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How Pe-ru-na Cures Catarrh of all
Internal Organs After Doctors Fail.
I Mrs. President Byron, of Chicago.
Mrs. Q L. Byron, of iV4»> Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, 111., is I'resident of
the Chicago German Woman's Club. She has the following to say of
Peruna, the great catarrh remedy, which relieved her of a serious ease of
catarrh of the bladder :
T°e Peruna Medicime Company, Columbus, Ohio:
Qentlemen—' 1! was cured of a very severe case of bladder trouble
which the doctors did not know how to reach. i had severe headache
amd dragging pains with it, but before the second bottle was used I felt
much relieved, and after having used th* fifth bottle life locked different
to ma. This was nearly a year ago, and I have had no recurrence of the
trouble. I cannot praise Peruna too highly. '' — Mrs. C. L. Byron.
I ulurrli of Bladder or Chronic
< vslllio.
Mr. Charles Lindsay of South Wayne.
Wis., who is tiii years of age, writes Dr.
Hartman as follows:
""I have been troubled for fifteen years
with catarrh of the digestive organs and
the bladder. Have tried all medicines
recommended for my trouble but could
not find anything that would relieve me
of my terrible suffering until I was ad
vised to" take Peruna. I have taken six
bottles of Peruna. and, thanks to Dr.
Hartman of Columbus, Ohio, I am now
soundly cured of all my suffering.
"1 highly recommend Peruna to all and
everyone suffering with catarrh in any
form. I'—Charles1'—Charles Lindsay.
Cyatitia la One I'or in of Chronic
( iilarrh.
Cystitis is catarrh cf the bladder. It j
■would be difficult to describe the dis- |
tressing and annoying symptoms which
this disease occasions. We shall not at- j
tempt to do so for man> reasons.
People who have had any experience
With this disease, know without any
words of ours the agony which it brings.
Catarrh of the bladder is not only a
distressing disease, but very difficult to
cure. If the function of the bladder could
be suspended for a few days, it would be
much easier to treat it, but to under
take to treat an inflamed organ and yet
give it no rest from its regular function
is quite difficult.
Peruna has proven itself, after many
years' experience, a remarkable remedy
for these cases.
The two cases given are only two of
hundreds we could cite. After doctors
have failed, Peruna cures. After months
of suffering and illness, Peruna restores.
It sometimes happens that after years of
chronic catarrh of the bladder has been
endured a course of Peruna permanently
Any one so afflicted should not fail to
write Dr. Hartman. All letters answered
Aged Colored Woman of .Kueine
Will Die of Burns.
Special to The Journal.
Racine, Wis., March 13. —Anna Brown,
aged 82, the oldest colored resident of I
Racine, lies at one of the local hospitals
dying of frightful burns. The woman had
fallen asleep in a chair near the stove,
and was awakened when her clothing
caught fire. She rushed from the house
into the street and ran to other houses
Sexual Debility
IDO NOT jF^^j |£
f ip fi3EN ONLY,
BUT CURE i^K^^^^^^a^g'-'
I TREAT. specialist CURED.
:'■'<'v- 1 in Diseases of Tien and Consulting Phy- ,
sician of the State Electro-Medical Institute,
301 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. ■
Men, many of you are reaping the result of your former folly. Your manhood is
failing and will soon be lost unless you do something for yourself. There is no time
to lose." Impotency, like all sexual diseases. Is never on the standstill. With it you
van make no compromise. Either you must master it or it will master you and fill
your whole future with misery and indescribable woe. \\ ; have treated so many
cases of this. kind that we are as familiar with them as you are with the very day-,
light. Once cured by us, you will never again be bothered v ith emissions, drains, pre
matureness, small or weak organs, nervousness, failing memory, less of ambition, or
similar symptoms which rob you of your manhood and absolutely unfit you for study,
business, pleasure or marriage. Our combined Electro-Medical treatment for weak
men, -which combines all of the curative powers of both medicine and electricity, will
correct all these evils and restore you to what nature intended—a hale, healthy,
happy man, with physical, mental and sexual powers complete.
