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frttr Would Mike Fair MMt
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?i'KnlTIOBnXt nsuuvr uii
m th. 'tin '-a
til. - . '
tiaaier Pepper 1 , ''heartily In
i?.fil ti uee' of Falrraeunt Park
iUfjit Seiqul'CenteiinMl, BB',,pre
LtUh t he v clan already adopted by
Iki'Benater is aollelter for the Fair
Jaat.Park Commission. The North
FttlaMpMa Manufacturers' Assecla
i tlB Recently protested te the commie
f slea'aialnst the use of the park for the
ft" ' - 'I
5Jj(ir. Pepper eiplalned today, In
bfnften, tnaittne concepuen'ox ine
which he presented In an address
Tuesday nlghtiras in njwnie. sup
mmnt ia" th' tilani already or
.'''. : '-
't.'had taken it for aranttd." ne
i . t -. . . A
ked. "that the 'plan steed as
ted. with tfte-Park as' the nucleus.'
mtI wished td show, was hew the
fee s community could be put into
fi relation- with this plan. (
Vf, Wants Whole City Draw la
V"It' was my function te demonstrate
1 a preptr ccieDrauen ei iue oen een
fVntennlal could become a com
nitv' Interest, and net. mereur.a local
rtlepment' of any one point of the'
ftp It, was 'With this object, the Sena
ter explained,' that he ylsiened. Chest
nut street as a court ei noner, wiin
' patriotic scenes- and celebrations cen-
utertai 'around Independence Hall,, and
BrOta street as a Ntreet of all, no'
liens. His conception .also, drew, in
;' '. At.. f . -
said Mr. 'Penner.
i'aB the-dty.-wwiMshare.'!. -He. went
a St6 discuss the 8erauiCentennlal
ii-' - .l..Jj .j..,l,i'i - .
LTIIV .UKJ 41.-' .I. MM M..MI
bserredf ''IiwMl(i:.btf4d;flu 'that
dationVXe' relate .eWrf.Aart . ;of
slUdshhla .te.ttie 'centtai) feittfre. I
BfeaiA' taajMnef tee .nsequi-uentenniai
waTMBawaass?.wiaAceieDraiwBi.i. .- ...,
'tMenUoVwas-eade te Mr.'Feptler'ef
l..ths tmnAmlinw 'In', feitm 'nnmiitM in rut
W the scope, of the f,nlr,. te, "bob-;
M '1lest Fair", Npt His Idea .
. ..'JIM. ".t.. ..... .. ..
;r. vue you mina mis sneum ee, uene ;
H;.wss asitea. "ue yetK nenevir tins
Wuldl)e an international fair? Don't
you think it should be the biggest,
rrtiteitt event of lt. Mud .In history?,
"I weuM sny'the most, significant,'
rsther than 'the biggest, " was the
Senitdr'ir reply; "1 would make it
different In-kinds" . ,.
"But don't' you bclleVe -this should
b a world's fair?1'
"I would mpke it n world's fair In
the sene.tliat it would be a celebra
tion, te itgnlflrant that it would, compel
the'attendsnre of, levers of liberty from
aU'Artt.ef the. world." V !
Iv p-aiur t riter uui eiutru ll ic win
,;rllr-hls idea that camels and ee-
nia uim niiraes mm neimeyii unauiu
be allowed te reara.free en Bread street,
an idea that created soma tmenslness
MSUlM IfAHtlAlnBtl MB- jTt4-a TTa.1t ..
caue of the huUH proximity te thn
:CstlsM en Pait Twentr-twe Column Fl
0tpert of Hit Death Early Today
rna te se erroneous
.Memphis, Tenn., Nev. 10. (By -A.
P.) General Luke Wright, former
iseretary of War, who has been ill at
lis home here for mere than a week,
Wis reported in an extremely critical
condition curly today.
.An erruni'euH report that General
Wright had died during the night was
denied today.
Daughter of Judfc-e Fractures One
k, Ankle, Sprains pther, in Fall '
''y-" !'V .'.'''" M'ln, daughter of
Judge end.Mra. J. Willis Martin, frac
tared one ankle and sprained the ether,
wen it jiU from her automobile. The
lldent occurred Tuenduy nfternoen.
Jlw .Is aHier hemi. n Chestnut Hill.
'Twe years nge Miss Martin fructured
Ii.ui." , ir"c. ,."..u" '"-"imam cemniiH-4-S5J7
of 'J10 -' wWphln Girl Scouts
- S&d a ttlfmKni .. mm lh. a i.i
h "--' "i uiuvrseui-y Aid.
Aute Reute Advice
for Princeton Game
, .
Autemnhlllsta min..i. it.. -.,
J Princeton football game Saturday
tk uT. i r ,n8 yone Auto
mobile Club te use one of the routes
te Princeton even lu.i ' n-u-rt-
eln. Highway is dosed at two places
jnd bcciiuse the deleurs are nor-
,row anu rnugli that route la' net
(recommended. ,
ueuie i .erth en Bread: turn
.right into Boesevelt Boulevard! te
-... u.rii.,-; riKiu en KebblnS
sventin te Tnnii.nei.- ". '
. - - nitjrrii jerry,
.tftets ferry and fellow river route
jwre?gn Hiverten, Beverly, Bur
.Uniten end l".nrlntft-' . m ."
