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ttettn followed by fair tenhtht and Wed'
nesdnyi little change In temperature.
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VOL. VIII. NO. 274
Heads of Carriers Refuse
te Dismiss Their New
Twe of President's Peace. Pro
posals Are Accepted Con
Laber Beard's Decisions te Be
Accepted by Beth Sides
and Lawsuits Dropped
Bu Associated Press
Washington, Aug. 1. President
Harding's proposals for settlement
of the nation-wide rail strike were
made public today in connection
with their consideration at a meet
ing of 148 read heads. They are as
Railway managers and
workmen arc te agree te
recognize the validity of all de
cisions of the Railroad Laber
Beard and faithfully te carry
out such decisions as can be con
templated by the law.
O The carriers will withdraw
all law suits growing out of
the strike and Railroad Laber
Beard decisions which have been
involved in the strike may be
taken, in the exercise of recog
nized rights, by either party, te
the Railroad Laber Beard for
O All empleyes new en strike
te be returned te work and
te their former positions with
seniority and ether rights unim
paired. The representatives of
the carriers and the representa
tives of llit! organizations espe
cially agree that there will be
no discrimination by cither
party against the empleyes who
did or did net strike;
Thesis three points, it wan emphasized
at the White Heuse, constituted merely
the basin for n Kcttlcmcnt, and the
President, in transmitting them te II.
M. Jewell, leader of the striking shop shep
men, nnd T. DcWitt Gnyler, chnlrmnn
of the Association of Hallway Ex
ecutives, sent n letter amplifying and
explaining them. This letter was r.et
made public nt the White Heuse.
New Yerk, Aug. 1. (Iy A. P.)
Railway executives tedny rejected the
proposal of President Harding that
striking shepmen he reinstated without
forfeiting seniority rights, hut accepted
conditionally the ether two suggestions
made by the White Heuse for settle
ment of the nntlon-wide strlkp.
This announcement was made by
President l.eree, of the Delaware, nnd
nudsen, nfter the heads of J 18 "nil "nil
reads had met hern today, considered
Mr. Harding's program, drafted a re
ply ai.d adjeurlicd .
The reply te President Harding was
put en the wire te the White Heuse
as seen as It had been drawn up by
n sub-committee (leaded by Itobert H,
Levctt, of the Union Pacific, and ap
proved unanimously by the general con
ference. A summary of the reply mnde by
railroad executives today te. President
Harding rejecting his basis for settle
ment of the rail strike was made public
late today by an authorized spokesman
for the conference.
Replying te the first proposal, the
read heads Informed the White Heuse
that the.-' did and would abide by wage
decisions x.1 the Railroad Laber Beard,
hut that they did net consider that te
test (he legality of such decisions was
te vlolate them.
Turning te the second proposal, the
executives said they were willing- te
withdraw law suits arising from the
strike, providing conditions were es es
tebllshcil he that they could be assured
of carrying en their operations without
legal protection.
"Impossible," Mid the executives of
the third preposition te put strikers
back cm heir jobs with their seniority
Judge J.nvelt was reported te have
told he executives that theru was no
moral reason why the reads . hoi
budge from their positions, ner'wnH
fetittnurd en l'ge all. Column MU
Heme, Aug. 1. (My a. ii-i,,u
de Facto, former Italf.,n Premier, mil
corded tday In forming n new cabinet
It was announced thN evening, a,",'
Affairs?' M Mlu,H,t'- I'Wsu
A?.?-.v?iu "kin(i vnn iiBxrr :
lip h n iioren ou . A""
' ""WW f .
itltti .--n- r-
t'.l....i . . 1. ...
unar th Act e(
Attcrbury Assures Men
Agreement Will Stand
The following general notice was
Issued this afternoon by General 'W.
