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All The News Os
All The People
Main Off ire: 268 Eliot Street
Whites File Suit To Oust Rev. A. C. Williams
Stevenson Restrained
From Occupying
New Home
A second suppressed suit of white
Arden Park resident? to prevent
the enroachment of Negroes into
their neighborhood as home occu
pants was disclo?ed this week as
a group o' whites filed suit to oust
Rev A. C. William?, pasror of
Metropolitan Baptist church, from
his home located at 556 Arden Park.
Seek To Oust Pastor
Plaintiffs seeking to oust the Ne
gro pastor were said to be Dr Al
bert D. Kathan, his wife; Albert
Morris ana his wife. Pierce Baker
and his wife, in the restriction suit
filed against Rev A. C Williams
and his wife, Gerald O'Neil and
Clifton Russian, an employee of the
Recorder's court. Traffic Division,
according to information disclosed
this week
The defendants in the suit are
represented by Atty. Francis M
Dent disclosed that There is no
restrictive covenant on record pre
venting the purchase and occupan
cy of home? in the neighborhood
by Negroes Nor is there a neigh
borhood agreement oi record
against Negroes in the vicinity
i* was believed tha*
property value? were guch that Ne
groes cou’d not afford to purchase
nor occupy, the homes in question
Stevenson Loses Suit
Two weeks ago. the first sup
pressed suit to prevent the occu
pying df-'a* home purchased by a
Negro, Frederick T Stevenson, was
dtaelooed as-tr ■hrrtrTntr hetd before '
Visiting Judge Fred S George
Stevenson had purchased the
home from Circuit Court Judge
Harry B Keidan for a reported
price of between SIO,OOO and $12,000
A ruling was made last week
granting a temporary injunction to
prevent Stevenson from occupying
ing in Circuit court.
Dr Albert D Kathan and his
wife, Albert E Morris and his wife I
and a group of other white Arden
Park residents had filed the first
suppressed suit against Negroes
seeking to buy homes and live in
the Arden Park neighborhood
Last week, a pamphlet disclosing
other reported information con
cerning the attempt of Negroes to
buy their homes in the Arden Park !
vicinity was exposed by the Michi
gan Chronicle.
Meanwhile citizens are interest
ed in the outcome of the second
suit filed against Negroes by Arden
Park residents.
Two Women,
Man Attempt
Suicide Here
Two women and a man attempted
suicide thi- week following manta!
misunderstanding with their belov
ed. according to police records this
Thelma Fairchilds, 34. and mar
tied if 934 Osborne avenue, so pol
ice say was rushed to get aid afte:
taking l; sol M .-iinder.>:ar.d:ng w.th
her boyfriend was li- ed as the
cause of her despondency
Olga Cooper. 19 and married o.
283 Ens- Baltimore wa? taken *
the hospital after she had taker
liniment following a family figh'
so police say.
Girlfriend trouble was listed by
police as the m 11
turn, 21. of 2637 West For: street,
took potassium permanganate last
workers now play a morr important
role *har ever oefore in this na
tion s production batt c Dr Rod
ert C Weaver, chief of the Negro
Manpove' Service War Manpower
commission, declared last week.
Marian Anderson, famed contralto, made a special ap
pearance at Hampton institute recently where she gave
a brief concert for Negro seamen in advance training
at the institution for ratings as petty officers. She then
Four Women Dead, Nine
Injured In Train-Bu»*
Crash, Wed.
The funeral of two of the four
women victims of the tragic DSR
bus and train mishap of last Wed
nesday have been held and the
others are expected to be buried
sometime this week.
Four of the 16 persons fatally in
jured in the bus-train crash were '
Negro women w’hile nine of the
27 injured were also Negroes.
Morgue Tragic Scene
The county morgue was the scene
of much bereavement and its spa
cious rooms and corridors were fill
ed with the pinful moai sos friends
and relatives of those lying dead
.ns.de the inner rooms of the build
ing at Larned and Brush streets,
as loved ones came to identify the
earthly remains of their departed
wives, husbands and once dear rel-
Sixteen persons were fatally in
jured, some of Them died before
tney *onic be taker to get treat
ment at a hospital, while others
died a short time later.