Taki Brunnrlek avenue te Penns
Neck: turni left intn v...i:"j
sreiq, lcedlng direct te stadium.
I, , Reute 2Fer persons wishing" te
lS Tv. usu iravei. Nerth-m
lijsd., turn Inte Old YerrVad t"
In, billow Greve en Yerk rend
Uhteugh Buckingham ie, New II.Z
ff0.? .rtver te Ijunbertville : bene
ngnt into river read u, Washing,
fjjad te Princeton,
.' ' -
r niDkf LIIU LMIU I :
n runix i im i nin.i
"Sl '-r ,VA x
-Tr , T - T - - I rj i -r
.f; ' Itniq .tufti ftuitu uB.uiuuicutu,
'at it' was. outlined byMhe-cemmittee,"
Is That of
Society GirllB Back in
Her Perfumery Shoe
After Bageing Big
.Game in Canadian
"North Weeds .
"C?of Him With Three
Shet at ffiYiirde
Range' She Says,
in Telling of Her
.Exploit ;i . t
' . r" -
Miss Pfitw Thurer. ilaushter of
Mrs. Jehn B. Thayer,; of Havrrferd,
popular society ilr,'.ls back' in her
Itlttenhetise Square perfume' shop today
from the Canadian North .Weeds, where
en a bunting trip; She killed a -large
moose and a deer.
Besides ihe.blg game Miss Thayer,
with her party of friends, bagged many
rabbits and nnrtrlttMn: MlurThivar
bears the 'distinction' of' being the only
woman nunter te bring, down a 70U 70U
peund medse'in. the, North .Weeds this
season. A ' t ,
Meese are known as dtfngereus ani
mals, .especially .If the hunter happens te
get ''buck ferer." But Miss Thayer's
aim, was ..deadly. , Every shot from; her
high-powered rifle took effect until the
nnimnl dropped.'. .' . ... '
"I wa tee 'excited- te be1 sckred,"
said Miss Thayer, telling "of her, en en
eounter: ,. ' ','.
"Yau.see, we had been tracking Ibis
moose all morning, and suddenly, came
en him .at a distance of sixty-fire yards.
The;' day before, I had seen three, ethers
and' missed them bely .when' ."shot,
se this . time I ' aimed carefully ana
hit him just -where I was supposed
te ;ln.the -left shoulder. '.It .was, a
Starts Blaze in Her Roem and
Waits for Flames te
Envelop Her
'ffieiei JDftiM'eft te Eviie'Piiblie'T.itstr
AtWntlc'tlty, NewM; --- Aiweman
wne registered as Mrs. Clara Htevens,
of ' Readingv Tnt, was'-burned 'te' death'
this -morning in her room en the -ecund
Jloer eff'the Ildtel Harris en' Sonth'
Carolina avenue.4' The Hre also" en
dangered the lives of. twenty-five ether
guests, three of whom were carried te
safety by firemen. The dead woman
was about fifty years old, and had been
a guest since Sunday. v
It Is .-believed the fire, which dnm-'
aged the, hotel te the amount of .2.100..
was caused by Mrs. Mtevens' attempt
re commit suieiae; wnsn nremen bm!;e
In the'doer, they found keyholes itu.Teil
-with, paper and windows .rfiut tlghtly
wlth strips of cardboard wedged in the
sills. Her .clothing had been destroyed
and her features were almost unrecog unreceg
nisable. Indications worn that she had
crawled 'from bed, te the renter of the
room and waited for the flames te en
velop"" her; ... '
Hetel attaches-said Mrs. Stevens had
been morose ,slnce her. arrival. She'
confided te Ralph W. Harris, preprle-
tAI. thflt t tilltilllinrl lmA .lta.l tl....
months age and she had nothing te live
The fire was discovered by a maid
who detected 'smoke seeping through
Mrs. Stevens' deer. She attempted te
force her way into the room, and fail
ing in this, climbed te a transom, where
she saw flames eating their wny acse'ss
the room. Sheyturned in an alarm
nnd aroused ether guests, who hurried
from the hotel in their night clothes.
Firemen en their arrival found that
the escape of three-guests en the third
fleer had been cut off by the flames
which had spread te. the hall and along
the stairs. They were rescued. The
body of Mrs. Sevens wns taken te the
Morgue and police communicated with
Heading authorities te locate relatives.
Rumer Disagreement as te Degree
of Quilt of Weman
Les Angeles. Nev.' 10. (By A. P.)
The jury which heard the evidence
against Mrs. Clam Phillips, tried fee
Ukj murder of Mrs. Alberta Tremalne
Meadows, who was beaten te death with
a hammer, still wns out early-today.
