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4. i rem I.a&Ml b/ N-.w-Market,
Cambridge, V ienni and Salifbury to
•Siiowhill, to return by Prin ef-i Ann,
once a vveck—*Leav« Y. iftonevery I hurf
ci■■ y at 6 A. m. and arrive at Snowhili oh
Fr'nUvy by 1 P. M—Leave >.iowhill on
I'Yithy at 3 ?. m. and arrive at Eafton
on Monday by f> P. M.
5. From H'rfovd 1 * to IV'lair, «nce a
■week—.Lc'ave li»Jair every Tuefday at 7
a. m. and arrive at Hartord by 10 a. m.
Ilarl'>rd e\'cry Puefday noon, and
arrives nt B 'Ktirby 3 P. M.
6. From Baltimore bv Liberty town to
Frederk ktowtv, to return by New-Mar
ket, twice a week— L-ave Frederick
town every WVdnefday and Monday at i
4 a. M. and arrive at Baltimore by a p.m. |
L-ave Baltimorr every 'Friday and
"Wednefday at; 4 A- v. and arrive at Fre
<k"i' " ii by -5 p. m.
7. Front Dtltimore to Annapolis, three
■t'r , a wt-ek—Leave Baltimore every !
Mon'jy, Wei;Kfvi iy and Friday, aft j
A. m. ntid arrive at Annapolis by 5 P. I
.—Amnp.d:; every Tuefday,
ThnrlU..;' hi 5 S :curcl »y at Ba. M. and
arrive-at fvdtimotchy 3 P.M.
8. From Baltimore by Lvlicot's Low
er Mill.-., Montgomery c. Iv. and Gharlef
burg, to Leefeurg, Va. once a we k—
Jxave Baltimore every brid ty at 2 p. m.
ar I arrive ai Lsffburg o»i Saturday liy
tip. jr.——L ave L.'ejUurg every FliUif
d:y at 5 a. m. and arrive at Baltimoie
on I riday by 10a.m.
9. From Annapolis by Lower Marl
boro, Huntington and Cdvert c. b. to
lit. Leonard's once a week—-Leave An- !
jiapolis every l ueiday at 6 A. M-. and ar
rive at St. Leonard's on Wednefday by
10 a. M.—L':ave St. Leonard's every i
Wednefday at 2 p. M. and arrive at An
napolii on Thurfday by 6 p. m. j
10. From W 'ftvngton City by Mont- 1
gomeiy c. h. Cfarkfkurg» Frcderic!;to#%
Higsrftowil, BooneJbuirg and Green- ,
calVle, Pa. to Chamberftiurg, Pt. twice a
week-— Leave W afhmgton every 1 hurf
day and Saturday at 4 a. M. and arrive
at Fr£dencktown by 5 P. M—Leave 1* re- ,
tiertcktown every Ftiday a id Monday at
4 a. m. and arrive at Hagerftown by 1 t j
a. m— Hagerftown at halt paft j
11 a. m. and arrive at Chambcrfburg
lame day by 7p. m.— Returning, leave
♦TJhamberflvjrg every Tuefday and Sa
turday at 4 a. m. a ,d arrive at Hagerf
town by half paft 12 P. k—Leave Ha
jcerftowu at 1 P. M. and arrive at Fre- j
dcricktown by 8 v. M—Leave Frede- j
yie.ktown eve; 7 Wednellbiy and Monday j
a: 4 a. ?!-. and arrive at Wafhington by
5 ?. r.r.
!i. From IVafhingtOTi City by Upper
riboro' andQneeu Ann's to Annapo
lis once a week—Leave Annapolis every
'fur' .lay ni 5 a. M. and arrive at Wafh
ington by 5 P. PT»—Returning, leave
%Vai. k »ingt»n every Thurfday at 5 A. m.
and arrive at Annapolis by 5 P. M.
