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t'liixtwa yJ3iw',?,,;"r.7.l'w.l!.:TlKJF7ilv.c7?:t'i?WTf,
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-V w "1, MMVJirW:-"'" ' ("&V!-v r- ' . "".. ': f'" Wrt '' mmi
w ' - -" 'Jij'.t Tt .4' ? - "-r ".-.'.i
FOR niricniun" "
lierenry unrkera
nrel. Oct. i. ' . ..
HW; "ii? 'h -f S .mPorVnn,e In
v . t n!1t UIIIIL'I mmiv.i ' , -.- ... ', ,., '.... V
,.A tlie .. . .. .... et eiir Brent inn sinai euiihii
-- ..1.1 In. Rlll'll lin .' ---
Way Empleyes and Railway Shep La
hore. The secretary also advocated n
"carlnif wage" for the "American
"Mere, nml mere American employers
nre seeing the wisdom of the caving
wnue." ln continued. "This wane
principle promotes happiness ami con
tentment In I lie workman's home, and
liicrcnaes tne imyinp power or the great
primp of Amerienn waRe-pnrneri upon
whom we depend te Imy n meat part
w0rk si'""'1' 1)C
. ... nifrnctlw t lint Mrikei.
"We hnve liad tee much violence in
our industrial lire.' lie niiueii. "ion
fBpleynif" ,, j.f(,rPnry Invlx, much ptvifc, tee much bloodshed. Laber
lll e i1,"';".)',in,,.tmpnt declared here niuM be ever alert te prnveiit these tin
(,( the I.a ". r. ' '.' ,c ronventlen of imvful outbreaks which dlgrace our
l.'lii' rrnoe". of Maintenance of whole civilization."
May's Landing Resident Pined for
Having Venison Out of Season
(.cerse Wllil, of Ways Landing, N.
I.. was lined fJiiOO and costs last night
because portions of five deer were
found In his home. The deer hunting
season does net open until December.
Game Warden Sinntl, of Hammonton.
searched Wlld'i home yeslerdny unci
said lie found the vcnWnn In pickle.
Three of the animal .slain were fawns,
lie told Justice of the l'eucc Slreuse.
The cenflscnte.l venison will be dl.
trlbutrd te charltnblc institutien1! in
Atlantic County.
Purchasing Aeanta' Order Accepted.
Afnll OrderM Promptly filled.
Large Blra Cen.li up te Si Butt
Repairing ttd Remodeling
Sill; and Cleth
Twe of the Medels
Chestnut and12thcSts!
Special Value Tomorrow Thursday
Misses' New Fall Frecks
Sizes 14, 16 and 18 years; also suitable for Women te 36 bust
ijANTON Crepe and Satin Canten, newest draped
and circular skirt effects, with novel
style details in sleeves; also Peiret Twill
dresses, in basque and straightlinc models.
1 I
(OppesiU Keith's The aim)
Our Entire Stock dP
An Added Year Lends Its Weight te FORBES'
Established Reputation for Reliability
The remarkable valuta which are reapenaible for the
growth of our buaintaa are petilble only because of your
past patronage. We celebrate our Annivtriary by aug
menting theae great Value with additional reduction of
' te I i off, a a mark of our appreciation. Tomorrow,a
apecial offering a eta a new low level for value in fura of
FORBES' known high atandard.
A Small Deposit Will Reserve Your Purchase
French Seal Coats
Length Formerly Reduced te
36-in. .. 98.50 49.50
40-in. ,. 145.00 69.50
45-in. ..195.00 98.50
Natural Muskrat Coats
Length Formerly Reduced te
36-in. ..195.00 98.50
40-in. ..225.00 110.00
45-in. ..265.00 145.00
French Seal Capes i Russian Peny Coats
Ltnfilh Formerly Reduced te , Length Formerly Reduced te
42-in. . . 85.00 59.50 36-in. . . 80.00 49.50
45-in. ..150.00 79.5040-in. ..145.00 69.50
Scotch Moleskin Wraps i Natural Raccoon Coats
Medel Formerly Reduced te Length Formerly Reduced te
Tuxedo 325.00 165.00 36-in. ..325.00 175.00
Cape .. .395.00 195.00 40-in. . .345.00 185.00
Tomorrow 3 Groups of Hudsen
Seal Coats, Capes and Wraps
200 300 400
Previously Priced Frem $375.00 te $S00.0O
Three-quarter length, I Trimmed with natural
40-inch and full length squirrel, skunk, genuine
coats, wrap3 and capes, in ' beaver, Russian kolinsky
a variety of modes. i and self-fur.
