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ines k Brtigs, _ j
OSIO ig . Spermaceti fr. Limeed oils—
alio IjMP.-.tl j MP.-.t of c- '.i«n. \
Walhington city, June »3 —tf
Merchant Taylor
New Jesey Avenue, near the Capitol.,
jtji ' LV informs »' c eentlenwa
of rh<
l, T (ki IN lately arrived at Phila-;
A choice affortra-cnt
Cf Superfine cloths, Bennett Velvets,.
'.. ds, CngV an«t di
1 cloths, lamionable Orleans and ;
rich Clk Mole'Viti velvets, filkard j
fat tin Florentines, with a variety of other
, idles habits, reghnantsls sril navy
mvfortns m»de in the firft (lie oi f.-.fbinn.
Rbhard Harwell* celcbratee patent pml
hade a tht fame icrms
as nt hi* in
r ii —tf
1 ordered by she
adi nt fine (he accounts 01"
, fhc fate o( tl-e j
,tt, dexetfed, ts;
, ageinft tiae laid cftate, anJ
in band amorgft the
tot claimant* in proportion to thsir rcf
fuch of them as
exhibit then* claims on or before the
l-fh d?y <-! Drccmhr next. It is farther
r«d rfaat tbe »h;:r*z\<\ trmte* cvifc to
bed a rcpy ef this order, at least
twice a week (or three fuccsssive weeks before
; of December next, in the Nati j
m Federalist and
some of tin Baltimore
Ey ord:r,
Vvwl. BRENT, Clk.
The following Cn >f United
.States Debt.
'..ti. 6 per cents.
P r rem».
erred 6 per
een i
■of the Treafury,
6 per cts. on the
17gi — the p- r cts. or the
.;;-., an- 1 th» deterred 6 per
T.nuary, I/yi-, in favour of
For the
• which application will ue a
tbe United States.
O&obexr ttn, i£o6—6wejs
Hiß removed iris ©dice, to the houfe lately
ay Mr. Law, on Capitol Hill.
WVafhiugton, July 2.'—-tf
I • W. PATRO, Seven Buildings, his re
ceived from Philsdclj ...re, a
nt of DRY GOODS,, which
Lew', fell wnuf. s -»'y low.
Alfo London PIANO FORTE 3.
Liquor*2nd Groceri«s 'faias*iior qiuiity.
fcovember 7— tMftr.3
A". Pr.b.ic Auihon- on the t»nd
oi K'ovembef inft at ii o'clock, at the
next to Mr. Rapine's dwelling, on Eaft .
c* a quantity of
Ifoufehoid Sc. Kitchen Furniture,
A credit of t&ree months w.U be given on all
purchnfe* above %0 Doliars, und<r that fum
.--Ik—notes W/'tb fccoHtjr will be required.
N. L. &UEEN, Auctioneer.
Nor. 14—4t.
50 Dollars Reward.
Xv AX AWAY from the subscriber, on
the sr-.h ult. mulatto JOE. J?e is a flout
well mr-dc dark mulatto fc!low. j feet 9 or 10
inches high, cbout 30 ye.irs of age—has feve
ral large fears on his hands a:d body, bfps a
little. Had oh and with him, s tow linen
fhirt & trowfers, one pair of nankeen trowfers,
alfo one old furtout coat and old for hst much
worn. Joe can write a tolerable good hsnd,
& has run »vw,y before,when he was taken up
& put in the Frederick town jail 8c fold out by
George Crsager in 1805. Any person tak
ing u» faid fellow, and fecuring him in any
jsil (o that I get him again, fhail receive if
taken within the county, %o dollars, and if out
ie ft ate the above reward. If brought
home all rea'onub'e charges wiil he \
fubfciiber living in Frederick county,
Md. near JNew Mai
<;leton burgee.
N» E. 1 forc-.m ?.,] perfons fron harboriti|*
cr sareying off faid feilow it their peril.
