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ithoMti a**.*? V'jVft of tna V
&*urel hi the requVt of k mem*
lier ! li't'tte** ot" enquiry, that
meafure ought ti be a Thi»»
■. is the b.-it Ctiurf-; thut
I 'iLiiplicat
fd—Tb*re i>-,, iti< by exprdri- (
,i.\u of lbs -.ibcr that
,n- hit*
i*l th.* ou
vhich it ii implicit- :
imnittce are tij enquire
(•rounds for an
iclfrucnt ur not. If they rtrw^rt
-'-••ndj, the '■'
■***»} 1 he di'mltcd '. w-\ if the re-'
'.Ik-ic* are* o/.'.-iind--, the ,
Houfe wi'i .-,: o»cr percei/e the necelTi- i
ty of taking this ftej.i to ifcertain'their ,
A'ic-.th**r ground of rtfiCfuicc is trik.-n. 1
It is ftiii tl-eie are v.o ' . for
this 1 .1 believe tilt*.*, ill pi- '
red nta muft hsve h&d an '•rij-in ; and j
tint one body lidS as gfnd :i t-> ]
bill 'he.p *■•• jirdi'i. o.\.t go-;
veri aud only two rales
r f i : h"ve occ'.i'-r.ct ii'tder it. .
■'l.dtc.t (,ur [vectd-its refuftir,- 7 p*r
lentttiy proceedings are borrowed
fioiM !, ard if prec.fden's are l
necrTu*/ in this-.iT.ilr, \:.- nuft 1
to that or.i'itry for the-**.. My nphyen j
h that tbey ufe not nee- liny ; and thut ;
Common fenfe and the realoii of ihe \
t'lingare all that are uece'T.iiy to gwi'lo j
our deciiion in 'his cil'e. There i*»
•ver, in the B-itiQi anh>T" ""•> ''■"'"'
edfr-t—The fi \\ I fjvt*l! i
ie found in th** vl !
Earl ut S ! niHy Ye told |
WPS " dil-difhcd in '
tui'wleHt t:*nfs; luiviy alfo bf told cf,
the impt ppt*r mode o r pi oceeding. Ido \
mt pr-tend to v,i,diiate the wh.de!
courfe of pon diji-e. I think i" was j
wrong.; But with regard to tbe fiift
{fares' of the bufinef*, I believw
to have br eh correct. ■*"* w, *» , - K *
thn in that inftanee a mcredireft mode j
purfiied tiian is propofed in the pre- |
ii*. *. cafe.
The precede) t I allude to will be
found i'l Iluine.'s H':it;;ry, vol. 2,
249, Tkat htftarian f--p, " A
d a*.ta(.k was made upon tbe earl
of Straffjrd in the FL-ufe of Coma
It was led hy Fyui, who after es
Rtiug onalonglittof poptrtai
we muft tr.quire, added hf, from what
fountain thtfc wateraofbiti'Jr.iefs fl w ;
and though doubtlcf* many evil cv.;
fllors will be fi mid to have coOtribuud
their endeavoiira, yet is there one who
chdleiiges the InfWoi*? pr* etniaencc
and whu by his courage, ft!»tfrnrift and
capacity, is entitled to the prft flacaj
nnving thefe betrayer* - .of their f.ountiy.
is the cir| of Str.ilTori, Helll
of I--' -nd, and prefi-.ent of '.he '
of York, who in both placs and in a)i
other province* where he h?s beei
* It-.d with authority, has railed ample
mo.'iu r -i*nf3 of tyraiu }' -v*- ' 7Vl 'l •*
from a furvey of hi* adlons to bi
rhi:fprom*)ter of every aibitrary c.
Many other* entered io
pics, it wa* moy-o tlv t S'; -ff.rd Iha-uld
be imp-jaclifil* L ;, rd
though the known rvemy of Strafford,,
entiT;.t'd the Houfe not t aft with pre
cipitation. Rut Pern replied that
would bla(t all their h pc», Without fur*
thcr debate the invieachiuent was v.;tMl
•nd Pym was clui't-n to ca.-y it up to
the Lurds."
In this cafe, it does net appear that
any evidences was called for; a mem
btr of tlw Houfe of Commons got up
and declared his opinion of thut j.i;> r,
and it the fame f. thon an im eacbtnent
w»s voted. This courfe of proceeiHng
is vry diff-Jrent from that now pro
f iff d.
