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MONDAY, October 26, 1801.
Extract of a letter from the Minister of
the Unitjd States at the Court of Maa
rid, dated 29th August, 1801, to the
Secretary of State.
" The five American veff-ls brought into
Algefiras, under charge of being bound
to Gibraltar, were fall detained there by
my la:t accounts from them. I have re
ceived protefts from three of the iuper
cargoes, and lhall have further occalion to
treat of this unpleafant fubject."
Our Minifter at Madrid has been official
\y informed, that the King of Spain has
found it convenient to determine that
Carlos Martines de Tni yo fhould continue
his million to the United States of A-.ne
Chevalier Freirf has been appointed
Minister Plenipotentiary ad interim of
Portugal to the Court of Madrid.
His Catholic Majelty h°.s iffued a decree
to the Prince of Peace, for difiotving the
army employed in the war again!! Porru
g I, and tor effecting reforms in the mili
tary and naval iyftem.
An nnufual number of n»»w work* hav~
Recently been publifh din England. It is
...gratifying to the friend of irankind to ma *
the attachment of men of enlightened ur
derftandmgs to the calm purfuits of uf hi!
knowledge, ami/ill fcenes of wa- and dif
trefs, which fnovert the ordinary ftate ol
fociety, and hive an invariable tendency
t ftrange the mind from the cultivation
of virtue and frience.
Fro.n the titles of moll of the work-;,
tiiey promife much inftrudtion. Ihe fol
lowing lift is derived from late London
prints :
1. M rthod of educating the Deaf and
Dumb. By the Abbe de L'Epee. Traivf
lated from the French.
2. A new volume, being the sth of
Blair's Seimons.
3. Annals of Infinity. By William
Perfeft, M. D.
4. A Summary of Univerfal fliflory, in
9 vols. 12mo. By Francis D >bbs.
5. Thoughts occaiioned by the perufal of
Dr. Parr's Sermon—Being a reply to the
attacks of Dr. Parr, Mr. Mackintofii, and
others. By William G -dwin.
6. on certain Antiquit.es
of Egy:?t. By J- White, D. D.
7/ Travels in Portugal, and
Spain. By Profefibr Link.
8. Letters of Lady Rachel Ruff 11 ; with
a vindication of the cbaratV-r of Lordiluf
fell agfiuft Sir John DdrympP, &c.
9. An Inquiry into the caufes and <ff-£Vs
6f the Variola Vaccinee. By Dr. Jen-
Tier —4 to.
10. The Iniquity of banking.
1 1. The life and nrivate memoirs of Tho
mas Whaley—written by himfelf.
12. Memoirs of the Reign of George
111. from 1796 to 1799. By William
13. Travels in the Ottoman Eirnire,
Egypt and Perfia, performed by order of
the government of France, during the firft
fix years of the Republic. By G. A. Oli
14. Thai aba the Dtft-oyer, a metrical
Romance. By Robert SoUtbey.
15. The Satireaof Juvenal —Tranfiated
by William Giff>rd.
' The following is an interefling view of
Englifh Literature for the lalt year.
Nuir.b*r and coft of all the New Publi
cations, published in London during the
year 1800. The colt of the looks elti
m ited in boards.
L. s. d.
In Agriculture, 18 books, &c.
amounting to 6 6 0
Antiquities, 15 27 3 0
Arts, Ufeful and Fine, 21 9 7 «
B igraphy, 13 4 7 0
Chemiftry, do. 3 16 0
Didi< maries, Grammars, and
Books of Education, 38 7 14 0
Dramatic, 4~ 6 12 0
Ethics and Metaphyfics, 62 9 0
Hiftorv 24 20 17 0
24 , _ £ 10 14 0
Trials at Law. 7 3
Mathematics, 5 2 12 0
Medic ine, Surgery, See 60 15 17 Oj
Miscellaneous, 34 18 3 0
Natural Hiftory, 9 7 19 0
40 about 20 0 ,0
Philoioj»by, 0 3 8 0
Philology, 12 2 12 0
Poetry (includingtranflations)
68 22 6 0
Politics and Political Economy
119 10 9 0
Theology, 43 > 16 4 0
Sermons, 53 3
r Voyage* and 'lravels, 20 16 10 0
Total number, 693. £.230 5 0
1 [The following fta';ement is probably cor
rect, though we do not vouch for it.]