We also cure to stay cured, by our combined Electro-Medical treatment
Varicocele, Stricture, Syphilitic Blood Poison.
Nervo-Sexual Debility, Rupture, Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
and all associate diseases and weaknesses of men. Physicians having stubborn cases
to treat are cordially invited to consult us. We charge nothing for private counsel,
and give to a patient a legal contract to hold for our promise. Is it not worth your
while to investigate a cure that has made life anew to multitudes of men? -
If, you cannot call at our office, write us your symptoms fully. Our home treat
ment by correspondence is always successful.
References: Best Banks and Leading: Business Men In this City. Consultation Free.
Office Hours— From Ba.m.toß p. m. Sundays, 10 a. m. to 12 m.
Permanently Located at 301 Hennepin Aye., Minneapolis.
Cured ot Kidney Catarrli.
B. O. Tucker. Treasurer the Indepen
dent Order of Foresters, also of the
Woodmen of the World, ami member of
the Owl Club- of
Council Bluff a .
lowa, writes.
"Peruna has
been both doctor
and medicine
chest at m y
mother's home
for years. It has
cured frequent
ailmen is an d
saved m any a
doctor bill in the
family. We used
it successfully In
kidney troubles,
liver complaints,
and stomach and
bowel diseases.
Personal 1 y, I
B. O. Tucker.
find it a tonic of more than ordinary
merit and as such gladly recommend It."
—B. O. Tucker.
A Systemic Catarrli Keiuedy.
Peruna not only cures catarrh of the
bladder, but catarrh of all the pelvic
organs, which constitute the majority of
tjiose ailments generally known as female
diseases. Catarrh of the internal organs,
known as systemic catarrh, finds a
specific in Peruna. Peruna is the only
internal specific for these cases.
Peruna is also a reliable remedy for all
climatic catarrhal diseases that beset a
family during the winter months. Thou
sands of families rely upon Peruna to
protect the family against the inevitable
attacks of coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneu
monia and other catarrhai diseases of the
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
seeking admittance and aid, but the oc
cupants were so frightened they would
not allow her admission.
Mrs. Brown ran into the middle of the
street, where she resembled a pillar of
flames. Men ran to her assistance, and
by throwing overcoats about her man
aged to carry her to *her home uncon
scious, but every part of her apparel had
been burned from her body.
Health Table Malt—finest family drink,
inexpensive and non-intoxicating—Laurit
zen's. Century Building.
Scheme of the Bakers Prospers in
the Zenith City.
Citizen* Want tit Know Where the
Money Goe»—Some Stronu ~
lnilor<ieiuciits. '. '
Special to The Journal. :*-; '!"•;
Duluth. Minn., March 13.—Some months
ago a man and woman calling themselves
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Baker located in Du
luth and proceeded to canvass the city
for aid to establish what they termed
the "Sacred Refuge." This was to be a
home and training school for unfortunate '
women, and the Bakers, in their circulars j
and printed matter,,- had , much to say of
the needs of the institution and the neces- '
sity for its establishment. .. '.;
Though unknown here, working in a
cause they explained but cursorily, giving
no guarantee of themselves or history of
their past efforts, the Bakers and a co
hort of assistant solicitors who are said
to have worked on commission, secured
a goodly sum. Many refused to give
without some knowledge of where the
money went to, and many more, who did
give once, refused to do so a second time
when the Bakers declined to make any
financial statement.
