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men*, infli&--*d hy judicial fentem?ti ;
ai>d,r.~t be nr* sfTernbled, he is cjn- fi*<i
to fufpend thr; ex-cuti.oii of a fentence,
but obliged to communicate the matter
to the AlTem'dy on its fucceeding fiffion.
To that A'7-r.mhly exciufiv.ly belongs
• " right ot ratifying tiemies of peace,
alliance, and commerce; but the fecret
a*tieles attached to fuch treaty aie not
comprehended in that ratification, which '
tirticles, b muft not be repugnant
to tl - pi hlic ones, and not tend to the
r. iii n of any territory o<~ the Batavian
CoiifrTnonwealth ; nor canary declaration
of v/Tiri - fore a prrvious de
cree. ofThr.ii High Tvlifht-rx-fT s, prilled
on the pmpofition of the Penfionary.
Thr AH*mbly to m*et twic? a year,
viz. fom Aprij .5 to the Ift of J,ire,
and from tlu-r- lit of D ceui'oer to tne 15
of J n. but i: may 6c fummoned to ,
ejrianrdinarily, as often r.s the
F. nf'onmy fliall deem it advifeable. f), c
third of thi m-mbr-rs of tha' Afl
g<-?s out on tl.e fi It of Tic
tlv ('..y of their withdrawing is 6..td to
tfcil--.y ot Gril _n* mbling ; which with
ftrnwihg, for th- fi. id t-m*, dirl' occur : n
D.-crmber 1, 18C6- Foi indrmnlty, tra
velling t*;i>c.i-.c:e*, ar d refidence at the
pi cc f meeting, tbe are to
er.jry an u&lly the lum of 3000 guilders.
Tfie members v/hofe time have x A>eA,
art again eligible ; and en "he termina
tion of each fe fli -n, the Aff mbly is to j
be doled by the Penfionary.
Articles 38 tc 61, incluliv, fix every
thing relating to th- Peofi . ; y, and con- j
tvin in lubftauce as f Hows :
Tbe Penfiorrtry, by virtue of the con- |
fi-iut'on, reprefepts their High Mighti
ne'fl "•> in all that cimterns the govern- i
ment. and xe-cifes the executive power |
in their name. He is el ct d f/• five j
yrsrs, hy rh- m;>j rity of the nineteen
eiembcis ot the Alfrmbly, and nicy at all |
time b: re-el"ded. Th** commencement j
hov;cver, of the firft five ye_rs v. to t_ke |
- from the p-riod of the peace w.'.ii j
and, computing from thr I'd Jan. of j
fuch y-ir. Ilr* may relign at pkalure, j
when, in fuch other hke cafes be is to be j
fuCC'eded, nd interim, by the prefident j
of the Affetnbly of their High M-ghti- j
nriT rr, wlinle duty it is to fmimon the j
members immrd-ately, tdt the appoint- j
ment of a fuccefior.
The penfionary ex.'. rcif."*, in no cafe, 1
Fry power ; a-.id is excluded !
from interfering with matters fvhich are I
cor.i-Ctd to the tribunals inftitutcd by j
l,i«v ; nor is he to difpofe of the perunia- |
ry m.-ans of the fiate, otuerwife than in {
conformity to law. He appoii ti a j
c-ju'-cil of ftate, cf no lefs than five
and no more than nine members, who j
wullncfiefs the fzme qnalificatiofia as I
the intu.ber compofing the afi'embly ot j
their ii'g.. ir.igbtinrffes and whom he is j
<' I ( ;ed to coniult previous to lnying a I
propofed law before their high migiiti- |
Tt fl'-s; he may pevfonally fupport fuch]
law IB the afTembly, or cauf- it to b
done by the members *-f the council of ,
f\ate in his name. H-r appoints the g-mcral j
h"c-m.y, and fivi frrcrctar'./s of Uate tor
t i dtpartrndnt of foreign sffairs, cf the j
niarii c, of war, of home affaiis, *nd of i
the finances, th« latter hr.ving under him \
three counfellors, to affift him. Hs alio I
appoints th* dipl- matiepi. agents to to- |
reign courts. aR -heofficers pi the amy j
and navy, all functionaries of the, ftate, ]
and all the members of the tribunal! ap
pertaining to mattei a of general g.-yern.
