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) Daugherty Amends Petition in
Closing Plea for Injunction
OilraRe, Sept. -'2 .TuiIrp WIlKer WIlKer
ett's (IrrMen en tlie 1 nitrd Stiitr pp.
tltien for n preliminary Iniunctlmi
frnlmt the mlhvn.v union ulll lip pro
nounced tomorrow Thp tempeniry
reitrnlnlns order erlRlnnll? Rinntcd en
fpptfmhpr 1 will remain In cftect until
thnt hour.
Announcement te that effect vean
made In IVderjl Court xctenlnr fnl-len-lnc
the unexpected pefennl mi
penrante of Atfnrnei (Jcnenil Dnusnv
ert.v in n final plea en the (teverntiient'
Mmlf. It nffirmpil t lie (terprnmpnt'
nnxleti te lie "fair" t. tlip ralltnpn.
hut emphnMretl the ("!everhmcnt de
termination te be "firm." TIip chief
lnv officer declared J"e')r(il i:irf.ire en
nil these elc'iiPiits uhleh "be.ir the
torch and the dnsser" in defiance of
national nutheritv
The Atfernei (Jencr.il asked for the
ItMinnre e1' a ' preliminary Injunction"
of the same e. ping nature n the
temporary retrain tig order Such
miner alterations n appealed In the
tUBpe.til i.rder whie'i Mr I .i iiuliert v
read te the Court 'eft the eriKlnnl ene
Unchanged in effect.
One Change T'ropevd
The A''ertn v ienerar only amend,
nipnt of rcnl vlRii.rtcance wni an ad
dition reading
"Nothing herein contained shall be
construed tn prelul 't the i:e of the
iunil nr nii'ii"! - of 'u of (said labor
oiganlratiens lie nnv lawful purposes,!
and nothing cnr.fiined in thl order'
hall be n m-'r d i prehlb't t he
exprer-sir.ti i.: hi eiun en or irjtutnent
net Intended t, aid or encourage the,
i emmitting of it of the acts herein-i
before enjoined .r in nnv way cnlcti- '
lated te mnlnttin or promote conpl cenpl
laey te restrain int",rtnte cemnieriv r !
the transportation of tie nnlN "
In all tespect the lievcrnmenf re
quetted tl'P t'eur t ti'-enf-u f
drastic prWMeiw e' i tmpllr wr '
of restraint Mr Oauiiiert et f" t'i
in Mteiu 'i-ns nl r the 1 ntted Sia-
fppks an inii'iu tien - it li ..,!'. n r
He ald -t would onxtitute n 'lanl
mark" and tl it ntter ls enactti '
"ituatien like the ene with vl u-b '
thl cave ha ilealt will tjever ecir
The At'etnev (general took empha'ic
pain' te deprive the iniututinn of the'
character which In liu.'cd rlticism
'Ne freedom of speech." he said, ".'t
ccpt that peri-h win h incites the n h i
te commit unlawful nr'n. : reitr'ct-d
by this order Ne minority k overrid
den. The majeri'v 3 nor made pew-- '
erful or dem'nit ng. tut Is the minority
made mete subservient ThlK order
peaks the lacr word for the Govern
ment, for ei fx ati.l civillzntien, for
peace an 1 filmc, for liberty and for
protection. ::h firmness and, .f iipccs
Rary, with force."
tt.itiglierty Appears in Court '
Mr Pa uhertx's address te the court
occupied less tlan ten nun ite" It
i mm; at the end f tinai argument-,
by tievcrnment counsel und the chief
spokesman for th" defendant rallmen
The Atternev (ientral's arrival in court
as unobtrusive and a complete Bur- '
piisc te nil except the Department of
.lustiep legal sq md. i
"The (iem 'uciiMit could step aside
Miplnely," Mr Daugherty said, n
disregard of i's duty, thereby contri
buting te tlie continuation of intrrf"r- ,
ence with Inter'ate Commerce and the i
mails and inxitlng criminal acts
destructive of hum in r'jhts if property,
of life and of transportation, and i'et
thee xvhe bear the torch and the dag- '
ger proceed m the comrnissiei of such
i rlniPs against hfp, prept-rty, l.bcrtv
and tfevi-rnmi'iit " ' i
"That would enceu-age dppredaf. ns
which no cnil.7ed country anl no
fhrl'tinn reej,i, would tolerate
"Thp 1'niteii ta'cs.'' be ndde 1
"could call for rneph and legallv mew
down nml kil !ex rrar.v ': Nbeiir
knows hew n nnv American cltiren"
"Ner was the t;eerrmcnt minded te
'adept .i n i . of r mi' neus com; la- '
emv nml let ,iuaruv reign an! the
mob rule "
Hetrainlng Order rrolenced
Thj Attertie.x (Jeneral hegg"d the
court te grant the Government's peti
tion based en the evidence Intro
duced and en the untied I.iw of the
country as wp tinucrs'an I r '
Judge Wilkerson sfit.d l,e !,n I cr.n
Tinced himself he was within the 'aw
in prolonging the terripernn -esfrn , .
