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Anna Behrs Djamgarejf Zarnekau, Moscow Noblewoman, Fled Frem BeU
sheviki, Disguised as Old Beggar Weman Crying for Bread, After
Her Second Husband Had Faced One of the Firing Squads
A MAN'S noble sacrifice and a woman's death-defying flight alone across
the snow and ice of bleed-dripping Russia!
A victim of Bolshevik dragooning, she is new in America hunting her
first husband and their little boy.
Heautiful pawn for impersennl Fate, she was magnanimously divorced
by the lever of her extreme youth that she might cherish what seemed te
her a deepcr'leve.
"If you need us ever, your son and I will be waiting for you," said
the man she left. And the nobleman she left him for was seen cruelly
snatched out of her life by the Russian revolutionists and murdered.
And the Countess Zarnckau fled red Russia for her life. Disguised
as an old beggar woman crying for bread, she suffered her way across
Russia, braving the freezing cold, the deadly bullets of her enemy, the
hungry wolves and the hungrier, mere treacherous peasantry.
Her story is ene of the most astounding tales of the aftermath of
Hie great war and the uprising of the Pelshcviki.
Countess Anna Rchrs Djamgaroff Zarnekau, formerly of Moscow
and .St. Petersburg, niece by marriage of the Grand Duke Meris and of
Prince Ilomanevsky, new in Paris, and a niece also of the late Count I
Tolstoy, free-thinker and writer, herein gives te the public the first '
authentic and detailed account of her startling experiences.
Alternating between perfect" English that was almost guiltless of
accent and French, she used both of these tongues with icady fluency.
The charming young Countess, beautiful, poised, was dressed in a white .
Parisian creation, but was innocent of jewels for a reason that became '
apparent in the ceurse of her conversation. '
The dainty noblewoman drank tall glasses of steaming tea and
smoked long Russian cigarettes, served te her in the drawing room of
the mansion of the Ocean Villa Farm of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Patterson,
near Arrochar Station, adjoining Fert Wadsworth, Statcn Island, N. Y.
Countess Zarnekau immediately
'aid it had been the dream of her
life, since a child, te come te Amer
ica as a visitor te see its wonders,
Imt that her present visit was much
mere purposeful. She hopes in the i
United States te get some tiace of.
her first husband and her eight-year-!
i Id son. Her heart story proved as I
compelling and unusual as that of
her adventures.
Was Nineteen When She
Married First Husband
"I wns n Kiel of nineteen," she. nlcl.
lien I married my first hu.hnnd.
enhen Djnmgnreff. son of the famous
ml xuy wealthy hanking family of the
line in Moscow. lie had nn Income
hUh wns the equivalent of .$1. 500.000
vcar in American money' nml he
amend upon me nil the luxuries nnd
Ki-nfnrts tlmt money could give in Rus-
in before the war.
"I thought 1 was in love with him.
inl there was no doubt that lie wnv
ply in love with me. but perhaps
r- ii xnung girl I did net quite knew
iv own mind. His love for me wns of
'he self-sacrificing hind, as he event-
mil V proved in a manner t lint few
i k'ii of my country would have done.
"After our little hey came and lit n
'Hue when I was engaged in a leiind of
I 'e.isiires nnd in outdoor spoils nmen.is
i n friends at Moscow, I himply mid
f imklv lest my heart te Count Alexis
' iincknu. whose title had descended
1 1 nin ills father. The title had been be be
Mew nl by the (Var upon the father be
i tusenf the latter's morganatic marriage
in a (leerguin lndj . the I'llnccs Diani.
"I did net attempt te hide fiem my
li'inhanil in love for the ('emit, in
Mem) I was erj frank about it. Stephen
nine te mi. niie (lav mid saul that he
would net sit nil in the way of my hnp hnp
plnes. ilia I he lexcd me enough for
lint anil lluif he would divorce me se
I could wed 'Count Aleis. Such things
lulii'r hnppcn often in the old Rueslii.
Me said that he would even let me Imve
our little Mm. whom he worshiped.