W. Atterbury, vice president in
charge of operations of the P. It. It.,
with Instructions te pest the same
en all empleyes' bulletin beards and
place Individual copies In the hands
of nil empleyes in the shop craft :
Te the empleyes of the Pennsyl
vania system, the old mfn who have
remained lejnl nnd te the new men
who have entered our service, and
who jointly have enabled the rail
road and ItH officers te perform Its
public duty In n, full nnd efficient
manner :
"I give you my personal assur
mice that my obligation te you under
our agreement will be fully carried
"These agreements fully protect
all the old and new men In their
seniority and the terms of our
agreement cannot be changed except
by mutual consent."
Billy Penn Has Clese Call as
Belt Strikes
The City Hall wen (-truck twce by
lightning at '1 :2" o'clock this afternoon
during n severe electrical storm which
swept the city nnd drove down the
A belt apparently hit the City Hall
tower near the, statue of "William Penn.
Smoke issued from the tower n mo
ment nfter municipal empleyes were
alarmed by a vivid flash and a tre
mendous clap of thunder.
Anether belt is believed te have
struck the southeast comer of City
Aiiinuujin in mm wing ei me
building heard n erlndintr noise lm.
mediately after a Hash of lightning.
Apparently little damage: was done,
In Roem 'Si the lights were burned
euh and (lames. In some Instances eight
feet long, shot from the wires.
The temperature nt .'I P. M. was 8'J
and an hour Inter the rain had reduced
it te 09 degrees. At 5 P. M. It robe
te 71 degrees.
Passengers en a Mnrket street trolley
car. westbound .near City Hall, were
frightened when n belt hit the wires.
The trolley fuses were blown out with
n blinding flnsh.
Women screamed, believing lightning
had struck the car. They were re
assured by the crew and ether passen
gers. The cur had te be pushed by
another trolley. Still another car en
Thirteenth street near Filbert was
stalled when the power was cut off.
Clouds overcast the sky earlv this
afternoon. . A light drizzle developed
Inte u heavy rainstorm In a few min
utes nnd thousands of shoppers In the
business district ran for shelter.
Thunder showers were predicted for
mis nuernoen uv me weatlier forecaster
who said it will he fulr tonight and to
morrow, with little change In tempera
Mrs. Frances Mllgram, of 4626
Walnut Street, Is Injured Downtown
Despite the efforts of a tmtrnlinnn
te save her Mrs. Frances Mllgram, of
Hliifl Walnut street, was run down by
ii inxicaii as sue men te cress Ulicst
nut street at Tenth ut 10 itlO o'clock this
Mrs. Mllgram Mopped from the curb
just as llie taxi came up. Patrolman
Cress tried te reach Mrs. Mllgram he
fore the cab hit her, but failed. She
wiih thrown te the htrect and broke her
ankle. Mho was taken te the Jeffersen
Hospital and later te her home.
French Trains, Carrying Pilgrims
te Lourdes Grotte, Collide
Paris, Aug. 1. (Hy A. P.) Forty
persons were killed and fifty ethers in
jured In u collision between two trnlns
of pilgrims te the Grotte of Lourdes,
one of the world's most famous shrines,
early today.
Tim collision occurred near Ville Ville
ceratnl. The pilgrims were all from the region
of Meuilns, in thu Department of Alllcr.
Are Cut by Glass at Blaze at 737
Seuth Fourth Street
Jehn Lauer and James lllnkcr, hose
men of Engine Company, Ne. l, were
rut about the hands at 5 A. M. today
when lire damaged the bakery of S.
Baddalter, 7.J7 Menth Fourth street.
A defective flue Is believed te havi
started thu blaze. Illakcr nnd Lauer
were dragging a hose line Inte the store
when gluss showered en them. '
President Decides te Appoint
Curtis as Fifth Member
Waslilncten. Aug. 1. flly A. P.)
Announcement was made today at the
White Heuse that Cyrus II. K, Curtis,
PhlludctpUu publisher, would he up-
pointed as thy fifth nieniber of tiie
official American mission te I lie Urn
xllluu centennial exposition. David L,
Goedwlllie, of ChjAage, will be un un
eointed lecretury, IThe. mission will
be ucauea by Hccrfry nuiu?s.
