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kjr nla ! mm sflenwsii or ,evenla.
V I I Ml ' JU U 1Z 1 Z
no 143 146 140 161 182 153 1 I
F .VOL. IX. NO. 66
fltzgsrald Street Storekeeper,
Mortally Wounded, Joins
v Pursuit of Band
li XI AIJ MnM rluMtuI ku
TarWlu man, vvbeiktu wj
V Companions, Sends Fusil
lade After Aute
t,u rinp. Ifi2 Fitxcernld street.
fa drlng In Mt. Slnnl Hospital from
'.minds he received teft night when dint
V thieves who nttemnted te reh IiIh
jry goods store nt me riixgeriiiu street
Inrtcnd of ohevlng the command te
iuMf '.. mi." Pine attempted te run
from the store when tin robbers drew
their pistols, lie wns hhui " im-
' The attempted robbery occurred nt
1:4.' o'clock Inst night while, ninny
erwns were en the street. They henrd
the shots nnd severnl saw the men lice
i. . inrirn tenrlnc env waiting half n
Meck nway. frightened from the store
te the screams of Mr. Rese Fine, who
van n witness te the sheeting.
i. thar nnnreri the automobile two
of the re'bbern, young men. sprnng In
and stnrteu away, leaving naruipwiiira
RuUl. sixty yenrs old, behind, llullt,
nragfd by the net" et betreyat, whip
wd lib pistol from hid pocket nnd fired
Mvcral shots nt the moving mnchine.
One pierced the. body of the enr nnd
wounded Luigl' Franasal, thirty-eight
tears old. in tlie left leg. tiie wound
later led te FrnnnssiV wrest.
titiiil. n rrr.wil elesine uuieklv about
him, ran te Ritncr street; where he was
' . 1 I 1.-1..... .,lm n1t1.mlf.1l
fnCOUniCri'll II.V IT1I1V ,.l. .M.in.iiM.
mortally wounded, was searching for n
pellcemnn. Fine purxued Jlulli.
He was joined in the chase by Fur
nan Onrrlse'n. n mounted pellecmnii,
who was nt his home nt 142 Durfer
street, nnd hnd heard the shots. As the
Mtlremnn emerged .from his house.
ran In lmnd, he saw llulll running nnd
flrtd nt him several times. Knymend
Ruck, 123 Rltner street, captured the
As Fine enme up te where the
nttaner wna belne held, he realized for
the first time that he had been wounded.
"I't been nhet." he exclnlmcd, nnd
wllapred from less of bleed. His
rtathlnff was bleed-soaked. He was
nihed te Mt. Sinai Hospital in a patrol
Arrested at Hospital
I' taBMMB.t ..1,1. tin1uffltn.a Pnunnf ntlfl
IlIIWEIII ...... uw.FU.w.x. ...-... ......
Ttrne console, were nrrcsiea ni me
Diylvanla HeBpltai, wiiere tngy, ttaa
Me te linve the weundeflflWM' leg
Mated. r kc or tne acvcnrn nnu
Carpenter streets stntlen received a
"Up" from Dr. (Joedmnn, 122." Seuth
Etfhth street, that the men were en
their wny there, nnd pntrelraeu dls
Ditched en motorcycles were waiting
when they arrived. They had first
applied te Dr. Goedmnn for treatment,
ret he, suspecting tney munt uc impli
cated In a crime of some kind, referred
them te the hospital nnd informed the
At henrlnes before MnKlstrnte O'Cen-
ner, nt the Fourth street nnd Snyder
arenue police station today, Jlulli,
Passant and Console were held with
out ball te nwnit the outcome, of in
juries te Fine. Frsnnssi, who is held
under guard nt Pennsylvania IIeHpttni,
will have a hearing as seen as he can
leave the institution.
Rulll and Passant nre said te have
been Identified b.v Fine and IiIh wife
Kean after t1iIr nrrnat. Iteth nra no
torieus criminals, police say. Consels')
is thought te have driven tne nutomeDiic
in which two of the robbers csenned.
Th earrns found abandoned nt Eighth
and Latena streets. -
Flue Shet In naclc
lfn. Finn, tcstlfvine nt the hearing.
told Qf the robbery.
"I wn ntnnillns hehlnil thn, counter
,win three men cuine into the store
WOftly after Os.lO o'clock," she said.
''My husband was in the rear, but came
out te wait en them.
vOne of the men asked te see under-
wtr and selected n suit. He nls.e
Picked out a belt nnd put it en.
." 'txew mucu ae I ewe you, ue usk
ei "M hltuKnnrl mnA Hi.. 1.111 irn. S!.
Th men then pulled their pistols, and
pointing them nt Merris snld: 'Held
up ana uen t mane a yen.- uui iii
gsd cf doing as they teliT him te he
wrted te run out of the store. They
het him in the bnek as he ran."
rtae is thirty-eight years old nnd
father of four children.
