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The national intelligencer and Washington advertiser. [volume] (Washington City [D.C.]) 1800-1810, March 17, 1806, Image 4

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Refpcctfullv informs t ;
... ...-. former tuck he has recti ■
at Philadelphia mm London a i
■ aiortment of fi
otfble mUlecLcsffimerea, Ccnfieta |
voolvtrtccn and waif"., y s«d
•or quality j
a: nevreft fafhioa, plain and ftrifw
knap cc
With a wiaty of
felL to thofe,gentlem< H favor mm
ord. rs to- c .inipieal them in the
Of weft iV/lc ol Lfhion.
If ft. J navy ;
rms, nude ie the uioft Lfliior.abic man j
Dec 1% tf ._ j
This is to give BOtvCC that tl
heirs- M KEYN*
be weflern <-
:: ito-,, and fuppofcdto j
J»ve . ye of the fta eof New
I wi 1 I
app!y mi adorn
ing .o
, county otjphans court.
ra I pre*
the ci
' fait are in t anion at the ■
ify, ,' >j mifes, nc*r the
[woe «?(-( -ii
,enty Dollars K< ..". ci,
VV irebendifig r.e^ro
woman I
cider, w.rv Vac-k Mid much marked wi
{mall '• ft '"
one <>( her r i < rctteth, .
,' J'!*"- j
..to-: oi !
Chari <~'y the pri |
•■?' J., on hittens of thi-county, and was f
rifi - ■
,« of Prince :
c to Calvert
~ ,
rd wi.i he fri
w].\ lodge he* in fail '
rto Mr. Samuel |
r to the fubferibef
county Maryland, near f'ert ;
perfon from harboring j
; faid wo: o-.ril.
■ :- - tf j
Li- / *Vashi ngtqn, Se/U.9, lbs3. !
ttncierthe ii
in this city are to
itore by pub tic salts
only. • uiries when the !
•M-e i ' l° ts i
may at any ti' ed at pri
of the ttuperinteiidunt of the j
T.-._ 1 „, ~ I
71J r IA PERN.
tills method of
1 the public for their j
favori •.. h Ift on • H begs I
Jeive I ' he hi*, taken the j
(',,,,■ . 01, The hotel !
1 front, arid '
cents-'ning fi!>y toonw enables tl « fubferibef '
ommodatioi? to member.* of
Congrefs *r;d irayeller»; which on be expccled
in a pi
~ Marc'; ».c-~tf
>J. 1. ' witi rent th* hottfe I
r ' by him m
I*s.give notice that the :
of fna" county < t v afllin tosj
and diftricl; :;f Co
from . Court of Priree 'corse's
Com t
rouuty of
Mac i ed •
All prions h'viyg 1 ■■'■ th • faid
rrby warned to noil
fi ri
•, I w be 1 *
Givi / baud t is 14 li day of
'Fcbru ry __—t
_______ _.; mt „ —
ih idiii) j
JL OT'. ■ r ,i jat] nc- ,
gro J COB who • 1 lew • .cllow, j
•25 year* of -..,■. c rarfier
b.'ack ' untc
n nee, in lout ri
in his
'. nd cannot [Utck reply, w'len
fpoken to without fhui or being ir.
motioc, wl ich s< vei y
was blut! negro cotton peket and ov
•i?£ woo' I,at, though they
of Ri. ,«ni county, Vir
gutia, end eiopcd ?bo. ;> '.cr
laS. "fhe cnftables an'! others efthecit of
wn fUexandria, Bal
♦imoi. queft
look out f>r the (aid mn.i iy flave, ns
he kbovs reward,wil| H immediately p. id
ihrin oft cue terms (pecifis ~" by
City of Washington, Dec. 16—sawtf
r-y TTJE I
VV IIHanAS by the firsf anicle of the
terms and conditions dcck.rcd by the i resident
United States on the i-th day of Oc
I cober, il')i, for regulating the u.autiaisand
' inarmr ol buiidi >g» and improvements on
tl in the city of , it is pro
outer and party wui's of all
houfrs in the faid city shall be bui t ol brick of
s'one" and by the third article of the fame
and conditions ie is declared " that the
wall tf no i.oufe fbVl be higher than iotty
Let to the roof in any part of lis city, nor
fhail any bo iovvtr thzn thirty five feet on any
of the avenues." And whereas the above
recited articles *ere f rind to ir.ipide the Btt*
} t'coicnt in cbe city, ol mechanics and others
' whofe circumftaoces did not admit ol erect
I ing houfe» i by tbe faio regulations,
j for \-f, the < pcratKii of the f.-id ar
ins been fufjscnded by fever .d act? of the '
i the United taftn, from the fifth {
; di.y of (ant, in the year i?<>6 to the firft day |
lot January lall, and beneficial effects
from fuch fnfpenfions ha»ing been «xp;ricnc- j
; cd it is deemed pro; er to rejdve tie faint
t if the United i
dcciaie that ti'« I
by til
Miliary in -hcycir )
j one r ght boadred and feven
I that all hcuu-s which fl
i Lid city c
■ y iv the y:~r ouc tin
I e : ght hundred and fevei; conform.'