merit, excepting thofe ot tbe national ;
our:. The fleets and armies of the i
p.atavian Commonweal li are at bit .if-|
pofal; he confers military rank ; the ie- j
ennty and dignity of the ftate is to be i
maintained by h;m ; the uninterrupted;
adminiftration of juftice, the mainte- j
nai-rce aid execution of the law-; he is i
charged with thefupveme police through- j
out the whole republic, as Weil in civil
as er-rclefi ftical matters; and appoints
tbe magiflrates of the place which is the
feat rf grvrftimenr.
'1 he pel fionsry has the chief direction
of the parit-mal tresfu y ; he fixes the
fa .tries of the public fuic\«onaricT, and
grant*) penfions, according to the provi
des mr.de by law. He delivers annually
a general eiVtmate of the wmm ot the
Rata to the alien bly of their high migh.
ti'ieffes, who are to approve or rejeft,
but not to alter it. In this t Itimnte, is to
hrr an item, for objccls not fufccptrble of
being fpec.fi d, and of which the prnfi
onaiydif'poies for the fervice of the ftate,
*,»d to indenuify hm for f'upoottitig his
ctli-.e with proj er cignity, and the p»y«
i..,.i:t rt ihe p.-rf.Ts employed in his par
vi u'ar buit.'U 5 nothing elfe being re
cint-d b- hun at tbe end oi the year,
rio a declare tivn in hit w»it : -i-g,
tb.t - ,v has been exptrr.d-rd ex
c)i '.ii iv IV. i be in
teicft ct vhr fta?e, without b.ving f/r*
fd to Tiiich hi--I- li m Ins fhtnily* The
fir.ancisd cieana continue a- at pref.nt in
each department ; but it is recommend
ed to the penfi-uaiyi as one of Lit ii it
c ucn, to uevl- every pollible iiieans of
i augmenting ibe public tevenues, to lin
j lily every branch of admiuifti ition, and
to introduce every where thf moi. rigid
economy } to picvet-t new pnjedU ot
lavs, wbethtr for the improvement of
lire- prefent mode of taxation, or tor 'he
infiirution of p general lyltem of finance,
nd e;*d of the pref.nt uepartmental plan
ct taxation*
Lonoon, April 18, 1805.
There is no truth in the report of the
expedition fo long preparing at P>>tf
mouth having been countermanded. Oi
the contrary, there feemi to be an inten
tion of enlarging tbe tcale on which it
wns at firft to he conducted. All the
armed defence fh'ps, latrly ftationed in
the Downs, have gone round to Portf
-111 uth, having been prsvicufly fitted up as
tranfporti and having taken on board a
number of flat-bottomed boats.
April 20.
The expedition failed yefterdsy from
Portfrooutb, under convoy of the Qoeco
and the IT,agon.
of Russia.
April 18.
It is reported by thole who pretend to
jbe in the Confidence of miniiicrs, that
I the difpati he« which were receivrd from
St. Peterfbiligh', laft Monday, c
I tbe m ft fatisfa&ory atTutaucc* of the
complete failure of the various ar-
I t acts employed by the French g.vern
nu-.it to dt ach tb* Emperor A!--*
j from the. iufsrrftt of tis country. The
[principal a.tirl. bf a treaty or' alliance
bet veto ids M jelly and tint Sovereign
I are faid to be'already agreed upon ; nnd
on the fame authority we are allured,
t!| t only a few points of detail irmain
! to Or? adjnftcd previous to a formal com
j municariyn being made, on this iwpur-
I taut fubjeft, to both Houfe* of Pi.lia
; ment. After the repeated dii.ppgint
' ments which have been experienc*..., re-
I lative to the co-op ration ot Ruffia, tie
j public cannot place much coifiicnce in
tiie promt.*! m*"»dc to them upon tbis
April 20 — A Ruffian G.-n. is fa : d to
j have arriv-r i with difpatches from Feterf
j burg of great importance.
