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Avenue. * WbmjFW !■ %& Wmm t&P Facade.
Styllmh Suit* »nd Costume*, nmw and o|"f PA OE aap
?£7&!z^«?a^ $25, $35
Silk Waists j|||| Trimmed Hats
From $3.95 to $20 W*9 A mtle bu ea
An -attempt; to describe our Ps!^( lv so some say. I i
Silk Waists would require Jvuur / *.n, o i
both a pen and brush artist _,_LJflffcrEhi__ to tain spring
and then we could not do /^TtnvKnHß'BlV Hats. bllt we %*5 fill
them justice We have them //M \V,?Jn^-Vll are selling «Pw»VV
! m a^n^e.°° lor ana MMnffM !«. Mkß
For Saturday we will sell 200..,. ffffl»j|V 1 Wsl) '3& not "resist buv-}s7 *UI
best quality Taffeta Sllk||M«iw MT^L^Jtl ing when theyf I#^V
\S ulsts-beautles-lor V [Q^^mj l&f&fflSJfM set) °"r"a"
New Walking Skirts S^';"ss''& J $7.50
I No other organs In toe body jH" '^ijr.j
EB have such direct effect on the »y "■'- * *""' It
|H general health. See that you "*?••' lil
|f|j keep them in good repair. Every ll **« T Sr" tflT HI
F3 drop of blood is strained by them. If they y2^~ J^ *^. <T2ilr . .itnlL flj til
■S * fail 1b their work, it will result in the «c« T]ffinßfflP*lra^HßWj^^^^^^S|Mj|^| H ,
pi cumulation of poisons that cause rheum- . tk»i m %^F»& St^SWaS^W ."',' ?>M
Bai atism, urinary troubles and many worse * :'^ I '1
BJ disorders often ending in dreaded Brigbt's disease. HpS K^nWaßHg'lHjagßj*'-- '-3 f -4
EdS and at the first sign- of inactivity and inability to perform 1 Vjß ImßßhßßmS^| Im
fca their natural functions, take a remedy which will cently force I £^B 111 ||l § *§i
Eg them to renewed vigor. . Lm|K^|A^SJH
rl McLEAN'S :- - ?WWW|raIMWBHm
I stimulates: these organs to immediate healthy action, reduces acute pal*,
I purifies the blood, and so removes the cause of disease. Better buy ■ >^Bfi 9
I*] bottle to-day and be prepared.' it may save you years of suffering- ■■*.??■ Hi
THr DC. J. H. McLCAN MtD!CINC CO., St. Louis, Mo. /^fl
State Is Suffering From Bryanism
and Addicksism
Democrats May Carry the Next Leg
.^islatur.e^JEßpeelally- II ;\ilill«'l.i
'*■ * *i**S: Withdraw*. ''! "'"*'{* :
Special to The Journal. ...
Washington, March —The Delaware
situation,- as seen by political observers
here, presents a ro?y as well as a gloomy
view. The depressing side of the case
comes from the fact that one man may so
I Am For Men
I; "The Ideal Shoe"
S #!/# ■ [~- —-^
' 808 'J&
!| New Spring styles.' We
<! show the' largest assortment
•j! ' of $3.50 shoes in the city at
!: ' 412 Nicoiiet Avenue.
n ii n fi <■■ <"s ■Mfc^A^iii*i^nri» - — — —- -—. — »» •
demoralize a party as to leave a state
wholly without representation in the
United States senate. But the rosy view
is that this little state of Delaware has
resisted successfully, and at a great price,
the attempt of Mr. Addicks to break into
the United States senate.
Few people outside of Delaware realize
the pressure applied to the seven '"reg
ulars" of the Delaware- legislature, who
prevented the election of Addicks. Ad
dicks had really captured the republican
organisation. The republican national
convention at Philadelphia, recognized the
Addicks delegates and bowled the Hig
gins-Dupont men, who now call them
selves regulars. It was supposed that this
would end the anti-Addicks opposition
and that he would this year get into the
senate without fail.
