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h - £huksday Evening. January 10, 1901.
Two Days More
In which to take advantage of our'
25 % Off
on our entire remaining stocks of Men's,
Boys' and Children's ■: . •
Fine Winter Suits,
Overcoats, Ulsters.
The original price tickets remain unchanged.
Make your purchase and the salesman will
deduct 25% from the face of ticket.
No misrepresentation here. Everything ex-. ;
actly as advertised.
Underwear Bargains.
Men's Fine Derby Ribbed Wool; and Silk fft
Fleece Lined Underwear; regular 31.00 iljjr
quality. Tomorrow.... %J%f\J
Men's Fine Natural Wool Underwear; reg- CA^
ular 75c quality. -Tomorrow Jvv» .
Broken lots of Men's 25c and 35c Fancy |£ n
Hosiery. Tomorrow, pair ' 131/
Browning, King 4 Co
415, 417. 419 Nicollet Aye.
C. J. QUTQBSBLL, Manager.
Arctic Explorer'! Will Show* That
He Appreciated the Dangers
of His- Journey.
New York, Jan. 10.—A dispatch to the
World from Vienna says:
Professor Andree's will, ■which he gave
instructions should be opened at the end
of 1900 if he had not returned from his
Arctic expedition, has been read. It was j
accompanied by a series of letters from
prominent scientists, encouraging him in
his dangerous enterprise, and one from M.
de Fouville, warning him against it. On
this letter Andrea had written in pencil: j
"It Is possible he may be right, but It is
too late now. I have made all my prepa
rations and cannot draw back now."
The will reads:
I write this day my last will and testament,
therefore it it valid. I start on a journey'
to-day such as history has been unable to
show. My, presentment seems to tell that
this terrible Journey will signify my death. . -~
Andree's property is divided among his
brothers and sister.
They Are Said to Have Fousrht With
Colombian. Revolutionist*.
Wlllemstad, Island of Curacao, Jan.
—Details nave reached here of an in
cident that may cause complications be-
Colombia and Venezuela. Under the eyes
of the Venezuelan authorities, Dec. 14,
2,000 men, Venezuelans and revolution
ary Colombians, Invaded Colombia and at
tacked Cucuta. The invaders were routed
by the Colombian troops, 150 were killed,
300 wounded. Two hundred and fifty pris
oners were taken by the government
party, including fifty-two women.
Panama, Jan. 10, (via Galveston). —A
band of guerrillas approached the city, but
on the government troops going out to
attack them, they disappeared. The gov
ernment is fully prepared, being strongly
entrenched at the bridge next to the rail
road station and with advanced points.
Armed Xeu roes Collect at the Home
of an Indiana. Colored Man.
Indianapolis, Jan. 10. —The sequel to an
attempt by a mob of white men to drive
from Newburg, Warwick, county, a negro
whose wife is alleged to be a white wom
an, may be an attempt to lynch the black
The negro refuses to leave the town and
the negroes of Newburg have congregated
at the cabin, heavily armed, expecting an
The Quickest Route and Beat Serv
ice to Florida.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad has
made arrangements to connect in St.
Louis union depot with the elegant new
"Florida Special" over the L. & N. road,
making the quickest time by twelve hours
to all Florida points. Only one change
of, cars from Minneapolis.
Genuine Goods
And counterfeit prices at Tooze'a.
The Metropolitan Hotel is one of
the largest and most famous hotels
of Washington, D.C., and its genial
proprieter, Col. W. E. Teller, is one of
the best know hotel men in America.
He says:
" I nave used Dr. Greene's Nervura
in my family and am well acquainted
with its beneficial results and have
been for a long time. In the case of
nervous dyspepsia it has proved ex
cellent to my knowledge. I have no
hesitation in recommending the
remedy to all, and grant permission
to publish this letter."
Mr. W. W. Price, Head Clerk of the
Metropolitan Hotel, states:
"I have found my long sustained
mental labors were wearing upon me,
and that after my cares for the day
were ended my former refreshing
sleep forsook * me. I have suffered
from insomnia for some time past.
Noticing, the many famous men who
were using and recommending Dr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve.
remedy, I also resolved to try it. It
gives me pleasure to say that I have
found relief from its use, and I
gladly recommend it."
