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Elliottorians Plan State-Wide Business Women’s Meet
Club Affiliates With
Association Os >i
Women's flubs
The Ellioa.i.;an Bu.-:ne>>i Whir,
cn's club, at its last regular meet ,
ing. set up machinery t > plan lor
Business and Professional Women
in Michigan and nearby r.:e
Rea.izing that today t.v ipp-r u
< i t
elsewhere, the club fee’.' that ’ is
before tht women ofZ the commu
"The future o: democracy ,n :m I
v \n ii N
depends t 3 gre.v exten'. n ‘hi
role shat Negro "‘women will »
said Mr# Trie, a Will.a.ns the dy.
nami* 1.-tle president of *he El. ■
Affiliates with \\ omens 1 lu tw
Recognizing me need or united
cooper ti'e grouo act.on by women,
and the responsibilities tjjat women
of Tie organization voted unani
mously to become affil.ated with
tne Detro. Awor. -n 0: W n en\
h and t«
t need een
Recently t ElLottorian? do
rated 200 sandwiches for the sol
diers- who were entertained a - the
Buy War Bonds
member- individually __
Mrs Norvelle Beatty of USO was
taken in as anew member The
club will entertain at a cabaret
r 'ty at one of the local clubs.
Nov 27
It was felt by the members pres- ;
cut. that "Negro women must be
r me cognizant of, and concern
tnemselve# with the old and new
P-' diems that now confront them
Order Probe
Os Plot In
Mason Case
CLEVELAND - Common Pleas
Judge Cnarles J McNamee'on Sal
urday ordered Norman Selby
serving time in the Sandusk; jail,
had lied to convict Benny Mason,
well known policy figure and op
era tor of mg farm and night cluo
Mason asserted through hi. at
torney Edgar D.xon. that he was j
ceiver ot stolen property "because
faiicd to pay off on a winning
number ,\l..- n was convicted or
C-- k - testimony ratner C tnai.
M..son s
rr iv.ed ne sold '•'J.fXKJ worth ot
jcwerly. stolen in a Snake: Heights
burglary tc Ma#< n tor SI 10 M.von
chased the ,->t rocks On •mo |
tion tor a ne w tnai Ma.-.n » attor
that Cook adm km to nad ' -on
from life imprisonment.
Install Officers
At Valley Homes
CINCINNATI. Ohio --Tenant: o!
the Vailby Homes, a Federal HoUs
Wednesday. Oct. 28 .n the center -
A McClain oHthc sol’ic.tors ot
The election was held to creati
*'lt is no* lhtended to give the out
ley Homes has any . 1,. .. .1 p..,0
tenants ir. those 350 nousmg units
for the good of all and one in the
Personnel at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., are the proud possessors of one
of the finest army hospitals in the country. The public in general is
unacquainted with such a hospital, which in reality is a self-contained
community of onc-story buildings connected by covered corridors, in
an area of about four city blocks. It contains several hundred beds
and is completely staffed with NegtQ officers and enlisted personnel.
Many of the officers have been outstanding surgeons and clinicians
in civil life and stand high among the leaders of their profession.
Complete services arc offered the patients, with separate buildings
Deputies Os Treasury Department
To Sell Bonds In Rural Districts
: iiv;' v ; ;t< >n DCF
in W.i.«i..t.g:on, D C, nine special
deputies of the Treasury Depart
ment were pushing the purchase 0.
war oond and •'.amp# this week by
Negro farmers and rurV groups ,n
The deputies, recruited from the
.g: .1-jltura! Licult.es of Negro Land
Gr •?.* c< Logo, wore employed op.,
: u- recommendation of Jesse O ,
Thomas, staff member of the Na
: on.al Organizations Section of the 1
War Bonn Division additional
Negro do; uvies are expected to be
placed ;n thr field soon
Tnc present deputies underwent '
Lt. Harriet West Os WAAC To Open
Recruiting Hangar, November 8
Tin WAAC - Recruiting Aides of
the Detro;' A.- -Delation of Wom
en- Clubs i- bringing to Detroit.
