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1 The Greatest ;f Pfir PURE
I Spring Cleanses* _j nj|n—
Dr. Greene's STRONG
I Nervura ' MCDIfCC
H I^SHS *^^ humors are at their worst in the spring-.
ti HKIN humors are at their worst in the spring*. skin diseases find
Those who are chronic sufferers from skin diseases find
II jlra^ h their troubles increase in the spring months. It is then that
|| ffi*f^af the imperative need of the right medicine forces itself upon
9 ' ' the attention' of the. afflicted and the search for relief begins
H ..with.new; vig0r.,...;;». ■ : iJ..'.^''}i-.;-.i:u':.-\i: ciV£/u i?>, - •:.:- ■ . -■
i Dr. Greene's NERVURA
1 Blood and Nerve Remedy
I the attention of the afflicted and the search for relief begins
with new vigor.
Dr. Greene's NERVURA
Blood and Nerve Remedy
|| \ . There is no use taking half-way measures with skin troubles. While
j-J : the exciting cause exists in the blood, the skin will show it. It is the
n bulletin upon which are written the signs of impure blood. The medicine
N which effects a permanent cure of these troubles must regulate the nerves
}M as well as purify the blood, because disordered nerves permit the blood
n| to become foul. Dr. Greene's .Nervura cleanses the blood and makes the
H action of the nerves normaL In this way a lasting cure is effected, and
H. evidence without end supports this statement. ■
■MUMiii.inimiMiiiiini ■■■mi■ ■■ Mr. E. J. Smith, 1 Wings Court, Amesbury,
Sin nr r?wggg^n»T«Mg=3ymti»im»ii Mass., says: "1 am pleased to add my testimony
filV"*?*■,"*:'•-••'"•"•♦'••;:!! ;•* •:';.■.•.•«■'.•*>: to the benefits received from Dr. Greene's Nervura
Bf'-v'.v'-^-^^jig^jS&i^v.'-'•'■'!*■*.*.*■* I blocxl and nerve remedy. I have been troubled
■ •■':'»",-"v\j''%!fijjr W i' l.*!*.'-'.'%*v< body. I had been to several doctors, and had taken
't]:';■.',;'.: :;.:S^i *#Bkrv,- '•',•:•: -I-Vi* permanent cure. Last spring it reached its worst
';'/\\V'^i|TO^^/|s^y»it".^''V«4V.< ( I bottles, the hutnor has entirely disappeared and I
•M \ • 3 a kas tried nearly everything, w ithont enecting
Then the Husband Jump* Into the
(anal Himself.
New York. March 13.—The finding of
the body of Michael Ivanka in the bun
dee canal at Passaic leads the police to
the 'belief that he committed suicide after
m| ™^^£Xme shape "~~ §j&
■^two qv;alities^!B
BjHJEafflf '- - " iff ' E&w^iSJ
Ull g^
Rheumatism ' RRBIBnRb
Rheumatism is one of the diseases 'J&ms&f
that medical science don't seem
able to cure. One pro- nra -^^
fessor says one th^g/f^^rll j
about it and anotheryrt) *^^^ K^?|
professor says another 11 B«.4;/[
thing. And all the I »Am
time people keep on 1 hR
suffering terribly. 1 Hh/
Now, what's the use of 1 i Bfik
wasting words arguing 11 illfflr
the matter? Why not |l
get some Omega Oil H
and try that? Rub it ll
into your poor feet or M *&
legs or arms or shoul- \ l |d j*a
ders. Plenty of peo- U
pie have cured them- y GbS&P^** yy^k
selves in this way, and fe^S&gfigS*"'
.; that ought to be proof enough that it will cure you too. . It is
an unusual liniment and does unusual things. It is good for
everything a liniment ought to be good for. -\
- • All druggists sell Or.ega Oil, or can get it for you of any jobber if they want to. : If your
. - druggist refuses to sell you this Urtiment that stops pain, the Omega Chemical Co., 257 Broad
way, New York, will mail you a Uie,prepaid, tor .50c. in cash, money order or stamps. 731
fi^s^ C - rlr'itt ft* Cured While You
/ *y§k IVIUk WSleep,inlsDays.