Mrs. A. M. Lyons, Matron of th«
Metropolitan Hotel, says:
" I have -■ known of Dr. Greene's
Nervura blood and nerve remedy for
six or eight years. My sister was
troubled with rheumatism for three
years without relief. She suffered
greatly at the time. I had read much
about Dr. Greene's Nervura so that I
determined : she should try it, She
He Says He Watt Struck in tlie Back
in a College Fraternity
Bangor, Maine, Jan. 10.—William Phil
lips, a student at Colby college, is critical
ly ill at his home in Bangor from fever
and hemorrhage of the kidneys caused, he
says, by blows received last fall in a col
lege fraternity initiation.
He says he was blindfolded when some
one came up behind and struck him two
fearful blows in the small of the back, re
marking "that was the goat." Phillips
says the blows "almost killed him." He
lost his temper and went in for a free
After the initiation he was lame for
weeks, and when he came home at Thanks
giving it was observed by his parents that
he was not well, and physicians were
called. He h£.s steadily failed since com
ing home and now suffers nightly from
Capt. Baranoff of Sitka May Have
Been Killed by Indiana.
Seattle, Wash., Jan. 10.—Captain Bara
noff, a pioneer Russian resident of Sitka,
is missing and it is believed he has been
murdered by Indians. The news was
brought to this city to-day by the steamer
Baranoff, who was about 76 years of
age, was traveling among the Indians near
Sitka in his canoe on Dec. 1. Next day
his canoe was found with a bullet hole
through the side and blood stains on the
bottom. A boy claims to have seen two
Indians shooting at Baranoff the day of
his- death. Search is being made for the
Indians and the man's body.
The murder is supposed to be due to the
ill feeling at present existing between the
whites and Indians in southeastern
President Had a Good Mblii and >o
Washington, Jan. 10. —Secretary Cortel
you said at 10 o'clock to-day that the pres
ident had had a good night and was dis
tinctly better. No complications of any
kind have developed and everything is
progressing satisfactorily.
Drink claims more victims than any oth
er one disease. It attacks thq, character
and reputation and ruins a man generally.
If you use liquor and cannot stop, take
the Keeley Cure, the only reliable treat
ment for drunkenness. Keeley Institute,
cor. Park ay and 10th st, Minneapolis.
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve relieves at
once and cures piles, sores, eczema and all
skin diseases.
Always avoid harsh, purgative pills.
They first make you sick and then leave
you constipated. Carter's Little Liver
Pills regulate the bowels and make you
well. Dose, one pill.
had no faith in it, but 1 felt satisfied
that it would cure her.
" I bought and carried to her two
bottles at a time -until she had taken
thirteen bottles, when she was en-
Col. "W. R. Teller.
tirely cured, and I know it was Dr.
Greene's Nervura that cured her and
nothing else. Her case was a very
bad one, indeed. Anyone wishing to
inquire about her case can do so, and
I will cheerfully answer any ques
Senate Approves House Provision in
the Army Bill.
Vote in the Senate I« 34 to 15—
Amendment* Proponed •to - the
New Army Law.
Washington, Jan. 10.—The army can
teen is to be abolished, as the senate
by a very decisive vote, concurred in the
house provision relative to the army can
teen. Only fifteen votes could be mus
tered in the senate in lavor of the can
teen, while thirty-four were cast against
Mr. McCumber of North Dakota at
tacked the amendment and urged the
adaption of the house provision abolish
ing the canteen. He declares that a
great majority of the deaths of the army
were due either directly or indirectly to
the use of intoxicants.
Mr. Pettigrew made a characteristic at
tack upon the pending bill, referring sar
castically to the senate committee for not
bringing in a more elaborate support of
the measure. He urged that the measure
submitted dealt almost exclusively with
the canteen, while th» far greater ques
tion of the proposed increase of the army
to 100,000 men was passed by with only a
brief paragraph.
The canteen amendment of the commit
tee was then laid on the table 34 to 15
as follows:
Yeas—Allen, Allison, -Bard, Bate, Berry,
Beveridge, Burrows. Butler, Chilton, Clay,
Daniel, Deboe, Dolllver, Fairbanks, Foster,
Frye, Gallllnger, Hale, Hansbrougij, Hoar,
Jones of Arkansas, Lodge, McComas, Mc-
Cumber. Nelson, Perkins, Pettlgrew, Platt
of Connecticut, Platt of New York, Simon,
Teller, Towne, Turley, Wellington. Total—
31. :
Nays—Caffery, Clark, .Coekrell, Elkins,
Hawley, Heitfeld, MeLaurin, Mallory, Mor
gan, Pettus, Pritchard, Sewell, Sboup, Spoon
er, Stewart. Total—ls. ■
The effect of the vote is to restore
to the bill the house provision abolishing
the army canteen so far as the gale of
any kind of intoxicating liquors is con
cerned. As the section now stands in the
bill it reads as follows:
"The sale or dealing in beer, wine or any
intoxicating liquors by any person in any
post, exchange or canteen or army transport,
or upon any premises used for military pur
poses by the United States, is hereby pro
hibited. The secretary of war ie hereby
directed to carry the provision* of this sec
tion into full force and effect."