'..r.fl be
ced as lawully <
(en hpufe eov ling ...:-r. lb d th
drrd and tvvei, y fquert feet, or
|\% Let irofti the fill to the eve fh-li be ercc%
cd. ror fli-Ufi:
'twetii 1 i.» '... ~ A i-vy hrks. or flo c houfo.
Giv'rn under my hand the twenty-filth day
oi February i 206
Feb a'B—aawßw
I FOUND in December last, two ;
! <?<>od S owne. by proving j
hi pr ing :cftr nuy ;i ..■
. thtdifli cl
! bur r-o owner appeal l ffan vn«
j pot be fou 'he firft d«y of April
1 by public fale
at io o'ceck in the miming at the dcor of
, the C. pi-oi, by
i. 3^/
ant to Sportinien.
I On the ~9/h day of April neat, v
at]i i ling
i Caroline cou
TrUD, of th ti . C >1. John
istiug of imported £t
COUUtI 1 Marcs and their
one hundred hes . ..',y t! c moft
nttmerous and probably the heft felected ftud
ever before offered at public auction in this
country ; as it is well k. own, that the late |
owner fparcd neither money or exertion, in
| procuring both at home end abroad fuch flock
'. as appeared ir.oft certain totnfurc him fuccefs
as a brsc-ler. To gentlemen who may feel a
difpofltion to ehgag* immtfrJiately in the fports i
of the turf, several fine three and four yeas
olds Could be highly l I, l-r sise, I
blood and figure. Should any of fbc
horfes be faimed out for the appro.
fpring, the fale of such will bs poft|
juration ol the feafon. The other '■
flock will be fold without referve. Tbe terms
of (ale will he •ne ha f of the purchafe mo- '
ney payable in fk and the other in <
mo ths, to befecured by bond, with approv
urics, to carry intcraft f/om the date I
if not punctually paid.
* conbdarable dilcount will he made for I
Gentlemen i.i the neighboring ft.tts are
hereby affurcd, thif the fale (hail - f ..>h,.i/e'y
.tahephtc on tl.sday above fUtcd,
a catalogue will be exhibited, ftating sdje.
i blood, ixc-
Executors of J:>bn come deccsfati
Bowling C-rton. March 3—tvv
IN p if the • th^
I Ch incerv of the st;
cf Maryland wi!) v r fold at pn die fale to th.
--hhdr-i. bidccr at Josaru Himhu'i cavern.
"c ' own, on the
at v o'clock A. M. all the tight tie and
'■■ Town, deccafed to the following property, to
wit :
Mo. is, in Pfte*. Bcitty Thtcllteldf &
Doakins's adcfitio to Georgs Town with tf.e
di u» 'rick Dwatitwo If™, Coach and
Sttioki uihoufes*-'
Lots No. 173, r;.j and 175 in 7h<

Towq n faid addition to
wl.i It entitled.
a p'etc f-r parcel of i?nd containing
ah ut 0 ty acres lying about a v \e and
tbe land on
. Mr. Key lives. I he purckT&fcr or
pu*-c'a.'crs to g.vc bond with aj proven fecu
p<.rchafe money with inter-ft
■ , pavMf>i(- in fif
-1 teen snort ' laft mentioned A 7.
v pcrfoni having c . ims faid,
las deccafed, are requcfted to 1
exhibit the fame to the rrcriiU-r of the crurt :
ncery iforefaie 1 with the vou.f
r« the fa-vt within three months from
the faid rbiy if fate.
