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On a liberal CTcdtt.
HPKS fubferiber will dlfpofe of it privat
JL fale, his edatc called Chichefkr, 1 *ln j
he eaftern branch, immediately . ppufi 1
Che c : ty of Wsibington. This trad of land
containing 697 acre? is laid off in lots from J
83 to 14A acres for the convenience of pur- j
chaiers. Piats ol the clrate and the terra* of
fals arc in the hands of eolone Hanfon at the
lUvy yard, and Chares Waym&a of George
lo—o The lota wiil be (hewn by Mr
Wedden, living on the premifes, near the
XaiUrn Branch bridge
Barnaby, nthjuue l€i>s—>tf
The. Public auk ukspvctfullt
informed that
Mc.Sf.mmks's Tavern, George-Tewn,
it's l Faosr'S Hotels, city of
F h I A HALF, i
Octhl I—tf
Aei- anu CROCKERY\
'~ .- Stork. I
•HpHT; UpWertbw refpeAfuHy informs tha I
Jt Inhabitants o! t.ic city of *■•
li. hasiate,
ohia, a . <•. ~i.t.
Grocery': t lquor« ,- ti . and • '
wire,—'that 1* tspudii with the ifftammia
from Baltimore, ; limply of th.. short artl«
iiai'fpcneft (lore oppofi.'e t!ie
LNO-, where h* flatter.
hi:* le' t.r. stcomtttodate
hi ii ii 1 ;ri no; 1 It and choie
i»it v V , ttpecially befli "v- ■ and
Liqaors, but oe as low terms as eifewhetc in
this vicini**.. ,
P. MAUHO, Profeflbr of iviulk, le/™ the
iab ' it-ut Ws feint* tod and <*corge town,
ta iccept o'- hip hearty thanks for the *-ncou
he b " been favored with, iatorm*
Irig them th.it he does not intend tod dine
his proi'efixe- . but ti at ft- r.ai-. continue as
for rtlj t - inftruoT on the Pianno Forte,
Cc s>u lln c ;;nd Guitnr
1 Ify, N'w 1 iber IO tf
HAS ju:> fupplie > id, fhep in F facet with a
to -pleat. aff#rt.tiiint of frefli
vicdicinea 8c Drugs,
a?i:ong whi h are 8] r.iacet; 6c Lmieed oils—
ado Paiats ot t,v L r enptiaa.
TViihington city, June ij—tf
Merchact Taylor
New Jersey Avenue, near the Capitol*
itSSPnCI FULLY infoims the gentiemen
of the dint of Columbia*, he hi* imj>orted
hy (hip Eiisa ANN lately arrived at t'.ii.s
A choice afiortmeni
Of Extra Superfine cloths, jennets Velvets,
and Cords, 'din meres, (ingle and double milled
Stftin cloths, iafluonable -pauifli Orleans and j
Toi.«nets. rich filk Moleskin velvets, filkand j
fattin Florentines, with a variety tf other J
articles fuital'-e for the feilon.
N. B La ; ; cs habits, rcgim»ntals and navy
un forms made in the firft file ot fafiiion.
Ri-hard (iarwe'ln celebrated patent paral* !
'lei Ship den, can be had on the lame terms I
as at his manuradkory.
November u—tf
IT i. by coofent of parties ordered by the I
court tba; the Auditor ftate ihe accounts of
Bliiaß Paid well. truUe- for the fai. of the'
reni cftite of Guft vus Scott, deceafed, as
alfo the accounts *ys,inft the faid eftate, and \
apportion the vffit* in hs\nd amoogft the
different rlahmnt* in proooition to their ref- j
pective claim', or among (uch of them as |
fh-ill exhibit their claiirs on or before the
15th dry < ' December next. It is further
ordered j Thai cl ■ I trustee caufe to
he paflished a of this oriler, at least
t'»k_ 1 week 0* three fuccosive weeks before
the ift day el D-c.-miicr licit., in the Nati 1
ontl Intelligencer, Washingt w Federalist aud |
some ol the Baltimore nevlpapers.