But the defeated republicans went back
to Delaware and put up a fight on the leg
islative ticket. They could not unite with
the democrats, because that party was at
its lowest ebb, due to four years of Bryan
ism, and was irself rent by a factional
dispute. When the legislature assembled
the anti-Addieks republicans held the bal
ance of power. They refused to enter into
a deal by which one of their own men and
Addicks should be the senators. They al
so refused (all except three, which was
not enough) to go in with the democrats
on a similar arrangement. And the demo
crats could not agree on any one for sen
ator from their party. Could they have
! had two they might have re-elected
i Kenny, who stands for the Bryan democ
l racy, and Willard Saulsbury, who repre
sents the old democracy of Delaware.
All the state officers from the governor
Mown are Addicks republicans, and the life
I of these seven bolters has not been made
I happy by their party associates. They
\ had to-meet the charge that their action
I in standing out against Addicks inevitably
: infant two democratic United States sen
j utors. The democrats may carry the leg
islature two years hence, particularly If
Addicks should be discouraged and un
willing to put out the necessary money
again for carrying the state. Delaware is
naturally democratic and without pretty
i strenuous measures would elect a demo
' cratic legislature.
ij Addicks is said to be in very poor
11 health. He has tried for twelve years to
| j break into the senate. Many predict that
, he will not again be heard from, although
i he announced the day the legislature ad
' journed that he was in the fight for two
11 years hence. Even with the'passing of
, I Addicks it would take some years for the
i j state to recover from the demoralizing
1 effects of twelve years of money. If the
[ democrats regain control they will prob
i ably adopt measures 'for greater restric
i tion of the suffrage, which would dis
-1 j franchisement many of the negroes and
[ i some of the- poorer class whites. Just now
>ithe democrats are in almost as demora
lized a condition as the republicans. The
[j influence of Addicks on the republican
I j party and Bryan on the democratic party
ij of Delaware will finally wear away, and
Mthen the restoration of the state to its
[ old time place in the councils of the na
, tion may be expected.
—W. W. Jermane. i
Bjornson Attracts Much Attention
in the French Capital.
International Maffailne Published
Simultaneously ■In Three' l.un
vuajrea and Capital*. ■
Bjornstjerne Blornson appears in Paris
as the apostle or universal peace and is
attracting general attention. The anti-
Dreyfus journals are somewhat chilly, ow
ing to Bjornson's stirring defense of the
much persecuted officer, but otherwise the
patriot has been received with enthusiasm.
The performance .of "Over Evne," ; al
though it took place at the Nouveau the
ater and was witnessed by Mounet Sully,
Catulle Mendes and other. famous ! men,
was ignored by the anti-Dreyfus press. ■
Bjornson has planned an International
magazine to further the cause of universal
peace. It is to be published simultane
ously in English, French and German at
London, Paris and Berlin respectively.
While all questions of contemporary im
portance will be treated, the main idea
will be to combat the warlike tendencies
of the world powers and Inculcate princi
ples of peace. No visionaries or flighty
enthusiasts will be placed in'charge or
sought as contributors, but serious,
thoughtful men—scientists, historians,
statesmen whose conservative words will
carry weight and . command! attention.
It is particularly Bjornson's intention to
call attention to the high standard of cul
ture and general prosperity of the smaller
countries of 'the world, notably , Switzer
land, Belgium, Holland and the Scandi
navian countries as living and speaking
examples for the powers. Too small to en
gage in war and in the forcible annexation
of colonies, they confine themselves to the
arts of peace with the.result: that the av
erage intelligence and prosperity of their
inhabitants is higher than is the case .with
the powers of Europe. The social ques
tions, he will urge, are not likely to be
determined by the course now pursued by
the larger nations of the world.
It is not likely that Bjornson includes
the United! States in his criticism against
the tendencies of great' countries, as he
has been an ardent admirer of the Amer
ican states all his life.
Amusing; Mistake of Prince Carl .and
His Royal Sponge.
