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WLLEN drapers, men's mer-
I tayl-.rs, rluw-Jer.ey A
ite the Secretary ol tho
. hiform the i.
, ,1 bu*i_
lie-y will endea
—tbey hay*- on
ble for the approach
..ad of the tery
mentals ?md naval uni
n the most elegart
de with neatne.. aril _is
r a.
.. ').?, -**'.
T>'JKSUANTto an act of the t»e-
X i mbly ofMaryltod, .
eda' I, 1306 «t
« A: (rising the cclecticn of
cert ! ' s in tne
To- nd, in coun
ty," and lent thereto, p.
>», 180? Public No
i to reHpersons hold- j
in<9 unimproved low in said town, on j
, tireiow due, I
;ar P'id on or
of December next, I
will on t'atday k
to th' highest
at Mr. J.Uiu"'
ace at te o'clock, A. M.
continue from da to day, until the
whole at
Th') A\: BEALL, ol Saml.
ATurch 21—c*> t, * a , ,
vara ANT TAT
R»EGT V ULLY informs the gen
tlr-merv a the ciir.tric. of Columbia
and miblio v & beha-jost
received byalateai i Philadel
A euoicr. iissG
Of sup--: , Cusslrirrti
ut)'! do-'i'l- milled, superfine" Coating,
black sil- Florentines. Likewise an
nent of Span.lets and rich
skins for Waistcoats with a
other articles suitable for
. to;.
and Navy Uniforms i
m ' ; ost elegant and uniform I
suspkkd- iperior to
,I'tcrto in tn-? can >n the
.at his manufactory. '
r Tt' —cf
H. ntire stock of
i GOODS from Alexandria to
now opening at im
Store, b-.tween the Marine Garri
• ivy Yard (iate, an assort
me,it fqual to any in the District; —
■i"; which are,
ile milled & plain cassimeres,
BclfhetP's cords and vi-i-i
ion Gerrow, hunting, Tra
.r, atrl silver corda,
-,v ie::. waistcoaling,
wn do.
1 arsei'lcs
. ilannels,
be covers,
Gin Ik and cotton,chambrays, ! ■
Fin n .tz,
(. iri
. and figured lenoes,
ci cambri (
Elegant tamboured mulls,
Gn > ,
nd raw sdh sbas/ls,
l.ai ' ,
' ( 1 ( '« j (
Lon sleeves, spider & |
j |
bit kid gloves, I (
silk do.
.nd plain Mantuas and .
Per: : I, j ,
Tl.r; ,
no cap patterns,
4-; 7 8 Irish lintns,
il ics,
.-cloths, napkins,
(', rpanes, i ',
Comme/ii d,..
• en's silk, llir
', lamb's wool h !
la htv,<--,
f . 'oon do. ; ,
rid buttons, ' (
Ribbons, I ads, !
, olored bombazets, ; ,
rth rugs, Russia sheetlug, tick- :
; i
Bee. kc. : .
lin i t,; a of a t
*» tO suit I
• by the pound—Also {jenu- j v
'P. Cis determined to sell on the j.
■ '' ~ I ft
bruary s—tf5 —tf i j
Thb Two story BrEk HOUSE, situ- c
nte on iqut . r930 in the ci ;
v occupi el by Mr, Tunis t ]
Craven, as a retail store. The cligihi- ,f (
lity of this ■ tand for the retail business *v
Ihy none in this city ; being si- t <
on the principal street to the Navy ( *
r thr Navy Yard p
Any person desiiotis of pur**!*
rri-T rt- may be shewn j\ f
applying to the snbricriber, who fl
il] also make known the terms of sale c -
Wm. BRENT. p
Washington c'tyjUee, 18—wtf
Monday. 16th May, 1808,
Will be the 35th Day of Drawing of
.- th-; New York State Lottery, first
c dr.iwn number will be entitled to a
C Prize of 5,000 Doll
n The following capita), prizes are now
i- in the wheel :
ii 1 Prize of 2.7,000 Dollars,
i do. of 10,000 do.
2 do. of 5,000 do.
