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- 54y4H D. LOWRIE'S
Hew the Character of the
TODAY some one begnn te tell me Oed. men that have been a comfort unto
news nbeut a neighbor, nnd In the i inc." ..,,.,. ...
midst of her tnlc she paused and smiled I , Lvldently Mark hnd done something
ahrewdly: '" "lake tlie estimate of his cousin seem
"At nil events." nld she. "this l 'he morn oerrert one. even te IMul.
what So-nnd-Se understood had Imp- What tint something wns-ene can
pened. nnd knowing So-nnd-Se. jeu only gups.
can take what you plcnse and leave the I J the life of Christ.
It'lsnlwnvs well te knew the Se-nnl- tint Is the one current In some kind
Be who tells the story, especially If , of written form soonest after His death,
he or she Is of an enthusiastic, scum- I was the story of Jehn Mark, the cousin
tlennl character, or Jift the ether e- ! of llarnabns. And one will7.es that
treme, an unimaginative, overcautious Mark must very early therefore have
type. ' been valuable te the men preaching the
Kven If you trust the newstellcr. a ' newi nf Christ, because better even than
m candid, sensible observer, you de net some of the nearest of the disciples, he
always swallow his theory as te why wn nble te put Inte words that were
the thing happened, or the probable readily understood nnd remembered the
results of the happening, lie is bound chief episodes of the life of Chrl-t mid
te have prejudices from his own pnst t repent from first hand some of the
experiences that you are net bound by. Important sajings. The reason he was
He may be right and you may 1! ' such an authority. In spite of his youth,
wrong when you discount his theety. j -wis that his mother had been an ardent
but you are bound being yourself te friend nnd follower of Our Lord, and
bnve your own point of view. Which Is hi- himself n disciple, though net of
whj, 1 suppose, no amount of detinl- course, one of the Twelve. lie gives
tiens in church catechisms, or precepts se iircumsjnntl.il an account of mere
drawn from the Ilible In sermons, or thnn one of the crucial hours of the
church organizations uniting en tin '-life, of I'hrlst during; the Inst three
words of a creed nil make any two years, notably the description of the
Persons exactly alike In the wnj they lpst hour in the (inrden of lleth lleth
belleve that creed, or accept that ser- , seinane. that one realizes that In that
men, or use the definition of a the- ( hist case at lcat, he was probably the
olegie.il degmn. most observant witness. Inlleed he
Hut somehow when it rems te the barely escaped arrest en that occasion.
life of Christ there Is a sort of pain it,, s0Pm ,0 ll!lve I)PiUwed the soldiers
BDOUt Uincrcnces, because wnen it comes
te religion the last thing any one of us
would give up U the way lie or sliu re-
gards the btery of the life of J,r
E AHH used te differences about
church cm eminent in America.
where religions n.ct- are many and ie ie
ligieus leiiils are few. We scarcely
ask of any nucd tempnny who is who
mid what an I why religiously Most
of us are franklv iiiilllTcrent us te what
our neighbors tluul: en such subjects
s feast dajs ami fast dns and altars
"., .' ' a."." r " l:ii "'. . :
a. ng'v vlegil ' he"Vr, ,
seme of their beliefs, that might be in-
convenient; but. however much we mn
differ ns te ear rituals, we act pretty
much the same outside our church
buildings. It is only when differing
Christians turn words into deeds that
there ls'treulde
However, there Is nothing nw about
Christians, as well as am ether rell-
cleu- folk differing drnsii-nllv a- r
their methods and manners nnd plans nf
delng things, and glwng th.di religious
viewpoint ns the rcisen for both the
difference and the radi al'ies. of the dlf-
ference. The ?r tirst u.isieunrles
that the new religion of Christianity
bad, a br.ef jeur or two after the deatli
of lis rounder, differed sharply as te
the Tightness and the wreiigness yf the
course they proposed te take in -Iving
the message te the world. Iiuleed, after
having been te.-ether In the founding
of the most important of t'ie new ml
lens, tlie.v parted cempatn . thus imh
licly prei'lauuins tlielr rupture, and re
visited their mission stiitletm nrnrt
The two men were I '.nil nnd l'ar
rabas, nnd their reason for differing
was that Ii.irnab.is wished te take wltn
them his i'eusiu, .lehu Mark, and 1'tiul
put his toot down upon having Jehn
Mnrk, because that .veung man hnd
started with them en their erlginul
journey ns their attendant and si-ribi
a sort of secretary and business man
ager, I fuiicj and had pnrted eemiiany
with them after a time and gene l.a. k
te Jeru-.ilem 1'aul I considered that he '
uukiii oei iu nine sue. wji me eiimiuu
jeurnev. and ipi te evidently saw no
geed r. isen in the ex. use Jehn Mark
hail ii.il for going back te .Jerusalem. '
Larnabas was et another opinion, and '
se determinedly se tlmt when It came ,
te u choice between l'aul anil his cousin
Mark, he these Mark.
,. ,,.,.,.. r. , ... ,. ,.
f WCtl I. D le impossible at this dis-
tance te judge which was right in
that iliuernnre lietween t hristians,
were it net for two things that hap-,
pened Inter
The firt of them is a etitmee in a
lrtter te eme (ireeks at Coless.ie from
Paul, wlie wrote from his Keinan
prison, lr is this
"And Mark, the ceu-in of r.arnabas.
teuchftig whom ye received com m nnd
if he come unto you receive
anil .Justus, iiiese are my
fellow workers unto the kingdom of
Read Your Character
liy Ihgby Phillips
The Sign of tlie Dyspeptic
Blnce the dyspeptic litis certain well
known mental or temperamental char
acteristics It Is Important te recognize
the dyspeptic. If possible, before jeu
have done or said Mimething te make
blm Irritable or groin hy or cynical.