W kSuI "GRAN-SOLVENT" Dissolves Stricture likejinow beneath tbe sun. reduces
S^F FSSHmS ' S^r* r«e<l Prostate, and -strengthens the Seminal Ducts, stopping Drains anil
Cj\ tit JIB Emissions in Fifteen Days. No drugs to ruin -the" stomach, but a direct local
L? MB^«SSr " and P°Bltlve application to the entire urethral tract. '-Gran-Solrent" is not a
I* *BrW ' "quid. It is prepared in the form of Crayqh* or Pencils, smooth and flex-
W"^dL s"e ciosettXicturl 0 Every Man Should Know Himself.
JMFL /Ct/drStehm' hbSt. Jambs ASSK.EIm St. Cincinnati. O, baft prepared at __ —„ -— -—,
WVlfflmr great expense an exhaustive Illustrated TreaM»« on'tbe male ■■ D ET C
.■""***»»f^ ' system, which they will send to any male applicant, prepaid * ■» ■■ ■■«
>/.;;;;-; St. James Association, 88 St. James Building, Cincinnati, O, .
throwing his wife into the canal. The
man was seen walking with his wife be
side the canal. A watchman heard a
splash and saw a dark form floating down
the river, aud the man running away.
An hour later, at the same spot, Ivanka
jumped into the canal. The woman's
body has not been found.
! Sheffield Steelmaker* Contemplate
i . . . the Move.
Sheffield, March William Jessop & Sons,
steelmakers, contemplate establishing works
for certain branches in the United States. It
was stated that the combinations of .the steel
manufacturers in - the United States had
forced this action. - .'.
The Through Tourist Car to Cali-
Formerly leaving on Mondays, will here
after leave on Tuesdays, via the Chicago
Great Western railway, Kansas City and
Santa Fe route. The $32.90 rate will ap
ply via this route. For further informa
tion apply to City Ticket Agent, corner
Fifth and Nicollet, Minneapolis, Minn.
Town And Village Elections Held
Throughout the State.
...... .... y, f ..^ s ., ,
• hit'silnii of liquor Ltceime an lM«ue
In Only: at Few Town*—
License was an issue in only a few
towns and villages in Minnesota yester
day. Towns which declared for license
were Renville. Jackson, Hector, Fertile,
Battle Lake, Hayneld, Heron Lake, Pine
Island, Slayton, Austin, Wells, Benson,
j Ada, Montevideo, Le Roy and Glen wood,
j Henaing, Hawley, Twin Valley, Atwater
I\\ indom, Monticello and Spring Valley,
I among others, declared for no license.
The contests were generally nonparti
| zan and there was little political sig
i niflcance in the vote. Below are given
I results:
[ Specials to The Journal.
■ Ada—Mayor J. B. C. Vollaud; eouneilmen,
j G, Gilbertsou, A. J. Vangsnes and A. C. Gar
■ bei-; treasurer, L. D. Dawley; recorder, Louis
llintze.; assessor, Win. liintze: license car
ried by 21 majority; against incorporating as
' a city curried by 129.
1 Aitkin—At the village • flection, the entire
old council was re-eiected. Mayor, F .\l
Shook; trustees, Casey, McMouigkl and Ju-
I I mm; treasurer, A. Sweeuuan; recorder W
| B. Gwathniey.
Annandale—President, H. K. Kelley; trus
teea, W. s. Ives, A. J. D. Heaton and J H.
McCord; recorder, C. A. Mathu; treasurer,
, J. 11. Buri; assessor, George Eagy; constable |
; U. r. Powers; street coniwissiouer, A Four
, mo lit.
: Atwater—President, Peter Larsou; trustees,
Martin Olson, John Swenson and E. J. Swed
lluud; recorder, M. Soreusou; treasurer, Henry
I Stine; justice, L. E. Covell; assessor, Charles
j Minnick; constables, J. O. Matenberg and H.
G. Anderson. License was defeated
Austin-*O. L. West, mayor; A. E. Johnson
■ treasurer; F. L. Foster, recorder: 8. A. Smith'
| assessor; George A. Horruel, "alderman-at-
I large. Other aldermen elected were F E
Gleason, Dr. A. H. Avery and J. L. Gulden.
I License carried.
| Balaton—President, John N. Westbee trus-
I tees, Jens Knudson, Obed E. Wilpelm and
IS. S. Broekway; recorder, John H Carlaw
treasurer, Charles W. Candee; assessor. P.'
W. Giese; constables, Frank Sandauist and
I John E. Pamm.