! - They have not tranfpirtd, but are bi
j liev,.d to be txtrem- ly favorable.
Dfprt-hr, were yttera.-y
. from Admiral lord Gardner r*" BrAl,
j which ftate, that tbe enerr-y h.d
i fome movements that indicated an in
! tention of veutu.irtg to fea the firft fa
' vorable opportunity.
J At Ferrol, a finular difpofiion appears
jto be niaoif fled by the French and
' Spanifh fqu&drons. The foil wing in
' telligence. is contained in a letter from
j an officer on boaul his Majefty's fliip I.r
--j defatigable, dated off Ferrol Afril 2.
•■ Every opportunity that occur-, we
j make it our bunqef* to fail in and off
| the harbwr'* mouth of Ferrol to recrm-
I nritre the French and Spanifh lquair_r.s
. lying there. -hryconiiu, of fix r<vJ of
j the line, two flu-ops, aid one brig- Spa
; nifli. At Cor tun na, there is one French i
: frigate, making altogether 14 fail of ihe
I line, two frigates, two floops ar.d one
j brig.
The French are already manned, and j
hay/ a grest number of troops on board,
| a-td are tfO-fted to fail hourly. The
S;»aai.irds ire not fufHoiently manned as j
y :t, Yefterdsy we boarded an Ameri- j
on fhip that had jut come out from F*r- I
r 1, and 1 he captain alTurcd us that the |
\ French weu'.d in thr courfe of a few days
put t-> fea, aud that they were fuppoiVd
ito be df-ftme't fir the W ft indie*.
j MR**. SMITH and MRS. WILY re- j
eCtfulry acquaint their friends and the public' ,
that they hive removed their hoarding fchool :
from the heu r e they occupied in vVatcr ftreet,
to a large brick houf* fitted up for a fchool,
' n the Main ftreet near Mr Francis Lowndes,*j
■ with a good garden, yard, and excellent fpring
jot water.
I'hey folicitth. patrenrg. of the inhabi
i tants of George town and its vicinity, which
! they have liberally experienced, and grateful
:ly acknowledge. They teach reading, writ
i ing Englifb grammar and gcgraphy. Ihs
I beft mafters attend to in.tr__t rhe young ia
' dies in mufic,dancing, arithmetic, French and
drawing. Mrs Smith and Mrs. Wily
continue to teach pain work, marking, cm
j broidery in lambi* wool, filk and chenille, with
j a variety of other kinds of needle work, in
; the afternoon.
April rz6—6w.
r v
I 1 HE fubferibers have taken a leafc of ten
years, of the higly celebrated Medicinal
Springs in the county of bath caflcd the
i fo juftly fr-med for thsir great cures and general
relief in many compl_inti\
They are now preparing every neceffsiy
' comfort and accommodation to fuit the aiuufc
mentv of thole who have health, (-md to
! promote the recovery of thofe who want it)
j mid it is defined neiclT.ry to make thefe
thing. s widely known, becaufe comp air.tsh.ive
herer».forc been made, rgainft the entertain
! ment w'rich has been offered.
Preparations are made fir at lejft one
! hunrircd eon!*ant boarder*, hcfi.k's 'ranfienc
'gu 'h, for th. accommodation of which, the
fubferibers will v _k- all pcfliblc exertions ;
! and they flitter themfelves, that thofe who
may pirice confidence in this advertifemrnt,
will not find the fmalleft caufe for regret or
IVT-y i—ep6w
BY an order from, the Orphan's court of
WaCjiington county, diCri-t of Colum
bia, wiil be fold t« the higheft bidder on the
»sth inft, at Mr. Setame tuvern, 0
town, a negro Woman, & three fmall boys, 1• tc
the property of John Young, deceafed, on a
credit of fix months, ".riving bond and good
lecurity, bearing intereft from date,
June 3—'tt
MONDAY, June 3.