And it is easy te de se.
Simply leek at his cheeks, en a line
with his mouth. If tin.-, region of the
face is full ami round it indicates u
naturally geed nutrition, iis.-imilatien
und digestion. People who have cheeks
like tlifse have tine tecuperative puvver
nnd vitality. As a rule they arc ca
pable of a great deul of mental und
Hihyslcal labor.
Hut if the rLis'ks are hellivv, and
this hollow ness is accompli med by a
dryness of the mouth tlitre i.-, ,iu ttv
geed chance that the. person is dv--peptic.
Watch out for his gieii'h and
Ills impatience I!e prepared for cvtu cvtu
cel and irritable remarks from liiin.
Don't expect blm te be an enthusiast.
The reniedj here is a casi of pnyslcj'.
ercle ratner t nun luental dinipline,
and it is alvvavs sat" te include the
attention and advice of a inedinil man.
The condition Is caused fei the me-t
part by overtaxing the mental func
tions and allowing the phjs.ctil eik a te
Monday KxcrcKe for the Cenvet
The Weman's Exchange
A Bridesmaid Dress
Te the Fit tnr nt ll'mnnii TVim..
Dear Mmlim -W'll mi klnrtlv In-
form tn. what v eiild be an appropriate!
(tress for n brid-Mimid ntfr.illnB a I
wedding tn SVptunilit r vhen the brlde
will wear a daik blue suit"
IN rxil'HT
' '" .-v-
A sultnble cffltunie weiiii iw enin
pert of dark erepe dH cbme or chiffon
dress or perhaps n light suit
Natufe Will De It for Yeu
Te the Kdlter et th ' t'i entiie I'uhlta I.edgm
Dear Midnin--'"an vru kindly 'ell mp
xvhnt will remove HP"ts left by pimples?
Hew long will It take'
I have heard mat vinegar Is nn
gain at once? PATIKNC'i:.
TfceiM spots will dry up of their own
ocenl If you give tliein time out aiexy
astringent. In that case, will vit.egsr ' tlannel in one in tnese urevvns wnicn I (t uWeunted te in my case? I wanted
reduce enlarged pores" will pereM-ln ' adus te its finely plaited skirt n seal-I l0 keee Herbert's fuendship iuui vet
?UBh?nantrJm''wltKlTroxid-rUHew !,:,,',, j'";U"t' l'n,1,'r ,.ll'H " worn a u wu; Nerman whom I loved and
lone will . ke for 'h0 Memislus te bl,mH! ",, eeru "rl""'ll)' exploiting a WRntCll te held. It only the e were
See "r aft It 1 la khends rv s-iueezed . r ' f"r rows of scallops. The emi WB, I ,.,,, rose hli , ... a knewi-
...- n-h.i ...nt ,.in ii ,h i,ni. ,. nic :et is uniasteneii in tlie irent, a inct ...
' tiai tTlll IIVILI IIIUIII uiuilk I l IhiU lllit. . I it. , .f niu O Mil ivnnliii mu jm i,( .u ...,.l i.. uliillii1iiie Llllitnilt l l,f 1 lil Mill J ..!. .. tl.ei ,.n t li.i hiiiliilnieil ,. - , ., iev j'kimiu i v.sv,-.
1! v trlngcntu that you enn buy at the drug ' Scandinavian women. Including the Herbert came nt c, :.10 and was most Were usually shaped with rjinii icuivcs k,.rhi'iie oil 1 he.v slieuld then he In the fields W ll-bred women who
IJ, tore. This will cbse pores that have, men of Finland, nre said te enjoy a , ceiisiuernte. He inane tilings as easj as at the lower edges. I ab'es of tills tjpe retlcil up und hit for nn hour or two, train thcr chUdu-n pre- crly nev r in
TflSfi r. enlarged by blackheads or pirn- creater deirree of iiidependence than possible for me. mid it wns tadtlj tin- were commonly made of walnut und then soaked and rubbed well, Imt low them te renq. mid icrcain wliert
( ".&; 1 pJM. It Is Impossible te tell Just hew f. ;",,, veX.r,r f tlnnver ikrHoed between us that the occur- were cqtmllj useful nnd pleasant te leek through warm smh nnd r used. Latin- thn noise wil d stutb elder visitors. Ne g
' V'4Slfc?f. hl' W''L ?. ..! ,i .depends m " ' lur i "" direct en-' rence of last night would never be re- ,..t The renroductien. may be iccei.,- dwigk them this way Hayes about fifty ? 1!tCl, Z"hZtt ,S."; V, rV! ih, BOOd
FyZxm-'ikUi and the s Ire of th. b e nisH resentatlen en the LeagiH et Nations peatcd. Uut till tlie While, 1 Iiaa tne menucu ter uiuu.s . . i..wu, ceu u lue muuurj u.... iuU vvlm. 1etfth andi Perimutter, are an ..met I hmujch &
JP,SIM te Seen wbwt!, than the women elfiny ether country. XeeUng that Uerbcrt did net 'mean what dy. 'ater.v -m ,auier than a liability. 'JtfOaW
m .. 9 tm-tmmi w- iiiiiiii nut kit iiiti hi i mill iiiiiri ni .-i . .- - - . . . v . i ! m.. .nin tnui vj n r Mia iirriLAni a .. ii. i n .. .. . i .... b.iii rriL. it it. uivii -.. 4 -
Teller Celers the Tale
, , , r.,tive nfler the elder is-
elides had faltered and fled.
