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th* ft me 01 11 ckcr cloth large enough
lit: fleeted or indurated part,i
we r*;i*?.l*d this dreffmg twice in i
24 the patien: drank of a tea j
m?de of the root, about -a wine
at every dreflmg which at firft proved too j
cathartic, we then mixed the tea with
red wine and fweetened it with :
I it palatable and k
en. This is the me
ed and I doubt not
been known and adopted in -an
early ftage of the diforder it would have
ttuat, and there v/outd have
-been no occafion for the knife or any
©thee mes'ns to efTsct* perfect cure.
N. • of June to
becomes ,
and for a pofl
e.ti-on. il
, I wall be
of our s
\t of tin.

at the toaftiog baftiiefs
Ufii is the mott Cure ac,
iicf ourCarryin>,
trictioos canm '
-.Oi leans may be 00l
; • the mou
,:. It is into
ericart A?
I Mexic ) and its
and Re
place oi
Tffe can nu licali a
jreigh between aw
Will appear,in the current year, to
le bran* h
ly and rapidly m
"c, and it will ultimately bei
(in i .lilting tonnage it will
• perior to that i
;• Air.-rt. The Ctiiti
ft India iftand-a are
roraent, equal in acres to
-! we acquire,
is capable of producing Welt India pro
- ar, coffee, -coco imen- j
to, rnoiaff's, cane juice, fpirit or rum,!
cotton, indigo, gums, turmeric, 1
rhubarb, ginger, prob ibly tea, i
- p coons artii
produce, \t
do or can yield, may be rsifedon a
ber of tracts of land, within the
of Louitiana which are equal in fty
the fettled plan's.: ionsofthe V"
row in a ration for the
articles. There can be no doubt that
thefe LorJ liana plantations
Which have been cleared by tt Fi
by the Spaniards, !;y the Americans,
and by fcnglilh, Irilh, and Scotch peo
ple fettled there at various times, v
able immediately to produce large qnan- i
of the articles mentioned. Thefe ;
lantic mete
ill be able to
them free of duty and free of wa,
ry port in the
otic oate-.
Porte. not be fo greatly and j
cert.. our Ann
\% will lie tdo
hern, and Atlantic ports
n-ianufactirers and mechanics will derive •
C advantages from 11
.ory. It i
: and ad
us gene,.
have our fuccefs in
il a notorious fad i
every Frenchman or Spaniard, *
: rred with tbe friends of tbe re- '
, in and out of office, has
v led to lee the weight arid
the numerous and folic! argu
sch were oppoled to any lo
nization there. While fome
were exciting all the public
,;d Spain, an ac
iiegcd mifchtefs thofe na
were to do B3 on of the Milfi
,e friends of our govern
t, and no d, übt the proper peiftms in
the government itfelf, were unng thofe
to convince every Cofifi
cfernan and Spaniard, that they
itltry about the
he United States. 'I'he
official correspondence will prove, as we
believe, its early, zealous, and U'tceafing
endeavors to acquire every thing that
ibe acquired hi that quarter.
the prefent we lhall leave to our readers
the ferious contemplation of the vaft ad
xantages, which will be. derived t
owners, mariners, mjrchi
, manufacturers and mechanics, from
and traofporti
ll th" articles which
•,ut out ol the Welt India ifl*tncta by j
ouacil, proclamations, and the
refits of receiving from tl
. ife articles which we are not
g away from the ifhnds and
of the European nati-
Monday tbe 4th of July, I
j anniverfary of American inoS
ift.cred in by three falutes 81
rife, by a detachment of the ai
company under the command ot c
John Muir, at 10 o'clock the mill
'olu.iteer Corps formed on
: in front of the
the command of r
tard Harv.-ood, of the Volunteer
: corn.', they ■ their mi
ti with a precifion and dexten
commendable. At ha',
lie gave the figi
llency John F.
Pernor, 'i'he two i
; by his ty.
of a large concnurft of
After * letipn of tl
attendant on
d them i;
My fellow citizens,
icing intimated to i
. a few woi
; to that en 1 I
en tion for a
what purpofe ■
nite in t".