The following amendments to the army
bill have been proposed :
By Senator Lodge—The importation or sale
of distilled spirits into the Philippine islands
or their dependencies except for medicinal
purposes or for use in the arts under regula
tions to be prescribed by the commissioner
of the United States is hereby prohibited.
By Senator Gallinger—Providing that ail
licenses for the establishment of American sa
loons in the Philippines shall be revoked and
that hereafter no such license ahall be issued.
By Senator Penrose —Providing that when
a soldier serving in the Philippines re-enlists
he shall be paid $300, the average cost of
sending a new soldier to the archipelago and
bringing a discharged man home.
By Senator Money—Limiting its operations
to the time between now and July 1 next,
and providing that after the latter date the
army shall be restored to its size previous to
1898, except the artillery arm, where the in
crease is to be maintained.
By Senator Morgan—Providing that when
ever in the judgment of the president it
shall be impracticable to enforce the laws of
the United States by ordinary judicial pro
ceedings, he shall have authority to call forth
the militia of any or all of the states, and
to employ such part of the land and nava!
forces of the United States as he may deem
necessary to prevent a forcible obstruction
of the laws of the United States, either
within the confines of the United States or
Action on tke War Revenue Reduc-
lion BUI Ih Delayed.
JVeu> York Sun Special Service
Washington, Jan. 10. —Ignoring the
clamor of brewers, bankers, proprietary
medicine men and varied interests hoping
to obtain relief from war taxes by the
enactment of the pending revenue reduc
tion measure, the senate committee on
finance is staving off action until the end
of the session. .The war tax reduction
bill has been slumbering in the senate
committee nearly a month.
It is proposed to ascertain what addi
tional expenses will be incurred by the
government before a radical cut is made
in revenues. The enactment of the ship
subsidy, Nicaragua and other public ap
propriation measures would entail obliga
tions which the treasury could not meet
with reduced income.
Lodge's Eight-Hoar Bill.
Washington, Jan. 10.—Laborers, workmen
or mechanics who have been employed by or
on behalf of the government during the last
thirty years will be interested in knowing
that Senator Lodge has introduced a bill
which provides that they shall be paid for
each eight hours they have been employed—
the full price of a day's work—without any
reduction of pay on account of the reduction
of hours of work. It provides that all claims
for labor performed in excess of eight hours
be ratified to the court of claims to be ad
justed upon the basis of eight hours. The
statute of limitations will not apply to these
"Washington .Notes.
The public lands committee of the house
has directed a favorable report on the senate
bill to allow the commutation of homestead
entries in certain cases.
The facts developed by the Booz court of
inquiry, as shown by the record of the testi
mony, have convinced Secretary Root that
action must be taken to establish at West
Point a higher standard of discipline.
The house committee on insular affairs has
decided to postpone consideration of all ques
tions relating to our new possessions until
after the supreme court renders its decision
upon the question as to "whether the consti
tution follows the flag.''
Captain Reiter, of the navy, who Is super
vising work, on the new battleship Wiscon
sin, at San Francisco, has recommended that
the plan of putting the ship in commission
on the Ist proximo be reconsidered. When
that plan was arranged, the fact was over
looked that Feb. 1 fell on Friday. Old salts
say there is no record of a warship being
put into active service on that so-called un
lucky day of the week.
Some interesting developments may grow
out of the recent investigation of the ac
counts of Assistant Postmaster Foote, of
Anoka, Minn. Representative Morris has ad
dressed a letter to the second assistant post
master general demanding an investigation
of the action of Inspector Meyer. Judge
Morris says Mr. Foote has been In the postal
service for many years and that the short
age Is undoubtedly due to inadvertence.
The house committee on naval affairs is
considering the naval appropriation bill which
the subcommittee has agreed upon. The full
committee has tentatively agreed to increase
the enlisted force of the navy 3,000. The
secretary of the navy recommended an in
crease of 5,000. The committee also has scaled
down the appropriations recommended for the
various navy yards, reducing them an aver
age of about 40 per cent from the estimates.