flf ,,), wen,'iiTstruek -Vm,th. Certain
His story h.is about It certain traits
cttrcsiniis ulten recurring like
"-tniightwnv" and "auui7.ed" : Ins
dwelling en the miraculous, rather than $
en the philosophy of what lie saw, his
abrupt, iinliterary manner of leport lepert
ing llilnss, are jeuthful traits of one
much In earnest and full of enthusiasm.
Ne wonder his cousin Hnrnahns
wished te t.ike him with him en his
trip of vi-itntinn te all the new nils
mes: X wonder that in the end
' ' """" "f "'"? j
' " "'". ""m apart from his
''' usefulness he evidently could
'' " -"'r-' ".'" "'' """ "
thitu's wth the seeing, candid ejes of
cnprejiiiiic-d and et loyal euth. That
-h" M ,Jt 'V1''0 '" ''rnl vlth tllB
cnlmaginative ignorance of a I'eter,
'""" ttl' biased learning of a Saul. He
"n '" a position where he could hear
n 1 see intimate details nnd listen te
the repetition of much news ceticerii-
ii'S Christ, and being leung and curious
'i"d acme, with .1 parent who encnur-
ns:"d his enthusiasm, he sinv mere than
most nnd understood the importance of
evn little happenings. He remembered
them tee, vividly as se many teparute
en nN, without an attempt te make n
iuer.il out of them, or prove any theory,
except that here was the met wonder-
ful.Man tliat had ever lived!
N'D j'ist becauee Iiih story, stories
rather, of the life of Christ, are se
vahuble, being In point of time the
earliest and In point of authorship the
iues- authentic, one N glnd rather than
sei ry that two Christian men qunrreled
ever him. Keeause through that cpinrrei
his character is known for certain
traits, wbiih in a sense threw an in
terpretative light en his story of Our
That Is. he did leave two persons
whom he had -vt out te serve, and en
the eve of a illfhcult journey. He evl-
,i,,llllv thought Utter of that" 'act. or nt
nU ,.VPIU!, uas willing te take the
journey later with both men. and failing
, pI.llsl, 110 of ,10 ,., followed the
lltller He did still later comfort and
nl(I t, mn w, Imd distrusted him.
,.,n,i j t. was stiU ater intrusted by that
mau wlt, nn important errand. These
,., t.upled with the ether, connected
lth mother's enthusiasm nnd dis-
cipleship. anil with his own first-hand
pV1.lli.iices. his near nrrct nn the
darkest night of His Mnster's life, his
escape nt the last moment these all
threw a verifjing light en his story et
these thr-e momentous years of the
world s history
KNOWING Jehn Mark even se little,
one understands his story of Christ
And T suppose there is no one but
could .afford te understand that story
S.lR.lff D. LOVTRIE.
Light Brown and Gray
Stressed in Sports WearUx " urK0 box of "
L v3Sp(B
ty 'f!
A XV hi i ll
v l
.... ,. ..
'? CIIKI-.ii l.uwr,
r . .. . t , ..-enij
. ,0 ,? , r ! , ' J 1 i.i.i
be well-dressed this hummer of HIJJ.
Ter it Is the breuns nnd giaji of this
retiring creature which are echoed most
freinientlv in the smartest sumnier
sports wear The knitted costumes
particularly observe this decree regard-
ing neutral tints, and many m lety
women have bieught back with them
from Paris sultn of the popular weave
in the light browns se highly esteemed
by the foreign designer.
Today v.c are showing a light weight
which discloses the two facing rows of
scallops closing tlie blouse.
:mM&mmmmmrmi m mmvm.m
. .?. x. ...... ..- .. . i . . .
v V 'V '' V V wf"jLj vNK'
Ne, net neces-arily for jour trousseau, but just ns part of your fall
outfit. A stunning little hat with a brim made entirely of feathers, with
n uit, for jour morning shopping tour; a becoming affair of georgette
with bias edge falling straight down te veil the eyes discreetly at the
afternoon tea hour, and a lovely little frock of chiffon with pointed
draperies thnt ndd grace te the walk of you when jeu stroll out te
the perch te ga7.e at the sunset after dinner
The Wife Cheater Bi n7Ei' DET0 hwcheuhi
Jenn S'turkhrldiir inarrirs .Vermnn
Wii'iir in spite 'of iiiniiy iriirmniji i
Jiera Iter jncmln. hr rlmnii i itn in
prefcrtnre te Herhrrt Livwiiten, who
lerci her devotedly, but who lueks
Xnrman's charm. Xutmnn is thu
kind of man who has never l(en
known te care for out- icemnn vierc
than a feic tricks at a time, but Jean
I) confident of holding him. After
marnaiie, however, she ftndi this mere
difficult than she had imagined, for
he mi.-ci her mucruMc bi his atin
ttnns te ether wetiun. ll'Afn Udlth,
Jean's yeunacr sister, cumrs te tfilf
them, Aermtn i very much attracted
te her, and Herbert Livingston, who
has come lack into Jean's ft'. n' t
te make up te her for Xermuii' dc
lin'uenciei. Jean iciirn that Her
bert is still in love uith her. but she
is rrckleis hrnt tic of German's fteaf
ment nnd of Ldith's callousness.