;d what were ...
prompted you, to it '
, per or. to perfect yourfelves in
| fioui rhc diforder attendant on !
and to ittfpire y*u witi?
cc refulting from a conviction
i ot thisfalutsry maxim,
out order and experience your forces.
could never be properly concent,
that blind -force when o
methodical 2nd properly din
tance, is fteble and inefficient* 1 fay,
fellow citizens, 'twas a love of country
and a proper fenfe of danger. Thr time
has been when your hearts intimidated
by a cprrfcioufnftfs of inexperience have
been reejii .aide of the rut ft in-
Cor.fid raid'- alarms, and you have been J
tailed forth from your beds to c
ideal attacks with the erobar
confternaticrn and io<
I But that time palled away. I lee dif
. ycur movements thi?, t
■ regularity, and co
that could pdhbiy be exji
from gentlemen, who are, io the ftrict
leaning of the the terms, citizens,
not tied down by any reftridti
|en lave a I'enfe. of duty to youi
anal your country.
low citizen*, without hiving re
panegyric or defcending to the
cold diiTembiing language of compii
mept, ihere foieronly dedare you
in my opinion the beft organifed ;,
jmy eyes ever beheld. I will not fay you J
i regular troop;, but I can declare
I fpeak the laugh, ge of my I
I would as loon be Called to the I
I field of battle with yot; r as any bo
far-famed military fchools of!
ii boaft of. The Prclident of j
1 the United States has laid that there '
; fhouid not exift a Handing army in I
. , we may go farther and fay that |
cannot cxtlt whee a {finding j
| army is its fule protection from tumults ]
within, or invuti ns from abi
».: the government of the United
uld ever think it expedient to
I eftiblifli a (landing army, 'twill be then
elpeeiaily incumbent on us as citi- I
! zens to organise ourfelves to oppofe with i
ft, and meet on equal ground, this i
v-ry Handing army, fhouid it unhappily
-.verted into an inftrument o
,n in the hands of ambitious defpo-
The difcords of Europe have again
d up the torch of war, and we have i
reafon to believe that the conflict
ie vigorous and determined. We, :
'ufpices of Divine Providence, |
happily as yet flood aloof from ,
European contelt?, but let us not lull ,'
l ourfelves into a liltlels fecurity by a re- \
' flection on the profoerity of the pall; let J
us be prepared for the worft ; let us fhew |
that we deferve the liberty and peace we j
now enjoy by putting ourfelves in a fitu- i
atioß to preclude any poliible interrup
tion of them. And now permit me,
fellow citizens, to return you my molt
unfeigned thanks for thepolitenel
f-rencc and attention you have this d.y
fhewii me, and though I may never
have the honor of meeting yum the ca
pacity I now do, yet believe me, I th ll
ever meet you as a Orotber and a friend.
At the condufion of the fpeech the
volunteers and artillerilts gave three
cheer 3, which were returaed by 8!
Ny from the fpectators—-The two com
panies then formed in ord r and return
ed to the ftadt h.uie parade, whrre af
ter a few evolutions performed with
mafWly execution they w■ re difu.iff d.
At 3 o'clock the two companies with
a number of citizees and ftr nigers par
,>f a dinner on the College g
under awnings prepared t r tl
on, the gove>nr r rreliafirtg. Several
propriatc toalts were drank) aud fevcral
The evening was concluded at the
where the tragsdy of Banker Hill
wan performed to a crouded audience.
HEADING, July 2.
On wededday, the 29th uU. a -hu
ton was ton,id by Ou
ters f«r the fchuylkill Bridge at tin;
-. about- one half a mile above fvfr.
I '» ferry, on tbe weft fide of the
The v/uibn'-n employed there,
•g a coni quantity of
■■, tlifcnvered thi in a kind
aye—the ftones covering it were of
which one perfod could r< move, fo
i create fuloicion that they were
•- purport
- is rem.. ~- its
le cf a very
11 the
projection apparently f ,
cive, in which wen
heap of ft
er, and of courte 'a'
i of thofe near it.
