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PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 2, 1802.
At a numerous and refpertable meeting
of the citizens of Philadelphia held
by adjournment in the Senate cbani-
of the City of
lad. chairman.
The committee appointed for the pur
pole, reported a memorial to the Con
grefs of the United States, and one to
the legillature of this date, which were
read, and after being duly confideredj!
were adopted, as follows :
To the Sex.4?b and
USE of FcKPHESENTArii'Id of the
United Statks of A»"kkica,
In Congress assembled.
The Memorial of the Subscribers, Chi
ef the City and County of Phi
Respectfully represents.,
That your memorialifts viewed with
deep concern the origin, progrefs and
final palling of the law entitled—" An
art to provide for the more convenient
mization of the courts of the United
-States." The time it was brought for
ward ; the manner in which it was con
• ducted through its feveral ftages; and
more particularly the fubfequent appoint
ments under it ; all excited their mod.
fearful apprehenfieris ; the obftinate re
•fufal of its fupporters at the time to fuf
fer any alterations tt-j be made in it, could
not fail to encreafe their fears ; and the
recent bold avowal of one of its meft zea
lous friends " that all mmendmehts
pertinaciously rejx-cted," moft incorttro
vertibly evinces that their alarms were
well grounded—Your memorialifts view
this law as originating r.ithcr in a dil'po
fition to extend and perpetuate the pow
. a party, thaji in adelire to piomotc
the adniiniitration of JLiftic.e, or the true
interefts of the country ; to detail all the
realbns for the repeal of this law would
be to recapitulate thofe given lb al
the republican legators who have a
*at?d the repeal.—Your memo-'.
therefore, deeming the laid law impro
per and unneceii'iiy, --ur hono
rable body, that the fame may be n
cd ; and your memorialifts as in duty
bound will pray, See.
To tin- SusArji and Hovtt of Rspns
sßWArivEs of the CommonwealTh
cf Ps W A*.V TL VA HI A .
The Memorial of the Subfcribers, in
habitants of the City of ii.
Respectfully shev.u
•n gfeat
and ; oncern is about to be dif
ctilTed and decided, by tiie reprefcftta
tives of the people, they conceive it
highly important, that thofe reprefenta
tives fb.ould know explicitly, the !
merits and wifhes Of their c nftitiients,
upon the fribjedt; and that it is the in
difoenfible duty of thofe conffituents to'
commune information.
That khoi ,h the Senators of the U
nited S i are the reprefentatb !
; yet, as tb..■/ are appo
Immediately by the different ft ite 1 gif
latures, it has been cnifomaiy for them
to receive mftiuftious noon important
HBp a fares, from the legislatures by whom
That a bili, now before the Senate of
the United States, for the repeal of a
law entitled, " An act to provide for the
more convenient organization of the
courts of the United States," parted on
the 13tn day of Februaiy, 1801, your
memorialifts conceive to be »f the utuioft
importance to the true interefts of our
country ; and that it affords a proper and
■ecelTtry occasion of giving legiflative
inftruAione to the Senators, reprefenting
• the ftate of Pennfylvania, in the federal
The law in qneftion was palled with
a degree of overbearing insolence, and a
determined abuse of power, which can
never be recollected by the real friends
to the union without regret.-
Thofe who oppofed the law, faw its
progrefs through the two houfes of Con
grefs with indignation ; they viewed
it as a daring experiment of an expiring
party, to afcertain how far the conftitu
tion Wight be made fubfervientto thepiir
pofe of perpetuating that power, which
the people bad determined no longer to
truft in their bands.
The oftenfihle objeft cf the law is to
promote the adminifrratiofl of juftice :
yet from the manner in which it patted,
and the indecent hafte with which the
appointments under it were made, it
is evident, that the adminiftration of
juftice, was but a fecondary objeA.
Should the conftitution of the United
States be called in to fupport this exer
tion of the legiflative power, as yet un- !
parallelled in the annals of the union ; |
fhould this law be deemed, on conllitu
tional grounds, as beyond the reach of
repeal, well may we fear, that the inftru- j
»ient which we have been taught to re- |
verence as the ark of our fafety, will, at ,
fomc future period, be converted to the
utter deftrucYion of our liberties. Our i
jmpreflions Hpo t; are- the ,:
jnare lively, wl
tenfive plan upoi attempted :
to eftabliCb evi
dently calculate
concentration of power in the United
States' government, and, in a great de
gree to deftroy viic independence of" tiie
individual ftates.