A Dangerous Situation
Nrt-fr I V I I 1 .. t- ,1
OILMAN had no sooner left for the I
office that morning, having gene
with the understanding that Ldith was
te meet l.lm in town, than the deer bll
rang, nnd a moment later Mary brought
Fer you, Mrs. Wajne," she said,
' handing me the box, nnd a moment later
I had tern the wrappings oil and
mining up 10 view an uriiuiii ui pnic
icun nn rose,
Ldith was still at the table, nnd al-
though I had my bad; te her, I felt that
she was watching me.
... .. ...... i.. ! , .!.i .
.nc t .,., ."ci.v.- i s.n.i. ""
ing toward her. and holding them.
Hrautlfui, she .eturiied smoothly
and altlieugh I watcl.id lier cleselj , I
could bee no jealousy about her. 1,
began te be almost certain that I hnd
been wrong in my suspicions, and tii.it
she did net care ler Herbert utter all
but there was a note from Jlerbeit In
the box and 1 was tee eager te read it
te pay any mere attention te Ldith jut
The note wn short. It centnincd a
simple npoleg) for what had happened I
the mght before, and asked If lie might
call thnt night and apologize in puun. '
He would ring me up later in the day
and hmi out if I could see him.
It was with a smile en my lips and
n eoncleu-iies that I wa plujing te
the gallery that I fe'ded up the note,
f ok up mj teses and left the room. I
did net glance again at Ldith, se that
I did net sen h iw she was taking it.
tins, but the impulse had come te ine te
play up te her. Whether she actually
cared for Herbert or net, it could de
no harm, and if the did care, it might
de n gnat deal of geed.
Ldith left for the city thnt afternoon
about 4 o'clock, obviously te have din
ner with Nerman, and fiem that time
nn I hnd nothing te de hut eat n solitary
dinner anil wait for Herbirt's appear- '
ance. Ldith's astounding behavior had '
made me forget for a time the in' ident
of last night, between Herbert Jind
me, but new, as I bad time te think" it
ever, I readied that I dreaded seeing
Herbert again. , If I saw him and nc ,
cepted his apilegy se that the friend-i
ship lietween Us might (Oiiliniie, 1
I might reason that In overlooking what
had etcuned I might net have reseiite
It se much as I had pretended te.
In the lieiu t of a thoroughly conven
tional woman like uvuelf It was a sor
did thing te p'ny with a man's affec
tiens. And, utter an, wasn t tliat what
lite of tlie way he was hurting me. for
even lu spite of what had happmed, I
could net believe tliat Xeiili.ni had
reached a point where he was uctuallj
tw i - filv WtllmmB wBi
S V S "iii i W liH Ti!
he aid. I could net help but feel that (
he wa.s waiting, biding Ills time, and ' (l
wa.s wilting, muing nn ' '
t sen.e da j when Nerm in had t le.
te,, far he would step in and can ,
me away with him.
Of ceur-e. I was foolish and ever-
wrought, and it was difficult for me te '
see mi thing in the rigiu light. Hut I
could net forget that feeling of reck- , new Is the lime te get join-self lu trnln
lcssiiess that had swept ever me last lag se no mere pounds will crowd you.
night, nnd I feared that I might de , Hetter send me a stnmpcd-nddi-e.ssed en en
eoul"! hiii" some dav without thinking ' wiope and I will give jeu a set of e.x e.x
ef th" const 'ii.ences', s. mething thnt I crcises which is exactly what jeu need
might net de in m nermnl frame of l l' -'et uw,i ' right weight and keep
mind, but through desperation. , there. Ask for "youth preservers"
I when jeu send the stamped-addressed
Men.layTI,e Judgment of Hilten 'J!"!! 1"? 'Sfe'
Adventures With a Purse
i TCi: CHIAM is just plain ice cream,
but whn served with a rich, creamy
chocolate Mine it takes en an entirely
di.Tireiit tispeet. Hut, then, who wants
. I u 1 ..,....-. .a ...el... .1...
,.,,,., Ani C( r wn3 de'ighted te dis-
,eer some chocolate sauce which comes
n nln ready for use as a sirup or
for icitig If a bit mere sugar is added,
! and a twelve-ounce can may be had for
thirty-ihe WM.
Train journeys w tn U.e c ren arc
often helped if U.ev the children, of
.euhse net the journey or train-have
Train journeys with the children are
course, nei ine jeuijum or nam '""
mom ... ,, ,., .. . !...,., ,!" "- muscles iiave lest liianj n nice chin.
deuhudly excellent, except they are j ljine ,imp ,,,, ,.M,r,.ihP, for rellll)v.
Midi large nnd stnky things te be ban- lni. lll)ulje L,llini lk.aS(, fc,n(1 H ,
tiled. A box ' su.nll lelly. peps addressed envelope,
erangp. lemon and lime flavor can be. i . .
