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j-ire DOLLARS PER annum,
zn appropriation for the re
pair of Streets.
-■. it enacted bo the First
i ■:' f tfr. City Coun
cil o ■• for repairing
.'"! bridge
■■ the
and the
same arc hereby •
dpeniiig and irnpi'oi
F street', from Seventh iveft
(j street, from T
Wharf, three hundred and
Improving North F street, be
tw< and Fourteenth streets
A, and for rebuilding the bridge
on said !■' street, between Ninth and
Tenth streets West, four hundred
do! I,u s.
for opening and improving South
itol street, betweeruhe Pennsylva-
Lveie.o- aiid Booth's Wharf, three
fifty dollars.
For repairing and improving South
itree't, between Third and Ninth
Streets East, three hundred and fifty
For repairing Eighth street East, ■
street South, to the Pennsyi- :
, one hundred and fifty
>r repairing streets not particu
y mentioned, three hundred dol
cc. 2. And belt further enacted,
' the above sums shall be paid out
,iy monies now in the bands of the
er unappropriated ; or from
the first receipts of the Treasurer,
and that the aforesaid sums be ex- ,
pended by the City Commissioners,
ill commence the improve
iit of the aforesaid streets immedi
t-'ely after thi this act.
Approved, A r oOemlv r 4 th, 1807.
■ " —i ••;, .»»_...-
For laying and col an annual
Tax mi Dog
c . Y%E' it enacted b< "he Rirst
Jt> and Second C
the City Council rf Washing/ V
nd after the Ist day of J.
■ sh LI be a tax leviei.
II animals of tbe
yji,. i Ly of Washiiv
of one :.v.L':'.' ' annum, b
ly, into the bands of the Treasurer,
toi thi v , ofthe Corporation.
.2. And lit it i rifled, That it
duty of every person re
ing uulie city of WasMngtbn, £nd
ia! of
to enter such with the
fore the ISt day of
; arid on or before; the
Iy, and to pay
imposed ; and
duty of the Treasurer
t-° ' entries, describing
the dog or dogs so entered, and to
on or per
thc tax, which re*
ceit shall authorise him, her, or
thai to keep such dog or dogs until
i January in the ensuing
harbor or conceal
an; the dog kind within the
cityandshall fail to pay the tax, and
t, suchper
. shall, for every such
11( ' At and pay the j
./acted, That if
°to< 11, at
an ■ 1 |t day of January j
iti ' cotne the owner or pos
animal of the Leg hind,!
I, within ten days after so be- j
mer or pi pay ;
; but
obtain a ]
ipt therefor ; so that all re< i
tax on dors shall eJ
day of
nary in every y
y of ten dollars for every neglect
Sec. 4, And be it enacted, Tl
duly of eve,vy
I of
the dog kind (having pa
therefor) to place,
or caused to be placed and kept round
b ani
mal,, a collar; on w lich shall be m
icters the :
and the w i
"Ckyoi \7." or " W
F one dollar;
Jftational 3iite wuetteje
any person shall put or cause to be
put a collar round the neck of any ani
hedog kind, owned or poß
d by any esiding within
• the city of Washington, without hay
■ ing first pud the taxj be, she, or they
nd pay the sum of ten
dollars for every sttch of."
5. And be It enacted, That it
I shall be the duty of the Treasurer to
ke ~ut a fair copy of all the en
-'•ceipts given, and ta>.
lived, ahd deliver the same to the
. who shall record such copy
to the constables a fair i
ii record.
