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Vol. I.
FitcE Dolls, per arm.
Last evening arrived the ship America,
captain Swain belonging to Messrs. Nick
lin and Griffith from London.
The America left London the sth. tht
Downs the \2th, and Lands-end the ISth
vf October, and made the Light
the third of November — a passage we
believe at this season of the year almost
The COURIER of the 6th October, 1800,
contains the following paragraph.
« Paris, Oct. 3d, 1800.
« A CONVENTION of Amity and
Commerce, between the French Republic
and the United States of America, was
figned the day before yefterclay (Firft of Oc
tober) by the French plenipotentiaries Jo
feph Buonaparte, C. P. Claret, Fleurieu,
and Riederer, and the American commidi
oners Oliver Elfworth, W. R. Davey, and
W. V. Murray.
« (Official.)"
OAober 3.— It was lefs ncceffarv to re
vert to the paft than to revive, between
the two nations, nfeful and honorable re
lations ; the treaty has fulfilled thi:.
—'Pbe French Minifters, cmninced that
the profperity of America could not but
add to the profperity of Prance, ha i
led particularly to con ferrate maxims mod
favourable to the rights of neutrality, and
moft conformable to the regul ttions of'7R.
The firft Conful in reftoring fore-to thofe
regulations four months ago, fulfilled the
■willi of Juftice and of* Europe, and un
doubtedly it will be delightful to him tr
evince, himfelf anew faithful to bis prim i
ples, by not Tying the treaty, concluded by
th:- Minifters of the Republic, at a mom- n'
in which Europe refounds with the viol -
tion of neutral flags—The American Mi
nifters, on their (i !■•, appreciated the ad
vantage of being allied to a Nation, go
verned, at length by wifdom and firmnefs.
Every thin r announces that a Itrica. and du
•Viendlbip is about to reanimate the
mutual Commerce of the two Nations.
PARIS, Sept. 25.
Line of Strai'burgh.
General Moreau, commander in chief of
the army of the Rhine, to General £w
naharte, First Consu'of the A'--'/
" I have concluded a new armiftice. The
three places of [ngolftadt, Ulm, and Ph
lipfburg will be given up in five da}
evacuated in tn.
(True Copy) "Ciiappk."
Army of Eatavia — Right Wing.
Order of the day of the 1(1 Vendemaire.
The aim y is informed, that -here is apro
•ionof th" Armiftice for 45 days on
condition of the furrender of the three
places of Ulm, Ingolft'dt and Philipfbnn;.
which has been confented to by the Em
MODENA, Sept. 15.
Lucca has been entirely evacuated by
the French—the Auftrians have alfo eva
cuated Perrara and re-paffed the Po.—He
fore they left it theyexa&ed a contributi
on of 80,000 crowns.
VIENNA, Sept. 10.
On the new; that the armiftice was pro
longed, our ftate papers role 8 per cent.
What muff, greatly contribute to promote
peace, orfhould it not be concluded, mud
have a great influence on the confequent c
vents,is the armed intervention of two great
courts, which in certain circumfhmces will
take place:-. We have now received .
information, that two numerous Ruffian
armies, which will amount together to ne
lefs than 130,000 men, are anembling.oi
the Ruffian frontiers of Volhynia and Li
thuania. We are alfo allured that another
powerful court wiU not fee with Lndi£Eer-J
The National Intelligencer,
LONDON, Sept. 29.
Yefterday were received Paris papers to
the 26th inftant. The intelligence they pre
fent is of the very firft importance, as ba
the ftrongeft appearance of p' ace.
The Hamburg mail due on Weclncfday
lafl arrived ycllerday, and brought a confir
mation of the prolongation of the armiltice
between France ami Aullria, the. intelli
gence of which reached us on Wedn
in 'he Paris papers. The Emperor, accoiel
ing to the Vienna article, has lent to Pa
ris a modification of the terms propoied by
Buonaparte ; and this circuinftance has con
bly revived the hopes of peace at Vi
enna. While an expectation of a favour
able iffue of the negociation prevail
means of defence are not however m
ed ; and his Imperial Majefty is making
great and important changes in bis army
which be now commands in peifon.
The following intelligence was brought
by the Hamburgh mail wl ic'i arrived yci
iy :
" Riga, Sept. 10, 1800,
N. S. Publication.
" The Emperor ofßuffta having teamed
that the Englifh
Upon Denmark, and have impeded the pal
;'-i •<• of the Sound, by f< nding a ftpiadron of
ar, whereby the coin
"f the Baltic Se a appears to have fuf
tained an i'nterruptiohj is hereby pleafed to
order that Par lilh property or capital in bis
Imperial Maj. Hy's doniinioiis be fecpieliereti
or detained, and that no part of it be fuil'.-r
--ed to he remitted nor lent out until bis im
perial Majeliy fhall have ascertained what
il views of Knglandare, or that his
Imperial Majeliy fhall have given his fpeci
:;l pcrmTbon to the contrary.