J -.MB-. 8. MORSELL, Truftcc
March ,3 ~3w
BY virtue of a Deed of Truli
from the Rev. O-rrgc Ralph, to oanive; '■
dece;< I uy will I
' ie fale for cafh, on "utfchy t!,<
ray \,f yril neat, at Vr Chspalier's tavern,
ny in :'t. Mary's county,
a rract or parcel o I 'and, called HULS'
fnu te, nd bein? isithc vicinity of faida i
cud - r; n St. Mary's county r-forefaid, contain- i
ing about 150 rcrcs alfo 6 negroas, conflfting ( I
three valuable men, a woman and two
MARY PC) n> GSR, Survivor
1 of Samu:' . yicr.
j Prince George*! cuunty, ?
March 2 — wjt i
•i- HE subscriber offers fnr sale the 1
farm be new occupies, containing near 310
cert 3 with or without the flod: thereon.
ftis difbmt from of Georgetown;
and Wafiungtoft, about five miiee, and well
ki 'iwn tfs'a healthy fituation. 'there is much
fire fruit ti.creon, and «.bouud3 with Iprings,
j affordinsr as good wattl as in the United
! S'.atts, a conGeierEbie proportion of the land
has Dt'i'i in clover, and from thirty to Lrty
acres fit for the icy the the eniuing fummer.
It is now in a very improving ltate, being '•
altogether clear of broom fedgc, and lrom
40 to 5(2 acres ploughed and prepared for a
faring crop, and from 30 to 40 acres well fet
/.lint and rye—lbme part of the land is
calculated for tobacco; and plaflcr of paris
atifwcrs well with it all. ]be dwelling house
! and other improvements may with fmill re
i pairs, h« tendered very coir.i.ntable—lrom
. Its vic/r.iry to two growing cities, many ad- 1
'vantage* refint in fupplyingthe msrketf. A
j purchafer msy cileulate on a good bargain,
\ particularly if an early application be made.
, tjom: part of the parehafe money will be re
quired in caili or approved negotiable paper, :
\ the remainder rendered czfy—or negroes re
din payment. The fubictiber or Wil-
I ii mi : cany residing on the farm will fhew it
; when required, and the term* made knowa
■tion to Mr, John'Thvn :
or Dr. Wm. Tac&NUK,
Jfaac Tolock,
ih-ult f
lie Lands calculated for tho culture of
cottoni Sndian com a;.d fanall grain, situated
on a navig.-hle ri-rci iv the hcajthiefi ptrt of
the of Georgia, will also be sold cm rc:i.
or exchanged for negroes
1. i\ \
it) eptf
1 —1 , — '
'A j
x * vV OM * N that underffandi plain cocking
and houfe work ; likewiie a GIKL of about
14 ■tears ol 'rcn nor c
cmt thofe w u .i can bring unercep
endations Enquire ki
and hr-afe r rom tl I of thj &ix Juild- ,
j i hgs and at rhis
v. 2J tf
A Valuable' Tract of Land,
fn the ftato of Kentucky, gnddr an ipcHfpu't- !
able t;t'e, an! lor which tbe proprietor will
take, if applied for foon, half a dollar r'r
ile one half down, ard the ether
months on approved fcourity —
c of the printer.
Feb. 17 —4w
A CARD." j
■ HE Subfcrfber bring informed that the
other French agents i,i
this country 1 have repeatedly afferted that he j
la.; no juu claim on their jeovernment,
that he liacl been psid in full, for all tbe Atp
plies furnifted to the fame, feels it due to his
own chara-Aer to cOntradifi thefe reports and
I oilers to prove to the Ltisfactiotb of al>
.; who will take th* trouble to ca'l upon him, i
I that for fuppHrt furrufaed iri thf. Weft I
jas well as for advance! made here, part in
! c■f!i and in provifioOs, to the French
es ff.uow i.nhiti bills drawn by the
I French agents, and which are Unpaid and
kd, for upwards of one hundred and
twenty tboufar-d dollars.
