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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, March 06, 1901, Image 13

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Picture Puzzle
Tfc« above picture content four face*-* father
tad hit three daughters. Any one can find the
father's face, but It Is not to •*«- to distinguish
the face* of the three young ladles. If, however,
you succeed la locatlßf the three daughters' faces
jvu will receive an offer of a reward which may
r»pay you many times orer for a little trouble on
your Part, as Flt© Hundred Dollars In cash
prUei will be offered to those who anawerqulckly.
Out out the abore picture puzxle. and If able to
and the three daughters* facet mark each with a
cross iX) and Inclose tame with 25c. In sllTer, or IS
two^cent tumps, for a package of "Saturday
Pi Itht," which la the twentieth century scientific
discovery for cleansing the system.
If you have correctly marked the three hidden
faces you will receive our offer of Five Hun
dred Dollar*, which we will positively
■end the cam* day your answer la re
ceived. Also, to each and every person who is
successful in finding the three hidden faces we
will send promptly, and absolutely free, a hand
some German Pearl Scarf Pin.
The extraordinary offer of Fire Hundred
Dollar* Is made by a reliable Company for the
sole purpose of Introducing out preparations
quickly through bright people, and should not be
classed with catch-penny affairs.
tend rour answer to-day. Remember, every ona
has an equal opportunity; distance makes no dif
ference. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money
refunded. Address WARP DRUG CO., U> A at
warren St.. New York. .... . . •-,:..
Another Anthracite Coal Miners'
Strike U Threatened.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., March 6. — The
operators of the anthracite region'are not
accepting the invitation of the I'nited
Mine Workers to attend the convention
*t Hazleton, Pa., next week. The reso
lution not to attend was unanimously
adopted at a meeting of the operators,
together with a number of others. Inti
mations of an impending strike among the
miners employed by the anthracite coal
railroads are very strong.
Former Secretary of State la in a
Critical Condition.
Grand Rapids, Mich.. March 6.—Edwin
F. L'hl, assistant secretary of state dur
ing Cleveland's second administration,
and afterwards United States ambassa
dor to Germany, is critically ill at his
home in this city.
Charge U Stealing JMO.OOO in Bonds
and $3,000.
San Franclaeo. March 6. —Joseph A. Con
lin, formerly clerk in branch postoffi-ce H
in New York City, was arrested here on a
< harge of stealing last October a regis
tered mail pouch containing $40,000 worth
of registered bonds and $3,000 cash.
Scrofula is but a modified form of Blood
Poison • and : Consumption. The parent
who is tainted by cither will see in the
<- child the same disease r /*m>'»>«».
manifesting itself in &J^?\
the form of swollen A£M£tfEfc/\
glands of the neck and £Sjfc»3'si2<, 1
throat, catarrh, weak Jpf «^T^3 §,
eyes, offensive sores j^A^* *"^ %9*3
--and abscesses and of- jkhSk "^ /d££k
tentimes white swell-^i^>^- j^H^
ing—sure signs of^^^S^vf.
Scrofula. ! There may W/C^f^S^)(
be no external signs for / j^r * • •**
a long time, for the disease developTslowly
in some cases, but the poison is in the
blood and will break out at the first favor
able opportunity. S. S. S. cures this wast
ing; destructive disease by first purifying
and building up the blood and stimulating
and invigorating the whole system.
J. M. Seals, 115 Public Square, Nashville.Term.,
?#: .- Ten years ago my daughter feU and cut
her forehead. From this wound the glands on
the side of her face became swollen and bursted.
Some of . the best doctors here ana elsewhere
attended her -without any benefit. We decided
to try S. S. S., and a few bottles cured her en
tirely." * -\c -:
S/^^ £$!!& makes new and pure
>E»^ «I^ blood to nourish and
strengthen the body,
and ls a positive and
HjiKJjp mggj^ safe cure or Scrofula.
It overcomes all forms of blood poison,
■whether inherited or acquired, and no
remedy so ■ thoroughly and effectively
cleanses the blood. If you have any
blood trouble, or your child has inherited
some blood taint, take S. S. S. and get
the blood in good condition and prevent
the disease doing further damage. ■
Send for pur. free book and write our
physicians about your case. We make no
Charge whatever for medical advice.
TMF «!W|rT coroic" '><% «ti »»t TI , R^
Stren£tli, Vitality, Manbooa
The Science of Life, or Ss!f Preservation,
A Great Medical Book for Every Han—The
Million. Embossed cloth, full Kilt, elegant Li
brary edition. ONLY $1. Paper covers. In
farlor abridged edition, 25 Cents. Get the best.