' ,, for twenti-five .ents. and will
; y ,h t b,
, , , ,
' '"
Fer nnmc or .Imps nddrc. Wern in'rn
Editor or niien Miiim-t iiihi or iiuiu iuui
, 'ZlZ--- --- - - - -
ru Hareld Donaldsen Hbcrlcin
(hieeu Anne Tables
The old gate tables and tlie larger
turned tables had proved se useful in
the pant and were such general favorites
that they c-uutimnil Ie be largely used
, during the tjunn Anne period nnd
afterward, just us they hnd held their
own (lining the William uiuV .Mary
perl- d .Nevertl.eiess, a new type m
!diep-liaf tables large enough te be
IiishI as a dining table new begante be
lunde in cm. tderab'c numbers.
I Tills was thi' lytic shown lu tlie illus-
trillion. They Imd four (iibiiele legs
anil when the drop leaves vveie down
they wi'ie oblong ill shape. The, leaves
were either n-f tuiiliuliir ill shape or e'se
wire reiiiul.-d se that when the table
, was exleii'lid te its full dimensions th"
top was either round or elliptical. When
tin. le.ivis were un. one leir from oaeii
end was swung eutv.ard te suppeit
tin. leaves, while one ether leg nt each
end leiualned fixed ie the uuderfi inning
i a
li i V
Antoinette Dennelly's
Advice en Beauty
nil.KKN : If jeu wnnt te gain weight,
you must try te take life mere easily.
Don't be moving all the time. Get mere
rest. Get ten hours' sleep without fail,
nnd don't worry se much. I have if book
let en gaining weight. I think if you
will fellow it you will be pleased with
the results. Send stiiinped-nddrcssed
envelope and 1 will be happy te mail
it te you.
S. II. L. : Yeu can safely use peroxide
te bleach supeiilueiis hair. It should lie
diluted with eiual parts of water and
the strength gradually increased. It Is
applied by using u piece of cotton wet
Willi the solution. This pieceiiure must
he repeated dally for a while before the
esind reMilt is obtained. An nppll
catien of equal parts of peroxide and
, wf ,,1,. ,h ,,,, ,, , d
ufu,r Inuny ,U)piln,Uell!) tl.ds t0 rut lt
A. C. f . : A woman, twentv-eicht
feet 4 inches, should weigh about li'.O.
011 are net se much overweight, hut
.... .....I.., .,.., .i.,,iii ..iiu niiiii:'
bread lonsumptlen one-half at each
n.i'ul. Let me knew at the end of n
month wliut this lias done for jeu.
1 SIIIIlLnV: New is the time te go
atter the tresses In a spirit of righteous
I endeavor. 1 lobbed hair is easy te brush,
liflkT' fri li tl.ti fi.ijl nni. . . !.... f i:..
J I." ii-.l llllli i-iinj ii, i.u-i iii-u liuiu
dust and grime and dirt of the day.
Yeu would net have dandruff trouble it
ou brushed jour hair night and morn-
; lng and wushed it every two weeks
Hrushlng Is te the hair what exercise
is te the figure.
nOUOTIIY: The first thing for
U,eIi,k away the double chin is te held
t!ip ,.,, whcn WH,.ltlg h(amlg.
'tt rt.adlng. talking. Lazy neck
i sitting, reading, talking. Lnzr neck
Cen Ven Tell?
liy It J. and .1. ll Iledmer
Wiat a Vacuum Tube Amplifier Can De
The Vacuum Tube Amplifier, the most
marvelous electrical invention of the
M'ciiturj, a device which enables us te
i telephone across thn world, is a smnll
glass tube, closed te ,n point at one
end like an electric light bulb and sealed
at the ether. Inside is a piece of
tungsten wire, called the filament, with
a spunl of wlie around it, the grid, und
around this a verj thin piece of curved
meal, called the plate, opened en one
side. Mr. Ldisen made the first vacuum
tune, i insisting et tin; iiinment am
Plate, forming the two electrodes, but
never developed it cemmeicliilly.
tsenie j ears later He I erest ndded the
spiral wire, forming a third electrode,
and that extra little wire made nerfeet
what inventeis hud searched for for
j ears. The spiral wile wns found te
have the effect of amplifying the energy
It leceived, and today the human voice
and ether seundi, can be amplified a
million tunes through the usu of sets of
thesi- tubes.
It is believed that through It the
deaf will be eiiah ed te hour.
One of the greatest uses te which It
has Ix-en put is in the 'audio pilot,"
invented hy Karl C Ilensen, with which
vessels can lie brought safely Inte har
ber In dense fog or total dnrkness. An
lnsuinteil cable connected with an elec
tric al installation en Hherc is laid along
the bed of the channel. Each side
of the ship is equippid with i ei s of
wire en the bow. These cells pick up
ine ea-tnea- eiierg.v iiuevvn oil bv the
, eanie ami ine pilot unrein, tiueugh his
- phone. If tlie pert side louder lie
knows he Is te staibenrd of the cable
I where lie belongs. The found from
the cable Is passed through vacuum tube
amplifiers. .Miiuy oilier interesting de-
velepuients nre expected from these
. tubes.
Monday "What Is the Origin
uf ENpleshes?"