Your memorialifts, therefore, requeft,
that the Senators reprefenting the Itate
of Pennfylvania, may be in ft rutted to ufe
their exertions, to procure a repeal of the
fa id law.
And your memorialifts will ever pray.
Mattiikw Lawlkk, Chairman.
MATHEW CAHtY, Secretary.
Ne-.v-Tork, Feb. 1.
The lion, the Legiflature of this
ftate met in Albany on Tuefday 1 a ft.
The. Hon. Thomas Storm, of New-
York, was unauimoufty elcrted Speaker
of the Houfe of Aflcmbly.
At 12 o'clock his Excellency the Gover
nor met the two Houses in the' Assent*
blj chamber, and opened the session
with a speech, of which the folhwing
is a copy : —
Gentlemen of the Senate and Assembly,
I cannot refrain at this firft opportuni
ty prefented me for meeting the legifla
ture, from congratulating you upon tiie
fiourilhing condition of the United
States. Under an adniiniftration exten
fively pofleffing and highly meriting the
public confidence, we have realbn to be
lieve that the external and mutual rela
tions of the ftates will command every
proper attention, and engage every proper
fup port.
Our participation With our filter ftates,
in the general profperily, ought not,
however, to diminifh our exertions in
cultivating thole peculiar advantages
With which we arc favcred by the Su
preme Difpenfer of all good ; and in obey,
ing the injunrtion of the conftitution, to
recommend Inch matters ta the confede
ration of the legiflature, as fhall appear
" to concern the good govt■rnment, wel
fare and profperity of the flate," I feel
confident that nothing in your power will
be wanting for the promotion of thofe
important obj'eP.
The importance of a well regulated
militia, as moft congenial with the fpirit
of our free government, as in a great
mealure fuperceding the neccllity of (fan
armies, and as augmenting the pow
er 2nd refpertability of the, nation, is fo
obvious, and fo great, that too much
attention can hardly be devoted to this
rneftimable object. A general revifion
of tiie fyftem appears to me t© be eiTen
tial. Contrarieties exifl between the
of the United States and this Itate,
which impede and embarrafs the pro;
under them. A fnflicient diicr
is not left in the formation and prganiza
f new corps,'or in the reduction of
thofe already eftablilhed,
circumftanccs ; and the la ~- requires the
litional fanctddns to render It
5 nt. It may be proper here to men
thatthr ftate has expended I
firms in the purchafe cf Cannon,' i'ma'i
arms and military ftores, and that no
adetpiate provilion is made for their due
preferv.ation ; and unlets this is fpeedily
and effe&Ually done, thofe expenditures
will be inagreat me a fur c rendered ufe
lefs, as will particularly appear by the
report of the CommilTary of military
ft res, which will be delivered to you.
Our conftitution contemplates tbeeftab
lilhment of well fupplied magazines and
arfenals, in every county of the ftate.
If this cannot be literally complied with,
it is fa rely our duty to endeavor to Con
form to the fpirit of the provifion.'
The advantaged refuTting to the a
cultural and commercial interefts of the
ftate, from facilitating the mean;; of com
munication between different parts" of the
country, have heretofore been acknow
ledged in the liberal grants of the legif
laturei Large funis have been granted
for making canals, improving otir navi
gable waters, eredfing bridges, md open
ing roads—i>and the attention of the go
vernment has recently been, particularly
drawn to the incorporation of turnpike
companies. The fuperintending and loit
ering care of the legiflature) is ttill necef
fary to extend the public utility of pur
fuits of this nature; but it future incor
porations of turnpike companies mould
be deemed expedient, it may be worthy
of confideratiou, whether former ones
have been fuificiently guarded, in pre
ferring the original laying out of the
roads, in a manner moft fubfervient to
the public convenience, arid whether a
fnmmary mode ought not to be prefcrib
ed to exact a compliance from thefe
companies with the intentions of govern
The fyftem for the encouragement of
common fcliools having been difcoritinu
ed, and the advantages to morals, religi
on, liberty and good government, arifmg
from the general diftufion of krtow!
beinjr univerf'ally admitted; perm:
to recommend this l'ubjet cl tv your deli
berate attention. The failure of one ex
periment for the attainment of an im
portant object., ought not to difcourage
other attempts.