The jury communicated In no way
with the court from the time It retired
at 10:115 o'clock yesterday morning un,
til It was ordered locked up for the
Humors as te the jury's stand en a
pr.sslble verdict were few. The prin
cipal one was that the only thing pre
venting a speedy verdict was a dis
agreement as te the degree of alleged
guilt whether it should be murder, or
manslaughter. ,.
Vlneland Man and Wife Slightly
Hurt at Cressing
Mr., and Mrs. Jeseph Vent I. ?f Vine
land, N. J., were injured slightly Jast
night when their motertruck was struck
h glancing blew, by a MDlvIlle electric
train at tne Pear street, creslng,Vine
land. .... . ,, , .
Venti's vision was obscured in Itua
rainstorm nnd he failed te se$ the ap-
preachlng .train, Ills twe-yearTOldl
daughter escaped injury.
Mrs. Catt III In terlln '
Paris, Nev. 101 (By A.-P.) The
French Union of Women Suffragists, te.
day received a telegram from Mrs. Car
ili, Chapman Catt, American feminist
leader, who Is In Berlin, stating that
1'lness would prevent her from keeping
her nigagcment te speak here tonight.
Mrs Catt waH te have opened a ,blg
Hlln'ra8 meeting in the Sorbonne,
OarMul Deasbtnr 'fiS,-tfslHB
' ' v V
fesa mmmmm wm
!. i"
'.'J ? "!.. 1'
rea?ji 1 1
?.T' xr-i
luckv 'tthet. "B turneil toward ttae.
and' then Ishetiand hit him again. This
time1 he turned, te the left, ran abettt
niteen yards and feu dead. 7
it.. Bin. u.d 'ktt'Ji ' v
s .. . uiv' tmmm cma.
"Kick? Sure.lt kicked:
I mean. my
rifle.-for dt was a Mauser'. ,7 t. ',,
"There were .four of us in' the party
and two, Indian guides" and it was,' a
horrible day snowing and ralningnew
and then',' se we' could net get. a' picture
of the animal. He was net such' a 'geed
tone, anyhow. 'He was a two-year-old
bull and his horns didn't haYe--a, geed
spread and .his head wasn't, even
Csatlaaed en Fan' Tweatr-tw. Cstaraa Tw
Says Statement .Made by Mrs.
, Corrinne Reblnscjh Misrep
. , resents His Atttiude
ii .it
.'...---w;.w-.i; j
A l' . .
, ?l -.nii(i,vilMl' .
Copyright; tut. tii'fiuttlc, Ltdaw Company
' -toMhtagfenr "JfeV: Mid; Presiaeh't
Harding its anneyddby -a statement
made.br Mts. Cerrlne' Roosevelt j Reb-'
Insen .that she hnd received', a .letter
from him conveying the' opinion that
public sentiment had' chiilged . en the
enforcement of prohibition,, and that
the question would net be taken out of
politics within this generation. H
It was' said at the White Heuse that
the, letter was private' and that the
digest contained jn the newspaper dis
patches did.' net fairly .represent the
.......I.... Mu ' IImmJImb ..w nuui.J lta
-The question of making the letter
pueiic is under consideration.
'Nevertheless, the opinions attributed
te; President Harding arc these com
monly held by public men here, but the
difference in the. situation is moral and
sentimental, rather than one which can
be measured- in, actual votes or eac
likely te, result' in legislative action.
. Nothing may, be expected from Con
gress asvit is new constituted.
The Association Against the Prohibi
tion Amendment -will held a convention
in St. Leuis beginning next Monday te
Slan its future campaign for the medi
catien of the Velstead act. '
The line of attack. likely te be adept
ed will be teseek planks in the national
party platforms of 1024 favoring the
liberalising, of the Velstead act. An
attempt te de' this- wns made at the
conventions of 1020, but without suc
cess; but, 'as a result of 'the develop
ments of the last few months, especial-,
ly the recent election, there is just a
possibility that one. or ether of the
big parties may commit itself te light
wines and beer,
Edwards' .Victory Sign of Cliange
That, measures the difference te which
Mr. -Harding alludes in his letter when
he says the sentiment .en prohibition
has changed. A variety of incidents
have contributed te th change, one
Is the striking: victory of .Governer
Edwards, running as a wet In New
Jersey ever Senater Frellnghuyscn en
a dry' platform. Then there 'was the
iaei ,iuni, Dein parties, reit compelled
te be wet" in New Yerk. Although' the
tests in the', referendum en liquor in
Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohie and Cali
fornia resulted in a stand -off. wets win.
ning thefirst two States and the drys
the ether two, still any victory for
Ceatlaard en Pas Twcnttr.twe. Column Twe
" " ' .
Mrs. Mary Maaujre Volunteers
Afterv "Being Virtual Prisoner
Mrs, Mary Magulre, 2001 East Elk
hart street,-, suspected by the Depart
ment. of. Health of being a typhoid car
rlefc 'voluntarily submitted te a cul
ture at St. Mary's Hospital today after
being held a virtual prisoner In. her
home for several days by two police
men whoeod guard and prevented
hep from going out.
