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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 04, 1922, Night Extra, Image 26

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IsOnly a Part of Line
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km ?rth and Seuth Ends f "I" Technical
Description of Werk
E Frankford "L" is the first completed enerntinc section of th
authorized sj atem of city-owned hiarli-snced transit lines. It hm h.n
Instructed and equipped in every detail, ready for operation, under the
jKrvisien of the Department of City Transit.
, Together with the Uustleten surface line it has been leased te the
Mladelnhin RnntJ Tfimiif rv. ,...,..., t.. !.. - ..-
rt f -r,. u..e. vuiui,i,ij iui vxjl'j.hiiuii jur live years irera
K tnorrew.
(The completed section of the elevated railway is a two-track structure
i Miles in length eenstrllrtivl OVOr fhn rnmlicnv rf Wmnt ulent l.n-
I. i . , ' " " . Wilt, IV1 '.!.-
1 unften avenue and Frankford nvenuc. between Arch street and Bridce
rairect. connection has been made at Frent and Arch streets te the tracks
M t the Market street subway, but prevision has also been made near this
4JKint for carryinp the tracks south en Frent street and connecting te i
Zny ettter city-owned line that may be constructed in the future.
The northern tenrinus of the line as authorized was Helmrahurir. a
iistance of three miles beyond th-ldgc street
L&JrtrtHnjj reasons have made it necessary temporarily te step the
I Bridge street, at which point the car storage and operating yard is
Financial and ether con-
read at
3 located.
The structure at this point has been se designed and built that it can be
txtended northward at any future time without interfering with traffic.
In the center of the strict. This shaft
Is supported below the street Mtrfncv
Three Yeare Would Be Enough
New te Duplicate Entire
Line' te Frankford
by plate girders that in turn rest m
lenciete i;ier- spte.id apait a distance
of twelve t'ect.
j .i vii itrv ieiugu itei.ie
1 where the structure misses wide
'; Streets, such as (jliiud mid Allegheny
HTemtes. columns nlneed In the
CfntPr eC tlie cress Htnet. but nt Lehigh
arenuc there an ilmtble cur tracks
rurrinir ttertlr from l.ehluli menui into
Kenlngten avenue.
This and the helttht of the strticture
at tarn point made it tmdcMrnble tn I
plnce columns in the street, and the
Steel' arches of 112 feet s-h Inches t.pan
were deslRnnted te nury tlie structure.
The nrclicn were placed ever tlie side
rallcs e( Kensington avenue near the
cutb line v-Uh nbuttnent piers of con
crete carried down te nick. The tracks
rere spread at thin point te bring the
leads out adjacent te the nrch ribs mid
te the columns which support the pnn
ever the Klclimeud branch of the Kind
lng Railway, which adjoins the arch en
tthc north. '
Where tlie "structure cresses the
trncks of the Uidimend biam.li of the
.rhiladelphlu and Heading Kuiluuy
north of Lehigh avenue, and of the tori teri
necting railway of the Tennsjlvania
Railroad at I'aeirle street, spans of V.tli
feet and U!J feet, lespectuely, were
tequlrcd. j
Through-trusses of tlin 1'iatt type
Vttn designed for the Richmond branch
crefsliiR. two trusses ter each track. t
with suitable transveis and lengltu-'
4inal braciiiK. These trusses have in-
Uhu1 hh.1 (i.tatu titi.l n fiti ! 1 tntk iltrifil
iillliVU t,iti viva iiii vt i"i' v.iv..,
and are irrevided with Dm bearings at
the points of support. The inside
trusses are supported by lattice trusses
'between columns, with Ini-Rd knee i
traces attached te each column. The
longitudinal stiffness of the structure i
ecured by the braced towers en either
.aide f the arch. Kxpnnslnn is taken
care of by allow ins the columns at thef
north enil of tlie nan te bend. The
elevated railway tracks are about fort -
three feet above the street at this
1 At the connecting railway cres-ine
two pony trusses of the l'ratt tjpe.
with inclined end pests and parallel
ardn, carry the structure. Metnifacm
urns twenty -four inches deep span the
.i hntivfi.ii trusses te curry uiu iriim
... . .1.. .. I fAn,,nt.i.., .. Tl . , . ... ..
Ter, KllCC DUlCCs supj'Oll uiv wp "" '"" ui'i irm nut itciien
'.enl nt each lloer beam ami wie ems t b(l ll01lpilt for ;oeo an a ie. The
. thnsuan rept en pin beirlngs with ain, , .... M ... ,.,., .