Save en the Laundry Hill
When the overalls are covered with
grease and grime from tlie nut
II IIP ant
AUGUST : 10, 22
Please Tell Me
What te De
Lttttri te Cirnlhla'i column must hi
terttlrn cm one ld of tht vaper ""ii
and mtiif he nlpntd with tht or "r J
nam en,l addrfu. The name will '"
be published U the writer dOM net irM
. Uvtlened Utter and letter "rlHf?
en 6eth ldr 0 the raper will net M
answered, irrltcr who ti-lsh rfr'0"n'
aniiwer that can be eiven in the column
will please leek there, a personal letter)
are only urltlcn lelicn abselulclv ncctJ
taw. Want te Get Acquainted
Dear Cynthln We are two young fel
lows In our teens nnd we would 1JK0.;?
knew hew we could iret acquainted wmi
a reed crowd of fellows nnd girls, we
nlse live In West Philadelphia, ,
Wq de net run around the dance nans,
but go out by ourselves, as we have no
one te go out with. TWO OUTCASTS.
rln tn Ihn nimtrir nf vnlir chlirCll anil
kslt te be Introduced te seme nice yeulig
Wishes "Anxious" Could Leve Her
Denr Cynthln Here I nm ngaln, te
answer a letter of "Anxious, Ne. 1.
"Anxious," I would like te meet you,
Wlint made you think I misunder
stood you? Fer seme tlme I have been
Iceklnp for your annwer, nnd at insi
hnve found It. Thank you. ,
Yeu eald you de net llve In Phila
delphia. Well, neither de I.
Please tell me hew old you nre, top.
Cynthia snld you must be yeunjr ir
you hnve been graduated from sciippi
only a year. I Hhall be nlnetcen tills
fl?: ...... .- i vt?
Ana you ve never mi.cii m '.;,,
I would Ilka te be the first one ou
fall for. Wrlte real seen again.
. ANXIOUS. Ne. .
nather a pecrr wish, my dear Yeu
might net llke Anxious Ne. 1 If ypi exur
chanced te meet him. nnd jet jeu nre
wllllm? te xvlsli posslble unrequited artcc artcc
tien upon him.
Says They're Toe Yeung
Dear Cynthia I have written before
nnd received valuable ndylce and nm
writing ngnln. The situation s as fol fel fol
Iewr: I nm deeply In love with a. fel
low about my own age. He has de
clared his leve for nie nml te for
him. He often speaks of w sh nj h
were married, but bring only clBiteen
nnd nineteen I tell him we nre tee you in?
and foolish. Ue you minis ; ""
I think xve have plenty of time. lie
Is my "Ideal man" and I would net
give him up for the world.
Why Is It every lime I kiss nlm I
always shut my eyes and never have
anything te say te him? What should
I say? JLSr "
Yeu nre both young for marriage, but
If the young man can support you It
will ba perhnps wier net te wnlt. tn
If you declde te wait, de net sre encli
ether ettcner thnn two or three times
u week. Iienc engagements are net al
ways geed things.
Wishes She Knew "Cynlcus"
Dear Cvnthln Just a word te "Cj-nl-cus."
I think you nnd I could be pals
If Cynthia would permit, because, my
greatest nlm Is te be a wanderer. loe
l..l T . n irlrl llO,i!lllM. if I W.lllt tO
travel I must de se In n conventional
way. Ob. for the life of a man; te
be free from nil convention", etc. 1
read of the Last nnd It fascinates nie.
It Is se nlluring nnd se mysterious, but
It Isn't for ine. Yeu knew, I am a
Swis, and they are noted for their wan
derlust. but I seem te have gotten mere
thnn my shnrc of It. I have been
around a geed bit In the northeast, but
net enough te satisfy me. Te ream lu
a foreign country with a geed pal, un
der a moonlit hl; Rcmancc'.' All .
It Is what I desire There Is no romance
In an everyday job as a waitress, sales
lady or something of that sort. It Is
a steady life and ends -hew? Out A est
alse: . , .
Out where the mountains rlse and rise
Till their shining peaks kiss the morn
ing skies.
And tlie boundless prairies roll en nnd
en. . , . ,
Alas "Cynlcus," I nm but a girl and
I must be content te dream, whereas
veu, you can pack a knapsack und de-
Jmrl nnnll llielt te VOU Oil till! rO.lll
nnd' remember there Is one girl who
envies j'eu. inmi.u.
It's tee bad te spoil all this romance,
but if you had followed "Cynlcus "
letters, jeud knew she Is a gin.
Writes te "Topsy"
Dear Cynthia Please publish this let
ter te "Topsy" for me In answer te the
ene she wrote te me through jour wen
derful celumn:
I was verv glad te hear from j-eu,
'Tepsv." through the column Thanl;
veu for your most generous compli
ment. Yeu state that ou don't be be
lleve In passing compliments, but at
tribute my hympatlietlc nature, te my
heicTit. In ene way that might be the
reason for mj- aforesaid nature, but I
bellevn the rtnl ciuse Is that at one
tlme I knew what It was te be reallv
lonesome but ns I have said at ether
times, "Them days are gene forever."
It Is u shame that se manv of us
liax-e te correspond through Cynthi i's
wonderful column, yet never have the
opportunity te meet each ether. What
de veu sav about that?