The result of the culture wlllnet
be known for several days, it was said
at 'the' hospital. St. Mary's Hospital,
which 'Irr-near her home, was agreed
.upon by .Mrs. Magutre as a compromise
nfrti -from thV- Dptmrt ment of ' Until th .
It had.erigtnallybeen intended te send
her te Bleckley, hut she refused totge.
i . J -r, '
Driver, Kieapes After Causing Acci
dent en Second Street .
Mrs. Jese De Marce, 1014 Reese
street,' suffered serious internal . in
juries this morning when n truck en
Second street near Spring .Oatden
crushed hen against a wagon.
TM , driver ,0' tne i hick sped away
and his victim was taken ta ke Pepi-
Vfee PFIAMTIR Succ-M.h B
SL.bj.tuT r A' j. A.
BBBvfjgi;.: t',',.K!i0mU.''
BBbWSsSSSV ! i'-'7'if'-(?ZMM'.,'
vt.; JH
BBBBBB4MJ'f--a:r','4atVCna ex
HbVbbU i v r-"1 yji ',BE-?v'
tf2W5f3f!r ,
ryV vf-f..1
kuu winm
&' W:
r x
WfcihlHften " Polie wemmn
- -f r 'Ctrl Downfalls
.ft' 4 -.
Th - Rev.
'ft M. WllseniDi-
,nurCM FercM Opposing Blbl
" ' ' ' vi " ,5 '
i eacning in ocneon ,- ,
The downfall of many, 'girls,, .vhe go
.wrong can ie; traced t'e"he hlpVpeckeiJ
flasks of Uauer carried -by''" their escorts
at" dances ,and automobile ''WttesiV
delegates te the international session of
Hi Weman's Christian1 Temperance,
Union .were told today.- ',.,;.
Drawing en her' experience vwlth 'the
metropolitan 'police of 'Washington,
xdenienanc aiina u. van winue, -ai
rector, of the woman's bureau! tM of
the , false steps made' by girls' who
ineugnt u smart, te tippie ironxiaeer
bidden- flisk. , - . . 1 V,
' The delegates in the Academy of Mn
sic listened with interest as Lieuten
ant "Van Winkle told hew. her" nellce
women patrol dance halls (kncf etb,er,
nlacea where sirls and veunr men
Rather. The women police are ihsplfe
by. the ideal of social service, -she said,
anil are .always en the alert; te savethe
unsophisticated girl from the evils that
beset her. " "
l Would Aid Girl Workers ' f1
Miss. Henrietta Addlten. executive
secretary of the Big Sinters', Association!
ei f nuaacipnia, suggested tnat -women
volunteer" ns symnnthetic. friends nnd
counselors of girls thrown en their own
resources. '
".People. have . talked enough s.beilt
'petting parties,' the evil of the parkrtl
motorcar and immodest dancing," she,
declared. "It is time te de something.
The ideal situation would be' for the
working girl te have a, sympathetic
friend te advise her.
"The problem is te make the working
girl accept net only a standard of con
duct, but a standard of geed taste.
Constructive recreation- is one way, te
de mat.'- . .
."We, must put. religion In and the
ueyu-eui or ine pain e reur cminTen,;:
ww-w rv. -. -ai. jtvusen, ei;
Third -Church of the Covenant?
lin and Daunhln streets, in addresslna-
f-tae- meeting.- - - j - -.su. v v.
Mr.- v ilsen denounced , the . forces
-werawg-in prevent, tne spreau eiWDie
teachlna"ln the schools - . ' i. !
"IHOie tcaciung'is included 'in,-the
.... v , . .' j . - . , . . - ,
curriculum ei nut mi per cent of our
schools," he said. "117 per cent it
is excluded. We must have the co-operation'
of all branches of religion if
..-. fr-- aj j .t : ..
b ure iu iircveui. me coming or tne
uKeiui-iuiiKiiucss. juvenile crime; is in
creasing in this country in'spitcfef tlie
iuci mat wc arc i-peniiing live .hundred
million dollars annually for education.
We must have mere artistic and sani
tary school bulldlncs. but even nlMiuint
school surroundings would net prevent
j";v"" -'" ue iuubi ue some
thing else." .'-
' ' Says Bible Must Be Taught
"T.he only answer te the accusation
that semetblnt- is the matter with" the
school . is v.that' the Bible fmust be
taught," he declared. "Are we te' 'make
clever devils 'out of our chllilrntJ i
"Without the Bible, education is net
oniy.nenrmorni out immoral. Educa
tion without-faith in Ged becomes an
education wnicn uenniteiy teacnes un
belief." A systematic- effort nn behalf 'nt hm.
mal children se they can become even
mere emcient ana extract tne greatest
possibilities from their mental and
ehysical- equipment 'wns described by
r.' Bird T.. Baldwin. ." '
Dr. Baldwin Is connected with the
Iowa Child Welfare Bcsearch v8tntlen
at Ames, la,, the only one of its kind
In the country. The station is making
regular tedts with mere than' 500 chil
dren and young people from one day te
eighteen years old. '
A study of heredity also engages the
research' assistants, and valuable In
formation, Dr. Baldwin said, has been
obtained from a study of rabbits, guinea
pigs and wasps. .
tDr. Baldwin cited en Instance, where
a thirteen-year-old girl has the physi
cal development ef.n sixteen-year-old
girl and the- mentality of eighteen.