I will n.*.v rrfer "o a ms-re modem
prereue.nt, v/lu'ch *% the time d-v* not
appear to, h-t*. j fted to. It
occurred in tl U and
Will Se f u:ul It. ~] in Rpffel'* M
Euiop*, fbl. 4h, i k a!;f 393.
m ~.w p-frtiainen-* wis called, in
wh rh the ii,t.-r<-ft M the whigs pttdomi
ratfd, and a ferret committee civ b.n by
ballot, was app 'Ximine. all the
papert, and enquire into all the n
tia'ioni i-elaiive 1 -!i- late p*ace, as w.-U
ie c< ir.ition of by Which ir
wa* prrce ifd.
"Thi Committee of Secrecy p'-jff-
Ciitc qtn y With tli- grewti'fl, '
eagernei*' cpaeuce of th< >• :
report, the Common* refolvi-d 7 -,
peach lord Hd'tn-hr .k*-, the carl «l Ox
ton l the duke ol Onntnid' of high I
is worthy nf attention, j
AcaufeofdiiVatistafti'm ait! <■
th* jujige ha* undo ibtedly p*<
Wh ether he i:'- wr.m; fully
will not fay. But die 's j
aiaiifeft • for the rcprtf tentative* of two .
refpeftahle ftates lately om forward I
and oppofed l-is bcinf affigoed to cir
c*.iit« which crrlbraced hen ftates. This
irstile fa«ft ought to m.-ke an impreflion
«n the Houfe.
f is all get! that there is no proof be
fore th* Houfe. But one thi is- ia no- |
toii.<s, s univeif.Uy known. I: i* this,
that this man (fries) was tried before,
that judge for his life, and was tried
without being braid. This faft cannot j
he difntited. When we confider the !
Importance of the life of a citizen, and
ftfticw that fuch an event has taken
- *&« ->*4y.
body ' • •'> the fact. !
With other gentlemen 1 o lievc th.it j
th- tountains o ■ k-pi ,
pure ; 1 believe aife es are lik"*
other mm, and that like the in they are
fubj'-ct to ttie rommo:i frailties of human
nature ; and .Id., believe that when the j
f human r Inch
ciY-cli, the Houfe cannot b< juttified to '
, thri-nlelve* or their country v.i nuut oi ; ik- {
ing an enquiry. Out du-y to our country
Calls for it ; our duty t-. the man whofe
chariitfter ir. implicated a or it. ,
If innocent, '•'. proper ie-;.!-,i to his i
Character claims it ; and his friend from
I Ma-yland iniorrs us that be will rt
i joice at thi; opportunity of coming for
ward a*»d vindicating himfrlf. I. then ■
j toe enquiry hi ecvuily nec-fiary for"
. ■ character f tine man upon
: its proper footing ami for preferving '
vi i ':y of juftice,, how c;.n the. H.-ufe •
! rcl.it it 2
Mr. DENNIS faid he had en'yex*
j preffed ah opinion that fuch a.-i inveftiga
tion would be rather iohcited than ->-
! voided by Judge Ch»f"
--( To It corAtnucel.)
j Mromrvnmi. v -«m~ - j
! In the case ofZEPMLON WARNS S
a bank upt,
; Whereas a commiflion of
; BANKRUJr* ICY four.dcd on the »<3 of
I Congt-tfa palled on the 4th day of April in the
eighteen hundred, entitukd " An i ,'i
| toefjabliSi an uniform lyftena ofWnkru
j throughout the rate*** has
I awe-rded againft . irner of r, ! -.c dif
tri-t of Columbia, dealer »nd chapman -'ldhe
hereby required
ty hirrc, <Icr , [im. M tn th- comniiflioncri in
the 1 named, or the
j pot of them <,:i ''*"' '9 *'«*y of Dtiembw*
of jntuiar- next,
jat 4 o'clock in t ; . ich .'a* 7 at
; the houi'e of W ilharn Rhode* ft'ikeeper in the
! city- o ; Wafh iuil ilifclo*
'■ fure of ii» wh le eftate atid eCfc-il*, who, and
j wotre hi« tr.jniitorv, ar.; to com; {.rcpar-.-d to
I prove thtir debt*, at the fecratul fitting to
j choofe ; flijTi-iccs and at the laft fitting to affent
to or (liiiVnr from the allow nice of h*a cert.S- ;
cate, a)! perform indebted to the faid bank
rupt or who have arty of hit eft*-** or t,
if hind-.ire. not to ;uy r-jr deliver tbe
f*Vi*e to 9iiy yeifoo nor appointed by the coui
miUionera bur gve notic*- to
LI-IWJS FORD, Sec. to th*
D-c-mbcrj, 1803 —tt6J
Romulus R-kss, & Co.