Twenty-seven received injuries
requiring treatment and hospitali- |
zarion at one of several hospitals
Stamp Drive To
Begin Nov. 23
Tuberculosis increasing mill
warring countries The 1942
Christmas seal, whic* goes on sale
November 23. will 'ight to pre
vent such a "i? • in this country
A recent urvey made by the
N.-’.-jAuI Tuberculous Association
showed that 46 p-*r cent of the
people still hold the mistaken be
lief that tuberculosuL-i*, inherited.
No baby is bor with tuberculo
! sis The disease is spread by germs
I frem the sick to the well.
If any pill-peddler claims to
! have a medicine to cure tubercu
losis, you know right away that
I ne is a. quack, say the Michigan
cure for tuberculosis Is scicrftilic
j rest, such as is offered in M.chi-
Hubby Free
In Death Os
Young Wife
Admitted to Receiving hospital
and released following treatment
there after suffering from a head
1 hands of her husband, a 36 year old
woman died soon after re-admir
tance to the above hospital, police
learned last week.
An investigation disclosed that
Mrs. Gertrude Pearl Washington of
1527 Clinton street, had been as
saulted and struck on her head with
some weapon wielded by her hus
: band. James.
The injured woman was Treated
at the hospital on October 11 and
was discharged on the 15th.
On October 19. Mrs Washington
j was re-admitted to the hospital aft
|er she had complainedmf the head
i injury and reporte I that she was
! suffering from possible Tetanus
! i blood poisoning). Her condition
i was reported as serious by hosp.tal
At approximately 12:45 pm. on
October 20. Mrs. Washington died
at the hospital.
Following an investigation by de
tectives of the homicide squad the
( case was listed as excusable by a
citizen Mr. Washington was then
released from all blame in his
wife's death.
Appointed As
Foreman At Ford’s
Edward Taylor of 19991 Wiscon
sin St., was made i foreman in the
millright department at Ford's
River Rouge plan* last week Mr
Taylor will supervise all repair
work in the ror- making depart
ments on the midnight shift.
He is the first Negro to be made
a foreman in Ihi department.
The promotion from gang leader
; to the foremanship rame after

Shot By Employee
Os Beer Tavern
An altercation between a custo
mer and ? bartender resulted this
week in the shooting of oJc Mur
ray. 26. of 4736*i McGraw avenue,
who war treated at Receiving hos
i p.’.al for a gunsho* wound to the
\ °Hcli for investigation of rhe al
tercation i« Albert Archie, employ-
I ed at 4800 Warren avenue.
‘See VICTIMS, Page 2
stopped at Hampton institution where she is shown
with Lieut. Commander Edwin H. Downes. USNR. com
manding officer of the naval training school at Hamp
ton, and Malcolm Mac Lean. president of the institution.
K ■
i 4,
Lovely Miss Rose Campbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Camp
bell of 311 Trowbridge, student of Wayne and well known for her
interpretative dancing, is one of the winners of the Delta Sigma
Theta scholarship and has been selected by the Alpha Kappa Alpha
sorority as a candidate for “Miss Detroit " The winner of the "Miss
Detroit” contest will reign as queen of the classics at the West Vir
ginia-Wilberforce football game here Thanksgiving day. Pictures of
other candidates will appear next week.
Soldiers Bar Arrest
Os Mate By Rioting
NEW ORLEANS—Efforts of po
lice to arrest a colored soldier here
Sunday nigljfcr.rultid ;r. a r • r
j 150 were arrested ?nd lodged in jail
j The trnubl started when three
I policemen arrested a color r! o'.d rr
I in a South Rampart street place on
Floods caused postponement of her regular concert ap
pearance At the left Miss Anderson poses on the steps
of Ogden hall at Hampton institute with army and navy
men in training at Hampton.—Official U.S. navy photos.
