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el iha Spirit of Christmaa aro tfci pietum afewvo vkldi dapict tho
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st . .... ■ . • _. \ {.m ,■'^n,-■^HBBHBHHaHBNHH»IBBBHHfHBKBraBBBBiHB&HMnHBBSH»9Hi
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: v , c '' v * >*
To Probe
fev'v: Officials
Appointment.dLja body with au
thority to invctttftat* top union
ffftdali •—•• Including International
/uprosenUtivss—who refuse to take
AHionon violdtfcms of the UAW
CIO constitution end contracU be
tween the union and management,
particularly aa- they relate to dis
crimination of minority group*,
’abolition o 1 the Little Steel Formu
la and »tf f community lead
ers andTHnrch« with twiiun facili
ties for a broader educational
Program were recommended at a
conference on Race Relations called
by Walter ‘ Hardin, international
Chairman of the UAW-CIO inter
racial committee at hotel Webster
Hall. Sunday.
The conference, railed to ponder
trade union problems arising from
low income employees, education
and public relations, woman power,
pitfalls in race relations and the
M~See UNION. Pare 4
Nearly' five thousand Negro and
•white notables crowded Abyssinia
Baptist church in Harlem last week
for the last rites of that happy
hunk of humanity. Fats Waller.
Buried beneath his favorite “Honey-
« tickle Rose." Mrs. Waller s little
oy has gone to heaven and he is
fining to teach Gabriel some jive
notes, we betcha.
* * *
Washington predicts that the
president will bark up the FEPC
order to force Southern railroads
to <A«p the color bar In employ,
tnent. Recent North Carolina rail
road wreck blamed partly an man
power Shortage which la more
•acute because Negroes are not
eligible for Jobs.
* * *
Fanped authoress Zora Hurston
will start the new year by marrying
Janies Howell Pitts of Cleveland.
She is in anthropologist and a first
rate writer whose books have hit
• gales record for Negro authors. *
* * *
Mrs. Hannah J. Phillips sf Weal
Medford. Maos., has flve eana In the
armed service end fe*r el them ere
•fleers. The . beys can grace ihrtr
parentage hick In th* country aa
|»r aa 17«« on hath aides of the
“"•*-** spot Niwftij
u V MM MM 01 | . r«. . JL
;Haitt Office: 268 Eliot 9M(
A vs ’
fnoAlabatdu/J&n M*rwl Judge
Tueeday aampunoed
that He would write (Sov. Rally
himself. If necessary, to clarify the
status of Allen.
The statement by Judge Picard
was made during a bearing on a]
writ of habeas ceppoa. obtained by
Attorney Edwatd 6lmmons last
week following denial of a writ 1
by Circuit Judge sberman D. Cal
Because a federal fugitive war
rant had been ssued and is now in
possession of the Detroit office of
the FBI waiting to be served. Gov.
Kelly refused to grant a stay of
extradition to Allen's attorneys last
This information was conveyed
to the Michigan Chronicle this week
by the governor’s office. The an
nouncement followed a re-exami
nation of the case by Gov. Kelly
following the roquest made by the
Following the exhaustive re
examination, it was revealed that
one pertinent fact which had not
been previously known to the gov
ernor. to the •epresentative of the
attorngy-general s office who con
ducted the original hearing, to the
courts which passed on the Correct
ness and completeness of the re
quest for extradition of Allen, was
brought to the front.
The fact is.that on last Sept. 17,
the Alabama county prosecutor pe
titioned the United States attorney
in Birmingham. Ala., district for
a federal fugitive warrant. A fed
eral investigation was made, reveal
ing that there was pending against
Allen a charge of amault with in
tent to murder a law-enforcing of
ficer, and satisfying US. authori
ties that thrre was reasonable
ground to believe that Allen had
committed # that crime and had fled
the state at Alabama.. Accordingly,
a federal fugitive .warrant was is
sued and is ndw in possession of
the FBI office here.
Therefore, if Allen is not re
turned to face the charge of rob
bery and grand larceny, for which
extradition was sought, he would
be returned on the federal war
rant to face a charge of assault with
intent to murler.
Fodr Alabama qffieers were in
Detroit last week le return Allen
on the extrpdition case after Cir
cuit Judge Sherman D. Callender
had denied a writ of habeas corpus.