Steamboat men of the northwestern rivers
are making efforts to effect radical changes
in the regulations of the war department per
mitting the use of navigable streams for log
ging operations. A law was enacted by con
gress last winter permitting the use of navi
gable streams under regulations prescribed
by the secretary of war. It is not improb
able that an effort may be made to have
a bill passed repealing the law passed at
the last session.
I. S. Steamer Bnrmlde Arrives at
Manila Ready for Work.
Vancouver, B. C, Jan. 10.—The United
States cable steamer Burnside, carrying
submarine cable, has arrived at Manila.
She is to lay cables between the Philip
pine islands. Manila and San Francisco.
She had on board about 550 miles of deep
sea cable and 250 miles of shallow water
cable and will commence operations from
Manila. *
Vaporizer, guaranteed to cure Coughs.
Only one preparation digests all classes
of food, that is Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It
digests what you eat and cures every form
of indigestion and stomach trouble.
Iron Age's Weekly Review of the
Trade Situation.
Carnegie Company* Tube Venture
CuuJf» a. Sensation In the
Trade. u*v
New York, Jan. 10.—-The Iron Age in its
issues to-morrow will say of the condi
tions in the iron trade:
The monthly balance table of statistics
shows that we enter the new year with busi
ness in an active capacity. The furnaces
were producing at a little over 250,01)0 tons
per week, as compared with 229.000 tons on
Dee. 1. and 294,000 tons on Jau. 1. 1900.
Furnace stocks of all kinds of iron were
down to 550,000 tons Jan. 1, as compared with
537,000 tons Dec. 1, as 637,000 tons Oct. 1, 1900.
As yet the increase in the product has not
yet run its course since a number of fur
naces have started since the opening of the
year and others are xo foldow. it looks,
therefore, as though in the near future pro
duction may slightly overbalance the con
sumption. In fact, in some important dts
| tricts there has been slight increase in the
j stocks.
Aside from some large sales of basic pig
and of lower foundry grades to pipe makers
in the Philadelphia district, no markedly im
portant transactions have taken place in pig
iron. The steel billet makers had a meet
ing during the past week. But they did not
touch prices. Reports from Europe indicate
the decline which has taken place there. The
German steel is being offered at £4 2s, f. o.
b., Rotterdam, and correspondingly low prices
are quoted in England.
It is figured roughly that with a $5 through
rate from Pittsburg to Great Britain it would
be difficult to net more than about $16.50
Pittsburg for export orders.
Aside from the report that the Fort Wayne
bridge contract at Pittaburg, calling for about*
10,000 tons has been closed, no large transac
tions have taken place in structural material.
There is some talk of very extensive track
elevation in Philadelphia, which ought to
bring out a large tonnage. The plate mills
continue crowded. An interesting indication
of the situation is found in the fact that a
Pittsburg mill has taken an order lor 4,500
tons of plate for tidewater delivery.
A sensation has been caused by the an-
nouncement that the Carnegie Steel company
is to build a large plant at Conneaut, Ohio,
on Lake Erie, for the manufacture of mer
chant pipe. This is said to be merely the
forerunner o£ similar undertakings in other
directions. Since it is proposed to produce
the steel from the ore up, it does not affect
the question of securing an outlet for sur
plus steel tonnage in the Pittsburg district.
In fact it is positively asserted that relief
there is to be sought by building a large
steel mill. In the trade the move of the
leading Pittsburg producer to the lake is
regarded as a significant recognition of the
advantages of lake locality.
The prospect, furthermore, shows how in^
secure is the claim of even a partial monopoly
claimed for some large consolidations. It
looks as though the battle of the. giants may
develop sooner than expected. The current
year will probably merely be one of proba
Rev. A. Fasanotti Talks of Norfolk*
Address. ■
New York, Jan. 10.—Rev. A. Fasanotti
of New York, formerly chaplain to the
Duke of Norfolk In England, said of the
duke and his address to the pope express
ing the hope ' that the temporal power be
returned to the holy, see during the new
century: , . .
Just now the pope has insisted that foreign
prelates and Catholics should take up the
advocacy and the. defense of his rights to
temporal power, and "the recent' utterances
of Archbishop Ireland and Cardinal Vaughan
amply testify to this fact. '
As :to the ■ effect of any assertion. of the
rights of the pope'to'' temporal power, it is
hard to make any prediction. Perhaps the
pope wishes that some sort of foreign pres
sure be exercised upon the Italian govern
ment to make it relinquish. the dominion of
at least the city of Rome to' the holy see. It
is persistently rumored in Rome and abroad
that the outcome of the present agitation
will be the recognition of the temporal power
i of the pope as a dogma of the Roman Cath
olic faith, and in that case all Catholics will
be obliged to admit the dogma and do their
utmost for the return to the pope of a tem
poral sovereignty.