It contains 370 pp., with engravings, 125 pre
scriptions for Acute and Chronic Diseases, and is
the Gold Medal Prize Treatise on Aptitude and
luaptitude for Wedded Happiness, Premature
Decline, Loss of Eyesight or Dimness of Vision.
Nervous and Physical Debility. Exhausted Vi
tality, Manhood, Varieocele. Atrophy [wasting)
ES OF MEN* from whatever cause arising.
The distinguished author and Nervo specialist
graduated from Harvard Medltal College in
1664. For so years he has beeu the Chief Con
sulting Physician to The Peabody Medical Insti
tute (established in i860). No. 4 Bulflnch St.
(opposite Revere House), Boston. Mass. Know
Thyself Manual, a Vade Mecum. brochure. Free
to every male reader mentioning this paper: c
cents for postage. Write for these books today.
Address as above. Consultation by letter or in
person. 9to 6. Sunday. 10 to 1.
Th« Peabody Medical Institute has many imi
t&tora but no equals,—Boston Herald.
NOTE— The Science of Life, or Self Preserva
tion (Library Edition' SI.00), contains all that
old or young, married or single, can either re
quire or wish to know on Sexual Physiology of
nan. A» standard as Gold.
v -^jfmLs. •: -Prompt' Relief for: •:
Cougbs, Colds,
# Prompt Relief for
Coughs, Colds,
-Hjsßgf JRsthma,
Boarsentss^Sore throat
Republican Majority Is Looking to
Vice President Roosevelt.
' . ' ■ -■•■ ' •■■■■• ..■ ■ .; ■ ... , ■ :i ;
,The Republican* Will Make a Deter
. mined Effort to Change
the Rales.
Haw York Sun Spmolmt Smrvlom
Washington, March 6. —Vice President
Theodore Roosevelt's first day as presid
ing officer of the United States senate
was one that warmed the cockles of his
stout heart. It was a scrap from the
start, but not to the finish because that
is in future as this particular scrap is
a make-up for several days.
Mr. Roosevelt's enjoyment was marred,
of course, by the fact that he was not
actually in the row, but merely a pas
sive spectator of it, and that he was
somewhat ill at ease in his new surround
ings. He sat most of the time leaning
forward with both arms stretched across
the desk in front of him, fingering con
stantly the little ivory gavel.
Mr. Roosevelt did, it is true, call the
senators "gentlemen" and •members,"
and several times referred to the secre
tary as "clerk." He fell into the ques
tionable habit, also, of saying, "I think
so," instead of "the chair thinks so and
so," but the only slip worth mentioning
was when Senator Hoar moved that the
senate proceed to executive session. In
stead or putting the question, Mr. Koost-
velt asked for "unanimous consent," and
he was pointedly reminded by Mr. Hoar,
whose hobby it Is gently and pointedly .
to admonish new and youthful members
of the senate, that the proper method is
to pnt the question to a vote.
One fact Mr. Roosevelt made very con
spicuous, and that is so far as lies in |
his power the rules of the senate will be
strictly observed. One of these rules says
that every senator, when he arises to
speak, shall first address the chair. The
presiding officer had occasion to enforce
this several times.
Look to Roosevelt.
The republican majority is looking to
Roosevelt to reform the senate as
Speaker Reed reformed the house so as
to enable the majority to legislate. Sena
tor Platt of Connecticut this morning
gave notice of an amendment to the sen
ate rules providing for cloture. There
will be determined opposition to a
change in the senate rules, but the ex
ercise of the right to unlimited debate in
the last session and the defeat of the
river and harbor bill by such methods
has spurred the republican leaders to an
effort for reform. Senator Platt will press
his amendment. He will have the sup
port of the majority of republicans.
The democrats will resist such a change
in the rules. They will have the assist
ance of a few republicans. There is prom
ise of a sharp debate on the amendment.
A Seoond Reed.
There have been other efforts to se
cure such a change and they have come
to nothing because the president of the
senate is only the moderator in that j
body. So was the speaker in the house j
until Mr. Reed took the gavel in the fifty- j
first congress. But when the committee !
on rules reported new rules and the
democrat-: filibustered, Speaker Reed ex-.
ercised authority and counted a quorum
to bring the question to a vote. It will
be more difficult in the senate to bring !
the amendment to a vote, but it &s be- ;
lieved Vice President Roosevelt has the j
courage to enforce any action agreed \
upon by the majority, even to enforcing |
a cloture on this proposition and to let I
his action be sustained by a majority j
Jone« lit After Pie.
Washington, March 6. —The democrats may
denounce McKinley In public, but in private
they come around for their share of the pat- j
ronage and demand it without a blush. Mr.