Such other ma nay be deemed
worthy of your notice, will be con
nicated in fe of the feflion, as
ufual, by rsetTage.
Wh left on the rapid prog
of our population; on theextcniion of our
i ; on the flourishing com i
»n the
igion, literature and vie
ful knowledge; and on the general pros
perity of our fellow-citizens, we cannot
but acknowledge •with bumble gratitude,
the benign difpeniatipfis of divine pro
vidence in gr.'.i: free reprefenta
tiye government, which may be confi
dered as the principal fottrce of the ciif
tinguifhed blcilings we enjoy. Let it
then be our care, as it is our duty, to
cberifh the principles! of a government
which has produced id much good. Let
u.i guard ag-iiult everI.' encroachment or
deviation, and unit" in every effort to
render it perpetual.
Albany, January 26, 130.2.
We have, omitted, for want of room,
all notice of local topics 1u the preced
ing fpeech.
A N Englifli Brewer wants a fituatioh as
.LV Manager of a Brewery in any healthy
part of America. He undarftands didilling
alio—Letters poft paid, uddrefltdto A B at
the printer's®!' this paper will be attended to.
N. B. lie would accept a fituation as book
keeper or fchool mailer.
Feb. 8, ißs2. ep3t
\X7HER.EAS it is loUnd from experience
* ' that from the delinquency of the parent.!
and guardians of children hitherto fent to
Charlotte Hall School, that it becomes neccf
fary to employ a collector to whom a commif*
fion of 10 pir cent, is paid ; and whereas it is
unreasonable that the Truftees ihould be biir
thened with this additional expence of col
letftion when the tuition money as ftipulated
fliould be paid in advance.—Therefort,
Notice is hereby .given,
That the tuition from after the firft day of
January ISO 2, be five ar.d an half dollars per
quarter, but five dollars per quarter paid in
advance, will be received in lien thereof.
Signed by order,
N. P. A fpecial meeting of the Traftees i*
requefted on the I'econd Monday in March, fo
take into coi.fideration a Law of the laft fef
fion of Afl'embly, refpe&ing fa id fehool.
N. H. S. Reg.
Feb. 8, 1802. w?,t
TT'OR fale about 4.;c0 acres of land belong.
JL ing to the efl.ate of Judge Mercer, deceaf
ed, and fituuted iii \h« cfUuty n! Loudon, on
the waters of Goofe Creek, about 40 miles
from Alexandria and the Federal City. A
!iis tract is meadow ground,
1 quality, aid the loil of the hi-jh land
every (pedes of produce
ufnab loh land fimilarfv fitiiated in
the in , m coutitry. Such portion, of it as rc~
■Ted, affords an cxtenfive ;;nd ex-
I range f*r flock of every kind. On
art of this land is one of trie moft valua
ble mill feats in the ftate. . J he fupply of w?_
ter is inexhauftible, and the mill could be e
re.k .!(,d immediately on the fide of the public
road leading from Wiiichcfler to Alexandria,
It is computed that the number of waggons al
moft eonftaufcjy travelling along this load, a
moutit to at leiift sor 6co. So that a ready
market might always he had here,,for a very
conliderabU quantity of jjruin and hay.
'lis deemed unneceiTary to defcribe more
particularly the many adv.niit.Tgrs of this traclt
of Land, as it is expected that all peil'oni dif
pofed to purchafe, will firll view the premifes.
To accommodate pat-chafers the whole tract
will,be divided, into lots or 4or 500 acres
each, with as much wood and meadow land to
every lot as ciieuniltances will admit. And it
is believed that the whole 4,500 acres may be
fo laid off in co farms of the above-mentioned
die, as to leave in each as much wood and
meadow la'r, d as would be defired.
i he price and time of payment will he made
known by the fubferibers. Letters directed
to John I. Brooke, Fredericksburg, or to
James M. Gurnett, Lay tons, will be an
l'wercd without delay.