Hedicn Setl it Jjtd Maikrit; French Seal it dred Ceney
Prices Reduced
Effective September 22
Get These New Lew Prices
Before Purchase of any Car
Sales Roem, 128-140 North Bread Service Station
2400-14 Market St.
Again tie Spirit of Youth leigms
rme 11
em's CI.
And in these great Clothing groups of Philadelphia's greatest Men's Clothing
Stere are scores of styles te delight the fancy of young man and men who stay yeung:
Alce and Wickham Suits in
New Styles at $25, $30 and $35
Trimly-cut style.", including many sperti Jacket rUcts. Many of flic- season's me t jie,ulnr
fabrics. Tailoring of the highest quality. Every Suit matc3ile.s U'llue nt the price
Yeung Men's Autumn-Weight
Tep Coats, $25, $28.50 and $35
Smart new box styles as favored by the best-dressed yeving men thin scn.ien.
winter fabrics also included in these groups.
(hen ea" i)t ,
Yeung Men's Winter Overcoats
Are $27.50, $35 and $40
Three excellent price-groups lhat present mavUhics?
belted fctyles are included nt each price.
aiuc. The much-wniitnd pla.d-back,
AT- M-ixi-lirtdjp A: I ;efh'ir Hi-rmvl ri""r KaH
"J?' N7
Standard, well-known Toilet
(Joeds and Preparations, at
prices that quickly tell their
own story. An opportunity
te save substantially by pur
chasing in quantities:
Extracts and
Toilet Waters
I'i'it'iTe," W.ver 11 S,
I'lVPI" H 11 T ' j 1.40
rr K n 'lv' .t Watir. ...I1.2S
Die- K" V- i 51 :j
I'inaiil' I. ai erpih! ... "XJr-
Face Powders
4 0e
T.'?r f""ai ivrtilpr . ..
lipr Kf-"s lm PnVtli . .
I'ir Kis.t ('un-p.iT I'.nd'r "-
r:eucf . )"
rjpr'R l'nc Pevrdpr iasert(l
edirs nnil rnlnri) . &5g
1 a Iir.nne i'enirHtt p.jwcjpr 2".'
Face Creams
f '' I.rmen rpani. . Sin a 1a
S ( ' l.p'nen iani 5''c a enn
S S: "" T'.nsfl Torexldo Cream,. 35'"
llnlms' Fre.fl.i :i.
Wntkln' .M'jlsifl"' roreanut
O.l He
Uenev flt-.'I jirr.enrl cream. ..40c
Talcum Powders
t"'i .Mr l"mbi nvp Talcum
J'ewler SSi"
nsrvptlan Talcum rilr,, i "i.;
Oratijjp r)lo!.en TaK'.m.,.. .IS"
nier Kltd ... . 1?J
.(ehniniA & .lo'iisen Ta rum
I'eiNfler 16r
Teeth Pastes and
Teeth Powders
TVboee Teeth Paste Sfle
I'erlian's Toetl' !'at 3S'
rppcndenf Toetji T'nte "."i"
Ketynns Tentn fast.- iSi-
Xal-ptieiin Teeth f'nite ..,. l Ri
H. S Wli'fn Tnetli Iih'.. ....!:.
Ijj'fn Tenlli I'eu-dni- Ui
Calex Toei!i I'eiler Se
Munt Hn
Hlnoer ....... ,., ,JSs
Odorena 23i! and 40e
neatlnc rastlle .''eip ,"!e slisr
futteura. h'enp l Te a cak
RfKlnnl ......,.,. l7e
I'earn' rnfeemed .,..,. ,.4,32e
Woeabur . ,.. ul'c
S. fii C PoreTlde , Se
7'almollve .. ..TPe a. dersn
I'almellve Shampoo .. ,.,...3Pc
PaJmelup S"iavlnp ''ream 23c
Hair Ilruihe. 30n
Teeth llflllt'M .....ISe
Nnll IlrtiRheH ....is..