Returns of the New-Jerfey eleftion, in
full, from the diff rent counties—Repub
licans and FederalHts in each i
Republicans. Federalifts.
Council Assem. Council Assem.
Bergen, - - 1,3
EfFex, 1 3
Middle fex, - - 1 3
Monmouth, 13-0
Somerfet, — — I 3
Burlington, - — 1 4
Gloucefter, - 1 1 2
>alcm, 13 — -
Cumberland, 12--
Cape May, — 1 1 —
Hunterdon, 14--
Morns, 1 3 — —
Suff. x, 1 4 — -
7 24 6 15
Majority of republicans in joint meeting
' e mode by which a governor, judges, and
n igiitrates muft be chofen, 10.
Pknnsvlvania Election.
In Northampton (bounty, the republican
ticket for 1 member of Congref?, 1 Senator,
and 4 reprefentatives has carried. The
republican ticket had 2,439 vote * ; the fe
deral 576.
llaac Vanhorne is elected member of
Congrefs in the room of Peter Muhlenburg,
1.1 Adams County, tie federal ticker,
confifting of 2 reprefentatives, has car
An eftimate has been made of the pro
bable ftrength of parties in the enluing
Legiflature of Perml'ylvania, which gives,
in Senate, to the republicans 16, and to
the Federalifts 9 members ; and in the
ihuse of Representatives, gives to to* re
publicans 76, aifd to the federalilh 12 mcn,-
Let s.
In Connecticut the votes given on a no
mination for afuitants are, for the federal
candidates from 10,583, the higheit, to
5,203 the loweft ; and for the republican
candidates, from 3,950 the higheft, to ldos,
the lowed. j
The Vermont Pnnt3 ftate the
tion o llaac Tichenor ag Governor, and
Paul Bringham, as Lieutenant Governor,
by a majority of' 2,000 votes.
The G >vernor of M (Tachnfetts has *p- >
pointed the 26i.h day of November as a!
day of public Thankfgi ving and pr.uie.
Miscellaneous articles mom los-.
The following event, which happened;
during the great fire in tiie town of Z -he
denick, deferves to he recorded :—
" One houfe only efcaped th - fury of the
flames; it was inhabited by a trooper be
longing to the garnion, named Lu< k. His
little daughter, about five years old, was
in the houie when the fire broke out, and 1
ttie manner i:i which Ihe efcap.d is next to
a miracle. The trooper and his wife w-nt
out early in the morning to the r work, and
according to the cultom of the labourers,
they left the little girl behind. At the'
found of the fire-bell, the mother perceiv
ed, from the field in which fhe was at work,
•.he flames afcendmg from all parts of the!
town ; fhe ran immediately to her houfe,!
haftened to colledt a few articles of wear
ing apparel in order to depofit them in fome
place of fafety out of the town, defining!
the child to remain quietly in the houfe till 1
ihe. returned; yet, notwitbftandmg (he!
made the greateft hafte, the flames had
gained luch ftrength that fhe was not able
to gain the habitation in which fhe had left
:he only fruit of her affection : /he was
<carce able to fave ht rfelf.
" The next morning the father entered
the town, reduced to afhes, and was amaz
ed to fee Ins houfe {landing upright and
untouched ; he approached it with a throb
Ling bofom, full of impatience, his ey
only fought his infant ; bi"t what was his
joy in looking in through the window,-to
perceive his little daughter, uuite eafy,
laying with the cau Tears of traufport
1 and gratitude to Providence rart down hi:;
••.hecks ; he rallied into the houfe. " Papa,"
• cried the child as loon as fhe faw him.
u why have yon been fo long away, there
> was a great fire, the room was quite light
( with it, 1 was very much afraid, but lain
now quiet, give me a bit of bread, tor 1
i am very hungry."
_ I
i Newspapers. The following ac
count oi the various publications in the
■ world, is given in a German paper : " There
is but one paper published in Portugal, and
that only appears three times a week ; it is
c;inducted by a German, who takes care to
exclude only the French news, while he ad
-lin its thofe of Madrid, Hamburgh, and
London. In China there is only one ga
zette a week, but it is a folio volume : it
contains no foreign news, but merely the
hiitory of the events in the country. Then
is no joking in if about truth, for in 1726,
one o!:' the writers having thought propei
to infert fome tulle intelligence, See. &cc.
was condemned to lol'e Ins head ; the em
peror himfelf lometimes contributes to this
paper. In 1798, the prefent emperor in
ierted a funeral oration, which he compofed
upon his predecelfor. It is a lingular cir
cn nlhnce that fome accounts once appear
ed in it, which it w, s thought improper to
make knowi . 1 iiat particular number was
imrneuia:ely fiapprelled, and tlie peoplt
were for hi t ever to fpeak of it in future.