. JAMES M. OARN£tT,S Adm «
Feb. S, ißoz. eptf
For 6666 dolls, fe 1 66 cts.
The subscriber offers for sale
a Tract: of land sr. Acqiiia Creek, in thtr
county of Stafford, containing abo.ir
acres, two fifths of which is woodland,
chiefly on the water. This tfadt polTelTes the
following improvements and advantages—A
two ftory framed dwelling houle and the ufu
al out-houfes; orchards of apples, peaches'
pears, cherries Brc. a falling garden neatly
laid out, feveral fprings «>f excellent water,
and a well at the door The dwelling houfe
is fittntcd on an eminence commanding a
moft delightful and exten.lve profpee^ of the
Potomac (from whence it isdiftant about two
miles) for thirty or forty miles; and of the
Aqtiia from its confluence with that river to'
the head of tide wat?W at Woodßocl.—a junr
perhaps equalled by few in the tl. States.
The ttait abounds with valuable quarries of
free ftone of every quality. Some of them
nous to deep water, and hearer
Potomac than any that are nay* in operation
no faid Creek. For one acre, containing a
free fton.c quarry three miles farther from the
iac, the proprietor bar, reftifed 3000
is, and eleven acres adjoining th
ane, wire fold for 6oco dollars. There are
:eli!> two valuable nlarfhry, federal fifhing
ftiores for lock, fbad and herring, and plenty
cf wild fowl in feafoii. It is believed by good
judge.';, that the timber on the. bind, and fire
wood, if cut: ready for market, would c6m
manr.l a greater iiirri than is afked for the
whole prr.mifes. Wood may be convr-yod to
the City of WaftiUKjfton with a fair wind ill
two tides, the dij ; not more than
40 or 45 miles. This land, luppoffiig the
limber t*i be entirely taken off, would in the
coirrfe of feven or eight }ears dart up thick
with cetlir, locuft ami pine. It would be a
great acqulfition to a grassier, th* foil being
admirably adapted to tiie culture of jjrafs.—
c Acqma.
Jan. X£, 180s, livtim
Asrtperb Cunicle with plated Harness
Al ,S<) a pair of young, handfome and flee t
PONIES, and a capKal faddl«
wiio never was in hanieis. ( the
JDec. 18. eptf
Partnership Dissolved.
DOUGHTY & KING have this day by
mutual cwnfent diffob
it is therefore requefted that ail per fun
indebted to the faid URM will nuke, pay
nient to William Doughty, who is appointed'
to fettle their accounts, and that thofe !;
any claim will make applicatioi
N. B. James C. King continue* the I Attn
her Inland's on his wharf near the Rock
Creek Bridge.
Ftb. 3. ep6t
N O T 1 C E.
/-> OMMITTED to the Jail of Walhinrrton
\~/ County, in the Diftricl of Coluro*'
a Runaway, a Negro Wonr.tn named CH VR"
LOTI E, about nineteen yei c, five
feet four or rive inches high. She fay> Ale is
the property of Lewis St. John, near iiattle
Town, Frederick county, Virginia.
Tiie owner is lequelUd to come and pay
Charges and take her away.
, rJANIIiI, C. BH.RNc,
Marlhal of the Diflrift of Columbia,
Feb. 5, ißoz.
LOT No. 2i, in fqua're No. 169, in the
City of Warning ton, fronting 53 lect 9
inches on the President's fquare, and 89 feet
XI inches deep to a 30 feet allay, oppofite
the War Office,' between F and G Streets.
Its fituation in a public point of view, cannot
be excelled by any in the City ; on it is a
well dug and walled up, s.n& part of the cel
lar cleared out. Title indifputable.—For
terms apply to
Near Rhodes's City Tavern.
Feb. ;i. *p'jt
Valuable property for Saie.
ON Tucfeay the 13dof February next, will
be offered to fale to the higheft bidder,
at Tunnicliff's Tavern at 4 o'clock in the e
vening, atwo ftory BRICK HOUSE, with %
rooms and a paCage on each floor ; Striate on
Lot No. io, in fquar'e 7%%, in the City, of
Washington, on Eaft Capitol ftreet. The
erms will be made known on the day of fale,
by , •
Jan. 35, i"oi' iaw4X
For Sale or Rent,
Two three ftory brick houfes in Alexandria,
completely finiftied, 011 King and Columbia,
ftrcet, with fundry valuable property near the
fame, polTeflion Whers*»f may he had imme
diately. , J he fituation for the flour and gro
cery bufinefs is equal to any in Alexandria.