Imt men m,x met her love wouldn't per
mit me te take tin' boy nvva.x fiein him.
"We had been the lnl (Oiiplc.
Stephen and 1, of nu, social prom
inence, te be 'wedded umhr the official
"itliodex eerenienv of the established
hiireli before the law was altered cnll
in,' lur a civil as well as icligleus cerc
ni..nv. Strphen bieught Inllnrii.e te
I'fni willi the chimb and a ilictee of
ilUen e was granted.
"With tears in Ids e.vcs he told ni"
ilirt if I eve,- wished te ionic bai k te
1 iiu thai I would at any time be wel
Miami ibat he wits still mv liusbiiud
Mill the father of m.v ilillil, and that
lie, would lewed III?."
The CeiinteH then li.iriated linw she
luid 'lurched all Fuiope for her llrst
liil'baiiil. She hcllci.s lie ha;, In. I all
'Ms winlth, and her piesent dut.v, as
vhi vies It. is te 1 i lit ,ni. her bnv.
Han Written te Mann Cities
te Learn His Whereabouts
'li" said hh had wiltteu te Cm Cm
litlltlueple .mil le various oilier cities
bi ijie Ninr Fast and Southeast- el
I. UlOpe where he might bine flight
' bavin. She lent tied he bad e-mped
fiein l!is'i,i with llie ni, , pi'ebablv
llireiigh Odessa, wlieie her uielbei
'liiilgeil Inte the wet Id of "outside,"
Sli lias ii'.n m.iis'ii him in liein.nii.v
II liri Helland. Fnghind. the Scan-
'''iihIiiii leiiiilrii's and in ll.il ami
I 'mine, but without iciil..
Thete is ii possibility he is ill Alliei lea,
v bin- 'e n. nu.v luglllves fiein the wrilth
"f the Ceiiiiuunisis bine tied. In what
"ei l'.ut of the wet Id h Is. she would
I'l'O te find him.
Tlii' Counters iiet related liew she
bud mail led Count Znmrkiiu and of
ilielr sheit-liied hnppliu s of six.
ineiilliK until in lllls the lleKhevik up
il'.iig and leMilutien leek place. One
ni'ilii a detachment et Red soldiers came
in their tow ii resident and took her
husband iiwiij. Te her pielests and en
tle.illes llic.v paid lie litteiitieu, but
win,; a thleiileuing luek in tlie eves e,
lie ethu'r In charge of the enldieis, she
te'ik the hint and slipped out of the
linii.c hj a icar exit and went into hltt
'eimt Zaruekau wns plnicd lirst in
I'li'ini, lint was seen afterward lined
Hi ngiiiiiNt a wall, becaiiM' of the ac
cident of birlb which classed him s
of the urisluiincv , mid was bhet te
. I'er another si nieiitbs, imt knowing
late, she tiled te liud him in the
Pilseiis u nl il her friend. Miivliu (imkj.
01 J lief 1 1n que t wu- liepele.s, since
"' hud leained the Count was dead, lie
mm aiUiseil her te escape heiself fiein
lie ieunii., If It wrie possible, ns the
leiiiiuuiilsts (lh Kct her next. The
Uuiitt;ftrf continued i
i..,ii a,"el ,0 kccl' "P l,e search and
"'e, but I learned1 from IndlipuUbly
(errect Inside sources, in fact, freift n
Iielhhevik eemmisHiir who had once been
undcna.gicat debt of gratitude te my
father, t lint three of my cousins had
been buried alive.
Learned Many of Her Friends
Met Horrible Deaths
"He iilse told me hew some of thei
friends of my gitlhoed, jeung men who
hint beieine eflirers in the (Var's nnvj.
had met dreadful deaths by being boiled
alive in caldrons of water at Kronstadt,
beimise they had refused te join the
revolution. Finally, nu worst of all
te mv perHen.il sensibllltleH. lie i on en
firmed (Jerky's jepert of mv husband's
licit h. but added that it had been pie
ceded bv tertuie.