!' . L -vfi
March 8. 18T9
Lewis Asks Operators te Joint
Conference in Cleveland Mon
day te Settle Strike
Ceal opernters In the central bitumi
nous field today were Invited by Jehn
L. Lewis, president of the United Mine
Workers, te n Joint wn;:e conference nt
Cleveland next Monday.
Responding te this lnvltntien, how
ever, dlHpntchcs today Indicated that
the Southern Ohie. Pittsburgh. Illinois
and Indian!, operator, would iet par
ticipate in any such conference.
Telegrams were sent from this city
te all the operators In Pennsylvania,
Ohie nnd Illinois. A basic settlement,
Mr. Lewis doelnred. would lead te an
immediate agreement In nil the outlying
districts nnd would pave tbe way te
adjustments' fn the hard-coal fields as
The conference call was .ent out by
thu mine union leader- ns Mayers of
(he anthracite coal region cities in
Pennsylvania assembled here for a con
ference with Samuel I). Wnrrlncr. head
of the hnrd-rnnl nnornter' eemmlttcC.
The operators at the conference of
the Mayers vcre W. L. Council, Scran Scran
ten: W. W. Inelis. president of the
Glen Aldcn Cenl Company, Scrnnten;
XV. .1. Itichnrds. et the. l'liiliKlcinnin
and Rending Ceal and Iren Cempnny;
(1. SI. . Dodsen, et Westen, iiousen
Company, nnd Mr. Warriiier, who is
president of the Lehigh Ceal and Navi
gation Company.
Text et the Invitation
The text of the invitation Issued by
Mr. Lewis follews:
"In behalf of the United Mine Work Werk
err, I am herewith Inviting the 'eal op
erators of the central competitive field
te meet in joint Interstate conference nt
the Hellcnden Hetel, Cleveland, O., nt
10 A. M. Mendny. August 7. 1022, for
the purpose of negotiating n basic wage
agreement designed te terminate the
present suspension in the mining In
dustry. I express the sincere hope that
the Interests represented by you will
find it possible te participate in the
joint negotiations."
Mr. Lewis made extensive comment
en tlie proposed conference in the fol
lowing statement :
"In Issuing an invitntien te the coal
opernters ' of the central competitive
field te assemble in joint conference in
Cleveland en August 7. I am nctuatcd
by the highest considerations of public
welfnre and the Impelling necessity for
an early adjudication of the issues In
volved in the bituminous and anthracite
cenl fields.
.Says Strike Menaces Secial Fabric
"This strike, unparalleled In Its mag
nitude, Is new MU'tV'S'MWM'-'P0''-
and constitutes an industrial convulsion
which menaces the financial and becinl
fabric of our Natien.
"Aside from the tremendous personal
sacrifices se bravely endured by the
mine workers, the strike is exacting
penalties from svery citizen of our
land nnd is clogging the channels of
commerce nnd disturbing the realms of
finance and cmilt tnrougneut tbe civil
ized world.
"Its effect will continue te he felt
long after its termination nnd the bur bur
den will fall heaviest upon these least
able te bear It.
"In consideration of these facts nnd
notwithstanding the powerful position
of advantage new enjoyed by the mine
workers, we have resolved te again nt
teinpt te assemble a conference where
Centlnnrd en I'linr Nix. Column One
H. L. Smith and Themas Kane
Are Placed in the Custody
of Their Counsel
II. L. Smith and Themas Kane, two
of the twelve men named by the Gov
ernment in the alleged $5,000,000
whisky conspiracy, surrendered te the
United States Marshal today through
their attorneys.
Smith, who lives nt Villunevn. Is the
president of the H. L. Smith Company,
exporters. Kane, who lives at 2."H0
Richmond street, is u bottler.
Neither of the men was taken into
nctuul custody. Their attorneys ac
cepted service, and United States Com
missioner Mauley, before whom they
will he given a hearing Friday, con
sented te penult them te remain at lib
erty in custody of their lnwycis.