Has just received at their Store, a few
dyors from the Union 'Tavern.
A large quantity of Carpets *nd Carpeting*,
Cotton Mid M'-rf/il' count-.rp.ina,
Fine Irifh fin****, iwul long lavriia,
Fin* Rnglifh bats, fi k, cotton .ni worftcd
hol'i y,
India, t*m> l 9red, & plain c.snbr'ck muflins,
filk* .-.-id colored muflins.
n ' niany other .'V.aloi.afcde article*.
A quantify 1 TRUNKS, and a few BOXER
of Cli.N V. ii of which will bo fold at
their regular low atVanc*.
Geo. : own, Jin ro, 1804 —Ti&fyw
Iv Chancery, Jan. 7, 1804.
Small-moon's creditws "*}
inft y
Ihs Heirs. J
WHEREAS feveral claims exhibited a
gainft the eil.ite of gcnc/al WiMi.im
Fmaliwbod, »«en .:com
pa-iicrl i*y fUcPciertt vuu'hcr., ar>d therefore
not paffc'l, although not abfolutely reje&ed ;
r,n.'. i ii.ti* hath tlapfc! without any
thin; 7 on thtir part done—lt is at the inftanee
of the trufter*, who -ire anxious to clofe their
trut, -flju .>*e.l a-; i or.ice*!, that no claim
in this Ci.uit fli-i'l be ■ afi". d a tcr th« firft day
of September nest, fegnnd the faid eftate,
but riat the chancellor will, on application,
decide on any of faid claims, beforu (be f«id
day 'i his ord ri° however to have b*
un'.cf. iFbe publifhsd at le.ft thiic- in the
Maryland Gazette, » d a* leaft twice in <-ach
of ihr-e week* in the Niitiornl Intelligencer
before the i March next It is fur
ther Ol ' OP the exiimin .tion or hear
ing of any •». *.be claini- aforefaid, ite*it.fiti
le mag fli ate ihtll be received
in evidence Sijcli \ticr teiiimony as is re
ceivable by tVe orpbarn' court, is uiually re
quired by the ch'»t*ic:Uor
i rut- c<>py. Tell.
Key Cur Can.
Jan. r6.—taw3w
Faithfully prepared at the origina*
warehouse London.
TO m kc ?ny obfcTvations here, upon tho
ior qiithty of tb« "c 'vitt-is to any ever
fale.-is needlef>; fiiflice it to lay,
they ruvt Rood the teft oi apprrrb*.
. tion a tfreat number of years
j Getitemcn, w»o *ri-t'cr bitters, will find
! tiK-iii an '-levant aod Whiil-fome prer>aration;
I r j.relcralile w the trafh generally ..flcr
ed under that name ft it How lor t!.e firft
tone, iaipotted in quart bottles a* well ua
vi,.,s, wi.ich will reduce the pcice near one
<ld by R-pinc, Conrad ai;d Co. Capitol
i bill, Walhington. Jyhß March, George Town,
• Hubert -mi J uty, Alenan !iii, asd A.
I liuck Fredcr.ckiLu.-iti.Virjtiui*.
Novciuber 7-*- rawjn*
rS herehy jjiven, to the creditors of John
j Williant Lytto'n, a bankrupt, thut his fi
nal certificate of difchargt, will be granted
on tiie 6111 of Fe'iru.'.ry »ext, at t>.a 0'
A. M at '.eite's Uctcl, in the «i»y :md coun
ty o ' Wafbicgton, in the Diftrltstof Coluar
bia, unlef- c-uic be then and there thewn to
the contrary.
Afliftant Judge "f the circuit court
of the diUti t oi Coluaibia.
Jim, t6.— it 1
Monday, January 10, 1804.
, The Senate of the United States
have, fixed the 2J day of March for the
trial of John Pickeuiso.