"I tlien detei mined te hisitale no
longer about esapliig fiiiiu Uii'si.i. If
that weie a possible thing. I did no'
dnie te cenlide mv plans or intentions
te these abuilt me, for the rewinds of
tnueheij were ten gieat. I had te go
. imtMdn of Itussi.i for aid te win inj
I fieedeiu.
"I could neter nave ese.iped If it , Ji.nl
net been for mv life of outdoor sport
I as a heiseiMiinnn a ml the enduiame
I had gained nmi hunting wild game
ever the snows of winter. I hud hien
1 trained te sheet wehes, bear, deer ami
wildcats and was out often with the ile';
I nnd horses for secial dins at a time
in leugh ceiinti.. nud semeiliiKM liad
' enlj a little tea te sustain me.
I "I seni out into the round te get
ill meu.iik who had been a si'tMitit n
! an p.n iriils and who lewd them wlin
a lifelong devotion. I knew if 1 leuld
gel him te come te me tiint I i eiibl hum
him with nn life. He came and I talked
willi bill! ill an open sqinuc. iIich-cii
as a sonant injself. se t)mt we would
neither be suspected nor merheaid. He
swore le M'rie me ami in doing se lie
well knew he risked his nw n life. After
a liaaideils exierienei hesiici ceiled In
getting through as in leiiiier te llei
I Klngfers in 1'iiiIiiihI te t ii klnsiiiau anil
'friend, the 1'iinie of U'denbuig. leiisiu
of the Ci-ar.
"Tlii! I'liuee inu.icdiiiteh eigauled
a KM'iie expedition of a sii;h ami swift
Inusm with two men. le alternate as
drheis. and u -1 1 1 I J . of feed. When'
and bow I uiel tlial sleigh nud hew I
get north te the border ieinili'. 1 de
I nel dare ieenl In detail cr new. He.
I fi.ie leaving I iiieutluiKil te m friend
I be ceiuiuis'ar that I expicted te get
awn.i. but I did net let him knew the
dale set fur me le cae ,!oie.
, "He told nte thai he bud much iuene
that lie I'lid made out of his go em
inent position, I hal he bud been uiakim:
i all be i null like uiau.v of the minus,
and that be wauled te get out of Itus
sla with Ills wealth. He begged me te
I take bliii along, but I was afiald in
I these ilaji. of dcspeiale peril le 1 1 u-t
i inj lite i veil ill his luitids, Seme eik
' ' 't
i" j
. '; . s r.
y r.
1 1 a 1
I III II I "rtwwmmKi
I wns convinced that wlinttjer was in
store for me would come te puss any
iwnj. he why dibtre-s myself. On the
(east. J should mention, we struck u
terrible little nettlenient where the
stiirvlng inhabitatits begged us for a
Utile feed or tea.
"One man tried te .kill our horses,
I and n.-t I think 'of II new I "builder te
think what would have happened te us
I if lie hnd succeeded. 'He wns caught
I Just in time by one of our liicu who
I lashed him witli a whip.
I "The desperate people in this set
tlement were subsisting en dead bod
ies. The frozen bodies each bore a
stamp en the shoulder. These tnntked
1 'dead of disease' were placed under the
ice tilling shete. These stamped 'dead
I of starvation' were laid aside us a store
, of feed. It wns all these miserable
I and hopeless, beings, hud.
i "We hnd te watch them every sec
.end, ns one would starving wild beasts.
I before we could get nwnj from them,
premising that we would send aid. We
did hcnd help Inter, hut" when the res
cuers nrrhi1!! ftetn Finland theie wns
no one left alive in the little settle
ment of which the weles had left few
human traces."
The Countess laid she hnd slaved five
months at HelMngfeis until navigation
opened in the spring, when she took
Meanifhip for Londen and joined hit
sister there, Mrs. Cii7alet, wife of an
Englishman, who had lest Ids entile
fortune in Russia. Later she crossed
te Paris, whcie .she found her uncles,
(irnnd Duke Heris nml his in ether,
(lie Duke of l.eiichteliberg.