Well, "Tepsj-," old pal, If J'eu feel
Inclined te answer this letter, nnd I
hope jeu will please describe yourself,
se I can Imagine what you are like
My description has already been pub
lished, se you have somewhat of an
Idta of what I leek like
Tell me wiiv Is It you like Southern
ers. Is there any remarkable Halt about
them that inuresls you or Is it merely
New for j'eur tieubles. I ympathlir.e
with you lu the less of your Apelle,
but, ns '"yiithla sas, probably he will
come back te you If you hnve li.wned
your l"son, i cheer up and bu a sport,
"the worst Is yet te come "
Yeu say j'eur hobby Is tennis Well,
I llke te see tennis and play It, but
there nre ether things I would rather
de. such.ns swimming, canoeing, danc
ing, hiking and, last but net least, I
am llterarlly Inclined
rynthln, I wrote a letter te "Lene
Wolf" some two weiks age and It has
net been published. What Is the mat
ter? t-av, "Ijneseme," I gueS.i j-eu de net
nppieclate sympathizers Anvway. jeu
hiivn net answered mj letter Let's hear
from you seen. Ol'TUOOlt HOY
wereVerai ether letVe'te
tm ,'jUt f01. reme reason, though Cyn-
thla, tee, askid him te wilte fuulier
en the mibject. lie Is silent.
liy Helen Dccic
It seems Inhumann te ebjict te chil
dren at summer hotels, but the fact Is
th it iiide Iievh iii.d girls can n.nku Hfe
se unpleasant for ether guests that
tliesi must leavi f the annejaiK e is
tee great. And no hotel propilutei ran
affeid te h.ivu paying giasts dilveu
Well-trained children never annoy
adults Tbry luive plenty of fun In
tlie places provided for their ninun meet
without intituling Inte the grown-up
reset vntlens At many, senslmre niid
teuntry hotels, the narement deer
y,)i & e- r&-&? , VM
l .( ," 'v 'v y i
i uniKiiKU nni hi iiiiTi t in i nit liiv'i ruin ntv r
Twe Walkers en a Het 'City Street
Brought a Breath of Fresh Open Air
They Were Se Calm in Their Expression, Se Firm and ('
hurried in Their Stride 1 hat the City Dwellers Were
- Refreshed by Them
TUB city street was teeming with
midsummer activity.
Het It wns, and dusty.
Nelsv the trnfiic of n city seems te
resound mere loudly nnd Insistently en
n het day.
Lvervhedy Is nlvvnya In n hurry in
the middle of the day, but n het neon
in mid-August makes haste mere hur
ried and mere bustling nnd mere labor
ious thnn even.
Hut business people must ent nnd
workers must get bnck te the efilee en
time, nnd re It's necessnry te hurry
even when the thermometer Is high nnd
the vitality Is low.
Se the street thnt busy midsummer
dny presented n lively scene of hustling,
bustling humanity.
TURN down the middle of the pave
ment en the ether side of the way
came two young men.
Kaslly, calmly they walked in the
midst of all the excitement.
Their bends were held hiish, their eyes
were serene nnd quiet nnd their step
wns firm, unhurried, even nnd strong.
They were khnkl breeches nnd e. d.
Rhirts, nm shoes that would stand n let
of hnrd treatment.
Undoubtedly they were xvnlkcrs, en
n trip, perhaps tnklng In the center of
the city en tlielr wny past It, or per
chance mnking n tour from city te city.
They hnd been out under the heavens
in tlie open spaces.
Their ejes vveie accustomed te long
distances and wide horizons, hence the
unruflled, calm leek.
Their lungs were filled with fresh
country nir. nnd they hnd struck nn
even pace that wns convenient nnd
easy te keep up steadily for miles and
miles neress country.
All tills accounted for their stnrtllngly
peaceful manner nnd appearance ns they
stepped composedly nlnng through ail
the fuss nnd flurry of n mid-August
A XD ob, my goodness they were re
They seem te
Nevel and Attractive
Serving Ice Cream
This Dessert Is Especially Delicious if Prepared as a ileringiw'
or With a Delightful Sauce, Either Het or Celd
Capvrl'jht, 10!1. hu Mrs. .V. A. Wilsen. All
tienis rtscricu
III1 fad for serving various fancy
ics et loe crenm both ns n dessert
and upon informal decisions seems tn
increase rather than ilimmisti (luring
this month. I have had miinj requests
for special formulas, and I nm preparing
the recipes in this form se that all may
The new sauces that arc served with
ire cream are: Chocolate and raisin,
caramel and raisin, walnut caramel and
raisin, chop suey, t'umbeibiml blue
berry. Scotch taffy, butter.-cetch.
The proper method is te serve the
portion of Ice crenm nnd then pass the
vnuce in a small bowl with mnjennaisi!
dipper or large spoon, nltheugi some
persons are u-ing the daintiest kind of
individual pitchers, mnde of glass, and
about tin' size of the cream pitcher ummI
by the helils for serving creuni with
the coffee.
Chocnlute and ItiiNin
Place one-half package of rnisins In
saueepnn. and add one cup of boiling
water; simmer slowly for five minutes.
Place in second saucepan
Onv cup of honey or sirup,
One cup of sugar.
One ciin of water.
Vnur tablespoons of cornstarch,
Three-quartets cup of cocoa,
One-half teaspoon, of cinnamon.
Stir te disselve thn sugar nnd
starch, then bring te boil, cooking let
live minutes; add the prepared rai-int,
and simmer slowly for three minutes.
Coel, chill and serve in smnll bowl.
Caramel and Raisin
Piece one cup of granulated sugar in
snucepnn, nnd add four tablespoons of
het water, heat slowly te boiling point,
and cook until it will form In a hard
ball. When tested in told water nnd
the sugar turns a'goed eaiamcl color, i
turn at eme en buttered plate, and1
cool, liieak up In piece, nnd put'
through the feed chopper te crush.
