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Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 30, 1922, Night Extra, Image 15

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"Tr" "
I i
Was the Banquet Made for
Plight of "The Guilty Ones" Authers Twe Revues
OIUJ thrills mere mystery , mere .pneklncs wl ,, ,inni1c-(1
footlights le rlillndelpliln lliontru-eeGiw nnvi 1, t... mm.
. .. 1 . II... If.. I
liegtns "II riiji'vtii'-in til nil il llllllll
tjr,t.Sf "Te the Lndic" hititl for that
W fnmnui Iniifj'uet cenr or mi thr
hanqttet scene huilt for "Te thr
That question IM hound le nrrur te
many eC these who see tills little Rem
of n' comedy nt flip Onrrlrk. Net that
It makes liny difference, In eiic'h ability
te enjoy the pcrfeininncc, for It
'doesn't; tint we've been wondering
whether (Jcnrge Kiiiifmnn nnd Mine
rennelly. the nuthers, were struck hj
the chance for satire In etir modern medern
dny hniifliiett nnd derided te write n
plnv using some Hindi entire, or whether
they weie writing n dnv nhnnt n .voting
wife who wns responsible for her meie
nr less inenpabie husband's success and
built UP HIP- naiiquci .lciig uner nicy
KAs n "matter of fnet, we're quite
willing te admit that "Te the Ladles '
Is net e reherent ns "Dulcy," hut it
urelticd aheut fid degrees mero ntuus
lttg "Merten of the Movies," poed an
It was, must he lpft out of the discus
ion, since it is n hit hard te figure
where Hnrrv T.cen Wil'nn. the nuther,
Ht off and Knufnian nnd .entielly, the
rd.ipli'rs. began.
We liked "Te the l.ndlrs" se much
that we miw it n second time lit n
Wednesday matinee, when the ii vet tug
which was supposed te disturb the ntbee
In thp last act receives a builv echo in
enlitv fiem u budding sk) scraper near
the tlieatie. and when the honk of tat
rnhs and touring cars in the lirst net
was livnlcd by real cars outside in llu
""'Hip firH act was delightful because
of its Jiuiiian domestic touches, its do de do
luieus and iiiite iimihected lnvemuMiig
mid 1 raged v of the piano which the
jiisinllment men camp te lake nwny.
The second act was, of course, ttie
best of all because of the noted linn
..lief, aided largely bv the ccellcnt
reine.lv scene of our e d fiicnd. Leuis
MutiNen. us the politician who brought
.. -t .1 t.. .. "em-tnlll
A tniii en pianos uiuiiii.i ... ., "
party in WashiiiKten am P't up anil
left as seen an he tinlshcd because he
'had anetlier upeecb te make uptown.
The thlid act had moments of cxac cxac
cerntien, hut it also had Mime of tn.p
meM Biibtlp satire of the play when it
cored nteiind te the business of wives
, etitii.il nifr their buslmndfl' liiihinesH.
q was hinted in the review of thin
i.nv. the authors' attack, or perhaps it
would he better te Miy satire, is two twe two
feil.ed. One prone Micks ineme cut
males who claim te undvrbtnnd their
lniMiiess, but rely en their wives, and
the ether niinn at foibles of banqueting.
In fact, Kaufman and ennelly
I. . l...l.l.l!.. Af.it In n
M't'ineq ie nu fe uuuiiuhs ...... ... ..
...illridil vein that tliev took random
liets nt ether Hiibjectg, tee. 'I lice
formed detached (anil often ebtruiliiiK)
factors in the play's netien and cae
ivldencc of containing whele themes for
ether plajs, tniieh as Jeseph Cenrad s
nnvelH (Olitaln extraneous bits nnd frag
mentary characters that bcem te beg
for furlher exploitation.
Kmifmnn nnd Connelly Beemed often
en the vergp of iiayinc their respects te
ether little bti'-iness and1 marital ldie--Micrasies.
There was n brief men
tion of an inellieient efficiencv depart
ment In the InM. net which had nothing
t.i de with the main action, hut brought
a hush, and every new and then the
.nulier. showed their acqualntance with
newspapers by clever touches.
It may lie admitted quitcyreadily that
i tie of "the lcasmw for 'repressing a
pieferencp te "Te the hnilies" as op ep op
lieed le "Uulc.v" rests in the much Ml
pcimr ading of thu play new in the
citv. Outside of Lynn I'entqnne.
"Hulcv" was rather Minhbily portrayed
lieir. whereas "Te the I.ttdies has, in
ii billion te the unusually talented and
magnetic Helen Hayes, almost perfect
calicos liv Harrison, Isabel Irving and
Cail Antheny, who -eemed te Improve
en u second viewing of the pl.iy.
:. MWU. .,! add one of h j
i'i iuatii,t dun actrri;atieni te thr
rpriteiir of hit pnsrnt i iiqaprmint
iuTt Ihuildaif nuiht, irlu n he inll pre-
vri, "Louii XI." .1' that lirnt and
i meled mnnanh, irai prd both in heiln
(i nd
tin. I
sin h
I. nil
In the lirst net. i;nst haraeter is
enrefullv fibulatcd and described the
husband, a returned soldier who lias
learned during a fill leugh of frantic
in i sciiient seeking, nnd the wife du
U'stnl at his stelidit.v, especiillv as she
I'm. mbeis the iifnic-meiit toned week of
p'ci-iue. The thud point et the triangle
is supplied hv auethir e-'l'em...v. -i
v etim of gassing, wlih whom the wife
is 'iiir.vlng nu an affair which she evv
Is phitnulc, but which has entered the
i in hi fill stage.
The husband, fiii.illj ddci inineiMe
fid a situatleii vvbiili has bi conic in-
' '''able, tlueati us the etln r man, ainl,
s (Ie i in tain falls, shows utimist il.al.le
ki.s el an intention t i id himself of
' s rival.
In the second in t he mteis. mm h
ii siritighl lis the novels have It. and
I ilv admits killing the friend of his
i fe In nn Inst. ml all her sviupalbies
i it no. iiid te her biisbaiiil and she
d. Ii iiiiti.i d te piett i t bun.
New In r wn.'lj seli, iludc is all virv
( . 11 but thete t I tl be ei.v pit Ie
sMiipatbv for this i iihl-bloeded -ln.'i.
