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I ■-* 1^.I---— . II I ■ _._ _ .
Chicago - With the Democratic Con
vention coming to a close early
hrida- morning the country 'now.
awaits the eventful campaig. ing
of the respective nominees. A
few “die-hards" are .bitterly
opposing the non renonination of
Garner as running mate for Roose
velt while still a few determined,
democrats are fighting the con
v e lit ion's cho ice by up ho Id ing r
the "third term" idea. Roosevelt
is content to lot-the nation de
cide whether or not it wants to
uphold uphold a certain ideal be
cause of tradition or whether it
will be content towards giving
him continued support. Roose
velt's acceptance speech was con
sidered by exports iy political,
matters to be one ol clover con
tent . ho is not very likely to
do very much distant campaigning
more than likely leaving such to
l:is running mate, Wallace.
Seattle - Delegates to the con
vention from the 'western states,
Washington, Idaho and Alaska
fought pressure from. Wallace
groups to support other candi
dates for vice-presidential nomi
nation. Alaska while pledged
! for dan] die ad d.ccidcd. to change
at the last minute giving Bank
head. three votes and Wallace
three. Washington's vote was
split among five candidates with
Wallace getting only one and one
half. Idaho gave ton tc heButt,
Oregon ten to Wallace.
i'Tow York - Hull and. fifteen dele
gates arc enroute to attend the
Pan /xicricari convention at Havana
Cuba which. Is to bo hold there
in the very? near future. It is
expected, that President Roosevelt
may aIso a11 end,
iJcw York - 'Hondo 11 L. Hi 11:1c, GOP
presidential.' candidate, summoned
12 party leaders from all sections
of the country to guide his cam
paign and included workers for
his two leading opponents for the
nomination. Gov.' H, E, Stasson
of Hinncsota heads the committee
which includes sirs • Ruth Hanna*
HcCormick, Simms-Davis and S.
Ingalls of Ohio who aided R.
Taft; Rep, Joseph martin, Gov.
Raymond Baldwin of Connecticut;
Gov, Ralph Carr of Colorado; Son.
John Townsend, Jr., of Delaware..,,,
Hilkio said he would refuse
corporate contributions, also- any
sum exceeding ',,‘5,000 (see p, 8) ;
■ i.. .1 i...... ..i
1 Berlin - Speaking before the
Reichstag tonight Hitler address
ed one more final appeal for a
re as on ing \/i 11i Eng 1 and. lie . dc -
clared that if England insists on
continuing the fight ho will de
stroy her world Empire. lie em
phasized the fact that ho was
net asking for peace in t' c voice
of a victor and demanding capi
tulation of the vanquished but
rather as a victor proposing: a
reasonable peace. H itlor said
that a parently British states
men hod no conception’ of t].e de
struction should he pay a visit,
to England in complying with hie
t'' r c a t s t o d o s t r oy Lo nd o n. The
Dictator did not say dofinitcly
•just vchat ho expected Churchill’s
reply would be .in regard ‘to his
poc.co offer to England but at tl o
same time lie left no doubt but
that any sort of peace would cer
tainly be on German terms.
London - The ho'T.l Air force con
tinued with their bombing assaults
on German supply concentration ■
points along th..e coast ..of franco :
and Ho 11 and. The. c r.u i s or 3yduey
of the Australian' fleet is re
ported to have engaged in 1 title
•JitI onu of the cruisers of t’ .0
Italian fleet, resulting in the
sinking of the Italian slip. Its,].,
claims to have destroyed a friths i
submarine in th. Ionian Lea,
London - fith the sinhlng of too
British merchanta.on along the
coast of the Host Indies it is be- j
licvecl th.s.t another German Sea •>
Raider is playing havoc with
fritish ships, j
Shanghai - breaking into the
apartment of Pal Arvin, an Amer
ican correspondent and writer, <;
Japanese police seized Arvin and •
confiscated Pis'manuscript declar
ing it to he anti-Japanese. Arvin I
objected to the forced entrance i
declaring that the manuscript was L
only a biography of. .an American
who had spent several years in
China and obviously -was not an
attack on Japan,. j
Franco - France made an appeal to
Germany to-day, to codec,,-from tak
ing French'food supplies declaring
tP.at seen famine must, result in
France should Gfermany Continue to ^
do so. -A'fji.. go*rnaiiy, seizing ihuch
foodstuffs ?c'r; Gerrhii a soldiers the
French people/, are nov; beginning
to Ferry. id ; .
--4/ ■■ ... -;

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