Youth Found Bills In 'Mall lexea
and, Get Payments, Police 8gy,
Without consulting several business
concerns of Germantown, Michael Pep
per; eighteen years old, of East Haines
street,' appointed himself as their bill
collector, nil versatility in thus work
caused se much comment he was finally
Today the boy found 'it 'necessary
te collect $1000 bail, as he was held
in that amount by Magistrate Llndell.
He was charged with robbing mail
boxes of the Delmar-Merrls Apart
ments, at. Chelten nveime and' Merris
It was; through his curiosity about
mall boxes that Pepper get the.inspirn the.inspirn
tlen te become a bill, collector. .Often,
it is testified, Instead of finding a check
Or ten-dollar bill in the envelope pil
fered, he discovered a bill for' the wom
an of the house. ,....
In the mail box of Mrs, Henry Mer
cer he, found a, bill from n florist, .Pep
per explained that he was' connected
with the florist in question and called
te get the money, it is said.
As the bill had net been received by
Mrs.' Mercer ,she became .suspicious,
Tenants of ether establishments re-
erted their, similar experience with
epper. Their tUe police were called
iu. .x .
" Child Scalded at Heme .
Charles Par'sl, eluhteen months old.
1332 Seuth -Tenth, street, wm scalded
Yhtlepylnfi about the kitchen of his
home today,,. Mrs. I'arsl toek'hliu te
the Heward Hospital. mw ,0
dlk i tV t- i
hl . .T"!
,iwi i ii iVf. ' " .jblllllv: liitiiArnif iTitire
Villi ;ll
. . bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV 1 lHtlL 11 n 1 1 ,IlJ
'bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV' aaBmlT
DR. CARL J. W. CtrfiCfc ' fl"
Director general of Hamburg-Aaeer...
'lean IJne, who ha agre.te;feraV
a new Cabinet la Ottmutf-
' . i- .
Manager of Hamburg AmtrlMn
x Line 8ucceeda -Wlrth .
'" Berlin. Nev. 16. (By A;' P.)2-Dr.
Carl.. Jeseph rWHheira Cune, Vs&mJ'
mknager.ef .the 'Hamburg Alrkn
Bteampship Line, has. accepted the-ltMk
Dr: Cune was born in;Thrlyfta,
July 2, 1876. the son'ef a .PrlvisCJCU V
dller in'tlic German ministry., j
1 .Tu-icn elnen the wnr"h'e "viiitSd the
United Stntcs. On his first vislti.BUtde
fnl!20, he. nnd his, associate directors
nfMhp Hnmhtifir. American T.lneT 'Cen
cluded an agreement between the
Amatimn Sliln ntwl Tnmmerce. fVirttera
tlen (W. A. Harrlman interests) and
the Hamburg-American Line. His sec-nnd-visit-
ended about three months. age
Dr. Cune married Martha Wlris, of
Hamburg. The .couple hnye ' four
children. ' ';'.'
'He is unusually well educated, sav
ing studied at. Berlin and .Heidelberg
Universities'. He acted as Assistant
District Attorney in Berlin and' later,
in 1005, held an important, pest at' the
German Supreme Court atLelpxIg. In
1007 he entered the Finance' Depart
ment of the Government and waa made
a Privy Councilor in 1012. J . ' j. r.
During the war Dr; JiCunp.,..vaa
'economic- and financial'' advlSer 'te' the
Government and manhcln's.'dlrecter of
the grain and ''feed organisatien, He,
karmanv. business interests. '- .Hv .'
' ' Herr 'Cun6-Mearae' nremlhentlv Inte
'political notice .in 1020. -when' he:' was
urgea te acc--tne-rHsi'Ci-miniit-erT)i
finance in the reorganized .cabinet. His
refusal, te act resulted iu mdeh criticism.
urglara Flee Whan Discovered at
Plant In Northeast
An attempt te rob the Northern
Sweater Company Mill at Terrcsdale
avenue nnd Tiifbny street, Fraiikferd,
.was frustrated by the watchman-of-the
plant at 12:30 o'clock this morning,
.when he saw two .young men drive a
wagon te one of the side windows and
climb, through.
"'The watehmnn ran toward the window
flashing his light. The robbers fled
when they saw htm. leaving the wagon
behind. The watchman chased them
for a short distance along the railroad,
siding, but Ien the trail in the dark
Hnt.a f
t Police of the Frnnkferd station Hoek1
charge' of the horse and wagon which
they believe were stolen.
' r -
Mether Gets Wire Frem- Him Sty
Ing He Has Qlrh
Beatrice P. Wetzel, five years old,
2733 North Bonsall street, who was
reported yesterday te the police as hav
ing been kidnapped, was taken by her
father, the mother, Mrs. Margaret
Wetzel, said this morning. The father
and mother ere separated.