He has betides the above,npxrirds of twen- |
1 ty thoufand doihrs in bills received from Mr, ;
1 Picbon, for paffagcM fumiftied to the French
foldicrs, - hich bi main unpaid
tbe minifler of marine o/Lrs only jo )
1 of their value inpayment.
roi Greenwich ftreet, New York.
March i3-~6t
About Two Tuousanv acres cf Land
ha eafl. fide of tbe fisltur:) Urui.ch, and
adjoining it, en: 1 from
the Capitol and » from the New Bridge, and
nclu.iini' a Lffic'e.icy of w..od ; 30a or 400
acres <( meadow ground, a yreat t.
winch mry be v/atertd ; good country mill,
and 1 coromo :iou
sil nereffary out houfes, ing r. Ihii
Lnd'.' ■ >"uit purchaiers.'i'
er ; znd there is no more **
!ought ii the 1
b rb. n nor one Capable of
being made to yi. ! \ better annual income 1
to B Nj- LOl Ilia
:'own, Match 3-aw
hi fuMcriberstake this method to inform
the fsfemen that they have hurt on band and
purpoiV keeping ready for file, a number of
- three horfe p'OUgha, (f'uen
Rrmdcd by Mr ~'e<pa» M.torr)
IVIr i. ■ will after dto any orders
given. . iforrrr tion of the term* —
fo:i?c 'A thrm n.ay c feen in Mr M'l.r.ugblin's
yard, as the great advantagenfdet
ha been o iufhVicnt'y proved by fome
experience, it is ptefutned th .rmcr
who fludies bis own itttercft and the im|
-! his farm will g t fome of thofe tnofl
; ufeful and much admired ploughs.
J1 ,HN THOM S, 3.5, & Co,
Feb X7—w6t
W A3 commifted to the jrtl ofWafi
j ton county, in N " the 6th inffa.it,
as a runaway nctrro '■ at 20 years
old, Uoutand i-.k<ly, and a pleafant counte
-ogot away from her m
' who was takiugi.tr and fcvc.al other Haves to
thj westward or fouthward, who h<d pur.
wiih others from a ceitain
John Smith of Stafford county in I
Virginia, Lut does not Jrnuw fei will pol
I her mafia's name, fhel
jacket or fliorr gown, >iid Joans spinning pet*
j tkoat, and appears to be far gone yi prcif
-1 nancy. Her owner is «)< hre lier, j
or five will be.fold for jail and other
agreeably to law.
n. <r
Waft ' 'iity,
' Ksger's Town, Msrch 3—wjt
I Chillicothe, State of './.' • .
31.9/, 18(
■act from an act levying a state tax
for the year 3
Section ». Be it further ci it all
Janch fhall be rated an<4 claf£H in the n
following: that is to fay, firlt,
third tatcs; and the rule to be •
that when a greater part ol
fuperiorin quality to fecund race land, it fhall
be denominated ii.fi rate ; when a greater part
ofatr&cf fafil be inferior in quality to firft
f rate, ana lupcrior to third rate, it thall be de
nominated lee. nd r3te ; and when a gicattr
part of a tracl fball be inferior to fecond rate
it fkail be denominated third rate land, taking
into view tbe fituation and the quality of the
fc.il. Firil rate land fhall be taaed at the rate
ty cents, fecond rnte fixty five cents,
and third rate foity cents, each per hun
dred a<;rJs.
I St c 3. Be itfurtht- rin all
■<h.:re theownersof any lauds have, by
themfelvcs or agents,'entered thair lands in
their proper cUffes, with the auditor o>- clerks
of the coutt ofc tetbc
laws heretofore in force, luch lands fhall under
this ad be placed in the fame I ition,
and all lands which fhall not b« cr ti
s, or 'heir agents, with the auditor, be
lie makes out his duplicate, ha fhall clats
and charge the fame as fecond rate, andjf any
owner or proprietor of lands, or their agent,
, <>r fhvdl hereaftir em
j tract of land in an interior clafs to that
[uallty,faid i :nt\ fhall (until it is cha
its proper 1
itercd, with '
amount of tax whicb fhould
been paid had the fame been entered in Its
r clafs; whkh ihall b
of the county townthip, or dif
trict in whicb f-jth Lnds may bechsrge
! able, for the uf<t of the ftacc, on tl
, tion of any freeholder main.- due
; thereof to I .- or comniifiioneri! and
!be i-ccovercd a" the fame in th&
fame way ax other taxes are recoverable.