Battle Lake—License carried by 16 majority
i for the first time in the history of the place
j President, John J. Rudh: councilmen, II G
] Kerr, L. L. Riley, F. J. A. Larson; recorder
| X, J. Rudh; treasurer, H. C. Head; justice
' of'the- peace, Bronson Strain; constable W
j A. Armstrong; assessor, H. S. Everst.
Bellingham— Mayor H. Powell; commission- 1
j ers, W. M. Schmitt, L. Fernald and John T.
i Stenmnan; recorder, Fred F. Water; treas
| urer, J. A. Mcßride; assessor, H. Walter
justice of the peace, Henry Walter; constable'
A. L. Mittelstad.
Benson—D. W. Humes, president; I C.
: Gillmau, P. Monson and Arnold Olson, trus
tees; A. Arenson, recorder; M. A. Overlie,
j treasurer, all re-elected. License was carried
! and the village library tax defeated by a
small margin.
I Breckenridge—Louis Gewalt, president; P. !
|E. Truax, recorder; C. P. Fenstermaker,
i treasurer: P. F. Gergen, constable; Henry !
j Bodson, Charles Benesh and \V. A. Melligan, I
j trustees. There will be practically no change j
In the management of the affairs of the vil- |
I lage from last year.
j Brown'sdale—A Swift, president; J. J.
] Hunt, L. L. Quimby and S. W. Clark ' coun
cilmen: C. A. Hunt, recorder; R. W. Stowe.
j assessor: J. N\ Thatcher and A. D. Brown,
justices; M. B. Johnson and Chris Rasmus
sen, constables.
Buffalo—Frank McKnight, president; E O.
McGaffey, William Korb, J. J. Johnson, trus
tees: S. A. Cutler, recorder; H. S Swaning,
treasurer; C. O. Taylor, assessor; A. H.
Grant. W. S. Cady, constables; Junken, jus
ti'-e of the ppaee.
Buffalo Lake—Village president, J. C. N'a
gsl: treasurer. F. G. -Vellern.ce; recorder, E.
W. Rebstock; councilmeu, George Haag, John
Quast, William Pruetz; justice of the peace,
X. L. Monson; constables, J. W. Gille, Fred
W. Gerber.
Caledonia— President W. H. Harries; trus
tees, J. \V. Pickert, R. D. Sprague, Leonard
Hill; recorder, P. M. Fuos; treasurer, C. K.
Blexrud; assessor, Edward Crotty; justice,
C. S. Trask; constable, David Weida.
Cass Lake—President, .James Cardie; trus
tees, C. M. Johnson, George Hanson, J J
Jackson; recorder, William McKeowu; treas
urer, H. E. Reed; assessor, M. Swanson: jus
tice, A. F. Cummings.
Clinton—President, J. D. Ross; trustees, J.
L. Eriekson, H. Swenaen, A. O. Benson: re
corder, C. H. Campbell; treasurer, J. H.
Eriekson; justices of the peace, A. Burlln
game, C. H. Campbell; constable, F. S. Ken
Detroit—The caucus nominees, headed by
E. W. Davis, defeated the citizens' ticket by
majorities ranging from fifty to seventy-five
Dodge Center—Supervisors, W. H. Franklin
(chairman), H. S. Hitchcock, John Krohn;
• town clerk. Paul R. Howe; town treasurer,
Paul H. Evans: town assessor, J. E. Lynch;
justices of the peace, C. E. Burdick, E. L.
. Burton: constables, J. E. Emery, T. E. Os
, born.
, Easton—Supervisors, T. J. Probart, chair
man; Samuel Evans, William Harris; clerk,:
' I Charles R. Feist; treasurer, H. Quimy; as
• sessor, C. J. Rath;; justices of the peace, H.
• H. Jlansea, H. E. Wheaton; constable, W. V.
Fertile—President of the council, George
: Kronschnabel; councilmen, Andrew Opheim,
Brown Duckstad, E. B.Gustafson; recorder,
E. L. Johnson; treasurer, "T. H. Nesseth;
assessor, H. C. Tatro; justices of the peace.
Julius Schwartz, Frank Cunningham; con
stable. H. O. Gaylord. License carried by 2S
• majority.
Gary—G. D. Pladsen. president: Gust Gro
berg, Halvor Lee and T. O. Werm^ger, coun
ciltnen; o.,T.Riskopf, recorder; D. C. Jones,
treasurer; Lv L. Bergan, assessor; Halvor
J^ee an 4S. 'E. Wlckbam, constables. >• ■ •
Glencoe—President;- A. E. Child; council
men, C. N. Zierke, Frank Danek and F. W.