Consul Notes Signs of Industrial Ac
tivity in Germany.
Washington, Jan. 10. —The year book of
the German Maritime union for 1901,
quoted by Consul Hossfeldt at Trieste in
a report to the state department, regards
the consumption of coal and iron as the
most reliable measure of industrial activ
ity in Germany. The consumption of coal
rose from 4,747 pounds per capita in 1896
to 5,185 pounds in 1898, and of iron from
271 pounds per capita in 1896 to 300 pounds
in 1898.
Consul Hossfeldt says that while the
average person in Germany contented him
self with 123 quarts of beer in 1896, he
increased his allowance to 131 quarts in
1898. jSfl|
Harvard Astronomers Investigate
the Planet Bros.
New York, Jan. —A special to the
Journal from Cambridge, Mass.,, says: ■.Z
Porfessors Pickering and Wendell of the
Harvard observatory have made some
very important discoveries with regard to
the new ; planet Eros. The astronomers
have decided that the planet is probably
not more than twenty miles in diameter,
and at times comes nearer the earth than
any other planet. It belongs to a group
of planets that comes between Mara and
Jupiter, but Eros breaks away and often
comes this side of Mars.
He Says He Is Not Guilty of the
. Charge of Bribery.
Fort Dodge, lowa, Jan. 10. — Cap
tain C. W. King of the regular
army, who '. has been arrested in Mobile,
Ala., charged with bribery, has tele
graphed friends at his home in this city
emphatically denying guilt and charging
that he is a victim of conspiracy. An ef
fort is being made by friends here to se
cure the $10,000 bond required.
Washington, Jan. 10.—The war depart
ment has ordered an investigation of the
charges against Captain King.
Information for Winter .Tourists.
If you intend going to Colorado, Utah,
Arizona, Nevada or California, get low
rates and information from agents of the
North-Western Line. . Fourteen hours
quicker time and money saved and com
fort and convenience secured by the New
Through Tourist Car Service of this pop
ular route. '
It will pay you to look into this, as comf
ort on a long journey is an item to be
taken into serious consideration.;' Through
tourist cars without change leave every
Wednesday morning from Minneapolis at
9:30 a. m.; ■ St. ' Paul, 10 a. m., arriving Los
Angeles Sunday morning, thus avoiding all
day travel on Sunday.
By this t route i you are less time :on the
way and in cars than by any other line to
San Francisco and Los Angeles via Ogden.
Ticket offices, No. 413 Nlcollet ay, Minne
apolis ; No. 382 • Robert - st, St. Paul.
: More cases of sick headache, biliousness,
constipation, can :be cured in ■ less time,
with less medicine, and for less money
by ■ using i Carter's . Little Liver Pills, than
by ; any other means.
This cold weather, try Dr. Reed's Cushion
Shoes. Exclusive retail agency," 4 N 4th
Kasotft Block. ; - ■'•■';■:--.-i^ -- ;
:•■ • ;•.- i ..-■ '■■ -•- ■• '• .-■-.. a ■ . :■; ■ i^.: .. -•- M -■. : : ■.;;..;■ i-I.c - .'.:'•. ' - " ■. ; - ■ ' - ■■ !'„ ''•
I#■ ]n Hi 'Bm ' F-n fi& I En > A ' rxS "Hi :>i ' H9" J - ■ m ft l^f l r lU^^H
Sft E HH Bfl Mm! * wwmk B ' EIBI * ML |^3 K3 Ess nn «R T Jh tfft":"li t":"l ns
—————I FROn THE iriMENSE COLLECTIONS '-.'■ . ..'■ .■'"'.;,
II rII %J& /I IV °f th* Oriental Trading Co. of Mew York and Chico. Tfl TIM I (Til
AmJ^L- Silks, Hermansiiatos,
/fflSE^ Scnncs, Bokharas, Ǥw
iMHL|?N susrasz, camel's Hair, %^^B
J^^^ Meceas. Hurdistans.
Exhibition Friday and Saturday, Jan. 11 and 12,
Sale at Auction begins Monday—AH Next Week— In Carpet and Dept. of
The Minneapolis Dry Goods Co.
HIBBING—A. M. Chisholm received word
from Honolulu that his brother, Don A. Chis
holm, died there several weeks ago.