! On the*2B'b ult. the folio re fo*
lotion was tt'i'-tninontly ; • the
; houfe of reprefentatirss of fcen'ucl y :
Resolved, by the Senate and House of
; Representatives, Tbat the g.ivemor r>f
this It.c.c be rcyielt"! to c
with the g-r.-ernois ofthe ft.ites ot Vir- •
r: : !;in, P«nnfylvani.i and Ohio, t - .
t;dn th->'pra£til)ility of obtaining l
tive afliftatice from thofe Itites
, ing the Fall* of the river Oji , or cut
ting a c.innl nrouml the fame; ar»d Che '
amount of the funis which tl
1 will pay for eitheir of tbofe pu
FiUrjAf, Janairy 13, \K)4. , j
! A mrlT.-q 77 * *v** received frhri eh*
PrrnvJ-nt nt thf tinted '-.*--,. ->c*«f. \
report of the D
A. ren; r; *m» received frnn* the
Cret-a containing *i (Ut<*. '
merit P., !-•
port ot the >,' tri:-,e corps fin< c its or-j
A report -wis al!'n received from th** |
Secretary T the Tie.fun* complvinij' j
■vi.b .- v.-folntio- of the Home rr-qwr- i
ing informsticn in re.af'iQ** t-i ! hc (t-te i
ofthe f'.u'd for th- relief of fic:c rind dif j
ablrd f.-xmen.
A cor.irnunirition w.'s received from \
the governor of Ohio, enclofmg the raj
vifiration by that ftare of the A'nerd j
ment to th? CO rtfpeitim 7 - the j
moie of elecliiit;- a P. .fident and Vice-
Mr. Varnum ftated tht* f-»me i**nper« !
feifttoi".; exilted in the articlrs vi war,,
now is force, aid moved thr* anpoint
mcit of a committee t;* reyi.fi tiie rule* j
and articles for the *jr)vernm*'nt <-f the '
army of the United States—-Agreed to. j
Mr. Epp%S fluted that a m-ti'-n, !
fu-bmitted by hirti fame time fii-.c,.-, to I
ernuir.* Into th" ex;ifdiency e*l difcon
t'muing the efTic* of eomm iTioner of !
lmns, liadi red *.o the cennmi:- ',
tee of wnys and means, who ! ",i reported i
againft the difcc*Truinu-nc'e of the ofHce. j
Th-.t report h'd be n d figrcd to by '
the HrulV. He therefore mover! that j
th 7 * romn-iirtft! of itlys and meatis fhould j
be iaflrncle'l to prep-ta and l.r ng in a
bill for the difcftiitituiariCfl oi thf office '
of crmm Qioner of loans in th'- f-v-hal !
flaifi, and t« providi for the difchargt* j
•f thofe clitic?.
Ordcr-d to lie on tfi* table.
Mr. John C. Smith, fri-m the- com
mitte* of claims, rffar'ed 'r-bi'l to roaka
reltitu'ion to the twtiers of tiie Duiifn
brigintine Henrick.
The H*»ufe Wevtinto a committee of
th-'vhole on th? hill, who repo-ted it to
the Ilonfe, who agrerti to the IV.me, filled
up the* blank wrh the appropriation of
40,000 dollars, and • rie.red the lame to
a third r»sdb:g c\\ Monday,
The bill for the relief of th" captors
ofthe Mo rifli armed fld'-s. M.fshotida
and Mi-b.d-3, was read the third time
unci parTeo.
The bill ?.r*ii-opri.'>te* 8 594 dollars
as prize nvney to he officers and fea
men of the Jjhn Attains, and 5,000 dol
lar* to thofe of the PhiUdelphia, to be
diflrdiuted in the proportion preferibed
by law»
A meffage w»s received from the Se
nate, aeTting as a high co.-rt of Impeach
m*rt, Hating tbe manner in v/llich fr.b
pcaaas (hall be ferved on witneffes in
the rf John Pi kering.
A mefifsrge was -*lf*» received from the
Senate, Hating that they have paffed the
bill t« mr •••*, irate th<* (xolnmbian Li
bnry Company, with an amendm*'nt to
fltik*: out the third lVdtion. Rtterred
to a f.lect committee of five ni-mbers.
The Houfe ag-dn went into commit
tee of the whole, oi the »i!l further to
amend the s>c\ laying a direct tax— Mr. !
V-miiii in th** clvii-—Sine am'-nd
ment-- were made and report-d, which I
the Houfe took tip and sd'd upon.
A motion was ivade. to reco nniit the ;
bill to a fried committee. N-g'tived \
— Ay.-s 28.
The tjueflion wa? taken by ye->s and ;
nivs on the motion of Mr. C. W. j
Campbell, to ftrike out the (>h fedion
rf the hdl.a'id palf-d in the negative— i
Yeas 31—-Noes 80.
Th- bill wu ordered to be rngroiTed j
for a third reading on Moud..y.