Although Smith's attorney assured
the court he would he present Friday,
it was impcsslhiu te gcr In touch with
him today. His Villnneva tclcpluu.c
was reported disconnected. Until four
months age he had mi office en the
eleventh fleer of the Land Title Iluild
ing. He gave this up and engaged an
office in the Itcut Estate Trust Iliilld
Ing across the waj. He also had re
Uniiuished this.
Matthew ('. (rriffin, former chief in
the United States Secret Service heie,
was found in his office In the Pcrrv
Iluildlng. With him were two of tlie
ether defendants, Herbert Simen, for
mer Secret Service mnii at Heg Island,
and Jehn M. McTnmany, who worked
as u Secret Service agent under Griffin.
Until arc employed by him as opera
tives. "Our mouths are closed. We have
nothing te say, because we knew netb-
Cnnllmiri en I'iikc HU, Column The
Camden Youngster In Hospital With
Fractured Skull
William Kirk, Jr., ten years old, of
105 East Eighth street, Camden wns
struck by en automobile at Twenty-first
and Federal streets today. He was
taken te tlie cooper iiespiini umi u
fractured skull.
'Mm driver of I he lu'uhlne. Wnltet
Ncheles, thlrty-K'ven jears ed, of
Southampton, Pn., surrindcred te police
and Is being held pcmlluu the outcome
of thu' boy's Injuries.
-T J - - .. ' '-
if wMHrgH i iW
fcg6ai.ifeSHfeireW?iwi U4t&. WfflkU&.&Ml$miZi' M&2mAyJJL$&A&l
Twe women were knocked overboard and almost drowned and a score
Injured when a sister ship of the Ill-fated General Slocum crashed Inte
the Erie ferryboat. Cliautaunua, at New Yerk. The picture shows a
large hole tern In the slde of the Grand Republic
Hasty and Heimach Alse Hit
Hard by Cobb and His
Tiger Pals
Detroit. Mich.. Aug. 1. Rellln Nny-
ler lasted two nnd two-thirds innings
against the Tigers this nftcrnoen. In
the third Detroit made four runs and
six hits off him, nfter filling the bases
and scoring one In the second Inning.
Hasty relieved Naylor In the third.
Gcnrce Denss. the veteran right
hander, nltched the finnl game of the
lserJos-ler lntrelt nnd sturted out wuu
a let of speed.
Rain delayed the start of the game
for fifteen minutes.
"Pep" Yeung was bnck en second
for the Mackmeu mid batting eighth.
The game was played en heavy
field, nnd fielding was a difficult mnt
tcr. Cobb singled in the third and fourth
making fifteen consecutive games In
which he has hit safely.
When RIgncy hit into n double-play
In the fourth It was tlie lirst time in
nine consecutive times nt bat that he
failed te hit safely.
Details of the Game
FIRST McGewnn filed te Veach.
Dykes and Walker fanned. Ne runs.
Dykes threw out lllue. Cutshaw sln-
Centlnucd en I'uce Xlnrlrrn, Column One
Called Off Because of Down
pour Windstorm Handicaps
Meadows in Bex
ilnln In copious quantities that
siurieu inning at ;t :r7 nnd continued
until 4:17 caused n -nnstnntinMw.tif
the fourth game of the Phlllles-Cubs
seres nt the start of the third Inning.
Hollocher singled te center when the
nrrpiiiK clenus started.
After a twenty-minute wnit .Tupe
I'luv took u rest for u few moments and
the nrblters restarted the game. With'
three hnlls and none en Miller, the
spigots were turned en again sending
tue players scurrying for the shelter
ui uiu cuiuneiisc.
The scere steed 1 te 1 when the
showers enme.
The Cubs counted one In the first en
n douhle against the wall in right and
u one-base blew te center by Hollocher
The Phils came hack In tlu.ii- imif ...i
knotted the figures en Jiurny Smith's
uoueie nun i y iiiiiiimh' jolt te right
lleth the Cubs and Phils had a man
en In the second, hut failed te tullv.
