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fc VOL. VIII. NO. 310 .
Entared at Secend-riRti
PubIlh(I Dally Kev 8mAy, BcrlpenTtlcftnTtAt bt Mall.
Copyright 1823. br Publle lAOgtr Cempanr
Under the Act et Mrch 8, 1870
Alice, Thornten Arraigned;
'urj'i' a
Enters "Net Guilty" Plea
. . ... .t ..... ',,.
lilt1 llll'l'l II IIIIIIUIT V
reu rM.wn i.m.M.v
Film Star Involved in
Sheeting Held for Trial
en October 9
, tJW tVLr "" IKirt" ?".(1V rfTi
i, '. iA71?.lJBffiPF.'r" ' , l.Lltl
'Lf.V i""l V'jU'l' . tJ Vtl ri.'C "r I ' . " . jft-H fTn "
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iWnnN hfb sun
I IiImwIIBbI I W llll'L
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V.L.,; Which Blotted Out
IWenmB- --
"Mr. Sodane's Life, came
Frem Within Heuse
ML r- '
j)yn-Year-Old Bey, and Aged
Weman Only Persons Inside
at Time of Sheeting
Mri. Geerge Kodane. thlrty.years old,
I. . .i - MfliHAn . -waai nhnr
r(M mower ui iuu ;u.v.M - ---
,' Ina klllea unaer inyuictiuuB utvuw-
iitkhas last night while 8tUng en the
perch of her home ar iiangnerne, ra.
!i- M.i.hheTii and Dasseraby en Weed-
tfed 8Tenue, where the.Sodane home Is
jMBtM, were Binrucu ej, lav reyutt ui
4"(0n The "het came from within the
WK. The next moment they saw the
jjnaan collapse In a chair, with a
jlged wound that extended from the
iittft-te tbe right aide 01 ner necK.
ii'Oeunty officials are divided in their
MBiens concerning the, sheeting. A
'mery of murder has .been advanced
M well as ena ei acciueuwii buiiuiuib
e'aipiea tJ samuei oeuano, ine isvcn-
VIHr-OIQ pen ei me wuiumii
Jhs'i dath was fired from inside the
tense, through a screen, according te
Qorenfr White, of Doylestown. The
'enlr occupant of the room from which
ttt tnflebarreled twelve-Inch shotgun
' wit fired was the dead woman's son,
jf Corener Questions Sen
, UThe youth was questioned by the
bOtnntr an hour after the sheeting. He
V rial t ted having been iii-the room, but
fowled that he fired the shot that killed
"I had jurt returned from school and
it I passed my mother en the perch I
uied her if she would get me Borne Berne
alflf te eat. Then I walked inside to te
'wird the kitchen.
"As I went through the parlor I
heird a loud noise and then ihn nhnt
r "ion which always steed In the corner
e( te room feu te uie hoot, wnen I
ran back te the oercli I saw mv mother
leaning forward in the chair and bleed.
ten all ever hpr nfrk."
,.v, Corener White is under the lmpres lmpres
,.VKeHhe boy may have accidentally dls
''eairfed the gun, but through fear of
;f-tel held responsible for his mother's
.Odcath Is unwilling te confess te the
4The only ether occupant of the house
,K."the time was the seventy -year -old
pother of Mrs. Sodeno, She was in tbe
vltjtehen and hurried te the front room
Wtn hearing the rcnert. When hi
.Attached the perch the boy was bending
AMlhberB who ran te the heun iahrn
L-tity taw the woman collapse.
!5 M examination 61 tne wound by Dr.
VEdirard Iluntlman. of T7iilmivllle
'tended te show that the woman may
i uiti eeen muruerea. xne 'position ei
' ll. MBJkllMl 1& B.aU B..HA dl. A .,
mv WUUI1U, UQ M11U, WUB IUUU ku le give
tttdence te the idea that some one took
deliberate aim before pulling the trigger.
k Ne Shell In Gun
Ne shell was fennd In the shotgun
wlen it was picked up later from the
Her of the front room.
!.?Tbe husband of the woman Ir tm.
i ?fIUMfil n fnrAmnn in fh 'TYatw
klilvav TYa" aprlvMl tinn.A n tm m,-
'"t after the sheeting, and was joined
, fj.'Bis tnree etner cnildren, who had
"bunvislting neighbors.
a ceum assign no reason for the
Hth of his wife, and denied that be
new of any enemies who might take
sueh means te show their hatred.