ICfurt'Martlal Condemns Four Man
Unlawfully Armed
Dublin Vi. It . .11.. II 1
Jjur clvlllnns, James Fisher. Peter
UUtlllV. lll..1mr.l 'P.. II... .,A T..1...
Sftney, nil residents of the Free Stnte,
ifuewlnw ii iri.il I... ., ...m.n... ......
. ."'A " ...... .... , iii.i.iii, lull.,,
B Parted with the unlawful pnssebsleii of
elvera, were executed ut 7 o'clock
i morning.
Viltware County Jurist Centem-
plates Reslanatlen
i.'ud Broemnll. of Delaware County,
'""Iderlng retiring from the bench.
. .The matter Is under consideration,
l?IiiitJ,r.?,Pt T cniiet say just wliut
1 Jill de." he mid tednv.
lawL" '"'''Wtoed that the jurist, who
gne of the most uremlneut ilwirei in
J"ware County, has been anxious te
II tf. .,or.we yenrs. .
"'.. l'fen en the bench since 1007.
W he decide te tender his relenu
aaii'i "iS"'' hll' ,f wl" net b effect Ive
2" ' inaiiguratleii of (iev
"Jt'elect Plnchet.
ciS;d0,"v..!!ev'.1..17::-!v a, k)
SliW ' ! iinn", wild wilt
mi iJ ll(M0. rec't'.v charged with II
' PreCT ssle" "f ,h" wnH l'l'"n'
.soma of (
k 'r
Enured Becend-ClaBi Matter at the Poitefflce at Pblladttphla, Pa.
Un' tlw Act et March S, JB7D
ll 'i BwaYaYaYawavB '' aawawaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYal
4.S viusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9BavlaBl
HHalESagigiHBBi -
VmHiaaHftaK 'i'TzH'Wmmm
k:,' :WaaBawMavW, ' 'l.i -S-'b. JF . A-sFiJMa
Ii',i r, -;:, .. BBMMry'.'Vaam (U v, ',?!' 'y'J-4vimmB
Tired and dusty but smiling at chance te root for Penn State, C. J.
Chlaupl (at left) and William Krupps are shown smiling in front of
the Iicllcvue-Stratferd after their 350-mile hike te cheer for cortege te
tomorrow's game with Penn
Rooters by Hundreds Hike in
Frem Penn State for
Big Came
Rooters for the Statu College football
team, which plays Penn tomorrow, are
In town.
Seme were spick and span, ethers
were dusty and teusel-hatred when they
arrived this morning, but all were en
thuslnstlc. Almest COO of them rolled
and walked in from all points et the
compass. And every man's brother of
them had but one theught: State Col
lege wins tomorrow."
Many of the exuberant youths said
they were here, but candidly admitted
tbey didn't knew juat hew they were
going te get back.
"The Blue and White has the hnblt
of going wherecver it wants," said one
rooter, "nnd you'll see it going ever a
bunch et goals tomorrow."
Scores of the rooters brought two sets
of colors with them. One fcet was worn
en the trip te Philadelphia, and another
Is being kept -neat and new for the big
struggle tomorrow.
Hiked It Over Read
Almest 200 of the "Nlttnny Liens"
started te hike it here, regardless of the
2!H)-mllc stretch. Seme of them get
lifts here nnd there alone the nikc.
Most of these btarted out yesterday 4
morning. They Dunkeu en route
wherever they' could. When they
weren't near a habitation they used
the sky for n ceiling and rolled' up in
their overcoats. ,
"Penn will havr n hard time with
the Lien tomorrow." said Alfred;
Buck, a fresh" gridlrener, "nnd. lie lie
lleve me, from whnt I've seen of our
Bczdcklnns somebody's going te get
"That's our language for this oc ec oc
cnslen," agreed Jehn Powers, another
towering freshie, who snld that .State
slmiily couldn't be stepped.
"If there's going te be any goee
eggs marked up, they won't be laid in
the Lien's Heuee." predicted Hunk
Wallers, of the sephs. "The Liens have
n few tricks which will make their
debut tomorrow,"
Buck nnd Powers, by the wny, struck
it rich when they started out en their
hike. They w.'re trudging the highway
with ether Liens when n big motertiuck
rumbled nleng. The boys stretched
ncre8s the read nnd told the driver the
traffic sign was against him.
The driver, "Bill" Hunter, of Belle Belle
fente, took in the situation at a
"All right," he snld, "this Is .where
you held me up. Take the whole shin
und pile in nnd then go st might through
and help te win that gnme.'
Hunter gallantly dropped off the
crnft, and Powers, who Is a skilled
driver, took the wheel.
"I'll go along later," said Hunter.
Liens In .Milk Masens
Hundreds of ethers arrived In
similar fashion. Many Hindu the last
stretch of the read in milk wagons.
Thn fellows who came along in petty
Pullmans didn't hnve any fun at all.
Already the hotels are pretty well
Jammed with the Liens. Meney is
plentiful among many of them and the
bets scorned te be even, although there
were semn A te 4 bets in favor of Penn.