FARIBAULT—Mrs. Bernard Hunt, who has
been a resident of Rice county since 1856,
died yesterday in the township of Shieldsvilk\
MANKATO—The Farmers' United Township
Mutual Hail Insurance company met in Man
kato p.nd elected officers. The next annual
meeting will be held in St. Paul the second
Wednesday In January.
KENYON—At the meeting of the State bank
all the officers were re-elected.—At the meet
ing of the Farmers' Elevator company, O. F.
Henkel was 'elected chairman. A dividend of
25 per cent was declared.
REDWOOD FALLS—The contract has just
been let for removing the timber for the res
ervoir to be made the coming spring by the
erection of a dam nearly thirty feet high
across the dalles of the Redwood river. Work
will begin at once.
ROCHESTER—A poverty-stricken family
reached this city en route from Mississippi
to Minneapolis. The family consists of a
man, wife and one child, all dressed in south
ern garb, and are being, passed along from
one town to another.
THIEF RIVER FALLS—The city council
has decided to call a special election for the
purpose of voting upon the proposition of Is
suing bonds to the amount of $7,500, the
money to be used to pay for an electric light
plant which has recently been installed.
RED WING—A few days ago a gold watch
and three rings were stolen from the home
of Mrs. Isabelle Sterling and a fur overcoat
from A. Johnson. A man suspected of the
theft was arrested in St. Cloud and brought
to Red Wing last night. He proved to be
Charles Sterling, an adopted son of Mrs.
DULUTH—Preliminary steps were taken
last evening for the organization of dentists
of Duluth and Superior. Dr. W. C. Minier
of West Superior was elected chairman and
Dr. R. H. Pierce of Duluth secretary. The
name of the association will be the Head of
the Lakes Dental Society.—A farewell dinner
was given in honor of Don H. Bacon, the
retiring president of the Minnesota Iron com
DUBUQUE—Frank D. Stout has presented
three lots as a free gift for the erection of
the new public library building, for which
Andrew Carnegie donated $50,000.
FORT DODGE—J. H. Demlng, a large prop
erty owner, paid into the county treasury
$10,014.83 in back taxes. This payment was
the result of investigations made by tax ad
justers. Demlng did not resist the claim,
and a'settlement was reached amicably.
CLEAR LAKE—The annual ice harvest
from Clear lake has begun. Stewart Bros.,
local dealers, will take out about 2,500 tons
for home use, and will in addition probably
cut 3,000 tons, which will be shipped to neigh
boring cities. The Howe Ice company of
Mason City will take out about 4,000 tons.
OTTUMWA—The petition in a suit Bted
against the county insane commission brougir.
out the fact that Mrs. Carrie E. Flanders,
who was incarcerated in the insane asyiun
at Mount Pleasant some weeks ago, was sent
there for the reason she believed herself to bt
under a hypnotic spell worked by the well
known exponent of the mystic art, Professor
WEST SUPERIOR — Harry F. Briggs, i
brakeman whose home was at Hugo, Miun..
is dead in St. Mary's hospital. He had one
leg crushed so that amputation was neces
HAMMOND—lntelligence has been received
ot the death at Seatttle of Lloyd Egbert, son
of T. E. Egbert. Egbert was employed In the
yards of the Northern Pacific, and was rur
down and instantly killed by a locomotive.
LA CROSSE—The Wisconsin Spiritualists'
Association, wblch organized in Stevens'
Point last spring, will hold its first annual
convention in this city next month. The
convention will be of three days' duration.
Moses Hull of Buffalo, N. V., the noted spir
itualist, and Max Huff, the test medium, wii:
be present.
Raleigh, X. C—The legislature will elect
F. M. Simmons United States senator to suc
ceed Marion Butler.
Atchison—Miss Lucy Van Hoesen and Shef
field Ingalls, youngest son of the late ex-
Senator Ingalls, were married at the Trinity
Episcopal church in this city.
Albuquerque, X. M.—Eduard Strauss, thr
musician, who is at a hotel here suffering
severely from biliary calculus, is worse. The
company has gone on to Denver.
Boston—The republicans of the two brach
es of the legislature this year will hold sep
arate caucuses, but both will nominate "Sen
ator Hoar to succeed himself without oppo
Petersboro, N. H.—Congressman Frank G.
Clarke died at his home here of quick con
sumption. Clarke had been a candidate for
United States senator to succeed Chandler,
but withdrew a few days ago.
New York —At the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the American Sugar Refin
ing company, a resolution was adopted that
the company's surplus, less the amount nec
essary to pay the dividend due on Jan. 2, and
less any amount that may be required for
future dividends, shall be reserved for work
ing capital.