District Attorney Hiram H. Keller,
tl 'Langhorne, Immediately assumed
Jieef the investigation. Together
with Corener White and Dr. Hunts
u, he will visit the house today and
n ever details that may threw some
llht en the sheeting.
h!ld, 4, Disappears at Weddlna
ftrty and All-Night 8earch Follewa-
Whlle the police of this and ether
ettlea were searching for Catherine St.
i?,;0f0Ur 3rar8 'd B28 East Moere
nwt, Norrlstewn, who was supposed
te have been kidnapped, she was found
ilMplng peacefully under a tree near
tie home of Dennl Cernettl Just before
nlaniiht. x
The Cernettl home Is along White
fj" ad about four miles from the
tone of th? child's parents. Mr. and
. St. Angele attended a wedding
J??""" nt the Cernetti place yester
y ind took Catherine with them.
Bhe i disappeared during the festivities
m it was believed she bad been spir
ited away by a passing motorist.
"Highwayman" Simply Stepped
Quarrel. She 8a va New
hu 2 J?Pn'e Leene, who yesterday
W detectlves a vivid story of bavin
W ?et1.cve a vivid story of bavin
'iJrJ!61'1. "P at Seventh and Christian
t the
i neitit
TO", today said
. --"
there had been
up at all.
iwi i- n?.ueiyned by Magistrate Cow Cew
if k. ?i1,y J1?11 nt the hearing of one
, Driiena,leKe,1W8hwaymc' he "id the
' r..8iDer n."l his companions did neth-
Ittwwn.; . ?.an ?!' her and another
wemsn w , wilem hc wa8 qunrreing.
1 .1. didn't tnnt.r ml,n T , ...ll.l
8S1U. y' she t0,d Mni8trntc
PlSnunle T.tn.t .!, 1.1 iln.l
heM y by Mrt' 1,0 one, of the
tS iVi lncnt. wn, "llschnrecd today and
' hit le abandoned their Benrcli for
q, COmnnnlnna
Weman QereH n nk U n.,ll
lwl'te0": All ?.'?. lMn..
? leml ii ",. " J'ur uiii, will
Jlx U? (U'"th.by a bull at her farm,
1 WwEX08 frf"? "untlnwlen. today
, gyh" found her body badly mnng-
fi?tI,A?,K,I'K"'n FOR MAT
Nm II ' ani selli? Wnt,d column n
Price Put en Jurisfs Head,
Says Letter Other De-
' mand $50,000 of the
Union League
Police Set Trap at Rendez
vous Specified in Nete,
but Crowd Gathers and
Plotters Escape Net
Judge Monaghan, sworn fee of the
drug ring, has been threatened with
death if he persists In prosecuting the
peddlers qf poison.
An anonymous letter has warned him
that there Is a "price upon his head,"
and that it has been placed there by the
"drug ring,'' In which the writer beasts
The scrawled note of warning,
printed in ink en cheap note paper, Is
similar te the series of letters received
by officers of the Union League, threat
ening te blew up the League's home at
Bread and Sansom streets if $60,000
is net paid. l
Believe Letters from One Gang
Postal inspectors, working en the
case, believe the letters te the League
and the letter threatening death te the
judg who has been the drug ring's mer
cilee fee may be from the same gang.
Though the detectives are net certain
of their surmise they are working en
this theory.
Strength is given te this the'ery by
the revelation, made for the first time
today, that the letters te he Union
League purper te coma from the drug
Judge Monaghan said today that he
was net afraid of anything the writer
of, the letter threatening his life, or the
drug ring generally, might be able te de.
"I am going right after them," he
said, "in eplte of threats. I am net
paying tee much attention te this let
ter. I have turned it ever te the postal
The authorities refused te give out
vtbe text of Judge Monaghan's letter.
However, the writer nays he Is con
nected with tbe "drug ring," and adds
that a price has been set en the Judge's
life, if he does net let the "ring"
Anether startling revelation made to
day in connection with the supposed
plot te bomb the Union League is that
the writers of the letter apparently
kept their appointment, despite reports
te the contrary.
Wanted Meney Pat in Aute
In all of a long scries of letters re
ceived at the Union League, it was
specified that a man in uniform, bent
by the club, should dellver an oblong
box containing $50,000 te the emlsbailcb
of the letter writers. However, con
trary te the first published repert, the
box was net te be handed te a man
who would be waiting there, but was
te be put into an automobile which
would be standing at tbe rendezvous.