12. y From Wafhington City by Upper
Marlboro, Nottingham, Lower Marlbo
ro, Aoaa'co, Bennedidl and Charlotte- i
ball to* Chaptico o":;e a week—Leave :
Wafhington every Saturday at 5 a. pi. |
arrive at. Lower Marlboro* on Sun
day by 7 a. m.—Leave Lower Marlbo
ro' every Sunday at 9 a. m. and arrive
;»t Chaptico by 6 p. M—Returning, leave
Chao'-ico every Monday at 8 A. M. and I
arrive at Wafkiugton on Wtdnefday by !
Z P. M.
From Annapolis by Kent Ifland,Shark
town ;'.nd Owiieewftow« to Cetitreville once
a week—Leave Annapolis every Friday
at 6 a. M. and arrive at Centreviile by 3
P. fj.—Leave Cetitreville every Monday
;t t r» a. m. and arrive at Annapolis by-2
V. M.
13. From Wafhington City by Pif
eataway, Port Tobacco, Allen'VFrefh,
N ; e w port, Gh apt!CO, L«on a rd-to wn, &re at .
and St. Inni;>;oes to the Ridge once
a week. Leave Wafhington every Thurf
day at 5 A. M. and arrive at the Ridge
on Friday by 7 P. M.—Returning, leave '
the Ridge every Saturday at 5 A. m.
and arrive at Wafhington on Sunday by
7 P. M.
14. From Fredericktown by Woodf
boro', Taneytown, Peterlburg, Pa. and
Hanover, Pa. to' York, Pa. ©nee a week, j
Leave Fredericktown every Saturday at
'5 a. M. and arrive at York on Sunday
by 1 1 a. m—•Leave York Monday at ,
a. m. aid arrive at Fredericktown
on Ttief hy by fi P. M.
15. From Fredsrirktown to Lee&urg j
Va. once a week—Leave Leefburg eve- |
ry Friday at 6 a. AT. and arrive at Fre
dericktown by 2 p. ji/.—Leave Frede
ricktown every Friday at 5 !'■ and
arrive at Leefburg on Saturday by noon.
16. From Hagerftown by Hancock
ftnl Old-town to Cumberland, once a
week—Lea-* Hagerftown every Tuef
day at 2 p. M, and arrive at Cumberland
on 'Thurfday by noon—Leave Cumber
land every Sunday at 1 1 a. m. and arrive
at Hagerftown on Tuefday by 10 a. m.
17. From Hagerftown, Md. by Wil
liamfport Md. Martinfburg, Winchef
ter, Stevenfburg - , Strafbnrg, Woodftock,
INewmarket and Harrifonburgto Staun
ton once a w ek—Leave Hagerftown
every Tuefday at 2 r. M. and arrive at
Wincheftcr on Wednefday by m.
Leave Wincheftcr at 11 A. M. and ar
rive at Staunton on Friday by 10 a.m.
Returning, leave Staunton every Friday
at 2 p. M. and arrive at Wincbefter on
Sunday by 2 p. m. and arrive at Hagerf
town on Monday by 10 a, m.
18. From Alexandria by Mutildaville, J
Leefburg, Waterford, Gharlefton, Shep
hcrd's-town and Mar tin (burg to Win-.j
cheftcrj to retur*»by Battletown to Shep
herd's-town, and from thence by the (aire <
route to Alexandria cnce a week.—
Ltave Alexandria every Tuesday at 3 v.
M, arrive at Gharlefton on Thurfday at ,
noon, at Martinfburg by 5 p. m. and at
Winch efter on Friday at noon. Return
ing, leave Winchefter every Saturday
at 5 A. M. and arrive at Alexandria on
Tuefday by 9 A. M.
19. From Alexandria by Centreville,
Middleburg, Gofhen, Paris, Mil wood
and Winchefter to Romney once a week.