Hay den; recorder, W. C. Bradley; assessor,
P. N. Welch; justice, L. E. Gillick. ,
Graceville—President, M. D. Hartnett; trus
tees. Win. Cox, Si-., C. J. Mcßae, James Cat
lin; recorder, • Charles J. Lane; treasurer
James A. Mcßae. ■:*■'.*
Ilawley—No license carried by 8 majority
Councilmen, S. P. Wage, president; F. J.
Southwell, Andrew Johnson and Wm. Ritte
man; recorder, J. E. Johnson; treasurer, Nic
olai Nelson, Jr.; assessor, Thomas Awrey:
justices or the peace, Knute Kittelson and
John H. Bur.HH; constable, Wm. Turklngton
- 127 votes were polled.
Hayfleld—President T. 0. Distad; aldermen,
John Wicker, John Blalsdell, Jacob C. Peter
son; recorder, O. C. Bargan; 'treasurer, Hy
Ram.bou.rg; justices of the peace, M.; S.
Ohurc'hill, John Johnston; constables, Martin,
i Otteson and C. E. Berg. License carried by
1 28. "
1 Hector—President of the council, G. S. Eich
miller; councilmen, John Hokanson and O. J.
; Torbenson; recorder, F. W. Blumrick, Jr.;
I treasurer, Frank J. P. Hanson; justices of the
I peace, H. J. Hansen and John Weunerbaur.
• License carried by a small vote.
Henning— license carried by 10 majority;
: an anti-saloon council was elected; 125 votes
. were cast. - ' '
Herman—President, Charles Cater; council
men, B. P. Pinney, K. C. Helgeson; J. W,
I Crabtree; recorder, J. B. Record; treasurer,
A. W. Wells: justice, G. P. Lamberton; con
stable. I. J. Moses. * v "'•-. ■ v- i ,
Heron Lake— P. St. John, president; B.
i B. Sontag, Dr. F. R. Honson ana C. H. Cabot
I License carried.* ' ,
1 Jackson—President of council, J. M Voda
trustees, F. F. Harlow, H. H. Berge and C.
Ludvigsen; recorder, M. D. Ashley; treas
urer, J. K. Brown; assessor. M. V. King;
J^ U6tii es of ,th«.peace, C. J:,Weth« -and J. A.
Goodrich;:- constable, B..Mattis6H. "license
carried. 7^. yjj^ -;:i~ :-;~--- <.**„ 'i:~.; . -y -.
- Lamberton— R. Morton- John
Koenjg, T. Nelson:and. H. Miller, couhcilmea-:
R.\7Fritschie, recorder; A. M. Clarlc,'. treas
urer; H. J. McKirdy, assessor; J. W Hahr
justice; M. B. Abbett, constable..! '"^
•; Le ■ Roy—Chairman M. :T. t Dunn • • trustees
R. Meyers, W. K. Porter, Wro. Weise; re
! corder, C. I. Roy; treasurer, Will Frank
assessor, G. W. W. Harden: justices of the
I peace, F. E. Garner and W. M. Walker; con
| stable,- H. J. Boyd; street commissioner John
I v\aitlan;l; in favor of license, ?0; against
license, 69.
Litchfleld—Chairman, H. I. Peterson; super
visors, IS els Larson, O. : H. Halverson; town
clerk, J. M. Learn; town v treasurer. A. Nel
son; assessor, David Gorman; justices, H If.
Hershey, George D. Montfort; constables, H.
M. Angler. T. A. Richardson:
Montevideo—President, W. R. Pearson
trustees P. J. Metling, P. N. Bergh and J.
, ' H. Smith; recorder, J.M. Severns: treasurer,
F. W. Palmer. License carried; • ■
Monticello—President, William Tubbs; trus
tees, E. H. Sherwin, W. H. T Marvin and Fred
Gee; recorder, W. J. Thompson; treasurer,
Gust Lggina; justice, Henry Krels; assessor
A. H. Bertram; constable, W. O. Knight.
License, 63; against license, 109.
