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The national intelligencer and Washington advertiser. [volume] (Washington City [D.C.]) 1800-1810, January 19, 1807, Image 4

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villt) N. C
L re Columbia c - ex ;
V arrive at Aihviil. i
by'Sjpw. Afn-I
viiieeVciy Friday at 4 a m cJJ* arrive at i
!-ay by 10 a m. |
lia, by MitrfviUe, |
Salem cj?'Kb(j-f> I
ince a week. Leave j
. very Monday at f3 a m and I
.1 Wednefday
jr. 1.-'■'— Vv'tVltown cvt-iy Thuri
, £$*strive «t Columbia on
by 6 p m.
09. F.otn Monks Corser, or the
, '..' k on bant.:- Canal, Pjmivihe !x
ferry/i to Kingftree oi ■>. < a
Leave Monk* Corner •
Thurfday a* 6 a m Sc ;irnyr ?.t X
ti-1 •.. Le%vc '■•
6 a nt 8c at C-ji
ncr by f. p i
100, Fr;>m O- ni'»
br- i '•, T c■- !
feat CAuup j
,6 p in. L avc
•vtiy Monday at 6 a tn 8c j
ja'j ferry on Wednefday
by 6 p m.
101. From Cnrmien, by Columbia,
i Au
guila 6nce v ek. Lta*" Ca
y at 5 a in Sc arrive at Colu
. L-"avc it at S p m&
dgefield c h on Saturday ly 10 a in.
■ <rt at 11 a rtl Sc
Augufta by 6 o m. Returning. Leavr
I a fvery Tucfday a< 4 a ..i -iriv;
■ \ I p in. -re at J
3 v m arrive sft Columbia on Tbi
at 9ani& ar i
rive at Camden by 8 pm.
\'X2. From E C h by Amos
Richarri'ons. Cambridge, Sou l
■ vole c h Sc Rocky Jmr, to
dleton cli one* i *•.; k. Lea'c Edge-
Meld c h every S.jtm iay at 2 pm Sc ar
j; al Pc leton eh every Tuefd
I ye P die on c h very
"Wednefday oy «> ,t in & a..ive I Ed i
field c h the nekt Saturday by 10 a
103. Frcm Coofawhatchie, by Black
Swampy Lower 3 Run*, Sc Upper 3
,t Augulift,ooce a we*k. Lave
«-vr.-ry Sunday at 6am Star,
rive at Coofawhatchie on I i
by 4p m. Leave Co9fawhatcl)ie every
'Iliurfd •■:«/ at-4 am &c arriva at Augulta
on Saturday by 4 p ir..
104. From Pbcotattgo to Bcaufcrt
twice a week. Leave Pocetatigo every I
Tueluav Sc Saturday,at 1/ito 8c arrive
at Beaufort by 7 p nt. Beau
fort every Tutfday & Saturday at
5 am. and arrive at Poco.taligo by 10
U M.
liSf r A.
105. Fj on Augnfbi. tiy Little Di
ver, Lincoln c b Peterfburg 8c Filbcr
ton, to Franklin c h once f.-s-.-k. Lra^.:
kn'ti 'very Thurlday noon Sc anive
at Augtitta on Saturday by 5p m.
Lea every Sunday at Ba.ii
6 arrive at i'ranklin cb on Tueiday
by noon,
106. From the Hiph Shoals, of
"* rivor, by Coweta, Point
Plea fan t or Tuckabatchce, & Alabama
river, to Fort Stoddert bnce a week.
Leav: the High Shoales, every Saturday
at 2 /> m Sc arrive at Fort Stoddert the
next Friday by 6p m. Leave Fort
Stoddert every Sunday at 4a at 8c ai
rive at High Shoals the neat Saturday
by l a m.
107. From Auguft?, by Columbia eh
to Washington ence a we»-k. Leave
Augtiila tvery Sunday at 3pm 8c ar
rive at Wafliingtoa on Monday, by 4
pm. Leave W tifaiogton «-v« y Tuef
diyatß a m Dc arrive at AugufU on
We-elday by !orr m.