"I siiiceeileil in getting my mother.
Mine, rtehrs. anil my sisters out of
Moeew alive and le Put is. Te get
word le tlieiu ami show them the way
required a long time, it then took them
eighteen months te make the journey.
It nlse requited the guntest cxerci's"
of putieuie nml ilevctne-s te elude the
alert ReMievIk agents. Mv mother nnd
Grand Duke
Heris te, whom
Countess fled
after she suc
ceeded in eluding
Melslieviki. He
aided her in
rescuing mother
might be watching lilm nud we would
I both be caught ami killed.
, "Keeping my own counsel, theni'eie
I prepaied for Ihe dangerous dip and
once things were in leadlnes 1 became
quite calm about it. 1 wns se iiuiied te
suffering, the horrors of the war and
die things I hud "seen ami known since
the levolutien that there was net much
left lu the world te tiffed mv emotions,
"I had conducted a hospital during
the war. having "(10 bids in it. and n
I am a trained muse ami lime seen
things most women nnd linn could net
endiiie, 1 had become stoical le inj
ew u sufferings.
"I (resscd the gieat While Sea. the
tiulf of Finland, with in esceit en a
big Russian sleigh, robed in bear nigs.
M piliicipal suflerings, of in'irse, bad
been in icncliliis t lie point of icudi.veiis
; ."
w lin defied
deadly bullet
of enemx in
her mad dash
across freen
Riism;i. She
(uffered many
teutttfss and her (we uncles.. Prince !tiimnunsK , Duke of Leuchten'
herg (left) and (Jnind Duke Ilori-, (riKht)
f '
I"1 I !' sleigh was te be in wilting.
I I went alone, disguised s id and
diuj peasant vveniiin clnnieiing fm ttjed
fiem illl.v one I met ill u uiiil.nl high
vehe Semelii.',. 1 Ke tliieujh e -liiuisicil
from lack of fend aicl sletp.
Oiue I w ii -. abeaiil thai h'.elgh wiaiiiml
', vvarinlv in the bear rugs, I inn nlnild
I slept peacefully .
iiiieugu an in tlie ilaugcis e ills.
com'e nud horrors of famine wi passed
iim we sped ncruss tin; Icy wastes thieiigh
winter gales and ,MiowHteruis, I re
malnud unlet ninVyU.'pensebsed. X am
futallst, like fmany Ruislan, nnd
slstiis walked ,n nigbl acie leiiiiti.v
te the south ami m.l nml slept lu tlie
dajtluie. The ieiiIiI net rule en tniin-,
of course, inn could lln'.v Inn viliiilcs,
even il tbcv bad been liv ailllbli . and
Ihe.v h,nl had lie imuti v le p,i tm
I hem
(let Through Odessa
Worked Wan te France
"They pit out thieiigh Odessa tllinll),
wheiF tlic.v caught a hliip, nud by de
glees worked their wity" te Fraucc from
en pert le another, AVhn they dared
'e - ' ii te ii I, w itli i.s bv i able, we
s in mein te them '
The Ceuiitiss Ins lei-a nl lni cousin,
the Count ll.vu Telsim He ,s the sun
el till lllll Cllllli . en Willis,, ti'itchlugs
and I. ili s, ,, i. imiucnll.v hen id
I neii his own 1 1 1 but winch she neci
nlserhcd. hi cms, ,,t hi a lit mil",. i,i
In i parenis. i l... f 1 the -tlei t. et
hi 1 1 1 1 e i - - i . , low ,,.. hll velllig inilel.
Count ll.va . at W-ileilniM. Cniin. He
ha. ii b gr.iphil her ami .l.i i. r-
seen I,, .it In, I, -I,,. .nli.
While in Amei.i.i i he Ciiiiiiii... hopes
te in range ini 1 1 sale ,,f tl ,ll: polish
estate et ."nun nn. of e.il, and pine
lands near liieili.a en wbuli time Is
i a huge beuse .1 glnv looms. T,.,
plop I Iv In ,.iij. I,, her and her two
bietliers-ni ii" I was valued I el ere
tin wi'r in in ir than n mill mi deilais.