By Ord'r,
W-K.BREMt, Clk.
HAS removed his Office, to the lately
occupied by Mr. Law, on Capitol Hill.
Wau.tagton Tuly .6—tf
5° Dollars Reward.
A-V ANa W AY fro mth c s v bsc ribe r, on
the soth uk. mulatto JOB Joe is a ftout ]
well m;de dark mulatto fellow, 5 feety or jo I
inches high,' about ■scycr-i ... age* has fcvc- I
ral lar-je fears on his hands aud body. Id pi a
little. Had on and took with him, a toy.
fhirr. & trowfers, one pair pf nankeen ttowfers,
alio one old iurtout coat and old fur hat much
worn. J-.e can write a tolerable good hand,
fit has run away h.fore.when he was taken up
tt put in the l'redcriek town jail & fold out by
Gcor/e Cresger in _Boj. Any person tak
ing up (aid fellow, and him in any
jail io that I get him *%*:n, irull receive if
Within the county, so dollar•, and if out
»f tfee flats the above reward. If
home all rcafonable charges will be paid' by
the üblcribcr lining in Frederick county,
Md. near New Market.
N« B. I forewarn all perfons from harboring
er tarrying off laid fellow at their peril.
P. S. Joe ran off in company with a fellow
named Adam, aud they wen: both Lately ad
vert ed together ; fincc whitii
taken end fecurcd in the jail of York, (Pa )
Toe went in the fame dirc&lon, and wi.'l pro- j
baiij make or Philad- phia, and endeavor to I
g«-t 00 pcard fome veflcl and go to f«_>.
Sept. >**-;**■ I
1 OirEAl* GOODS. I
* • W. P *IRO, Seven Buildings, has re» |
ce'ved f W m Philadelphia and Baltimore, a
Large Affortment of DRY GOODS, which
I hcwi.lfcll wnufual y low.
Alfo London iIANO FORTH 3.
Liquors and Groceries of a fuperior quality.
November 7—tMar.3
M HI lahferlbarr takea thii method of
thanking his friends and the public for their
favors whilft on the Capitol Square and begs
leave to acquaint them that be has taken the
Sfiacious Hotel .ately erected by Air.
Carroll, near th© Capitol. The hotel
being abore one hundred feet in front, a.)d j
containing fifty rooms enables the fubferiber
to offer every accommodation v- memkers of !
Congrefs and travellers which can be cxpc&cd j
in a public houfc.
Wf.fhington City, March *t—.tf
N. 8.-~P. D. ». will rent the houfe lately i
ecuoied by him on the adjoining fquire,
I The Subicribers uike this me- i
! thod of rcquv-fti.ig DAVIB DUNCAN late I
: Collector of the if Macninac, co remit j
Ue month of March re«t ■
I th. amount of their bond to the United i
Btat«*,as judgment hath bean obtained ig.iaft I
theai on faid bond.
j Detroit November io—in
" Just published,
And for Sate at /• Rapines Book
Store, Capitol
j Oru; nal Anecdotes of Frcdarkk the Great,'
X r.g of Piufi-i, and of his family, his i
court, his tniatftcrg, his academies, and his
literary fr;;od*-~ co.hcl-d during a familiar
interceuife of twenty years with thst
pr aea : traefiited from the French of D.
•!ir'*BA*Ji.T, Profcflcr of Belies Lettres
i-i Br.e r« .1 academy of Berlin—in a vols,
price 4 no' ts
F»w works '-nve hern r r c'ented to the pub
lic fo juuly efitemed io Europe and America
ns this. < ht author has deh'acatcd the charac
ter ■>> th;s g'.at man in « manner so ingeni
-1 ODsly that »• person c-.n read it without feel
ing a •*ratification which few works are cal
culated to produce in a similar degree.
Also just Rtccived,
The lif.* and pontificate of Leo. toth— 4 vols.
Ch»ruock's me «o:rs of Lord WcJsoa.
Moore's ipiftUs,. ode«, an I other poems.
Ssott's La* of the laft Minftrel, a poem.