ing erdi r ane-hr f rtx -fight lieurs u.
cause it was still 'en hearing " He
desired the in't-rxnl. he snld, In order
Jiunutelv te ini'.np te what extr'
"the dfeis,. I nil ,,". dpd in ns
Milingtt, , -iirel'.-ig axiTiiu-nta sub-
Uiitted b il I nit! d Sif s '
H thereup. u ,r) r,.d r; at n- ,). '
fendants w lie ! iw b u served wu
notice of the application for a t n
perary injunction ' be und they are
hereby f irther prohibited and enjoined
ns provided m the, temporary restrain
ing order until the further order of
the (eun disposing t this applica
tion. ' Neither tin Government nor the
defence eflere I eb.i C'.ei.i te Judge Wi - '
kersen' order
Mr Itiehberg- i I )smg argument fir
the i etendiint r.i I men was nri en-nest
plea t.i the i irt t n Member that a
Kedeial tnh . 1 1 a ' ' .s u sanctunij fi r
the plote'tieu e' lla oii-titutieti;i
rights of the huniin's' indniduH' '
Ate Toadsteoli When Feed Wat
Gene and Became III
Delmlt, Sept. 22. (Hy A. I) A
family of five father, mother nnd three
iliildrt-ii one of (he latter a blind boy
iH In the Municipal Hospital today
ne.ir death from the effects of eating
toadstools, which was served by the
mother, pollce were told, when the sup
ply of feed and funds gne out.
A merles of misfortunes that began
when the fataer, Albert Mes;l, brought
the fnniil.x here from Poland six: jtars
age. led up te the near ttagedv.
.MesIU'h health fulled tdtnrt!. lifter his
nrrivnl here and his Mixings were rnuii
pximitstcd. Fer the ltit three years he
hud btsui linnblc te work except at
edd jobs. Inability te pav his run led
te cvlcllen of the family n few weeks
nge. ,
A payment of $5 had been made en n
suburban let nnd the family went te
this nnd built n shack. Hospital tit
tachfH sold recovery of nil live was
doubtful, owing (e (heir weakened con
dition through Inck of nourishing feed.
$1000 Flre at Wlldwoed Junction
Wlldwoed, N. J Spt. 22. Fire of
undetermined erlfln, destroyed pump- '
ing station and scorched the xvnter tank,
located 100 feet from the West Jersey
and Seashore Station nt Wlldwoed j
'Junction last cvenlnt-. The fire wnsi
I discovered by Jee Mallentlne, the oper
ator nt the station. A call for as-'
I iterance was sent here nnd apparatus'
dispatched. The meter chemical truck
made the run in time te save the water
tower and the station. The less Is esti- I
mated nt 1000.
Let Us Explain te Yeu
the Safety of Banking
Here by MaiJ
j wiANY of our depositors manufac
UJJJ turers and business men who
IfiSEH make daily deposits here, transact
their business with us by mail.
Call at the Bank any time for detailed
information regarding this convenience,
or one of our representatives will call at
your place of business or offices and
explain the complete banking service
that we offer.
Over iine Millien Dollars in Deposits
Over 28000 Depositors
k I JKjensintei6;AIlicnyA,es
Open Monday and Friday Evening, $ te 9 o'Cleck
Thm Big Six Stttehtd
Medel for Fall
Teny Rid or
Black Calf, $8
a?syfeCTiW5akw n? rzi&sr-.
Yeu can bet
your bottom dollar
en that
Whether business is geed or business
is bad, there's one thing sure about
Walk-Over shoes the geed quality
stays in them.