I Leave Alexandria every Friday at 3 r.
j M. arrive at Winchefter on Sunday at S
p. M. and at Romney on Monday by 7
p. at. Returning, leave Romney every
Tuefday by 6A. arrive at Winchef
ter on Wednefday at 10 a. M. and at
! Alexandria on Friday by 9 A. M.
20. From Romney by Weftern I'pft
! and Green Glades to Morgantown once
a week—Leave Romney every Tuefday
1 at 8 5. M. and arrive at Morgantown on
! Thurfday by 7p• N. Returning, leave
Morgantown every Saturday at 6 a. m, i
a id arrive at Romney on Monday by 6 j
P. M.
21. From Romney to Moorfrelds
once a week—Leave RoTrv.wry ever)'
Tiiefd iy at 6 a hi and arrive at Moor
fields by 3 p m—Leave MoorfieWs eve-
I ry Monday at 10 a m and arrive at
Roniney by 6 p M—Contract to conti
nue until Ottoher 1, 1802.
22. From Centreville by Hay market,
Buckland, Faucjuier t. K. and Jefterfon
( to i, to Cu'p per c. h. dnce a week—
; Leave Centreville every Monday at G
a M and arrive at Culpepcr on Tuefday
jbylo A /vVfwning-— Leave Gulp'-
per every Tuefday at noon and arrive at
Centreville on Wednefday by 3 p m>
23f From Frederickfburg by King
1 George c. h. Broadfitld, Mattoxbridge,
LeedJiown, Temple man's crofs Roads,
Richmond c. h. Farnham, K'mfale, and
, Northumberland c. h. to Lartcafter c. h.
! once a week—Leave Frederick (burg eve
ry Wednefday at 2pm and arrive at
I Lancafter c. h. the next Saturday by C
P M—Leave Lancafter c»h. every Satur
: clay at 10 p rt and arrive at Fredericks
burg the next Wednefday by 10 a m.
24. From Frederic kfburg by Port
Royal, Laytons, Lloyds, Tappahan
| nock, Urbanna, and GlouceJU-r c. h. to
j Yorktown, once a week—Leave Fre-
J derickfburg every Wednefday at 2pm
arrive at T appall annock onThurfday by
6 p. m—-Leave fame in one hour and ar
rive at Yorktown on Saturday by 6 p m
Returning—Leave Yorktown every Sa
turday at 10 f> v arrive at Tappahan
nock on Monday by 7pm and at Frede
rick/burg on Wednefday by 10 am.
25. From Frederickfburg by Orange
c. h. Milton, to Chtrlottefville, once a
week. Leave Frederickfburg every Wed
nefday at 10 p m and airive at Char
j lottefvjlle on Friday by 10 a m—Re
: turning Leave Gharlottefville eveiy
J Friday at 2 P M and arrive at Frede
! j ickfburg on Saturday by 7 p m.
.26. From Cbarlottefville by New-
YorV, Staunton, Middlebrook, Browni
burg. Lexington, KncalUe and Montgo
mery r. h. to EnglifhviMe on the weft
| iide of New River, once a week—Leave
| Gharlottefville every Friday at 2 P M ar
i rive at Staunton on Saturday by 10
A M —Leave Staunton at half paft 10
A M- arrive at Fincaftle on Sunday by
1 PM. Leave Fincaftle by half paft 1
P M and arrive at JJnglifhviHc on Mon
day by 7 P M—Returning—Leave Eng
lilhvifle every Tuefday at 5 A M. ar
rive at Fincaftle on Wednefday at 8 a m
Leave Fincaftle at half paft BAM and
arrive at Staunton on Thurfday by 2
PM. Leave Staunton at half paft 2
P M and arrive at CI arlottefvillc on Fri
day by 10 A M.