Police, detectives and motorcycle men
in plain clothes were sent te the place
specified, and remained there for some
hours. They departed finally in disgust
when a growing crowd made it evident
that the conspirators would net kecji
the appointment.
There was an automobile waiting at
the corner specified, it became known
for the first time today. The various
letters differed as te the time when
the money should be deposited in the
car. The car was there, however, ler
hours. Ne ene was in it. The de
tectives took tbe license numbeKuiul
knew who owned the car.
They discount the possibility that
Continued en Face Four. Column Twe
HELD IN $15,000 BAIL
Man Recently Arrested Near Heuse
of Correction te Ge Before Court
Alaslstrute Ceward, In Central Sta
tion today, held for court two men
ii a sellers of drugs and three as ad-
Ilarrv Paxon, Franklin street near
Pnllewliill. breujtht for a further hcai
lA S held in $15,000 ball. He u
arrested lust week near the Hoiibe of
Correction. It was alleged he wnd
narcotics te newly discharged prison-
erilermnn Adams, a Negro. Ldciiit
btrcet near Tenth, was held in $4000
had blx envelopes containing a drug
nd hypodermic needles when arrested.
Heward Keuffninii, Sixty-second
Mr"t near Vine; Frank Crate. Fifty
fourth btreet near Race ami Clarence
I nbercern. Fast Hareld Htrcct. were
held in $1000 ball each. Ii. CbatlcH
K. Bricker. a pollce surgeea, testified
I...M VWO M1UUI1 UtHl-UHvn "IM
gigigm IJIk v. 'iLgaigaV
Mether of -"Miss Flerida" Wants
Wedding te Take Ptaee In Seuth
An unusual flutter among a number
of the intercity beauties who partici
pated in the pageant last week and who
remained at Atlantic City ever the
week-end caused ihc mother of Miss
Eleaner Legan, of Jacksonville, Fla.,
who was officially known as "Miss
Flerida," te de a little investigating.
As a result, she headed off her daughter
and Theodere Weenie, of 824 Seuth
Cecil street, this city, just as they were
entering the City Hall at Atlantic City
te obtain a marriage license.
It was later learned that Miss Legan
and Wecms have been secretly engaged
for some time.
Mrs. Legan said she had no objec
tions te the match, but wants It held
at their Flerida, home.
Mrs. W. H. Weems. mother of Theo Theo
eore Wcems, said her son visited, his
home here yesterday, but said nothing
concerning his proposed marriage te
Miss Legan.
She said her-son left last night for
Rain Causes Postponement of the
Fourth Round Until Tomorrow
The heavy rain of this morning pre
vented the plnying of the fourth round
of the national lawn tennis champion
ship at the Qcrmantewn Cricket Club,
Manheira, and the matches scheduled
for today have been postponed until
Huge tarpaulins have been jlrawn
ever the courts and despite the showers
the turf will be in fairly geed condition.
Six feature matches nre corded for
tomorrow and two side court events.
Tbe matches tomorrow will start at 1
In the main court matches, Tilden
will play O'Hara Weed. Patterson will
meet Hunter, Wallace Jehnsen will op
pose Shlmi?u, Manuel Alonse will face
Watsen Washburn, Johnsten will take
en Heward Klnsey and Beb Kinsey will
meet James O. Andersen.
Fermer Pugilist's Remance Wrecked
byRed Head's" Message
Les Angeles, Sept. 12. (By A. P.)
Kid McCoy's ninth romance is
wrecked and Mrs. Jacqueline McDew-
til, who came here from Baltimore with
he announced pnrpose of becoming hi
partner for life, has returned te her
home in the East. This is the statement
of Kid McCoy; himself, whose real name
is written "Nerman Sclby" en the new
useless marrlage license which he and
Mrs. McDowell obtained here several
days age.
A telegram te McCoy signed "Red
head," accidentally discovered by his
prospective ninth bride, delivered the1
knocKeut te the ex-puglllst'a wedding
plans, it was said.
Penna. Miner Killed at Meeting
Burgettatewn, Pa., Sept. 12. (By
A. P.) Samuel Cekas, thirty-eight, a
miner, was shot through the head and
Instantly killed and his brother,
Michael, was wounded in the leg during
a miners' meeting at Dlnsmere last
night. Peljce are searching for a man
who was involved in an argument with
the brothers.