P. 8 Joe ran off ia company w -th a fellow
y were both lately ad
;etha.-; fince which /.dam has been
;ind fecurcc; in the jsil of York, (Pa )
rent in th-j fame direction, and wiil pro
make ( or Philade- phi?, and endeavor to
'A and go to fes.
. ia— eptf
cr/r tavern.
M. HE Bubfcriber takes this naethnd of
.s friends *»d the public for their
favoi ; Srjuare t nd begs
leave to acquaint them that he Lag taken the
■I .atdy erected bo
•oil, rsttac thfc Capital. Tb« hotel
et in treat, *.«»i
containing fifty rooms eaaliles the fnhferiber
i f .'em »• meailneri of
refs and travellers which can be expected
c I
Wsihington >.y, March 45—tf
N. B P. D. 8. will rcht the noufe latsly
ceo pied »y h>_ o;i the adjoising f'-narc.
On a liberal credit. |
j npKl". fubferiber will difpofe of tt pri«m
JL fale, his cftate called Chichener, ly in
j ton it eaflern branch, immediately i»ppofi
the cit7 of Washington. This tra&of land
I coiuainirf- £97 acres is laid off in lots from
iO% to 144 acres for the convenience ef pur
j chafers. Plats of the ellate and the terms of
', fale era in the hand* of colonel Hanfon at the
1 navy yard, and Charles Wayman of George
j Town The lots will be fhewn by Mr j
l "Redden, living e4 the premifes, near tbe 1
BalUrn Lranch bridge
Enrnaly, isthjune 180J— tf
The Public ark respectfully
informed that
Mr. Sej'.mes's Tavern, George-Town,
and call for passengers at Rhodes',
Mtek's and Frost's Hotels, city of
October 1— ii
WARE St-omf..
Fubrcrilicr refpcdtfMlly informs the
X Inhtbitaats of the city of Waminj>ton
that he has laufj* received from New York and
Philadelphia, a large St complete aflurrment. of
Grocery's, Liquors, Fmits, and Crockrry
Wire, —that h« expects with the frit arrivals
from Baltimore, a fupply of the above aiti
j cies. and that hehasepcned ftore oppod'e the
, S&VBN lUILDTSTO*, where he flatters
j kimfelf that he will be sblc to accomeaod-te
his cu'lonisrs'not only with tbe beft and choic
v eft kind ef goods, efpecially frelb Teas, and
Liquors, bat on as low terms as elftwhere in
[ this vicinity.
P. MAUttO.
■».... ..
P. MA.URO, Profeffor of Mufic, begs the
inhabitants oi WebVngton and Seorge Town,
toacu.pt o* his hearty thankb for the encou
ragement he lus been favored with, inform
m that he does not intend to decline
rfeffiol*. but that he mail continue as
forme'ly to ir.fruet on the Pianno Forte,
Cermin Fiu'e, and Guitar
Wafhii'etfm city, November to— tf
7h<*-fe perfons that wifh to purchafs the
Mr. Daniel Rapine, Capitol Hill, Wash*
i'-vt r. t "cf Dr. N. Magruder, George
"An ounce of prevention is woith pounds
of cure.""
For the prevention and cure of Killions and
Malignant Fevers, is recommended
Lee's Anii-Billious Pills,
Prepared by Richard Lee isf Son,
THIS medicine has, for eigkt years paft
been attended with a degree of fnccefs highly
gruefnl to tha inventor's feelings, in feveral
parts of the Weft Indies, and the fouthcrn
part ef tht U. Btat«s, particularly in Balti
more, Pttcifbuig, Richmond, Norfolk, Eden,
ton, Wilmington,Charlcfton and Savannah.
The tcrJimcny of a number of pcrsVis in each
of the al.-, ye places has been adduced, who have
I reafoa to believe tbat a timely ufe of this
j lalut-.ry remedy has, under Providence, pre
{ ferved their lives when ss the ruoft alarming
Facts of this conclufiva nature, fpeak more
in fsvor of a medicine than cult:* as of pom
pous eulogy, founded on mere irTertion.