I 27. From Staunton by Kincaids, the
Warm Springs, or Bath c. h. Morris's,
Callaghan's, Sweet Springs, Sulphur
! Springs and Lewifbnrg, to Uniontowri,
' and from Uniontown by Lewifburg,
Gallaghans, Morris's, and the fame route
to Staunton, once a week. Leave
1 Staunton every Saturday at 2 P M. ar
rive at Sweetfprings on Monday at 2
PM. Leave Sweetfprings in 2 hours
1 and arrive at Uniontown the next Tuef-
I day by 7P M. Returning—-Leave U
' niontown every Wednefday at 6 A M.
| and arrive at Staunton the next Satur
: day by iO A M.
28. From Englifbville by Wythe c. h.
Afpinville, Abingdon, Sevierville, T.
Sullivan c. h. T. RofuviUe. T. and Haw
kins- c. h. T. to Orrfville, T. once a
week. Leave Ejglijhville every Tuef
day at 5A AL arrive-at Sullivan c. b.
on Thurfday at 10 AM. Leave Sulli
van c. fa. at 1 i A M and arrive at Orrf
ville on Friday by 10 AM. Returning
Leave Orrfville every Friday at 2 P ivi.
arrive at Sullivan c. h. on Saturday by 3
PM. Leave Sullivan c. h. at 4P M
and arrive at Engliihville on Monday by
7 PM.
29. From Richmond by Goochland
c. h. and Columbia, to Charlotteivilie,
once a week. Leave Richmond every
Wednefday noon, and arrive at Ghar
lottefville on Friday by 10 A M.—Re
' turning-*-Leave Gharlottefville every
V riday at 2 P ' T and arrive at Richmond
on Monday by 6 A M.
30. From Gharlottefville by Warren,
j. 1A 7 arminfter, New Market. New Gi4-j
! gow and Madifon, to Lynchburg, once i
: a week. Chariotlefville every
Friday at 2 P M and arrive at Lynch
burg on Monday at 5 A M. Leave
i Lynchburg every Weunefday at noon,
and arrive at Charlottefville on Friday
by 10 A. M.
I 31. From Richmond by Hanover
town, Elliott's and Dunkirk, to I'appa
hannock, once a week. Leave Rich
mond every Wednefday at 2 P M and
arrive at Tnppahannock on Thurfday by
6P M. Leave Tappahannock every
Tuefday at 6 A M and arrive at Rich
mond on Wednefday by 10 A M.
52* From Richmond by Hopkins's,
Powhatan c. h. Carterfville, New Can
ton, Buckingham c. h. Bent Creek,
Lynchburg, New London, and Liberty,
to Fintaflle, once a week. Leave Wich
j mond every Wednefday at 2 P M. ar-
I rive at Powhatan on Thurfday by 9
j A M and arrive at Fincaftle the next
j Saturday by 6P M. Returning—Leave
: I Fincaftlc every Saturday at 10 P M ar
! rive at Powhatan c. h. on Tuefday by 3
!P M. Leave it at 4P M and arrive at
: j Richmond the next Wednefday bv 10
: A M.
33. From Liberty by Rocky mount to
' Martiiwlle or Henry c. h. once a week.
Leave Liberty every Monday at 6 A M
and arrive at Martiuville on Tuefday at
• 1 1 AM. Returning—-Leave Martin
■ villi-- every Tuefday by 1P M. and arrive
at Liberty on Wednefday by 7 P M.
34. From Powhatan c. h. by Cumber
land c. h. Farmfville, Prince Edward
c. h. Charlotte c. h. and Halifax c. h.
once a week. Leave Powhatan c. h. e
very Thurfday at 10 A M and arrive at
Halifax, c. h. the next Saturday by 4
PM. Returning—Leave. Halifax c.h.
. every Saturday at 8 P M and arrive at
Powhatab c. lu the next Tuefday by 3
P -M.
35. Fre-m Flalifax c. h. by Pittfvlva
jjiu c. B.Henry c.h. Patrick c. h. and Ger
manton to Salem N. G. once in two
weeks. Leave Halifax every other
Monday at CAM and arrive at 'Salem
the next Friday by 6P M. Returning
-—Leave Salem every other Tuefday at
6 AM and arrive at Halifax c. h. the
next Saturday by 6 P M.