His . c.il was avmveillv plauuiil lu ad
iiim i, net done in a iiiemeiit of fmv
'1 i leg a ipiarnl. Then wcie two
i i Hi. ate epeunms for the . elll "'' of the
hi. iiiii p i lake. One would allow the
'III (' et (lie III 11 1 1 I.M I r I llllellgll Ills
In IVi- Wife', .'Hurts), but that would be
net enlv t a it lie... in iv. but i undone
" brut il i time ami would h.irilli pi. .is.
evin th.se most insistent en "h.ipp.v
Millings The ether would be te
him ie ih .erved iustiie, but
(.'il.lv ( )no" (citainlv wasn't built
lb ' kind of a denouement. It is, nv
( " 'ion, siinplv a in i huh. nn, i huilf
1 ii" i t.iiiinii'ut pin poses am
id bells litl
"'U' U le llle or t ('.lilt N .
Tiie anllieis had e , lining
that thein was hnle or no
Puiiing the i.speiisihllliv of
" the sheiildi'l s of nuelhei
tl" I i. nl, :c i usi d man en
(rim. just about te sheet
il maltias
1 1. -nice et
the crime
von knew
scene of
or si.ib--
".I'l Ii lilv mvsl. i ieii dalk liu'llie up-pliihi-lie,
,im iln, s bkietlv tb til hiniselt
ii" used man sHuhs avvav heiiilied'
'I he link eliding of "The liitlltv
Oiii" was thill uhellt the enlv ienise
'' " and leilld have been l.uetebl bv
'" "lie who took the tlellble te aualve
' HI Ililll III till' Hist t Ml III I- W"
' 'i'l hound In the vim ii i.iiic i.i
i ' i
u in Ii.n s,b nt en l he i N.i. t
' " i.f ilini cud. but a tin k it ..'I
inmiv wa- and lit. justiiu atieu- iicu --
HI) '
It lilli:hl bn ti. ,'.... .1 tlii. tliL miii.il .1
twlM nt the pim win the gcncsiK of '
no, "". '" 'T'r; ,..,, en,,-. .rte,ir:r,1t,iaI(i
(It II1U il.ici...i. ...use, in .Mill-, III HIP (jnr HOjlTt II. Mnntcll Ill rnnnr.
!S,r1'''e.,";;!;te - ;WAfs.
i- !
ei... ,,ii.irM.if .M1II''". ."'i.r ., nmnH . .. the i .imiieii i. - , -" -. 'Uagi.er dm int the comiiesitionosn.ii,. " h'v ,l "M",', '"" 'n '" ' hlevci. ' ukm '-'.-. . " ' . "..'. '; - ' .".V "-
, ... than iM thr linmp-lxt, hr,t l.miinn -11 "" , their own lauu e.. ." V" "' i i1 of Ills gieatest weiks-hut neve the- "1 ",: . - ., V. . .. M . ' ' ' """'i "'" in.-
K,m "I't.iiml ," te ..;.. iu. -m Mae Ies,ed h;,s selected the f , 1 is losing each ear .. the Held in which , fc ' " ; ; '- he ,tu1,;h.v ,.,,. ,,ave ,., , n.X'-V' v m..V s 'V n ,t "i'.'" ..'-.,' 1, .- ; ' ';,,, " ,' - '
,,.,, ci thvliut .i.;A( Am enaanr. I w.n I'.eds with whi-l, . , web ,e be most desln d lejv. C u , ,, ( iU ,, ()f . ' ":",;. "' "n"n ,' .7 U , , , 'u -. ' ',','' ' '--Kl
:-::; "be,7;;s-::!,,r'rh!,!::.:;lWAc;N.;n ,,,...,.., r.,, ..,,. c ,-,,,:,. ::r!i;;r;hV:i:it:;s,!f,;'!;:'- iB-Pii- ?'-.. -?. i .;:, y '-"' -
milH pits H...L Pl..)w rights fen.e.lmes v k beginning w h s, cal n.at.t I W of all these who both conducted a (J ' " J" ' tu '" " I!p ,. he , .V ') ', T h "lir' V,"!"'i ifX: m" '"" " ' ' " ' "
1.11, for themselves are both curious Kndav a.tcrm,,,, this bWn, ,,,,,,. ,,.,, nll. win. 'XT , . X,X tt ia" l,,!;' U l,t ih " M esitams ,.f XJ Me ? "" l " ""' ""' i.. .,,.., . .,.,., : , ,,,
dlh. ut of escape. .Micnaei .moheii . .... ... ....- .....-. r iiiaiinecs-- , llf Ml0 ), i-:in ,. i.m n ......i . - .... the two latter . -lie far better kne.vn as l'11'1' "ussic musters !,.., tll i. ',"' " itK m ,.'...e m.is1. .1 . u. it..mi' ., ,,u f . , .",, , ' ,'" ' ""
Peter Tia.ll put themselves m lust I (..-.., y. Thui-dav and S.iti.i.l,,,. This ..,.,! that Wagner can sci.reelv be J1,.lf,irllP,,t,' ' ." .'"' ' A ;.,'''' 'W,'.s mated at their tu.e ver.h. , , i ,1 elin M,.....4 ,.,.. ...... ...-i : . ."i'. fr ?',," ','m, V T ' ,!'. ".'f"r '.'."
a hole when they wrote 1 lie . iv is ey .vi nrpn .-t .Miiie ii mi alishurv called an .ir-t.ume.i...1. .. as ,,- ,,,., .. .,,, , ,,, ...., ,., pc leinunce was about all il,a, '! r'? .r.! "ii i . J nV's.n , '' . . " '.? ''" '. -r.1"-
t.v One." , ' , i . ""- T" V ",'1I ,1' '"' instrui.ieiu.veii eueugu ev.-! ... ..- , , , ,M f , conductor with S'1"-"" w .''' "M' t. d by an audience -"inne uni I.;. i . . H m.si..ii.fl rr.- - ,..;' ,,, 4 "-.-..' W1. r .. " r.'mr, ,
husband nnd wife whose happy , I .elder aid the cist contains Leuis., pear as a soloist nt(.ntlen flf Mll-ceediiiL' the elder -N"w 'll,unl1"" cenectness of perform, w.n" '!' wl upb ..:."';. f ".'.'"'' ' ,N , ' - Ms-.... u .i.ii.Ta.it.- '
ringe is mi the icrge of splitting en Sanieid, .SumtuT Nichols. Del-'errest Uavdi, und S.hubert wcie nlse in- I)nmievh .' ..'.J" l1 ' ,,, ,' ? '.-- '. Ii-1 before the real li ,3''? .l',i'lr "i' i '' l"'u'i 'fwiU utM-
.lnmesii.. Vnrl.s. .ire nrevented te us JMwipy, liettv danle, llern.ie Cal a- different nerfermers, in no tur an puuiic i,i.,i, ..!.... ,.n0 i... ..... .....' i et orchestral rehearsals imn. I ',,.;;.? m i ,.u r. s a i
"Te the Ladies" or Vice Versa?
ever the '
" """ "vn ilin
c .Monster"
Shows That Are Coming
te Philadelphia Soen
.Iniuiiirv 8 "The Torch Hearers."