After reaching here hundreds of the
Blue and White "hoofed it" te the
Philadelphia Cricket Club grounds
where the team is putting en the final
touches. The vlt-it seemed te boost their
hopes of victory. ....
The Staters nre coming in by the
I'lindredn cverv hour and liv tonight It
Is expected that 2300 of them will be
l.eie. i
duct by way of geed cheer these who
get no enily start gate the team a
heai Iv glad hand when it arrived this
morning. , ,, ,,
"Win! wnn the big gieuting.
"Yeu bet," wbh the iiuswer.
Pawnbroker Put Under Arrest
.lames ftiilhelland. a pawn broker,
of 227 North Klglith street, wns ar
reted carl this morning by Detectives
Smith ami Farrie selinrged with re
reiving stolen ;oeih. 'Hie detectives
charge that Mu.hellmul bought fium
William Davis, sixteen, years old, of
Thirteenth und Cumberland street and
Hiimuel Ahrntus, seicnteen years old. of
leventh and, Brown street!, five clocks
and lluHhllghtB thai were stelen from
trucks and autos.
Plans te Banisli Alcohol as Bev
erage, Head Says in Opening
National Convention
Te keep America legally dry and work
te banish beverage alcohol from the
whole world, is the program of the
Wemen'a Christian Temperance Union,
Misa Anna A. Gorden, national and
international president, declared this
, e iiauuuui pri'sinrm or me . u. x,
U., Miss Gorden opened the national
convention at 1 -AT o'clock this after
noon in the Arch Street Methodist
Church, Bread and Arch streets.
"The Women's Christian Temperance
Union takes council of Its hopes and
net of its fears'," she said. "We fully
realize the flnnnclal strength of our op
ponents. We also knew thnt the As
sociation Against Prohibition Amend
ment and Mmllnr organizations are ar
rayed against the Constitution of the
United States, while they mav hnve
within their ranks some who differ with
the prohibition forces ns te the best
way te curb the evils growing out of
the liquor traffic, backed by nil the
bootleggers, bums, boeelovcro nnd crim
inals of the Innd. However, we pro
pose te snil en nnd en, until we reach
the sure dry land of world prohibition.
Says Sajoen Is Gene Forever
"Revenus frein. the liquor traffic Is
net needed te hflp run the Govern
ment. Bnrless hotels, far from being
obliged te have te close their doers
for lack of custom, nre se prosjieretis
that they cannot tnke rnre of would-be
guests and must provide large nccom nccem nccom
medntion for the vastly Increased pa
tronage. "Tile t-nlenil. tlm rrnitin .(..).'..
A hmiIhi.hI !. t i if.. Wt 'tar
new drinkers, has been banished
forever. The White Rlbbener.s knew
that u prohibitory law does net legl.i
late away appetite and avarice and
that for u period of yenrs ahead we
must mnke stubborn fight for l.iw en
forcement, in which our new uifrau
cbised women will be active.
The grout orgunlaed groups of wom
en ere in line with the half-million
members of the W. C. T. V. in public
declarations thnt favor the enforcement
nnd.tlie retention of ouriiatienal pro pre pro
hlbitery laws. Clear vlslened women
can see through the nubtcifuge nnd
sophistry of the opponents of prohlbi prehlbi prohlbi
Uen and estimate u right te value the
r.iinteenth Amendment nnd its ulue
te society."
Would Cut Tobacco's Use
Jr',Cire ,s no desire fur a twentieth
amendment te the Natlennl Constitu
tion te step smoking, but education of
tne younger generation is expected te
help lessen the use of tobacco, according
te Bianey A. Ayres, president of the
!iw i ?rk. ?.tnte YellS I'eople's
Branch of the W. C. T. U who s -eke
this morning at the preliminary bessfbn.
f,vn.ie.iBre neJ ,r-vl"B t0 tr,,"t" n
twentieth amendment," he said, "but
we tire trying te present te eung
iJ5!LI t h vll of smoking nnd thiengh
education te get them te step smoking.
.i.,pre n.re '"nre pills smoking new
linn ,.veP befSre, but they nre doing
I Jibt Tte,'i,10w "" lht they can
u.u net Ke,5 new " ",an who
has the geed of tht country at heart
can snuihe."
Depe Called Separate Kvil
.i Dw'?. l'ifket,s' research secietsrv of
the Methodist Heard of TVinpeiunf e and
Continued en I'naa Twenty-eltht. Column HU
- -
Weman's Animals Killed Man Who
Quarreled With Her
8scrament6, Calif., Nev. 17,(nr
A. P.) Leuis Bellnrdt nnd Mrs. .Mabel
Ress, ranchers, charged with murdering
Ihre BUe, a neighbor, by setting a puck
of dogs en him, were found net guilty in
Superior Court here yesterday.