Name Confused When Infant Bey Was Placed in Foundling
Institution and Later Sent (e Kansas
A mother's haunting fear that her
son, missing for twenty years, mgni
turn up Heme day unrecognized and
marry one of his own sisters, has van
ished with the return of the young
man. ,, n,
Twenty-one years age Mrs. Ulga
Solemon landed In this country from
Rumania with her three small children.
Hhe vainly sought work, and finally
found It ncccsbary te place her youngest
child, n baby of eight months, in n
foundling hen" in Ncw Yerlt Clty w,t"
the understanding that she could have
the child back whenever she wished it.,
'iv.n .wpeUr Inter Mrs. Solemon, then
Mrs. Kolevltch, called te sce .her child,
but the authorities told her tha the
baby hed net bcen received there and
that they Knew neming nninn, u.
a frnntin tenreh followed, but all ef
fort te loeato the child proved unavail
ing. Later Mrs. Solevltch went te
Pittsburgh, where she met and married
Max Solemon. Solevltch had died In
lUwiunln two weeks after she arrived
In this country.
The Solemon's continued the search
Judge Monaghan,. whose life has
been threatened In anti-drag war,
and facsimile of letter demanding
990,000 of the Union League under
threat of dynamiting the clubhouse
Defeats Opposition te Screen
Productions- at Ocean Creve
Approval of moving pictures and a
light form of entertainment by Bishop
Berry, of this city, at Ocean Greve
camp -meetings aroused n controversy,
in the camp-meeting association. But
when the smoke of. battle cleared nway
the bishop was vindicated.
Werd of his victory became known
today when a number of Methodist
clergymen who visited the meetings re
turned te jhls city.
Frem reports received here it appears
that the big success of the camp-meetings
this year under direction of Bishop,
Berry nreused a nan.ber of petty jeal
ousies. Ce-operation Weakened
It uas noticed tbat some of the
clergymen of ether cities did net show
the same spirit of co-operation as here
tofore. Shortly after the meetings get
under way Bishop Berry introduced the
"movie" feature.
He contended that-the pictures chosen
were educational and also taught a
geed moral lessen. Nene of the co
called "thrllllers" were included In the
The moving-picture innovation
brought matters te a crisis, and letters
were sent te church members at the re
sort by these onpese3 te the bishop's
pian, in wnicn tney criticized his mctn
eds and asserted substantially that he
wub unuuuuwuK raauera witn an au
tocratic hand."
Just about this tinte the Bishop pre
sented his resignation ns president of
the association. When he took this
ConttaaedenFMre Foer. Celnmn One
U. S. Bureau Flnda Accident Due te
"Malicious Tampering With Track'
Washington. Sent. 12. fBv A. V.I
Derailment of an express train en the
Michigan Central Railroad near (law,
Ind.. August 20, which resulted In the
deaths of two railroad empleyes and1
Injury of two passengers, was caused
by "n.alicleus tampering with the
track, accerdlnc te n rnnnrt. lumpd tn.
day by the bureau of safety of the In
terstate commerce Commlssleu.
In vajn.
A. recerrl nil tllA 1iiriku nf thn
New Yerk institution gave 'the name
"Isadore Barker." This was net her
son surely .
Last March." Mrs. Solemon said
tOUOr. "LietCCtlvO ITnnnlirnn nt thn
Missing Persons Bureau, nt City Hall,
notified me that he had located Isadore
Barker In Kansas. I Immediately wrote
te the boy an dteld him te come en, but
he replied that he lacked funds.
"I could net send him money," Mrs.
Solemon said, "because we had just
purchased n house. I pleaded and en
treated him te ceme. and )aft Tues
day afternoon, while I was in the yard,
the doorbell rang, '
"I went te the deer and there I saw
the living image of my former husband.
Ile smiled at me half wistfully, and I
kuew knew only as a mother only con
knew that tny.bey'had returned.