36. From Ilari ifriile by Hicks ford to
Halifax N.G. twice a week. Leave Har
rifvillc every Wednefday and Saturday
at 5 A M and arrive at Halifax by 6
P M- Returning—Leave Halifax Tuef
day and Friday at 5A M and arrive at
Hftrrifville by 6 P M.
37. From Smithfield by Jerufalcm,
the Crofs Keys, Goldfonville, Brunf
wick c. h. Geefbridge, St. Tainany's and
Mecklenburg c. h. to Marfhallsville,
and thence by Chriftiabfvijle, Lunen
burg c. h. Edmonton, Goldfonville—
. Hicks'sford, the Crofs Keys and Jerufa
lem, to Smithfield, once a week. Leave
Smitbficld every Thurfday at 10 A M
and arrive at Goldfonville on Saturday
by 10 AM. Leave Goldfonville, at
half pafl 10 A M and arrive at Mecklen
burg c. h. on Sunday noon, and return
to Smith field on Weunefday by 7 P M.
38. From Norfolk Va. by Kempfville,
Va. N. W. River Bridge, Ya. Tulls
Creek, Indiantown, Jonefburg, Eliza
beth City, Nixonton, and Hertford, to
Edentdn, once a week. Leave Nor
folk every Friday at 3 P M and arrive at
Edenton the next Tuefday by 10 A M.
Returning—.Leave Edenton every Tuef
day at 2 P M and arrive at Norfolk the
next Friday by 10 A " r
39. From Suffolk, Ja. by Edenton,
Plymouth, and Wafhington, to New
bern, twice a week. Leave Suffolk eve
ry Monday and Friday at 1 P M arrive
at Edenton on Tnefday and Saturday at
1P M. Leave Edenton at 2PM ar
rive at Plymouth 011 Wednefday and
Sunday bv 6A M. Leave Plymouth at
half paft 6AM arrive at Wafhington
by 6 P M. Leave Wafhington at 7
P M and arrive at Newbern 011 Thurf
day and Monday by 4 PM- Return
ing—Leave Newbern every Friday and
Tuefday at 5 AM and arrive at Wafh
ington by 5P M. Leave Wafhington
at G P M arrive at Plymouth on 'Sa
turday and Wednefday by 4 PM. Leave
Plymouth at half pafl 4 PM and arrive
at Edenton on Suncay £c Thurfday by
9 AM. Leave Edenton at half pafl 9
A M and arrive at Suffolk on Monday
and Friday at 9 A M.
40. From Halifax by Northampton
c. h. Princeton, Mwrfrcefboro', Wmton,
Coleraine, Pitch Landing and Windfor,
to Edenton, once a week. Leave Ha
lifax every Monday at 7 A M and ar
rive at Edenton on Wednefdiy by 1
PM. Leave Edenton every Wednef
day at 4 P M and arrive at Halifax on
Saturday by 10 A M.
41. From Halifax by Scotland, Hog
ton, Williamfton and Daily's, to Ply
mouth once a week—Leave Halifax
every Monday at 2 P. M. and arriv* at
Plymouth on Thurfday by 10 A. M.—
Returning— Plymouth ever}"
Thurfday at 2 P. M. and arrive at Ha
lifax the next Monday by 10 A. M.
43. From Halifax to Tarboro' once
a week—Leave Tarboro' every Satur
day at 6 P. M. and arrive at Halifax j
011 Monday by 6A. M. Leave Hali- 1
fax every Monday at 9 A. M. and ar
rive at Tarboro' oy 4 P. M.