- ted there w*.-,
able thiit '.
'ier. A ; culty ,
(or, found the one kind of
.to bs of the Canine fpcclcfr, by
h circum fiance o.ie might very na- j
nclude, tfiat a d*>g was hidcLn
- along .vith tone human boi
No opinion can be given v.r. to
time they were lam there as tbe
I d.-fiy of !),,nes depend al together irpoT)
the place and manner of
-••lent. Probably after the rer
jof the rubbifh, fome metallic fubll
may W dvg up, fuch as are, commonly
xed to apparelj that may lead
t i-eutnttantial defcription of this
■ bir detection.
Tliis HcguUr s-,nd novel fact in r.-i:i
--o >ferved the two laft fea
w-Y rk, when it was fupp< fed
to be a circu .ft' nee refpecti
. which had ne-'er been full: iently
ated to the public. Oii examin- |
,j-d w find that fwallor.
mearts bird i of as
never been obl'-rvedoi, tl
rr return between the warm and cold i
of our country at the proper i
• been teen to
, i collect in Inrge i m .'■>' is on the b
.■ o f livers and ponds, and on a c
.l.p ear altogether.
- v-ifo been wiwieffed in th* act oi ]
ie w.oter hy var'ic-s Tot eta
' tori. They plunge ta the bottom arid
, . bury themfdves ia mud, in which they
i a torpid ftate ".ill called from th>-;r i
■"s by the reviving warmth ol
ling fpring. in dm ds in
, that feafon they have been enveh ;
psof mud and totally in*
laced bdore a flow fire, when
uafly extricate tl emfl'lve'a liom j
nbout the room.— I
pqrpofe of euterinp their winter*!
■, it -loer. not i<"''t-<r tha f they
period or rule for tl
ion. Their time forimineili
- the. 13th to the 2(
be known by the into
occaiion ;
one or their return is not fo
ulariy determined".
The following remarkable' fpeech deli
vered in the Britilli houfe of lords, in the
aniflg of the year 11*01, by a very
nt -and public fpirited noble
will notbedeetned unfeafonnble at
j this intercfting epo'cha ; as it tin ws the
opinion ot influential men hi that go
>n the folly of continental al
i and fecret expeditions, and the
mode in which the war they are at pre
•ed in, will probably be con
ducted. This fpeech, fays the Editor
Pbblit Character's for : 801," occa
lioned no " mci nliderable fenfation."
do very feldom trouble your lord- ]
and certainly fliall not take up
| much of your time at prefent. I had
| no intention when 1 came into the houfe
lof offering myfelf to your lofdfhips. I
could not itel myfelf at cafe, however,
ill did not fulfil my duty in laying my
fentiments before you.
v I Ihould rather incline, if " the
j motion for an evquiry" was not bow
made, hut even if it fliould at prefent
j be brought forward, thinking as I do, 1
; muft decidedly give my opinion for it.
1 have no defire to give offence, to his
majefty'a minifters, nor to pay court to
that oppofe them. Nothing <
1 be more improper at prefent thin to de
whether the war was juft or imjuit,
i'ary or not ticXeffiry ; but I can
pnfitively declare that no war was
ever worse conducted. My lords, I have
rer>d all the hiitory of this country; I
'een and been intimate with all the
, fr»m the death of Pel
ham to tie prefent hour. In this horrid
nr blood and treafure have been
in the extravagant filly of fecret
, grievous and heavy taxe*t
lan: <n the table, and wafted
toe embas.ics, and in subsi
-;proud } treacherous and useless fo.
better for thsmfelves had you
your money, and taken no concern with
them. Ido not condole with y>
! your prefent unfortunate "iiluation in
having no fuch friends ; I only wifh yon
!m th-<t iituation in the b
c war. The noble lord w!io
the admiralty, in his fpeech,
mch abilay done Mtice to the
ly wifn our iil-fpent nto
cn laid cut on our fleets.
iofe, my lords, that ever heard
or ever read a letter from me
j, ct, will do roe the juftice to
my fentiments have i. il along
fame ; and that this has h
find from the d;,y the firft
the guards maiched from the
ent the prefent fcarcity.