108. From Walhington, by Burri f, s,
Lexington, A then*, Watkinaviilr, and
Clark four ,' to Ja< kfon c h once ;i v> ek. '
Leav: Walhington every Tueiday it 8
arrivr 6t Ja kfo; c!i on Wed
nesuay by 6 p m* Leave Jackfon c h ,
every Sunday at 6 a m ts* arrive at
Wafhington-On Monday by 4 p m.
109. From Wabhington b/ Cr<-ent
boro*, Powtlton, Richardfonvill', Sparta,
Georgetown & Warrenton to Louis
ville ortCe a week. Leave WaHi
every Tuefcny da w. &' mrtvc nt
Louisville on Fi'»d;y by 11 a in. Leave
LcuifvilJe every Friday at 3 p m k ar
rive at Waflnngton on Monday by 5
p m«
110. From Louifvi!!e,by Spurid'-'fviile,
ty Fort Wilkinfon to MUI once
a week'; Leave Lou svillr evciy Friday
at 4 p m c 3* arrive at Mil- dgeville ort
S"3turd-riy by 4 pm. Leave Milhd :
villc every Thurfday at 6 a m iff ■
at Louisvilla on Fncay by 10 a
111. From Riceboro,'by For t James,
10Tattnall eh tn" from Ricebqro', to j
Sunbary once a week. Leave Rtceboro', j
cv.?iy Vv'ednefday at 11 am is" arrive
at Sunbuiy by 1 pm» Leave Sunbury
every VVednei'day at 4 p vi & aniv at
Tattnall c b on Friday by 6 p nt. Leavr
Tattnall c h every Saturday at 6 a m &
cat Riccboro' on Sunday y 6 p. I
113. Fro M Fort Stoddert M. T. to
I WteV. LeXYe
• ;ic every Saturday at 4 « n> £5*
■: ut New <)iie:?ii)» the next i v.
|-ov 4 pm. Leave New Orleans every j
y lit 3a m C 1" arltve At I
i Orleans tl v by ( p m.
113. From Oretvslie by Prtwellf.j
I valley, Crambo land Gap, Batkeriville,
j artd Racoon Soring, to the Road Forks
!or Haale Patch in Kentucky once a
I week* 1 enve Oritivilie every Tv
jat3p m &. arrive at Hazle patch on
I Thmfday by 6 p m. Lcrve H;zle
i patch every Friday at 6 a m£c arrive at
OrefyilU on by 9 a v,.
111. From BlountfviHe by MaiTin
. Elizabeth town, Joni
Greenville, Cheak* Groi« roads Sc Dan
e to Knoxvilb. once a wrr.k. Leave
Blonntfville <-very Friday nt 2 p m St
anive r.t Kacxville on Mood»y by 11
b »i. Leave Kooxvilte every M
at I prr at Blountlville ou
Tl urfday i> ■ i I am.
115. From Orefville by Cb aks
Crofs roads to Newport 0»c« a werk.
fville every Sunday at noon
iSs arrive at Nc rpdrt ay by
m. Li ay« Newp r every
j day at 2 ptn Si arrive at Oelville on
1 16. Fro/.. X j-villr toP
Cant nr Tuck o cc in
weeks* !.■ v.. X • xvdle every •
Iri y at 4 0 t* ft ''
I• . I ,',.,; .v by 6/) » L. v■
I every other i atfday t
j 6 a mSc ;.r.:v. at X loxville th* hex
F iay by 6p m.
1 17. From Kooxvillr. to Maty I \
one» awr V.. Le I li« v- >
Monday at 2 S ■ St erflva :it M \
viil« y 7 m« I- fvHle fey*«
r, M ~?y at Ten it ai vi « Xi X
oy 11 am.