R Has alwaye on hand an estctfiva
affottment of hoik* in every class of litera
ture and Icicnce, which he will fell at reafon
ab'e prices.
Monday 17—-3 w
A healthy negro woman under 30 years of
age, with two healthy children. For parti
<u a* -1 )> ; ; •■tl . printer.
Ist Nov. ißc6—uptf
T —
A. Hl*. Subscribers have opened for
! the entertainment of travellers, members of
| Congrefs, families, Ac. rcforti g to the teat
jof government, the houfes occupied for feve
Mr. P D. Stklls, immediately
; easiof the Capitol, to which they R.sracT
| *u__v invite ths public.
Ihe premifes are well known as large and
j convenient, arc provided with new b,<* B and
i furniture and the beft wioes and liquors, fta
-1 bics iorjo horlts, with carrigo houtes, Ac.
Nov. ■* tf.
WBNTY Hogglheads of good Brown
Pagar which he will fell at a low price a few
I calks of the heft winter >" rained L»__p oil, i
j Win-low Oiafs of different fix-a, Japan, Copal |
& other varnifhe/, gUsiers Diamonds, Ruffian
Cue, Sat Pttre, Paptr Kangirgs, laylors
| patent liquid 3hoe Hacking in jugs at .5 cenu
each, and his ufua» extenfive pflbrrment of
I DRUGGS & MIDICJNBiI, patuit Mcdi- j
1 r.i»a*, Surgeons Infiruments, Oil and Paints, )
■ Die Stud's, Spices, &c. all of which have
been purchafi d for cafli, he can therefore fell !
many articles uncommonly cheap by thequan- j
November 19—tawrji
Has Imported by the latest arrivals
from London isr Liverpool,
FfrxY-KittHT Packages
Which sre d„ire<ft from the bei!. manufactories,
and will be loid lower by the wholel.le ©r
retail, tbin can be afforded by any o*h**r
j houfe here, (being the oidy importer ol Day
I Goods; —among them are.
3 bales of fine cloths, cafimet«s and cords,
l» do fecoud cloths, coatings. ladies
cloths, ntpp'd, hJ2c, Plains and Ken
dal cottons,
8 hales role and dt._Be blankets and ruggs,
4 cafes Mnncheftry, BflttOets cords, dimities,
furnituros and cotton iii'rting-,
6 cales finehata, and unebrelUs,
6 trunks, filk, cotton, and worfted hofie-y,
i trunk upholflers, ?nd hattera trimmings,
5 .ales kuives and forks, rrzors, fine cut- !
Icrv, faddlery.aud tufliionable buttons,
5 hales fiinnel*, ih.fc, ferges and baixci,
i foo lb Loudon fcine twine,
a bales carpets and carpeting,
3 cafes Irifh linens, Hirelings, "S
long lawns, table cloths, & C Cheap,
■iispers. j
Silks, tniiflins, chiut.es and calicoes,
Felices, pelice, velvets, lace fhadea, & Ihawls,
Spider net, and pick net, lace flccves _ik! ,
Fancy muflifi drcffe9, drapery, gauze and ;
And many other articles, which will be fold j
low, for eaib, or to punctual perfons only, i
i George i own, Nov, xo—iawara
I AA.AS received from Philadelphia and Bal
timore, and /or fale by
Ma. BftEtfttß, next door above Mr. Ilifilt
Rivgsftore on Bridge Greet,
A General aflbrtment of Fall k
Fancy Gords of the lateft i uportat.ion«, and
will receive a further lupply in a (tw days,
j all of which have been purchafed on the heft
I terms for calh, and will be fold very low. J
George Town, Oclober 15 — tawam
,] A ROPOSALS for opening, bridging and
improving the road laid rut undtr the direc
, Hon of the Secretary ht *? ar. between Nafli
ville in Venneffee and Grindftone Ford on
Pierre river in the Miflillippi territory, will
be received at the General Poft Oflice until
the 15th day of December next.
For the convenience of contractors the road
I will be divided into three parti, and fcparate
propofals received for esch.