New Paynesville—Dr. P. C. Pilon, .presi
dent; A. S. Carpenter, W. A. Huntington and
H. H. Rappe, trustees; M. S. Elliott, record-
MV E. Sohultz, treasurer; A. L. Fox, con
stable. :
Nocthfield—Councilmen, A. K. Ware (three
years), John Roell (one year), William Hen
derson (three years), Charles Dougherty
(three years.) ; . . . ; Jl
° Carver—Frank Warner, president: Frank
Jlayer, i«..-J. 'NeunslngeT-, 5- Jacob Bristle, coun
■*oiß»n; ■ (i*©r|t» Kuobiaugh. treaaurer; JO.' C j
Table Napkins to the Front
We do not claim to be giving these Napkins away. We do claim that they could not be
sold profitably at these figures if they had been bought at current linen prices. 'We will
hold them if you say so. But then the advantage will be ours; at present it is yours.
r« B , BLEACHED DAMASK NAPKINS. Unbleached and Half Bleached Napkins. I FRINGED DAMASK NAPKINS 1
5-8 sizes, pure linen bleached Dam- tit 4 OK 6-8 si?e German. linen unbleached and half w, " colored border Napkins; soiled by dis- ■"-*
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- Dress Goods. Men's Furnishings spring Suits and Shirts Undershirts .^^-c.rlrvr;
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BLACKS window for display) 25C Kussian^blouse jacket lined with deep flounce, finished with two nar
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handsomely 'finished; pants to u/k» a #r A^^^ ished paper; box of 60 AQ. Remnants — Muslins, Fish Nets,
match, of knee length g- g%^ WhIIC GOOdS sheets and 50 envelopes. • .^*»^ and Madras, running from 1% to 5
each OUC ""* «v«\ifl, This is about half the real value, yards in a piece, worth from l-J^c to
Broken lot of \im'* an H T • or very,.fine sheer India 55c per yard. To be cleaned R A
DSwe^ofm^Uwelght^rffoi ThSSkaTfT 111' 7' 150 RDftOBS. Xi I*!* "P at« ykrd 8C
worth 50c. To close at, OA^ nursua 3 for ■**« ISiKrwvilO. and brocaded Rib- Lace Curtains-100 pairs, f»Q -
each OOG U/a€h TAAile '• .' bonsm white and all colors; reg- worth 81 pair, for pair OifO
.--WiV 1 HfOMl ||||f|||^ # (Mam Hoot.) 2oc and quality at, A 1 a v
Si-Sis- P?a «a-^. O-spplng Catalogue
tanh^HNSwklS: Choiceai.SßO Broken lots of Sheets and Pillow Is inactiva preparation. We
broidery on Tuesdays, Thurs- WaSH COOfIS (Basemen^ red Suced Up?!c e as nd ertra large BiZ6S ' at shall be pleased tO send copies
days and Saturdays. Bates' Seersuckers, inch, fine Mill Remnants Unbleached Cot- to all who will give us their
(Public Gallery, near Elevators.) zephyr ginghams, 15c -3 6%** ton sale, 2-yard to 20-yard O3 A names and addresses.
1 ' . ' ■ quality, per yard.......... lUC pieces, per yard O4C I
Brunius, recorder; C. A. Franzen, assessor;
i-i. M. Johnson, street commissioner- J S
Uanens, August Edberg, justices of the peace-
Chris Griffin, constable; Electric lights car
Osakis—President, A. J. Gilkinson; trus
tees, George Herlerger, G. E. Lainpnear, Hor
ace Catloo; reeorde^ Louis Smith; treasurer,
3. M. Curtis; assessor, J. H. Rock; justice,
P. H. Borcbert; constable, Paul Harmon
Owatonna—The republican city ticket was
victorious except for mayor, K. H. Johnson,
the democratic nominee, winning out by 30
Paynesville—J. J. Cariock, president; C. T.
Johnson, D. Grishokn and I. G. Swanson,
trustees; A. E. Bugbie, clerk; E. M. Ostraa
der, treasurer; E. A. Phips justice.
Pine Island—President, John Ferber; coun
cilmen, J. B. Closner, F. Jewell and B. F.
Swarthout; recorder, J. E. Clark; treasurer,
G. Miller; assessor, L. Ferber; justices of
the peai c, I). W. Davenport and W. W. Bat
son; constables, H. Tome and George Fenton
License carried.
Pipestone— L. H. Moore, president of the
village; trustees, M. I). Cadwell, D. B. Whlg
am and A. Hitohcox; L. E. Wharton, record
er; Max Brown, treasurer; O. T. Gilson, as
sessor. License carried.
Plainview—George Dickeman, president;
Arthur Koenig, H. K. Oliversou and H C.
Wood, trustees; W. G. Mack, recorder; B. L.