It is not indeed prciumpMionily propofed as
an infallible cure, but the inventor has every
poffiblc reafoa that can refult from extenfive
experience, for believing that a dofe of thefe
pill-, taken once every two week*, during the
prevalence of ear bilious fevers, will prevc an
i infallible preventative t A further, that in the
early flages of thofe diforders, their ufe will
very generally fucceed in reftoring health,
and frequency in cafes efteemed defperate,
and beyond the power of commoe remedies.
The operation of thefe pills is perfectly
mild, fo as te ufed with fafety by perfons in
'every fitua.ion, and ef every age.
1 hey are excellently adapted to carry off
fup-.rfluous bi'.e, and prevent its morbid secre
tions—-to reftore and amend the appetite—
produce a free pcrfpiration, an si thereby pre
1 vent colds, whi.h are often of fatal confe
quences; a dofe nevsr fails to remeve a cold, if
taken on its firft appearance. They are cele
brated for removing habitual coftiveneft—
sicknefs .it the ftomach and fevere head at he—•
and ought to be taken by all perfons on a
change <it climate.
They br.ve been found remarkaoly efficaci
ous in preventing and curing diforders atten
dant on long voyages, arid mould be procur
ed and carefully prefcrved for ufe by every
Lee's Infallible Fever and Ague
Fcr the cure of Agues, Remittent and
Intermittent fevers.
1 houfjnds caa tcftify of their being cured
by thefe drops, after the bark and every other
medicine neve proved baftclttai. Not one
iv a hundred has had occafiuo to take more
than one, and numbers not half a bottle.
Yhcie drops are particularly recommended
to the inhabitants of low marfby countries,
whcie the worn fort of agues generally pie- ;
vail; which, unlets early attended to, and
fpeediiy rcaieved, injure the conftitution ex
ceedingly, bring on droplks, putrid fevers,
sad a variety of complaints of the n.oft dan
gtroes and alarming n-tn-e. Many other
medicines are daily offered to the public for
the cure of this diforder, which, upon trial,
have been found eitaer dangerous or ufelefs.
I fee bark it the nfu.il remedy made ufe of j ,
but being a very naefeous medicine, aud fel- J
|.dom tnkefiin fußident qnnfity, ft very often I
j fsils ; children and thefe who have weak |
ftomaebs, arc frequently loft fcr want of a I
more eafy and pkafant remedy.
Sevcreign Ointment for the I eh.
A preparation which for pleafamriefs, cafe,
: fifetv, mriel expedition, givea pkee to no ap
plication whatever ; free from mercury, or
any pernicious ingredient.
Lee's Worm Destroying Lozenges.
J v*. hick- have within feven yeirs paft cured up
! wards of o"e hundred thoufand perfons of both
j feies, of every age and in every fitm'tion, ef
various dangerous complaints arifing from
j worms and from obftruclions or louinefs ia ;
j the flomach ar.<4 l»o*»els— they are perfectly j
fafe ard plcafant, and may be given to the j
[ young-:- in'afitor the moll delicate pregnant
lady with propriety.
Lee's Genuine Eye Water.
A fovercign remedy for alldileafcs of the I
eyes, whether the elicit of natural weakntfs
or of accident.
Tooth Ache Drops.
The only remedy yet difcovsred which
gives immediate and —fling relief in themoft 1
levcrc inftances.
Genuine Persian Lotion,
So celebrates! among the ftdbaonaMc
throughout Europe, as an inw»luablc cofmetic, j
pcrte&ly innocent and free from corrofive and '
j repellent miner.'ls, (che-bafi* uf other lotions) J
I and unparalleled cftic.cy in preventing aud j
removing blcmifhes of every kind, particular
ly freckles, pimple*, in fl-.minatory rednefs,
fcurfs, tetters, ring wo. Ms, fun burns, prickly
heat, premature wrinkles, Ac.