Rrll. From Nalhviile to the Ttnneflee j
river, nt miles
a. From Tanneffce river to Loonachbto
creek, a branch of the 3ig Black river, 113
j 3 From Loocachitta creek to Grindftone I
' Ford, 155 miles. j
j Fote I- The road is to be cleared of all tree
. logs and brulh, twelve feet in width and )
made paffabe for a waggon. All ilrenms 1
not over forty feet wide are to be bridged, j
and the bank* of other ftreama are to be '
fticved or Hoped down fo that they may be
paflable far a waggon.
Note a. The bridges are to be twelve feet
broad fuppor.'ed by proper ahnemtnta, the
bridge part to be compoled ol four pieces of
timber not lefstlif n to inches in diameter at the
fmallcft end, acd covered with halved logs
whofe original diameter was not not Ufa than
j S inches, the piers or fapporti ef the bridge
not to he mere than twenty feet apart
Note 3. Borne parts of the road will require
caufcwaying.thcle will be pr.intad out by the
P«ft Mafttr General's agent The caufewaying
is to be done with logs, 10 feet in length and
not lefs than 6 nor ov«r 9 inches in diame'tr,
earth is to be thrown upon them to render
them paulble, and where the places to be
eauJswayeJ are fuhject to be overflowed the
caufeway is to have a rider on eacfc fid«i keyed
down by forked takes or ftonesand gravel.
Note 4. It is fuppofed that tharo is abeady
a cleared waggon path on fome part ef th«
diftance, no clearing is to be done where that
is the caf«. The work is to be completed by the
firft da; of OSober 1307. Reafonablc ad
vuues will be made at the comrusnetment oi
the work, and the balance paid as loon as
the work is compleated. Mr. R. J.
Meigs, and Mr. Yhot»as Wright are to de
cide whtther it be executed conformable to
Note 5. The propofals lhould ftate the
price by the mile for clearing, the price by th«
yard in length for caiiewaying, the price by
the foot in length for the bridge work, and the
price by the cu*U yard for doping or fliclvitig
thobaiiks ol watcreourfe*.
Potua&ar gancr.il,
Sept. t,c~-tawtPij
of st. paul's parish, Baltimore.
I"-«I Manager* of this Lottery intend t«
■ commence the drawing on the firft
Tuefday in December, and to draw 1000
tickets every week, till it be completed.
Tickets may be had, till the drawing com
mence,at the original price of Five Datum,
J of either of the Managers, and other perioiuin
Baltimore authoiifed to fell, and of
j priz s in the Prccincl. Market Heufe Lottery
I of Baltimore will b* received in payment.
1 Prize of • _ 10x00
1 5,000
a - 2000 • - 4,000
3 " xooo - 3 oco
8 - 500 - 4 000
M - »oo • - j.eoo
3° • 100 - - 3 000
60 S° "■ • - 3,000
I*° - 90 I a,400
7°o - 10 . 7,000
5100 - 6 30.600
{ 6040 Prizes. . - - 75000
■ 11960 Blanks. Sumr *te* Icclodln S_,. oco
expences, 3 uuo
i.ooo Tickets st five dollars each 90,000
: There art* not two blanks to 3 prize. The
j prisea will be paid, without deuutftion, at the
' end «f fixty <kys bom the completion of the
drawing 1 and fuch as may not be demanded
I within tWdta anontns a f ttr, will be confldered
SS generoii donations to the objects ef the
Lottery, the chief of which is the ere&ion of
a new parfonege houfe.
Ihe fir., drawn ticket will be entitled to
500 doll-rs, and the laft to aooo dollars be
fi*e» which there are feveral other ftationary
John Merry man, ")
Mark P ing(e, I
James Cur roll,
William Lorman, \, r
Vcorge Grundy,
Isaac Philips,
George Hoffman, J
Gsvert Haskins,
Baltimore, Nov. 12—-2owf/
! PROPOSALS will be received
j Norfo'kur.tii toe firft day of 1 'ebruary next,
J forlecuring the bank at imith'i Point on the i
Potomac from working away by the high
tides, gale* -5 w*nds sn./ rnins It it prefumed
Ino perfon wJI contract without viewing the
place, a wall not* ft and s or, the fhore, ail J t
| between it anJ the bank will be required to I
jbe filled up with dope, Wood-, or oyfter I
j (hells and day, or marfh mud, With the grafs !