". are, it comes not
but iio'iii the efi
icted war, which 1 Ml*
~' ver this q;tetti»:i i"
iove we gained by our b<
!:• ? If. a proper regulation for
w.is made, 1 wilh tl
nation,.! debt, and to c"
of thofe oppreftive tuxes \.
in rit ii and poor, o,
'v ,• and till font* of thofe
this nation cannot be called
■ ' ii nil—««—■»—i——^ ——,
ntleman who came in tbe ftig
bVedriokfburg, we |<
'« Thompson Callender
few mornings tinre, either
it or delign.—He was in the
actice of bathing every morn
utching, arrived at Norfol!:
iltar, was informed by the /,
en lii I there that he had re
nts from Tripoli, that
ripolitfth Cruizers were ready
for lea ; nd that one (a Hoop) had ac
tually failed.
..ndrew Elliot, Robert Fatterfon, and '
i'lniin Henry Latrobe, Eiqrs. have j
• ou-rihytlu Governor of Perm-
Commitrioners on tbe part of
Urate, ro j<in and co-operate with
(y aim iftioue.is appointed, or to be ap- !
pointed, c;i the part of the ttatt4 of Dela I
ware and Maiyiand, to examine and !
l.ydown the neartft and belt unite for
ing a Canal, t* unite the Delaware
and Gbtfapeafce Bays.
t'ette.r from St. Thomas' dated I
S ti) a commercial houfe of'
Yotk, cautions llrungly
5 property to that ifland witl
' as war is declared and
- orders to capture Danifh
." The following-are the prices
it of that Ifland :
me flour 12 a 14 dolls, p. bbt.
3 a 4 do do.
l meal S a 4 do do.
head l> a 7 per bbl.
ing do* 4r7 5 do.
do. 3 a 4 tlo.
I 4 a 16 do.
co 10 a 12 per cwt.
Sugar 7 a 8 do do.
Coffee 14 a 16 do do.
Euftic 24 a do. per ton.
Lignumvitx 22 do do.
Rum 25 cents per gal*'
dcs 35 do per lb.
Butter &. Lard 12 do.
Soap 10 do.
Codfifh . 7a 8 a quintal.
We underftand by the late accounts '
from China, that a dreadful action was
fought near Hue, in December laft, be
tween the Imperial trocps and the army
lof the Tontunefe, which terminal
the total defeat of the latter; 12/.
the Infurgents are ftated to have been
killed, and many were (Livtninto the ri
ver anddrowned. Previous to this de
\ cifive engagement, the Emperor order
. Ed 200 rowing gallie3,Hnd 800 gun boats
to intercept the veflels belonging t
infurgt nt 3, and the day before the action
the Emperor faw the whole of their ar
mament in a blaze of fire, confiftii
200 gun-boats and fifty galiies. The
enemy covered an extent of fix n
The emperor, after this brilliant ii.
determined to march to TVnquin, with
three thou fin -' men, in order to tr
itely crowned, tmd at the fame time hr if
i'ned a general amnefty to all thofe who
fhouid i'uncnder. 'i'he object of the le
bels was to have (>,zed the King and
n, and this they had nearly accom
plfhtd, by the means of one of ihe
Mandarins which attended at the
peror'a court: the conspiracy h
been found out, this Mandarin, a man of
letters, named Ong Thong Tbew, w.ts
inftarttly beheaded, with eighty,
others. In the .sbove action the ci
ror fought himfclf fword in hand.
ironi St. 1 iCrre's Marttmoue
b June, received by the brirj
is that ail Britith mer
e ordered to leave that ifland
r does not fay
a word about the Englifti outing veC*
utnfSt. Pierre's but obferves that
all the Frtnch (hips are gone to Fort
•e.ewsot 32 fait of F>
having been cutout of St. Pierre's,
titioned in tome of the morning
, was, we are informed, ftated
the authority of tbe mate of the floop
, from Ant>gua.