118. From K-ioXviUe by Ci p»
jb- li. "j r:• . !v BI ickbui
j Springs, Fort Btour.r DiXD.Bi
Craig Font, Gallatin and Henderfon
ville to Na cc a week* L*av'
Kioxv !'.' fvg fat 2 / W I
pv urfday by 7 /.
tn. Returning. Leave N&ffiviil <-v ••
ry Fid 4a>» be rrive rt r Knoy
villc 10 a m
119. Fr«tti Sprijtffitld i.y Pott
Rcy&l and CiarkCviiie to Pa. ryra once a
week. Leave Spnngfield every P
at 5 a m cV arrive at P*lniyi
m. Lsave Palmyra every fbtirfd
6 a m Sc arrive at Springfield by 5 p
120. From Dixonj Spring* by L?~
ban«n Sc Rutherford c h to Nashville
once in two wevks. " Leave Dixoi '*
Springe every other Thurfclay a. 6 am
•; St arrive-ut Nalhville on Friday by 4 p
ni. Leave N fhvillr. evy other Satur
day at 5 a m St. arrive at Dixon':!
Spring* on Sunday by r» r> "i.
121. From Lexington by Nicholaf
villi*, Richmond, Woods 8t Metcalfe
to Ht'aie patch once a week. Lrave
Lexington every Wednefday at 6 a m
iff ai rive ex H.izle patch on Thurfday
by 6 p ni. Leave Hade patch cvtry
Friday at 6 a m t?* arrive at Lexington
on Saturday by 6 pm.
122. From Danville by Larr.fhi,
i Stanford Uf C<-dj Orchard to 1
patch once a week. Leave DanvUie
every Wednefday noon Ltf ariiv; v lia
zlc patch on Thurlday by 6 p m.
Leave PlazI:; patch every Friday at 6 a
m & arrive at Danville on Saturday by
noon. >.
1. T',r Pofl -.Pfal mr,y ex»
peditc th*: main Si alter th»* tirn<
arrival 8c departure at any fime dur-ng
th: coucinuanci of the contra Ai, he fti
pulat'mi» an te c< mpejariWtion 1 »t
any t xtri expend that i
lioned thtreby.
3. Fifteen minutes fli-ll be allowed i
for opfniiig 5c clolinrr the mail* at all j
oii'irs wbeie no particular time is fpeoi- ■
3. For every thirty minute? dd y ;
J (unavoidable accidents excepted) i
riving after the time prefcribad iri any j
contract, tfaaxontra&i r shall f.»feitone J
t do I.ir ;&c if the delay continues
the departure of any depeodii g mail, i
mail* defliivd for fttch
depending mail lofe i tnp. an ad
dttional forfeiture of five dollars tha]
be incurred.
4. Newsm.pe s aj well as lettr %
are to br lent in 'lit- mail ; Sk. if' any
pfr;m maki g piopcfals, d- lins to c rty ,
newfpapert, other than thole conveyed |
IS !, for his own t m lv ien ,
In* rim il it i his propoiaU for what j
in in be will carry with-the emolument,
8c for what lum without that emolu
5. Shculd any perfon making pv l
Cats defir* an alteration f ha tim-s f
arriva' 8t depar ure above fprcified, he
mufl ftsti in Wi prripofaji the al en ti •■•
defir d Sc the difference they will make
jin the trrms of th
6. Perfooi making propolali zr" d-- j
f Mate their price* by the pea j I
T:u;f. wh. contract will rtoeive
pay quarterly in the month* of A.
N v mbr, February 8t M y> in ne
m nth altei the expiration oi eachqta:-
I te '
7. No oth, r th-m a r ree white p»rfon
' be emploj rd to convey be maH<
8. When the propofer intend* to con*
vty \fa WIII in of a ftagl car-1
ti.gey hs is deli red to ftate it in his;
<?. ThePoft maflfT general refer vet
jto himfelf the right ol declaring asy
' rjdntrsfl at an end whenever thr*e fail.
. ures happen, which an'otint to the Lois
lof 1 trip each*
10. The contrafte for the shove
routes ;ire to be iv operation on the fi st |
d<iy of April next, St arc to continue in
force for two ye-rs.
Post Master General*
General PoO Office,
Washington Crty, Nov. 13,1806.1
D»c B—lawt2lJ»n.
TI7ILL be sold at the bouse lately 00 !
»V cn'i'.'d by Henry Schnibley near
the i CWcr 1 ridge an H.ock Creek, ou MOll- \
day the itf* l inft.