■ 4 Be it further enacted That for
the. cobedUcn of tales of non.refidents
ftate Ihall he and is hereby divided into
fi-t ci . . the firil to ii
the lan Is l urchafed by John Clevef .- ymtne*
: aid .' , Mid Mie land within the
J diftrict of Cincinnati land office ; the iecond
j to i.iciude lands in the Virginia military dif*
j tri.'L the lor.d within the didridt of l-hili
I cothe Innd office and the French grants, the
1 purchafed by -the
Ohio Company and all grants mciv .ed within",
tbe limits thereof and tfie land within the
ditlric't of . ha Marietta* Ir nd office ; rhr
,to include the lards in :he Ur-ited States mi
j litary diftridt and the- refu ad all
t'sr lands within the diftrict of Zin
'1 nd office; the fifth to include the
kwi'thhi the diftssel ot the Stcubcnvillc
I office, and 1 jeftient
ie, and not included in the other dif
tricls ; ar.d the fiith to include the land* in
the Connecticut rcLrve.
80c jf. Be it further enatSed, That there
fhall be appelated, ly "i joint ballot of both
houfesof the general afLmbly and commiffi
oncd by the governor, a collector in eich
diftrict, who fhall continue in off,
ard until hi I is eh ft 11 arid q*
who thai' collect all taxes c!u,- and owl
mm-rtfidenta* lamb within their relp clice
Us 'the colle&or ef the firft di
(ball koepl.ii office at Cincinnati; the D
tor of the icl fhall keep h:« 1
at ■ hihitothe ; die crl|cclar of ti
I tricTfhafi keep his office at. Marietta;
- lor of tfif fourth di 'rict QtalJ kci p his
•■'c : the collector •
< if) rirt dull keep his office
andthe ci.i <:ct« r of the fixth difi-.ict fhall |
keep his office at tbe town of *v arren, iti
I the county of Trumße ..II each, at!
trie they rec-ive their duplicate;,
riog oath or affirmation :
11, VB. do folemnly iwcr or iffirm,
: (as t' be) tint f will, according to
tially perfOrM the ditfirj c- , -iv by
lawi is Collector oi difirift ;
and that I will not direct!? or pur
chafe any land ' f mc fold l>r t;ixc.«."
/ given that all t xcs with
in this ftate are due and oayable after the ift
day-erf Auguft next enfuing, and if not paid
ly tht Gill Mondiy of December, the lands
Will be fold, or fo much thereof as will satis
fy the an mint due with infereft.
lit diftrict collector, A. Goiorth, Cincinua-
I »1
»d do Virginia army [anas, 'I honias Scott,
i Chillicothe.
3d do ,W»i Skinner, Marietta.
1 James Kcrron, Zmiefville. ,
/th do. Charles Maxwell, Steubcnvifle.
6th do. James Hilman, Warren.
/ uidttor of Accounts fox the fiat; of
Valuable Property For Sale.
f HE *übfcrlbeßO*Ters for fa la a number of
valu b'c heights convenient to the city of
t hi miles from th>
fh'.rnt's Honfc and near the ?m'- d fence from
apitol, ard command a ht.ndfosne view
of the City, raac, and Alexandria,
Lot No. i. contains 60 acres, No. %
t.'ins 41 ?cri3, No. 3 contain* loi n.ics.
Mo. a contains 19 acrtb ; Lfacwife a lot lying
lyloe, »\iul Or. Wctfthington,
c rrtaining from 80 to 100 acre?. *'< hole lots
will be fold together or apart as may f«it par
rasa may be I n wn by applying to
James White •? Rev. J <. near
the property. Jvu i\
x > O '• tCH is hi
mity i an c
■ wi 1 'ie h '
the houfe of _)•>■• « i 4 i! .. « in George town

March 7 —
\ H-*»* removed Ms Office, to the boufe lately
by Mr. a-w on Capital Hill.