Sec. 6. And be it enacted, That if
anyanirrialdf the dog kind shall be
found going at large in tne city after
the Ist Lay of January next, not. hav
ing a collar on as before: directed, it
shall bo the duty of the constables re
spectively (and any other person is |
hereby also authorised) to kill or de
stroy every such animal ; and for eve
ry one so killed 01' destroyed, being- re- !
moved or buried, the constables after
havirig made Oath thereto, shall be en- ,
titled to receive twenty cents each,
from the Treasurer, who is hereby
authorised and directed to pay the
same to the constables only, out of
'any monies in the treasury ; and If
the constables or either of them shall, '
on information, refuse or neglect to
kill or destroy any such animal gcAig
at large without a collar, or to prose
cute for offences against this act, eve
ry constable so refusing or neglect
ing shall forfeit and pay the sum of
ten dollars; provided vivcrlhcleas,
that if a dog or dogs owned by non-re
sidents, who shall follow their owner or
owners into any part of the citf'j such
. dog or dot>s shall not while under the (
protection of their owners, be consi
dered as coming within the intent 8c
meaning of this act.
Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That all
former acts relative to the taxing of
dogs be and are hereby repealed ; and
I all t ,\es. forfeitures and penalties in
curir this act shall go one half (
to the informer prosecuting, and the
: half to the use ofthe city.
Nov. 4th, 1807.
aH!lMggl. . 'i ■inn— ~i ■ mi M i *Viiiiwm
J j1- ~„Ai. (,
V iiN .VIINCIIIN is-sprci fully ac
*f rj-i dntH tbe pirdic that he carries on I
H r>t Making* ai his old sn-.r.d near '
Law's uuldings; where he has on ;
nil in and el rtraunt cf ■
Boots arid Shoes.
1 rh ifr ' t men can oe employed (
to ) k tr- rtg Shoes.
Warned two apprentices to the above. '
N\_- Lveuue, n; ar ?
( I—tf 5
. . .i r-w- ■ * j
RHSPF.C'I FULLY . t.rm the ladies
and j--i ' I ni ii of Gooive Town and
the.ckyof Washington, that tiny can
he suppln ii with * very kind of CAKE,
of 'ti very firM qn lity—
Omar«en»» foi Tallies, of the most
elegiint fbi m, ai.d in the newest stile.
Ice Gfeartu, J llies of all kinds, on
th ehortest w Are.
They k- fp ~lw :ys r>n band, Cordiali
t cv r\ kind, excellent in qudity, .nd
c, ■ uirv-, such as Nnyeau, Orange, Ha
tifi,\, lice. 8c .
stre. t. G ■ rge Town,?
N v no 1 r, 11-rf 5
MARY A. PIC, thanki her friend's
id the public in j--.-ti.-r.il,for the j
p.ir'>r-,gv she hiH already received,
md infoCißS them she continues her bu
scale, n,d will sell
j her goods at a reduci d a price as an) J
I Store in town i'ri h«-r line.
Sir- has Juf.t Lmf.oricd,
Superfine beavertoats, black, whits and
all colors,
; P- lices of the newest f.shior:,
Cot- <!o,
I. ice handkerchiefs and ' 'p», do.
.rb ornnm nt. f,r the A- •.-!,
: Do. tfimmlitps I .
wers, rtiid
■ ordered Bilk 8h
i Broad riubon do,
, Whit- an i black thread 1 me do.
j Sup ; ib, - sI-, 'i :,t■■< kings and gl -yes,
G-iHlemen'a gbives, pails, and suspen
•nes, perfumery, Sec. ike.
II c >lors f .
pi dn tortoise-shell
l!i '■

LETTER from the President of the
Senate and Speaker of the House of
Assembly of the State of A' w I ork,
inclosing certain resolutions of the
Legislature of the said slat
five to the prelection of the port of
A'ew-York. Transmit two.
Houses of Congress.
State of Ntav-Yoi-.k,
March 20th, 1807.
Resolved, As the sense of this le
gislature, that every consideration of
policy and duty requires that ade
quate measures should be adopted by
the national government, for the pro
tection of the portof- New-York.
That tlie agricultural, as well as
commercial interestsof the state, are
: deeply interested in this mOst •'• ra*
ble. object.