3 do. of 2,000 do.
4 do. nf I,O'CO do*.
Present price ot Tickets dol
:1 Isrs and a half.
%** Tickets for sri'a at J. March's
Poole-stoie, (•
lar Checjc-Bock of the drawing is kept.
Priae.Tickets tak .<- for
_ undrawn tick
May t
f count;; o' /I .
'hOc.-roßKit. 1307.
- ( Benjan 1 1 and John Mason,
- Thomas ' h, John IE Li
- j Via,
1 j I)-.
. Th . the defendant,
, ! Tho
Ij of the hoi 1( > for
, th - of a cai ur He.
, to Ul ■■ nt. 'Mint the
i i French | ut not Lain;*; able to
i ' pay read] r the said cargo, the
j balance ( a from th
; yen ied to the credit of the
of be*
** ing , real owp
j ers Taney and Sim mood. That the
lie hath b r the
4 Louisiana Con** Grif
t fitlE of ore hundred
. and ninety thousand, two hu
nty francs, French mousy of the
1 hat the said
Waters Griffith, now rt
' for several yea . ing resid-
I , ed in Bal ■ Ma
, ryland, well I ill the cil
n ' stances mentioned in the complai
. said bill,
name in i J aris
g | under the. Lou iver.iion v
truth and in fact a debt due to thi
ran cis
t j I*ewSs,fPaney, and Taney aod Simmond,
, did execute a writing transferring all
. the inte i 'ith in thi
debt to n
' • aforesaid, 'i inding the
- above circumstances th? said Griffith
f did employ James C. M-ontA-rence ef
Paris to . i ccc-stit and
' use the af< h actually
1 belongs to the sail complainants as trus
tees aforesaid ; mid th- said Montfio
renc« did actually receive the bills o
the ministers of the United States, on
I the Treasury of the United St .tes in
part payment of the. said debt in four
' setsof bills drawn in fever ofsaid Tho
mas Waters Griffith, and which bills
have been frau 'ulently endorsed by the
enid MontflorcTice, with a view a3th* said
complainants believe, to defraud them
■ the said complain ints, and under <i real
> or pretended power from the suit! Grit
i fith and _s hE attorney to the said I. I.
< Pttcaiid, who endorsed the same over to
j John R. Livingston, who has endorsed
j the same ov r to J irrall, ca
; shier of the B aunt and Depo
-1 sit acNew ' ork, who has endorsed tin m
fiver to James Davidson cashier cf the
' Branch Bank of the United States in the
city of Washington who now h-'-lds the
same for collection. The complal
'. further state thi.it four o I i the
balance of the ai
; French government liquidated in th.*
1 name of the said Griffith, but actually
j belonging to said complainants ns trus
tet •■ as aforesaid, have ije«*n d/tniwn in
J favor of( rans«
; ferees of Thomas Waters Griffith, for
j thirtythousat... b money of
the Value oi 5625 dollars, which said
i tour bills h sent to the a-
I foresaid J times Davidson, and endorsed
ovi r ' -\ in the fame
m inner%.s Ln tl the four other j
: bills first herein r.citcd. That all the
J aforesaid 'eight bills of exchange drawn
;by th' .'mi ter a>t Paris on
i th. it itea under !
I the Louisiana Convention fer the debt l
i Themas Wa
ters Grifiit!', are actually the property |
ild complah
said. The object of the said bill is to |
and protect the : aid compEi
from the fraud projected 'ii*;aiiist them j
;on the p ■•
i Griffi*h,aiid his co.
| tain a writ of injunction directed to all j
the before-mentioned defendant*, Bee.
j and particularly to the said James Pa
ri enjoining and commanding him
j from pay ing ovi person be
• the s; id compl aiey that
I may be paid by the Treasury of the
Uniterl Stales vi virtue of the said bills
' the said money arisiog from the said
• bill«, or parting with the .said bills until
the further order vl this court hi the
j premises.
It is rcpresr rtedby the complainants
that th- saitl Thomas W. Gr.ffi'.h, J. hn
R.Livingston.Jonathan Hurrall,Gi !
r and Dodrey,! imet C. Montflor* nee.