The windstorm that preceded the ruin
se nnnojed the spectacles of I.ec
.iicauews unit no retired at the start
Continued en Tutu ilnetrrn. Column HI
say arsenicTn "berry
pies caused 3 deaths
Restaurant Baker Held as Material
Witness 100 Are Poisoned
New Yerk, Aug. 1.-(Uv A. P.)
Arsenic, mysteriously placed lu n bath
of pie dough was responsible for the
death today of three persons, nnd the
Illness of mere than 100 vhe partook
of the poisoned pastry In it Ureadwny
restaurant yesterday, the medical ex
aminer's office announced after an in
vestigation. Charles Abramseu. n enke- recently
employed by the restaurant manager,
wns held as a material witness, hut
District Attorney Uanten announced
Ahrnmsen "apparently comes out clean"
et any suspicion that he was responsi
ble for the poisoning.
The dead are Ida Welsbbcrg nnd
Lean Gctz, both of the Urenx, and
llyiuan Hemme'li oft Palisade, Is', J,
mm' ChfklDuL
nMavV8 C ,0"
,dlly ..)iteura
11. 0. ""iu
OMMtf V-'A0.&
1000 Passengers Thrown Inte
Panic When Grand Repub
lic Hits Ferry
Uu Associated Prr
New Yerk. Aug. 1. The excursion
beat Grand .Republic, crowded with
1000 passengers, mostly children,
rammed the Erie ferryboat Chautauqua,
also crowded te the gunwales with pas
sengers, in a heavy fog in the Hudsen
River today.
Fifteen persons, passengers en the
Grand Republic, bound for Rear Moun
tain, were hurt in a pnnic which fed
lowed the crash.
Twe women nnd a boy were hurled
Inte the river from the top deck of the
excursion beat. They were rescued.
Anether woman with a bnby in her arms
wns thrown from the beat's deck te
the deck of the ferry.
Reth captelns blnmed the fog for the
Bew Cuts Deep Inte Ferry
The excursion beat's prow cut deep
into the glazed side of tlie ferry. The
Grand Republic's bow wns smashed and
twisted and from it came shouts nnd
screams ns women nnd children fought
te get away from the peril.
Se fierce was the Impnct of the col
lision that scores of men, women and
chtld.'en were hurled, ns chairs crushed
te bits, and heavy pieces of the wrecked
prow fell onto the decks. Seme uhe
escuped Injury were later hurt when a
concerted rush for the stern began.
Captain Lewis, of tiie Grand He
public, backed away from the ferry nnd
took his shouting, screaming cargo te
Pier 17, two blocks down the river.
100 Somewhat Injured
A temporary hospital wus established
en the pier. Although the police took
the names of only fifteen injured, they
declared that mere than 100 hud been
somewhat hurt.
The panic en the ferry bout was
quickly quelled by deck hands. The
Grand Republic tore into the smoking
.compartment of the vessel. Ne one
w-as sitting in the path of the excursion
beat. The terry leturncd te its slip.
A troop of liey Scouts going te camp
en Hear Mountain was aboard the
Grand Republic and helped in culmiug
the frightened women and children.
The (rand Republic Is n sister ship
of the Ill-fated steamboat General Slo
cum. which wns burned off North
Urethers Island In 1004 with the lets
of nearly 1000 lives.
Pseudo-Spendthrift Get Gay Togi
en Credit Coins
An assortment of expensive cloth
ing, silk underwear, jewelry, silk col cel
lars and ether articles were found
today lu a hotel room of Charles
Cuininlngs, Jr., who was arrested en
a charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses.
I'ummliigN, n tall, curly-haired
youth of nineteen years, Is suld te have
lived as "n millionaire for n week" en
the strength of four department stere
coins he Is accused of taking from the
home of Geerge W. Kraut, 07L1
North Thirteenth street.