The committee appointed by j
of the cifzens to divide into eh am beta- I
the gentlemen nominated for t! c City !
G juncil at the Rpproachintr el-f^ion, have
agreed upon the t.llowicg drftribution.
Samuel H. Smith,
Charles Minifir,
Robert Alexander,
Peter Lenox,
Alexander MC irmick,
J deoh Bromh v,
Griffith C lombe,
J -Im M'G .w_n,
•orcorge G Hard.
Wilium F.ont,
Hrnry Htr>.'-.rd,
J'hn Cbalmera,
P.iriei* B r>di y,
Samuel Humilum,
Job D-mnfie,
Ciail.s J ires*
Michael N-nrfe.
| The following .ick t is rerommerrdrd
to the citizens of Wafhmgton to be fup- i
prir'ed nt the c! ftj in oa h ; * u,iy for
mes.b-rs of the City G u:.c I.
first chambkr.
S;mu?l H S.nith,
G n (s Mii.ifie,
Pr L ox,
J f< ph Br mley,
J.rhn M'Giran,
R bert Al xande.-,
Peter Miller,
Gridith Goomrre,
John Bcklr-y.
Wi'li-rm Pr or,
Henry Hcford,
John Gh.i'm.rr,
'i'h.-mas Carpenter,
Pr-menr Bradley,
Thomas H. G Hifs,
William Emark,
Muhiei N >ui-IV,
John l)*r
The following is the ticket agreed upon
at tbe General Meeting h Id at the
Theatre on Wcdadday ev.nir.g the 29,h
| W-ftof 6".h ftreet. E ir ..f 6*.h ftreet.
Henry Herford, Charles Miuife,
{ S ml. H. Smith* G,o-ge Collard,
j Josslh Bromley, f. flempsie,
j Michael Noursc, Robert Alexander,
. Charles foner, j hi Sinclair,
\ Peter Len>x, S. Hamilton, tun.
j John M'Goivan, Alex. M'CormicA*
Phineas Bradley, John Berkley,
Ge-orgc Andrews, Peter Miller*
The undeifigntd Parent* arrd Guardi
ans of pupils under the Rev. Mr. M'G >r
j mi-k, brg leave through ti is public
uin, to exprefs our waim acknow
, ledgtuents and approbatiQU, from tbe
prog-tf* tiie youth v .der bis chigt h:.vc
evinced at the recent exhibition and
Jnnes H. Kearney,
Tbon a« C* .enter,
John Herford,
David S .otr-m ker,
licmy Ingle,
John C'ye,
Kobt. Underwood,
Abraharo B adtey, jun.
Pbineai Bradhy.
Tbe Council at Montego Bay, have
; deil .red the ports of Ja \iaicn open to
Am- rich n vf.fi"els, for hx months, from j
the lit inft.
Extract of a letter from en officer on
board the Revenue Culler, dated Ba
lize, April 18, 1805.
•' Shortly after we failed down to the
Balize, and lay ther* for fome time, the |
16th inft. news cam. to us by tiie pilots, I
that there were rwo Provideocc priva
teers cfTtie moutb of the river, board
ing aori plundering all vcff.U that went j
out or cams in ; .nor Irrd afc-tually tr>k-n
p-I'Vilion oi the fchooner Felicity, trom
Gamp-ncoy bound to New Orleans,
American prope ty, within two milts of
the laod, at 2 P. M. The captain went
afiiore atth-r Block Efoufe, and got e'e
vcu volunteers, which made our complc
m nt of uieo twenty-nine, as we had
but eighte* n I uU on board, a- v :!k pri
vateers were iu'ii ot men, and 8 twelve
1 pouidci*. At ball paft two we got un
tr weigh, every man to his quarters,
.-a.d cleared the docks ior a.r.ion. At 3
P. M. go 1 : within fii t, -.tr.d fired a li,;- j
nal gun at the Felicity, which fhe p_;d
no attention to. At half paft three, fired
2 m re guns, which Hi,-, did not mind.