I, I, In this
! all reside out oi th; district of Columbi i
! and are not within the reach of the pro
cess of this court. It is therefore order- :
; edthat the complainants cause a copy of
this order to bi insei
| for six in< nths previous to the first
Monuay in Junenexin the National In
telligencer, to the * intuit that the raid
defendants may have noticeof this an- i
plication aod of the ohjfct of this bill
, and tab* warned lo appear in this court i
jin person or by solicitor on er before the i
I first Monday ol Juii- next, to shew '
j cause, it any, why a decree ihall not <
I pass as prayed. (
By order, Wm. BRENT, Ck.
December 4-~V(6m
if apprehending and bringing i
it -C home, or the one; half for &e
a ctu in** in jail so that we get them again, j
OLIVER Ec DAVID who runaway j
A* from the subscribers living in Madison
county, Virginia, on the 17ih of Feb.
last, Oliver, a middling stout made fel
low, near 6 feet high," about 46 years
f.;w grey hairs to be seen
at his temples, a little yellow com- j
plexioned, David, a Urge stout made j
I- fellow, about 6 feet high, 2G years "li,
thick lips and full face, aod has a brand ;
's with the letter G on his right cheek, j
i- it looks dim, hardly discoverable with- ;
t. out close inspection ; dark com pie c- j
ir Honed. Said negroes ranaway last ;
summer, and was apprehended. One j
was committed to Pairfax jail, and the j
E other wa« committed to Dumfries j
' jail, and do expect they have gene that J
way again, aiming for Maryland, and ;
may have provided themselves with a|
attempt to pas ople. I
•warn all
..•Is and others from talking on board
'. i the said negroes or secreting
r way under ihe strictest
► penalties of the law.
' rHOS. GRAVES, Jun.
Anril 25 4w
d "~ LJNDXA l"o HOTEL.
c r r
0 AL he Subscriber has taken that well
c calculated house on the Capitol Hill,
.. Late occupied by Mr. Frost formerly
c by Mr. Stelie —Where be intends to
a a T_vern on the 24th October.
- Those gentlemen who mnv favor him
vi Eh thtir Custom may rely en every
'tion in tht Power of the Public's
- devoted Servant,
c •-,• ndy accommodated.
il Octebe.r 19—tf.
I ' rokr WINE, ~
' Of very good cjualit in casks, each one
ry case for secui '.ly against
ion, with a small pai i
r excellent W'.'.ci in casks and in
; which are Red iff White
■er, Dry ' Lisbon, and very old
Madeira Wine, just received
•i ami tor sale, by
I, Who has on hand as usual an assortment
1 of choice Liiwoks «f most kinds used
d hrre.
8 Georgetown, Mtrch 25—
1 After th« 20th June next,
THA'P elegant, well built two-story
;1 BRICK HOUSE, lately the property
V of Mr. Win. Woodward, on Pennsyl
.*. The stand is well
' known. Solomon Myers's lease for
I three years, at the rate of 250 dollars
II per annum, will expire on that day;—
" Per terms enquire at Robert Under
r wood's, directly opposite.
April <J7 < ptf
I BAlillSG *_ i'AiVil'HLl.l.
Just received and for Sale, at J.
March's Book-Store, High-Street,
Geo. Town, Pi ice.
d. c.
' An Enquiry into the Causes Scs
, Consequences of the Orders in /.
1 Council, Bee. Sec—By Alexan- fu ou
der Baring, E.g. m. p. J
1 Corinna, or Italy, by Madame?« r
'- De :-ta-l Holstcin, 3i i 3U
; Winter in Londoa, or Sketches!