Her bearing at the south end te p.e- " " ' - - -' - ' - "
'fie for expansion, 'lac structure hi, "" " i""ij suuMauum ennu
is point is about fort) -six icec irem or me nnnmni uiue et transportation.
e street te tue ran, miu ui uiu i UIU ..stand the iinuenancc te
ewerrecdmleremi WaWpU'f the epemng of th.s
,,, .. , new cenrn.' non te tlie r,ertheast. it 1p
e engineers weie gevetned in their nccessarj iu lemnn; mat our gieatest
thmlnary work y the following distance is from northeast te south-
nrfnnientnl nrincinles. tirst, taat
niiiifcxmiamift.u some important
mWZwmSmmWmm. HRf Ha; VaHm.aVJurBHIiBltaHaM ImWKtltfihmmmSjs'' '' "'":'!,
BaBMaa2. VaaStiBHBBBaBlBama alaVT'W. BBaBKjHiv . a & BHBaraBaaarv jr S mmmW vaVBaBBaBBBaBBaBBaBBaBrDaSBBaBBaBBaBBaaeaBBaW BBBaBBaBBaBBaBBaBBaBBaeaBBBBaw4 bsBBbWi iTWjaeBaaBf fi" VnaaBBBBBasaaaa aa aaj r i a TmmmmmmWft tf ? m A f ' ft
WB&fiQmmmmwmYk lPl wf 'nW'WEHPafaHBTaralH aSaBaBaBBaK aattaW" 5nil.lit'ei Kk ';-al ? -
I m9mmmWBMZ , c BrTnlliMllIf v " V f Wfiali i '
1 SHieiaHBlfiiii
m: favlKlariieiaaaaaaB
W mmmW TTfTlt M HHIJaSraTTI I lien 1 1 Ii I I W I i aPfcil ItJIalM aTayayayayayayayayayayayayay
. "-'-'mm ' MtfikSlffEe-'liaaafaaaB
?(-S?J.V&MMMMWs"&sy&SSs aBaHiBBBHItaBaVSlBi fl9iwdaBaa9PJBBBSaBaBaBfl
V'S 'JMagWaiHatWaBaiayaBMMl
aaaiBSBBi saSHOPaH
-a--" . " IHliN Til' aaLWllWlaLiJaLiJaM ai 'alal W 'LWaaHHM riC?'J!SBT ynil3B
I r , W ill J a k- f.nnlrlMt amttla vsam Plinrk cifflAAf atattnn In 1.1panbfnit Tamieb.
j . r n Ju Ss7. Hflln nvenun station Th dliitanca " ""
JgSlmWBtmmmL Iri i Mraf SSmmmamwBmWmmmm'' Ua3m3iiimmm '.-3. .f4imm
MmmWMSumwmWmm-$ .iMSm mSExWmWfmMUmWmmmmmWSmmmmmm ..--. lmmVSBmiMm
MmMBUmWtMBWMmmSmMmMmM V S 4-4 atieawaS i -. . -".v.. ixSti.:. JvlJff 2iB7BYwflL9eBBVBaLeBaBHBBVVBBiea9ea ', , -00BtT' IBM? .4
iflaVBBaaaBXBBBaaBXBnaBaaE s v j 7 eB9asBBalB J -"Mmriiiii z&'&t&afx3MVtlcWmUwUUUUUUUWUWlStUUUUWMMUU. i v . iMaasPEpp"i,ii tflfcskS
.dMHiBBiy-:i t liBW bLilfe flglWLWeBBi .m 1 1 I '
ClBaBSLBBanBaVlBKIVaaV-'''lfK . ,-BSSTv,; ,ii'; . -fafciBail
HnBaMpCTBBHaaBH I ' tfiVfrl
HwMMBaiEwaaf ' ""alfcamy-T jiLMiBBHBBP5!Jifi I " lK .