That in surrendering to the Llut
ed States, the revenue arising from
ii 'posts, this state, anticipated, and
has now a right to expect, that a com
petent port ion of that revenue would
be appropriated for its defence, and
that the Congress of the Ui
States are bound by their constituti
onal duties* as guardians of the com
m-.n defence and general welfare, to
satisfy this proper and reasonable ex
Resolved, That an application
made to the President of the United
States, in behalf of this state, I
upon a plan of durable and perma
nent defence for the port of New
York, fully adequate to the import
ance of the object, and that he bfe also
respectfully requested to appropriate,
out of the monies placed at his dispo
sal, i sum as can be usefully
; expended for that purpose, until Coft
: gress shall have it in their power to
make further provision ia the pre
Resolved, That tiic legislature of
this state fully approve of the conduct
of our Senators and Representatives
in Congress, in advocating and en
forcing the claims of this state in this
| respect, and that ti>cy be requested
to support and enfot-cA such further
| measures as maybe necessary for the
[ permanent defence o$ th;* state, and
to obtain either by annual impropria
tion or by general provision, a sum
competent to that important object.
I Resolved, That tinve copies "f the J
'above resolutions Le signed by .'Le.
; President of the Stellate, and Speal
jof the Assembly, and' that
I requested to transmit, one of the !
j copies to the PreskferH of the Un
; States, one to the President of
I SemAc, and one to th: ;■ oS
the House of Repr
United Sta
By order of the Senate*
By order ol emhly, \
A. McCIHU), Speaker.
LETTER from lac Secretary ofthe
Treasuryi transmitting an eetim
of extraordinary
by the A'avy Department, stride the
22d dune last, for the sert'i
year 1807 A
October 28 th, 1807. \ '
SIR—I have the honor to transmit, 1
jat the request, of thi v of the
navy, an estimate <>• Imary ex
penses incurred by the navy depart
ment, since the 23d day of June last,'
for the service ofthe year I.SOT. The
general i for tiic ordi,
se.-ric- ofthe year lj«J08 wii ;
peeled, be ready in the course of next
I have the honor to be, very
pectfully, sir, your obedient servant,
The lion, the Speakcrof the h ■
of Representatives.
Estimate • . in
curred by the A.avy Di!
since the 22nd J 7, far the
service of the yea r i
.'566,571 lb. of saL-pette- I 36
20,943 of sulphur, 1,675 44
12 1,500 of powder, 21), 000
do. of "ball, muskets, bay
onets, cutis lis,
ding axes, 98,080 80 i
300 32/ i. a,;d -M.A.,r.a. r.io!!, 1 12,500
Ii ii -; OF &C
9 5,000//. •
beet kern 9,01S
sail-makers, smith's bi
labor, Btc 101,659 77
'. i.-..
Be !", popk, br< 31,468 1$
tf '. nI ME CO&PS.
For clpathing, 10,139 42
For c, hosp
Pay, iy,
Pay of 1,100 e.xtraable sea
men, ordinary seamen,
boys, pi s, Sec. 7,4,754 2.) '
Timber for 73 gun-boats, 87,500 j
6,076 58 i
Tor Ordnance and milit \
stores, 3 10,554,60
Repairs of vessels 1^1,896
Provisions, 31,468 15
Marine corps, 02 82
Pay ofthe navy, 74,7.5.4 29
Gun-boats, 87,5
S 6 B'3 ~07 'j 59 j
j Aavy Department, Oct. 21, 1807.
Letter cud Report from Benjamin H. j
Latrobe, Surveyor of the
Buildings at the City of Washington, !
on the ,vv.A
Washington, (Act. 27th, '807.
The Honorable tile Speaker ofthe
House of Rejtr.
The arrangement approved by
ti'.e President of tlie United States,
anol adopted lor the south wing of the
Capitol, varies in so :.,
from tl;;! of the buildin] to ap
propriated to the session ol Congress,
I beg le.'ive most respectfully to
iay before yo« some explanation of
the principles on which the de
was formed,.ii
ing upon the i which, to the'
wisdom of the Hoj
lives, may appear I » the
holding of their sittu, g
tion may be wanting t< >
is in my power to furnL'b.