' Wafhhigton, July a6—tf
lAAHAWiY frcm the fubfcriber on the
I June ißc4, Vfh< • . Baltimore,
a degro wru-rii c;>.i.'ed RACHEL, about 20
yean • tptiblc mark; fhs is
flout 1 when fpoken
to, fpeaks 1; . -tiy far advt.iccd in
her , cot be described,
tools with her lcvcral articles belong*
ing to her. miff «l ..'. tbatfhe is
in fume place convenient to Georgetown, as
all her connections live there, and was feen
there after fhe had ran away, and I fuppofe
will pafs hcrfelf for a fre woman. I will
give the above reward if die is lodged in any
jail in the ftate,and all rcr.for.ablc charges if
brought home,
March 7 — iw3t.
Ad\ iettU
THE fubferiber (a native ci
• Connecticut) for 10
principal part
of his time ibphlcal Sc mechani
cal ifiiprm by which means he
verily be b \ia tharlve has discov
patch. ■ which he offers to dis
pose, of, ?•,,.. (
L ' .1 to iron.
: for all kinds of edge
tOois,i i that is required In a.
I —which pro
■i demon
c 'i [i i Mr.,' and nuuiy
other It can be applied
with public ar
mouries for the of cannon, and
fabric 'Voc which f*
v<:—which is.
circul -leather, and
ga drum ore;'
:>. On heat, a; r in oppo
site directions, cither by placing two
bellows, or dividing the air of one, fop
Itihg irorij or common,
4. On all kincls of pots and kettles op
tails whatever ; by adding a.
Loop to tlie bottem. 2 or Li i:ieiies wide.
downward) t0 Confine tbe heat as an
Daniel Pettibone.
farcA s — ii'Sw.
N. fl. As his affairs require his ab
sence from this some time, a
.vhich may be leftj
with Mr. Joh:: l the War De
- will be duly attended to.
M r IN
A BE suhacnber having undertakes*
the entire (riddance of the concerns f ;hc North
can Land Company, and being fuhy and
legally autl ta I effect, by the Preli
nd Managers of the f-aid company j
l.ereby calls on ?d perfon»,pofltlUyg any pro
►, &c be«
the company, t-> tender up tho
fame (to hioa —and on a| - . veyore, eke,
heretofore employed in the fervjee of the com
pany, to toa on the fulject
oftheii ». i.e. ..ho calls'on all
ptrfons indebted to the eompmy for lands
; ibid, torn a) on ajj who hay«
; claims, to render him their accounts duly at
• ptrfons poffcfFng .fnforacation inter
ePing to the eoocerHs of tbe con psny, aro
rcfpsdtful'y requcfted to communicate tho,
fume by letter of otherwise, ard al< perfona
di! o'c-d to purch srty of the.
Ny (or c th or on ereuit, are defircd
to make application to
Secretary of the tf A .Land Cocsi
Philadelphia, Feb- 19— \vi\t
Of Morris, NtAithon and Greenleaf*
a HK suoscvibt r,' Uy & fnlly
N authorifed, by the Truftees of « fund crested
from the joint an ', ftates of Robert:
Morris, John Nkhonon, and James Oreenlcaf,
and jrenerrlly deueminatcd the " *r; , ;rcgato
Fund?" hereby callson all ptrfons indebted
the fame to make payment to him, and orulau'
who have ciain.s, eich<r by mortgas»lfM>r
Otherwife; t-> say of The objedts of fWfrund,
to make tht fame known to him wjjejfi-a view
to an adjuflnaent, md all p.-i to
purchafe any of the faid fund/
either for cafb cr on cr .ditfu're defircd to
make application to
Philadelphia, Feb j ; —W4t
Eihte cf James Greenleafr
+ ,; • 'nrlu-in;* lc!7?llly Sc fullf
authoriledUiy his sCignees toadjuftaod fettle
finally, all the concerns of his lormsr eftatCj
j furryidered under the I -infylvania,
■ryland, and of the ",I'>it?d .States, here
iby calls *>n all perfoos ; • (jid eftate*
Ito make payment to him, and on all who
j have claims, to render him their accounts
| duly atcefted, together with notice ol whac
; property is ftiil h«id in pledge for fecuring
Phila . 19—wae
Pursuant to a of the
urt of Maryland 1 will cxpofe
t(l PTJ th ,l| a y
onrt Home
Hate of
or iefs,
• f the
•co in
I land
iy and a fa
us of pur«
f- id lands
s may
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v and
loot sfroro,
the day of tale
1 Feb. a3~ »iWtMer»4

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