Mrs. Ress said the deg, which be
longed te her, hnd attacked Blse while
he was quarreling with her. The dogs
were slain by county authorities after
uize-s muiiiaieu ueuy was tuuna
v h " ' n- 7
Four Bailiffs Are Ordered te
Comb Countryside for
Judge Is Weary of Grind, but
Displays Fairness' and N
BK ataff Correspondent
of the Evening Public Ledger
Marlen, III., Nev. 17. What is left
of the special venire 'of 130 men will be
exhausted today during the fifth day
of the examination for Jurers in the
first of the Herrln massnere trials be
fore Circuit Judge Dewltt C. Hart
well. But four bailiffs will be combing the
county all day nnd ever the week-end
for an additional venire of 10e, sum
moned by the Judge late yesterday.
This new group will report for duty,
half next Monday, half next Wednes
day. In order te avoid the scloctienbf In
competent and biased jury material,
Judge Hartwell left it te the discretion
of both sides ench te appoint two
bailiffs, who were cautioned net te
serve, men in the vicinity of the disaster
of last June.
Something of the last-minute thrill
of a football game touched the weary
courtroom late yesterday, when the
prosecution agnin tendered n panel of
four back te the defense for final ac
ceptance. This unusual panel wns made
up of four fatmcrs, non-union men al
ready tentatively nceptcd by the de;
But attorneys for the defense went
In conference nnd broke the panel by
n,rAmntnrlv phnllnnvlnv nnn .. .1...
farmers who chuckled "he had no usii
ier lawyers,, nnu wne, it is whispered
umnng union miners, has often an
nounced he "would like te get en the
jury and hang a couple of them union
Only Four Chesen Se Far
Clyde Craig, one of the veniremen oil
the panel, admitted en further ques-
tlntltniy Hv fha Antanun .l,i I.a Km1a...1
XltaV'kilUiif was unlawful" and that it
ivniiiii miiuirH iiviiihiii'k in rninrinn aM
conviction from ids mind. With State's
Attorney . jjuiy oejcciing, .nidge Hart
well permitted the defense te excuse
this venireman for cause.
Only four jurors have been selected
se far. They nre Oscar Swnnner, Henry
Ridill Tem Weaver, nil furmers, and
Geergn Cox, n union man. Yesterday
t'.A Snfn firnlrn n Imilnfliti. ...... ..1 W
challenging Ames Andersen and Henry
uarvir.. iiiiuvi nun itililliLll'U 10 uie
union's 1 per cent assessment, which
the Stnte claims is te defray the ex-
Continued en Pass FOurtren. Column Twe
Moonshine ) Distillery Explosion
Wrecks Twe Buildlnga
Chicago, Nev. 17. (By A. P.) Po
lice today worked en the theory thnt a
bomb caused last night's explosion and
fire in a moonshine distillery, resulting
In the death of three persons nnd the
injury of nt least nine ethers. Twe
buildings were wrecked.
In the ruins of one building, swent
by flames, firemen found the wreckage
of two stills. The erlglnnl report of
the firemen was that one of the stills
had exploded. Later Investigation de
veloped the bomb theory. It wag
learned that former occupants of the
building had been slnlil by bombs and
that threats hnd been made against
the lives of families who had lived in
the structure.
Speaker at Girls' Frieridly Society Conference Blames Cig
arettes, iressamer nose ana rumy ireivns for Aliasing
Bleem of f'viecence Frem Her Sex
"Painted cheeks nnd white-washed
noses" i gossamer silk stockings, "tee
often seen en ugly legs" j the use of
cigarettes and drugs, and a general
tendency tewurd immodesty In dress,
diversions, talk and reading were
charged te the modern girl today at a
meeting of the Girls' Friendly Society,
held In the Church Heiiw of the Epis
copal Diocese of Pcnnsjlvunia.
Mist. May Leach. lci president et
the Senior Membeis' Club of Philadel
phia, Kpcnking en "The Problems of the
Girli of Today." unfavorably ceu.pnred
the younger generation with the gen
erations that have geno before. She
was the principal speaker nt the first
biennial meeting of the Province of
Washington of the organization.
Miss Leach pointed nut graphically
the differences whlih have been nccrn
tuuted dure her own girlhood.
"An earlier geiiemllenl" said- Mhs
Leach, "looked forward te retiring
nt fifty or tberenbeuts te enps anil
'kerchiefs. Gene Is the young girl who
loehed forward te the peace of middle
nge nnd Its unchunglng fashions. The
iilrl of today courts succces; she is
inconceivably restless. In the aggre
gate Mm is stronger physically than
her elder slter, and her alms in Ufa
de her mere geed, The modern girl
is keen, alert, complex, but there are
many Hilars which wear her down.
which lower her standards, and lead te
her moral undoing,
"Among these are the use of cig
arettes und drugs; undue familiarity
with her escort In publlr; the com-'
inercinllzlng of her home, and her habit
et going te fun-chasing places."