I therean ; not more than three feet c' I
I pines fur filing will bcadm : tted at the bo
loi the wall, and bank, the r«ft muft be h led
i with the aboye-mentiooed m .tena's. A p*w,-.
j meet of about twenty net will all*, be required
I arouad the Light Houfe, of ftone or bric„s,
jor fillc-1 up with oyfter ihells, el at le>Q; one
J foot deep mixed with clay or marfii mud.
i ROMAS NEWTON, Collector.
November 24—tF
r.r u:s rxcELLF.Ncr \
Governor of Maryland-^
W the Oencal /JTemMy of
Maryland did, by an act, paflsd at Nov:rnher
feffion, eighteen hundred and five, entitled
" Afl »<ft to reduce into one the fevtral acls of
, afTVmbly, rrfpeft.i g elections, aud to regulare
! f<dd e'refions, dirccV that the governor and
; council r.fter having rectb'ed the returns of
elections of memkers to represent this ftate io
the Congrefs oi the United States, fhouid
enumerate and afecrtain the number of votes
gi«en for each and every perlon voted fcr as a
member to Congrefs aforclsid rcfpc&ively,
and fhall thereupon daclare, by proclamation,
figned by ihe governor, the name of the per
lon or perfons duly elected in each refpeclive i
dillrict: We, in purfuanre of the directions of
the f.iid act, do, by this our proclamation,
declare, that by the returns made to us it ap
j pears that John Campbell, efq. was cleft*d
tor thefirft diftrict ; aichibai.d Van Horn,
i efq. was elected (or the fecoid diftdiSr. ; Pui
lip Barton Kit, efq. was elected for the
! third diftrict, Roger Nelson, efquire, was
i elected for the fourth diflrict ; J"ichola»
| Ruxtjn Moore, and William M'C'reb-
I rt, cfquircs. were ale.ctcd for the fifth
cit+rict, John Montgomery, enquire,
1 was elected for the fixth diftri<H; *u
w.rd Llovo, efq was «lecl*.d for the te
j vet.th diftrict, and Charlis Oold*borouoh,
efq. was elected for the eighth dittnct.
Oivm in council, atths city of Annapo
lis, undsr the fcal of the ftate of Ma.
ryland, this tw nty-fifth day of Octo
ber, in the year of our Lord one
thouland eight hundred and fix,
By the Governor,
NINIAN Pinknet,
Clerk of the council.
Oubf.s ep, That the foregoing proc'.atmtioft
j be pu.dtlhed twice in each week, for the fpace
ot toree weeks fncccflively, in the Miry and
Gazette, at Annapolis ; the Federal Gaaette,
Telegraphe, Evening Peft, and the Ameri
can, at Baltimore; the Republics:* .Advocate,
at Frederick to^n; Mr, Smith's paptr, at
Ballon ; Mr. Gricvcs's paper, at Hagcr's
Town, and the National Intelligencer, at the
city of Washington.
By order,
Clerk ol the Council.
November 7—taw»w
K. ANA WAY from the fuWcriber living In
Prince George's coanty on Sunday the ao*h
inft. the three following flaves—a mulatto
young man who calls hiaifclf BILL BTKW
ART, he was born at Montgomery court
houfe, wasonce the property of Honore Martin,
was purchafed of him by the late Rich. Coatee
who Ibid him to me ; he is a likely well made
fellow about at years ef age, 5 feet ro inches
hiyrh, his hands and feet arc large; the evening
before he ahfeended he had his haircut clofe*
he had with him a variety of clothing, viz.
1 blue coat and overala, one light colored
betrflcin coat ar.d overalls, a fwanfdown j
wailkoats, _. fine Ififli linen fiiirts and lome |
ccaric lhirts, three aaillin neckcloths, a fine i
hat, price 7 dollars; he took away a prayer
bo.k, in the firft »f which is written
Mary Ducket.