He Is also accused of forging the
name of Mayer Champien, of Ocean
City, te a cheek and te have passed
a worthless check en Miss Nellie Kreut,
daughter of Mr. Kreut, n mill owner,
whom he met at Ocean City.
Cununlngs. n son of h music teacher
en Osage avenue, near Fifty-eighth
street. Is suld te have posed us the
wen of a wealthy coal operator.
CummlngM yesterday ordered a cus-tnm-mnde
suit at u Market street de
partment stere and called today for a
fitting. Detect veN were waiting for
him. He took them te his hotel room
wbere nn array of merchandise was
The young man was held in $500
ball for n further bearing Friday by
Magistrate ltenshnw. '
The cleMiawl column. etthV8iM!
la U found m m4 cw rci B.Mi?lJC?
Pubtlhd Dally Kept Eunir.
CetiyTlM. 1922. by
ATHLETICS 0 00201100- ! 0
DETROIT 1 1430030X-HJC
Naylor and Perkins; Dauss and Mnnlen. Guthrie and Evans.
CINCINNATI 0 00020000-2 0
150STON (N.I..) 0 030. 0000 K - 3 S
Doneliuc and Margrave; Karquard and Dowdy.
liTT.sRUR'.i7. 2 0 I 7 0 (I 1 0 0 - 10 13
NKWYOISK (N.L.).. 1 00100000-2 7
Cooper and Geech; Ryan and Snyder.
WASHINGTON 200000001-3 14
CLEVELAND (A.L.) 0073205 OX- 17 21
Ti ancle nnd Picinich; Bngby and O'Neill.
NEW YORK 10 0 0 -
CHICAGO (A.L.).... 10 10'
Jenes and Scliang; Tnbcv and ficlinllc.
1JOSTON 0 0000
ST. LOUIS (A.L.)... 0 10 0 0
W. Rollins nnd Rcul; Kelp and P. Collius.
Oyden and Hurry; Knrpn and CInrke.
HEADING (2d).....,.. 0 0 0
Greves and McAveyj Carts and Clarke.
SARATOGA Sixth Ceniixn, 20-1, 8-1, !-:. wen; Zev, 2-1.
cvrn, 1-2, second; Betty Bc.r.ll, 20-1, S-l. 4-1, thiid. Time, 50 2-5
Better Times, Sunqucst, Pew Vew, Ethnca. High Prince, Eileen,
EiS William, Vhginius, Cape Clear, Scotch Breem, Diamond Dick.
Glcntilt, Blue Peter. Hew Fuir, Crugie, ScqubT, Great Luck also ran.
HAMILTON Feurth-r-Fiank regarty, $71.35, 520.65, $0.00,
wen; Eternity. $0.20, $1.G0, second; Euigeync, $3.25, third. Time,
1.16. Islander, Tidings. KincToestnn, Bend, The Decision and
Poilymere also lan.
HAMILTON Fifth Beverly Belie, $10.15, $5.40, $3.70, wen;
Lucky Girl, $0.45, $4.75, second; Topmast, $4.05, third. Time,
1. 18 4-5. Edith Lennu, Ferest Majer, "Vm. Oldt, Miles S. also ran.
A Yellow taxi, making a left-luuuT turn in front of the Heading
Terminal, was stiuck by a westbound Ne. 21 car nt 4.30 o'clock
this nftcrnoen a nil badly smashed. The pnti&engci' in the tuxicah
rcfusecd te go te a hospital theugn badly shuken up. The steering
gear of the taxicnb was broken nnd traffic was tied up.
In the belief th.tt Paul Estrada and his sister-in-law, Lcela
Estrnda, had both been wounded in a gun fight at Thirteenth nnd
Spruce streets this afternoon, a passerby ruahd them te the
Pennsylvania Hospital. Neither showed signs of a murk, how
ever They. were arrested for disturbing the peace.