Path Hnnhe . ......... fiOe
rtuhbeii-ed Aprei ....,.., .S.rr
Ittlbher (i'eves ......fiOe
Het Wo'er l'i ' ..... ...,CS-
Tn-lfllc, t-e f. - .!.".
Kpfem Si 's u ,-d -uu....20e
S'tirt ' tj. ti riethler
500 Scotch Madras
Curtains, $2.50 Set
Curtain? with a'ance, ready
te hang, 2L4 ynra long. Of
sturdy Scotch madia i'i deep
i ream shade, flowered, conven
tional or bordered design.
LeveW at ene'1? svinnew., add
ing a homelike tn'ih te any
room in the henn . The vaftie
is unusual at ?-' f'1 a ei
h'rjnl ' 'itr A t eih!r
1 . ! I i i ritre
Felt Mattresses
Under Price, $18
Deuble-'.ied 'e, made by
Stearns & Tetter tempnnj,
one of AmeiKa'.- beit Mat
tress manufai tuici
Filled with pure, freh,
white cotton felted 'u ninu
compact layers of fliu t-heets.
Hand-tufted, crown-centered,
sir.e 51 "( inches, full 50
pounds weight, with hand-made
rounded corners and roll edges.
Three-quarter bed $17.60.
Twin-bed size $17.00.
Single-bed eize $16.00.
racked in a sanitary paper
Strin-bnilF A ClethUr
fleer :' Mirift strtft. Eait
54-Inch All-Weel Tweeds
in the New Shades at $1.50
Tweeds for S'u.ls, Tweeds for Ceat-, f(,'- Skn t-, rer Scheel
Frecks; Tweeds te tailor as w.erciy ns a man'- ir.p a and
Tweeds te eeliar deeply with fur Fashion ha- h pnnha'd for
Tweeds, for Tweed' uch as thes', e rich in coloring, -' softly
mottled, or if prefenci, n-ith a dashing evor-plaid pattern. A
beautiful assortment; and note the width, .1; inches it cuts te
excellent advantage.
Tr MrnvTbr d;e ,t Cleihier ile T, f"nlr
Batiste Blouses
Made by Hand
All Jeng-slcpve Blouses of
fine vhitn batiste exquisitely
han-made and finished with
dainty tucks, drawn-work and
liand-embreifjered dots. With
Peter Pan cellar, or V-shaped
neck or in est effect.
Trimmed with wide filet face
or narrow edging. Prices
.$2.25 te S4.50.
St-a'-h-i.lr' A f!etTilr -Second
l'l'v-, i entre
Men's Flannel
Night Garments
Plentiful assortment nf
men's warm, fleecy outing flan
nel Pajamas and Night ShiK,
at n"e5t attractive prices.
Pajamas in several -weights,
all with frog trimming, 51.C3,
$2.2.r, ?2.e0, $3.00 and ?.'!.e0.
Night Shirts arc un'isual
value at ..6e.
Etrawbr'1s K rintnlr
Ef.t Ste-f L sMii Mrtp'
Continuing the Sale of
Bags 4i-eOO
Still an ev f lent aiety for
selection in hpue of te-day's
brisk selhng. Fer s secured
a large group of these Hand
Hags, knowing that they would
be in great demand.
A wonderful array of Hags
of '-hiffen velvet and of leather,
smart in style, lovely in color
ing and nicely lined. All are
new and fresh, just in for this
Sale $1.0.').