JOl who calls himfelf Joe Grimes, alias
Graham, and HARRY, both yjung negro
men about si years of age—the clothing'of
thefe cannot ac dekri bed Joe has one of hi*
arms broken near the wrift, which makes it
longer than the ether; when he is fpoken to he
fpesks fafi as if his fcengae was too large for
hit mouth. Harry, lam infarmed, has feve
vera' large fears on his body and one of his
thighs occasioned by burns when he was
The ab'<-e reward will be-p-id for confining
the three in jail, or 50 dollars for confining
Bill in jail folhat I get him again.
July 7 —aawtf
I have for SALE on board a
Vbuxl at BARRY'J WHARF near the
Wavy Yard, Fifty Tons of
Which will be fold low if taken from alone
fidc. v B
November 24—St
*'■ ' —__
R HE crtditors of Uriah Forrcft late de
ceafed, whofe claims liave arifeu fince his
bankruptcy, are rcquefted to meet at ten
0 clork 00 the firft Monday in December next j
at Mr JC.yN tffi c in George Town, at '
which time a payment of the aifets in hand !
wi'l take place, amoDgft the claims legally
authenticated—thofe who do rot attend, or
who have not exhibited their claims, will be
PHILIP B. KEY, Attorney
for the Executrix.
Novemher _-—taw4w
For Sale.
I Crnte of Liverpool Earthen ware wall j
x Cafe of Shoes and Booots.
1 Cafe oi bottled London particular Msdei- i
ri Wine, Martinique Noyau and Catchy*
I Small bale of C.ffia. i
3 Casks of Catalonia and Vidonis Wine.
4 *"a*Jrsof fhi'i Powder.
4 Boxe* of B:ftr>n Chocolace.
t Chcit of irefh Hyfon Tea.
Reccive-d on coi fi tnment and to be fo'd \
. immediately far C_fh or gr-od notes at 6o
Who has lor tale.
j Bed Spermaceti randis-i and oil of the v«r
firl*. m nufiijtufc of the United States.
Alto on hand as ufiial,
1 A choice 11 c' oi (food o'd Mcdeira Vine, I
Baecelloea, flu -ry, PortiCiarat, Lisbon and o- J
ther *i»cs Co-.i.ee, .-"oiriei'Uj ;.r><) Vir
• P tvdj, Jamaica Spirit, Holland Gin, :
Bount-c "Wra iy &c. Fr«fh Teas, Porwr,
Ale. Ac .v Wiiich will be warr-ntei
rind so d at the most reduced prices by whole
i fale and retail,
•eorgctovra, Nov. 18 tf
I Has for Sale at his hrug St:ore near
the Navy Tori,
iso boxes window glafs, % by to, and iq by
ts bo*"« firft quality Span.* feparg,
io bofes co Anierici.i do-
Spermaceti ami linfecd oil and a large
affftrtmentof Drugs ajd Paints,
wafliincfton. Nov. c—ew
JUST received by the ship WILLIAM
MURDOCH direct from Amsterdam.
; 10 Pipks of the best Holland Giif,
for s lie by
W. & C. SMITH.
Georgetown, Nov. 17 —towSw
By his excellency ROBE V TBQ WIE
Governor of Muriland.
Wh kreas it has been st ited to me, by
I by the petition of number of respectable
I persons, inhabitants of Pr.wce George's
I county, that a MURDER hath been
j committed on the person qfCIiAIILES
j NEVITT, junior, late ol Prince Gebr
, ge's county—by a certain hegro mam
; (slave of Basil Soper,) called WALL*
who hath sine absconded and fled from
• justice. And. whereas, it is the duty of
i the Executive to guard as much as may
j be against the commission of such enor*
mi ties, and to bring s».ch offenders a
gainst the laws and peace of society to
justice, I have therefore thought propei*
to issue this my Proclamation, and do«
by and with the advice and consent of
the Council, offer a of One Hun
dred Dollars to arty person or pcrsnns
who shall apprehend and secure the said
negro WALL, in anvjiil in the United
states, so that he be brought to jus<*
Given in Council, at the city ot
Annapolis, under the Seal of
the state of Maryland, thie
sixth day ot September, in thss
year of our Lord, owe thousand
eight hundred and six.