V;Piafc--' r alaBSk l'H96SpUllJlAellBa
V Xj&w .JJ4i'j y'-. ' y 74nBBMjpfKajf mK3pi&r S LimEmmrm2tMmmBmBmwKnmmmvmm&mBuaE&lwwm v- 3maiaipiHaiEBBaaLllvaBBBWBPlviBaBVeaBies.M
. &mmZ - "s , 5BBJBBBHittjftmF laavBalUtrLEXBiBeXBVBvjefliBBBBBBBBBB
. 2T - '''" "'-'"'-'.' 9mWmWmmr f9eBBSBHBlBaBBBBlBBVBaniflBBBBVB
wE'- , - - -'" ' . , ,' '.. afJP BBaiBBBBBBHHBBlHBHBaHBBHBHf?
sssjcf !5 . "- ""r'tJ y- mmMMMmmmmtmmmm!mwamMMmmwMMMMMMmWm&
V .- .''-r- BaVilVBTilBrHBrJBrJBaiiBaVBWBi
i ii 'iMMHMMiawiMMaBMtfMHaaMHHMMM,MiaiiH lkaBBaaaaaSSaaMBMMBiwamBaBiaaaaaaajBBMjiiiiMattikiSfjBaBaajHiaBaa
,1 r- . i . t ' :m-..-.....,3'&:w ,. ...v-,".; .' ,17,'! ,'j,! M BBaWaa'a'aaBMlllBafaatnWIia
' I Impesing: 112-feet span which bridges Lehigh avenue
'S jc i
r,rU i; , j jgM Estimates of Costs
Pjsm39immm of Twe New Lines
j i mmMMrfmmmmmUmmmmm
1 mLmM
Frem the experience gained In the
construction and equlpraent of the
FranVferd "L," mere than six milts tn
lenith. the Transit Department new
belleres that nn derated structure of
this type might be constructed and fully
eqnlpped, ready for operation, in the
time originally estimated, which was
about three yeara.
The construction and equipment of
the Frankford elevated have actually
consumed ever seven years, and this
addition of four years te the estimated
time can only be charged te two
causes. First, the World War. and.
second, the time required te negotiate
en agreement for the operation and
equipment of the line.
Certificates of nubile convenience
were issued by the lubllc Service Com
mission evidencing the commission's
approval of the construction of the
Frankford "L" and Bustleton surface
line as fellows :
August 14, 1015 Callowhill street te
Unity street.
January 25, lOlflt Unity street te
Dyre street.
July 23, 1017 Bustleton surface
December 11. 1016 Additional sta
tion at Huntingdon street in Kensing
ton avenue.
April 4. 1017 Dyre street, Frank
ford, te Rhawn street. Holmesburg
luly 23, 1017 Arch street te Cal
lowhill street. . . .
September 25, 1017 North Berks
LoekitiK south trem Brill street;
Cedar Hill Cemetery entrance at
'Ln Points
Lessen te City
kbe structure must be ei tae most
leonemic tpe; secenu, time u miuuu
hpresent the lutest jeveiepmems ;ie.
aprevemenis in me an m
nnv construction, anil uiiiu. liiih
Jtructure tie of a tvpe mat win e
jle and ree-ure the lowest cp(.nui-
i for maintenance.
eful invrstiBatiens were made n
Wnlne the most economic sections
ipans before pioceeeing wuu ine
( of the .structure. T'le deS'gii
(1 is a steel structure with
!? ns en the Miiewaiiv. hupp'nu- "
wf-st, a distance, of about twenty-four I
miles, wturus our eii'it and west ex
tension is net trier-) than iiu mlle3 in!
many hIjip. The piece of land lyiii,'
te thf nnt-theast. consisting of the
rorty-feiiith and Thlitv-llfth Wards,
represses mere then ene-(i:arter of
ti" total men of the city, the l'orly l'erly l'orly
fe irtli Waul going down a far as thij
I'fluvaic wi!i the Thirtj -fifth as a
Tin se tue bodies of land taken te-
-:..1e.. i. l.leli in turn ar- Binier Mi" etii' viiui-. . si'.n ins-i
rerse girder, whlcli, in tuin, i.ir , , . , . , .
i mer v. huh ultinintelj will rerm
purt of a great tiinal going trem Maine
te FleiSila.
.1,,. lnnmtiuiiniii tnisses : uiesei
' . " i.... .. l.tni. leir-
IHeP. n turn. EupiMi.i. ul-.u,s .. uu.u
f the lencrete dicU. ' "";
F' . .,... -t .l. ......1 l te t
dO column piers ur- uiiiu' .huh - , .. . .,,.
n rectaneular base et sutucient ' "" , f " ."-- ............