Lett's Genuine Essence and Extract of
A fafe and cflciStunl remedy for ;*rute
Chronic Rhemmatifm, Pally, Lumba
go, Numknefs, White "-.veilings, Chilblains
sprains, Bruifes, I'aii... r. the lace and neck*
Tht Elixer,
For the cure of every kind of Head-Ache.
Lee's Damask Lip Sahe,
Is recommended (particularly to the Ladies)
as an elegant and p'eiiatit preparation for
chopped and fore lips, and every bieniiili and
inconvenience oecafioned by colds, fevers, eke.
fpeediiy rcftoring a besutilul rofy cobr and
delicate foftnefs to the lips.
Restorative Powder for the Teeth and
Lee's genuine Corn Pfoister.
An infallible remedy forfp edily removing
Corns, Root and Branch, without giving
Indian Vegetable Sptcifc,
For the cure of Venereal Complaints.
It will be prudent in all who eftimatc the
value of'heMth, to obferve that each of the
above articles have thefignstnrc of Richard
Lee A ton, on the ontfide wrappers, with
out which none are genuine-.
*}5r Letters directed for Richard Lee & Son,
No 17, Market ftrect, Baltimore, will be
punctually Attended to.
Oc\ob«r 10—6w
The Subfcribers take this me
thod ofrequefting DAVIB DUNCAN late
Collector of the port of Machinac, to remit
them oa or before t- c morth of March next
the amount of their bond given to the United
, States, as judgment hath been obtained ag.li.lft
them on faid hondi
Detroit November 10— mi
I wifh to purchafe 2000 Gords
of Wood on the Potomac river, or its
branches, convenient to navigable water.—
Perfons having 50 Cords arid uowarda, for
fale will pleafe give a particular defcription of
the harbor and landing from wl'ence it mud
be taken ; the diftance the wood now ftande
from the Landing ; the diftance it muft be
boated from the landing to a veffe «r wing
I fix feet water, and the diftance of the sanding
from fome well known place on tbe rirer, as
for inftance, Craney Ifland, Potom.ie Creek,
Cedar Point, Plackftones Ifland, Ac. *c.
Letters by the mail, paid, informing the ]
loweft price that will be taken for O* X and '<
HICKORY, cither Handing or delivered at a j
Landing, will be immediately attended to,
and the poftage of Letters in an Twer thereto
wiU be paid by me.
Treafnry Department, Wafhington >
City, November 10— eop3t \
Andjsr Sale at D RapjnFs Book
Store, Capitol Hill,
Original Anecdotes of Frederick the Great,
King of Prnffia, and of his family, his |
court, his miniftcrs, his academies, r.nd his I
literary fricuds—-collected during a familiar, ;
intcrcourfe of twenty years with th»-t |
prince j trasflited from the French of D.
TswaSAOLT, ProfeiTor ot Belles Lcttres
in the royal academy of Berlin—in a vols.
price a bolls
F«w works have been prefentcd to the pub
lic fo juQly eftectued in Europe and America j
jas this. The author has delineated '
tor of this great man in a manner 10 ingeni-
J ously that no person can read it without feel, j
j in g a gratification which few works are cal
culated to produce in a similar degree.
Also just Received,
The life and pontificate of Lr.o. 10th— 4 vols.
1 Charnock's memoirs of Lord Nelson.
Moore's 1 piftls-s, odes, and other poems.
J Scott's La? of the iaft Minftrel, a poem.
D. R. Has always on hand an extenfive
: afCortment of fcor.ks in every class ef I
I ture and /cicncc, which he will fell at reafon.
j abe prices.