. New York—At a meeting of the directors of
Westminster Presbyterian church, a unani
mous call was extended to. Rev. John Lloyd,
of East Liverpool, Ohio, to fill the the pulpit
of that church. The pulpit has been va
cant since the resignation of Rev. Robert
Sample, who goes to fill the chair of Chris
tian ethics at Lincoln university, near Phila
Albany, N. V.—Senator Ellsworth will in
troduce a bill giving authority to the state
land board to cede Governor's island to the
federal government. The purpose to which
the island is to be devoted is the defense
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of New York harbor, and also in connection
with the improvement of Buttermilk channel.
Senator Wagner to-night introduced a con
current resolution requiring congress to abol
ish the war tax on beer.
Havana—Alexis E. Frye, having resigned
his position as superintendent of the Cuban
schools, left Havana with Mrs. Frye on board
the United States transport McPhersou.
Caracas, Venezuela—George Gage and H.
Bartlett, Americans visiting Venezuela, rep
resentatives of American capitalists interested
in several big deals in this country, were ar
rested recently on arriving at La Grange.
They complained to the American minister
that they were being ill treated by the po
Berlin—The bicentenary of the Prus
sian monarchy, which will be celebrated
Jan. 18, will be marked by a special solemn
service ordered by Emperor William in the
Garrison church. There will be also a spa
v-!<d service in the castle chapel, after which
a battery in the Lasigarten will fire 101 guns.
Among the foreign visitors expected are
Prince Vladimir of Russia and Crown Prince
Franz Ferdinand of Austria.
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Office, MS Nlc Phone 122._ Milwaukee Depot.
Leave. | »bally. fExcept~Sunday. TArrlvaT
• 7:soam|Chlcago,La Cros9e,Milw'kee|*loTsopm
• 3:oopmiChicago,La Crosse,Milw'kee|»l2:3opai
• 6:2spm[Chicago,La Crosse,Milw'kee|* 3:2opm
'7:3opm Cbicago*Fioaeer Limited *6:2©am
• 3:45pm .Chic, Faribault, Dubuque. »10:50 am
t 3:oopm .Red Wing and Rochester. tl2:3opm
t 7:soam .LaCrosse, Dub., Rk Island. tlo:sopm
• 7:soam]Northfiel<!, Faribo, Kan. Cy » 6:lspm
t9:ooami... Ortonville, Mllbank ...t 5:45pm
• 7:3spm|Ortonville, Aberdeen,Fargoj* 6:55 am
t 6:sopin,.Northneld, Faribo, Austin jflO:00am
' » lir>. St. p. m. a o-'ryL^^Jj
Ticket office, 418 Nicollet At, Phone, . 240 ' M.'C'
tEx. Sun. Others daily. Leave Arrive
Badger State Express— / 7:5j 1O:43
Chi'go, Mllw'kee. Madison ) am pm. :
Chicago— Express.. 10:40 pm 12:05 pm
Chicago—Fast Mail.... 6:23 pin 8:40 am
North-Western Limited- ) 7 :.iO »:15 %
Chi'tto, Mllw'kee, Madison ) i»m am
Wausau.F.duLac.Greenßay. 6:25 pm 8:15 &m* '-
Duluth, Superior, Ashland.. r8:05 am+s:a) pm
Twilight Limited— > 4:OO lO:3i»
iHihith. Superior, Ashland > pm , pm %
SuCity, Omaha, Dead w00d... +7:10 am 8:00 am i
Klmore.Algona, DesMoinos. t7.10 am S:OS pm * .
St. James, New Ulm, Tracy. 9:30 am 8:05 pm T
Omaha Express— ) 0:3« !*:©»
City."Omaha, Kan. City ) am pm
New Ulm, Elmore 4:10 pm 10:35 am '•
Fairmont, St. James .... 4:20 pm 10:35 ana
Omaha Limited— ,_ H-.iiO 8:0©
Su.City, Omaha, Kan. City ) pm am
ftF/j»\ '9 Nicoliet Block.
I Ama. J Uilwauiea Station, Hlaaaipolis.
V<2j"^\A. Union Station, St. Paw.
%frU»}jLi§f Dining and Pullman Bleeping Cars on.
Xt^m*^ Winnipeg and Coast Train*.
"Daily. tExoept Sunday. Leare Arrive
Picmo SXB. Fargo, Jamestown,
Helena, Butte, Mlsaoula, Bpo- Q2C* "lit*
kane,Tacoma,Beattle,Portland U>ouh I ."Oil ;
Dakota & l£w. Sip. Fergus
Falls, Wahpoton. Crooknton. *J Xft *6 iAs :?