., '""W Kelly comedy, riarrlck.
Ilin l'erfect Keel," with Kd
W vnn. Ferrest.
"SlirriecJc Helme," with William
fllllettc, Hi nad.
.tiiniiiir.i I.", -"SprlnBlImn of Youth,"
with Oeeigu .MacKarlnne, Shu
bert liinmiry 30 "The llevfr ltnnil,"
with f'lmrles cherry, Walnut,
'the Cat nnd the 1'anary,"
lVliriiury r "Shere Leave," with
I'lance.H .Starr, Tlreait.
the whole pbiv (n fact net imprehalile.
but this would he te confese, effhntld.
that ' Ihc !ullt One" wa t Intended
fei a hybrid and would make the talkl- '
...r.- ... in.- nrei aci. in wnicli mere wn
eviiienic el an attempt te present n
domestic piehlem, nil the mere culpa
ble. '
In Mjmc wnje. "The Cuiltv One" Is
I an added example f n,(, nBthsi te
i1"'1' Ida wrlghts of tednv will
go in order te .,1 (u. ,,,idiences. Fer.
a it all. and despite the splendid nct
rLT l,!,1,nlt r I-iitillii,. J'rcderick,
i " dill iv ,,,... Js ,,.,., lnp1.
v. ;V,l!'.",'1 "'""""I' Mlggestlens of
i-edelj (liaiu.i. iiiiiii.in hi,,. ,.,. i,...
iicn.lv ', ,"'.','' ""'5' ' tli.y icmaln
merely KiiggcMlens.
A1 n'11 rc'iiiirMng that there is pre
Vicious little difference in icvues
newadajs it i;, . n(,i,.(i ,l(lt ,,,
,' T ",ll,(,s "camlals" and "The I
i'iihs nt Shew i.f i!i'" ... ....'.
familiar pattern. IVr.-ennlly. we mucii
preferred the termcr. which iiimk,..!
,,..", "eance ever tin
WJiile's series.
I ii ... ... ...!.. . .--.......
J here ;(. ijeni
nml unnttractivc
' of the
Mich as tlie
rnnnimi Canal
scene of
"Scandals." The "Patent Leather 1
rest. the ".Seas" and the Argen
last jeni-H
dance hull
ri'pti 1 1 in.
arc all lioiisenlH. ... , ;L ;,...i
I.V Magcd. and the L'heslh' iiMi.....
of girls in the "Cup of Tea" number iu
neatly handled. The "Ciiidetbitive"
number, introducing heroines from re
cent musical comedies using that theme
was also geed. Only the cemedv is still
lacking with W. C. Piclds Mill using
7iiuch e d material albeit often fiinnv)
and Uini.ie Lighluer m flier explosive
m her hiugh-getting metiieds.
I he sooner revues discard these al
legorical nnd biblical pmlegues which
xeelc te Miggct a jil.it of some kind
(witness the Adam and Hve s.enc in
the "Scandals" this ,entO 'he better
it will lie. Iteviies are revues and noth neth
mg meie connecting links arc incie
lift ft wheels.
"The 1'iussing Shew has mere humor
but tar Ics geed taste. The ir..u..,..iu
arefunnv in their liabltual manner and
ones eiijewiicut et tnL. av lmst lrv
as one's leiidms f((. these two tonie tenie
ilinns. An original and amusing unto
is introduced by Pred Allen, who gives
nil hit monologues licfoie the curtain
and never mingles with the oilier char
acters. The se-called "Ilallet l.es Con Cen
cpiciants" with its Oriental seltli...
s'!uV''" T Z'X'
Is tint n overdone and suggestive
"d'inciiig show" with the i coin rk'n hie
l.okieiiis, wiie, even with familiar mate-
Mill, arc ii seuice of delight, and the j
acielMtlc Mackwe.vs.
linn, Jehn . loll, liceisn Cnrlvle
Una Davis. Sam C. Milhr and the
ether iiieinhi i's f.f the leinpany Jn con cen
K.nl.il teles. in addition te thee
Miss Vii .'iiim I'liiifix, who pla.v pi the
pari of s-Kin ra Menti, in the eiiginal
pi.iiliicti.iii lop ii.iip vears, bus hvjiii
i ngagi d te lul f Ii.it idle In ic
Credits Gmndmether With Success
Millien llai ', i lie nf the most pupu
lar sing, is in vaudeville jjucs the i icdlt
te lid .I'anilmetber I'm ma. b .f her
stage sun i ss Mis'. Hauls will In
h. udliner it Keith's in ( we. k en the
big -w t -ir .liibil.c iue.'i.iiu Her
pell ii, line Is .Man Hlleii Haiilsen.
She ...Hies fi.iiu llelldel-eli, KelltlK kv .
Iter gi inil.iie.l.i r was a eiitliiin gen gen
llevviuiinii el the old s, hoel Seeing
little M.IIV HH. II pesllij,' ,'IUll Jil unpin;;
iii lie.it et th.- pn r l.iss prepataterv
in lining te a i hildien's pirti, the obi
lid' gave her a little p,ed advice.
Mnrv Lib ii," -he -aid, "it ue. want
evcrvbedv .if that p.utv le like jeu,
nev.r iiiiml pulling that hair Jibheti
iui meie, and smoethiiig out .veur ruf
lbs. ,lu. i v.iu ij. te tint p.utv and be
V. UP l" II s. If. mid like the lllll. -J1 (li.
(lieu ,lli. I lllll ic gei' I,, ilv(. villi."
That is Mis linns' sfi-.,. niolte.
Trocadero's New Shew
'The (lav Masqueiaileis" will be the
atlt, nlieii at In1 midnight show, which
stalls piempll.v at !":(:.' tomorrow
night at the I im .ult in I iie.it i. and will
uiu, itu all w. el,.
I. mle .ll.il.le I'd Id
.1.111. I' f. nl in e Willi
he the big
(lay Mas-
iflrl ,1'U'I s,
Chic l'.iuntiiiii. Int.' of musical com cem
iilv and vaudeville, is puma deuim of
th i.pan.i, while Sam Ha. hem and
Al Turp.f aie the cetui ili.uiM. (In
Chic Itatt.n is the "sli.iljjht" mini with
Italic (iiilhii as ingenue and Anna (It. tut
as sp(i mil) seiibtelte.