Blames Modern Heme
) Misa Leach blames the modern home
for m.y of Mie sheftcimTniV V the
Convicted by Jury
Baaa-,e'V'.' aMaPsMmiaaHimi
V ;? .' SBmW
BHlaHlaHH' (aHlaHlaHBaW
of Bryn Mawr, convicted In Ner
rlstewn court of hoetlnand
robbing Philadelphia taxka
Bryn Mawr Resident, en Trial
in Nornstewn, Alse Con
victed of Robbery
lir.Wn. 1? Afellnn nf Itfrtl VnWf.
member of a wealthy Main Line family,
wan fnum enillv liv n iurr at iserris-
town today of sheeting nna roeoing
Frank Yenucssee, of Philadelphia, a
texical) driver.
The verdict wns returned sealed at
7:15 o'clock last night, after court hud
nd loomed, nnd was net opened until
Judge Miller convened court at 10
o'clock this morning.
Sentence was deferred pending nn
appeal for a new trial which the young
man!- counsel announced he would
llcllen, son of the late Fran r.
Mellen, a lumber merchant of Philn
ilclnhln. inherited an estate of S20,-
OvO' nnd some real estate when he be-
came or age int menin. i ryuv:-
..... 1 1.1... Ilnl.l.. In n unit for
damages, which presumably will be
brought by the taxi driver.
A verdict was net reached until tne
Jury had been out ter mere man ieur
1 ' -....!.. Millnn nHflnrnil thn 1II1V
locked up for the night nt 0 e clock, he
that if they disagreed they would have
the entire night te think their,-.vrdlct
ever. After they hnd signed nnd sealed
their venllet tncy were iierimiicu iu Bw
te their homes. '
rnl.. l..w.. ...nu .nfrfM1TP(l with fl fll-
ilic jiiij "' " -- - -
rect issue of truth between xenncsee
nnd Mellen' family. The taxi driver
identified Mellen nt. Ids nssailant, nr.d
the -youth's mother, sUtcr, brother and
i !.i.. .....Iile.l Ii.. I.ntl 1if..ti nt i clr-
cus with them nt the time cnneMec
alleged tne snoeting ioek piiiee.
Yennessee testllied Mellen had hired
ldm in Philadelphia the evening of May
10 te drive him home te Ilryn Maw?,
and that when they were a mile from
the place en Lancaster pike, Mellen
had suddenly attacked him. It was
alleged that Mellen fired two shots Inte
the driver's head and then robbed him
of $S and u diamond pin. The man
almost (lied from his wounds.
Mellen wns net ai rested until three
inentlm later, whin he was held en n
"drunk and dl'eiderly" chnrge and
taken te the Ardmere police station,
where he was identified us Yennessee's
Driver of Car Heartless, Injured
Weman Telia Court
Mrs. Anna Conrey, 23S North Fnr Fnr
sen street this morning, before Magis
trate Ceward, charged Jeseph Brown,
a Negro, of Kllswerth nnd Nineteenth
streets, with knocking her down with
an nutomelulo and then refusing te take
her te n hospital.
Brown w.is held in 000 bnll for
the Grand Jury.
ninderii gill "We hnve many houses,
but few homes," Mm Hald. "The home
lias its l)ad or Its geed effect upon n
girl. Tin1 home need net have n bread
vision, out inut have nn Intense one.
America Is the hope- of the world, and
the home is tlm hope of America, Un
fortunately, our homes have stnrted en
the downward i.ith, and tlm effect upon
our gltl iniinet be ether than dis
astrous." Miss Leach read several letters writ
ten te her concerning the problem of
thexmedeni girl One of them, trem
the woman head of a hlz clothing busi
ness, stressed the perils of cigarette
smoking. The writer reluted that n
jeung wnm.iii pleied ns a clothing
model had enlained her nervousness by
saying she li.id "smoked thirty cigar
ettM that morning und needer the
thirty-In st. '
A letter from one of the senior mem
bers of the club declared many of the
girls' piehlems wcic of their own mak
ing; that the modern girl shuns mod
esty fe:- fear of exciting ridicule. The
writer deplored the wiy girl "ruu
after the men" tiewad.is, and the ten
dency te discuss, with men topics which
once note forbidden among wcll-bicil
Beeks are pl.is, the writer added,
develop tli same topics, nnd even girls
In high school dhcuss them with deh
their own iip tilrls go te their of
flees, the w titer snld, "with punted
cheeks and white-washed neBes," and
where In nn enilier generation the use
of cosmetics was unheard of, every
girl Been entering a restaurant today
uses her pewiicr nun lipstick.
Leve of iilcnMire was blamed
lending girls te dangerous places in
still nnelher letter. Warning was
given, tee, against permitting girls te
rlaJSr l?
Publlihet Dally Kx ept Sunday.
Copyright, 1022,
MAPS wen
Four-Volume Repert Condemns
Ancient Structures and Ward
Visites System Here
Administrative Reorganization
te Give Superintendent Full
Power Recommended
Grave faults In the public Mjlmel sys
tem of the city arc dipclexed in the sur
vey conducted by the State Department
of Education and made public In de
tail today.