Sale to commence at il o'clock. Terms
i of Sale cafh.
JOB IT, -Trustee.
T, Aver. j
Wafttlapton jins ■. t , i
%* The sale <, t <c ■/■'■ erty !
Likenesses kw&r<i
H ' (ul •' ■ ilicr has f. c honor 1 11
. the ladies and n of the citl
■nd ft orjretown', that he his
taken ro m* at - rtl, lor the pur
p.vr ot taking ikincffer. He think* proper
in ••:''a to prevent difappoint*
9 ent, thai hie ftiy in this city will be t,ul
eight days Irom the date.
Wafting on rati | in. r8 *--~t
AI L perfons having bufineta with the
. riberare requeued to apply to him
before Friday nest, at Mr. -liot» houfe, .it
Q.eenleaft Point.
January »», 1 807 t
1 Ui i ION.
TEACHRR of experience who is
weP wnh the *,3tin, Greek,
b< and Eng c, and h
>yo to aay part of the country,
will be heart of by applying to the Rev
1 i.l.it) " at tin \caue:.ty on the Capitol
January ia»-3t
|"\URIN6 -.he cntuiiig your the Rev
*-* G. H DISVRNISh will returns
purfue the profefiional ioftrutltion ot youth
ai tic BW*iT SPRING
hmeft of the fituat»on, the chcapneis ol
boarding, the total exciulion from every op
portunity or incitement to dii&pation, an
Ur advantage it enjoys »t being \ifiteii
by a number of literary chnra-.fters, c-.
of inlpcfting and fuperintending ita manage,
ment; render this the moll eligible
fituations in Virginia for an iotlitutiou oi this
nature, and are auiong the principal reaions
which have int need him to make choice ot
this moll delightful and advantageous place,
us the feat 0; bis iemhvary.
Hiscoutle 01 iiiiiri'&ioti will be divifihlc
into two parts] the firft part wi I cotnpre
hend Eng lib (grammar, Oeogra. by with the
u«c of the terrsriiai globe aid in. Ps, Elotutu.li
Arithmetic, Book keeping, Muclidj fcleuaeat*
The grearett attention will alfo bt« pi
the Dead Languages, whtrc i. n...< le tn.
desire of parents or guardian»~ the (econc
part will comprehend Login, Folitica* econo
my, Hiftory, Goaipoiition atui Btbics.
his molt anxious wifb that a majority ol hit
s may be competed ot ."ny* from nine to
fifteen years ol a ? «, who win be continUi
under his direction until they lba.ll c. m
the coi
Uih • :umftance« be flatters him.
feli, th At h w.Hi.d be in bit power t" render
permanent lubltantrai fcrvcer. and to
iofeire his pupi's with a love of virtue,
knowledge, and a prcduee'tmi. for manly, iilc
lv', and honorable leritinxrit., and puriuiu,
w icb would 11 textrta predemin ,ntinfluence
over their tuture happi&eft and uletutnef* in
life. He wifke* to recede :rom ao to 2.t
pupil*. lin charge lor tuition will be 10
Botuu p<r quarter paid in atrrante, lor
bsy* vi ;'.'.■ ij ycirs ot and a dollars
an<i a h»i pc. quarter in advance; *or boys
J over that age.
1 lis charge board, wefi-ir-g, candles and
} fire (the reesol tuition not included) will be
j ao dollars per quarter paih in ahvance, lor
j b<>yn under tj y :rs 01 age, ami in 1 dollh.
'pei quarter p» v in advance, tor boys alter
•-. ! earner muft furinfli
m's CVfi bed, er tie lubjeiflcd toanaddi.
tional ch?t£C of 7 dolls, per annum,payable
jas above, in safe of hrnog ir fun.