This morning Mrs. Wetzel received
a telegram from her husband, .whose
home is nt Steny Creek Mill, near.
Rending, which read: . i
, "Margaret : I have Heney. '(Sign
ed). Rebert."
"I feel greatly relieved te' knew
where she Is." Mrs. Wetzel said, t'but
I de net think It is fnlr for him te
have her. I am the mother nnd the
one who Fhnuld raise my baby."
The tittle girl, while en an errand
with Mary Trey, ten years old, 2740
North Bennnll street, was snatched Inte
'an automobile by a man at Twenty
fourth and Somerset streets yesterday.
Mary held her hand nnd tried' te pre
vent the "kidnapping," but could net.
She ran te the Wetzel home and re
ported te .Mis. Wetzel, who notified the
swallows medicine,
Physician Believes Violet Tayler
, Toek Overdose te Induce .Sleep
Violet Tayler, twenty-three 'yeara
old, of 21iU North Slxteentb.street a
stenographer, ' was taken violently ill
late Inst night shortly after she took
medicine te allay pain.
Dr. Lnnnhenr W. Webb, of 142ft
Diamond street, vas, caned, -and when
be arrived found the girl dead. The
body was taken te .the. morgue.
Dr. Webb said he found a bottle of
a drug, empty, beside the girl's bedside
and that she had evidently taken the
drug In nn attempt te produce aleep or
step pain and had succumbed te an
overdose.' ' ' .
An autopsy will be performed today
te determine the cause of the girl's
Weman Used Oil en Fire
Mis. Henrietta Beldcn. 1025 T...IM..
gew street, was burned slightly when
she started u furnace lire this morning
with kerosene. Hie. flames caused fftNl
damage tg the basement and first fleer.
-Untv of thm. .dv-rtlHa la
wsntta Miumes ww si
of forming n cablnet.'.te.'Succeaaiie
Wirth ministry, lt.wasfunefficiatfjajt
neiinccd this nfternoen. ' ' ' $ V -
u v-
Msjerlty Obtained In Sprteef
& Surprising Gains -Made
r by Laborites
Minister of Health Beaten-rAr-
hur Hendersen Leses. Seat.
Majer Aster Elected
',. ,Bu Aitectatei Prat
LefWea, Nev. lC-At 4:30 o'clock
returns from yesterday's elections
showed the Conservatives te have mere
than .the necessary 308 for a majority
in the. new Heuse of Commens.
'With only seventy divisions missing,
they bad elected 310 members, the As
qtilthlan (Liberals rift, the Laber .Party
120, the National Liberals, or Geerge
.itesj 88, and the ether partles'lS.-""-
(These returns show a victory for.
Prime 'Minister Andrew Benar-Xaw. '
.who is leader of the Conservative
farty, Dut nise record a surprising
'KabOrlte'vetc. The Cengeryiitlve'nin-'
'jerity' In the Heuse of- Commens', en,
the present Khewing is-03. ,
Sensational Laber Gains:
Laber furnished the .inostsensatienal
features of the retut-iiB, nheut half the
total of Laber Party seats represent
ing gains ,nK compared with the Inst
iatlaaa an Fase Twtntr-twe. Cslaawflltr
urii miiMbUiiN?
LOS ANGELES. Nev.. lG.-rA verdict of murder in the sec
ond degree wns. returned by the jury today in the case of '.Mrs.
Clara Phillips, charged with beating: Mrs. Alberta Meadows te
death with a hammer.
v. .
. MARLBpbFirsteive?. ,88.70,.40, mi '
City, 88, S3. 70. second; Evadner, 83.70, third
n?'"Auntie TlurJNhe"Kh6wa(in$Tvirtiiig also ran.
LONDON, Nev. 16. Winsten Churchill -was defeated for
re-election for Pail lament from the Dundee division. Be was
former Secretary of the Celonies. i
Italian Premier Tells Parlia
ment He Must Receive
Net Ask, Favers
Bv .leci'n(ril Press
Reme, Nev. IH, Premier MiismiIIiiI
in his first address te the Chnmber
of Deputies- today threw down the
gauntlet te that body ami Indicated in
unmistakable terms, that he was net
there te ask favors, but te receive
them. .'
"What I mn doing today." said the
Fasclst.1 Premier, "In n formal act of
courtesy toward you. for which I de
net. desire any speelnl expression of
'. "Fer tee' many years ministerial
crises have been nettled by the Chamber
by political maneuver, but for the sec
ond time the first was In May, 11)15
the Italian nation ha overthrown the
Cabinet nnd given Itself a ministry In
hplte of rnrliament.
MI- leave .te the melancholy worship
ers of' super-constitutionalism the dis
sertations and complaints, but I say
that revolution has Us, rtuhts. I would
add that' the -whole world may knew
tuet I am here 'te descend te tlie ui-e,
te its highest capacity, of the revolu
tion of the black chlrts, te introduce
it us n force of development, progress
anil balance In the history of Italy."