Monday 17—-3W
A healthy negro woman under 30 yesrs < f
• age, with two healthy children, For pa: t
-1 culars aaply to the printer. .
j Ist Nov. X 896 —-yrf
I A np. Subscribers have opened for
the enteiuinment of travellers, eiembcrs of
Congrefs, families, Ac. reforti-'g to the feat
of governrr ■ , the houks occupied for (eve- 1
| ral years by Mr. P. D. STILLS, imrrtediatcly -
e**t of the Capitol, to which tkey ruspect
fucly invite th: put'ic.
i 1 he premilcs are well known as lar>je and
conveniewt, arc provided witn nrw be< s aid
furniture and the heft wines and liquors, fta
bies (or jo horles, with carriage heafee, Ac.
IVov. 4 ;/'.
j —— I —______
! A WENTY Hoggfheads of good Brown !
Sugar which he will fell at a low yrice. a few i
cafks of the bcft winter Arsined Lamp Oil,!
j Window Glafs of different iizes, Japan, Copil
j A other varnifbci, glaziers Diamonds, tfuflian j
i Glue, Salt Petre, Paper Hangings, Taylors
patent liquid Sboe Blacking in jvgi at 45 cents
1 each, and his nfua' extenfi«c affortment of
i DRUOOi A Ml DICINES, patent Mcdi J
eiata, Surgeons Inftruments, Oil and Paints,
1 Die SturTi, Spices, Ike. all of which have !
been pui chafed for cafh , he car. therefore fell 1
> many articles uncommonly cheap by thequau- j
1 tity.
November 19 —tswrjt
—— ._
JlIaS received from Philadelphia and B*'
timore, and for fale by
Ma. BRSWER, nert door above Mr. Eliftu
Rijtgs ftore on Bridge Hreet,
A General aiTortment of Fall Sc
. Fancy Gords of the latcft importations, and
will receive a further fupply in a few days,
all of which have been purchafed on the beft
terms for cafh, and will be Ibid very low.
George Town, October ij— tawa.ru
Has Imported by the latest arrivals
from London lif lAverpool,
Fikty-ught Packages
Which are direcSl from the beft manufactories,
and will be fold lower by the wholesale or
retail, than can be afforded by any other
houfe here, (being the enly importer of Dry
Goods;—?mong them are,
3 bales of fine c'oths, cafimeres and corals,
i a do fecund cloths, coatings, ladies
c!oths, nspp'd, frize, P;ains and Ken
dJ cottons,
8 bales rofeand difih blankets and ruggs,
4 cafes Manchefiry, Bernets cords, dimities,
furnitures and cotton fhirtuig,
6 cafes fine hats, and umbrellas,
6 trunks, filk, cotton, and worffed hofiery,
I trunk upholders, and hatters trimmings,
% cafes knives and forks, razors, fine cut
lery, (addbry.und fafliionable buttons,
5 bales flannels, ftuffn, forges and baiae.",
IJOO lb London feinc twine,
i bales carpets and carpsting,
3 cafes Irifh liaens, meetings, "*)
long lawns, table elotbs, A V Cheap,
diapers. \
Silks, muflins, chintzes and calicoes,
Pcliccs, pelice, velvets, lace fhades, A shawls,
Spider net, and pick net, lace fleevesand
Fancy muflm dreffes, drapery, gauze and
and many other articles, which will be fold
low, fer cafh, or to punctual perfons only.
George Tfiwn, Nov. 19 —jaw am
A. ROPOBALB for opening, bridging and
improving the road laid LUt undar the direc
tion of the Secretary ut Wax, between Nad
ville in Tenneflce and Grindftone Ford ob
Pierre river in the Miffiflippi tcnitory, will
be received at the General Pod Office until
the 15th day of December next.
For the convenience of contractors the road
will be divided into three parts, and feparatc
propofals received for each.
Firft. From Nafhville to the Tenneffec
river, n» miles
». From Tsnneffce river to Loonachitts
creek, a branch of the Big Black river, 113
3 From Loonachitta creek to GriwdftoDC
Ford, 155 miles.