Sylvester, treasurer; George Hal!, assessor;
I. M. Burnham and F. A. Wells, justices;
Charles Hamline and H. W. Carpenter, con
Kenville—President, W. J. Asley; council
men, James Christiansen, Aug. Wilcken and
G. S. Humphrey; recorder, M. L. Hassinger;
treasurer, H. N. Starbeek. License carried
by 150 majority.
■Rochester—E. L. SinclaJr, mayor; Marcus
Wing, assessor; E. S. Cook, treasurer; S. T.
Fowler, marshal; aldermen, O. G.. Hanson,
Julius Reiter, Mike Kitzman; school commis
sioners, George D. Parmele, T. L. Fishback,
J. T. Collins, John Falkerson. This leaves
the city council democratic.
Royalton—President, George E. Wilson;
trustees, I. W. Bouck, John Sjoberg and C.
W. Bouck; treasurer, C. R. Rhoda; recorder,
N. E. Pettit; justice, A. E. Joslin; constable,
W. F. Hathaway.
Sandstone—President, John A. Smith; eeun
■cil, W. Jesrner, E. Pegg, Louis Edstrom; re
corder, George McNeil: treasurer. Matt Bull is.
Sauk Rapids—G. S. Reeder, chairman"; su
pervisors, E. Cross, ij. H. Roman; treasurer,
S. X. Wright; clerk, J. K. Wescott; assessor,
Thomas Van Eteen: juatice, W. O. Broad
'head; constable, H. M. Goedker.
Slayton—President. B. I. Weld: trustees, E.
O. Holman, Hanse Madeson and W. V. King
ler; recorder, John Knumon; treasurer, O. C.
Boyum. License carried.
Spring Valley—The election resulted in no
For Infants • and Children.
The Kind You Haw Always Bought
Bears the SJf //jf> TT*
Signature of LfZaJ^TJ. /coCoiiu&C
BROWN'S Bronchial Troches
Olvm most salutary reilef In
Sold in Boxes only. void Imitations.
Fao-Simlle jCf/s? j£ on every
•Signature of <?»»* *i fd*4fH*,&**' box.;, Jf {
license by 81 majority. License has prevailed
three years.
Twin Valley—J. A. Solomonson, mayor, the
vote being 77 to 26. Liquor license was beat
en 2 to 1.
Two Harbors—President, H.L. Holden; ooun
cllracn, R. B. Elliott, W. D. Newell and A
Eugstrom; recorder, M. T. Hannon; treas
urer,- George Watts; town supervisors J.
Boyer, A. Dahlberg and W. D. Lawrence'
clerk, J. Therrien; treasurer, S. B. Benson
constable, L. Christensoii.
Wadenu—Dr. J. J. McKinnon, mayor- Leon
ard Schaff, C. C. Butturff and Qremlaw
Hum, aldermen; F. F. Laitta, recorder; Afth
er .Murray, treasurer; L. Kuntz, street com
missioner; John Mettel and J. H. Montgom
ery, justices; D. R. Spencer and James Rabb,
constables. The proposition to levy a 1-niill
tax for maintenance of a public library was
The Plymouth Clothing House. '..■/,. -< i,V
Correct Dress from Head to Foot. jj&m
Opening SeJe
Spring Shoes.
The most stylish and up-to-date shoes it has > ever been -v our ":
I privilege to offer to the shoe buying public of Minneapolis.
The Plymouth STANDARD.
JVebtf Shoe for Women at Only &3.00:
. These were built especially for us, and contain all the little essentials so 'nee- '': *
cessary in making a good fitting, good looking and good wearing shoe, made from
medium weight fine surpass kid, either welted or hand turn soles, laced or button,
kid or patent tips. The lasts for this season are a medium width, showing a slight
tendency to narrowness rather than the wide mannish effect, giving the foot a slight ■
dainty appearance. Every pair of "Plymouth Standard" shoes are guaranteed su
„ perior to most $3.00 shoes, and will give a new pair in any case where purchaser "l-<
--is dissatisfied with style, fit or wear at any time. Any size, any width, at any time. -;~
Every one realizes the importance of keeping the feet' dry
while the recent heavy fall of snow is melting, hence the fol
lowing low prices on heavy shoes and rubbers. t~ ■;?