Bowman Makes A Good
Race For State
Senator Charles C. Digcs. seeking
reelect ion to the state senate, was j
victorious in the election held Tues-
Ihi? Republican opponent. Clarence
Wilson, in the third senatorial dis- |
This mark? Senator Diggs’ fourth j
term in the state lejislaturc He was j
first elected in 1936 He is a inor- ;
i -ician by profession
1 A- usual. Senator Diggs waged a
Mrottf campaign, both in the pri- 1
rr.ury and for the general election
Hi t'vopp ed bj Leßoy G While
i and Attorney William Banks in the
primary, but snowed them under by
Senator Digs? introduced the
Diggs Civil Rights Bill during the
t first term he served in the Senate I
a bill which provides criminal and!
■civil action for racial discrimination
I in public place?.
! While the Rr publican? swept the
| ?:ate. Democrat? were successful ir.
winning Wayr.e county a? all off
icial? were reelected including
Prosecutor WilUartu Dowling. County
Treasurer Jacob Sumeracki. and
Casper Lingemnn. county clerk.
Arthur'Bowman, seeking election
1 Judge H rrer Ferguson. Republi
can. d-fe.itcd Scr.i'.nr Prcnti; M t
i Brown, who was seeking reelection '
! after serv.ng one tc rrn Gov. Murray
, D Van Wagoner. Dernocra’. wav
defeated by Harrv F. Kelley. Re. j
PARIS, Tenn—Mrs Op're?s Ezell i
Broae.i was recently e!ee‘ed Jeans 1
teacher of Henry County Tenn A
graduate of Lane college, Mr? !
Broach '•r.’ers this work well pre
pared. having taught for a number ,
of years and traveled extensively
throughout ’he United States and
police car and c-cap'd and a number,
from arresting him.
a disorderly chari Prevcr.'ed from
execut.ng.thcir ■ fforts by o*h< r sal
nair.l rounded up he colored "Dl'-
Several clashes occurred -.hen
the f.iit soldier broke oui of the
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A Better Newspaper
Telephone TKm-le 1-8878
Mass Delegation Will
Include IV o r k e r s
And Women
Truck Kills Mother, Baby
Crossing Street; Man
Also Dies
Determined to take the fight for
jobs to the highest authority in the
United State?, tae Citizens Com
mittee for Jobs in War Industry,
this week, made plans to send a
50-man delegation to Washington
con ier with Paul v McNutt,
chairman of the War Manpower
board and also Congressman Tolan.
h . nan of the Tolan Committee,
to aid in The effort to have employ
er? in tl-e Detroit f area obey the
President’? executive order 8802.
The sigh- to secure thousands of
joos for Negro men and women
who have been virtually barred
from loca' defense plants was given
added impetus when the committee
planned a mass delegation to ask
Mayor Edward J Jeffrie so make a
statement -cm -manpower
shortages in Detroit and discrimi
nation in ttie plants. Jeffries will
be -'.-bed to take a stand on the
urgency of hiring ail qualified
workers in this area regardless of
I color before in-migrant workers,
and to bi.ck up the president who
-aid The usual employment pre.fer
, .ices cannot, be tolerah and at MJ
I At a noonday meeting Monday,
J Atty. Joseph Craigen was appointed
j chairman of a committee to confer
I with representative? of the Detroit
District on discrimination in gov
ernment ordnance work. Craigen’*
committee will ask the Federal gov-
I eminent to cease its discrimiriatory
policies at once In the event The
Ordnance Department refuses to
j cooperate with* the committee, a
'picket line will be thrown, around
A CO year old molhcr and a year
and a half old child she was carry
,ng in her arms and a 52 year old
man died tins week at Receiving
nospita! of injuries suffered in two
automobile accidents occurring oti
the -meet-- ot Dctroi* recently
Henry Rose. 29, and white, the
driver o' a Mack dumping track,
which police say 3truek Mrs Alla
Mae Scot: of 2238 Rivard street,
j was held by police for investigation
•Vat’ii Driver Flees
j A hit end tun driver was sought
j by police for the fatal auto accident
lin which Woodrow Scales, 52, of
13712 St. Antoine street, met his
Mother. Child Slain
I Mr?. Scott, with the small child
1 Teasie Scott, in her arms, was
i struck while walking near Rivard
and Vert or Highway this week
1 Henry Rose, driver of the Mack
| truck told police that he was going,
I west on Vernor Highway while th -
j2O year old mother was going north i
across Vernor Highway
Statements were taken by the
prose-u Tor’s office.