43. From Halifax by Jonefvillc, War
renton, Williatniboro' and Oxford, to
| HiU&aro' encs a week-—L?ave Halifax
J every Sunday at 10 A M, a-rrivft zil
Warrentou by 7 P M—Leave Warren
ton on Monday at 5 A M, and arrive
at Ilillfboro' on Tuefday by 3 P M—
Returning—Leave tlillfboro' every
Tlnn lcla/' at 9A M, and arrive at Ha
lifax on Saturday bv 6 A M.
44. From Loui/burg by Nnfh c. b»
Tarboro' and Greenville, to Wafhington
once a week—Leave Louifburg Satur
day at 8 P M, arrive at Tarboro' on
Monday by 4 P M—Leave Tarboro' at
5 P M, and arrive at Washington on
Tuefday by 7 PM. Returning—Leave
WaJliington every Wednesday at 8 A
M, arrive at Tarboro' on Thurfday by
9 A M, and arrive at Walhington on
Friday by 5 PM.
45. From Raleigh by Smithfield,
"WayneTooro, Green t. h. and Ivinilon, to
Newbern once rt week—Leave Raleigh
every Tuefday at 8 A M, and arrive at
Nc:wbern on Friday by 10 AM. Re
turning—Leave Newbern every Friday
at 2 P M, and arrive at Raleigh on
Monday by 5 P M.
46. Fron Raleigh by Haywood fb or o',
Chatham c. h. Chapel Hill, Hillfboro',
Orange c. h. Martmville, Salem and
Lexington* to once a week —
Leave Raleigh every Tuefday at 5 A
M, arrive at Ilillfboro' on Tuefday by
7 P M—Leave Hillfboro' on Wednef
day by 4 A M, and arrive at Salem on
Thurfday by 3 J' M—Leave Salem at
4 PM, arrive at Salisbury on Fri
day by 10 A M. Returning—Leave
Salifbury every Friday at 2 P M, ar
rive at Salem on Saturday by 8 A M—
Leave Salem at 9 A M, am ive at Hills
boro' on Sunday by 7 F M—Leave
Hillfboro* on Monday at 3 A M, and
arrive at.Rateigh by ,4 P M.
47. From Hillfboro' by Mount Tir
zah, P-rfon c. h. Leefburg,Cafwellc.h<
Lenox Gallic" ;mi Rockingham r. h. to
German ton once a week—Leave Hills
boro every Wednefday at 6 A M, and
arrive at Germanton the next Friday by
6 P M—— Leave Germanton every Sun
day at 6 A M, and arrive at Hillfboro'
the next Tuefday by 6 P M.
48. From Salem by Retkania, Mount
Airy, Graylbn c. h. and Auftiuviile, to
Englifhviile one a week—Leave Salem
every Saturday at 9 A M, arrive at
Englifhviile on Monday 2P M. Re
turning—Leave EHgliihville on Tuef
day 10 A M, and arrive at Salem on
Thurfday by .1 P M.
49. From Salem by Bcthania, Huntf
ville, Rockford, Wilkes and Morgan
ton, to Rutherfordton once a week—
Le-ive Salem every Saturday at nomi,
and arrive at Rutherfordton the next
'Fuefday by 7P M. Returning— Leave
Rutherfordton every Wednelday at 7
A M, and arrive at Salem the next Sa
turday by 9 A M.
50. From Salifbury by Statefville,
Charlotte and Lanealler, S. C. to Camb
den, S. C. and from thence by Lancaf
ter, Charlotte and Cabarras c. h. to Sa
lifbury once a week—Leave Salifbury
every Friday at 2 P M, and arrive at
Cambden the next Monday by 7P M.
Returning—Leave Cambden every Tuci'-
day at 6 A M, and arrive at Salifbury
on Friday by 10 A M.
51. From Newbern by Trenton and
Richland, to Wilmington once a week.
Leave Newbern every Tuefday at 5 A
M, and arrive at Wilmington on Thurf
day by 10 A M. Returning—Leave
Wilmington every Thurfday at 2 PM,
ajid arrive at Newbern on Monday at 4
P M.