Slrfnrhn i. ( lntli!r
M.i-1m' Str.-r- ( rw. Alle
These Are Days
for Reller Skates
And here ai" tl.' very
Skates he, s and girls -want
most. Union -Hardware make,
can he adjusted te size,
damp tee-, and stap heels
SI 05 a pair.
Mrrbrji1r A rithtr -raifm'n'
JIark(f Mirt, JVpt
Beys' All-Weel Suits With
Extra Trousers at $12.75
Vcwesf pattern5! w th p.nty of the pepula" light c'lnr. The
coats are v.enclcrfu!' tailored anrl the knickcrbeckei" are full
lined. Sizes 7 te IS years $12 75.
Exceptional Suits
With Twe Pairs of
Trousers, SI 6. 7 5
Plenlv of styles te scle frum,
and these desirable 'ahncs
tweeds, cheviets nnd rasmere?.
Sizes 8 te IS years $16.7.'..
The New Wickham
Suits Alse With
Extra Trousers, $18
Exclusive with us, and ta.'etcl
te our own strict specification., of
the verv finest materials. Ueth
pairs of knickerbockers full-lined
one pair equipped with a se'f be't.
Sizes 8 te 18 years $18.00
Hart, Schaffner & Marx Sails
With Extra Trousers, $25.00
Tai'e'ed like father's Sui'v full-'
f.4 .NIrim rlitg.. .V. (' Hi .r
.S ' v
I l
il tii
I f
Pleasant Winter
Evenings With
a Phonograph
i-itting snugly and . .. ' 'or 'er
nblv nbe.it the i nic ly'ii,
start the iclrelu ,h'
Cheney ard hear ea ' v the
music you are in the mood f"r:
A . ii.iIh iv . . ' i
t. 1 'in t' t fni el I'.'.i.Mn J I '
' 3 1)0 tien 5 ' 0 I 'i'Ii '
Vluin a C'l ' 0
(i tiiib!i'.f,i. .,( t . . i, i .
$ Ou 1M1W . 5 I ' ! II
V t .. . I. . . "'. en
I. i -in i 'it ' . i i '
I J." t)H Ti'.W l. 'I I III I I
i-irula ve , n 1 1
i'Iihipv I'liumiRr.kpl . "
rrerdi eilt fpI. it . 5 '
i ! ii i"t uuw. ' "U Iiir i. i
' ',i I'H ,. J' '
I ' l!ll i ' OMnpi ti,i , J I " 'J
I'rrerriK, juiit i i J I '
i Jie mi Lew, h un iii ' '
(' isomers living at a de
tinue may eidei Iti'miu- t..
mail. If von have a iiiaiie
account heie. the amounts m.i,
be added te vmir nnm'hlv h; I.
S'l lir'i, A I ' r
y ' i w . .
Autumn Blouses
$5.50 and $5.75
Mati'lasM. anrl ri pe Ie
i liine ate (nmbincd in --iinie of
thesi lovely attmiii Mleues,
while in ellicr.4 crepe ne chine
alei c 's used. Fashioned en
craceful lines ana trimmed
"illi bends, einhinitlpry or
I'evcHy braids. l(. Hleuses
come in colors that leek well
wit n the suit or the separata
skirt- muffin, barberry, brown
and na- v b ue.
("ti.h.'f. a rtaiii'rr
ifrtti l i eir. intra
Lenj Cleth
li iMii.il Trn-.Miid Pit., (it of
1 it.e spun I iiivj; ( leti, nt
.itniu'. t' c pr.i ii i,f niiHlm. Jt
is -flrjt.ii i t .ji' l.nrit; ( .,lli f
tli"! grade can be had at Sl.ilfe,
1 i'" atiil ; dO a piei c
it i I r ,1 A f I i i r
Women's Ingrain Silk
Stockings, Special, $1.65
Twelve hundred pairs a this low puce, licauie of r light
Irregularities in the weave Excellent quality, full-fashioned, silk
te the tops. Illaek only yi.es 81a te lO-a.
V- - Krnl) iJt A. Clftfulir Al.! a, Mmlit tm
, ,:
' I
I. 1 i!
1 r . ...

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