By kts Excellency's commend.
Clerk of the Coum il.
Ordered, That the foregoing Proc
lamation be published once in each week.
until countermanded) in the Maryland
Gazette, at Annapolis; the Federal,
Gazette and Evening Post, at Balti
more ; the Frederick-town Advocate,,
and in the National Intelligencer, at the
City of Washington.
By order,
Nivrin Pinkxkt,
Clerk of the Council.
Sept. 22—wtf;
INpurfuance of an order from.
the Orphans Court of Pnn:e Keorge's c#. _h©
fubfcriher will offer for fule, on the Bth day
of December it the dwelling place of John.
j Hughs late of faid a unty deceafed, (near
Magruder's ferry) all the perfonal eftate of the
I faid deceafed, confifting of Horfca, Cat
i tie, Hogs, Hf»u(ehold Farniture, and
Plantation Utcntils The Terms of
f.de will be a credit of fix mnntfl«, the pur
chaftr, or jnirchafers g vmg bond with ap
proved fecurity. Sale to commence at t£
o'clock. The fubfcriher morever gives notice
, to all perfons hating claims againft the eftate
|of f*M Hughe, to exhibit the fame with the
j vouchers thereof i And ail psrfons indebted tc*
the faid eftate are rcqueftedtomake immedi*:
ate p_yra«nt to
of John Hughs.
November 17— wjt
Twenty Dollars Reward.
▼ » ILL be given for apprehending an£
fec«nng in jail a young Mulatto mas Have
named ANDRE*'. He was hired by ma
laft year to Mr. Jofeph Thomas who keep*
the le ferry to Alexandria, and abfcondedl
from chat place about the latter end of Augufc
laft. He is about 13 years of age, j foet Boe
9 inchss high, lufty and well made, h* Iborß
curly hair, mid is frequently fttbjeA to have
feverallarge pimples on his face. He is recfc
oned to be a fenfiblc fellow of an eafy agreed
able addrefs for a man in his low fphere of
life As he has not been heard of by ma
fince his elopement, I fufpe<s. he has had the*
addrcfs to (hip himfelf as a freeman on board
( fome veffei e-ther at Alexandria or Baltimares
Whoever takes him up and fecures him am
! jail r_«U receive from me the above reward,or
I as foondue information thereof is given to mo
!or to Dr. N. P- Canfin at Port Tobacco.
j Maryland Charles County,
January 19—-vtf
— .
By Saint Mary's County Court.
August Term, 18C6.
MFRBAS the commiftloners appointed!
on the petition of Satruel Grcenwell praying
\ that a commifllon might iffue to afcertam
whether the real eftate of Martin French late
lof «t. Mary's county deceafed wou'd admit
|of divifl >n without injury or lofs to the
Parties concerned, having made a return ftat-
J ing that on examination of the preanifes adivi
j fion would be prejudicial to the parties. And
j wln.rcas ail tbc reprefertatives of faid French
! having been fummoned *.«> appear in the county
: court sforef„)d, to fhew c.ufo why the return
not be confirmed, exc«pt
; James French, Raphael French, John French
and Hlcanor French who it is reprefrmed
rtfidc cut of this ftate to wit, in the ftate of
Kentucky, 'tis thert upon ordered that the
faid Tames French. >*;>phael French John
French and JS'ea or French appear before the
faid county court to be held at Leotard town
"i Saint Marr's county aiorelaid on the first
! Monday in March next to (hew caufe if any
j thoy h*-ve, why the aforef-id return (hou'd not "
jha confirmed and that notice be given to the
j f-.id James French, Raphae' French, John
i French and Blctnor French, by a publication
lof this order :n thcNational Intelligencer once
in each w«ek for four weaks fucccfllvely three
s.on.hs before tiie firft diy of March next.
Tcfie JOmBFH HARRIj, cfc.
November ax—W4t

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