Jones of Arkansas, for example, chairman of
the democratic national committee, was one
of the flrst senators to reach the White House
after the Philippine resolutions were passed
to secure a place for Representative Terry of
his state, who would like to have a judgeship j
at Manila or anything else of equal honor j
and emolument.
Bryan In Thinking: of I.el tins In
Ail vert isei-M.
2>eu> York Sun Special Service.
Lincoln, Neb., March 6.— W. J. Bryan
was a busy man inauguration day, put
ting in most of the time writing editorials
for the Commoner. He spent two hours
down town considering plans for enlarg
ing his paper, and then sorted out his
exchanges. With an armful of these and
a bundle of proofs he returned home at
An increase in the size of the Com
moner to twelve pages and the admission
of advertising are supposed to be occu
pying much of his attention just now.
It is also understood that he will soon
install his own typesetting apparatus in
his building, having only the press work
done outside.
Massachusetts Girl < limbs Down the
-Fire Escape. - . ' :
**•*> York Sun Special Strvi «
Ottawa, March 6.—The town of Aylmer,
on Lake Deschenes, eight miles from Otta
wa has a romance. It is the disappearance
from the Roman Catholic convent of a
young, pretty and accomplished inmate,
said to be Miss Kelly of Holyoke, Mass.
About 3 o'clock yesterday morning in a
house opposite the convent, a woman was
up nursing a sick child. She saw a sleigh
in front of the convent with a man in it,
and another man was at the foot of the
fire escape. A girl emerged from an upper
window of the convent and climbed slowly
down the escape. At the bottom she was
received in the arms of the man who car
ried her to the sleigh.
Death Lively to Result From a Fight
in Chicago.
New York Sun Special Service
Chicago, March 6. —With bare knuckles
and in hobnail boots, ''hoodlum" rules
governing, Philip Toll, 810 Wood street,
and John Delanty, foremen In the stables
of John Burns, Forty-second street and
Emerald avenue, fought to a finish in the
rear of their place of employment. After
several vicious roands, to which the other
employes of the place were spectators, Toll
was put out, it i 3 said, with a right kick
in the abdomen. The doctors say he will
probably die.
The removal of a small pile of straw
from a stall in the stable by a man work
ing under Toll's orders is given as the
cause of the encounter.
Resolution Introduced at the Cattle
Growers* Convention.
Denver, March 6.—At a convention of
cattle growers resolutions were Intro
duced by Colonel John P. Irish of Cali
fornia, declaring in favor of "lease-hold
control and- protection of the public
range," by the federal government and
the expenditure of the resulting reve
nues in promoting irrigation in the
states and territories where it is derived."
The committee on credentials excluded
delegates that have even the slightest
interest in the sheep industry, but re
ferred to the convention the question of
admitting applicants engaged in raising
both sheep and cattle.
Pittsburg, March 6.—The ninth annual con
vention of the National Wholesale Lumber
Dealers' Association began here to-day with
200 delegates representing TOO firms and |1»,
--000,000 in capital. The delegates report the
lumber trade la a most prosperous condition.
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Lust Desperate Play of the Heinze
Men In Montana—Semite
Special to The Journal.
'Helena, Mont., March 6. —The closing
days of the session of the Montana legisla
ture is likely to develop the biggest of all
sensations. There is talk of impeachment
proceedings against Lieutenant Governor
P. G. Higglns for trying to override the
will of the lawmakers. He is accused of
conniving at attempts to prevent an im
portant bill from reaching the governor
before adjournment.
Senate bill 87. providing for a change of
venue in case of a prejudiced or biased
judge, is the bill he is charged with try
ing to defeat. This bill has been bitterly
fought by interests hostile to the Amalga
mated Copper company and came near
bringing on a riot in the house where It
passed after two days of filibustering by
its opponents.
The house sent the bill back to the sen
ate with certain amendments. The senate
concurred, but the lieutenant governor de
clines to sign the bill and has referred it
to a committee of its eaemies which re
fuses to report it. The senate had a se
cret session last night and discussed the
proposed impeachment of Higgins. The
next twenty-four hours will develop
whether this measure will be resorted to
or not.