However;. Attoroev Edward Sim
mons obtained: e federal writ and
AJleo tear held bale pending e
hen ring Tuesday in frdeiaj court
* ~v — 4 ,
.ATTORNEY stricken
Attorney* Lhbron Simmons was
ftrkken End tabu* to Grace
Tibs pith! wfJrtV Jc*>y ©per.'
gtjon'Wgl p*rf<swnhd fdr l' naptined
ppfendi*.' i .* * e - k" 4P7 •T*• % *
• a .- . \ V ,;, , 2*b&s> '>*£> L+l‘ • _V • j£fa •SKI
mjStL\r 1 • RRINCSS^v’JL^idU^i^K AN 1) GuOt/WtiHii
IWfMT 111 ■ Ml 1 1 h " I lar 1 \ \ MMF i W'l ißliri 'll ' I» N I 1 f y’ifi ilPri 1 T’l FT * . *.«,.. f
Nativity aad tho Spirit of glriap. Ia tfaa fiwt pichir. Mfa fedno
Taylor, pupil ¥t Millar hip* school Is Maa, loading a eUftm'i
staph* swap Wteti pariMpiptoS la a Christmas Play lost wosk.
" Photo No. % shs*s papUi whs too* part to tho dramatic plotorif>
* pf sub - oiiwll* » wfi® 1
Tn up m Unit
IU IttillrUml
New Company Will Be
Stationed/! The
Detroit Afittry
• ’ *" *
Gov Harry F Kelly ha* Instruct
ed Brig -Gen. Thomas Colladay to
proceed with the organization of
an additional company of Michigan
State troops, according to an an
nouncement given the Michigan
Chronicle Monday by the Gover
nor's office
The organization and recruitment
of the new company will be direct
ed by Major Clarence K. Howard,
divisional Chemical Warfare offi
cer. and Captain Roy J. Morton
commanding officer of the First
Chemical Warfare.
The order authorizing the action
is as follows:
Special Order 348. paragraph
four (extract*-* the commanding
general first division of Michigan
State Troops is authorized to or
ganize one company. Michigan State
Troop, to be recruited from Negro
citizens of the state and when
organized, to become an additional
military police company, conform
ing to a table of organization. 1-3-3
and to be stationed a; the Detroit
C.A.C. Armory, 1141 Collingwood
avenue. Detroit. Mich. Report will
be submitted when the organization
is ready for inspection and muster
By order of the Governor, Dec. 20,
Ask FDR To Act In 3 FEPC Cases
As Fight Against Agency Spreads
Funeral Rites
Tuesday For An
Old Detroiter
Foaeral services for Rufus F.
Mitchell. 7», of E 37 Elisabeth street
were.held Tuesday In Csliuubua.
Ohio. Mr. Mitchell died last Fiddly.
For <0 years Mr. Mitchell, a well
known flcnre. had been aa employe
of two of the large*! department
stores In Detroit Far 43 ym» he
worked With the mew defunct Hew
eomb Endtcott mmpghy u b rdg
■peelsli«t. and thuß hi Mil be Jußsed
Uis J, L Hudson company when
that company phoorhed Urn Ne*-
cemb Endteetl stork, t V
\ ll< to survived bf (WO owes.
Thomas and Jahaafe. hot) W Detroit
»mi.a daufhtor. Mrs. HUMM/G**
t v ji-* \ v '■rwHH
# V4?. j* ; iflw** ; imQP'
* •v s * vfi*** *? *'^MP9P^'*'.• *> f
Wv 1 a; * *4v%', *-' »Jl!l”' i '' y
■ > ‘ '‘ , 'vNvT., ■..^.^& ‘‘•’Sinibv' r, *Tr 'v*

" - '-rv«
•'/,' . #i’ ■ HPUR -.v*K
- ■■ r
Of 1031 Dubois wiped out a nost of Nasis in Italy and captured a
vast amount of equipment including mines, grenades, carbines and
TNT belonging to the enemy. Armed with a tommy gun he took
four prisoners.
’his return to the capital last week.