•' None of the property of the Englilh
(hall, however, be taken from the poflef
fors ; nor (ball any interruption be given to
the private concerns of the merchants pbf
■ Britifh property."
Extraordinary as this meafure may appear
yet, as the motives wdiicb are al
tven rife to it have now i
is to be prelumed, that the edic.tdiiec.lmg
. would be revoked ahnoft immediately af
ter it had keen [fined.
Punos :ll'\ the place propofed for a mcet
plenipotentiarie sof Auftria and
•i". a. Britain, is a town of Lorrain, 14
n d s ESE. of Nanc.i.
The mail of Pti lay brought us letters
from the combined Britifh andTurkifl
off A I dated the ftth of July, bat
ing that Sir Sidney Smith had lent Lieut.
Wright, of I a tip re to Cairo, charged with
i.fpait lies to General Menou.—The Grand
inped with about .1(1,000
men at Jaffa, and wa in prepara
tions to ad-- my, (hould
the million of Mr. Wright fail to induce
them to evacuate Egypt. Sir Sidney Smith
had only two Englifh (hip , but. two others
were hourly expected to join him.
Letters from Lubeck. of the Lath men.
tion the arrival (^f an Englilh vcffel thei:
from Riga : fo that the embargo dated tt
been irrrpofedon our veffels in the Ruf
fian ports muff have been but of Ibort du
October I.—Nothing has tranfpired fine i
our lad with rcfpee'l to the negociatlom
which are now upon the tapis for a i
lime armiftice between this country and
France. The anfwer of the cpufula
the bift difpatches of our governm
this fubjedl is expeefted to arrive in the
courfe of to-morrow.
The negociation between the courts of
(burgh and Berlin for an armed me
liation to fettle the affairs of the conti
nent, have been carried on for font
pad with great activity. It is reported,
V...m a very confidential foUrci
Ifenuous exertions of the Em] eror Paul
o draw the King of Pruffia into this It
flfeefiu&l, the latter h
■ rrv recently tranfmitted bis refufal
application. It is thought th
rYuffia has been pro mi fed a. b< n i
xbief Conful at'the general peace-
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 1800.
i tree, the French carry the war into Bohe
'1 he latelt and molt confidential letters
from Spain mention, that troops are i
ing from all quarters of that kingdi
Portugal. Since ti,
the Emperoj ami die l'lence Ri
fituation of Portugal is evidently b<
much more critical than before.
October 3 On VVediufo-y Mr. llcr
llett, a King's Meffenger, arrived from
Copenhagen with the ratification oi' the
Convention ligned in that Oity on the
of Augult, by their b
VVbitworth and Count Bernftorflf, on the
part of their refpe&ive Courts.
The Hamburgh Mail due i
arrived yefterday morning. Th. ,
gence it brings, being- of a date pri
that before received by the Paris ;
Cannot be very mtt reltiug. ltd.'
come down to the 20th of Sept,
of the Convention by which tl
miftice was prolonged. We prd
the hope of this prolongation had cai
great fenfation in Germany, and
a rile of two per cent, in the .
t. The Emperor, on his
uy, did not take com:
tit appointed his brother, the
Johi, ; general m Chief, until,
era fn in Vienna, the Arch-dukt
dl be fufSciently recovered to
id brings a confirmation of the
aid's bavin,,- taken off th
on ti ■ of Britifh
to be regretted that it (]
fo baft'dy impofed, i
hould have been man
•ovocation bad been given.
)cror, after bgniiig the tail
th the French, gave noti
Ml to ft t out for Ital
.uftrian Army in that con
■'■ at Verona on
; of truce which arrived
c b.ll, brought to Lord G
ill' er of citizen Talk-yran
ies lent on Friday lad to i
he projiofeel Naval Aimiftiee.
ig the particular points . I
equivalent, winch are the pre
s of delay in the N
val armiltice, nothing c«
etill thatobjetft (hall be finally
1 or refilled.' Minifters by ad
attempting to modify a fimi
lar propolilion, evince their define of pro
curing a general peace at the c".
I uneville. Much difficulty will ,
the prefent difcuffions, which nati
embrace fo many parts of the world,
Prance is in various modes fa re I
confined by our maritime fuperionty. Ma
ny hags of truce therefore will pal's, no
doubt, and opal's, before fuch an air
can he finally concluded, ami a rene>
! ition and impofture, to which.
ociation ii
t 'Phe lad Paris papers mention that Gen.