a rectniiguiar i 'cress this trtiterj lending te ell parts
te lead the Feil te about thieenu ,, ntcti.ns ulii.u produce
half tens per squaefM.t with. .nnt(.riI1, Vnd nle cet.,u.a'. manu
.mldal top. The top t tlie pie. , ,,rll,,,.4
. .i.ti.nn,l fee a bearing t)rc?iir' luV.'r,"' " ".' ., ., ... .,
l ! , ,. -en r,., I it uas iiii re ii. c Miiiiii ii ir in"
her the column b.e r ; fin pe. . (,ru;r,11M ,-,arl 0f I'lula-Hphi i v nh enlv
r square inch, and the minl.i in .1 s- ..f000j)()0 ' )(.r.,)TW AU th,r Jt lacKe,i
Wirem wy"'1'1" '" ; M, transportation f.i. ilitle, for in
the concrete was find at six Indies, i ,, i , .iH iuld tll uwury prelunlnarj
lUndergreuiul structures were fre- ,u)r( M,,., ns ejiening bisvwrs and streeta i
ntlv enceuniereii en iue mi- "i"-"-, anil nuriiun wnir. i
d in many cates (specially designed 'p,e Tlmtj-iittn Ward
New tV Makes Changes
in Other Car Routes
The city has provided 100 cars
for the Frankford cl-va'cd and five
one-man trelles for the Uustleten
line. With the elevated in operat'en
several line will be abandenrd en
tirlj. and the routes e ethers will
be changed.
limit 20 and 27 will be aban
doned. The cars which new run en Thir
teeuth street te Montgemeiy avenue,
te Marshall street, te links, te
Frent, te Kensington avenue, te
Frankford avenue, and te Bridge
stieet. en Ne. .'! Keutc, will be con cen
t. in ed In upctatinn.
Ne 1 Keine will .stmt at Hancock
str'.i aid I.-high avenue and run
'e Siith and Kitner streets.
Ne. ,"i wi'l nil between Womrath
tree, Frankford, and Third and
lilfler streets.
Ne. L'." will run from Second and
Djjplun streets te Third and Iiltner
it i cut"
Heute ,"S will be unclianged. The
new Uustleten line u given the
number ,VJ. ( ars en lioute 7.'i will
-i t fiem liridce street te Itli hmend
streer and Allegheny atenue. I'.eiue
7."i will net be disturbed.
of the u'al area of the citv of Sf!,0C0
Its pi. nutatien is only 3-1, JOT in con
trast with the Fit st Ward in the center
of ihe cit v itli only -141 acre for
homes for h", M5 perreni.
Following i the official estimate
of the costs of the Frankford ele
ated ami the liustleten surface
lines :
Actual lneMrreiit n of October 1. 1022:
I'nnl.ferJ Bimloten
Klevatcj Huiface
Lean fuidi:
Connlructlen &
enuliiineut ..$10,078,210 nn S4G9. 10(1(11
Ral ertatc ... t:'S,745 38 2b'.' 3J
hnrlneflrlnit 4.
iidmlnlstrntl 837.305.72 a.l.'.0 10
(Jonerul avuroDrlatleiiai
Knrrlnrrlni.- L
i.dmliilbtrathe J3'l4.r,0.75 Jt.4".7.r.O
l.ee.ii 83,ne0.0n 1 00 O.e e
Interest 1..170 3UH.4I fiil.ei.'J 10
Tcl.il $13,::s.t,atS sft TTiiiTe i jli.l
llstlmnted iddlttunnl lnTtinrnt en
Ixjin fuiitla:
Conilrucllen A
riiiiliiniPiil. . ll.POO enn 00 IOO,I00 00
Heil CHlnte . . J7O.000.OU
Untilneerlnir i.
Rtlmlnlst'tlv 3. 000,00 ...m
aniI appropriation)!
Tni?lnnrtnf A
R(linlnltrtl ltn.oeo.no
Intcreat sO.OOO.UO
tr.oe no
Total ;.isf..oe",oo $i02,r,oe oe
dranfl tntal.IIB.139.31S.SP Toe'l.S'iS.oa
:ial eatnle Includes total money urent
(or land at Frent and Arch siraets,
acres of land in the Thirty-fifth Ward.
All that the northeast has needed te
bring it into development has been
transportation. This I liave been
preaching for twenty years and the
truth of my prophecy is shown in what
has token place since the operation of
the read has been nssured. Many
properties that weie eftered for if.'JOO
an aero ate i-elliiis new for between
iJl'OOO nnd S?U0O.
This great asset of the citv lias re
mained unde eloped because it lacked s
street station en Pennsylvania llailread
January 7, 1010 Physical connec
tion te Market street subway at Frent
and Arch streets.