Parent who ma;." '.Villi to place th«nr children
! under bitdircetioc c»U inuc application to
: Meflrt, George ami itoSert Turner, Rich I
mond, or to the fubferiber Pt the Sweet j
Spring*, Monroe luuncy.
jh is. 1 1.. Academy wi.'l go into opera- '
; tion the itt Monday in February ißcn. The
; hours el public tuition in this feminary wii
Ibe from 9 o'clock every morning (Sundays
ted) tiii 1 o'clock, and again Irom 3 to
J 5 o'clock in the afternoon. No vacations that 1
j can poflibly be avoided will be allowed, M'
-1). conceiving thetn to be equally injurk» v **°
the mora* oi the teachers arid pui
Sweet 3prings, December 8--w.lt
. t e,ji: eil.K
A WBNTY Hogglbead* of good Brown '
Sugar which be w>ii tell at a h»W -,»rics a few
calk* of tae heft winter drained Lamp Oil,
WiodOW Gilt's of different lizes, Japan, Copal
j & other glaaltt* Diamoi
! patent Liquid Shoe Blacking in jugs at) j
1 eaih. and Lis ufie' e«enfi"c afforimrntof
I RRirGOS & •
' ciiu- urgeona lofirumeuts, Oil and P
Die-iftitT*; Bp>ie», &c - »H c * which" have
been purchafed lor cnfli, hr can therefore lei"
articles uncommonly cheap by the quan
tity-' I
November ip—tawijt
Washington city.
A \\Y. Swbsrrih'.->,.; have opened for
the •., . ot traveih-rs, I
Cong ■ ' tin's; to the teat
of government, the hoiiles occupied tor feve
rai years by Mr. P !V Srun, imxYtetj
1 eaet oi the Capitol, to which they j
strut invite cheptab'ic
Jhe preiriitt are wels. known as large and |
convenient! arc provided witl ■ and
furniture; and the t>e!l wine* and liquors, fta- j
i bics for 50 horlcs, Wi f h carriage Louies, A.c. j
FRQ3T and QOiNN. ,
Nov. 4 if. !
! F ftreet, three doors weft ofthe ;
j Bank, having lately received a General i
! fort men tot GOODS foitable for the fc id .
' ofthe beft quality- Witt i fane
I for thofe gentlemen wfc r him with
! their orders in the latelt and onoft fsfhioi
t ftyle and very superior v./-«!:nunihip.
• VT. PAIRO, f)even Building*,he* re
ceived from Philadelphia and E
l.»r;je ♦. fforrwent ol D*Y GOODS, which
he will i.-'l 01 afoxl y '■• -
{ Aim London HANO FORTES.
; Liquors and Groceries of a (bperknr quality.
No -;mber y —tMar.J j
eoNi ractors;
PROPOSALS will be received
a* the COLLECT
Norfolkubtil tnefirft <lay of February next,
for Securing iheb iith% Poh»t on the
Potomac from fMifliinj -• yL; ''
i<h winds an<! rains It ii prefumcd
no perfon will contrail without viewing the
r>l C?, a w*! ; now ft Ihore, ami
between it soJ the batik WtH he required to
be fi led up with (tone, wood, or oyfter
(belli i naarib mtid, with th<
.n : not more than three feet oi
or filling wil| beedmitted at the b
wall, in.: Wi k, the reft niuft be filled
with the above-mentioned materials, • paw
werity eptwrll *!fe be required
' the i■ — ' If,r 'C or bricks
~,fter {hells, of at teaft one
foot deep mixta with c y or marOi mud.
■\\ v> •■; vV I ON, Collector.
N ■ !' _
Orphan's Court,
Ordered <n »] if liaac F
a<Jminift*ator o>' JoKn
he fell the prrfona, property of the decerstcd,
iHcii in bio inventory on a credit oi
. r all fums above I
nnty for |
,!i, and givk)£ ten day* noucc oi die
The above property will l.c fold at pi
vevdue at f '.Uitig of the di
bfjwecn the feven Buiidingt and tt
Office, on Saturday next, the 30th mi
n o'clock in tbr for* noon.
>V, adrr-iniflrtter
Wafliingtr.-r. ]t-n. ij'h, i'q?- jf.
Rl from the fubleriber in auguft
h'l, Negro rnA»LXf, he ha i
Well made h!;.c.k man, about a 6 years ol
< Feet 9 or ro inches hiyh ; h»s|oftfom< •
Foreteeth ; is remarkably p< ujeh ol
i gallant. The above reward vvill he paid ro i
rfofl who will bring him home or lodge 1
him ..nv jiil fc that ? get him again.