"He is here new," Mrs. Solemon
sobbed happily, and put her arms about
Iwiderc Barker, "and he must never
leave me."
tv it's A nnr.n
want, eu'll And it an pske
Venice Conference te Wait Urftil
Basis of Discussion Has ,
Been Reached
Meanwhile Preparation's Con
tinue for Possible Defense
of the Dardanelles
Dv A$ieeated PrtiB
' Paris, Sept. 12 Conversations are
taking place between Great Britain and
France and the Turkish Nationalist
and Greek Governments ever the ques
tion of arriving at n basts of peace In
the Near East. These conversations
were taken up after the British Gov
ernment had refused te consent te the
immediate convening of the .proposed
conference at Venice te settle Near
Eastern problems. "
Great Britain notified France that
she felt the proposed conference would
be valueless until preliminary diplomatic
negotiations had developed a general
plan for peace upon which the confer
ence could work. It suggested' new
that the Venice meeting may be aban
doned, giving way te another meeting
later at some ether place.
Active military and navel prepara
Unnn nre hplnc made at Constantinople
for the possible defense of the Straits
of the Dardanelles, and It is reported
in Paris unofficial quarters machine
French. Italian and British f6rcea In
the Nrnr East nrebablv will cO-ODerate
closely in the event of a nationalist
move en the sumime pone in ijoneinn ijeneinn
llnnnle. -The French Government is awaiUng
the receipt of the official TurKlsh Na
tienalist neace terms before making a
fermnl declaration regarding Its attl
tude en the disposition of Thrace and
the straits, but meantime the three
powers are taking all' the necessary mil
itary precautions in Constantinople.
Athena, Sept. 12. (By A. P.) It
is expected the Greek Chamber of
Deputies will be convened immediately,
and that it will be decided te bold gen
eral elections In October.
Bu Afoeiattd Prtt
Constantinople, Sept. 12. Large
Turkish forces are marching en the
Dardanelles, and the British garrison
has been increased by n division, and
Tclmnnk-Kalessi, at the narrowest part
of the Dardanelles, has been re-en
forced. The Turkish papers openly
stntc that tbe Angera Government will
dictate peace te the Allies at the point
of the bayonet.
The allied generals. In consultation
with the Allied High CommUsieners.
hnve decided that the French, British
and Italian flags should be flown In
the neutral zones of Ismld and the
Dardanelles. An attack by irregulars
or regulars against these zones wlU be
regarded ns an act of defiance by the
KemalUts Are Worried
The High .Commissioners Informed
Hamld Bey, tbe Nationalist representa
tive, te this effect, and he will call it
te the attention of the Angera Govern
ment. The commissioners' communlca.tien te
Hnmid Bev was made verbally yester
day afternoon. Any encroachments' ea
the neutrality et tne ssiraua or ion
stantlneple en the part of the Kemallat
Army, t'w vumuiiHsienera ueciarca.il
would find all the Allies united agalnsU
the Angera uevernment.
mene"y-filled auto
is reported stolen
1 1ce Oempany Colleetor'a Vlait te
Cigar Stere Waa Costly One
'An atomebllc containing fourteen)
bags of currency with an estimated
value of several thousand dollars was
Htelen at neon today from Twenty-third
and Spruce streets, Raymond Angeman,
an American Ice Company colleeter,
told police.
Angemun, who lives at 8606 Fair
mount avenue, made the rounds of his
reutejn a small roadster. He visited
various wholesale ice houses and
branches of the American Ice Company.
His collections were placed in bags and
Angeman said he was returning te the.
main office of the company at Sixth anc?
Arch streets and stepped the machine
in front of a cigar store at Twenty
third "and Spruce streets, ne went in in
stde te make a small purchase. When
he emerged a minute later the machine
bad disappeared.
"S ""iir- ''
Londen, Sept. 12. (By A. P.)
Lord Northcllffe'8 will, which web
sworn te today for previsional probate
purposes, leaves a gross estate valued
nt 2,000,000 with net persenalty of
the same amount.' Lawyers explained
that the" total value of the property
might be 4,000,000 pounds.
Mether of Mrs. Enrice Oaruse Sur
vives Husband by Less Than
Mlddletewn, N. Y., Sept. 12. (By
A. P.) Mrs. Park Benjamin, fifty-six
years old, mother of Mrs. Enrice Ca
ruso, who had been a patient at a
Geshen sanitarium for twelve yeaers,
dlctl suddenly last night.
Mrs. Benjamin survived her husband
by less than a month. Her death adds
further complications te the contest
which her children Indicated they would
bring ever their father's half-million
dollar will.
This will, which disinherited all of
the children for their alleged unflllal
conduct, left .$00,000 and nil personal
effects te Miss Anna Belchl Benjamin,
an ndepted daughter, with the prnvl prnvl
alen that the residue of the estate, left
te the invalid widow, upon her death
also should go te Miss Belchl.