: Gd. Forks, Graflon, Winnipeg O."U|| - Q.lUa >
7&?gc aid Ltioh Lakt Local, st. ,_
Cloud, Bralnerd, Walker, tJJ CC» ft Mr
Bemidjl. Fargo :,..«.•.. O.OOh! O.CUu
"Duluth Short Line"
nTIT.TTTTT JC- t8.35 am *7-B8 am
SUPERIOR! 4 ss^i *7.Mp»
i W^*'*M''a^^*'*******'**'**'*^m^m^m^S'»*SSmlJmlj"JM
Office, 300 Nlc. Phone, Main~S6Q. Union depot..! V
Leave. | 'Daily. tExcept Sunday. ! Arrive. -
t 9:o3am St. Cloud, Fer.Falls. Fargo t s:Bspni"
t B:o3am ...Willmar via St. Cloud... t 5:35pm
• 9:3oam Flyer to Mont, and Pao Co * 2:oopm
t 9:4oam Wlllmar, SuF.,Yan.,Su City t 6:o2pm-;
t B:10pm Elk River, Mllaca, S'ndst'e f B:4oam
f 6:o7pm .Wayzata and Hutchinaon. f B:soam '
• 7:4opm Fargo, Gd. Forks, Winnipeg • 7:lsam .V
» 9: OOpro ..Mien, and Dak. Express.. » 7:ooam
t 9:2oam|...Duluth, West Superior. ..It «:00pm
•12:01am|...Duluth, West Superior.. 6:loam
Sleeper for 12:01 a. m train ready at 9 p. m. .
Minineapolis & St. Louis R. R.
Office Me House. Phone 225. St, Louis Depot.
Leave. | * Dally. tEx. Sunday, j Arrive.'
+ 9:35 new short line to + 6:25
a. m. ahirii m p. m.
**3s OMAHA. *7*5
p.m. AND DES nOINES. a* m *
Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, :
19:35 am Chicago, Kansas City. + 6:25 pm
•7:35 pm Chic«eo&St. Louis Ltd. • 8:06 am
19:10 am New Ulm-St. James, •10 am
*5:35 pm Sherburne &Esthervllle t5:ll pm
t9:lO am Watertown&Storm Lake +5:11 pm
Chicago Great Western Rr.
"Tha Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, & Nicollet, Minneapolis. '
Depot; Washington A loth Ay. S. .'
1 Ex. Sunday; others dalW JIU« FOR A»HIYtFBBM r
Kenyon. .Dodge Center, t 7.40 am \ 9. ospm'
Oel weln, Dubuque, Free- 7.86 pm 8.25 am
port, Chicago and East. 10.45 pm 1.36 pm ;..
CedarFalls.Waterloo^Mar- t 7.40 am f 9 06pm
shalltown, Dcs Molnes, 7.35 pm 8.25 am
Bt. Joseph, Kansas City. j 10.45 pm 1.28 pm
Cannon Falls, Red Wing, t 7.40 am t 9.06 pm«
Northfleld, Faribault, 5.30 pm 10.86 am
Wateryllle, Mankato. • ■ - ■■■ . : . ■-
Mantomlle LocaL I 5.80 10.85 — |
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sauit Ste. Marie;
Office, 119 Guaranty Building. Telephone 1341.
• Depot 3d and Washington Aval S. ;
Leave. | «Dally. tExcept Sunday. I Arrtv.
• 9:«am|....Pacific Coast Points.... • l:18pa
• 6:Bopm|...AUanUc .Coast Points.;.!* »:IO»m
Depot sth and Washington Avas. N.
t «:15pm|.... Olenwood Express ....It 8:« M»
t 8:50am|.... Rhinelander Local ....|t.6:o6pm|<
Rnrlin«rtoH Bant* Office, m Ni»«n m. vf.
pnriingiOM wma. ona 543. Unton p >p , j 1
Leave for| Terminal Points. )Ar.trom '4
7:4oam Chicago — Except Sunday] l:3opra
7:4oam .St. Louis—Except Sunday ..........:
7:2opm Chic, and St. Louis. Daily!' B:asam , j
Office. 230 Nicollet Phone 1936. Union depot. \
Leave. J All Trains- Dally. 1 AnrlYt. -j
7:25 am ..Chicago and Milwaukee..] 8:B0»m' !
7:ospm|..Chicago and Milwaukee..! 6:Sspm !
iaiiiiiiiaiTiiiiia j
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