The Bakers say they have received sev
eral hundred dollars and have gathered
a large number whom they are helping to
a better life. Others say that, beginning
without a cent last November, they have
raised, several thousand dollars. These
critics claim that the results, 80 far as
assistance to others than the Baker fam
ily is concerned, do not justify the out
lay, and they have succeeded in starting j
un investigation of the financial methods |
and other status of the Bakers. The j
police force and some prominent criminal |
attorneys have already made iuvestiga- j
tion without satisfactory result. The j
originators of this "Sacred Refuge" came I
here from Minneapolis ami they have the j
indorsement of many leading people in (
Private Fox of the Thirtieth •Ha»
Thrilling perieiiees. ■'
San Francisco, March 13. —John L. Fox. ;
of Woodlawn, 111., a private of Company i
A, Thirtieth volunteer infantry, who; re- j
turned with his regiment on the trans- •
port Hancock from Manila, spent half the
lime in the Philippines as a prisoner of!
the Filipinos. From Jan. 18,' 1899, until j
the first of September young Fox was Tield ]
I by the semi-barbarous natives in moun- ,
tain fastnesses, with no knowledge of his :
whereabouts. He escaped several times, '
only to be captured again. A fellow pris- j
oner, John Kenney from Illinois, also a
private of the Thirtieth, was shot b&the'
Filipinos for attempting to escape.
Jan. IS, 1899.. < fifty men, comprising a'
pony train, were surrounded by a large j
number of armed Filipinos in Southern
Luzon. Most of the men fought their way '
out, but Fox. Fred Mason of Company C, !
Corporal Bonham and Private, Miller of 1
the Thirty-seventh regiment. Private I
Charles Worthington "of Company C, and i
Private Edward Walls, of Company B of i
■ the Thirtieth, were captured. They were [
j turned over to the Americans at Santa :
! Cruz, seven months after their capture.
1 Not Trusts, but Public Opinion Will
It 1->>ii 11 in an Emperor.
New York, March 13. —President Had- i
i ley of Yale university, whose prediction j
| that there would be an emperor in Wash- j
; ington in twenty-five years unless a pub
| lie sentiment capable of controlling the
j trusts was aroused, has given, rise to com- i
! ment in this country and Europe. He is
I quoted in a special to the World from i
j Boston: •■• - ...-■■■' -::■
I - The comments of the papers evidently have
J been based on a misrepresentation of the I
j facts. They seem to have assumed ' that \ 1 j
j spoke on trusts, whereas my address was
i not on trusts, but on public conscience, my I
j reference to trusts being incidental and of
j the most casual character.
;] 1 do not mean that the trust?, will create j
an emperor. What I said was that an aroused
' public opinion is the only thing that can
1 control the trusts and without that public j
; opinion we shall have an emperor.
. Kownn, of .Matrimonial Xewapaper
i | Fame, Convicted at Milwaukee.
! i Special to The Journal.
' Milwaukee, Wis.. March 13.— C. H. |
! i v ßowan, the former matrimonial .agent j
• j and publisher of a paper devoted to cor- j
• ! respondents between lovesick men and \
. women, and later a promoter of patent j
i medicines, was last night convicted in the j
I I United States court of attempting to j
■ { bribe United States Assistant District At- |
torney Anderson and Inspector Ralph j
Bird. The penalty is a fine three times
the amount offered in the bribe, or $7,500,
and imprisonment not to exceed three
An attempt was made by Rowan to
bribe the officials to drop the prosecution
against him when he was under indict
ment on a charge of using the mails to
defraud. Rowan has a net income of
$125,000 a year from his business, and was
confident he would escape punishment.
Briefs on tin- >a 1110:1% Trouble Pre-
nared for Kinjt Oscar.
New York, March 13. —Germany's re
sponsibility for the troubles In Samoa
two years ago, resulting in the killing of
American and British officers and men
and the partition of the Samoan islands,
will be determined by King Oscar of Nor
way and Sweden, says a special to the
Herald from Washington. In the state
department brief it is understood there
are pointed references to the activity of
foreign agents. If the American conten
tion should be established, Germany will
have to pay damages to both Great Brit
ain and the United States for the losses
in Samoa.
During the Samoan troubles Great
Britain acted in concert with the United
States, and was disposed to hold Germany
responsible. Whether, in view of the
change in their relations, she is willing
to reassert these views is a question.