She said ln vi e lid be gl.nl I i gel :,
jlfth it' that - ii in tm tin i Mali , which
is tiave.i., n . ulre.iii
Me. el In ., ' i .1 lilc. wile iMiii.
tleneil b lh. I ..lillliuilisl. .he .lid.
Who Vlsle, l.i, .,!,.,. Ill Me.i.iw IWlll.
t.v -si linn. ., i iiu. .joeus, taklii.
paintings, t i - n... .l.irwnii, I'min.
lure, breu . nun .wK. Mnnv of lur
If We , hewe.et . wj) jilile le s.ue
and leek in Fid Hid. mid die., lu .nl.
ditien le an in one from Hnglnnd.
have hern 1m ,i ; n. .l .euiie ,,t suh
Hlstenee sini le wenleMiiL , ..ec
dell of sabh nn. I iim ne fin-, -lit .lid.
bail lieen leu 'i ii,. n cold sterige
vvlnush, h nl ll il I.. I'.ulaud ,s n said
su siiiwi.ii ,, i inn inhiiiMil ... n"
'einms.i,i . w ife
-kcd if .lie bell" M'e .mv of 1 1 e I V,ir .
immediate I nml. . i .till .ilnr, he
'Hid :
"Thai qiie-i mi . fi.'i,ientK a.kul
in Filiepc bit nit, i exhaustive iim..
ligatiens , ineinli, i . m' the Cir'. f.u
iner Heint. hi. ..viii iclativi.. .ml ,i
direful iiituiM m,id in Iiu... i In ,ei.
resieiiieiit. of tin 1 Ien Tune, in
10-11 lit lh riq f ih hue s ,,,
NeilhclifiV. i vim ,,n. . -mv nn d t 'it
l be ('.in iii.d l n ii i am! tin n hihl.i u
me lilHtui .lien.ililv ue.ie
Tliei e ha i In i ii i iiinei . inn in, ..
'V' Il lll.Vl 1 il.il. n.H I ..I lh . ii .i , m
'" HI Clliliil -ll.il .1 .'l i Ii H I ti, .e 1, il,
.iIvmivs bjen in, u, , t,, I, , iii, px , n.
nuns. After tmii v 1 1 i ii doe. ii,. r .i i in
Mi..ile tlmt if .mv .1 tlieiu vviic aliic
in the win h (hut ih, ii exi.teiiie emild
le liidiUn.
Russian Peasants Demand
Republic With C:ar at Head
The pCls.llillv e' R I-sill the bulk
of the population ui iln ii iguiiriin e
ami Miiiplleltv i.w ,. iimiiding a p -
imblii with ,,, Ti,,u i, ,x .euiiil
i It 1 lift- fiiniiv te eii, Imt mil .. e the
( All Was me. 1,.,, Fmji, ,,r. ,,.
was ihe head of the t'lnn h lie was
a god te the common pi mile m Russia,
1 think that the ISuWieiik (iov (iev
eiiiment, us such, will urn lentiiuie fm
ii long iieiled. It will gi.ulunll; i hang,,
and tak mi ih,. aspect of a n public,
bill if I be present In ml. siineed lu
uuiiniaining,.tliemseliis ib,u ,,ng in
pevvel, I think thej me ili.tneil one
da.v te be tuejjed e h The pcepb knew
ihe.v have In decennl in tin iii.e
of this experiment b.v the sluccie fan
utlcN ami these who for gain pieteud te
lie CeiiiniunlstN or at lenst nilhcmi, of
the Sevlf.1 KX'sfii,,, ..f ........,.,...... fi
... ........ v ..,.,,t u, u.i-iiuut-iu, xuev
knew that eemmiinlsm will net work en
PceiftnilcRl lines and that It fail te
tak'AViman uature Inte nccettnt.