Lets of people try cheap shoes once;
but very few people buy cheap shoes
Walk-Overs have been, are, and will
be real geed shoes. Yeu can depend
upon that always.
All the fine leathers the world affords
$g.S0 te $ie
Hampers ims market
ITbiSrv!s5r-Ayi, iiwAWi Ir-e-trrrrHCX&Mvs
i I'll ' mJW? Iff
Ixzy Einstein Beards Dumb-Walter
and Serves Summons
New 'Wk. Sc, j. , r.instein
proli'bulen agent Iiskiiis), n dumb
waiter tars' , '('inn s,ri'd ii win win
luens en Leut- mm-i's, n suloenltceper
dtsplti- i i il. e and n dumb-waiter
cllthctilt if oii'ra'.ien One thet was
Hetitrninp from I'rev dpi cp Tl. I ,
mid a tour of p-State clMcs. v nnd
bis partner, Mee Smith, -nil n feth
te usit tweiitj -I'sht pnloens. one deli
cnlehen store nnd one former liquor
Mere, all without trouble, until the cad
at I.euiH St nuts' Miloen
Sttisits let loesp a bulldejj in the
bar just us 17 was half way up the
haft, he k.ixs. n.v tired at the deg
Iziy discmered the liquor, he says and
the hummens was sprted.
The net results of the day for Izzv
and Mee sere three truckloads of
xvhisk). wine and beer, and (1011 butties
of corn wbwky, Thirty owners and
ten bartenderH wern Kiveti humiuenses
FiTTi( tiii: vvn te the imr.K
If trip I'hilaiteipiiin imluatriul Aitodaiten
eenilnuei lt nlnJIU erl there will t-
pn iner "igusr? ppki In reunU hel ' De
you knew unvtbliiK nt'uut their nduitrUt
rcifircti worn- wneiier veu no or net you
still flnJ lntrftiiiK lh artlp) en thli ub-
1ct aeimarlnir In Maiiailne Mer'len of tba
unilay 1'ieuu Lxcunu. ' iluli it a Habit." ,
The WelteMignen
The Weltc-.Mignen is a means which, when combined with a modern piano, causes
the piano te reproduce the playing of a pianist, precisely as though the pianist were seated
at the piano and playing in person. i
The Welte-Mignon is a means whereby the great musical works of the masters can be
heard in your own home, en your &ti pimn. precisely as they arc played by the greatest
The Welte Library of Artists' Recerd- contains authentic records of the pianistic per
formances of 26 of the best-known pianist: and composers in the world of music. Thus,
any one owning a Welte-Mignon piano can lmve several great artists, like Padercwski,
Busoni, Lhcvinnc, Jesef Hofmann, Gabrilewitsch and Fannie Bloemficld-Zeislcr, play
the music of his favorite composer, play it in his own home, en his own piano, and play
it when he is in the mood te hear it.
The EsTEY WelteMignen
is a combination of the world-known he, Piane and the Welte-Mignon both being
built in the same factor' one the perfect complement of the ether.
Knewing the Estey Piane as you de tli rough
our Philadelphia store, which has been situated here
for mere than fifty years, can you imagine a mere
delightful musical occasion than te hear the world's
most eminent pianists touch its keys with .uch life
like exactness, through the Welte-Mignon that i
concealed within it, that even the most accomplished
musician cannot distinguish its performance Irem
their personal and Irving art?
Walter Damrosch says:
"I should nut haxe thought it possible'
The It'elti-Miqnun is xiitheut doubt the
most it marldljlt m mica! intention of our
iSieun in hrtiuliful examples of
both Granil and i ' priyht types.
The Estey easy-payment plan makes it possible te arrange our own teims within reason.
Used pianos .accepted in exchange as partial payment.
WeltcMignen Repro
ducing Grand and Up
right Pianos, Player Player
)'ianet an A Rtv
Estey Hall
17th and Walnut Streets
Victer Vietrelan, Sono Seno Sone
r Talking Machines,
Cheney Art Phono Pheno Phone
graphn and Victer
ft JhU B ' m I
II (vRL I HI 1 1
83rnHlBB s
1 N rid IS'ffliOT I
Whetlter you open a
charge account or buy for
cash you receive the same
benefit of our great buy
ing power and low prices.