The lnck of proper public financial
backing is brought out. The buildings'
conditions arc minutely examined nnd
cores Tf the structures new In use nre
pronounced insanitary and dangerous te
the health nnd welfare of the pupils.
A comprehensive building program,
looking nhend te 1040. is suggested. It
will ceBt nbeut $SO.O0O,000. The aboli
tion of the ward visitors, whose powers
have been se curtailed ns te be today
negligible, is nlse advocated.
Changes In cenrtes of study, in meth
ods of teaching, in administration nnd a
general improvement nil along the line
ere suggested, while the geed points,
sucn as the isurtau of Cntnpultery Ed
ucatien, the i'.n;iisn classes and the
newer type buildings, receive their just
share of recommendation.
It is further stated that the Super
Continued en Fiiir Klaht. Column Twe
MAr.LBORO Fiist Be Tiuemnn. 93.40. $3.00. 82.30. tt,:n:
Silks nnd. Satiiib, S4.00, 3.00, second; The Girl, $2.80. thivd.
Time, 1.03. Auntie Em, St. Angellnn, The ShciTc. CuxsnW nnd
Olive May also lan.
Jeseph McCrtdden, 29 East Abington avenue, Chestnut Hill,
wns found dead from gas poisoning at his.heme early this morn
ing, according te the police. Detectives are investigating the
circumstances of his death, it wns said at the Corener's office
ChmrTes Stubbs, twenty years old. ii dying ni fct. Li.ve-,
Hospital following nn alleged attempt te commit suicit'c if h
home at 1927 North Garnet sticet. Besnen'dcn;- ever imfcil.ty
te Hnd work is said te have caused the youth te" sheet hiinJeit
Judge Samuel M. Shea, sitting in a lunacy court in C unucii
today, formally committed Frank 21. Hill, of Caindtn, te iU
Trenten Asylum. He is said te have thicatend the Hie of Presi
dent Harding and ethei high government officials..
Embarks for Malta en British
Warship Denies He la
By Asseclatril Trfu
Constantinople, Nev. 17.- MeIihiii-"
med VI, the TurkMi Sultan, has tkd
from Constantinople en a Iiritish war
ship bound for Malta. I peti embarking
the Sultan cmphnsled that he "a- net
abdicating, but removing himself from.
immediate danger. '
The Sultan wrote te Lieutenant j
General Hiiiingteu. the Uiltili com- i
mnnder In chief, Wediie-ilii evening'
stating! he considered his lit. te be in
danger nnd would like. I!rltih protec
tion. ,
An attempt bv the Kein.ilNt te inn
the Interned Turkish ilc-treer AU-,
hlssar. disguised as a incich.iutmiin,
out of the Gelden Hern, lun-t the al
lied control, was frustrated l.it night.
The Sultan bus been gierith (ir
clscd ever his status Mince the 'letinn of
the Turkish Nationalist .Wemhl at
Angera, early this mouth mting t de
prive him of his civil autlmtitv an I de
claring the caliph or rcllcieu" In .id of
Islam would hereafter he selectnl fnnn
the Imperial house bj Nete of the i
scmbly. In thtSkfaee of the nltrutmi "f Na
tionalist mititnry elements into Cen-,
stnntliieple and the knowledge tint the
Angera authorities would eentuill lu
lu full control in the TrukNi i.uh'i.i.
the Sultan nnd Ills advisers lm e bei n
frankly ut sen ns te the pie.m ncn-e
for him te pursue.
The bulk of his guard went eer te
the Nationalists nnd dlMmuhes luve
pictured him virtually at the merc ut
the Kemalists should the) ds Ide t
make a descent in force en Id piliuc
There hnve been rumors that he had
abdicated or was about te de -e, hut
there has been no. official (oiitum.itleu
of any such action en his pint. Them
were strong Intimations, hewewr, thnt
he would usk the Allies for piotectieii
if the need nrese.
Political motives mil) he ic.ul In
some uuiirters Inte the lllght of the
Sultan en a British warship. tiieut
Britain conceded!)' litis strong motive-,
for seeing that no harm comes te the
caliph. In view of the many millions
of Mussulman subject h within her do
main, many of whom have given imij.
catiens of disagreement with the action
of the Turkish Nationalists, dlsputm,'
the power of the Turks nlunc te take
action nuVetlng all Islam. K
The question of the Sultan's status,
tontlmiden PgeS8, cWiimn KI11I1I
THE JUII VOl) ARK I.nOKl.Mj vnu utv
ha feuml In the Hutu w.rj,.F."!i?'y
MKf 40. Adv. """""l
Rubucrlptlen Price IS a Tear by, Kail,
by Tulillc 1xlcer Company.