President Roosevelt found himself
confronted with requests to settle
three .gases arising out of the efforts
of the Fkfr EmpolyrnFM Practice
committee to combat discrimination
Tmese involve the
the railroads, the boilermakers’
union on the west coast,
Capital Transit company situation’
la all of these eases there has been
sufficient evidence produced to con
clude that, impasses have been
rcathod W
Bases tjuestton
The. Onset tied question 1n the
■minchr'of many observer*, however,
is whfther os not FEPC will show
the "eoursge and dUeefhSss" ex
emplified by the Nation*! War La
bor .Board I* its handling of the
Point Breeze, Md, cum orntering
grouncyhs deqty nd pi Western Elec
tric company fmployes dnr separate
toilet fasilkid* for* Negros. • w
• ith.lg ths Yyilrpud, cited In th«
iSeptkiobdr hSsr.ditbai^eiuiDeca
iion of iho Urtk oI Um CvMCUWL' BMdfatg hum left to right
ih*r vr. Kotio Smith. I Moo Shoitea and Into
Stollibo. (Timm photo. photo Ho. % Vimn C.
Bow. suporlniondcnl of «ji*ola. 4*4 Oman F. Stommolor. principal
23 officially to comply with the rom
inittees directives, they filed their
response on Dec. 13 and left no*
doubt inwoybody s mind as to what
they planned to do within the next
10 day*. "Impracticable.*’ "unrealis
tic," "lacking in Jurisdiction** are
some of the things the response
said about the committee and it*
The initiative now rests with
The boilermakers* union. un
til Jan 23 1 to act upon directives
against them to 'break up the Jim
qrow auxiliaries and to the five
shipbuilding companies to rehire
tiie Nbfroot the* fired In accordance
wlttsd closed'#! oj> affeemenL the,
uniofl ihdms no Jtir adifMo.i. In.
n. |tort'WorcetllHii ..ip»U|lt*d hy
flred eariptaye* - are ho* 1* .Vie
federal dlttnck fburt in California,
and the d|d|t ha* taken th* matter
under ■ semen t-Vs bid n*.d«rthg;
kia(dechrton. , * • ? v „
Irrespective 6t grhat the bourta
- ,

H. Breeze Company
Ujr Union Hit In FDR
S i : \ ; Order

e(lleftaspixure of the Baltimore
plffct of the Western Electric
cbtepany by the Army was
ordered by President Roose
velt early thia week to halt a strike,
ptnployes tor Jim Crow
Th# action was taken shortly
after the War Labor board referred
the Week-long strike, promoted by
the Point Breeze Employees asso
ciation. to the White House The
strike wgs.called by the association
In protdai against the company’*,
refusal to provide separate toilet
'facilities for white and colored
In hi* order to the War Depart
ment to take over Control of the
plant, tha President asserted that
'the move was in keeping with his
determination to halt any action
that •‘impairs the war effort. ** He
further ordered tiie WLB to ex
plore the matter and if necessary
to deny all rights and priorities
Draft deferments of all striking em
ployes are to be weighed looking to
th* possibility of immediate induc
tion* of the offenders, the order
Management Unpunished
Inasmuch as she WLB report In
dicated that .the strike is funda
mentally 4 promotion of union ‘de
mon?** the Presiaent decreed that
the company management was to
be permitted continued Sanctioning
powers. , Control of the plant hy
the Army Is to continue, how'ever.
as long as it appears necessary.
Western Electric began hiring Ne
groes late in I§4l. Its Negro cm- :
plojes now totat 170 Q.
first, in compliance with the
Requirements of the Boitbnorej
health code partitions were-built :n
W~see STRIKE. Pa«r t
Wife Is Accused
In Axe Slaying
Of Her Husband
ka «s ■■ ■— /
Mr« -Elnort. Lilly, jotmf wile
charged \vith tV axe slaving of her
■4B-yeer-oM hi abend. William, at
thbir home. • 014 Adelaida atteet,
«Ml on trial Monday In the eourt
of Recorder*! Judge John P. Scallen
ms a- charge of fiht degree nmr
der •- .
’ She Wat arrested :<n* August tt.
shortly after per husband had died
d first degree murder warrant was
issued on September 10 w*»
givetvan examination attVn d*ry»
■Mi* •
of pot* Will) Da fid Bhdi. eaplab of ttlmMi
t»L wh% «Ub otbax popDt pMwHififfes to fm atoMppKv!