ConKresMiiian Hull's I'oMitioii «•. to
Special to The Journal.
Dcs Moines, lowa, March 13.—Congress
man Hull is likely to remain neutral in the
Cummins and anti-Cummins fight for gov
ernor. He has not openly declared neu
trality but indicated he personally wanted
neither the governorship nor the senator
ship, but desired to remain in congress
longer and if not opposed for re-election
in 1902 would keep aloof at this time. The
Marshall county primaries yesterday, the
first held ii i^e state, resulted In the
choice of a Cummins delegation.
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rates apply to C, M. & St. P. Ry. ticket
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Switches of the best Imported French C ntt U n^r M nn + T\^ £^"'^^«BS III^S;BOC
Hair in all shades. janitafy Jllfiat IlCpt. kqij red, per pair- 1 • ', mftfU
i- 2?lncn:.V.si!BO IS::|J:oB Having remodeled the Cold Storage Plant we Furniture IWt '
vfM 23-inch.... $2.50 inch. .$3.00 are now in a better position to cater to the lUlllllUlW l/Wl/l»
ijPj . ■ 26-inch $3.75 meat wants of the public than ever before. (Third Fioor) f Wj 2 §
tH Large stock of fine gray and white In proof of above statement we make the For Thursday only. 3 M ill
/mMs Switches at lowest prices. following exceptionally low prices for Thurs- „ ll ■/ I
m NOTICE-We make Switches to day and Friday on Beef cuts. sOCobWerleat Mm' I JBNk
« iTootrsisoaXduSV^e c ROASTS STEAKS Arm Rockers. \\\ 1 |Ljig F
■fiS°aiS^rS^i ril«|R^ p S.n^.^..Mo SSSSR?: 7C Finished in imi- 11 M«|
||^9 for women from.. ■■ A O v rot Roasts. c*» ft™ Hound steak, ■• n« tation mahogany, 1 ..11f1l
i4J H Natural Curly l'ompa-© 4"7 C :iny ' 1b...«M» 01. any cut. 11. IUC coldeu elm and jgi_ »?*3J
Qi 00- ■ 1..91.75 S'S-r.if.iOc SgSriK* 11c aSS F!^^^T »
,«SSS^S:BOo7BC' .K»TSs d:ioc S rt.r e....i2ic •w*« f^^V
. . . ■-. . The above prices will interest buyer* for boarding $1 BTT& M_^*aWr 1 S
Shampooing, HairdreSSlllg and Mam- (ftC^* houses and hotels. Our delivery system reaches all |l 42s&8SBS£* >1 JS&r
Curing each faOC parts of the city, promptly. — ■ lll"lww pt^T
Honolulu—Local self-government may be
granted to the leper colony.
Omaha—James Callauan pleaded not guilty
ior alleged connection with the kidnapping of
Kdward Cudahy, Jr. The court fixed the trial
• r March 20. Cal!aha:i will be nm tried ou
the charge of robbery.
Chicago—Prison-made brick from Bridewell
way be used for half the city work. The
city will save about $2 a thousand. Bridewell
also is making preparations to furnish
cracked stove for street purposes.
San Antonio, Texas- The twenty-fifth an
nual meeting of ihe Cattllt.- Raisers' Associa
tion of Texas has adopttd a resolution rec
ommending ac assistant U> the secretary of
agriculture to have charge of the live stack
Denver, Col.—The house of representatives
has adopted Senator Bu<klius bill providing
! for a coustituitonal amendment to establish
v laud tax bused ou the Australian system.
Each county decides whether-it will accept its
I provisions. It will be voted on by the people
in IM2.
Stanford University, Cal.—President D. S.
Jordan and Dr. O. P. Jenkins of the physiol
ogy department have been deputed by the
government to go to Hawaii and superintend
a year's investigation of the fishes and nsh
laws of the islands. They will be accompa
nied by several easteiu scientist?.