L* H etl W f tht WAA<
f» the Club' House. 5461 Brush
Lt We.-1 wuii one of the first
forty Negro women trained as an (
the training course in the Sloan i
building on October 22-23 The
tra.ning Instircle included address
es by Eugene Sloin. James L.
Houghteling. Robert VV Coyne.
Lloyd E Partain. T M Campbell.
Dr \rthcr W Wright, Dr. William
Pickens. Mrs Nell Hunter and W
L Elam.
Deputie.* attending the courses
, mcluded John Henry White, Ar-
K-insn#; Preston S. Brw’cs. Missis
- ppi; Jan.es Nelson Freeman. Mi -
| souri; Robert Clay. Tennessee:
Frank M Staley, Georgia: Lonnie
A Marshall, Florida; James C
I Mr'Laugh'in. North Carolina, and
l Curtis A Crocker. Virginia
officer at For* Dos Moines last
summer Tne occasion that brings
her to Detroit is the opening of a
the Detroit Association of Wom
ens Clubs 5461 Brush Street ,
Thu Recruiting Hangar is NOT
segregated from th* regular office
.n the Federal Building, but is »,
devoted to surgery, x-ray, eye. ear. nose and throat, pharmacy and
laboratory, Genito Urinary clinics, dental clinics. Physio-therapy and
the usual out-patient work. Recreation is found in the two-story
Red Cross building, with a theatre for movies and games, a library
and well-furnished lounge. In addition to a soda fountain and sales
room, there is a barber shop in the Post Exchange. The area also has
quarters for several hundred enlisted men, who make up the Medical
Detachment, who in addition to their ordinary soldiering, are taught
to be ward attendants and technical helpers in all the different %pecial-
Seek Injunction On
Lewis Bus . College
An attempt to oust the Lewis i
Business college, well known Negro
school from a building
at John R and Ferry streets, was !
reported to have failed this week
i Efforts to have the school moved
from the premises is reported to!
j have been made by the owner of
i a nearby hot- according to Horace |
! A. White, chairman of the board ■
j of directory of the .school,
i White said the Lewis Business
| college was established about four j
years age at The insistence of the
I Booker T. Washington Trade asso
| nation The schodf Was establishes
! for the purpose of training Negro
' girls to answer the demands of lo-
I cal businesses for professional
workers It is a non-profit institu
| The school moved to the present
i location a year ago from the West
j Side of Detroit The section in
non-profit businesses only. It was
reported that no objection was
raised to the school in the com
munity until the hotel management
learned that it was a Negro insti
tution. White said the school vio
| These rew field workers of fhc
Treasury Department will contact
Negro farmers and rural groups to
increase their participation in the i
War Bone and Stamp program Es- :
forts will be made to have Negro I
rural workers place a larger pro- '
portion of their increased earnings
from this year's crops in these in
vestments, since The curtailment of j
civilian production will limit their
purchases of many manufactured •
j materials
| In addition to these new field ■
. w orkers, the War Bond staff also |
j includes Mrs Hunter.- who works I
J John W Whitten, labor represents- j
part of it. designated to serve all
women alike in the community. I
and to stimulate interest in the
WAAC. The A dr in charge of this
Hangar will do the preliminary in- 1
torviewing- The fm*4l interview and I
all examinations will be done by
the downtown office
SATURDAY, NOV. 8. Lt. West*
will be present at the Membership
luncheon at the Club House. 1:30
P M Call in and make your obs
ervations. SUNDAY. NOV 9. 300
;P M . Lt West will be guest
I speaker »t the formal opening of
I the Hangar with Lt John Mur
ray of Detroit, and Colonel Bach-
I us as guests.
ties. Five large warehouses are included in the project. At top left:
Capt. William E. Allen, St. Louis, Mo., fluoroscopes patient on a
heavy-duty x-ray table in x-ray department of Station hospital, and
at top right. Pvt. Toye G. Davis, South Carolina, making a differential
blood count on a microscope in the laboratory. Davis formerly was
professor of biology at West Virginia State college. In the picture
at the lower left Captain Allen is shown studying x-rays on elbow
in developing room of x-ray department. At lower right. Capt. C. E.