Wm 8. BJtANfiS.
Upper Marlbao', jan 9 tawi-f
WOOD'S beft LonJou fuperfine cloths
end ca!hni*res,
aemfefiparantcord > fl , i(h
Do. do clot!- *
Rich rr.*!esl.in VHJilcoa'ing,
Fancy do.
I ifh linen and Ruffi* flieeiiug,
Men* bed Loader, bats, \
ihifc, woiil-d, lambs wool, cotton, and gauze
Fancy printed muflins and fhawls,
'« *ml carpeting,
Rich BrufleU do.
i Fine white and fcarlet fl,n'fly
Plaint, coating* and feacOtrd cloths,
} Which with my large aiTortment rt* woollens
I and fancy poods, were bought on feck terms
at tc jutiify niy Idling them lows'' than any
i regular importer can afford fo fe)/at.
George Tsvn, rjecrrnbe $ 6w
A T his thorn nea- the United States |
4 Navy Yard, cty of o, a
and GROCERIES b > who'efale and mail.
December if;-' im
<J HA a.e;S A.. BuKMF.TT,
Hi reived from Lo» don and Liverpool
a t mdfome affortement of articles in
leoiidmg of
~ rorteiftw!
TaMe kSJfeaand fort- y ban- I
I dlcv i*en knives and fcttfi
i Ladies and (• ittt's l'ockel
TV also co •" gold lod
' ed prkete
I Oe*>rge-Tov|/i > tf.
■ "C"X 7"jV committed to the jail ol hi. ;
V>' comity, ! . who
caili | years eh!
loft two oi tin fore teeth out of h«
ji» — hit cloathi
h>. t.i'i- col
VI (1
Jc-y »;- tl.cn tln'rt, i
> col.
If his i be will ba
foW • ■
, 0;:.OKOR CH bcriff,
Fredcrkkcown Jaft, ;
lf*.As, FR/'NDY, RUG'
GARS, ORANGES, &c. fee.
by ' ■ ■•>
captain Stodder from Wcw York and the
Union, capt. Bicon from hofton,
10 chcft* irefh young hyfon tea, bed; quality,
ao boxes fine imperial tea— linail package*
put up lor family ufe,
9 pipes genuine old 4th proof cogniac bran*
I .-ry fuperior quality,
140 bag* En.ft India white fugar,
:s Rcufl'etts, beft Havanna fugars,
iSO do do,, ad quality,
7 bag* black pepper,
j. i boxes frcfli London muftard,
5 ca»k« excellent Goflicn cheefe,
3 cbefii Dutch half pint tumblers. J
too Hnxe? biooT? and Mufcatel raifins.
6 barrels SpaOtih filberts,
5 boxe* fine Sntyrna figs,
19 barrel* Newtown pippins,
Ij barrels heft Newark cyder,
! 3000 frefh oranges,
ijo bore* m.mld & di >ped candles—Sampfba
and ■ < rr st, m.tiiuta&nre,
%& crates, well ..;Tortcd, Qoetnsware,
750 c ni y
Frefh Kyfon, Hyfon Chulan, Hy'foa Skin, fc
Souchong 1 ea», hi cheftl and boics, 45 hiids;
n I rmi ad Sculi Sugar*,
' old London pan cular wine in pipes
j ard quarter casks, I.ifbon, 1 eneritfe, BlCtly,
Catilonia, Port, and old Sherry Wines in
I quarter cask*, red Holland aid New York
Gi.i in pipe*, Whiskey, Peach, and
Apple Bcrndy, high 4th proof Jamaica
I) urn in ;-*mlieonK, '.oat and lump fugars in
b.rrclc dive*, Caper*, and Anchovies, in
, boaiei, ailortsd, a lew boxes Chocolate, Fig
Blue, 6 'exes beft Marfeiles Almonds, acco
lbs. Coffee, 10 base* brown Soap,, a feW
boxei fp ernuceti Candida, and a quantity of
f boiled Limited Oil in jugs. Aifo an af.