In the distribution of \'.ht
provided, that the access ol those citi
zens who attend in the dely
j for Ihe purpose of being pres<;n
; the tl • a '
distance from tlie easlefli cnti
' which leads to the
to Ie; islative • JL -
' t,w f;en these parts of I h
\ ihcre is no communication i
from the :
lobbj door is only intended to
It the doorkeeper into the gd
; i>,T order to c order of
ie for tlie exclusion of ..
! Tk M ; all intrusion upon the bi
[nessoVtli md ofits commit*
dating by the sastern
The ground mtirciy apjiro
; priatedto the uV of tj
of .the house, and.o i; - lK ' clerk.
\ committee rooms r.v. "Ad <:; I cci I
! 8t lyest fronts h
v. :Ltiu;-; rdpm, ' l ' u '
! use cfthose ci ° lA
' tend the commi",' es, and «
i i> t ;t smc'i
ibby or the gallery ot the
liojise afiorded. Such ; , V s "
lof necessity enter at the eastern
, lead up to the door of Che bouse, i i
Within the house I c to. M
and left. The pi sitiort of
yiew of i
| while the Lite i an- '
j not b
of the lob
no temptation to continuance In
t! -Ii for the sal i -ing
the - ; -a
the presence cf the house <
01 de I nd
V, itj house
there is no roo
: the ' ' '•■" ■
j of the Senate
nding the Lou-e, -.■■■ i
(~'.( r pel ■
j. •/ Ul ! i in the i'cl ■■
members, that in
t " '
fice, even dm the
House in
Ate of the
-y one, witho»t discrimina'ti
bad access to all tbe passages of
it) dj
' thos A not to
, The com
:u ' '■;- • ~fn
t the Hi i: ■-. ';
| ing thowttlng of the national log]
Foi Urn
jof the H led the only she*-
I ter during the severity of the winter,
j The lobby of the :
usually filled with a crn,,
to the greal inconvenience of the
ibers, and sometimes to the in
terruption of legislative i i
Besides there, idle and dissolute per
sons ranged tne whole buiklin£. The
walls were defaced by obscenity end
b"ylibels. Tin- pubi'x fu-mture .
isils of the House were, consider
ed as fair objects, of depredation ; i
I to state the
the depredations, b al
j most incredible. Tbe committee
froth the most i'mprqper intrust
'on ; and, to parti. only one
! fact, much of the leakage of the i
Her pieces of le
. c.J,led flash
I am very i
strict, regu
the House, which I hai
will rend
void all th and I b
ecfiulty to subro '~tio
ns as I presume would
even before the plan ol
Capitol, \
House, can be compleated.
While ii is 11
mit, withoul di
lies; no attend
' come the i those vvh
I refri • foments in such places,
up mighl probal A- bo
tncy of these lob
res ti se;
pcetahle and n
itole depiity ofthe princi]
ihoukl regulate the ftdi L-
I persons
rooms, contuoul the serva.it> who at
tei L the . ; ,mittee rooms
and the ii.r.'i;."--s of till
<il the
well a:; the Le:;, hitherto Ci
•1 on the fmnhuro. The station
ih an Would be at the E
.. to su
lerichce has I
the extreme difßcuil, ol pt-i
alls of public buildings from
• tl. But if, by nary
I '<•:e a magistral , those
ho find ;,. ■ in
a;s :: practice could be fin*
•• otherwise punished, it mi
ni'obahly < -
In the design and construction of
;l u - House of lb ; all
has l* <'■ ■ '7 lne desire of
the Pn ,i..A v: ,0 lL ye t0 the House
every practir- 'LL' convenience
commodation, jnto execution. In the
. ~irnce auo solidity of the v. n-k,
c notiiii , wii! be found deficii
size and ari
rjr>s were, in a gi
Hire, imposed by the exterior
ef wiib ii if the south
wing id necessarily an
. interior owes its
ito t!L; cause. U]
le, it is my wrdent wish, a#d all
rdbition i
.. as

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