Tnere is a paper publilhed in the Perliar
language at Delhi,the capital ot the (Jieat
Mogul. Some curious per lons have pre
-I'erved copies of the paper of the IBth Fe
bruary, 1 798, which is five French ells in
length. The intelligence contained in ii
is oi the mofk abiurd n. it Lire, fuch as thai
• 4 the men who had the care of the oxen
ar:d hories have taken leave of hrs highnets
the Great M »gu 1, for want of payment,
and have lent their cattle to paliure, fctc."
I ne Engliih, who ought to love a paper lo
many yards in Icngtn, have, however, in
ltituted another paper in the Lalt Indies."
The Journal des Debats contains the
following details of circumltances r fpe Cl
ing the huiband and wife who lately went
tor theexprel's purpofe of c mmitti .g l'ui
cide in the Flylian Fields' at Paris. The
particulars are communicated in a letter to
the Fditor from the chief l'urgeon of the
jholpital to which the unfortunate furvivor
| was conveyed.—lt is now about tlx months
; iince Gampagn»c, aged thirty-four, accom
panied by his wile Marie joleph Faj?rit,
then in the tweiity-fith yt rt r of her age,
came tVcm Bruffels to Par,3 with a fum of
money amounting to 500 Louis d'ors, b<-
nig tlie wreck of an immenfe fortune, lit
{Concerted commercial {peculations in lefs
• than fifteen days deprived him of 200 Louis
,d'ors ; ieiTlibly affe.£led with this lols,
•Campagnac lought to repair it in a gaming
jhoi.lt •, there he wa.3 fpoiled of remain -
■der in a very Ihort time. He 101 l the
clothes, the jewels, nay even the marriage'
'ring of his wife. On his return to the t'ur-j
jnilhcd lodging, which he occupied in the]
j line d'Or lean ? Saint Honor e, he approach-?
jed ms wife bathed in tears, and (aid to her,!
•' happinefs, my friend, can no longer be
|< ur portion I indigence or death ; can you
ilmve the courage to adopt this laft with
.your hnfband I." At firll (lie helitated, but
[at length agreed to the propofal. The
evening of the 22d of Au,;ult was fixt'd
upon lor the ca allrophe, but at half paft
■eight on the evening of the 2 lit, Canipag.
Jn,tc no longer being able, without doubt,
to fupport the mifrrics of life, prevailed
upon h;s young wife to take a walk in tht
;Kiy!'nn Field: ; they entered into the (hop
ol Dubcti it, a cook, where they made a
'very fru-al repafl. Ab'ut eleven o'clock
Campagnac conduced her to the bank of
jthe river, where tin y were feen linked in
leach'others arms, taking a noft tender adieu.
The pre King folicitations which this inter
letting wnman addrelTed to her huiband t >
reltorc h.m to courage, were diltindtly
heard at a diltance. All was vain, 44 the
Irel'olution is taken fa d he, " and we can
!not furvive without infamy. Recollect
your promifes." He tied' a bandage ovei
her eyes; " open your mouth" laid he ;
| lie introduced the end of the piftol into hei
imouth, and executed his delign ; a fecond
pillol terminated his own life. The inner
jiait of the unfortunate woman's mouth if
torn in a molt frightful manner ; the throat
too is in a veiy deplorable It ue. Her re
covery, however, is not altogether defpair
ed of. It's worth while to obferve, that
Campagnac thr w himfelf from the Pont
Neul into the river, immediately after the
great lofs he fuiiaiued, about fix months
before the final cataflxophe.
In the town of Northampton England
negro, named Maurice, aged 3., yeart
began about feveri yars agd tc lofc hi
native colour. A wi..tc fjpot apjjtarttoa tht
rin;bt !>if» of -is belly, which is now about
ts larg • ruluts of two hands. A
nother v.i its f:> t has appeared on his
breaft, am' leveral iwore on his arms and
on iiis fhouhier. The change is not t»
he de?d white of Albinos, hut to the
,ood whoklume carnation hue.