Free Chita Government Dissolves
and Amalgamates With Moscow
I'liMIe I.eder Far, ICaat Hervke
Special WirelatB Ditpatch
Cepurlght, llt, fcy rii&He irdfltr Company
Peking, Nev. 17. The Far Eastern
Republic at Chita bus voted te amalga
mate with the Russian Soviet Govern
ment at Moscow, according te informa
tion received here from Siberia.
Berlin, Nev. "l7-(By A. P.) A
Russian Telegraphic Agency message
from Chita is quoted in a Moscow dls
patch te the Socialist Red Flng te the
effect that the Government of the Far
Eastern Republic has unanimously de
cided te dissolve that repbulic and
make it n part of Soviet Russia.
The message declares a revolutionary
beard of seven members has been es
tablished nnd thnt fifteen delegates te
the all-Russian "red congress" hnve
been selected.
Clemeneeau Paces Slanting Decks
When Ocean Kicks Up
On Beard Steamship Parts En Reute
te New Xpvk, Nev. 17. (By Wireless
te the Associated Press) The "Tiger"
lias found his sen legs. On his way te
lecture in the United States, Geerges
Clemencenti, former. Premier of France,
upset nil calculations of his fellow
pnsscngers when the Paris took en a
roll thnt catifced many te seek their
deck chairs.
It was assumed that the aged
"Tiger" would de likewise. Net se.
He asserted stoutly that slanting decks
meant nothing te him.
The slight fog in which the vessel
was enshrouded passed in the night.
-This morning broke cold nnd clear.
The captain expects te reach quar
antine late tonight nnd deck enrly to
morrow morning. 7.1. Clemcncenu rose
as usual at 0:30. After a breakfast
of soup, eggs, water and toast, e
spent part of the morning alone in his
cabin nt work.
Walker D. Hines Attacks Plan
for Readjustment of Sys
tems in Northwest
Washington, Nev. 17. Whether
trans-centinentl railrends in the North
west should be consolidated Inte two
ii'giennl systems, one built around the
Great Northern nnd the Chicago, Mil
waukee hiul Kt r!,..i ...i .1... .,....
around the NVrU.cru Pacific 'nd C !
age, Burlington nnd Qiilncy wn taken
up for detailed consideration nt a hear-
merr,mrX, l".'fT ,1" '""tnte Com Cem
nierec ( iinimislnn.
. KepH'sentntives of the Hill group
including the Nrt,ern Pacific. ("!,
Northern and Burlington were given 1 c
tYm,..-h,,Ptt-,,i!,,,' ri & henr(l '''
tiietgi, WalK.r D. !UpS, formerly
director gcnen.l of nilreads. they at
tacked the innseldntlnn nln wM..fc
wi.iiM result in n senarafien In th.u !
1'li'st'tit Ullltll.il
holdings. '
.1 "l1.1,"! "'ilreiuls concerned, including
the Chlea;-,,, Milwaukee and St. Pa ."u
7 .' . "esiui'iit, 11. l Brvnn. 1
nnd the lluluth. Mcahce and North- I
cni. vne of the iron ere curriers, as well
uJ'i! ls S,,,,c nlll,n'l comniissletts I
ilse wtre represented at the hearing, j
Would Split IIIH Greup I
w-w ,,,,",,,n,MB ,,,,Mt the commission
I ,,. ,m 7,;1 '.""' I,l,,u,r "", wn"ial in
. if," "f,t0,12-' te im.pare a con cen
'li.iiitl..n plan that would 'enihlne ill'
';'niV:;,;n,i,,,',ml'i'ti'erniteishi I"
nuu eighteen or tvnnty gtcut .rgi,',!,,!
The commission. I. Miid. had tenta-!
s.i '..'nVi, r"'" N'T'ln-ni fium the
I 'li(.,.MlKtr",,,V ,,ell,i" it with I
tlie ( lucage, Milwaukee and St Paul I
'"I ""H create two strong systems
ilies.ua.. territory. ' '""" '"
"IIeWCVl.p. tli, nn.r.. ..I. ..:.... . ..
in- s iiiatien, f eiiimiss ener Hull del
- ', '""'. ""' u oasis for lm 11,1.
"B up the fullest rcce.d of fact ,1
argument " ' """
Mr Mine proceeded dirccth an
. niaiiw' Plan. It was expected that
lie would he followed bv Male 1.1,1
;-ide..t of the Buriiugl,'1 ;
Iiennelly. tiresident of the N(,rM.in
the l.rcat Northern. L011U N ill!
who has succeeded te direction of ' tli,'.
afiaii-H of the Inte .1. ,, j . ' '
organiatien of the three corperatlo 1",
"eMlf'v ,,r,'"C"t' but ,,ld "et expect te
"The CBurllnaten, Northern Pacllc
CentlnuH a rase -ttT Sai'L'
'L sr.
Camp Dix Army Officers Were)
Tricked Inte Signing Extra
Pledges en Pay
Wrightstown Man Confirms the
Thefts and Awaits
Promisery notes signed unwlttlnglll
by nrmy officers were used te finance
a splurge in the New Yerk curb mar
kct by Hnrry M. Titus, youthful cash-
ier of the First National Bank atf
Wrightstown, N. J., whose accounts!
nre $20,000 short.