Note 1. The road is to be cleared of a*J tree
J logs and brufli, twelve feet in width and
j made paffubie for a waggon. All dreams
not over forty feet wide are to be bridged,
and the banks of other flreams are to be
flic'ved or flopcW down fo that they may be
paffable fer a waggon.
Note a. The bridges are to be ,twelve feet
broad fupported by proper abutments, the
bridge part to be compofed of fowr pieces of
timber not lefsthun 10 inches in diameter at the
fmalleft end, and covered with halved legs
• whofe original eiameser was not not Itfs than
J ? inches, the piers or fupports of the bridge
j not to be more than twenty feet apart
Note 3. Some parts of the road will require
cnufcwsying, thele will be pointed out by tbe
PeftMaftcr General's agent. The caufewayicg
is to be done with logs, 10 feet in length and
not lets ihan 6 nor over 9 inches in diameter,
earth is to be thrown upon them to render
tbein pauTjle, Rnd where the places to be
; caulewaycd are fubjedt to be ovcifl.iwvd the
caufeway is to have a rider on each fide keyed
down by forked ft.-.hes or fton»*-.nd gravel.
Note 4. It is fuppofed thstthure is already
, a cleared waggon path o-i fome part ef tbe
diftance, no clearing is to be done where that
ii the cafe. The wtrh is to he completed by the
firft day of October tßc7. Rcafonable ad
vnncai will he Lia.'.e at the commencement of
the work, slid the balance piid ns foon as
the work it complc-ted. Mr. R. J.
Meigs, and Mr. Tho tiae Wright are to de.
cHe whetlur it be executed conformable to
contra ot,
Mote 5. Ihe propi/?'. ffiould ftate tho
prii-e by the milt for clearing, the price ky the |
yariiin lci>g-h for carfewaying, the price by
the foot in length lor tht bri.' 1 I
price by the cubic yard 'or toping or tneleine
tiiebanki o? wateroonrfcv
j Sry>:. ij—tawtii 15
: of 6T. paul's parish, Baltimore.
I ' f"ME Managers ef this Lottciy iutsnd to
j A commence the drawing on the fitft
Tuefday in December, a:id to draw ioco
tirkets every week, till it be cjk;: pieced.
Tickets may be hid, till the drew<ag com
mence, it the original price of Fiva Dollars,
of eiihcrof the Managers,and other perioasin
B-ti-ii-ior.* authorifed to icll, and of
priz s in the Precincfs Market Heafe Lottery
of JJaltimore will b<- receivi-d in pay meet*
Dolls j
I Prize of - • 10,000
i 5,000
a - 3000 - - 4000
3- " 1000 - 3 goo
8 - 500 - 4000
15 - »oo . - 3000
3° " xoo - - 3 000
60 50 - 3,000
tio ao - - »,4oe
I 7°© - 10 - - - 7 000
' 5100 - 6 30,600
1 6040 Priz-s. . 7 J 000
' 11960 Blanks. Sum riHcd i -»-«-fi"B i 5.000
7 cipences, **
j 1 !1000 Tickets at five dollars each 90,0 c©
There are not two blanks to a priire. The
! prises will be paid, without deduction, at the
I end of fixty days bom the completion of the
j drawing • and fuch as may not be demanded
I within twelve months alter, will be confidered
!as g-ncrou* dor.ations to the objects of the
Lottery, the chief of which is the ere&ion of
a new psrfonagc houfe.
Ihe srft drawn ticket will be entitled to
500 do'lurs, and the lsft to aoco dollars, be
fl.'es which there arc feveral other ftationare
John Merry man, "i
Math Pringle,
James Carroll,
Lorman, , r
George Grundy, r>
Isaac Philips,
George Hoffman,
covert Hask'.ns, J
Baltimore, Nov. 12— Wawf
Governor of Maryland,
W H2RHAS the General Affembly of
Maryland did, by an act, pallid at November
fefiion, eighteea hundred and five, entitled!