The Secret Short Hand—Of this new
and fmgulai invention, the Moniteur e c
oreff's it (fit in /the following terras:
' Citiz n Blanc offers to the world a. myf
fterious language which cv ry pt rlon c;;n
! arr., and yet which each 1 arnertan keep
tecrct to all buthimfelf. It appears, that
of 400 fcholars, each taking the fame o
ral leflon trom the preceptor, each may re
tire and write okygraphic ally to his father
or his friend, and that none of his fcllow
ftudents can decypher one fyllable of that
which (hall be perfe&ly uuderftood by the
perl'on to whom it is adurefled."
The Society of the J.-fuits, from whofe
fchool fo many of the moft celebrated
names in the records of literature have
fprung, and whole maxims had long fo
powerful an influence on the councils.-of
Princes, are about to be re-cftal lifhed in
the iflaud of Sardinia under tl.eir ancient"
iefjgnation. In t• is fpot they mav find
a t Mi.poraiy retreat from poverty and
wretchednefs, hut we have too high an
opinion ot the knowledge and refinement
of the prefent times to dread the general
ftablifhment of this body. Their empire
over mankind is, we truf>, for ever
d ftroytd, and i';nail inded is we belie'-e,
the number of thofe who wilh the return
of an influence which, though produftivc
f partial advantages, had a direft tenden
cy to injure the bell rights of our na
A new religious order, under the ap
pell t i n of Baccandristy, has m;:de its ap
pearance at Komi. Its profelfors w> ar
the garb of th° Jefuits. They derive
their name from Baccanaki, who attemp
ted to eftabliih that order in Poland and
Th" Prince of Nassau Orange has
iboliflvd the tax hitherto impofed upon
Jews reliding within his territory.
Paswan Oglou, lince his laft vi&ory
over the Turks at Widdin, menaces the
neighbouring Pachas with nn expedition,
immediately after the harvelt is got in.
His army is greatly increafcd by deferter;,
and it is certain that lie has fome French
officers and foidiers with him, who m .le
their efcapa from the Aullrian part of
Hungary, where they were detained as
prifonera of war. He colle&s vail maga
zines of provilions, a*d has lately lent
a Firnnn to the Caitnacan of Kiiviowa,
with orders to afi'emble the richeft Bo
jars in Wallachia, and to iignify to then,
Paswan Oglou would for the prttc.it
moderate his anger againft them, and of
fer them a peace of feven years, if they
would acknowledge his authority ; but if
they did not, he fwears by vhe great
Prophet, that he will leave tiiem nothing
to fix their eyes upon but great flan es
and ruins. Oaring t:> thefe threats, a
great number of rich Bojars a e mov
ing with their molt valuable effects tj
the Aultrian part of Hungary.
The prefent fovereign of Perfia is devot
ing himfelf with fuccefs to revive th- trade
of his empire, and has caufed fevend large
V? If Is to be built on the C ifpian on. Ptr
!ian leas. The alarm excited by the move
ments of the Ruffians having fubtided, the
cities ot Gangi and Tiflig, which had been
nearly deferted, arc aa,ain^in afl ,milling
Hate ; 'find Aggai Mahnimed Khan having
j e treated from Mafshad, the capital of Ko
hraifan, to Tehran, tranquility is reftored.
I he emperor, in compliment to the
lifh, has prohibited, the fale of horfes
throughout the Ptrlian dominions, for ex
portation, to any others than the agents of
:he India company.
The following is a copy of the will of
his royal highnefs the Elejflor of Cologne,
which was opened on the 28 Ji of July : —
In the name of the lvloit Holy Trinity,
the Father, Son, and Holy Oholt, Amen.
We, Maximilian £ rands, archhilhop and
elecltfr of Cologne, prince royal of Huity a
iry and Bohemia, archduke of Auftna,
grand mailer of the Teutonic o. <\j, pru:- e
Liihopof Mutif er,
BE it known to all men,?iv V'icul -
ly thofe whom it co;ice.oa f v ifuk.
ing that all men are mortal, a., t the
hour at which the Lor') may l>* .a fed to
ail us onto Jiirafelf is uncertain, we have

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