of Fashion, l*y T. S. Surr, >2 00
\ 2 vols. J
| Cooper's Practice of Surgery,
--' an elementary work for StU. r0 75
dents, Ec concise reference fcr C~
Practitioners, &c. plate;-*, J
Esprlella'B Letters, 2 vols. 2 00
1 Walsh's Practical Arithmetic,!
' adapted to the commerce* of>
.. U. States in its domestic andjj
foreign relations, with forms of
accounts and other writings >
usually occurring in trade, j
%* A few more copies of 'lno
" Horrors of Sl. Domingo" Cl 00
are just 1 j
iViav 13—3t
61. Alurys county court, March
application of itenjamin Tabbs
of St. Mary's county u> the judges
ii the said county court, by petition in
writing, pra; ing the be'rivnt of th
for the ie: Iry insolvent debtors,
on the ttrmn mentioned In said act, j
a schedule of his property and a list of .
his creditors 00 oath as far as he can
•mc xed to his 1
petltEoj anui! inty Court
'jeiiig sati • rinpetent testimony, 1
■ i,; !', i.j imin Tabl« has re- t
' the two i years prior to 1
act, within the s
rid. It is thereupon ad- 1
judged and ordi red by : court i
thin Tabbs give no- 1
to his creditors of his intention to c
to the next county court to be s
held at Eeooai .1 Town in said county a
on th .-..lay of August next, for t
m his debts, and to warn
his said creditors to appear before
the Said judges on the day and at the
plac ' to shew caiiM* if any
they have why th" Said Beiijatii.ti Tabbs, »
should not be discharged agreeably to
aid pttitiod, by causing a copy of t
rtedin the National \
Intelligencer, v/i ekiy for three months r
successi-.lv. a
By ordi r, s
May 2— t
The Subscriber having t-e-ntly
recei. European Garden
Seeds, &c. which added to the various
sorts saved by him the last summer,
makes his assortment extensive and j
at his Nursery I a
ii, Eastern Branch and at Dr. j.,
Ott's Medicine Store, --eorgetown,,
Wcshington city, Jan. 11—-taw
Z I HAVE for sale at their store George
- Town, the following articles just receiv
i, ] rd from Philadelphia, by tho schooner
t j Carolin«, capt. Hand, jun. viz;
n 30 kegs butter,
t. 20 barrels, New Town, Pippin Apples,
- 10 do. buck wheat flour,
s lo do. Cranberries, and
n 10 do shell bark hickery nuts.
i- j AEo a small assignment of very elegant
c j Looking Glass**, Waiters, Trays, po
, ! lished steel Shovel and Tongs, with cv
d and brass heads, Sec. Sec.
;, ! January ej—tr
■'j TTAVIInG sustained great injury by
" j -Ei. the passage of persons through
'* my inclosures, I must give notice that
c I 1 will prosecute as the law directs, all
e j persons trespassing in that way in fu
i4 j ture, or hunting within 3aid inclecures
•t ! with degor gun.
a Mac q, 1808* 3_
tl AND possession giveu the 13th June
~ _T__ ihxl, that house on Pennsylvania
t Avtn'je, the property of the Washing
ton Building Company, at present oc
cupied, by Mr. Salomon Myers —it be
ing so well known, it is not deemed ne
ry to -eire a peculiar deacript
- it, suffice it to say, it is calculated for
an extensive tavern and boarding house !
. —for terms, apply to
1 ATr. 1 ROMAS HERTY. Sec.
to said Company.
. Anril 29—tf.
,' TOEEPH WIIEATON Broker and j
v J Commission Merchant, has put into !
rs for sale, at his office in P j
street near the Bank, a valuable pro- i
perty in th? city of Washington, consist- :
S ing of 646,458 .quar* feet of city LOTS
mtageously situated on the most
•rincnt and valuable streets, and
the Navy Yard and Bridge, and to
be bad on the most reasonable terms of '.
t payment. This great bargain is re- ;
mended to gentlemen deslrcus of'
! securing an early fortune, in this truly
c growing and flourishing city ; the per- I
] manent tcsidence and seat cf the ga- |
j vernment of the United Stales. Other I
c\y property ti -—Houses and !