Travesties at Dutnent's
Stilling with it laidaighl pel fiina
a'nt In ginning one minute after 1'J to te to
iii'inevv night, the lltamelt Welch Miu
Mi el i will n-lii r in the New cap with
a vailed I'tegiam. "When Knlghll.oed
was a Cuulitli'iver" bis In en ictaiiteil
fop a si. nnd vvnk Willish, the Juggler,
i .1 b.i"' iien s i unts ami I ami l.e
Mai will nn nu h" Ken in "A Lclter
l'in m Heinc," I. -otabliiatleu of fun
u I pathos llcumc I'latikliu and It.ihv
Until I'vctlv will piCM'iit elil-lituc
songs, und Huiiiicti Welch will sing new
Tin: iwhrMf, ,,M ,au ,r nll
'""" I off t uhirl, shv could nlnu te'
braimultu that it ,,rrm, X"n te
ii emul . 11 nw ,,!, hvttrr she tceii.Z fit
'ie ty ,,c ,, VMi 7,a ,,";'
Win ,..! I i ' ' "iiinru 1 I lie
.li" of i, hut hair l,r,n .ywKrn of it,
I'ini, elr,r uhirh i;ae ,,-.
iliuiil into hh cm In r phiyi! I
Kl N
stars of the
rw aT. iffrrnv v x -w r w- r r4 I
' iu muaiu buy aits
THI appearnnce next week of (.cerses
I'nesce, potentially and perhaps
actually one of thu world's greatest
violinists, an guest conductor of the
Philadelphia Orchestra, brings up the
subject of great Instrumentalists who
have also been great conductors. There
are relatively few of them who have
I achieved distinction in betli fields, just
as there nie few composers of high rank
who hnve been either great instru
mentalists or great conductets.
In eiuh of these- great fields of the
musical art the chosen branch appears
te be n jealous mitiees nnu wie person
who would .iRcecd iu tiny one must
give liN whole time and attention te it.
There hnve been exceptions, of course;
Ilneh was the greatest organist of his
time and one of tlie greatest in musical
histeid, and Meart was the best pian
ist of Ilia day and could have been the
best violinist as well had lie cared te
devote the time te it. Mendelssohn was
a line planint, as was Chepin, and
Wagner was equally great as composer
nnd conductor
it, if this erettv neiul.v exhausts the
iu, nf the L'leat talents who divided
I .r .. I ... .. -.T li,f.. ,ni.
- ..
INT ISUIIUIIX, Ullll r,tu ... i... s,. .. ,,.
delssehn am he njyme " ' .i i
k,'""u.1 .f . . ii iv . h Kre
their tnierprctiit. u jints. h" s rep
",a ""'',,, ,, rsl, 1 vs h h fi n... iih a '
tlme Mill '" mUe ; '"''.i. nchl
compose.. "7 '"-, ,,"" ..-. ,,.,,.ii
.,.,...., iinees urn concerned ami r( nu
iniinn had te relinquish his dream of
being a piano virtuoso after lie Injured
his hand tin injuty which worked great
i.n.,.1 fee the music of the World. Hec
iiim e,. was u line piani.st, but
llllO piaill.st. but RliyP'.
Hub. ntKlltliill
le peiler.nai. - in his ,
ycnl for composition, und Ilerlte, u line
conduiter. never pia.ved an.v liistriiiueut
enpl the guitar.
Tims the liisterv of the art
tli-ir . niiilucters de net hue m b
."."- , i,i i
r....,A ..ii nn,- Instrument litlhn icll
iei,ui.....n i.ii,. '
til. l lllllSl llllll' I suiini i.-i- in, -n. nil
...-.j I.l It .....
".' "
of all Instriiminis et the nivhcsti.i a
inii-f as well us must the t eiiipnsei'. 'PI
' I
cutnlii.tep must '.new tl.e ch.uai tcr et
tnne nt eveiv ii.strui.ie.it ul our its
nuslerer h-will net knew wheth.r the
t .. ( .ir.i. Iicltll' Mil. llest ...lenti
pi.sslmV wilh the music,
inn ...... . - ...s .n
j -el'T th,
1 JD gieal
I'T the qualities which go te make a
i (inductor aie nnu.' t.ir-
rem lung than even tin1 niasicrv el an
1 lin-lruinent , or pet haps it might he
meie neural.' te s.ij that it
i a diffeiint Mud of talent. '1
ileiuands i
ie pevviri
et grasping the real meaning et u line
composition and that undcliucd ah.l
itv te give life te music belongs te all
Ki.at i (inductors and iutei ictets alike
I v. -. . jlt' ' ," s&m ', nHF Wr" IM BKUi THE MONSTtR"
''CHESTNUT 5TKEET ,. , M ,..1,'!
OPEtw Houat SaxilmeEreaeiicK. AwMf- intf - wf TO' B-F KEITHS
t. ,? I canaries "SjfciareM,
Vk vjt 7..i-ocv.e,i,A I i t -, .... rir
wyLf S -. J vncrs ccs sav-'irsi I - ' ' ) lri r 'vW s , )
-sJfW f rMru v v r-i- ( WIOTHATT SLEIGH, y ', SLED-IWAMT 1 1 -
TfWS) I85TMYNEW j K1D ? J "H -l O it! j- U y' V s
"J V A RfrCBR. r- ' I LEWE ME . v- ,
stage coming here next week
m. ,rt m im. . i tw w$m
a ,0
vi ii
inn mere is senip ililterem e, also Hide-
nniiiue. ny wiiuii it docs net loilevv
i pianist vvhe can i e this Mnc- with.
s.'i.v, the Tsehalkewskv nuicviti) could
gue nu cpiall.v geed leading of one of
the symphonies of tlie same m.istei.
Indeed the weight of the evidelne of
the vears is that he could net de it.
Thetet'ere It does net matter much
what instiiiment a conductor studl-d in
his eailier da.vs. or, for that matter,
whether he studied an ; this will net
have any ( fleet upon his cendiRtlug.
If there have been mete pianists tli.it.
viellniats who became line conductors it
was a cin uiiistance and net u icasen.
And, lu this connection, it Is worth
n I'm i il ii ir i niir ion I. in.. !.. .......