52. From Fayetteville by Elizabeth
town to Wilmington, and from thence by
South Wafhington, Sare&o and Samp
lon c. h. to Fayetteville once a week—
Leave Fayetteville every Monday at 4
P M, and arrive at Wilmington on
Wednelday by 7 PM. Returning—
Leave Wilmington every Thurfday at
nooh, and arrive at Fayetteville on Sa
turday by 8 P M.
53. From Fayetteville by Anderfvillc
to Wilmington once a
Fayetteville every Friday at 6 A M, and
arrive at Wilmington on Saturday by
6P M. Returning—Leave T ilming
ton every Monday at 7 AM, and ar
rive at Fayetteville on 'Fuefday by 7
P M.
54. From Fayetteville by Moore c. h.
Carthage and Randolph c.h. to Salifbury,
and from thence by Tindallfville, An
ion c. h. and Richmond c. h. to Fayette
ville once a week—Leave Fayetteville
ev< v TuefJay at 8 A M, and arrive at
Salifbury the'next Friday by 10 A M—
Leave Salifbury every Friday at 2 P M,
and arrive at Fayetteville the next Mon- :
day by 5 P M.
55. From Lumberton by Elizabeth- '
ton to Anderfville once a week—Leave '
Anderfvillc every Thurfday by 5 A M,
and arrive at Lumberton by 5 P M.
Returning—Leave lumberton every
Friday by G A M, and arrive at An
derfvillc by 7 PM.
56. From Orrlvllie, T. by Powell'.;- j
valley, T. Richmond and Jefl'amine c. h.
to Lexington once a week—Leave Orrf
villc every Friday at 2 P M, arrive at
! Richmond the next Monday by noon,
j and at Lexington by 6P M. Rctin n
i ing~~Leave Lexington every Tuefday
by 6 A M, arrive at Richmond by rioon,
and at Orrfville, T. the next Friday by ;
10 A M. i
$7» From Orrfville by Knoxviiie by i
cr Snu ib-"W eft- r it, X 1; r*
Blount, DixonS Springs and ('rnigfont
to Naflivil!'* once a wee!:.—Leave (,)rrf
ville every Friday at 2 v. m. and arrive
at Knoxville on Sitntdsy fcy 1 J l . ?c■<—
Leave Knoxville on Sunday by C / . rr.
and arrive at NaQiville on IVulay Ly 10
A . M. — Returning, lrave plnlhviile f 'ftrv
Friday at 2 p. M. arrive at Knoxville tli«
next Wednc'day by 7 p. m.-—Leave
Knoxville on Tiwfd»y by 1 1 a. at. and
arrive at Orrlvilie on Friday by 10 a.

58. FrotnSullivan c, h» by Jonefoon,
Greenville, Cheaks Crofs-roads and l)an
dridge to Knoxville once a ■week, —
Leave Sullivan c. b. eveiy Thurfday
noon and arrive at Knoxville the next
Monday by a. j>i.—Leave Knoxville
every Monday at 9 a. m. and arrive at
Sullivan r. h. on ThuiTday by 10 a.m.
59. From Columbia l:y "VViofboran
Chelter c. h. York c. h. rinckw • vi'lc,
Union c. b. Spartanbufg,Greenville c.h.
Pickenfvilic, Laurens c* h. Reedy, Shoal
river and New burg 1 c. h. to Cklumbi.t
one a week.—Leave CoLmbut even'
Mo'iday, at 9 a. ?i. arrrVe at York c. -li
on Wfdnefday by Ba. >r Leave Yofk
c. b.at 9 a. M« arrive at,Pi< kcnfvillc ih(s
next Thurfday by 4 i j . m.—heave Pick
enfvilie a- S p. m. and arrive at Colum
bia on Sunday by 6 r. id,
60. From Columbia by Orangelrur-p
to CharleHonon.ee a week—Leave 0
Jumbia every Monday at 10 a. m. nnd
anr.c at Charleston on Thnr.* yby 10 1
a. m,—.Returning, Leave Cliarlefb.u
•very Thurfday at 2 p. m. arrive at Co
lumbia. on Sunday by noon.