-, Berthier arrived at Madrid on the 3d lilt,
s " '<'" »" the evening. As he pro.
to the Ejotel prepared for his reception, he
_ was followed by an immenfe Conci
him, and martial
mufie 1. pll rom |,i s (.„._
• Ie left Madrid ne: * day, to go to
Idephoufd J as he pall'-d. through tin
(houts of applaufe rcfounded from
Corner. On his arrival at St. Ildc
phonfo, he was prefented bj the Ambafla
dor Ahpiier, to M. !)i'i „-f St
ry of State. G
to Court, and was prefented to the
H-. by both of whom he wai
.(bed mark
of honor.
The French army in Bavaria vow
fifts of ro,OdO infantry, 18,Q0Q c i
1000 arid!,
When general Mori an parted thrmr h
Ratifbon, he invited the Minifters of Pie:
' Sweden, and the two Houfes ol
Reffe, to dine with him. The invitation
Pent by an Aid-dc-Camp.
October 6. —Malt a has at length furrer,
"ddh. On tlie' fecond of
! Council of War w; which,
luht of the total want of ■
> fend a flag of tru
major general Pigo.t, wit] ,f A \ t0
urrender the illand. On the
tides of capitulation were agreed ■■..
• The garrifon an
I rifonera of war, and are not to ferve i
bis Britannic Majefty until re
d. This event is
importance, as it removes one i
(lacks to the arrangemenl
miftice, and will enable G. Bti
gociate with more idled at the Cc i
of Luneville.
The Emperor is gone to Vieti
Lehrback is dailj
on h:s way to Li
preparations for the (
hief Conful's brother Jof
is to be the Negocia
"■ I c.
The affair of the capture of t
:s in the harbour of
two En
the court of Spain' in the i,
Our readers will recollect that the fri
gates w-.re captured by means of a
difh fliip on board of which a
ty of Englifh ofiicers was put wh
op alongfide one of tht
a, tpqk her, and turned
againft the other frigate whi, 1
obliged to ftrilc. The circurnftai
verting a neutral veffef into an inftnim
hoftility, has been confidered by Spaii
violation of toe rights of neutral m
A Circular letter has been acldre
lie foreign minifters at Madrid.
a litter to the owedifh miniftei ,
• The court of Stockholm ,
bred to demand reparation,and the i
tion of the Spanifh Frigr.tes, and
ed, that if its reprefentations ti
ol London are not attended with th.
before the end of the year, I
tbolic Maj d!y will adopt roeaiures of
caution towards the Swedifh ti:.
On the 30th and 31ft of An
Keith failed from Minorca with 1
troops. Mi
is fuppofed to be gone either
Or P. jypt. Two of th
fo ii.ut k, damage on the coaft of .
have been' taken.
The Convention figned by the J'
ror produces a great I
—the Malcontents, andPartifai
gland, accufe him of having .
the intereftsof the Umpire, whie
Date of the events which have occurred in
t from the treat /,,/,.
1. Treaty concludi
25th of January, and rati!
r.,1 in chief, on th • 2Mh of the I.
at the camp at Sajae hi- h.
2. CoiiferciK.
Mathariidi. They cor
of March to the 17th of the fame n
3. The let■■• rof lord Keith j i
announced to the army oil tP
March, with the proclamation of th
ral in chief Klcber.
4. The rupture officially notified ti
Vizier on the 18th of Mar. h.
5. The battle of Matharich, orllidiopo
lis, gainedonthe 17th of March over the
army of the Grand Vizier 60,000 fir
20 pieces of cannon taken.
6. The aid-de-camp Beaudot lent on a
parley durin ion, was n
and detained a prifonerj contrary to ti
rights of nations.
7. lnlurreM'.n of Cairo on the P.
March, f, hourpafter the deparlure <■{' th,
army. It was fomented by fome Oft!
who had introduced themfelves into I
ifter the convention of L'Arifch.
8. Arrival 0 f Nafif Paiha in thii
on the 29th of March. PL- had c f<
from the defeated army, and makinj
detour, cnleved Cairo
Nafs, call, ■
9. Arrival ~' the French army at Dai
sys on the 20th of March, i
conftantly purfued, keptffj
10. Surrender!
lof March, 60Q Turks prim.
■ v;;''—:' cannon taken.
11. The affair of Goreid on the
12.'Arrival of thearmv -it Salacliichon
'die 24th of March* Taki-.g of I
Paid In Am ~

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