Pretests Her Innocence, and
Declares She Was NeVer
Infatuated With Bergen
llackerwack, N. .1.. Sept. 12. Alice
Thornten, Geerge Cllne. motion -picture
location manager, and Charles Scullion,
his brother-in-law. all pleaded net
guilty when arraigned today en Indict
ments charcinz them with the murder
of Jack Bergen, motion-picture stunt
October 0 xras fixedaa the date for
the trial and they were returned te jail
immediately after their arraignment.
"Hureiy there is something wrong,
moaned Alice Thornten a dozen times
yesterday in her cell in the Jail here.
She was arrested Friday after she
had testified before tbe Grand Jury
about the sheeting efBergeij. and tbe
events leading up te It.
"I came here willingly before the
Grand Jury and tbey asked me te tell
the truth and all I knew about Cltne,
Mrs. Cllne and Bergen," Mise Thorn Thorn
eon said yesterday. "I told them all
I knew and then tbey arrested me and
put me in a cell. .
"They say I 'squealed' en Jack Ber
gen and Mrs. Cllne. but I didn't, I
ence remarked te Cllne, wblle he waa
praising Bergen, 'De net te tee trust
ful of your friend.' But I never told
htm what transpmd between that cou
ple In the Cllne Br, CUne get all
the informatief'..pm bis wife, of
course. When Cllne wacugcensing Ber
gen of attacking Mrs. Cmre he asked
me if I remembered a certain incident
in his home when Mrs. Cllne and Ber-
5en left me alone after playing a game,
said I did.
"They ere wrong when they say I
Patrolman Martin J. Hart, of the Twentieth and Buttonweol
streets station, vras today recommended for dismissal by tli
Civil Service Commission after he had been found guilty of con
duct unbecoming an officer. He was accused of insulting Mis.
Mary Grebus, 2211 Summer street.
Samuel Sodane, eight years' old, whose mother was shot and
killed while en the perch of her Langhorne hetjue today, hn-, con
fessed that he fired the charge from a shotgun. He said he
pointed the gun at his mother in play and that it was accident
ally dlschaigcd.
CHICAGO, Sept. 12. A basis for settlement et the btrlUe ei
tailwny shepmen was censideied today by the GuiiTm.' ioliej
Committee of the shop crafts, B. M. Jewell, head of the laUv.-jj
empleyes' department of the American redcratieu of Lnber an
neunced at tbe conclusion of the morning session.
Clement Orders Repert Submit
ted te Certified Public
Public Service Commissioner Clement
today ordered that the wpert made bH
the city's esperts en the valuation of
the P. R. T. Cempnny be submitted
te certified public accountants te be
cheelced ever, with a view te correcting
miner lnnceurncie.
Phia followed an assertion made bv
Celeman T. .Thtce, counsel feri tbefl
tienrtrr .company in a valuation bearing
Were pemmitBtaner Clement in City
Hall, that the figures submitted by
Rebert M. tfeustcT, an expert employed
by the city, contained many errors.
Mr. Joyce, en the stand, analyzed the
renert and nicked parts of it te pieces.
The report stated that during the com-
mnrr's nisierv. irem jouuen. iih aver
age earnings hnve been from 0.3 te 13
tier cent. Mr. Jevce showed whwe soma
nf tli Arithmetic was inaccurate. Mr.
reus t el admitted this was se, but said
the mistakes were unimportant. As
sistant City Solicitor Rosenbaum made
a rapid calculation nnd declared that
tbe mistakes, if anything, were in, favor
of the company.
After n long discussion, In which H.
K. Khlers, assistant enicf engineer of
the Public Service Commission, declared
the Inaccuracies were of no great
importance, Commissioner Clement
ordered them checked and tbe report
resubmitted tomorrow.
One portion of the city s report te
which Mr. Joyce objected says :
"The co-operation (between men and
management) is producing certain ben
eficial results, but the co-partnership
measures of this in dollars of saving or
Intangible value takes en the air of
some religious fetish rather than the
presentation of facts showing actual
results alhvwed from unumal operating
Mr. Feustel. an expert employ
ed by the city, was en the stand. lie
was asked if he had written the ex
"Yes, I wouldn't want te lese credit
for that Intellectual baby," he replied.