(~>l. From Edgefield c. h. by South
ampton, Cambridge, Abbeville c. h. and
Pendleton c. h. to Pickenlville once a
week.—.Leave Edgefield c. b. every
Wcdnefday at 10 a. nr. and arrive as
Pickeufville on Friday by 6 p. n.-~-Re~
turnings leave Pickenfville every Sa'ur
day at H a. M. and arrive at Edgefield
c. b, the next Monday by 4 r. sr.
62. From Augufla G. by the Upper 3
runs, Steele Creek, Lower 3 runs and
Black Swamp to Coofawhatchie once ;*
week.—Leave Coo fa w ate hie every Wed
nefday at 8 a. m. and arrive at Augufta
on Thurfday at 5 p. m.—Returning.,
Leave Augufla every Friday at 8 a. m,
and arrive at Coofawatchie on Satrrrday
by 6 p. M.
63. From Avgufta by Little River,
Lincoln c. h. Petersburg, Elberton,
Franklin c. h. and Gilbert to Clarkftoro,
once a week.—Leave Augufla every
Monday at 8 A. M. and arrive at Clarki
boro the next Thurfday by 10 a. m.—
Returning, Leave Oarkfboro ever y
. Thurfday at 2 p. aiJ and arrive at Au
gufla on Sunday by 7 p. M.
64. From Augufla by Columbia c. I>.
Wafhington, Greenfboro, Hichardfon
. ville, Sparta, Georgetown and Warren
ton to Louifville one a week.—Leavc
Augufla every Monday at 2 p. iu. and
arrive at Louifville the next Thurfday
by 5 p. ti,—Leave Louifvitle every Fri
day at 6 a. m. and arrive at Augu&i OJ4
Monday by 10 a. m.
Note L The poftmaftsr General may
expedite tbe mails and alter the times of
arrival and departure at anytime during*
the continuance of the contracts, he pre
vioufly Uipulatiog an adequate compen
fation for any extra expenfc that may be
occasioned thereby.
Note 11. Fifteen minutes (ball be al
lowed for opening and doling the mail at
all offices where no par titular time is fpe
Ncte 111. For every thirty minutes
delay (unavoidable accidents excepted)
in arriving after the times prefcribed in any
contracts, the ihall forfeit one
dollar ; and if the delay utrtil
the departure of any depending mail,
whereby, the iSails dellined for Inch de
pending mail lofe a trip, an additional
forfeiture of five dollars ihall be incurred.
Note IV. New (papers as well as let
ters ar„- to be fent in the mails : and if
any perfon, making propofals, defires to
carry newlpapers than thofe con
veyed in tfcs mail, for his own emolu
ment, lie mud ft ate i,» his propofals, for
what fum he will carry it with tl.it emo
lument and for what fura without that,
Note V\ Should any pcrfjn making
propofals, deflre an alteration of the
times of arrival and departure above
| fpecified, he mtifl A ate in his propolah*
' the alterations defired, and tl:« diiFer •
| ence they will make in the terms of !jit
' contrail.
Note 6, Perfons making propofals are
delired to Hate their prices by the year.
Thofa who contract will rfceix their
pay quarterly, in the month of Augu/l,
November, February and Mir-, one
j month after the expiration of each
| Note 7. Th? centrals for the *dxivc
routes are to be in operation on t„bc fnft
day of April next, and to continue iu
farce for one year from that time, ex
cepting luch routes as have a particular
note refpcfling the continuance cf the
Post-Master Gcnurgi.
j YVas/un'gton Cttv, >
Djc. 7, 1801. J

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