For terms apply to Henry Thomas Moore
Acxandria, or to the fublcribcr.
Kitty Dollars Reward;
..-IVVAY on Saturday night the s<
lait month, a Mulatto Darned CI RIJS, ahou
%l or 22 years of age, five f«et fix or feven ir
cheu high, with dark bulky hair. He ha
ferved an apprenticefhip with a millwright
and is ajrood workman. He Hole from Pp'pt
Creek, the eft ate of Daniel M'Oarty, Ef«f, i
the county cf Weftm>rcla'nd, a ftuall I
horfe, a nest light. fadcile, not much Wort
riiade by fames Smock, Fredericksburg, an
a fiiaffie bridle, with a variety of wearing ap
pare!. He has for wife a maid, belonging t
d Lie of Straf'Wd, and it isconjeclur
ed he will rnJeivar to ferret him/ell in eh
neighbourhood of the City.of Walhington,, i
expectation of meeting with his wife.. Who
ever will apprehend the faid Have and deiive
him to rue, fhall receive the fum of fifty do!
lars; audi willalfo give a farther reward 0
ten dollar* to any one who may reftorc th
horfe aifdfaddle.
At his whol'efale rind retail Wiup, Spi
rits and grocery Store, in Prince,
near Water-flreet, Alexandria.
Offers for fale at very mo
derate prices,
London particular Madeira ~V
, do. do. '] enneriilc, / ■.,,'•-. •
Choice Lifbon, Port and Ma- C W IflCe"
!.iga J
Cogni.tc hraiidy, Holland gin, oia Jamsitfa
fpnrits, annifeed cordials, fine teas, cor Tec,
chocolate, loaf, lump, and brown fugars, nut
megs, milliard, pepper, Florence oil, raifiri's,
ftarch, melaifes, corks, &c. &C.
A fmall aJToftment of tea-trays', w
b'rafs cocks, and Dutch ovens; with e\c
Jrifli linen and dowlas flieeti.ig by the piece.
The quality and prr-s of the above arc pe
culiarly calculated to recommend (hern to the
keepers of boarding heufes, r.nd to give fatis
faction to fuch gcntU&eli as may wifti to pro
vide their own wines, &c.
Alexandria., Dec, It, c»mw
r 1 "HE owner of LKBOO.was nt»t deiirous,
i aftf the r;r:es at the City, to run a
gainft Mr. Tayloe's hori'c L'WIATHAN, he
woii'ld have though! it ungenerous to have
made fuch a propofition. But us Mr. T
lias dec'ared in the public prints that " i
be accommodated for his own fum, not
lefs than f.500 dollars." Mr. Sprigg Will run
with him over the City Contfe, on the 13th
' day of May next, for 3-OOis dollars, the four
mile heats, agreeably to the rides of racing.
As major Foreman, the owner of Ranger,
wiftiesan opportunity of contending With Lc
boo and Leviathan, he can never have a bet
ter one than at the fknac time and place ; but
if that ihould not be convenient, Mr. Sprigg
will run Leboo aga'nil Ranger on the firn
Monday in June, over the Goven's Vow,
j Couri's, the four mile heats, for 3,000 d
lor for any fum between that and to
j major Foreman may think yioi^r.
jnn, T5, itoi, «p6t
. tisement.
Rn the i'uMcriber on Sj«
turd MAN, nam*
ed TIMOIHY FARMER,'about 24 1
years I 6 inches high, a 1
key made fellow, wears his hair cii
on when he went away an old wool hat, new
fulled ; broad rlotk coat,
a pair ol niiu coloured black and yellow trow
lets and Wj
WlgS, 3
ith blue St -
fillip Uid Negro and
fcer may gel
count > lt« county ten, dollars, a: d
if brought heme, all realvnabfti charges paid,.
by m.-:
Living near Liberty Town in Fred
Jan. cp.^t
A )'■'■■'
made, no -..
three I
iliod beiot.
