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Editor of th: National Intelligencer
Bed a French iv print
mnt of
the ■ of citizens
by General Ray ?.<.-, on: of the exiles."
Th" performance contains much carious in
'is dictated by a spirit of
ion. The following ao
st'rdct is made, in which, without ■/noting
i/.i <f the writer, his spi
rit of cimposition is preserved. T!u
farts and ideas stated are those of the
Tn the interefting accounl
by Ram el, of the exile of himfelf a
:re is an exhibition o
greateft fufJerings endured with i
mon fortitude and patience, of alrrtoll un
parrah id inhumanity, and of
the moll affecting fidelity and I
ant of the caufe of their condemnati
on, they were torn from their country and
families, and exiled to a defert infef
ith every evil.
Previous to their leaving Paris they
with. th. i r wives
a. Fsr from
but increafed their wretchednefs. As
entering the c which
in from their prifon, Tkl
likr, a fervant of Bar rufhed
through the crowd, bearing- an order iron,
the diredlory which permitted him
ny his mailer. I itis order t'
Augerau, the fuperii i incer, who.
after reading it, all.'cd " do you then iutene
to unite your fate to that of thefe mines
its may await ths-m.
be. allured they will never return to thi
;ry;" "yes my determination is made,"
v and 1 eftcem myfclf mol
fortunate in being allowed to partake
tines of my mailer ; " well ma,!-
Officer " go perilh wit!
bun," and then added, " Soldiers, fee that
this man is joined to the number of vil
in,.:." Tellier new to his mailer, threv
himfelf at his feet; Barthelemy ftooped to
embrace him, happy, at this fatal moment,
to prefs to his bofom fo faithful a friend.
" This man, fays Ramel, " ever fliewed
the fame fidelity and unfhaken co
and i fterwards treated as -
our companions."
On the road from Paris to Rochfort.
expofed to every kind of indig
nity and infult ; and their lot
provfnorrs were fo bad, that their
injured. Before quitting the prifons
of P>lm';s, a laft and cruel interview took
place between MARnoisand his wretched
wife. This lady was at her feat, near Met/..
when Hie heard of the arreftatiort of hej
hufband. She mftantly fet oil foi
but did not arrive there until he had left
it ; fiie followed the rout he had taken
out waiting to alk pcrmiffion
tory to fee him, if fhe fhould o
him on the road. This occafioned hei
h difficulty, as the officers on
this pretext to refufe her admittano
to the prifon. At laft, a few m
before our departure fhe gained admiffion.
but was limited to a quarter of an noui
during which time an officer held his Watcl
in his band ; when the laft minute had ai-
I, Marbois, colli cling all his ftrength
conducted his refpec\able companion tow
ards exiles; who fcarcely
letted Barthelemy Sc dv Goudray, formic!
we r e they already altered. "My IV
[Yid he" I prefent to you Madam Marboi
who, at this moment of feparation, wlfhes
veil. They furrounded her
with transport; fhe did not will
courage only, but ftrength and health fuf
it to fupport their fufjferin
led iti tears, the laft t
arrived ; " Go, go, laid Marboi
firmnefs, '• it is now time ;" he embraced
her, then, takii his arms, carrier'
prifon, which he
open ;.'', and then fell
fend lei's on the it. They
His fuccour. The moment he reci
- [aimed, " I am myfelf again, I have
found a new an • fource •
In truth from that mom'
with langour,
a:ul with it that firm
■y, which ever accoi
happy men at laft cmb
and during their whole voyage fuifi
evils of the nto finement, of
Juinger and thirft, of infult, cruel
. . But amtdfl the inhuman wr
who tormented them, they difcovered time
perfons, who often nobly and g< i
ted their own lives, in affording lone
iation of tl y ; by whofi
ir lives were preferred anc1
dieir fpirits cheered.
At !;
The fs
lined, ICCOIU- ;'
modatior*. In dark and damp htu
hard m
eafed a
to dwell, a fifcuit, a glaf; of rum, ai
rifhment. There
ptiles numerous
and poifonous, toabi -. to a fatal
' ,iul foldiers, were the,' confined', v.
a raj 6 ; beer the gloom that
! them.
A few slavs after their arrival, the vene
rable Murinais fell fiok. Heb
the inftanl attacked. His
1 companions could StfFord him no
any relief could be procured from
immandant oX the fort tin
• -ild m., ..tin tl bis lad. To the rati ft
; moment he difplayed an example of per-
Almofl dy
hered all the lln
left, and tottered to the apartment of tie.
al. lie found him fufpended in his
"hammock, no one nearhim, his limb: ex
tended, bis mouth open and dry ; hi
him a few drops of water. The eld man
• hade one more with death, and
• then expired. What a fpedacle Itl
3 tdier of a numerous family, thus abandoned
lin the laft moments cf bis life ! Few
- eon Id id forcibly teach the viciffitud
• i affairs and the uncertainty of h
• enjoyments.