Newport News, Va.—On her builders' trial
trip the battleship Illinois, uuder a moderate
forced draught the ship's indicator showed
her speed in a two hours' run to average 1&2
luths an hour with 107 revolutions. The con
tract requirements call for sixteen knots an
nour with HO revolutions.
Burlington. Kan.—Mr*. Allen, on trial here,
charged with instigating the murder, last
April, of her husband, John H. Allen, a weal
thy Ottumwa merchant, has L^en acquitted.
Jim Harris, who had confessed that he shot
Allen and asserted that Mrs. Allen planned
the murder, refused to testify against Mrs.
Niagara Falls. N. V.—Experiments just
completed have demonstrated the practicabil
ity of lighting up tne laas by electricity.-
I New and powerful apparatus, made in Sche
| nectady, operating searchlights, will here
after enable visitors to see the falls at night.
The power operating the plant is furnished by
the falls themselves.
Washington—Caesar Celtt) Moreno, for
years a familiar character, died here from a
stroke of paralysis. Moreno had visited nearly
every civilized, portion of the world, and
claimed several rulers, as his friends. .., Ho
organized the first steamship company under
the Chinese flag. ; In 1872 he organized a
trans-Pacific cable company, in which Leland
Stanford was interested, lie. was for a time
King Kalakaua's prime minister.
London—The estate of the late Sir Francis
Cook, husband of Tennie C. (Martin, Is valued
at £ 1.600,000.'
j St. Petersburg—The czar's youngest sister
: is engaged to Duke Peter of Oldenburg, son
i of Duke Alexander.
Berlin—The official bulletin issued in re
gard to the kaiser's condition states that the
I wound continues to heal without hindrance
I and that the swelling has decreased;
Paris —President Loubet has conferred a
! gold medal upon Chief George C. Hale of the
Kansas City fire brigade, which gave exhibi
tions here during the international exposition.
■ Berlin— Siegfried Wagner and the inteudant
i of the court theater- at Munich have settled
(their trouble over, .the repeated postpone
' ments of lierr Wagner's opera, "Herzog
I Wildfang," and the work will be produced
' March 21.
i London —It is probable that one result of
John D. Heaiy's visit to London will be the
organization of a rival to the North American
company, which has hitherto enjoyed almost
a monopoly of the transportation facilities of
that country.
, London—Lord Pauncefote, the British am-
I bassador at Washington, has been appointed
a member of the privy council. The ambas
sador, by virtue of his position, was a mem
ber of the late queen's council, and the ap
! pointment is presumably a mere formality
i consequent upon the ascension of King Ed
i ward to the throne.
London—The British naval estimates for
i ...... - - . ■
3902-2 amount to £30.573 ( 500, an Increase of
I over £27,000,000, chiefly for shipbuilding.
There is an increase of 3,745 in the number
of officers and men. The new shipbuilding
j —■—— _■ ■ . ...
lAJj M. Pasteur, of France, invented a process for kill- §&||
ing all possible germs in a product, aaid we use it. Wfm
After each bottle of Schlitz beer is filled and sealed [^Ili
rTj it is sterilized.
&jg This is an extreme precaution. The beer is brewed
in extreme cleanliness, cooled in filtered air, then
BB filtered. It seems impossible for a taint of impurity to tLj
[JO get to it. Yet we sterilize every bottle.
mm We, who know brewing, know the value of purity. s warn
i^§^ We add vastly to the necessary cost of our beer to jr?H
i^^ assure it. You who drink it get the healthful results of Vvj
our precaution. Your physician knows; ask him.
bttj 'Phone Main 707, Scblitz, 1209-11 Fourth St., Minneapolis.
i^^ Every Bottle Sterilized ESw
program provides for three battleships, six
jrmored c*ilsfis. two third-class cruiser-s.
teu torpedo boat destroyers, five torpedo
boats, sloops of war aud five submarine boats.

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