Two Women,
Man Jailed
For Robbery
Two women and a man, all of
un pi : :< ay wore armed, were
held last week for investigation of
a robbery made upon the person of
Lee Stovall, 43, of 915 Madison
According to Detectives Hender
son Turpi- and Joseph Harris, the
three accused persons took $7 in
money from Stovall.
Held fer the alleged robbery were
Buck Johnson. 37. of 692 Madison
ret; Fthel Mayes. 39. no homo
address and Mildred Smith. 25, of
978 Erskine street
Police say that both women had
knives wh le Johnson was armed
with a piece of cement which ho
i rd to knock his victims uncon*
♦ j
Friends Argue,
One Gets Shot
Shot in The chest and reported
by hospital attaches. Zcb Alston,
28. of 3411 East Vernor highway told
p- lice that he had been shot by
Ben Wanamnkcr, 45, of 2537 Jo*
Campau street.
It was learned that the two men
had beer drinking and an argu
ment over some undisclosed mat
ter. resulted in Wanamaker pulling
hi? gun and shooting h:s alleged
friend v l.ile near '’7"7 East Vcrnf-
Highwa- this work.
Wanurrr her was hold for Investi
gation o' the shooting.
Rescue Fails; Two
Die In Grain Chute
CHICAGO. 'AN Pt—James Col
bert. 18 :.nd Wiilie Toney. 21, were
k. 1 led Wednesday under a mass of
grain : t the Ccrn Product* Refin
ing company where both were em
Colbert fell into a chute cavity.
When Toney tried to rescue him,
o was pulled in where both per
.shod. Fellow workers recove rd
■ -c : .vo bodies by dismantling the
listed by police were George Chris
tian of 1311 Alfred street; James
j Hall of 633 Hague and John Ru
dolph of 934 Division street.
1 Suffering from a compound frnc
, lure of the righf leg after being I
<truck by a hit-run driver. Wood
! row Scales diefT at 2:40 pun a? Rc
-1 reiving hospital. He had been in-
Ijurcd in the auto mishap on Octo
ber 13 while near Montcalm and
! Rivard street?.
Second Fatal Mishap
I Daisy Fox of 955 Adelaide street,
his companion, was also injured in
the same accident. She suffered
] from a possible fracture of the righ
; ankle and right hip and was treated
at Receiving hospital.
Witnesses to the fatal accidcn.
were Bviniva and Thomas Jcffer
! -on of 1024 Montcalm street and
. Ernest Lee of the same address
Police learned tha» Scales wa
> gojftf north across Montcalm ?*rcr
; when he was struck by the hit
; run driver who was turning right
, off of Rivard street
E. Davenport
Elected Head
Os Bar Ass’n
Elvin L. Davenport, well known
young attorney who was admitted
to the bar in September 1939. wa?
elected president of The Wolverine
| Bar associate on Tuesday. Oct 27
| Atty. Davenport is a graduate ot
i Howard University school in
i the class of '39 Member of the Le
?::! 'todre * of the N’AACP, a?-
; S mons in
j the Sojourner Truth tr at and p
: member o' the Fuel Oil Bar ion .82-4
Cops Investigate
Mystery Shooting
Police are investigating the my
s Ed har 1 Deai
| 29. of 503 h Rivard street, floor boun- ,
cer at a beer tavern,
Hastings sTrcet, last v;eck
It was disclosed that & fight, of
| t he establishment.
When the and isturbance had beer
-topped .• wa? iearr.ci that Derm
*Scr JOB FIGHT. Page 2

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