it. M 'Cobb, of the brig Enterprise,
Jamaica came up to town ydier
d«-y, and informs, that a few das be
eh (hip arrived
one of the B<itilh I
of war. A iiuce>ery had been nii'e
a [lot to hum Port R,-yal by the
i alfo 40 to 50 coffi
full of loi.di d tooth
",es connected in it hud i
', and a number of them io
re in
the nu-iv
till the whole l.ad
die forfeit of th ir viilaii.y.
| BALTIMORE, July 21.
| dp.. G*pe Francois in
le of
leaded by four feventy
i fhipit, a frigate, brig mid fch'r
j •—-I would I",
Cape to the Britlfh in a few divs,
';-e w.is not more than fifteen
i:i it. General Ro
■■died his heid-qna'rters the.-.
Mole and PoTi'r#-Prince was fo
ly hemmed in by the brig
'he inhabitants could not go half a mile
o,jt without being murdered.
The war >s Carried on between I
h and brigands with every t";
rbarlty ttmir favage minda can in
. when tiie brigands take a pro
put him between two planks and
l.im with cords fo that he cannot
move, and then take a crofs cut faw vul
j taw him nearly d'under ii did' ren- pla,
r,: fo ss to terminate his exiiter.ee ia
I the moft barb< ,ocr—and the
Fiench in their turn when tiny
prifeners tie them neck and h*els, and
throw them into a ph.-ce Where they
a parcel of bi.it ftarved blood
hounds to be torn to pieces by them.
A letter received at Peck's cc"
J houfe, dated Cape Francois, July firft,
1803. lays,
«• Every thing remains tranquill here.
No appearances oI liohili'i s commencing
on this quarter of the iftand. General
Rochambeau has returned to this port
j atid makes it the feat of government.—.
v tiring wears a more favorable ap
i.ee, and trade revives. The. Ame
rican brig Succel's, vapt, Novao, ari
in the 26th June from the H
iunds, and the Bi
who have b en t;,ken have I
-n them, whom they iiitlantly
j v.ouied. Troops daily anive; bu,
r cuts them off h,.y.,nd 11 difcrip-
Thereare at pref, nt four fe\e'
and foui frigates h
rations to d -
, having received orders
■ ere without delay. Ani
ber of Brigand barges are cruifing in and
the different parts of the iiland ,
leremie h;i3 been clcfely bdieged.—
i'renclt fchooners arrived herefrom
'• of inhabitants (women and
ren) but an arrival laft night bri
the intelligence th.-.t tbe Brigands weie
defeated wich lot's."
Norfolk, July 16.
Captain Flyn, who arrived here yef*
v in 12 days from Antigua, in
forms, that on tbe morning of big depar
ture from that place, news of the cap
ture of the iihinrbf Tobago wag receiv
ed ; —the , ~] relied on, and
deemed authentic.
By three French gentlemen who ar
rived in town from Martinique, and who
have brought difpatches for M. Pidn n,
rench mirftlter, we aie favored with
the following pai titulars :
i That.a ftiort time previous to their
failing from Martinique ("which was on
■ h inftant) a Fiench tranfport ftup
of 14 guns arrived there after a very
fllort paftage, and brought accounts
I rench troops in Holland, under the
land ofgefieral Maffeoa, had been
red by the French government to
•oHdli ,-n of the city of I I
; was effect'd, the Slipping
otlier Britlfh property was f< iztd a:.d
~ ;tted. It was alfo underftood that
an army h;td been ordered to march into
There lias been feveral captures of
made by the French,
Which have been tent into Martinique
.iiadaloupe-, particularly a govern
ment fchooer of 16 guns, captured off
Martinique by the Curreux Corvette, of
18 guns, and lent int., St. Pierre's -
inique is blockaded by two (hi a
cf tiie line, two frigates and a (loop of
oiral Joyen.'e, governor ot
■', lihird 22 letters of
marque previous to their leaving ti.
. Lu
cia, and (late that tl , is'j

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