" An act to redsce into one the fevora! acts of
rfTe-mbty, reflecting elections, and'to regulate
f*id ele&ions, direct, that the f-ovcrnor and
council after having received t-ie returns oC
dictions of members to represent this date!*
the Congrefs of the United States, Ihould
enumerate and afct ruin the number of votes
gi»en for each and every pcrfon voted fer as s
member to Congrefs sforef-»id
and (hall thereupon dtclarc, by proclamation,
tigned by the governor, the mine of the per
fon or perfons duly e'ected in each refpedtive*
diflrict : We, in putfuance of the directions of
the faid act, do, by this our proclamation)
declare, that by tbe returns made to ns it ap_
pears that John Camfbkll, efq. was ele&Mi
for the fird diftridt j Archibald Van Horn,
efq. was elected for the fecocd diftridt ; Phi
tir Barton Kit, efq. was elected for tho
third diftriiSt \ Roger Nelson, efquire, was
elected for the foarth diflrid-r. ; Nicholas
Ruxton Moore, and William M'Crkk
rt, efcruires, were elected for the fifth
diftridt, John Montoomkrt, efquire,
was elected for the uxth district; Bd
ward Lloyd, efq. was c!edc*d for the fe
venth diftricl.and Csarlss Ooi n -aoßowoHj
elq. was elected for the eighth diftridt.
Given in council, at the city of Annapo-J
lis, under the feal of the ftate of Ma-,
ryland, this tw-nty-Hfth day of Octo
ber, in the year of our Lord one
thoaund eight hundred and fix,
By the Governor,
Clerk of the council.
On ota id, That the foregoing proclamation
be pu'jliihea twice in each week, for tbe fpacc
of three weeks fuccefiively, in the Maryianil
Giaettc, at AnDapolis ; the Federal Gazette,
Telegrsphe, Evening Pcft, and the Ameri
can, at Baltimore; the Republican Advocate,
at Frederick town; Mr. Smith's paper, ac
Bafton 5 Mr. Grievcs's paper, at Hager'e
Town, and the National Intelligencer, at th*
city of Wafhington.
By order,
Clerk of the CeunchV
November 7~taw3w
1 __________>«_,
IVANAWAY from the fubferiber living in
Prince George's county on Sunday the 49th
inft. the three following flaves—-a mulatto
young resin who calls himfelf BILL STEW
ART', he was born at Montgomery court
houfe, wasoncc the property of Honore Martin,
was purebafed of him by the lste Rich. Contee
who fold him to mc ; he is a likely well made
fellow about si years of age, 5 feet ro inches
high, his bands and feet, are large; the evening
before he abfennded be had his haircut clofc;
he had with him a variety of clothing, via.
1 blue coat and overals, one light colored
bearikin coat ar.d overalls, 4 fwanfdown
waiftcMts, 3 Bne '•"'* linen mires and lome
1 coarfe fhirts, three muflin neckcloths, 0 fine
hat, price 7 dollars; he took away a prayer
bo k, in the firft page of which is written
Mary Duckat.
J. X who calls himfelf Joe Grimes, alias
Graham, and HARRY, both y'ung negro
•••en about »i year* of clothing of
rhcfi: cannot s>e defcribed. Joe has one of hie
I arms broken ne;.r the wrifl, which makes it
I longer, than the other ; when he is fpoken to he
l fpaaks fstf> as if his tongue wan too lirge for
u.h. Harry, lam informed, has feve
'■ vera! Urj*C fesrs on his Ivdy andoneofhia
: thighs occalior.ed by burns when he was
I youug.
ibove reward wiflboptid for confin'm**
j rhe ihr. c in jail, vr tc d dim for confining
Dili iv jail fount I get him again.
I w*ltz?r sown*.
July 7—aawst"

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