Treasury in Good Condition—Sitaa
ii*»ii in the Country.
tieur York Sun Special Service
City of Mexico, March The statement
made by the Mexican minister of finance
as to. the condition of the treasury of his i
country is most satisfactory, as it shows
a | surplus of receipts over expenditures
during the year. The official declaration
regarding financial conditions throughout
the republic are not satisfactory, and the
minister frankly acknowledges that things
are not just wha-t . they.. should . ■ be. He
expressed the | - belief that j. time and
patience will smooth away all wrinkles. -
Illinois Central Swindled Oat of
• , Thousands of Dollars. ',
Hew York Sun Special Service
Chicago, March 6. —Forged passes to the
value of thousands of dollars have been
floated on the Illinois Central railroad for
three months, and last night detectives de
scended upon a Clark street scalper's of
fice and arrested W. A. Stineborn, the
proprietor, and his clerk, Joseph Adler.
The police say nearly $10,000 has been
cleared by the swindle.
Chicago, March 6.—The annual convention
of the Interstate Retail Hardware Dealers'
Association opened here to-day. Two dele
gates from each of the following states were
present: Michigan. Illinois, Indiana, Missouri,
lowa, Kansas, North Dakota and Kentucky
Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota were also rep
resented, but tbey are not yet members.
His Probable Assignment — Promo
tion for V\ ««)<•—Colonel
Ewers at Omaha.
Washington. March 6. —President Mc-
Kinley is expected to appoint General
James F. Wade major general and col
onels S. J. H. Smith and W. H. Bisbee
brigadier generals.
Upon the return of General Mac Arthur
early in the summer to the United States
he will probably be-assigned to the com
mand of the department of Dakota.
Colonel E. P. Ewers, Tenth infantry,
will succeed General Fitzhugh Lice in
command of the department of the Mis
There Wjin Bio >Iis!»I»i iijjj Murderer
•• Henston'i Footprints. •-"
New TorJe Sun Special Service
Trenton, N. J., March 6.— Robert Hen
son's passion for fancy stitched and curved
soled shoes nut the hangman's noose
around his neck. The negro was convicted
of murder in the first dr-gree. The state's
case was built purely upon circumstantial
evidence, the imprint of the fancy cut
shoes in the mud.
Henson's shoes were cut V shaped and
the sole at the ball of the foot was finished
with many scallops. There were innumer
able stitchings above the sole and the pe
culiarities were clearly imprinted on the
clay like mud.
The negro murdered Mrs. George Van
Lieu and her o-year-old daughter in her
cottage at Altura. a village a few miles
above this city, last November. He fired
the house and partially, cremated the
bodies of his victims.
His Yacht Niagara Transformed Into
,^:v Studio. -'■'.['.:>£ ';. ,-
JTew York Sun Special Service.
New York, March 6. —Howard Gould's
home for three months beginning March
25, will be on his yacht, the Niagara. Ac
companying him will be his wife and a
party of congenial companions. Sailing
from New York the first stop will be Ber
muda. The next sail "vflll be to Cuba, but
the chief points will be Mexico and Central
America, and down the coast to the Inter
esting points of South America, including
a trip up the Amazon. If time permits the
party will go as far south as* Cape Horn.
The party will consist of persons inter
ested in photography, and the Niagara has
been refitted-to resemble a huge photo
graphic 3tudio.
Special to The Journal.
Winona, Mian., March €.—J. H. Johnson,
publisher of* The Farmers-Wife, has received
a letter from Mrs. Carrie Nation, in which
she -urges of wives of farmers to organize
home defenders and smash saloons.—Bernard
Denird, employed on the farm of August
Newman, was attacked by a bull and badly
gored before making his escape. One arm
was broken and he was injured on the face
and body.
It Will Be a Department of Chicago
I niversity.
Neu> York Sun Special Service
Chicago. March 6.—The trustees of the
Chicago institute, of which Mrs. Emmons
Blame is the founder, has announced
thai the institute is to become affiliated
as a profesisonal school with the Uni
versity of Chicago. The university re
ceives, in addition to the institute.
$1,000,000. The university expects to
spend from Us own funds between $10,000
and $20,000 a year for the support of the
In the new department of the university
there will be included a school,of. peda
gogy and an elementary school and
kindergarten. There also will be sec
ondary or high school, under the guidance
of Dr. John Dewey of the university.
Colonel Parker will be at the head of the
They ' l.oilnc In 'the • Aeuophnßus and
iii i ;.! Cannot. Be Removed.
Jfew York Sun Special Serried
Chicago,. March j 6.—Vernou Blair, a
Northwestern university student, is slow-
I ly: dying at his home, 518 Church street.
He was decorating his room Monday at*
ernoon with posters and while tacking one
to the celling, holding tacks in his mouth,
he was seized with a fit of sneezing and j
several of 'the, tacks were taken into his
aesophagus; and / hemorrhages began, at
once. " The , doctors cannot remove the
'tacks.v "■ ,' '~-:'_ ..:,,.:-/:J{''^r/iiiU',^
Comparison of 1 Prices ,Now ' and In
"; v IS 79. -■■ '.