Mr. Joyce, in further questions, In
dicated he believed Mr. Rosenbaum
wrote some of the city's report, which
figured the company's valuation from
various nnglcs, The lowest value set
by the city was $89,000,000 compared
with the company's valuation claim of
"If I could write a report like this
I wouldn't be an Assistant City Solici
tor nt $4400 a year," Mr. Rosenbaum
The valuation ultimately fixed by the
Public Service Commission will be a
factor in determining a permanent rate
of trolley fare for this city'.
'i"xm -fnvM
f-Ll ?..Vi.a. t
;1TS ,h'SKw '
rtf'f via i.?-.
waa infatuated with Bergen. On the
day he waa killed 'Cllne phoned' te me
te come te his home. I knew the Ber
gen matter waa te be discussed, but I
had no' idea there would be a tragedy.
"When accused of attacking Mr.
Cllne, Bergen admitted It, and then
mad a" coarse remark reflecting en all
women. I didn't get the exact words.
I heard Cllne say something about
going upstairs where 'we can fight this
out man te man,' and te my best rec
ollection I beard Cline ask Charles
Scullion te get another revolver. At
that time Cllne had a gun in his hand.
"I also recall that tiergen. when he
realised what might happen, asked Cllne
net te de anything rash for the sake
of his (Bergen's) old mother."
Klansmen Erect Six Flaming
Emblems en Hillsides Citi
zens in Consternation
flpeetaX Dlavateh te Evening Putile Ltdaer
AHentewn, Pa., Sept. 12. A Start
ling demonstration by the Ku Klux In
no less than six different localities In
Lehigh County last night has created
consternation m this sccf'en.
The first appearance et the Ku Klux
was in the northern part of AHentewn.
On a hillside that made It planly vls-
. ncry cress burned nearly
half an hour. Nearby is the clubhouse
or the Amicus Athletic Association,
whose members saw four men in Klen
garb alight from an automobile, erect
the cress and start it blazing. There
were two ether automobiles and the
party consisted of nt least a dozen.
Frem 10 o'clock te mldnicht ethr
cresses were seen bnrning in East Al-
""wn, eac uatassauqua, Emails
and Macungle, always en some height
where they were visible for a distance,
xnere w-js also a creus en the mountain
beyond Seuth Bethlehem. In every in
stance Ku Klux literature was scat
tered about.
The Impression prevails that the Ku
5?utxe? came from Bethlehem, nnd
that the demonstration was an organ
ized affair participated In by no less
than fifty men in white robes and caps.
Lansdale. Pa.. Snr. 19 a .
fiery cress that suddenly blazed amid
the darkness of Soldiers' Memerial Park
late last night was the first physical
evidence of a Ku Klux Klan at Lans
dale. Beneath the apparition of fire was
f.Trarg u Big,n en wb.ich wes inscribed
"Hbmebreakers and bootleggers be
ware." The Lansdale Fire Depart
ment was called out te remeve the cress
and extinguish the blaze. It is said
'"" censmernnie noetlegglng at
uuubuuiu aim mat me ivu Klux mes
sage was a threat and net a joke. In
the last months there have been a num
ber of K. K. K. demonstrations in va
rious sections of Montgomery County.
The affair is a mystery. The point at
Memerial Park where the cress was
planted Is Just beyond the borough lim.
its and the spot is dark. The cress
was seven feet tall and carefully
wrapped in rags that were saturated
in oil.
Pollce Hunt Twe Beys
Police of the Peach and Media streets
station are searching for two boys who"
disappeared from their homes last Sun
day. They are Themas Beorle, nine
Seam old, of 875 June street, and
rerrnan Simpklni, eleven years old, of
878 June street.
Latest Bulletin Gives Mere-Ert-
oeuraging Repert at
Whrte Heuse
t IV
Cabinet Session Called Off Se
That President May
Rest !
Washington, Sept. 12. The crista
in Mrs. Harding's condition "seems te
have been passed," nn official bulletin
issued by attending physicians at 0:85
A. M. today, said.
The text of the bulletin, signed by
Brigadier General C. E. Sawyer, White
Heuse physician, follews:
"Mrs. Harding's condition, 8 A. M.
Temperature, 08.8; pulse, 04; respira
tion, 32. Early part of night, restless.
Latter part, comfortable. General ap
pearances improved. Enlargement due
te nephresis decreasing. Laboratory
findfnes favorable. rvinin .m.
have been passed. Surgical procedure
deemed unnecessary for the present."