: uiltl 1" IHU n till UlCitll-sl
,,,,, I,,,. ,.11,.,l1, ;, I " II... I
"" liM' l'':'- tl. " Tre i d. .
nm W1,v- "Um ''"! Sirau-s. tl.e father
nf u.,iri, St,llH. . ri.llt(.t .,...
,,r tl.ut liiMrui.i..it of his Ii Of
coii.-e Hi.hter bed the inestiuiahle ad-
Mintage et lielui-as.sec .it. d clesel
Mr. Stol.evski, ns Is well known, is a
une irganist, an instrument fiem which
relatively few conductors en.pt Sir
Hem j Weed have giaduatcd Of the
nt lui ni unlit ft nt t Mi. 1 .,,i i ,,
..., ,m,l Mr Sl.'n.l V.V ". ... ,. ...."
,,.,.,., ,,.i.,i?.' ,,'... .' .h
organUatien under Theodere 'Humms
and assistant conductor un'il he
lle.lth 1 1 1 de t te tlie iMtuu himself en ill..
of Mr. Themas'.
.iini'iiK .niii-r ii niniiN l uni
.. . . . . , . "
vuiiiui; eiii.-p laineus ...niii.cters who
iral,. ,l..ll L.l.i,... I.. .1.1.
arc well Known in tills cmiiitii
Il.ilew was a iu.' iiian s.
.lie nf lb,.
gieatest u Ins geneiatien, and Hustav
M.,1.1,,.. nn,. t'lml l,.ii- I.... I. ...' ..1. ...
cte,l in this ceuntrv. wcie also
pmnists of m,,,,. than eidinarv aid liv.
Sa.nl - Sae.is. who also did u.ucli en-
iiiitiiiin e i ins iiwu vveilvs nml tJiese
el iither lompeseis ns well, was an an
eth. p splendid pianist, and was almost
equ.tllj well known as an organist.
Mengelberg is also u pianist
Of cillllft' generations, IVtlcr, .Men
delssohn, Itublnsteui, L ,,1,1! Mettl
aie among the meat uindii. ters who
wcie pianists. While niueiu1 the violin
plnvirs who hue became t, munis as
cenductnis well' Spehr, lli'linesbemei ,
.N'iklsi h, Thendeie 'I'heuias and Hicb
aid Strauss, allliiiiigli the latter Is new,
V y ' i ALOMP ( . , . MY SLED l y
and has for many jenrs. devoted mere
time te the piano thnn te the violin.
Davidoff und Tescanini were cellists.
T, ns has been ciid. the art of
'OndtlPtilll!. While it h.na .ni... ,f
.. r': - ' "j "
hip same reipiirements as that el In -I
teipretatlen. lias some salient differ.
enccs, nnd it does net fellow that lie-
v.ii.-u u i.i.iii .an oe one mat lie can i
ill. tl... ...I...H .... .. -.11 .. .
telv we T I.. , .,. . "", '" .r"
i iiieij wen. ine powers et interpret.'!- i
i tlen of u conductor have increased
(lt'"1P"(leus in the last few decades,!""11
niiKi'iy uecausc et the Immense v in.
creased virluesitj of tiie modern ei -ehe.tia.
which enables; the plavers te
give exactly what the i .inductor de
mands, but mere because the art of
. eiiiincimu mis neen madi the subject
of intensive studv
AI'Tltft, n.Ts..ii , ,
Mill H NIMht II ..me said: "It
is ver.v easy te conduct. Yeu s,.
pl.v pick up the baton und make the
(euiiucting lias lieen madi the
....cssiiry niouens. it jeu cm, jeu
inn. und if jeu can't, veti can't "
While this is a rather htead statement,
there is censideiablv mere than a gni'u
of truth iu it. It. due. d te its lowest
common denominator, it means thu. (
I the pci son has the ie.il ft for ,..
i ilucting he uiu de it, and if in- hasn't,
ii ii.iiei ee learned. (
This same thing is true te a ceitain
extent of ev.rv one of the Kt,.!i:.
blanches ei tl,.. urt of music. Anv one -with
s,nh. lent t.atiencc and dlligen, ,.
can learn te piv insininien. .,,i
IIIU one
.. i ., ..
"in. win rip ie neeeen. ..
time ami studv te it iau leant the rule's
.. .loins ,. ,u yvr ,,.w (,n ,
ivieisier or (oiuiiese hi,. li,iu
Ill the
illli tin,,
same wa.v the tecliiil.jue ,,f ,..'
: ii.ni be 1. hi ned, but the nnd,. nnd,.
semething whicn a,., ,, .,..
T, I II, .nl.i.l. ...... . 1. . I . . . "".'
7; """ """I ee auueii ie th.. stu,
"111. the advent of later masters
especially Wagner, lierlbv. and
ISnihuiM. nnd still inter. Strauss De
buss.v. Stinwlukv und Retheis. 'when
new idioms wcie p,,.,., b. f.pc tb,'
plavers and te hnical .litlieni .. i,..f...
. , - , - i'i"it
ii.iiii-.iiil ei uppeiueii en every li n-.
.'eveluptnent et both iirihpsli'a nu,
dm ters lie reasi'd veiv lapnlli.
Danced as Scheel Girl
I Ilurtress Deltch, the little sole .lamer
in ' P.losseni Time," the Ciatu Si-lni-
b.rt operetta at (the Lvuc, ,,n. e de-
iOsid a little dance which she dinned
belere bet- faih. r. I p te that te
she had net been nbl,. i,, cenviu.v bun
thai he ought te let hei iu.,k a inner
et illllli'llu' Kilt the iliuiee wen him
ev.r That was m alter .Miss linii.i.
It ft s. Iitl.ll
in W.n ten, Pa,, where she
was born
dailies, all
named nne
Who Lest
which was
Having ee
Ii Itch set i
Ml.' Used te devise little
of which reld stones, ,s,,.