.Otcoda Alt W Phot© No. 4 shows ftjmm
child ranwho aafharad and sold old nsosaSDsri to b«T dkaoMBMVIS
torrlco Photoa *T c£TSr*,a«tol *3901
Sp r ra t f I Tr'TTt'. ■-i
TVfinU '.f
.* •* »*v wt‘ '*.'-W- TV ♦.*Wfc#^i. . vi
*1 (H - V
statt UAW-cro
■' J
. Appointment-pf-on antl-discnm
ination eomroffMe.lkons the Mate
UAW-CIO which will serve as a
clearing channel for similar bodies
in local union* was announced Sum
day by John president,]
Michigan State UAW-CHQ. iM fkcel
relations conference aftMoMK. Web-1
stcr Hall Gibson said IMS such J
committee has bectnne a-dkeepU#
and added that JRlkl^i. incjglße
only men who could bC'reltonjßpon
to work out solutions go problems
affecting minority group vorkn* >
Gibson appointed Hbapee Shef
field. li ?crnaii rtnaT Rcdteagntativa.
BAW.-CIO; JocirJEUftfltAipklß*-
mtted. CtbthiPg WorkedfcOllUsf;'
Tucker Smith. Yhternfflional THCf*
sentative. United Wholesale Taw
Retail' Workers Union; Rieha/d Ik
,Cart<r, president. Shipbuilders
Worker* Union of Bay CiJUrJiLeon
ard Smith, International Heßrcsen
tative. United Rubber
Union * and Patfl Webber, of the
American Newspaper Guild. Gibson
CIO. Page 4 «
Following g protest Rearing by a
group of business
men and church leaders, the Board
of Education agreed to refer the
approval for the site bounded by-,
Hastings. Ferry. Warren and Brush,
selected recently for the develop
ment of the Wayne University
Medical Science Center, back to the
Planning Commission. S*
The protest was lodged by a
niittee of three A a run C. TiMR
Mose L Walker and
lor. Tfie meeting was held tasCwadlr,
in the Board of Education BuUdltfi-
The purpose of the committee Mas*
to show that approval of the pro*
posed rite would cause a sacrifice
greater on the part ol Negro
ty owner! business men
dents of the area than they coorF
regain in 50 years.
It was pointed out to the mem
bers of the Board that the pootrst
and only restricted group in D#-’
troit would be asked to make th*
sacrifice, with no prospect* of ob
taining .suitable bous-ng uj a relo
cation program.» .*
I IP was calfefi Iff tba attention of
the Board by thr that
more fikgjroe* ar# bJdsed Iff tku
area, according 1o *a mark foot
than in any nihor k r e* in Rw city
Thl» ac orrtia* to Toe 4%
for the based on tba^
lgree duic.'ogy cl afiartpiaji bouses
At the mmh rtmg d ***
A jy A MAjS ' £j*
wo* added to \£s Uot
Negro heroes In th* MB - ; -IV
of war when the v
aanounced this
■her? C Tyler of*,",
had revcived CM ‘
;.t r>n MarkJM|
ig general ofJM "
arrrxd witfi t-'V,-, ’• \ v-^V"'v
out a nest of Gg ,
them prtxgm lfi/WSSimmlm
Tyter', i*j3-»-
Nt«rt> combat battaJfoM
to go into action at
has brought down TWo >oonpsnenty
p’aneo, and capturMntowvntotawi
prisoners, the iia
ported this week. h *
Now some where m*f the fnq|
lines in Italy, the <Mh Antiaircraft,
, Artillery (AuWotAMbWeapon.,) B&r
talion wMeb na|n4 fmeiilc nilig
tion from Oat Mhrk W. cSk
commandingjßiwrbl or ihe ffiji
Army, lor under fire, aaoi
further distingufaked stuelf. V«
s gt‘£STrt i mft
credited with destruction of iheU&if
. ’V T>
Thsi same gun eecQon was at (Ik
post one aflpmoon when ad.excileßj
Itaiiap farmer curoe vunniM no ts *
Sgt Tyler, waving bis inDkwWi
and pointing a culvert CkfK&jKl
yards from th* poaihou oceafuduß' 4
the section's gun*. Sgt. TsHr^HEi
4rabring uirM arMUßMbßtjoXu
him MUh thetf TrlbbTaK*
Mb groufh «e the <4*h*rl ht aikgK
tßje B»*> four dH[
This WeeS
Tu**day—Dec. |k Fdbra MM|
men A panedvg-Fafty. Y.WjM
i n p*T T . 3
Wednesday-Dec 7*
dtavor ORfSISNi It .Blrff
AMI Zion huadZ I N AjS

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