1 iie p.ivatecr clofe along tide of hsr, and
not willing to give her up, we rounded
to and gave the pfiv_*ei-r a broadlide,
n fhe returned. The other coming i
up, they kept up a heavy firing, whith j
iwe did alfo for one hour when th-y
fh ered off", and abai dr.n.d the F licify,
which *-c immediirtely took p. (T iP, n
of, and brought her clofe under the Lnd,
where the action commenced, .nd came
to at-thor. We were ob!..r;*d to lay by
our qua. ters all nigh*. We had n
t nn-g- dr.ne to thr cutter ; not one (hot
' {truck us. Bu; I beiiew* ->r:e of the pn
vateers fuflaincd a ricod deal of dpniage.
j The Felicity was rl. le by the fcene all
f the time, and obferv.d out flio-. fail on
boaid of them.
•• The fupercargo of the Felicity,
brought on boaid the cuter 13,800 do
llars to be fecure, and there was about
17,000 more in the held, which he
could not fret at all. The v.li:l arid
cargo arc Worth about 35,000 dollars,
which 1 exoec't we fii.ll have a fair age
on for re-captu.iog he ."
N. T Ev. Post.
New To-k, May T3.
Capt. Li'.'y, tr .;. Jamaicas informs '
us. that "hi- whol.confi round the L-e- j
Ward Iflirdr;, I'warm with -Vench pri- I
vateeis, fiitrrd cut at Gobi. \V"ith_ut
cornmiffio •*,, and manned with uefpera* !
•dorr, from tv -y quarter of th- globe, |
theyindifcriminately cimture eveiy v.ilel
vluch affords them the leaft probability I
ot plunder, The g- veil >r of Cuba winks j
at thel.- otrtrages, and per'nits them to '
p.rf.v-re in th- r piratical conduit, with
out the fmalleft m I Ifatton. Captain L, j
on his outward bound pallag , was bard** j
led by one ot thedc pirates, but he Ueiug
loaded with lumber, ihey contented
th-mfelves with Carrying off all hu f«-a
ftores, with wrist other Valuables thy
could Ly their hands or.
Extract of a letter from England.
•* In th* Houfe of Ctfinm, ns, on
Monday the Bth of A. ri!, a ftrong tote
of ccutuie was p-ffed againft Lord IHel
vitte, while treafurer ot the hr,vyj 216
were in fas/or of this, ard 216 agai it
it; bu hr mot! n ofCentura was carried
hy Ac Speaker's vot=.
" The morion, or rather a firing ol
them* waa founded on the 10ch report ot
'.iv oomm di men of enquiry into nay I
■<• >iil.s, which is -xti<iii-!y interefting
a d has been publiih-d in tbe London
Portsmouth, ,V. H. May 23.
Tbe Ihi H.inp.eii and Sidney, capt.
Trefetheri, ar.iv.-d here laft evening
from Marfeilles. On the 8:b of April,
off Gibraltar, they f c |! j n with rhe Tott
lon fleer, of 11 fbias of tii: hue, 6 fri
i and 3 b iga and continued with
them till the 9th, when chey parted, the
fleet fleering weft. They went b i-mica
by a frigate from tin- ft-.-t, who inform. }
cd they had on board 7000 troop**. A :
frig.t-i came .ut of Gibraltar aud dog- |
g.d *h_ Frenen fleet. Th* admit
the fleet wrfs Vitlenuevt, and it was faid
that N.Uoo was i ft* Gzuoa.
Opt. Foig.cr, arrived bee ,m Satur
day, in 35 days from Lfb n, is the
c.._r ot the very interefting in.irlH
g.iice of ihe ef.ape rf the French fleet
from Toulon. He ftate-;, that on the
14 h Ap.il, ihe Doric tranfnort fins?,
cant. L-mb, arrived at Lfb n, dif
patched tr.m S4i J. Orde, off Cape St.