"1 he Dance of the Dell.v
Her Kv.'h," and another
called "Her I'nst I'aitv.'1
nviiuiil In r lathir. Mm
,.n ...... x-.... - . I . . .
n in i ,ii' in IK VV1III ler
metlier. l lie. I slle
.iinliiil ev. t.v kind
the i l.issn 1,1 I .
f iliiiH inc. nu lu.liii j
nut tt h
he mn iiii eppuituti.lv
Winter i linden.
t" (I. nice
at the
Plays 8alnt-Saens' C Miner Con
certo Beethoven Symphony Alse
Tirn ntoeitAM
firmpheny In A major, Ne 1 . . lleMheven
Concorte Ne, 4, rer piano and errtMstrn
Hdlnt Snenn
. Alfred fnrtet
Tens Peem, "Den Junn" Strnuu
Alfred Cortet was the (soloist nt the
holiday concert nf the Philadelphia Or
chestra nt the Academy csterday after after
'neon, nml tlie gieat 1 rcncli pianist
achieved nnether triumph in his lendl
j tlen of tlie C miner toneeite of S.iint
Hnena. While the concerto is net the
I most musical of the five of the com
J poser, still it Is admirably adapted te
, show the special stjle of .Mr. Cortet,
with tlie crispness of teui Ii whiih it de
mands and which Is one of his leading
elinracterlHtics as a pianist, its gieat
I technical rcquiieincntH and the variety
of teny witll whiill lie Iiim steel It.
The concerto departs nniiKedlv from
roncerte form, tlie opening being ety
lil:e n theme and flee wiiintiens for
piano and orchestra. Threughicit the
whole work .Mr. Cortet showed that liu
is one of the best pianists en the on en
cert platform today, the linale being
taken nt n tcrrille tempo and placed1
'with great eMtitiien.s and dearness. It
does net give much oppeitu'nilj for in
terpretative alulitj, but It is t.ipiinlly
Trench in fermandinuHlc.il content nml '
Mr. Cortet'f) perfeiiiiame nliewed the
, work te the b"t jiosslble ndvantage.
l'hp scliere-lllve movement w.is epe-
, cinlly well pi'ifeiined
p Tlie concert opined with the beautiful
A major h.Miiphnti of llentheven Ne 7,
with ItH jeeh allegiefte, one of the
, fincM eh bestial meMMiicnts in the
fijinplieiiie repertetire, ntid in It the ,,r
eliiMrn did some of the finest plnjing in
tnue c intilil y and Minding that It Iin-
(lone tins M'twin. Hie work el tlie
strings was especcilh geed. In tbelile
of the veherze. .Mr. Stokewski tried th"
somewhat iMuhtful experiinent et
doubling the ttuinpet pans, with the
re-ult that the --ustMinul tone of Hi"
four Instruments everlmlanced tin i
done tins season. Tlie work el tl
lias pluvcii it with tlie riillliarni'iiiu
and the New Yerk S,vmplieu.v Secietj
lias announced it for Us net concert,
it is the nii.-t melodious of tlie Strauss
tone poems, and was yiven u splendid
reading liv Mr. Stokevvski. Tonight's
conceit will lie the last conducted b.v
Mx. S'tokewski until the lii st iiincert In
l'eliruar.v as lie is going abroad te
(endect m Paris and Heme. At jr
terdaj 's com ert he asked i.t a cenlin!
leccptien of the gin st fonduiteis,
Lurs.e and Milhaiui, and leijuisted .he
audience te pi cue them with open
minds, lie said that he would tell the
Paris nnd H.uii.in nude'iiecs .ibeut tl.e
ones in I'lilladeliihia. "but net nil about
jeu." be added.
- - -
Waldren Made Debut Here
I "pen tlie stage of the (liand Opera
In re n hristin.is D.iv. I ' us.
Chniles Waldien made his tn-st ,ipp. ,ir
nnce as a iirnlessien.il plajei ; the m ir
upon this e cis.in was Divnl Hi4lii,
anil tlie pla.v was "Kiiluiipped." He
cnate.l llie leading i.itt iu "D.i.l.lv
'""" V "K '," , " ,""" "e. iiim
Australia and plave.l In that n.iiii.l.v
'for nuirl live ve.us. His pet .
mice lu "The Wariens of ir.'Miu "
nnder the It. In anner. w ,s ther
f bis eniiv suec.ss.s. ,.,. tin u lie
has appear, d with KNie l'eigu-.a. and
ellg Legs in .New elK. Lell. loll fill.
in many el the hailing metropolitan
successes, bis last app. .iiauc. lure v .is
in support of Allan p.dle. k in -A Hill
of Divet. . lueiit." His leturn with
Pauline i'redeii. I, in The Ciii'tv iiin"
at the Adelphl 'I he.itre sinili.s .he
tvventj -sixth aniiivi is.ii j .,t' his st ig..
i-Xt V
n leiltl I
f.f th-
iv III I .' ilir.
I I i i.
i . mi.ev i
wl.l t.e )..
. , n.lui 'i ii I '
ir.l In i . tin...
is p.pn
I . n tl. n.'-r
. till . H tl. IIS
111. Hum .
in. I 'i
N . 'J In I uiu'
i i h
II .t V.J. I s. ,
SUv tli I" lllll"1 '
trill uif .n i-mime
Hunt nu. lt.ih
I The I.'ehihnun ' hurus of 11" vnlee" -i
'whiih Stenl.i MJ I I'nr I " eendu. !
1 n'll slnp It ml I ' '' r" ' ' ' -V v. ih
.I. Jnrium '1 la ''' I.l"h'l '. ' '-'
t.i hli.li iiinui- 1 1 ."' I- s nr, I i
Mele s II is r Bill -J-i-n.k l'-I -
i i it. .it., i:' ( i i - i. ' i' J ii
melodic parts. it c.inled out In ' ( Itiy.-n. "If ion IJelieve It. It s Mi. :, """' I'-iii hi, at thr Capitel. Fay't
frrti'slme the Mistnlned note ., tlie Matislnughtir, I he Man Who Saw ', '. '",'; '''""f"'i nitrrrittn, fr at urn
wellns at the beginning of the tun, Tomeirnw " and the pic-i nt vehicle. .'""' ' thr llrscrt Call," a
but did te with iinuxiial vehemence . .".'.' ",',""' e"''T nt thr errr-pepular
The whole Mdiere wa-, plavcl witli -fTTi; Wi'.Iti: -a. ing lnt week that the ''.'' '' "d fiatunn,; Vielrt Iteming,
'W&r was Str JZ- J V ""''
"Den duan." which Pll,,elphia ,. - ' - ZJtt iZ Zil a" htn'" 'Zd Znt " " "' """"'
vl Tli : v. r.. sin, ii ii i . 'i i i nt i -
... . ' . -s . is hj i jvlur
rj-.j i ,r .. I is '. - " .. i I l r t i i
' -' vv , i- .,, , . -i, ,
In i it in ' i 1' "I ' .- ' s , s i. i
tie IMIIII ' ''I ' ,' ' '"s 'l '' " ' ', ",., ' ' - --lt.