Women's Heavy Kid <§* 95 '-": Women's New Storm mr m
» Shoes; $2.50 values. *»|-'^ : , Rubbers; the 50c kind. Sr» ■
• 0n1y......... " * , Only .. j*^%J\>
Women's "Nu Idea" $^.50 ■ ' Misses' Heavy School <£<* ."7 C
w> Box Calf 5 Lace Shoes, *" »'**" Shoes, lace and button. /J>
only *■*,' ; Only ' JL ' -
* Men's heavy shoes, $X.50 •• Men's Rubbers, 75c ■ ¥* S\
$5.00 values, for ** quality, large sizes only, **%■ §g**
only %*F y ;at .•..'. .*■* \J\>-\ : ;
Men's heavy Box Calf $"V 95 j1 ' Boys' Rubbers, for. Mg\
$3.50 shoes, for "* A.' *~\ school wear, *% 11 0
0n1y.......... *■■ H0h1y...........; v/VV :
Sixth and Nicollet. i
Wells —B. Bieri, mayor; Oren Kinney,
Bruce Babeock aud Nick Nelson, aldermen;
J. M. Nye, recorder; M. A. Tolan, treasurer; I
Charles Bruder and E. I). Townsend, justices; »
license carried by a large majority.
Windom— D. C. Davis, mayor; J. N. Mc-
Gregor, T. C. Collins and Andrew Elness,
trustees: Frank Stedman, recorder. A ma
jority of 51 against license.
Winthrop—President. R. R. Stoner; trus
tees, T. Burgett, C. M. Peterson and L. J.
Larson: treasurer. Frank Jlagbeurg; recorder.
C. E. Larson; assessor, Fred Podratz; con
stable, F. A. Osbe'rg.
AVykoff—President. S. Thoemi; councilmen.
O. M. Rowley, M. Eglestou aud G. Stewart:
recorder. Ed Jeskf; treasure!, Jolm Wendorf;
assessor, John Hoflnia*; justice, J. Moore;
constable, S. 8,. Hlpes.
Are You a Weak Man?
A re you working every
• day under the burden
Z . /6»*^^^^- - of a secret weakness?
'• ri -V-r »■ " ISi» - : Are you experiencing
. I _ ■ vH loss pf physical and
X^Qp Wry.-- sexual vigor. Are you
jV :: wsiSSf SICK?
&-jtft re you suffering from
jh *■ any of the loathsome
fgf»gs*pk .X.fjKgggg infections, secret pri
-3seSl{ili KP^* diseases of men?
VIIII should consult an honest doctor
lUU who will tell you the truth about
yourself and who has the equipment of ap
pliances and experience to -render you the
best service that expert professional skill In
this 20th century can furnish. .'
Those secret, hidden, private troubles, of an
acute, sub-acute or chronic nature, and all
derangements or affections of. the Genito
urinary organs, whether contracted or in
herited." Also the results of ; early indiscre
tions or later excesses, where a constant
drain upon the system saps the vital forces
and robs a man of his power. v
WFAKIFfS There is a pain across the
n tHMiiiOa : small ofthe back, blue rings
under the eyes, memory poor, nervous, feel
tired, losing flesh, fearful, always expecting
the worst to happen, bad dreams at night,
awake very much frightened, pain in the
chest, stomach out of order, constipated.
This condition will lead to early decay.
BLOOD PQKflli (syphllitic) sores on
atuuu TUiaun t M * mb j t iQ mou th
and throat soon disappear, and your Syphil
itic blood poison cured without mercury In
less time than at.the Hot Springs, at a much
less expense to you. Only curable cases taken.
; Dr. Cole will be pleased to receive a call or
letter from all weak, discouraged, disheart
ened, despairing men. Consultation and ad
vice free.: Letters and oflice calls confiden
tial. Plata envelopes. NoC. O. D.
T And Council of Physicians,
24 Washington Aye. S.
Household good! a spwlaity. Un
equaled facilities and lowest rate*.
Packing by exp<s^enoed: man.
Boyd Transfer & Fuel Co., 46 So. Third St
: Telephone Mala 668—both exchange*.
i la the worst disease on earth, yet the easiest to
i cure—when you know what to Jo. Many hate
' pimples, spots on the skin, sores In the mouth,
i ulcers, falling hair, bone pains, catarrh, and don't
know 'tis 81000 POISON. Call and get BROWN'S
BLOOD CURE, $3.00 per bottle; lasts one monthJ
For sale by Voegell Bro. i>rug|Co.. Minneapolis,
i : BROWO OAPSULf cur« men in a few
( Drug btbre,'Mlxiueipolli.:.-;-

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