Eots—Enquire as above,
t All kinds of Stocks bought an '
Hy Wanted to Pitrche.se c
li ■ _io« 11—-tf I
At E. Kig| t.nr', (sign of the
V Plough) a few doi the Union
Have just received a large supply of
r Among them are fancy muslins, un- .
s dressed chinUes, ginghams, linen cam
_ brics, cambric handkerchiefs, long
, lawns, fancy printed robes, long shawls,
Ee-uii v. i's, Ittlian ailks, spring hon
iii Is, rs, hosiery, ribbons,
_ ladies' ~ men's umbrellas, In- I
dia cr pat-, white jeans, tancy Mar
seil! Irish linens, super- i
, 4 4 and 3-4 Russia diapers,
1 vie mai. acy and substantial
Us ; hII of whioh have bi
markets, (principally for
ea.-h) enables them to sell very low.
) Geo. Town, April 5—M&P6w j ,
Aotice is hereby Given,
-*■ hat application will be made for i
l enew*l ef the following lost certi- I
ficate of United States stork, Wsued by j <
I Joseph Ncurse, Register of the Treasury. «
Louisiana 6 pkr cknts. i I
In favor of FRAA CIS BARING iff j I
of London, No. 93, Dkcemder | 1
: 24th, 1803—4000 .-EIL-rs. |
i May 13 (hy.
■T&-T the Woodyard for the ensuing
year a Manager, to take chargec
whole estate. He must be a sober, di- '
ligent ai;'.'. discreet man well ac- J
qualnted with the culture cf wheat, ;
corn and tobacco, and the management *
of negroes. To such amnn who can .
pioiiuce unquestionable testimonials of "
his capacity, sobriety and fidelity, ll
wages will be given. A person not ecu- j j;
c! in the neighborhood will be pre
fer red.
Apply to
Rb; W. WEST, Woodyard. {
N. B. Application must be made be* I i
foi c the Ist, Sept. next. '
May IS ■
i.UKE KEN 1, ' J
Clock and Watch Makerjrom Phila- j
del': j '
BEGS leave to inform his friends and
th public, that.he has taken the shop V{
v:d by the late Mr. Suter in P !!
street, Washington,near tlie I'r.-.asury, "
wheie he carries on the above business !'
iv all its branches. Any orders in his
line, will be thankfully received and *
duly attended to. Tea . ibl« a
spoon,S| gold ear rings, finger i ings, *
and every other article in made !
to order in the best manner and .hortest l 1
i tice. Sl
May 11—6t <J
TAMES A. POUTER, AtToenet at °
J Laiv, hath just settled in the cit/of a
tiington, and opened his Office in \V
the house of Thomas Hkkty, Esq. op
posite Mr, Rho.lt -.'s tavern, Pennsylva
nia avenue ; where, he can he consulted, _
find employe, in the line of his profes
sion, at almost any lime, and will use r
every necessary attention and exertion
to merit public confidence. c
May 11 w r ■ t!
To go to North-Carolina in May, a £
j Paper maker, who is a good wo - man,
and is sober and industrious. To such
a person good wages will be given. » 4
I Apply to the Editor of this paper.
April 29.
c "l?OR apprehending and delivering
- -*- Negro HARRY to the subscriber in
r the city of Washington or twer.ty-five
dollars for securing said slave so that I
get him again* Harry ran off cm Mia
i, J_thday of March 1806, he is about 5
feet 7 or 8 inches high, well mad.-, thick
lips, light black color, has the wool
shaved off the back of the hend the size
,t of a dollar, and asr_r on the -time, and
i. a small wen on the breast; had on when
L he went off a blue ciolh coatee, drab
color bear skin round jacket (us a spen
cer.) Harry was pin chased of Mr.
~ George Cole of Poplar Hill, Saint Ma
• N. B. Having reason to believe that
U he was persuader! IU his
elopement, I oiler 50 dollars reward to
any person who will proveto conyi
in a court of justice the person gutltv of
such acts. PETER LENOX.
April.—tawtf /
SUCH of the creditors of the late
general Uriah Porrest, deceased,
h as hay. r.inst his estate prior
" to the issuing of the commission oi'Raok
" ruptcy i ..), ;ire hereby notified
" that the Coromissioners of B-nkrupt
" will meet to make a dividend, at
Rhode's tavern in the nty of VYasking
r ton on Monday the 30th day cf May
■ next, Bt 11 o'clock A. iVEj when :.nd
j where* they will please to attend in per
j san or by attorney.