' Marbois, whofe ferenity feemed
ere de with the incre'-ife of his n
played a conftant cheerfulnefs and tra
ty, which by thofe who did not Ittiov
ofe who did not hear him talk o>' hi
Imily, might have been miftaken
ility. lie underftood b< u> i
;, how to vary and i i
s. lie purchafed a few books.
• ofted real—He. likewife la
h his hands, -always chi
\a, which migtit promote the
his Companions—ll<
articles of furniture, and
in, and would play on it,
s danced. Maibois und«
dear an avenue <d' or
iderwood, which obftru&ed the
d the negroes(by whom he
y beloved) to affift ltim in this
ifk, and thus tfforded
luxury of a fhaded walk. i'ron
mdray fupported his full i
. qual to that of his I
n he fpoke of the 18th of FruC;
his calmnefs and patient.
.ge and indignation. Tromsu
memoirs and laboured fo
is tafk, that his health fufl
ofed the funeral oration of hi
general Murinais ; he coll
mate companions aroundhii
d it with the fame folemriity ami
difplayed, wher
»ef' re the tribunal of the Coun
-tents. All the foldiers of tlu
11 the negroes, thronged to heat
His affecting eloquence, his voice fo
dull of harmony, his pathetic defcription
>f the mifery of France, the energy with
which he fpoke of the courage, the loyal
y, the innocence of the good s>ld mar
.rhom they had lofl, drew tears from even
Lafond carried on his countenance
impreffion of deep and fettled rrn
Ile Ipake only of his family, of '
children, and of bis wife, whofe portrait
r in his hands.
GRU, always firm, exhibited tha"
I nee and that kind of prefentimen
tter fate, which though imaginary
power of cheering and fuppoi
Iverfity, and which evinces a !
mil elaftic to be long
ne. 1 [is principal oCCup
arning Engiifh—He fang, and his
lions often joined him ; it was not
nor love longs they cb.ofs-, but ani
ard military airs, withwoid.
c to their lituation.
t ,Emy, fo reduced and dfbilita
nt the protraction of bis life w
; which aflonifhed every oni
h, a vigour of foul.
his mild and calm manners would
id one to expect, but whofe CI
v.loped in the occurrence o
tmftance. Aide Iby his fa
. bar •( d himfelf with the
eing this miferable colony from the
id poifonous infects by whicl
ere half slevsuired.
h were fome of the men, whofe
fortune proclaimed fo loudly th<
of human life—Du Coudray
afohd were feized with a dreadfn
, and after agonizing fs
fell victims to it—A
unfortunate exiles continue to fuller
i tht hi to
Captain Tilly, an . on boars;
id to the port of Sinatnai y. ll< t< b
us -.lit!, and that ol the ncble Bar
ic, his pilot,
:'iom their prifon. Barric was tbeirpilot,
md in a fmall canoe, without an) pi
. a , t.
D,, and to hung( r, th< y for manj
ol« ii' inba
o\entorof Surinam, with ever)
i hey render] Come time, and after r< -
- r thai ftn ngth w hie li had
d by fuch long and cruel fuffi i
the) failed for, England, when they arm
's! the 21ft of September, the anniverlary
>f the day on which the) had left Roche
Description of Lave a by PeVRARCH,
She was feated in tin niidfl of thoi
diet? who are her general companions, ami
etl like a bs autiful rdfe in a parts rr<
furroianded with flowers fmaller and lefs
blooming. I ler air was mots- touching than
ufual. • plain, and
- lours;
, not melancholy, ffie did
■a il ii herufual chearfitlnt fs.
btfiil. She did net
ufual, nor fpeak with the fwi
that charmedevery one. She had theairofa
. ;:. rfon who fears an evil not \
. Iti taking have, I fought in her Io
it ism for my own I
(lion 1 hadnever fcen hi fori
iin them. 1 depofited to tlieir '
•ltd my thoughts, as to faithful ■
lon whom I could with fafety de]
d clothes ami air, her countenance^
.certain cons sin mixed with grief which I
i few in her face, predicted tike furrows that
itened me.
Letter of ST. Fvremoud to Nikos I
" The. laft letter I receive from Madam
D'Enclos always appears to me the
andthis isnotbeeaufcthc fenfe of theprefeh<
pleafureprcvailsoverthe remen bi anceof th
pall; but the 'rue reafon is that yom
receives new vigour and improven^ein
every day. If it be with your he alt J
as with your underftanding, 1 lhall but II
maintain the s ; -v props :
the bell appetite. 1 made trial of mini
againft Lady Sandwickatan entertainment
tlie other day at Lord Jerfey's, and v
worded. Her Ladylhip's wit is acknov
d by all the woHd, and her good tall
is inanifefl by the efteem (lie i
you. She did not get the better of me ii
nailing you, any more than in eating.
You are of all countries ; 'as much < ;
.d at London as at Paris. You are of all
times ; and when 1 alii n tin hen.
of miiis', the young immediately name y< i
to-%'ive the fame advantage to theirs. Tl r
U miftrefs both of the pall and pp -
.' i,t : 1 asilh with all my foul, that you
iTiay yet extend your power ecrtiislerab!,
over the future ! It is nsit fame 1 have
here in view ; that is fiiiliciently fecured ts
you already : 1 am thinking of what is mor<
eiTential, namely life ; of which eight day:
are more worth than fight centuries of glon
ath ?