Titus, a bridegroom of n few menfhey
has made a clean breast of the whole
affair, nccerdlng te Chnrlcs V. Brown
a national bank examiner of this city
who detected the shortage.
Titus' bride wns Miss Alma RIdff-
way, a daughter of Jehn Rldgwny,
farmer of Columbus, N. J.
At her home In Mount Hellv this)
afternoon Mrs. Titus bravely tried te
mnke the best of the situation.
"Neither of us has anything te)
say," she declared.
Will Stick by Husband
Asked if she intended te rctdrn td
her father's home, she snld she has
made no plans. She will stick by her
husband, she added.
Wlen he snw discovery was Inevit
able, Titun, who is twenty-three years
old and lives in Mount Hellv. went te
the president of the hnnk Wednesday
night nnd confessed. Hp resigned Ira
mediately nnd was allowed te go te
his home te atraigliten out his nffnlrs.
The bank examiner, sent n complete
report of the case today te the United
Stites District Attorney at Trenten.
Meanwhile Titus ii under Burvelllance
at bis home.
Wen Rapid Promotion
Titus wns r.n empleye of the bank
before entering the army during the
World nr. He was known ns a young
man with a keen business sense. nnd
after he was mustered out lie re-entered
the bank's employ. He was appointed
cashier September, 1920.
Many army officers stutiened nt Camp
Dlx nenr Wrightstown were patrons of
the bonk. Several, wejc in the habit of
borrowing agnrnst their pay nlletlncnta
and would give notes covering the
leans. In many instances the leana
were used te buy motorcars.
"Titus made no false entries in the
books," said Mr. Brown. "His method
was te obtain extra notes from the bor
rowers. Fer example, an officer might
give eight notes made against Ins pay
allotments for thnt many months.
"The cashier would contrive te have
the borrower unknowingly sign n ninth,
note und when he needed money he
would put it through the bank in the
rgular way, taking out file cash it
Alse Toek Securities
"Titus nlse took tome securities. He
hns admitted he plnjed the stock mar
ket in un attempt te run up u fertuti
He apparently had no extravagant
habits. He hnd a small automobile,
but he lived modestly.
"He was in his office when I went
te examine the leek. lie showed no
nervousness and guw no indication that
anything wus wieng. I seen found the
Irregularities, but said nothing te him
nbeut it."
Mr. Brown said that in May. 1021,
the young cashier first dipped into fund
that were net his and that iu Febru
ary of this year be began the sam
tactics en a mere extensive scale. The
irregularities are said t" haw con
tinned te within the last week.
Titus made some wrong guesses en
the way the market would jump, ac
cording te bank official-. Mis luekei
demanded mere margins and when Mm
jeung cashier ceu'd net pieduce them
the securities he had pledged were sold.
The arrest of the cashier new awaits
the action of the Federal pre.sei uter at
New German Chancellor Expected
te End Task Monday
Berlin, Nev. 17 (IU A P 1 Wil
helm Cune, tiewl) designated German
Chancellor, planned te begin t'.e work
of selecting a mini tr upon his return
today from Hamburg where he went te
adjust affairs in connection with h
position as director general of the
Hamburg-American steamship line
Cune propees te organize a "cabinet
of work," comprising un mbers of the
Midd'e ami Socialist Parti . and was
apparently reassured IV his advunc.i
survej of ti situation jesienliiv. In
which lie suited with the uiiiem
purt 1 unlets.
It Is net believed the Cabinet can be
detinitel) 1 enitltlltcd hefeie next Mon Men
ilaj . iii which case the ministers would
make their initial iippim-nuci- in the
Ken hstag en Tuesday
Wife Killed Judge Andersen In
IScelilev. W. Vn.. Nm- IT , it.. 1
P.)- Mrs Al.ie Vmleisen h t night
was found net gitilh of the minder of
her husband, Jehn M. Andersen feimer
lml'e of (.'mutual Court of B.ilelgh
Mis. Alice Andersen jesterdny told
11 Inrv le tli.. fotirtrei.iti ul...... I...U i
baud fermi'il) presided that her act was
the ceiiKequenu) of ")euis of abuse and
mistreatment "
Testifying iu her own behalf after
her seu and daughter had declared that
their father had been "(rind" and often
"get drunk.' Mis. Andersen vividly
descriped the tragedy.
She shot in self. defense, bh dcelnred,
Dawsen, Y. T., Nev. 17 nj a
P.)-The Yuken iilver was frexen erw
here today for the first time this season.
ir it'h a vaaju AvVsaiasMUjB van
wwrt, mil taTH ssCseKJS? "
. ,.',:!
v iViSt..-,' r.e ..wai'
avaiSar?.4ifiisai;3a5iSi'?. mw, v,i
1 mY''-ttm) "
illi tiifhiiitlaelBSl ii

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