"'i'hej (the K,isnnt cltssi .re no and met her ti in igh Ihe Crimen te Cen-
ii"ed for suffr ring eille..jv nor in main- stantineide. wheie she ,nd received
talning out of the nation - .lender prcs- .... , . , , , , . ... ,
cut leseurres a meat army teknp them f"mI ln ' l1;1" U',M" ,lr1' heatltlful
! under submission et tlie Cnuimuiil.t.. Anurican leusin. Mis .lenunette Cow Cew
It will nil work out eme ibiv. I f, 1 1 ell. of W ,. hlinten and c v Vei!,.
M-iiie .,i.e lh, ,, ..nl will then ,. . M Cevitch and lur f.uiil.v were
in.'ind a si roil! and liberal eenrnil gev- .... ...
eiiiiuetii with .i iii.ui.Jiii u-:u:e :.t '" ' '" v ' " 11"" !" Marseilles e.v Misi
its lie.nl. 'J'lli I lljlit evil' eet ,i (.'dwell 1,1, lie.llll 11 ill ill t I'll il I seain
" mefi .1- pi .d ill ..I i lepuli i .!,,. lux,.. n.cv.icii Iiiii I u con-
sim,u:;e:,;liik,,,rJ:,,;.!,!::i & ;. - .... a,,,. .:ie,., ,rt
their .euiitivinen. I'liu'il be a cuisu. ! titn vv n" niv u qm stien nt tune, .slnca
iiit'enal uiiiiiaiiliv .uli or- of tic In ; .In I ml he, n ,i t:'..uul ei the (Var nnd
;'t 'if old bl I of iln Romaneffs at t.ie (y.,,,,,.,, v,ln. wi-e both verv fend of
head, fm it would be cp I" "Ui Ii a , , . , ., . , , ...
mm. thei ill miiieii pe.,,,!" e.euhl be l,c' Hl"' !1" ""'i'.tl tm inb. i of thrjr
abb te leek with mist and filth It ''eint
is haul te chanti tlie Seeling, and "Mi. .,, me the most iVcadful ac
iln ight. et tendinis. ..nun ,.t ,i, .ii,,,. . ,., .,.
'viiih m nn- -utiiKuwr "i iii t i riu tar-
As a .natter of ,. t. tl,. be.t and .,,,, , .,,, ,,,, .,iltlllll, nc,r
iiiestK cultivated clii's Russians who . . . ,. ' '""'
esiapd and me new m ethei . ninnies "" '" '"" I"' k ea. s.,,d Mm.
in n.. i . an iii li what k'l'd of givein- Z.u nekmi Sb v a. ,iu ,i. dial e.ve-
ineiii i. .stabli.'h.d -e long a. ,t i- vvnn.s. t,, !, touii.iiien of the in-
slilb!.. .Del le-eiMli.. prelleltv lltllls ,, ! ., . . , , . .
iinl i..teii,.,ii..i.il ..IIMiieii. It ,,v """"" '"" '" Mi'MU.i.-i es ,
hi a 'initie liiiiiiau'h.v m a i.'iilili the I',l, k .v, a. of) 'iilti. Tlie 1!eMi.
Ii .. i. ' inc. Iinvviv r. thai tnc l!i- v.l... , it.. s,,ting duvvi tbnr ioer
.mi. t... .,... ... searceh le.niv fm ,. ,,,,.,,,,. rs ., the per. at 'i ilta. threw
i i ...iii i. iinl tint a Iiln i ui iii hv. .,, , , , , ,
like tint ill I'.iulan.l. W...1I.I -in .hem ,n l",1" ""'' """ ' vv, glued te
best wit i a kiligiv iinlii .iliuil .iinl le id '"' teel. Inlo . iimpill ullve, shallow
.if I ti. I in i.b .is tin ienli.il '.gin . water, and at ev Mile the buudieils of
""""I" i ' ' """" i " " W. tuns ...iild lie .M. in the water
et i,m
Thinks Helsheviki WW
Be Overthrown Eventually
' I i. ..hi I. 1)1, i, i- 1 Mil' It 'iiu
wing b-ick and I, mil wiih the in tien
el tlie water,
"The di'i.u's ..f what ;hose fiends did
l" thou tt'iiN of ilium cut folk thieiigh-
Olll I!llse.'l in mIi.ii .I,,.. ,1 ..I., ..