;. , ll.sh fv s I s M - . I' s ! -s . - . '..,'- 'Il S ,
1 f.l.'ll II I ' " '-'. ' '" ' ! ,. ..." I"'' ' ''l ''! -
Vili'.n .M 1- -' I" T ' ," . I ' S.-l ...i,'. T'. n.
I'l. i. a 1 Mil 'l 111 1 'U s i . . " . . l I . i t I
lifteu-iir f iru.rv I. ... V.l . I.L N , , , ' ('H . ' "' , . ' s I n ,.s
rum i 1" i" 1 -I, 1W. , i .',- .,,. , .i , i u i. , , .. u- -i
f. Irii.ni lu i . - -. - .'s
f, , .K K I".- - " ' - : . - 1 i i , ....
t OIIH , ,- , - " ' ' ""'
h lr tun i 'i . '."''.',.' '" ' ' - '
tl,. ,".n lwf-.'C . J liiil I 1 ,, ., . 'J ,,,'," I 'i
h.i ii ' ii . .- 1 1 i .-t -i vv - i-' " , . " ' i ' i . r.
1 J it il M -II Js. V .11 1 -i , , t. r " ,'"," ." , ' "
s, i i .j -.si. ,k i . i . i . ,,, , , ,, . . ;
, ,s. l,J ' .H ' I ' . I I i. i. .1 I l , " '
I mi, II P Hi1. II ' t al" t " I , . i , ... i , '
' s. i f M i I ! - . -i ! .
, i ami r ' - h ' - i- ' P ' .
' i ' I v . ,
I i i h. in I - . is- I - 'i i i l ' i
. . l ii ns l' il I ' .'. s . j , . - ' i .,, , ,, l(
1 J i1 n 11 1' ll I'. ' tl . V 1 , ' ' ! ' ' - -'.ii
M " ' W ' 1 ' ' i r ' .. v s" .",,',,
. i i i. i . i - , , r i . ii
. . -t it M ' l ' li i i, i . Il . '. '
Iii i " .J rlui-i t s i ii v . . . ",,.'' i '
'Mu . s I. I ii I -m ,. .,,.'. " l -i i;n
( SL D SVi.TTV ?
30, 1922 ' v15 '41
, fiM
Themas Meitftan in Ade Story at Stanley Rcid at Twe Thea
tres Twelve Rest Films of Year Listed Other News
THOMAS MKKJFIAX peemp te he nssumltte the role of holiday fuverltP, mieh '
as .Maude Adams was mi long identified witli en the ntnge. When the cur
rent .icnr was ushered In tlie Slanley Tlieatie exhibited "A Prince There Wan"
with the popular Mcighan, and next week the nime theatre will nIiew his "lJttcif
Heme nnd Mieltc." n (Jenrge Ade Mnr.
Other interestlni; Him openings include "The Dangerous Age," with LewlK
Stene, nt the Kurlten ; "Thirty Hn.s," u new coined), wltii 'Wnllnee Held, at
tiiu Arcadia and 1'nlace, nml "Jlie .ecrei or rails," nt Hie Victeria,
THIS Is the (-ciend tune that Geerge
Ade has written dlnctlv for the
vredi. The lloesji-r liumeii't's first
effort wns "Our I.eadir. Citizen,"
which appeared during the summer nnd
nttrmted favorable comment.
"I'.fiel; Heme and P.reke" fells of a
chap in a miuiII town who is saddled
with his late fntber's debts and, be
cause of them, is siiulibed hv nil his for
mer ftiends. He ipnts ids job in th"
1 'i il facterv . gees West and innlcs Iim
fortune, but when he letiirns, in pur
"iinncp of a I'iri'fully laid plan of ie
enge, be pritinds te be "b.uk home
nnd broke," except le the one litth
girl who hud remained faithful te him.
Supporting Meighuii iu "P.ink Heme
riudliieKi" nri. I'leib i ii 1 IJurteii. M.ig"
and H'leen ihai. liter man: I'lercnce
l)ion, I.iln I.e." I who appears in mere
pictures th. in probably an ether lead
ing la'h of the f.f rceii). Cjril Itlng (re
centlv t-efi in heveial Charlette (Jreen (Jreen (Jreen
woed huieeset. Cert Hide Qulnlan
(nl'e a "l age light I. Chat les Abbe (who
apiie.ned witli Mcjghitu m "Cappv
Itieks"), Uichatd Cnrljle (nn old
matinee Idel l and Lawrence Wheat
(who in bis sew nil appearances wilhf
Meighnn, lni- maikcd binisclt as a
vclein persini'ilitv of IP'lI fort el
steadllv and persistently ( piesent
lanfullv tlieuglit-mu and often bnlliant
pelteim.iui es. Jn ,"'! he D.ingeieus
Age" lie is seen as a man inairied long
enough te have passed lieth tin and
crjutil aniiiversiiiM s and pcrhniw tlie
china one. but net long eiieugh I" have
setllid down with (emplet nteiit.
On a trip te New Yuk Ii" Imds biiiis. If
eiiineslied in nu ".itT.nr ' whuli comes
d.se te li'iving w neus results.
Huth Cliff.. id. r.dlih Heb. it", CI-,,
Madisen. II. U n I.vi.ch and Mvrtle,
Steadi i.m i..pr-ent the femn.in ion ien
tiiigeut in "The D'ingi ruis Agi "' and
mieii tic ii.u in the cast aie Itu hnril
Tin ki r. Lincoln m..h1imiii. .I.iiues Mor Mer
iis.ui inn old 'iljisrnpli st.it whittle
siives t" be stalled nvjl.t lllelll! i and1
JMuiird I.urus. .
jr -l in:
pi and
ii u : m: n
ami flar v tin inn np-
imnr often than Mnahnn,
thai v(,i ,i ll'.i.;. . l!i ill. and nllu a
latft i "Ihiili llaiii.' ii huh ! ill In'
"lien ii at leth itudm nnd l'alinr
Ihiatni hi it ii rl . 7im m tali n
! i i,m n tn,ie fane nf ahnut .r 1'iari
; -.. , - .
'.' 1 hemm nnd ,.ii,len Hum-
iltnn. 1 1 en-r, n, ih ndi . ntui . i of a
'" '' ""'""' "'"' " '"'. """" "tin i neunh.
- .,. ... h th, I .,,.. . . . .. te ,a,l
"'""'" linn Im n II" Imdina ld,i, and
''"."' I'lullip-, Kalla I'mhn and
Ih.vh.ll Uauall.
I.M; SI i;'S wcll-l.uewn novel.
-Lj -ii,.