IS hereby given to the ere- j
ditors of James M'Donald S bankrupt, ihat I
his final certificate of ditebcrge will be ■o-a'ir
,ed on V omi-.y tke i6th Janinry inft. at ,
,io o'clock A. M. »t the court houfe for the ;
c< uiry of Walhington ill ibedittii't of Co- I
j funibis, uiilefs canlebe then ami there ftewn
to tbe contrary.
WiCriAM qKANCtI, alT.nant
Judge ofthe circuit court *f the
tliftricl of Colunibi..
J Jan. 6- *t
National Intcliigeneer.
Americans !
The event, tor which we have
all looked with so much solici
tude, is at length ratHse-d.
LOU.ISI \NA is a part of the
union—The acquisition is
great anti glorious in itself; but
still greater amd more glorious,
are the mean:-, by which it is
obtained. In them are develo
ped the energy ice of a
republican j I its
perfect competency, with the
least pjacticable injury to o
-1 thers, to redress
1 and to secure the rights af the
i nation it protects - . Nevei I
I mankind contemplated so vast
I and important an a< i of
ire by means so pacific and
just, and never, perhaps, has
there been a ciiaugc of
We to ...
j jeets of I. M»y the exam
i>-o forth to the world, and
teach rulers the superiority of
| right to violence !
To the firm and temperate
| conduel of the legislature, to
I the enlightened and energetic
j mexsiyes ofthe Kxecutiyc, and
jto the commanding and sup- j
! porting seatiment of the nation,
jwe owe this splendid ?era in •
j the ar. gjs of our country.—
i The virtues and talents qf those
I who produced it will receive
j the admiration of posterity: ;
l ours the Iy posse:
This, feUow-eifizcns, is an j
i appropriate occasion for joy.
: Cold must be the heart, that is
l not aninialed ! -y the completion
lof this event. Every doubt
i lias vanished; the country is
! ours. Our brethren in tiie j
' west are exulting in the new
' ties that unite them to us.— *
j that we are free, that we arc I
. happy, and that this great c
, vent promises to make them as
| free and happy as ourselves.
j The following official papers
Were recived last evenings
by the Natchez mail:
Natchez, December SI. i
The following tetter was retetved by <
the last Mail.
New-Orleans, Dec. 20.
I h <ye the pleafu-e to inform y v that
on this diy the city of Naav-Orl
and its de-pendencies wire amicably fur
render- d to the United s.*.»»tes.-« nd
on this occ&futi 1 pr.... you to receive
my fincere c.oogratulatioi■•.*.
Accept a! of great refpec"l,
froni your obedient fervapt,
Hon. Cato Weft, Secretary of Un. M. T,
By his Excellency WILLIAM C. C
ci/AIBORNk, Oovtrttor of the Mis
sissipi Terr.! ising the pow- .
ers if Governor Genet at and Jnten
dant of the Pravi.'ice ef Loitisi.
WHEREAS, by ft if nit
' tween the g -v.-ruii'cnis ot France
, Spain, the latter ceded to the former
. the Colony and Province of Looili-n*,
; With the i
!of tli above rrieiititM** d Treaty in the'
bands of Spain, and iba; it had when
France pofl\ t7*d it, and fucli as it ought j
;to be niter the Tieatits fubiVqu.-iuiy
i entered into between Spain and oilier
, ltates ; and whereas the government of
France has ceded ihe fume to the Unit
ed States by treaty duly ranfied, and
| bearing date the 30th nay «*. An: I, i n ,
I the prefent year, and THE !'• I
ST VIES, according to the tenor of*
j the laft n.entioned treaty ; and wh
! tbe Congrefs of the Hinted Scat's, on
j the Silt day of OAobct i» the prefent J
year, did enact that, autil tho expiration
I ofthe ftflion of -"■u.g.ef. then fitting,
I (unlefs provifion* for the temporary go-j
: >ernmeiit of the laid territoriv*s be toon- '
!ei made by Congrel".,) all the military,
i civil and judicial powers exercifed by
the then r,>vt*rnm**nt of tiie
fan*--*, tha' d • " With peifjn er
perfons, ami »" xercif**J in inch man
ner as the Prtti lent of thr United States
am;* the irfc,bitrr.ts of Lot:
*) '. br free enj> ymrnt of their libci ij*|
property and religion ; nud the Pi-fident
pf the United Saten has by hi*, ccrh*
• million bearing date the fan c 31ft
of OAtober", inverted me with nil
powrs, and chaigedm** with the feve.il
-; heretofore b- Id ar.d exercited by
the Governor General and Intendant of
th** Pn-vince :
I have th?;- J forp thought fit to ;
ing known the premi
that the govei 'ore exer
cited over the :
si. ma, as
~and that, TH '. I (> r p
ther ol' will h.