J he Owbi ,
tall, prove I
taKehim a i
jared Gibson.
Jan. 29, 1803. -15-31
Juft Published
And for fale at Mr. TJuanc's Book Store, a
pamphlet, entitled
" Refections on Government, Philoso
. phv, and Education," ,
CONTAINING. alfo fome remarks on fe
male, education, prefatory to a foes q(
effays explanatory of the courfe of inftructioa
adopted in the Stevensburg Academy.
Inftruclor of youth in the Stcvensburg
. Academy.
Jan. 18, 1801. C p6:
Boarding House.
E. Gardner, at No. (5, of the
Seven, Building, will accommodate gentle
men with boarding and lodging on moderate
Dec. aB, ißox'. cp7 t
EQUALLY decent.and one -bird cheaper
than any in the city, f'eparate 100 ms mid
beft attendance to be.had at Greenleal's Pointy
where judge Symmes now lodges. Good
ftabling is alfo furniftic.d, by
Wafliington, Jan. 20, 1802. w ;r.
ceived at his (tore pppofite to the houfe
v occupied by capt. Burch, Naw-Jsf
lejr Avenue
A hanclfonie AflYrrtment of
Suitable to the prefent i'eafon.—Earthen
Queens, and Glafs V7are^—Aifo
Groceries and Liquors,
. Among which are the following articles—
Loaf and brown Sugars, teas, coflu
milliard, mj»mcgs, box raifins, figs, foft flieli
almond', orat^ges, lemons, Cramberries, Hoi
land gin, and fpin<
The above goods are laid in on fuch terms
as will emble him to fell low 'or cad—He
keeps a regular fupply of tke bsft fupei
flour from the back country.
Pec. ii, 1801. <p6w
To Ofborne Sprigg, Efq.
ItJR publication f. has
juft. come to hand; if I am not niitiakt.ii, ni y
invitation informed you that Rangtr was en«.
gaged to run his Lift race, on the 15th day of
May next, over the Hunting Park Coiirfc —
I cannot with convenience to my feelings,
break thi* engagement, or forfeit my bets—
uoi with an advantage,
atid that y-u ire willing to rim Le 800 a
gainft' Ranger upon equal terms, 1 now pro
pole, Ranger (hall; on the fSth day of
next, run Le 800 over the Havre de Grace
courfe. the 4 mile heats, carrying weight ac
cording to the rnles of the Annapolis jockey
cl»h, for 3000 dollars', each ]
1 live 44 miles I - lie Grscr
the Sufquehanriab to' croft, you have perhaps'
a' 6or farthef to ti horie,
without the riique c-'f a water r>sft
This is as near as I can contriva meeting
you half way, over the bell turf in America,
carrying your own weight, running your
Own ditlancc, and ft akin ir yoifr own fum.
1 name the 16th of Felriiary next to fign
the race articles', a rid it any thing mould pre.
vent my reaching tine city 0,1 that da/, Mr-
Tryltsc is empowered to fign my name for
am, fir,
Your obedient hr'tnbte fervant,
Feb.*, it at
Broker raid Commission Merch(r
RESPECTFULLY offers his fervice
friends, to the friends of his friend
to the public. He propofes to do bufn.
this line, for the fale, purchaf« and trarisfei* of
real and perfonal property of every d*i
tion , t!ie barter and exchange of lots, h*»iiffes,
cScc. for merchandise, ;;ird vice verfa.
He hasjuft received and for <ale, ms.<.
port, Lifbon, claret and Malaga wine,. fti'rub,
bvandy, gin, and cherry bounce, gripes, rai
fins, cuarants, figs, almonds, capers, olives,
anchovies, citron, Corks, &c. Philadel
phia porter, loaf fugar, and flioes of all fizes,
prrticulatly Ladies morocco, ki^ and fpanglfd
flioes. All which are for fale OU reafonahli:
terms, for cafti, flour or tobacco; and again
begs leave to lolicit his friends; the friends of
his friends and the public, to give him an op
portunity, by partaking of th*ir favors, to
gratify them, in more refpeS* than one.
Gcwge-Town, next the )
P»>ft ©»«•; Due ii, lioi, V epim

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