The bulletin was described by mem
bers of the executive household as "the
best news" that has come from the bed
side of the patient since her condition
became critical last week. It showed a
drop of 1.2 degrees In temperature from
last night and the nearest approach te
normal In temperature nince she became
seriously ill. Beth pulse nnd respira
tion this morning were slightly above
last night's readings, but the physicians
in attendance have emphasized these
might be expected te vary.
Immediately after the morning bul
letin was issued there was noticeable a
decided lessening of the tension which
has existed at the White Heuse and In
official circles close te the President and
Mrs. Harding.
The Cabinet session today, however,,
was called off as well as the President's
semi-weekly meeting with newspaper
men. This action was taken, it was
explained, te permit the President te
remain near Mrs. Harding and te con
serve his strength.
Continued improvement, with only
slight probability that It would be nec
essary te operate, was the word that
came today from the sick bed of Mra.
Give Optimistic Reports
Early visitors te the White Heuse
were given optimistic reports as te the
condition of the President's wife
Secretary Weeks said. Mrs. Hard
ing's condition during the night and
early today was a marked improvement
ever the latter part of last week and
a steady improvement ever yesterday.
It was he who en leaving the White
Heuse said that, barring a relapse, It
was net expected that an operation
would be necessary.
Senators Kellogg, of Minnesota, and
Hale, of .Maine, who also called early
In the day, received reports ns te the
patient's condition which they described
as most favorable.
The symptom of increased elimina
tion of wastes through the kidneys
noted In last night's bulletin was the
indication of improvement te which
attending physicians attached the
greatest hope. It bad been explained
by General Sawyer in discussing the
case with newspaper men late in the
afternoon. It had civen the doctors.
he said, a sense et relief they had net
felt heretofore.
Although an increase of one-half of
one degree in tbe patient's temperature
from that recorded yesterday morning
was shown in the night bulletin, at
which time It was 100, a pulse regis-,
try of 00 showed a decrease of six
points since morning and of 20 point
since Sunday night, while respiration
had decreased two points since morn
ing te 28, being nearly normal.
Dr. Charles Maye, who waa called te
Washington from Rochester, Minn., for
consultation particularly en the surgi
cal phases of Mrs. Harding's case, will
leave for home this afternoon or to
night, it was announced at the White
Heuse. Dr. Maye, it was said, feels ".
no can tenve tne wnite Meuse since
surgical requirements have subsided.
Departure of Dr. Maye will Icave as
consultants te Dr. Sawyer, the family
CenHnqwl en Face Four. Column T
Breker's Creditors Say He Failed
te Deliver Securities
An action in bankruptcy was started
today in New Yerk against Maurice
M. Wolff, n stock broker with an of
fice at 1512 Walnut street and offices
In ew Yerk, Baltimore, Rochester
and Wilmington.
Mr. Wolff lives nt 5128 Spruce street.
Last June he was critically injured In
bis nutoembile nt Lawrenceville, N. J.
It wns feared at first that Mr.
Wolff's neck was fractured, iut he has
almost fully recovered. 1
The involuntary petition in bank
ruptcy was filed bv three creditor vh
charge Wolff foiled te deliver securities
for whlcu no was givi-n $2000. Ne
mention was mode of nihilities or as
sets in the petition.
Wolff is net a member of any of the
exchanges. His office here was open
today, but be was said te be out of the
Norwegian Explorer Thought te
Have Flown 'Frem Alaska
Copenhagen, Sept. 12. (By A. P.)
It Is generally believed here tbat
Captain Itaeld Amundsen. Norwegian
explorer, has already undertaken his
daring Hight across the North Poh ii
irem jNertnern Aiasica.
This belief is further strengthened
ey uiu iuci mui me Norwegian Uqr- vrtl
eminent has asked the well-known. tfij
Danish explorer, Captain Gottfried "fl.r1
lfnnstn. te undertake n roll. aajij -1-J
.i. . -fc
1 " . !
nrt mail ivsrv rami pama . uTlTIZT 11
on'rweVdr." hV'nt'tl
1 W
t'L i
these men were aeuicis.
iJ . KT 4 J
J p
Ui'A'iX'. -.
f? ,...
U&-I1 f-ii." r,
It. ,, !-. vV,
tJ&.r ft
SSaW mi

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