Six eidinanecH condemning property,
ene eidlnnnee atrlkinic a street from
the city plan, and eiie ordinance au
thorizing agreement for occupying rail
toad piepeity. all for Frankford Ele
vated Hallway purposes, were passed
by Councils and approved by the Mayer
u.j follews:
March fl, 1017Twcnt.v-twe prop
erties for twenty station building sites
tan except nortneouim uerk-i, Tiega
link with the city's center. That is new fld Pratt streets, also Frankford tcr
profiled and with the new links te
be constructed, I believe that Phila
delphia is entering upon a period in
which ir will recognize the fact that It
tan detive reenue within the city
limns. This tnntien question effects
I'hilttdclphia mere than any ether
Aim i lean city. Ilecaus" of the indue-
tiles here we have three times the nu,n
March fl, 1017 North Tiega street
station site en city property in llsr llsr llsr
lowgate Park.
June 18. 1017 Authorizing agree
ment with Pennsylvania Railroad Com Cem
panv for erection of north Berks street
station building en railroad property.
June J,', 1010 Pratt street station
site in i rankterd avenue, also eight
properties directly north of Arch street
er of taxpayers that New Yerk hes. ' J"U1.t!?ae?l.?",n.t and Water street,
i.i i x- - ii ,i for Pate right of way te make physi physi
ItheiiRh New ierk has three times tge i enl connection te Market street sub sub sub
opulatlen. wnv at Frent nnd Arch streets.
Leeking north from the Church street station platform
a suburban rate of two-thirds where
they hac eniv some of the facilities,
and then a farm rate which ceieis
most of the section in the Thirty-fifth
Ward with only one-half of the city
nit rate.
!. vam reeullMl in order te meet
'of the conditions. Seuth of (lirard
nue and in tlie vicinity et " m
list fiOil conditions were net suit
for rairjlug the pl.r. and at
e points COIlCli'te pile, were dllvell
rf the gravel stiaia und-rlying the
tains nearlj 22,00(1
the etner fort -rven and a half wards, T.et us leek at it new from h tlnanclal I .Tehn Wnniiniaker's hulldinc stands
I'ricticnllv jeii could put the whole witlm t a s(, ,' .iiid ,et u would nut eint of view. Tlnue ure three iale en four and one-half acres of land and
alone eon-' population of Philadelphia into one. i ! mere dense U pepulited than the, of taxation, a full city rate where the pas ln taxes te the city mine than
ures of land out halt of the Thirty-tilth ard, IeaInjr rirt W ir-l t' U. pieperty Has all of the city facilities, ' tice the taxes paid by the whole 21,S:i."i
Kensington and Trankferd lying
south, of this great district will both
benefit by the opening of this read be
cause an) thing that develops the hinter
land will benefit eiery merchant in that
Moreover by creating nn additional
iesldenti.il section we will bring the
bei t.vpe of wotkers within a short
distance of the famous textile mills.
The opening therefore of this great
ulery te the northeast is ln my opin
ion one of the most wonderful events in
our history,
I Mil
i TWO ljprs "I emnium
,'b columns are geiie-nlN formed
,iethlehem II and channel seitien.
plates added wheie leads te b
id' required larger sections
jnm bases in all tases are formed
plates aiucncii ie uie mmnm
It by gtl3Set piaics ana siuicneu
SIltflCB. tOlir l's-lllCIl Ulllllieiei
were built in inch pier t nn-
0t the columns. iuie puues rn.
It from eiie-naii i eue nu u iawv
top of tlie tiniMim piei, aim uiiiw
ba he was
whuli en
0 top Ol UIO nillblllW iurr. "" nils-'
k. riipnrn whs leveled and aligned
...., - ,
KnHce was rami" u nui i run
nt mertar: the entire
A Inclesed in cemrete, waul
J In formed the sidewalk snr
'.-." . . . ... ... ...,....,. ., j
me eaie uei. m is- mn.j -'
ifercetl with a steel-bound edge
formed the euro.
... ,.nnniilered desirable te till
columns with concrete, both for
eke of appearances and te pre-
the accumulation et inn. nm i
, aome benefit from this tilling
TskeWtlenal bearing area. J he
I were miu en mu hem ''
lied one side, at a time with
e wuu a griuiuiiiiii' tutr. ,a
aa the concrete miu us uiuuu n
"arface was rubbed with n lu'icit
washed te remove thu lilm et
If groin tne puriinr. iv "n M.-r.-t
linve n ceusldeiablc number of
'eilumus en the street In adnnce
a-iieu te pi'iuiii iei i-.Mii i u' v i'.
mI lie fore handlilic.