Wnllf;Y()L mil)
fHE Greater LEVY
Stores invite you
te partake of our
courtesy and service.
Dayanpert Tabic.
M a h e g;any finish.
Queen Anne period
deslcn. Prlc
rv tt cu
i al a aaM ai - a f a aalaa
Fer out-and-out x-alues, this 4-picce Bedroom Suite surpasses
.inythinp; in Philadelphia. It is well constructed and finished in
two-tone walnut, rer n medernte price this fauite embodies some
veiy exceptional qualities. 4 pieces i
consist of full-size bow-feet bed, vanity
xvith triple mirrors, chilTerette and
lnrpe dresser. We hax'e specially
priced this four-piece Suite at J
Aaminrtar Snr
Sxl2-ft.sl. Chelc
patternn and col
ors. l'rlc
Tar It CMh
s euue cinuuuie;
"Watant Srasitr
Mashlve purleil
walnut dr"(sr
with larcc mirror.
Tnr (1 Down
Odd Braia at da-.
A limited Bteclt e"
mmple brass bedi
Par tl Cats
Beautiful 3-piece tapestry all-spring")
construction Living -Keem Suite:
seven-feet dax-enpert, spring back,
spring edge. Loese spring seat cush
ions. Hack is lined en each piece.
Can also be had in velour and com
binations. Complete
Value $230.00
in I
Colonial Buffet
An extraenlinary
barsain, solid oak.
Par tl ntwn
China Cablntti
A few sample!
left. Kurry! Hur
ry! Hurry! Prlct
Par tl Tuh
Oeaulns leather
Comfortable, r!
tialnnrcd, cenulne
leather roclter
Pet tt Down
and Choice of Mahogany or Polychrome Baae
Lamps Help Make Beautiful Hemes
T.a wtrem
Many sample tea
xvagena at ienulnt
bnrjraln prices.
Tar II Ca.h
Percalaln T e p
Pure xvbtte pnn p
lain top kit. hi
Par tl Down
Beaatlfal Mnhe.
anj-and-Can. Hall
Chair Covered In
velour and mohair
with a touch of
pelj chrome.
J55.U0 Value
It- Ih a tllnlnB-rfir.ni null.- xery miuh apart from the ordinary. The
1 rips are renne.l and HPBant. the ronntrurtlen la of Roe nua lltv The
R-ilt.. consist!, of BO-tnrh buffet. .0.nch china j h 1 J jly' rsiS
leset (with lewer dr.iver). larKs nrxer and h aT O KK
heic of mpiarw or round table, riialrw te r I VfJSC.OaJ
natch, (ji-nMliu- leather Malt A baicaln at JL J
thm I.OW l'l'.U'i; 1
O ii U CIilfTnnler
Plenty of drawer
.sp.M brautlfuiiv
(Itntlipd plale
miner Price
I'n.r J I Down
Dretalng Table
A limited number
of sample dresalnt
tables left. Walnut
(lnlah. Price,
Pay 1 Caih
Maliefany 2ernery
CemplHtn your
HvlnK runtu nr uu
parlor with this
mahecany fernerj.
ray tl Dunn
We carry a complete line of
All Stj'es and Celers from
$29.SO up te $200.00
rT- x
J.f if . . .
P ' "'1 J
1 ' 'i ill llim i JH
Xtad Carrlares
Magnificent reej
rnrrlaitea prices
as low as
Tlig fuimniH Kiiislaiuler
couch bed cempletu Mth
a double 3-iwli box p.nl,
A wonderful barBaPi
Visit Our
I'ent dilny in Kt-'tii':
htie for th, n wonderful
bill Rain A e!l(l e ilt bed
du. fold with s ji a n i ' h
i.itiiei (fcQQ en
uphelsteiitiB Ui7.iJU
,. .-
FBtXjn Par II
u':i:a $14.50
fftf ll. I J'olyrhteme iMirrer, I j
u(J Ii "j Mitred Ci 1t? " lr--t-Ji B
5b KndM... ipy.e (N
The popular Prli
cilia Sewing Cabinet
In maheKuny Yeu II
need this In your
full mixing. 0n
enTy... $8.50
Hours 10-12
Eyes Examined
v v-jikv
T I T .

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