fortment pf India Piece Good*,
.»11 of which will be fold at a very moderate
• advance.
vary a—a w*w&wtf
~ W. 5. MCHUL3,
HAS for fa'e a complcat affortment of
Beafqrtable GOODB, confiding of the
bell fuperfine London cloths and talfimeres,
;ni cards, lilk moleskin
ither farcy wrufceuating-—A compleat
alTort; '.v.ibfftry, belt Coicrair*
4 Aths end 7 Sih Iriil in. cm, long lavuu,
in.l dimities, Louden hats,
'.'as, cahcoei ;;nd chintits, Jraulgar
ns, a lame affortment of flannsis, Jilk,
"coiton, lambs wool and woifted hobery well
.it i a ct.mpieat aiTortment
lollens and man j fancy go,-ds wfeich he
offers for laic. As be contemplates tanking
t - Is p rmanent place oj refidei to, on Inch
?> will induce uue who purcliafe
CN R to give him their oufiora hereafter,
George Verm. 'v
Indiana I errmtry, <ttua\ tor' Office. Pm*
ernes. Yst No%> 18^6.
rxgreeabl) wan Set of this territory
" for laying and colhxting a tax on bind*
lib the following extract* from the faid
adt for the Information of non-refidenta
clai log lands within this territory.
"Be if. ci aclcd chat if any non-refident
claimin laud* to thit territory, either by en
try p-tciit. deed of conveyance or any other
ie ol claim if hi* agent or attorney
Ihall i. Infe to list hi or her lands,
with the afftflp* of the conuty where iuch
lands may have been entered or located be"
tween the »ir:t day «l ) »i i. c y .md the twelfth
• by" i biy to the repaiiicoss ol
the third leition thereof, then the affeißof
till the hrde
ol fach non-re4dtnt| that may he in his coun
" F.e it en'iftfd that the collc&ar of each
county, by the ftrnry fifth day ot M<»y, (ball
demand payment i fum nfi'eiTed ou
each inhabit nt in I • cottony, in perlon, or
by notice in wriring left at bis muil place'of
rtfni nee.
*' Be itenacter] that in cafe of non payment
of t;>.xe;i,at the rime appointed it fnall be the
duty of the collector to levy and coilerffc
the tax (b in -rrtsr, with rofl i'h] a f«ie at the
court houfe ol his county, ol the lends of
fuch delinquent whether refident or non-reft
dent,giving at HtA forty notice, by
the coin tv, and in fome
n thh ti%ritory,oi the time
and place of fuch lulc."
Auditor of faid territory.
Jan. s—Z »■
.. ~ , ! -S»
Notice is hereby given lo non*
refidcnt proprietors of Lafld In the ftate of
: Ohio ; Thar the fuhfcnber will ad as agent, for
thofe of them, who may think proper to con-
I fign theirbufinets to him, either in oifpoiingof
j their lan*s, or in the payment of their taxes.
! His terms will be tun per cent. He wi/1 at
j tend to the payment of taxes, in any ot the
:c ; and forward to the pro
prietors the colics;»r's receipt; and »i)l from
time te time, give them inb'rr<ation of the
i alterations (il any) whb-h m*v bo nude in the
j law levying a tratc tax. t hole wh-> may
wi& to employ him, will & Ci.riy a* 1 al&ble, N
; forwari - on which
they w.ih the tixrs paM 1 Thofrwhc wilh to
have their land* rj d forward
•pa 1* Lett 'ney
! duly exctured. P/fiagj id by tm-
Frcm t'< I :rr mined!
felf " be fliali be able
jto render conGocrablc fa 1-0 hisem*
TV r. .
<h«, Row Cy. Ob -6w
X < ' ■ T) (iOTI
«a, Who broke jsll was ccm«
in ~ reft
high, fair
■ d pretty much
In ;me
-,-i-r. H.i .'. I'or
rdwfers, a loi at, fevefel
J a very
I'h,-, above reward will be
- thi faid
r ia any jaii and ►.wirg me information
l lot'
D\Ki.. C. BRENT,
'■thiil of the district of Columbia,
December S—aawtf

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