I. t l.i, . .e, ,,,. '."', i.u, t-.e
I'm. I!, ii.n v.'.v ..a.Mi.eii.l "''"" s"l" '" "'"!' 'hen- power,
fit Iiiii In i hful .. I. . ....... .... I ...
ll'lel. .. 1
Dllke Rel - wl.ii.i I vi-iud ,'l'C.1,eul!
but will In Mil I .ll.i Iiiii di" il s i ... 1 . -
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ilagi Nothing we,,, . h,i cv.n new ' " , '"' A ",,,".,,1 ,l"i,.1 w ' '"
II. ...Id pa,'. of llie jew. Is of the '; , ",', ' ,'. ' ' '" ,' ", '""' ' 'm"1- ' "'Jl
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sun. . l.t-lllMiiM, ii-Miies anl In is In- rt 'K V, 1. ' M '" ,"ll;,'1l,l
lug .0. Ihat. II. 1,,. see magnlluen, , ,, t V.L' . ,. 1 i'.'" .' "'"''i' F
Piiiuinigs , s, i,. . tl. then. 1, ,,,,'',, ;,,', S,,U .'"U ,',"'Cr
ling en the iimik . He .,,1. ,!,. .,, "'.' , i ,, 1, ,, ".V. "I"' " ,,.
long 11 he em, I,,,,.. , .it...,. , ,l . ,. , . fv ,,.,.' 'V. ,",' 7 '" ,"" " 'x?
.. let.le of wine I. .beubl wm.v. - " ' '' ' , ' ' , l,,,,1 '. ' 'J"".1.?0
V,m s,i , this ,,,,, 1 He is .., ", A T'e ,1 , ,V''l' ''r,1'',,,,''
-ni-ilv a l.illv ,,. ,m 1 ,,,,, Rens ) , , ' CWta, , r
me 'ir ;.,::::;&',: te'r ;: rvtvi, lwA ';
wile, iv lice 1 saw bun jus, Infeie 1 , ' J,., ,. ' . ' ,. ' l J "".,K,'I,1 of
led for Au.e.iea. Fiin.e Rmminevsk, , , , Z, , re , , A f,. Ul "T"
.me XVa1,e,r,a,,;!l"" "'"" '""! ",M' "J- ":: ' '" ' ."' ? ,1 ! S e " ?Z
tui.'s taken together one evening at his ,,,.., ,,,,.i,,i ,,,,,1 ,.,,,., ,, "l
spat win, inn. n.s. 1, f,e 1 i..ft I-..,,',.. ,',",;,;; '",,,;;;, """ " n" i,' '
but it ilhln'i aiuiiuui le iniiei, eiip ,. .,,. ... .... ,t, ,, , ,,
"f t Leu. would ...1 iv' believe Him I ., 'j1 , , . ' '',P. , 'i' ''' f
was .enung ,., A.ueiba unl.l I was en ,', ' ' lhlt ' t J rfi ,U 'm mllu'lni
fieiird .he sei.msh.p ' 1111.I NMiiBiinirnllH,inlihpOi?iuik,
In l'nris the Countess ninekeii said. nui pnrdciihirlv nnxle u 1,. iL 1 .1
she Im.l enceuuterrd her old-time Stinirl .r -.Uur "una eiil ijf fl." i:"ik!
rlend ,. CeuntesK Ulga Yutievlteh, , K. wa. wl.M i one etThe" wJK4
formerly Udy-in-wal Ing te the nrlna.' wonders of tl.eSerld, I hZ fJ2J
Mme. Iurlevlteh7h. M.ecerdcd In e?- milP, nb,ut it itpl Its inarvcfie.' w
caplnjc from Ruwln with her children line phenement' ,'jm.
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