Jamison, Chicago, administering nitrous Oxide anaethesia to patient
in surgery. U. S. Army photos.
CLEVELAND, Ohio. Twenty
two women will receive ccrtifi i
cates from the American Red Cross j
aC East Mt. Zion Baptist church.
J I’hursdav evening.
' lates no health codes or restrictive j
j covenants and predicted that thr
j effort to have an injunction issued |
'against the school heads would fail !
mg. former Philadelph.a Tribune
j managing editor, now with the
. President's Committee on Fair Em
! ployment Practices, returned to the
j Washington oPice Thursday after a
prolonged stay in New York. He
left the sane day for Atlanta, where
certain ’nvestigations are neces-
■ j Building
Janitors X”
With Quiet Dignity ...
We conduct a funeral in a manner that it
worthy of the tribute you wish to pay your
deceased. Regardless of the price you pay,
all details will be handled in an impressive
way /hat will be a comforting memory,
Classifications Completed
By Alt Boards Says
Cgl s Armstrong
CHICAGO, 111 - (Special)
Col. Paul IS Armstrong,
llitiois director of Selective
Service today advised se
ectees who have received
rheir orders to report for In
duction not to quit their jobs until
after they have beer to the induc
tion station and have found out
whether or not they are acceptable
for military service.
“Many a selectee on receiving his
induction order" said Colonel Arm
strong. “immediately resigns his
position feeling thrt he will definite
ly be inducted on the specific re
porting date. ’ J e forgets, however,
that the army is now turning down
from 28 to 30 pc - cent of the men
presented for induction.
"In too many cases, a selectee
gives up his positior only to find
that he is both -ejected by the army
and is out of a job because some
other man or v orr.a- had been hired
to take his
Col. Armstrong added that vir
tually all local boards in the state
have classified a their registrants
who are subject to military service.
At the same tim- he warned those
Illinois registrants of military age
who have not yet received their
questionnaires o communicate with
their respective 1 >cal boards at once.
“The complet-on of origina' class
ification." the director said, "means
that we are now better able to
make sure, so 'ar as is humanly
possible, that regist »nts • -ith col
lateral dependents parents, grand
parents. brothers sisters, etc- will
not be called for military service
before 'sUhstanTiatty alt normal 1-A
men throughout the state heve been
“We control this procedure at
state headquarters by issuing calls
upon local boards according to
type of 1-A registrants still avail
War Chest
Is 49% Os
S9OOO Goal
ST LOUlS—Forty-nine per cent
of the goal of the Negro unit of the
Greater St. Louis War chest was
obtained it war learned at the last
report meeting at the Pine Street
"Y" headquarters.
Bige Wyatt, chairman of the unit,
stated that workers are combing
(he city in an effort to reach the
goal of $9,000. The Chest, which
ropres s 105 charities, including
Welfare -gencies and other such
organizations, has proved one of
the most challenging campaigns
ever held in the city.
In the distr.:t reports the follow
-1 ng was presented: D' -.trie* V~< 43.3,
under Chairman A. N. Vaughn,
$1215; No. 431, Miss Josephine
; Banks, chairman. $1138.95; No. 434,
Mrs. Ruby Blanton. $671.40; No. 436,
, Virgil McKnjght, $580; No. 432, Re
vernia Thoi pson, $450.
TALLADEGA, Ala.—ln order to
co-operate with the request of
railroads to refrain from travel
between December 15 and January
15 when transportation facilities
| will be almost exclusively in use
' by men in the service. Talladega
I college has adoptee- a short *No
: Travel” Christmas vacation, De-
I cember 23 to 27. inclusive

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