At the end of their three-hour meeting thS. afternoon opera
tors and the five Mayers from the anthracite cities issued a
statement iu which they intimated that a settlement of the an
thracite controversy would probably be reached without affecting
the bituminous situation.
NEW YORK, Aug. 1 Railroad presidents in conference here
balked today en the seniority question nfter Secretary Hoever,
apparinge befere them as the representative of Trcsldnet Hard
ing, had told them the Administration cenmdeied that the issue
of the authority of the Railroad Laber Beard far transcended thnt
of seniority.
MONTREAL, Aug. I. Charles Ress, Jiuud waiter en the
Rapids. Prince, stranded steamship, win, di owned, acceuliug te u
wildest, message received from the ship. The im-sbage stated
thut Ress and his assistant, Rebert Armtrong, were lctuniin"- te
the stenmer iu a lifeboat Inst night when it upset. Armstieii"
was saved.
City Workman Seriously Hurt in
Walnut Street Crash
Frank Riley, Mxty-ene years old, of
2740 Reed utreet, wiik Boileutdy hurt
At. I., mnnnlnrt fit f.'ittl t ll fltl.it Vnlti4 .
htrccts when a Mreet car collided with I
a Hleam roller. !
Riley ns operating the steam roller, '
which Is owned by the Department of
Public Werk, and was thrown te l,e
wreei '" ,D .i.meii. J
Uu was taken te the .Icffcrben lies-
lal,' wlirte phyUcltnm wild hc wasUanuicap. TJfc dlbtunce new Is u mile
ucnm iiuiu mictiiuj lujurien.
Subjrrlptlen lrle l Tear by Mall,
Publle Udwr Company
.000011000-15 "
1' 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 'A 3 JO
Ben Hemme Second and Prudery
Third In Spa Feature
.Saratoga, Auk. L Thu RanceciiH
m "?.K" .(.r... 'if w,,n t,,e HnretiiRii
iiMuit-i, wiwi mm iiinnme second mid
Prudery third. Exterminator wim uu-
Placed In the Mxtnrlc race The time
w",?, - ''Vi-Jui'jXw r'!(''' lms "" ,,,,,l,,,l
by K.' sSlff ' ''' Wa" mm
. some of U mieni fn.,,..,! iirku ,..
MilHtery have cAiteMed for the Sinii.
L ... - ." '
.lllturn. Cini.. ti
. . ,-.i,u
Judge Rogers Issues Injunction
te Halt Inlcrforenco With
Kirechbaum Workers
'Highly Paid Agitators' of Amal
gamated Are Scored
Frem Bench
'Sheet Them!' Says Judge
of Union Inlhnidaters
"Sheet them!" exclaimed .Twlfse
Reger when n witness testified
members of the Amalgamated Cloth
ing Workers' I'nien nightly hail In
sulted him Mini liW wife.
"When the lime has come that
American citizens cannot protect
their homes, our (Jevernment might
an well threw up lti hnnds."
.TudKe Rescrs this nftcrnoen made
permanent an Injunction ilready
granted temporarily ngniiiht the Amal Amal
gnmated Clnthln? Workers' Tnlen of
America forbidding; the union, Its ofii efii
itk nnd Its dOOO members lu this city
from Interferiii',' in any way with the
A. R. Klrwchbaum (.'empnny, clothing
In granting the injunction the .Indue
severely ceiiMired the union, and the
measure its representatives were alleged
te have taken te force reluctnnt cloth
ing workers te join its ranks.
Such terrorism, said the Judge,
"is unbelievable in a free country. It
is high time this ort of thing stepped.
It Is preposterous that this organization,
the se-called amalgamated association,
se delimit if the law nnd disregard
ant of law and order and the rights of
American citizens, has been tolerated
te long."
.Indgc lingers expressed pympathy for
American labor, but declared there was
no room iu this country for lawlessness
and radicalism.