Vincents, to the Jttntilli minifter, with
news of the Tout jo fleet being off Oa.
diz, confuting of 10 failof the line and I
four frigates; that the D feme of 74 I
gUiis, iiarrowly efcaped btingtafcefl, as
lh, lay with her yardi and tjpmafts \
down when th. F ench fleet hove in I
fight. Tbe E glrfh minifter at L'.-fbon, |
immediately ordered ni two packe s,
the Orpbeus frigate and a gun brig, then
in port, wth d.f'patch.i for England j
th, br;g was however obliged to put
back, having fprung her bowfprit and
foremaft in crofting the bar.—.Forty fix
hou.s after Lding. c«{*t. F. fpoke ihe
( Britifh flr-et under Sir J. Ode, Couf.it
| ing of two 74's ana 3 frigates only,
j (fending tor England.
j •' Opt. Polgler further rdvifes, that
j tbe French minifter h.;ri arriv.d at Lif
j bon, and was cfc.rtcd from B.llifle
I Caftle to this city, by the nooilrty tmd
j P.iDCi'. horfe guaids. Jerome Bona
j parte hnd fet out tor Franco, ny the
way of Madrid ; and his lady whs a
i pafT.iiger on board ;he Erin, which came
J out ot Lfb.; f in company with capt.
Foigicr, bound for Amrtetdam."
The flitp Hannh ii, capt* Porter, ar
rived at B Hon in 32 diys fr m Amfter
dam, brt.'rs papers to the 13;h April*
The new Batavian Republic **as going
into operation. ThtVt were fome whil
pers ot an expertr-.tion of peace in the
courfe of the fummer ; but the Dutch
had 150 tranfports ready for fe*, which
it was fuppofed would foco be employed
on fome expedition.
'translations by the Boston Repertory.
Hague, April 16.
This day commenced the fsilion of the
legiflative body tor the prefent year*
which was opened in the uual man-
I We undeiftand tbat M. Schimraef.
p-nnmck is Kjtpe&a. h-re th-r '
May, to commence bis duties m eh s re
ft fence*
Pi.lt IS, A.V.I 6.
W: learn by let ers - mMj'ii!,
!th t his ca hbe-, . jci'y his fit o n!y
abandoned In* right m pr i; nn.ch .rrry
be raUen fr.-»m rhe Englifh, hu decreed
j that the captor, iha'l b»ve*ebef/rivij : ga
!of difpofing of captured property with
out paying any duty t> tii. cvowii. So
that the wiudc _moa.it captured wi 1 go
to the captors.
.... t
MONDAY June 3.
—__. sj«_—
A letter from i. fb idated Uth Ami!
laft ftates, that a Biftrfh .r&nfpurt rind
( arrived there the evrniug be'o -, whj li
j b-x>Ug -hi: on che 9 Ij oi .!■
--feme month 13 F _;•_!> f;s,! of. tha :■. -c
jar.d 4 frignei .ppear'd -ilCdi*; w.. n
j the. ii i; ih bl. ok-rdi.g i*juadr, ,
i fating of 6 laij of the ii ie •.-... . -in f, .
[ gites v .der the commmil o: S; Joun
Oiidk, bore awsy and left tbe ft. i n.
. The French did oat purf*„e tb.-m, hut
: »p,»eare iai if their ohj-rc-l was to w-ut
Ito be joined by tb • SpaViiftl hdru nir n at
C_di_. Tne Bn.ilh fq ud c\ did not
jft p till it reached G.ipe S .V ncent* A
packet was ordered to rail trv*i L fb a
to carry this mtelllgenc to E iguau.
Wec-ifealryomi.ca. rb ftate in our
Ir'ft, ".br-t th leMfei fro ri Ad rural O de,
t r the Br tift Go .in; General a-: Lifb m*
amuncing the Bl ok.de oi G, iz end
St. Luchi, was da c.. 22 id M iii ~ t.
TrfE Mtmoers ~t .h Wafbi.igsina
Budding C>ra a y >re ivq„eit*d to meet
at Wjodwaru'i T.iv.rn, _n rUESO.Y
EVENING ne..:, at 8 o'clock, pr.
'' : 7i co to the oder oi the
laft rare tmg of tbe Company.