,Y«w York Sun Special Service ,
Denver, Col., March 6. — interesting
comparison ■ has been made by Charles H.
Morris. of -'Georgetown, between the prices
paid for•;, silver ores at • Georgetown in
January, 18791. and at present. Silver was
then. quoted at $1.18 an ounce, and a care
ful examination of the figures shows that,
considering the difference in the cost of
treatment, the miner gets more to-dey, for
hisore, ■with i silver at 60 cents an | ounce
for the average grade.;than he did then.
OvereoatM Were n New Tliinti to the
Porto Rican Soldier*.
New York, March 6. —The battalion of
Porto Rkan troops, which attracted so
much attention at Washington oo inaugu
ration day, arrived here on a special train,
was put on board the transport Sedgewick
and will sail for Porto Rico at once. Many
of, them had never before worn an over
coat and they had to be taught how to
button them properly.
Special'to The Journal.
North; Branch. Minn.. March 6.— City elec
tion was held yesterday and the following
officers elected: Mayor. C. W. Rowell; treas
urer, J. A. Rystrom; recorder, J. H. Huber;
councilman for three years. A. Wandtrson;
justice of peace, W. R. Beggs; road commis
.'aiouer, C. M. Grahn.
David Lloyd Of O*liko«li 1»h« in SMSO
und Takes Out $ft,500.
Special to The Journal.
Oshkosh. Wis.. March 6.—Twelve years
agu David Lloyd of this city purchased c
half acre of land iusr. outside of Xegau
ne». Mieli., paying $450 for it. For several
years he thought his investment wasted,
but a reeem offer of $1,800 caused him to
investigate and to-day he accepted an offer
of 18,500 for his land, which is adjoining a
tract where valuable iron ore has been dis
covered. The land was purchased by the
•Oliver Mining company.
Choir of I'.OOO Voices Stags to
Amsterdam, March C.—The festivities
which began here yesterday in connection
with the state entry of Queen Wilhelmina
and the prince consort were continued to
day. An enormous crowd gathered
before the palace to listen to a choir of
2.000 voices serenading the royal couple.
I Special to The Journal.
Huron, S. IX, March o—Reuben and Ira
Brock have disposed of their interests in
the north part of llie county and have gone
i to Fairfax, lowa, where they expect to reside
j permanently.—Peter Hanson, aged 28 years.
' a leading farmer of Hitchcock, died from
[ pneumonia. Re*. Win. J. Hill ef this city
has just concluded a series of religious meet
ings in Hitchcock.—J. L. Davis, contracting
freight agent for the Chicago & Northwestern
railway, has been called here by the illness
of his father, Captain J. P. Davis.
Manila, March %.•—A 'wagon trp.iu an<l a de- j
tachment of the signal: corps, 1 together with
six Maeabebe scouts, were attacked by the
insurgents about, midway between the towns,
of < Silang. and Darinaa In Oavite province.
Three Americans '.were .killed, ■ two of the
Maeabebe scouts were wounded,vwhile one
man, is missing. Pour horses and one male
were killed. The commission has decided to |
double the appropriation of $1,W0,000 for the |
improvement of Manila harbor.•-•' • * _
Special to The Journal. -.
Blue Earth, Minn.,/March 6.- The firm of
Solduskey and Olson of Elmore, | dealers in ;
general .merchandise, has failed and 'turned'
its stork over to a receiver.—The name of
Derby,; one of the"-towns on the North-West-■
crn railroad, west "of 'this place, /has j been
changed to Guckeen.'■■' ■'"".":';';■ i\'- f
raL k-n*'A <#^^B
Ca!l||g THIS OLD 1
SB<Bii'^3]l WiLL i
Him^^^eUßE YOU I
Minneapolis Private Institute 9
Write, if you cannot call. " ' • jra
open evs'iiiaifs. also, from 7to 8:30..'; .BH
Everything Confidential. v- ■ f fflt
Consultation an 1 Kxamin itioa Free. : Bh
Kalamazoo, Mich.. March C—The prohibi
tion state convention refused to indorse the
course of Mrs. Carrie Nation in smashing
saloons. Walter S. West of Adrian,*?Mich.;
was nominated for supreme court justice,' nad
Joshua Stanchfleld ■ of Bay City, Mich., "and
Archibald Butlers of Charleroi, for regents.
Make no
The Long Distance Telephone
leads all other means of quick
Rates are Reduced,
Through and Local.
Copper Metallic Circuits.
High Standard Service.
Kerthwesteri) Telephone
Exchange lompany.

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