Outlines Reform I'resram
The new Premier acquainted the
Parliament with his program of in
ternal reforms. He explained lirielly
the Government's foreign policy nnd
demanded blanket authority for n free
hand in the execution of fiscal and
bureaucratic changes.
tylgner Mussolini's parliamentary
debut as Premier was impressive. Never
since the' war has an Italian Pre
mier appeared before the Parliament
with such self-centidence. Though the
number of Fascist! deputies enlv reaches
thirty-one out f ere than TM), the
new chief of the Cabinet exhibited no
apologetic tones, which wns the cus
tom efhls predecessors who operated
with coalition forces,
"Exacts" 'Confidence Vete
Te use his own 'word, he sininlv "ei-
acted" a vote of confidence, lie imt
hjmself forward as net asking the hup hup
tiert of- the chamber, but as one wne
had summoned It te show cause why It
Milium uui en uimuiyhi ana oeunu ever
te keep the peace for two years, until
HUM, when its duration would auto
matically expire, nccerdiug te the
Italian constitution,
The. chamber was kp1iv1 rtin
shirts were especially prominent In the
visitors' trlbunea te the extreme left
overlooking the. beaches when the Se
cialist, unu vesusajs aefutles.sat.
N T kr l
- tuff.
ElecUd tePsrllsment
Enamel Guaranteed Net te Chip.
" New License Demand Lags
k' The .fashion in automobile license tags
or. 1028 runs te, blue .and geld dull
geld letters en, a. dark blue background.
The -toss were made In the Hunting
don (Reformatory and, according te the
State' Highway) Department, the enamel
will' net chip off as it did this year.
, Althnuah the nutomebile. division at
Harrlsburg is being kept busy filling
orders i. for li)23 licenses, the demand,
since.'anneunceinent. several weeks age
that' tags were ready, has -net come up
te expectations.
Time, l.l.t
r - '..!'-,
3 , . J -.
Detectives Find Vehicle Mrs.
Gibsen Trailed en Hall-Mills
Murder Night
Hi a Staff COrrD0rf,
New Brunswick, N. .1.. X..v. 111.
JMmm v
f fy?'- y-y?MsBBsTJMafaTaBTa! 4
v ' jsBmit- -"t?mTtBsbbW
. 5 fsHaiaxH
1 SaVHaSlaTaH
I xKKaTsTaTaf7 'IHsfaKBTsTaTaTa
The "rieketr wi..nn" ,,i i, ,iri. , tbe table, 'iiie attorneys nnn news
t!l J. .if nvm? , . . , '' Papcrmen gathered nbeut him. It was
seen near, the Philllpa farm the night apparent he wns troubled by the Issue,
me uev. r.uward Wheeler Hall nnd
Mrs. Eleaner Reinhardt Mills
murdered, have been found, nccenlin,
te Detective Lieutenant Davis.
The driver, hnuled out of bed early
this -morning by -Investigators- will be
croas-questlened today. T detectives
think he may be one of the we" im?
ifK' Afe Is
pig woman." who sava sh. i iK
fhe name of the driver of the "rick
ety wagon" has been kept secret by
Lieutenant- Davis. He said; however,
the man had 'denied having been out
the night of .the murder.
The' "Pig Weman's" Story
"Wis knew he lies," gnld the lieu
tenant. "We have proved he wan out
In hi wagon. The identification Is ab
solute. In rplte of his denials, w
!0,,nJ m.""0 h,m u,,mlt ,hlt e passed
the Philllpf farm nt the time Mrs., (lib
son snys she anw him. He should be
m a position to.cerroborate her story
that when she fcnehed a point near
the farm she saw the 'Sveman ln gray"
standing with a man nt the rear of an
automobile, the two illuminated by the
light from a second automobile parked
near them."
The "rickety wagon" figured exten
s vely in Mrs. Gibsen's first story. In
, , ,f nnd circumstantial account
which she gave of her night's adven
tures mounted en "Jennie." her mule,
the "pig woman" said she had seen
an old wagon standing near her prop prep
erty, a mile away from the scene of
the crime, about l o'clock in the eve
ning. Thinking; she said, that the driver
of the vehicle, might be a man she sua
pected of 'having- stolen her corn, she
bridled Jsnnle" and sallied out. She
followed the wagon, which was rickety
and creaked and rumbled as It moved
slowly along the .reed te the point where
she stepped near the Phillips fnrm. then
rat watchluR It disappear down Kasten
avenue in the direction nt v. it-.,...
wk-k. convinced bv that: Mm. i. .i-i...
was net the thief she hnd been en the
i, watch for.
'". '!,K "" " ne -riciieiy
wagon because they hHv,i ii.t,
driven pasting close by the Phllllnn
r nCr " y-." w '"'
' ' aB-rtvastBtastasBsM
Attrierm CtrtHna Wknfattat sUsslB&sl.