The. above letter was written by Evre
mond, when near 90 years old, to Ninon,
The following ukmorial i» circulating in tl 11
State of Pcnnfylvania.
To the Senate and House of Reprefentativci ol
the Commonwealrb of Pcnnfylvania.
The Representation and Memorial of the under
fiigncd Citizens thereof.
Your Memorialills obferved, with grea*
, tie- rifing of the Legiflatnre it
a ball , without paffing a law for th<
tors of the Pre tide m
United States.
It is untiecifl'ary, and might be unfa
le to temperate deliberation, to entei
into a consideration ofthe caufes, whicl
the enacting of a law gi\
the people an opportunity of making
a choice, in the manner heretofore ima
practifed ih I'vimfylvania ; Nor ds
lis conceive, that any Pub
[lie Good could arife from a derb<
that the diilricls propofed would
not have produced an expreffion ol th<
11'ublic Will in this State.
An extraordinary Meeting ofib
giflature having been called by the Gover
ion, to take place in No
:r, a number of the Citizens of th<
leave to lay before you, th, b
earnefl wiflies on the occafion.
liope nothing wid. by any i
occur to deprive Eejujfylvania of b-
(bare in el< i
upon this ftibji i
, popul pus, and ,
al Chief Ma
Lit any concern in ti;
..! Law P,
and withe.i
out c ipation in
. All the ftates 01
the exception of a New
in the fame i'uu-i
--wcll known, and fo impo
will receive the confids
.of a wife and faithful Legiflaturc, who
will not fail duly to their red
confequence. This Hate would moj
i, el I'o extraordinary a depri;
•of its *pdl fhare in the great Departments,
if it w< re li
,f El ir (hoofing the Prelidcnt of
the I
It is nol from a mere fpirit of jcalou
iV, in a ju'fl and necefTary prudence,
that you memorialifts beg leave, moll le
rioufly and urgently, to prefs upon
ion the known determination ,
.■;-,, to choofe their El
ballot of their 1 s gillaUtres ; fo as
to fecure the appointment of men friend
ly to thofe two perfonal interefts in our
, which have given to MafTa
. ( utive Powers.
ile property, productions, im
nofls) and commerce of this great Hate,
ne probabl) espial to thofe of Maffachu
nd Connecticut together, and will
more in I ;,r years. T< t
theft two Ifates have the lead and ale. i-
Prcfidtnl il, in the
ti of the influential departments of
ris and the fword, and in the nrdft
ta'nt millions to Great Britain,
un, and the two
judicial Ci
i il< there is not a fingle Pennfylvanianto
ts and interefts if the bate
in any of tl or in any
merit, or in any
million, '; I and Undeniable I
re ferious confederation, be«
but a fr-.t. erjth
, tin votes in the I liate ; them h we
have probably a fixth of the v'■
lation, and of the taxable an di
v ; ;.n s xtei fi
18 millions of territi
The late foi' Congrefs 1 are
a clear and c< rtain ii
il in tliis State. There
> II apii. tar to be s lefts d ten or p<
, bers, by majorities favi
to fuch an alteration in the Federal Chief
■ ■.< y, 99 might rehsVe l'en: if) I
the middle States, from the evils
■ of; and we c: hnof bi I
uofe, that t1 i ofthe oths r two or
luce would facrifice baft rior confideratisms
to fecure the Elective Right of Pennfyl
auia, and difhibutive Tuftice amon|
States; which is necefiary to confidence
and harmony. It is our policy to I i
much United in fecuring a Chief Magis
trate known to be juft to Pennfylvania, as
Maffachufetts aid Connecticut are d
nincdto be in f-curing a Prefident, Be Vice
Prefident, who with their Friends may con*
inue to preferve an undue 11, are of the
utive, Judiciary and Diplomatic
wowers in their bauds.
Your Meraorialifls, therefore, relying
i faithful Attachment to their juft
Tnterefts and Rights, refpectfully hope,
that you will proceed to make, by '
labli'fhed Legiflative mode of joint ballot,
'deb an appointment of Electors as will
• the evident will of Pcnnfylvania
and fecure that I weight in the
Federal Councils and Proceedings, of '
~ hern fo long and fo clearly de
And in order that this ft ate may not
be hereafter expofed to the danger of be
ing unreprefented in the perfon of i
firft ma Union, we beg leave
■ iriety of the Legiilatnre,
thing bylaw, the mode of app
ingthe Electors of Prefident and Yire-
Prefident in future, by a popular ele&ion,
as we earneftly wifti that they may never
again be chofen in any otter manner, than
immediate voire ofthe people ; and
although neceffity obliges us at this mo
ment, to have recourfe to a lefs defirable
mode,,we are anxious that fuch m<
may be taken for the future, as that it
may not be drawn into,a precedent.

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