Place in second saucepan I
7'ire nnd one-half cn of icater.
One and one-half eupi of brown
Thrte tablespoon? of cornstarch,
Stir te disselci. the sugar and starch.
an. I ioek for live minutes. Add one
cup of seedless riisins and simmer for
live minutes, longer; Coel. Add two
teaspoons of vani In. and chill when
ready te serve. Add three-quarters cup
of the prepared caramel cand.v.
Te pit-pure the walnut ( annuel pre-
pare mixture as given for the raisin
cnramel, and emit the raisins, adding
tliree-qunrters flip of finely chopped
walnuts In place of the raisins, and
when ready te serve add one cup of the
prepared caramel candy,
Cumberland Blueberry
Wash ntul leek ever carefully one and
one-half dips of huckleberries, place In
saucepan and ndd
One cup of water,
One cup of sugar.
Cook slowly until the berries nre soft,
then add
One cup of marshmallow whip.
Healing In, the mixture te blend, ndd
7 ii'e fcujtpoeris of vanilla.
Till this saute into small pitchers and
Scotch Tally
Iiuee two cups of brown sugar in
sain I'pan and add
One ewi of water.
Cook slowly until mixture will spin
n hair fiem the tip of the spoon. New
Tire fafafctpoeiM of butter,
A Daily Trcat,!
Hl m MMmm
en aHI anfTtfac5aitrp..
through the het crowd, just J
bent lenves n w-nke thnt is smnnll, ..V
even in the middle, although It intil
up the water Inte worried little w!!!
en both sides of its wnv. 4v
It would be dellchtfnl tn fv,t-i. .. .
you hnd that effect upon the maddh.
throng. Ulnt,
Te hnve such nn emphntlcnlW r.
frchcd nlr yourself thnt ethers weUi3
feel brnccd up Just from seeing 7,1,
pass by. '"
Te be se unaware of the turmoil
the day, se untouched by Its werrlil
nnd frets, though net In n selfish. B
wny. thnt pissersby would be foraewZ
niileted and seethed l.v vm,. .:; .??.
-rf jvui ujuuacri
PERSONS who have been en InttmiU
terms, ns these boys evidently hJ '
been, with the sky nnd the sunsnlnt
the birds nnd trees, the dlstnnce and tkl
Ktillnesses of the open rend, nlwayi d
nbserb seme of-the bread qulctnutnij
it nil. "
it"1 ,flttll(7 hnw left the bustlhj,
life of a city for Just n short whll S
spend a vacation biking or ciimnlnt
they gnin n wider outlook en life and
begin te see-beyond and abeve the ten.
tiens nf every dny.
They have forgotten, for tht flat,
hew te hurry.
The stride they hare adopted Is com,
fnrtnble nnd they could go en like that
for hours without realizing that th
nre wnlklng nt nil. '
One purpose they have te talis a
walk nnd see what they can sec en thi
Xethlng else bothers them; thn
ether persons, business, everything that
everybody else in the het crowded cltr
street Is worrying nbeut have been for'
gotten nnd left behind.
NO WOXDKR they are restful t
leek upon; their stnte of mind li
Hikers ought nlwnys te walk threuA
the central streets of cities when thej
come te them, just te give city dvvellen
a refreshing brenth of open nir. nn tn.
vigeratlng suggestion of dlstancn nmi
Ways for
Given by Mrs. Wilsen
Our lableipoen of vanilla.
Twe tablespoons of tnursSmallMe
Ilent hard te blend.
Butterscotch Sauce
Plnce In saucepan
Ttre cup? of brown sugar.
One anil one-half citpi of milk.
Twe tablcipoens of butter and yelU
of two nigs.
Beat hard te blend, then pour In a
fine stream en the stifllv beatea whltei
of tvvq eggs. Whip well; cool.
Pearh Mci-ingiie
I'Ince a spoonful of Ice cream en lea
cream dhh and plnce two halves of
nice pench each side of the cream, Just
as though the cream were a fillini be
tween the pencil, Masli with whipped
cream through pastry bag nnd sprinkle
witu grnteu sweet chocolate.
Peach I'arfait
Select ripe pouches, pare and cruih,
nace in liewi
fine pinf e ice cream,
One cup of whipped cream,
One cup of the prepaied peaches.
Blend together quickly, using fork
and spoon te blend with: till la te tall
tnin glasses en n stem, (iarnish with
nice slice e peach, dusted with nut
meg. Things You'll Leve te Make
l Freck nnd Sasli Must Match
Mttle sister must keep up with DafM
' Vashlen. tee. Then make this hi
' ,ind frock that match. The hat has &
i full crown of the same plain inntcrlai
ns t,0 frock. Tlie brim is scalloped.
,,d of the figured material of which
the sash is fashioned. The edges of the
' mini and sash are embroidered in silk
or wool. The same frock can hav
scvQial sashes und hats that match.
ivesinevtvq, a, Q&au
WaJtJUtxctx. ffirtfcuJ
sl e(?JluJ vj
na rinistniii strfi-t.
Sold Everywhere
3EB - fiL
Riijjtjjl In HuB
' i '-.-: W.i
jfi fliaV9aaaaaaaaV
.iK. W. ...- . .. - - v ' i - - ' -' Ja

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