. nation of VaYhimrrMti t- t-v;-'
Mattacr Trial '"
Fears Entirely Nen-Union PantJ
Would Be Prejudiced Afalnet
the Defendants '
By, a Staff Corre$pendenl
of the Evening public Ledtr
Marlen, III.', Nev. 10. Judge Hart
well' will net permit any. "whelesali"
elimination of veniremen in the Herrlri
massacre trial because they are mesa
hers of the United Mine Workers of
America or because they are assessed
1 per cent-en their, salary te defray thev
expensed of the defendants.
"But I will rule as each case comes
up," said the Judge. "1 am net going
te threw out a geed man just because
he belongs te' an organisatien and pays'
his dues."
' The Issue was presented and the ex
aminatien of jurors halted by State's
Attorney -Deles.L. Duty, when Venire
man Ames Andersen, a union miner,
admitted' his , salary, was reduced
.1 per cent some months, -age.
Asked whether lie knew that the, as
sessment "was used te pay for the de
fense of the five union men charged
with the killing of Heward Heffman at
the Lester strip mine massacre last
June, Andersen replied, "Net that I
knew of."
The State immediately challenged
for cause. Judge Hart well overruled
the challenge and invited all the attar,
neya te a closed conference. News
papcrmen were admitted..
"We are presented here with a cari
ous situation." said Otis F. Glenn, mm
of the States asslatanta'. "u-h.. i
out of every seven veniremen examined
urn aciunuy me employers or the coun
sel for the, 'defense. i justice te.tbe
people, we should net be forced te waste
eUr peremptory, challenges en. men wk'
are.cmpleylng the opposing attorneys.-
'All ITBJ a...i.i '
"We ."re all uad $& n tW.
irim. mc uiieuia. aoeve nil, be pet
uilttrij;toreaeT. this suapleien.- .
t,alnly the men-who are hiring the law
vera en one side of a lawsuit syastk
thise with their own lawyers. ,"yV5T
"The State can prove that memt-we
of the coal miners' union here-bars'
been contributing 1 per cent of their
salaries for the expenses of the de
fense, during the past sixty dnya." said
Assistant State's Attorney Charles W.
Mlddlekauff. "In the interest, of coil'
men Justice the 'prosecution should
allowed te bring such facts before the
Judge Hnrtwell replied that such' ac
tion would require a separate trial far
each juror.
"If these men go Inte the Jury bpg
while paying for the defense! nnd' then'
Insist falsely -that they have no preju
dice,, they are guilty of perjury, .con
spiracy' and perhaps worse," said Judge
Hart well.
"Buti" he continued. "I wonder hew
t would be te leave the fnte of these
union coal miners In the hnnds of a
selected body of men net miners,' ant
union men. Would It be any falrerT
The, whole country is in two camps.
Maybe the farmers nnd non-union men
have powerful prejudices. Can we elim
inate a miner when he swear, he has
no prejudice? Hhve we a right te say,
'Yeu are net. -competent just because
you are a member of a certain Of
Judge Hartwell sat with his feet t
I but no less apparent mat lie wanted te
. be fair and appreciated the gravity of
the problem.
I "Cnn we rail a man a liar when ha
, sava he Is net prejudiced just becans
he's heen assessed?" he asked himself
,as ,mVh. ns U"J Kren,p .ftbeut blm'
r-Ani1 ,1?tJ'r' ln s,",f,,i,"re' ,-i""UJS;
K,'rr' chM ,cel""('1 f.'?r the ,nIner"' trU(l
,0'relh!ive right of pc
P e" ,,,n '.". "'IV''""'"" -" "
lvlmr." sniil .Mr. Kerr.
"Pie case nnu no court in be mrx
Continued en I'ase Twenty-two. Column CtM
Accuses Man Held of Picking Raw
and Taking Watch and Pin
A geld wntch nnd n' diamond scarf -pin
were stolen from a gunner eaily
today during a light nn a Pennsylva
nia lUllreud train near North Phils
delphlu Station.
William McMahon, Chlpeeteaatat,
Va accused Samuel Fuhrman,' Fourth
street near Ilainbridge, of stealing ala
valuables. He said Fuhrman plafeatl
a fight witu htm, struck mm ana tg
leaped from the train as it drew lass
the stntleij.. '
Patrolman Daniels, of tbe Penaafl
vanla llallrend police, heard tbe shouts
of passengers and saw a man sprlfMSSf
down the station steps. He caught the
fugitive, who creved te be Fuhraaa.
McMahon testified this morning at
the)' hearing before Magistrate Dara
in the Twenty -second street and Hast
ing Park avenue station, and Fuhrssasi
wns held ln $2800 ball for a iurtkav
hearing November 23.
McMahon said he had his coat asMf
gunning equipment. in an overhead I
and that Fuhrman entered the car
threw his cent ever Aicaianen s.
the luttsr tried te' move his desm
the ether objected end struck hiss,
Miu. j.mer no uiiBneu uis WBISS
Tehla, Net. W. By A. P.)
ail-star Amsriwut.reiiassiM.l
lam TT-tTntr iil mil j tftllT . .:'
I Mltv. lliajfl.' YKhlr!M.V''t
- :&
L&sm sSB&
. . . . IV
Hi-A. ' i., '-tiT-li .
"- . .. iVl

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