JOHN HEWITT, Assignee.
. i City V.'n wttn
1 roTiCE,.
1 \ Tn/.v tht • f Washington
'l I rity nave obtained from the Orphan's
Court of Washington county in the
• j district ot Columbia, letters testamen
tary Oa th * perraar I estate of Geokci.
5 Mitchell late ef said city, deceased.
t /Up. ran claims e.g.-inst the
•' said estate arc hereby warned to exhibit
' i the same to the subscribers . n or be
f j fore the Ist day of December next, they
- . may otherwise bylaw be excluded from
t j all benefit of sai<i estate. Given under
V I our hands this 9th day of May in the
• >ear ISOB.
1 I May ll—f.
Ran away cm tV.e* evening of the
,' Inst, a bright Mulatto Man, named.
- i 808, whr. calls himself Robert Tl«>~
mas, about 5 feet 10 inches high, 24 or
25 years of ag*», has large black eye
■ brows, large full eyes, not very dark,
: and is a stout, -vvill made, h-jtflsamo
: follow/. His hair is thick, but not
! quite and he wears it nicely
- ; trimmed, combed and ridged on the top.
■ His i,, ird appears very brick if sufEr
-5 ed to grow for a day' or two, but he
> usually shaves it very closely. He has
- r.c.. i-tiy received an injury on the fore
» finger of the 1« ft hand, and has it bound
up, .in! may probably lose the fust joint
ofit; aks deliberately, and is
• ' more correct in conversation than p.*r
» , sons of his color usually arc. He walks
I slowly, is a very good waiter, hut de
lights particularly in attending n
'horses. He has a variety of cE
! and tojk v.'i'ch ,''i-.ri t.m dark gre n broad*
I cloth coat and pantaloons with yellow
J buttons, one cloth coat and pantaloon*
color, but the cloth
nt inferior quality, with v.hite iti«-tal
buttons,tor, th coat much worn,
j one old brown sr.rt.i-.t coat with Cover*
ied buttons, a good hat, and a pair of
i black top boots. The rested' liisanpu
; rel I am utableparticularly tode-scniie.'
jHe is fond of wearing hoots, and pauk
great attention to hi,. ,;r,
As he can read cud write very v .
he may probably prtrduc* a forged
authority for him to pass, or pr< qure the
certificate ef some one i f the Nrgi
who, a few years ago, petiticm d I j
name of Thomas, and ohtaim
freedom in Mary End. If tal
the state of Maryland and district of
Columbia, and secured in any tail,
that I shall get him again, the i.
given, or sixty doll, r,
en and secured within the said
sute.pr district.} all reasonable <x-
I penefs will all abo be pud, if he should
|be ih ' a the city eifWash.
r ington, or to Dr, Richard Ducket*, in
inty, Mars land
{tie is well acquainted in Annapolis
j Baltimore) Geo. To. c city of
) Washington.
May 13—
WAS Committed to my custody as
Runaways, a negl*o man and
woman, i themselves by the
names of Tt-Oin-a. W. Ashton,
Betty Ashton; c . '
obtained their freedom, In Westmore
land county Virginia, at Je
Tom is about JO years ol
about 5 feet 9 mche_* iir'rh ; I'.tty
a common sizp, arid appe ns to be ..
; thWr clothing is very
•••*• in possession of
book tl .ol their free
dom, • < of
Westmoreiyii.l i i. • owner er
owners of them
away, or thi y '. tor their
pences ag.
of Montgomci)
May 6—7 i
"a /tier..
TIIR Subscriber being anxious to
settle all his bu
entire stock of •
him to r rd..,
(particularly such <•
as furlht
given them).
Ed t.» tt"- i (Minting ha
Riggs, and Co,
ly for«_?ttle«veiit hy i
tant Mr. Samuel C. Offut, or
George Town, March ig—tf'

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