erk
Citv, nnd Jehn Patrick, of Newaik.
The pregruin will also Include a
ClnsR II professional and several ama
teur races.
Fiinl-flnnl te the Jackln I'lnrk-Vlniint r.nne?
t.nut nt the ('ambrlu, tomorrow nlKht I're
lluis llecliy Ferd s Dan Oartln, Wlllle
.leiMiiern !". .i i(u umi jviil .MCI ey vs
Sam Perry .
Charley llnrlifll hns unilertaken the man man
eirement of Jlrnmv Jnnl.in, who thn former
says Is In Reed shape nnd prepared te take
en any of the lec.il middleweight. I
tnilnr .Ine Kelly, who has net boxed In i
Philadelphia for eem time, hut who has
lien appearlnir often In New Yerk bouts, I
will net back Inte Inrp.l nctlnn when he .
meets .I'm Phillips nt the TxiKan A A Mon Men
dny iilnht. Other mntchea nrrnnKeil l, Ad.im '
Hum are Al Verhecken vs. Charley O'Nell. I
llenny Ilasa vs. Ilehbv Mct.end Cxerne e- ,
mnr vs Al flerd'in nnd Jlmmj llt-dley s
Jimmy llrewn
r.ei.r a niniK iiui.nrii?
7r Quale I'Vileinl director of prriHil iilun
In Minnesota, bus nil rrrnnniua iden enn
eernlns self. .ln l.c no one but men eie
nn years or nue piny It In the West, hut line
July Clearance
Pure Linen Knickers, C?C AA
Value $8.00. . . . )""
Flannel Pants,
Value $12.50.
ei !Lojradein.p EDsti$.
1314 Walnut St., Phila., Pa.
men and women of all aites net merely play nl II T j r. n -
tJ. irie., I-ut Kee-ii pesfetd en every aspect Baseball Today, 3.30 P. M.
of It by tba aid of the well-written arilclei hlllUli l'AMK cist avt. ?..... '
- & . ... . .
i .,
V jWity Admiral Mffih Prfecte Mfc j
0 mM mm mm ;
A K' 10 centa HK- fflBittH (
J WR'.ii nKf!S IBfcwvM i
f Vl K&";'5I mi$M x
A s7vidS8&?& M; vJTw ssB""usl A
1 1 eW twPiiSr3 IHsVsssk'cBsi Js-ssH
m m M
',it yHf. sRk-::ff u
i Wmm mmwr ft
A Kfc,$n M.MAimate' A
... yjllw" " TlT sBfelissl . FasBBS5ala!'P?"l'll 3 I
V JKlw: Biil rfHilMv waif y
1 Henrietta ;
f Smoked wherever you see men who appre-
y ciate quality in a cigar. V
, A Admiral, 15 cents; Perfecto, 2 for 25 cents; ( '
W and Pepulares, 10 cents these three sizes V
X represent the utmost in quality. A
U OTTO EISENLOHR & DROS., Inc., Phlla., E.t. 1C50 V
it h-'VA
e- t - - - M-s ft! mrm " sen I

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