nated in the Union ofthe Un
St.ites, and admitted
zero-ding- to the he Fede
drral Conftittrimi, to the ci ijoymerit of
all the rights, ad immuni
i citiaena ef t:ie United Sta<
in the niv-iti time they ill !! he
recAed in th
lent ot their liberty, pi ops rty
; thut all la« *
and mil nil
exiltc'Cr. .1
vt mm
civil ..,':' « ( ged wii
tion, excep
j been fpecinlly i . and ex
cept alia loch t.fTi< cis «s have been en*
truftvd with the collection of the rere
nne, 3re co:iti:;t*ed in their
during the plrafure rf the governor tcf
the tim** beitig, or until provifion fhall
otherwif- b* made.
A,,d Ido hereby exhort and c •
-all the inhabitatts and other peifoua
within the f n rnyinre, to be faith
ful and true in their -dlegiance to the
United States, and obedient to tl.«
law- mil inuh-r'.tiea of the fame, jnder
lull affurai'te. that their |-.it rights will
be m.der th of Cke United
, and will I"*- maintained from all
force of violence from wnlio-it or with
In teftimony whereof I have here
in! to fr.t my h
Given at the ity of the
'20th day of December, 1803, and
of the Independence of the United
States of America the :.'
——*» a <■•-*-
Extrae f S of General W;'.V
ilnson, given at- the Camp of the A
ioe- ican bunk of
the Mr City uf
New Orleans , IHuS.
THE operatic:* before UH, how*v-r
qr fafe, will require much Lit
I and reftr«iiii t, to jvreferve tint re
gularity, decorum and o*drr, which we
owe to our repu Htion, to the rights and
fenfibilities of thofe whom we are t>
J cherifh, and to the character of our
c..vn 7 ry : the General, therefore, claim*
moil earneltly the co-operation of the
gentlemen of Ms command, for the
mainterince ofan unifoVm fyltera of ri
gorous fubord:nation U tlifcipline, with*
rut which the confidence of govern
ment way be abufd, the benefit ent
views of tbe executive of the United
I, and the honsr of tha
| whole corps indelibly J'lillied.
In the courfe of political eventt we*
behold a polifhed people (ftriagc-rs to our
mar.ne/s, our la*\3 and our language-)
eaft into our arms. Bit if,- out pride and,
our glory, to r-ceivetbem into tie gtear,
family of our happy country, with cor
dial embr.ices, and by the generous bof
pitality and folid fy mpuhy which ar*
cv* 7 y where due to tbe ftranger, let u>
difpel the apprehtnfjoga of the timid,
hnnilh the fufpicions of the credulous,
and confirm the *oi.fidencr of all, in tho
clemency, the wifdom, and the jidticc C*£
tbe American Republic*
The general will applaud th.- pv*ri*o
riour. foldier, Who receives the Lonlian
his brother ; and he Batters hiinf l|
the fiirimcHt wi 1 be u.iiverfal, but
Ihould he be difappointed, he will expel
from thi co.pl andm-rie, with infamy
the wretch, who mny rtlift the impnl
nf vhe.ric'heu and moil magnant.
>ns and afTctfiiona of the ha
man heart.
The -ifons and the property of thfl
inhabitants cf every rank ard every
fpcaes, are to be held in facred r< "pell
—aod whoever may dam to injure th**
one, or violate the other, will be brought
to (needy and condign punifhrnenu
The articles of war ar- tt> be read
to the troops at morning parade to-nior«
Certified to be conformable to the*
By order of tht* Gene-*-'.,.
Aid de-Camp, pro tem# v
Ten Dollars Reward.
DESERTED from on board the frr-**-*
Congrpf*. on the it;h inftint, J 4
M AN ' .tV, a ieam»n about j feet 7. G \ .'< -
RflT M'-.Rr'iN, a Oermao.ab'HK >• fe-*f •♦.
MIL LI AM t'OMfil-ORO, about
or 7 i iches Whoaver **iii
faid ifefv-rtem Bt deliver them to co|
C**Tt'ti fopetintendant of the
Walhi'ngfnn, |h-iH reccite th« rew*w<|
»nd all rvafon-ble
Jan. ti -it

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