June 3,
To be Sold
For cash, at Public Vendue, to the high
est bidder, at Hhodts'S tiive-n in the
city of W .shington on Monday the
tht rd day of June tv xt.
All the ri_;ht and eftate- of
JOrIN| 04i»Dsf-f., late of ths city of
Wafhington, or of the fu_.flr.hßr, in Virtue of
. deed of truft to him from ti.e fold Gardener,
hearing date the r,Bth Dec 184 oi, in snd
I to, a c-.rt'in tract or p.rcel of la 1. Cmv.tc
! an.S lying in the ft.ite oi' Ohb on trie '4uf
j VrinLTuai river, and idjo fl ►urfihiilg
! town or fettleAlent of ZaoeiViilc: d-rf<rriSed
jin the laid dee J of truft in the w r * o.i \.
" hehig part ot'the thrr-rt tj.arrer of the firft
townlhip in the feven-h ra of the trac.
ap.ropriated lor Uti-tying warrants (:>r
mi'ita.y fervices granted by patent Sgaed hy
the Pr._-d.nt aad caied wih the f_»i df th*
United States on the twenty ninth day of
Ma ci\ i.oo, unto l".ol»ert Und.rww<",
he<* nning ar 1 ftahe .nth- frmrh me of Paid
qrmrtcr tow: ihip eijrh'y chai_« weft fr m the
ioiith «aft corner thereof, and running thence
portli eighty lour chains, thence wrrft t khfe
low water line of t*e Muskingurn rivrr, ani
then down and *vi*h the low water lie. of
laid river tn 'ho land* granted by the linked
.< Stares to Et-oezer Zane, and then >._v' .g the
! Mii«*.inguni riv-r ari.iruii.iini fouth with the
j weftern line of the Arid Z re', land to the
i fontheru toundiryof tn_ faid third quarter
lof the fir it to.vn._ip, and with the faid
| fouthern boundary Use eitt to the place of
j begi.u.iog (eitoepci-ig thereout a road of one
j rod and a Half wide adjoining to Zme's line
; and ci them ir.undary
j northward to the riv..r; „ otiiu- roul three
j rods wide patrat c: to the I. rmer and extenj
j ing from hid oooudary to the i.vec at tiie
{ diilanceof ten cha :iy from th. firft
, detcribeo road, a-d alfo thr_« lots numhered
j two, three, and four, of five acres e_-_
j between faid roads, and one lot nam >in\l
i eleven containing ten acre-, lying oh tne eaft
fide of the r„.d laic dc&rfbed, w ich roads
j and lots the faid Robert Underwood hath
. heretofore told or icterved) coritaiuing eXc'ii
five of laid roads and lots, fix hundred an.*
. cine acres and twenty perches nioi. or lets;
| heinx part of the premifes which under and
jby virtue of a certain indentufe bearing date
! the 15thof October 1803 wa-. conveyed aud
i affurcd by the faid Robert Underwood un- _
i and to the ufe of the laid John Gardener hhj
/ heirs and aflignN "
This advcrti.errtent and .he file of tkc land
;is in conformity to the truds mentioned in
I tb. deed to me ; and I wiil give every infor
| matiou in my pOwer relative to the i_m._,
before, and on the day of fale,
May 17— St
j 1 KE Bu!iicriber takes this metlu_d of
j thanking his friends and the public for their
I favors whiift on the Cipitol Square and beg*
I leave to acquaint them that having pnrchai
ed aud now occupying the tav.rn, late Tun
nic!i<T'r* hotel j. which be has corr.m_r,c-d tn
-1 larghig and improving -he tefp«*_t fu 1. y A> ii -
j cits a continuance of the patronage of h'.s
] friends and the public , aftjirisj* them
I that 'tis his full determination to fit up his
i prerctit hotel, and fo to conduit it, a* to
merit, be hopes, the preference of the public
I travelling} _s well a* tfiole coming to the per
m.n.nt lcat of the Oovtnmi_ut of our Laudl
of Liberty.
Wafhington City, March aj—tf

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