Mvst cries of l'a i is." with
ll.'U II IIII. nt "4ll'' s,ii".ts of
I'll -
It tl
1 Wl in
Will I. the 1.
n tni i.i Tins
111 I!' uaett. Il..s
Ulte lllielnpl I .
Ililll. m.nle lis
II l.'llg " list of
I It'
" OTHt
i.. - u h
n I . '.
v 1 1
II 'iS .,
v . Ii .
.t!i II
Jr wil
Thrt I'TlSfrtt I h,.tr
Ilrtitv !ncrs
ehi A Mititnni
in ti-r il it I r. imi in . t N
. i in -i. n i..j- .ii ,r t-B i r. i.ri
,i n ,i- t .- vrt V iien nn N r.
', 1 I1 M m th. r. i II'! n f
In I 'tu . . jr m f ..tl t p. -.
' te
i h la i
?! (-. S
He's Se Generous
POOR I tj soy
T-ii,T GOT S.0-VI si'
Pi"C i'jO s-i... c-
--- v-vj I
- - !' T
-cieiii perseii'iurv ei icu iurf'. ........,, ,,j , r f,,,lri,, "i 0f(j
If tlietc has been anv film tar who I y,".''n"r '' "" Mem, ami 1'Aith UebcrU
has made mure appearancei dining the ,, '.'.'"''"""' "old ei rr fratiirri includt
lai cir than .Meiglian we cannot plaiei .' ," " '"'ihtheiit IT,, ( fleurr" in
Inn In addition te ' A Prince There. ,, '"'f.'"' at thr Stanten, "Trifl'mi
Wn," (l.ist helid'iv true,, tlnue were " """ " '" f irrend u rrk at thr At-
"The I!.u heler D.id.lv ." "ur Leading1';1",' "',"' 'Hrr On, W, ,,,,' n Xermr,
. Ill 1 1 VI 1 ") lllllllll 11 1KI Mil 1 UIM lllll- '1 .
Twelve Jest Films
of Passing Year
"All for n Weman '
Hern! Itev "
m i
"Klcrnal Klaine "
"Cnter Madame
Urnndm.i'H Hnv
' l.ep of i'i irneh '
'Hie (Ilorleiis n.ij '
' Uulliif,- I'asslen "
"h. rleek Ilelinis'
"Smllln' Thriuiffh."
"Tel.il.l.. Onld "
fauiriles Including l.ew Only, ni the
ptince; Montagu I.eve, as the pchbol pchbel
mastcr: (Jlmlvg lTnl..ti.. Af..n....
. f . ,, , , '-, ....1 J 111. HIT t
Hese ( eghlan, as tl. Owl: Kllie Shnn
, non ,,s .Muie. IVi mind: Doleres Cns
, -Inelli, ,ls j.,,),,. j,11H(r r,)1Ilpr
I ,,;'"';'" : ' I - Sherri, ns the
Clllllircll,,,- hrn S!,.flw.n .... .!.-
I.I. ...I .... '.. un iiiu
...il. iiii;
U'libaik. and Wnlim. In,... n .l. i,
stranger. This. Ils ,?, of " f
. ... . i .". r'"""nrp mid Utrlilcr of
thu underworld of Iris.
Tin: i:rn,, a Vl hatl a ;iirfirp nm
7..""enra. ,,,. ,,
'ead untttn I,,, friii,'
. Parker
I.. Vncknrd
iu,r or ,r II,,,, ..I
Man") and
til lf irrnml .. .! n tl, At-
'Hrr (lni,, If,,,," Vn.
IT. V Vl' ...i .
j-j '" iiiiiisieii tiieugii in m
tt ri',,,,Pr sk,,,,,y fashion the mib
jert of the screen nr t iri of t,e jenr,
1 popular indoei sport" of cheesing an
I'i'm ''"" '"' 1,ist "f "'" Vc,lr'a I5est
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Last j ear. our list of (he twelve best
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Kismet." -LnHc fiord
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'Sentimental Temmy." "SIKn en
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and Thp Three Mus-
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OMn; following may be given ns
- J ear's Hener List , ninis.. just
"ii Hi nor List of uetii,,; was given 1
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, Who Plajed
J i-nal I"!me"
I'rt. nc- of 7,mif
iMIver TivlHt"
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' Th Henil IIev''
Hiirric-itu m (lnl'
"l-"fi of Pharaoh
Niin..'.lt i.f tlie
Nerth1 '
' C in m '
M'lim Kiiluht'ioeil
wii Ie Pmvver"
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the I", liv cirtoeus and
Inkwell novelties.
Ir inuh1 riot
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i i lu I... iu. i list. ,, ,h.lr both of them
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lest It tiui als., . net.-.l that nine
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tunic pictmes siv arc out-and-out
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is an
"ituui.il of remark
"Torch Bearers" Here Soen
'J'., the C. nu. k eiiimcucing Mend
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l'hiladelphia Jms a
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plop, t tv
it. ai . i s'
K. Ilv Ih
C Kehl
Hi 'I In T.ircli
Us author, Ceergp
I" l brother of Welter.
the irgnn i
ludge" of tint
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li hu K.-llv. the
1 llli't '( the vveibl.
lie )... lie ,, ,, ,,V jg
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I" re it i, tin
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M-lk-e nt I im III ulturill
il.i'l. "ii i-u. r ..f
III the . n, ,,t ,
I'li'inl ami Spruce."
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v.'llll.'et set here
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git. si ai-u-i. -Hi.. , .st
ii . '!,"" , ''"" Mipvierth,
Hi-liti Lew. 'I and Aithur M,aw. '
"Bowery Durlesquers'
it Casine
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'et lllll les(ilicrn,
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two l.lniililil ill in.,.,..
I'lnt celleertt
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tr.iin tn.-i n i. t Snaln.
I'l ill- W II l.e
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"llleilv llltei lllile - i. in I -I
IT IU III lis, i iiliieih
-I -.(";- Mm, S.u.,..,. Mut H pen.
,,,',". ' V "",.,1 ' '" l.ibbi,. Hart
Wl, lie linn n
t'Ttn hi
ineie piiiiuiiietit en-
Photeplaiw te lie Seen
en Lecal Screens Soen
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I'. 's i,c tin. S'lnrrn
' niiitrj,
sit. ml.
mill .M.iry J'l.Kferd.
Let ti i .i en.
K' ennn. I ii linn
' Jlv I'l lend the Iievll
1 ' irl h liclllri.m VI, t,.,u
ti iKJie Stanten.
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