StilewillKS et I'llilihieru avenue
marrow spa urn people et rranu- (
Taaiected te columns being placed .
utttt;,. ..!.. in.. ....... ,i...i. .,i, .
ajMavwafae. iw uh-vi- i.iiriL iu-
A special type et comma was
:,tHk aiDle shaft, located,
wtyAunEKBmi I ifcalaaaaaaaWlIlcrt t tf 1 i HBBaaaaaaaaaMaW i.,, aaaaaaaa
iimMvkmmtiwi ItStmMUmUUWmmSUl. a i m 'taaaaaaaaaaaaanB aaaaaaaaaal
jji iaaaaaaafcaaaaaMr 1 iiilata . - vHaaaaaaaaaaV aaaaaaaal
a.iyaaaaBaVaaVSPnai I aaHaaaaaaaaaaaiBaaaT " Te( J4fl'uit& i ia4HHHBaHaaaaBBE?i. a v aaaaaaaaa
Ii BBBBBaiBl'a&'BBBaaBBBBBBBBaBBBl I vi.'jff ' Tt Ss' aBBBBBBBBBBaiBBBaWBlBKJ "" it 1 HaaH
bk BBBaaNBijUHaBlBBHaBBBBBV bH -iaV J vIa IiL bbbbbbbbm sSflBBSp , If 1 eVflpaje
MBWmmRmWmmmmmmmK&' ' ""BWBB
BtWBMBaajaWawMjjBMMaBMeac, ,,1,, m m mw .m. m , , " m i ii ma
& 11' WA. 'kwiVkWmmmmWWkmmMmammmmnWkmmmmm
fM jK3mamTf .?mm '- '' ,'jfltl'VlaHBBBHBlaHBBHBBBHIHBBBHIBHHPWBJi
nHik , 'MmmmWmmmmmmmMmWm
mmwmWESktLmvmmmW ': MkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmOF0:M nfitf-MM
uEmWmmmmmmmWk "? JJBBWBBBBBBBaBf'-''';' t'm"' f 1K9
mmmMmmmmmmmmmmmkmWmmmmmmmmm 'Mmk'mlJB
JlllV 2fl. W1( Thren mn..li
bounded by Bustleton and Cheltenham
Mcnues, and llrldge nnd Penn streets
ler loop, sterage jard, iaspectien and
impair fcheps. One property for Frank -fold
terminal nnd trainmen's building,
llrldge street station.
.e ember 20. 1020 Te strike from
the city plan Sanger street, through
properties condemned for the loon,
jaul, etc.
April -i, J:21Twe properties for the
southern sub-station in Frent street
south of iairn-.eiinf nvenue.
September 1. 11121 Twe properties
one for central biib-stotlen ln Cumber
land street east of Kensington avenue,
and the ether for the northern sub
Mutien in Urlscem street near Arratt
Twe pes of superistrurture vtere found nemnary te carry Ihe Fraukferd "I' brrsuse of the varying width of the streets. On the left Is shown Ihe nrch type, xhleh gees from downtown te ViiMy street. In thU the
uprlgliu are nt the curb and the traffic uses the center of the street. The right-hand irw shows the pillar type of construction, which is employed from Unity street te Drldge street. With this type the pillars are in h
esnter of the street and the traffle uses the sides . '
New Type Cars
en Frankford "L"
Centlnufd from nt pnf), of te,, ju,,,,
cnrlKin steel and the wheels and gears
are forced en the axles te their proper
position under a hydraulic pressure of
from sixty te ninety. tive tens.
The truck frames nnd eaueliidne; bar
nre made from steel ferglngs, and the
l.elter and ether members of the frame
from pressed steel shupes and steel
cestings. Helical springs en the equsl
Ulng bars absorb the tirat shock from
the wheels pounding ever special work
or rail joints, and two sets of triple
elliptic springs between the truck frame
and bolster provlde a further shock
absorber and insure smooth, easy rid
ing. The car bolster is supported ever
the center of each truck by a dine shape
bearing, running In oil, and side bear
ings of the roller type keep the car
from rocking.
The car wheels when new are thirty-fpur-lnch
diameter; constant wear from
the brake sanes decrease! the diameter i
height adjusts are provided en the
ruck frainu he that compensation can
be made for this wear ami the car fleer
maintained en an even level. Wheels
enn be kept in eerviee until they are
worn te thiity-ene and one-half Inches
in diame cr. Safety straps and hangers
are provided te catch any broken parts
vent their falling en the trick aftd
causing dinife
ft ,
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&?. v
r t fr
M-. 'f 'Y-si

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