"I have been a worker since I wns
ten j ears old," said the Judge, "and
my sympathy for the honest, indus
trious worker is strong. Hut also I
have full respect and sympathy for the
law nnd the Constitution. It lias been
shown clearly that the defendants la
this case entered Inte an unlawful cnm
binatlen te rum the complainant's busi
ness. The injunction, therefore, la
grunted permanently."
Tell;, of Death Threat
M. Plaxman, a tailor employed by
the Ittrschbnum Company, swore en the
witness stand he had been threatened
with death by the strikers if he re
fused te join their union. William A.
C'nrr, counsel for the complainants, be
gan the examination, hut Judge Rogers
took It nway from him, examining the
witness himself.
Plnxinim said he hnd gene te the
headquarters of the Amalgamated, at
431 Pine street, and had paid $l.a5
for membership.
"Whnt did they say they'd de te you
If you didn't join?" asked Judge
Threatened With Death
"They said. 'If you don't join the
union, we'll kill you, " declared the
Mr. Gray objected strenuously te the
admission of the testimony, but waa
The fireworks began te sclnllllnte
poen after the' session started. Mr.
(!ray returned te the testimony of a
witness yesterday that he was n citi
zen of the ('lilted States, which Judge
Rogers had doubted In tlie absence of
thu ninn's papers.
"I have the naturalization paper
here." said Mr. (iriiy. "L.i.arus Mur Mur
cevitz, the wllnev. has been a citizen
for nineteen jcius, ns he said. At the
(nil of yestei day's session Your Hener
stated that since tlie witness gave hlif
testimony you hnd investigated, nnd
were convinced that he hnd lied.
"1 offer this man's certillcatc of
naturalization, and I desire Your
Hener te make a public retraction for
Hilling this witness a hnr "
"Tlie Cem t will net ')!'... jitiy re
traction," said .ledge Rogers veliit
niently. "The Court knows all about
this man."
Rogers Refuses te Hetrent
C.rny, highly incensed, replied in a
rising voice :
"Your Hener nlse slated jesterduy
that you intended te break up this or
ganization, and drive it out of the
"Yes," reteiteil the Judge, frowning
nt the attorney, "I snld that and 1
won't tnke that back, either. This or
ganization is net incorporated nnd
should have no legal recognition. It
should he driven out of nil existence
as u menace te the nation."
"Hut It is an organization," Inter
posed Mr. tlruj.
"Ye," snapped the Judge, "nn or er or
ganisateon witli a membership and
agents unnaturalized, who are sent here
ns agitators te promote strife nnd
trouble and violence at our factories
where the empleyes are having no dif
ficult ics whatcer. And I want you te
understand t hut we must have Ics,s of
this grandstand play today. Mr. (Jrajf,
We won't tolerate It any longer."
Wants Judge te Withdraw
"I am net grandstanding," reterlel
Mr. tiray, "And I me he a inot'en right
new that von withdraw as lrhl judge
iu this cahe and that aiietuc.' Judge
of the court be assigned. '
"Your motion is overruled," thun
deied tlie Judge.
"I want un exception," said Mr,
Gray. i
Yeu shall net have It," icplJcd the
Judge angrily.
"I Insist tlmt my exception be
granted us a matter of tight anil mv,M
tald Mr. Gray.
"Loek here, Mr Gray," reterlnl the
Judge. "Yeu mrst behave yetirHelf
wind If you de net the court will knew
hew te act."
"I inn behnvlns." Insisted .Mr. Orar,
"I am only unking for my rights u
counsel for the defense.
"Yeu are. geMng wnir rlshtH," -..tid
the Judge. "I am lhe( of your (hire,
ups and your vl unit conduct. Wu must
liiivn less of It,"
While, the utteriiej' for the Amal-
lentlnufil en 1'nce HI, Cellkiu TtM 't'i
MO VOU .U'ANT A JflUf TUlAj! '' 1
I ht.nl. nr iKni HuMiiM. i-tB- 9SC'. ii
!". .'-""7'".-s".."--i. !
wdi?u sviiuuu veatsF un dsm ;
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