Prince Carl and Princess. Ingeborg of
Sweden and Norway found ■ themselves , a
few nights ago in a somewhat equivocal
situation. They had gone to a well-known
concert hall in Stockholm to attend, as
they thought, the concert of a young na
tive singer in whom they took some in
terest. On entering the . hall they were
rather surprised to find nobody to greet
them, and their astonishment increased
when it turned out that no seats had been
reserved for them. They sat down, how
ever, and duly applauded a portly person
age who creditably performed on a big
bass instrument, hoping that the young
lady's turn would soon come.. The next
number was a quartet of wind instruments,
and then came an artist who played a solo
on the flute. The prince thought well to
inquire of his neighbor when the expected
lady performer would come on,- and he
then discovered, to his amazement, that he
and his wife were seated among the chief
socialists of Stockholm, who were having
a concert for their own diversion, and
that the entertainment he wished to attend
did not come off till the following even
ing. He and his wife courteously remained
and listened to two or three more num
bers and then quietly retired from the
Danlgb Fanners Combine,
London Express.
The Dane thoroughly understands the value
of co-operation. Butter was at first made on
every farm, but partly owing to the difficulty
of procuring trained butter-makers, partly to
the smallnass of the farms, Danish jtmtter was
at first of uncertain quality and fetched a low
price in England. So the go-ahead Danish
farmer combined with his fellows, and at the
present day almost every parish has its co- I
operative dairy. On an average 150 small
farmers combine together to establish a dairy, |
subscribing between them £1,200, that is £8 !
each, this being enough capital for a dairy !
of 850 cows. A co-operative society has
also been formed for organized egg collecting f
for export. .Local societies are established !
all over the country, whose members engage j
to deliver fresh eggs. They are fined £3 |
6s for every bad egg delivered after fair I
Sons of Orphena.
Orpheus, the new Swedish singing society,
organized by Choirmaster Charles Swenson,
perfected its organization last Tuesday even
ing by electing the following officers: Presi
dent, Dr. Victor Nilsson; vice president, Au
gust Ekman; secretary, Axel Anderson; treas
urer, John Biorkmau. It was decided to apply
for admission to t'ne American Union of
Swedish Singers, and to make every effort to
participate in the Swedish singing festival to
be toeld by the union at Jamestown, N. V.,
and at the Pan-American exposition next
Orpheus will make its first appearance at
a concert to be given on April 9 at the Macca
bees' hall, Franklin and Fifteenth avenues
S, at which a program of more than average
merit will be offered.
Muni Have Vikings.
The crew of the racing yacht Columbia will
contain thirty-five Norwegians, two Swedes
and two Danes. The cup defender building at
the Herreshoft works will also contain a fair
sprinkling of Vikings. A British challenger
some year ago spoke contemptuously of the
Americans being forced to man their de
fenders by foreigners, but his ill-natured re
marks did not deter Sir Thomas Lipton from
■securing a large number of sturdy and active
Scandinavian sailors for the crew of the
Shamrock. When it comes to sailing the (
modern Vikings take the same rank in the i
world as their forefathers. ■■■.;:
Xorway'i "IT." . ,
The Tolen fund of the University of Norway
now amounts to over 7,000,000 kroner, the
authorities are about to make some use of
it. About half will be used for the erection '
of new buildings. On the observatory grounds
it is proposed to erect a histological institute,
a physicological institute, a physiological
chemical laboratory, a bacteriological insti
tute on the Toien tract. Pour museum build
ings ■ and ■ collections are proposed with an
administration building and laboratories.
Came from Greenland.
William Gunderson, who died here this
week, was probably the only Minneapolitan
who could claim Greenland as his native land.
He came to Minneapolis from Denmark in
1870, but had previously lived five years.
1856-1861, in America. lv his younger days
he was a journalist and was assistant editor
of the long-forgotten Nordisk Folkeblad pub
lished here. The funeral was yesterday.
General Scnndinavinna.
Bishop K. H. G. yon Schelle, of the state
church of "Sweden, is expected to make an
other visit to America this summer.
King Edward has decorated the crown
prince of Sweden and Norway an honorary
knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of
At the recent banquet of the John Ericsson
Monument Association, it was decided to con
tinue the collection of funds for the Ericsson
The report of the death of the great com
poser, Edvard Grieg, appears to have been
without foundation, although his health is
not of the best.
The L'psala students' chorus has aban
doned its project of making a visit to Amer-
Va next summer, as the officers do not see
the way to clear expenses.
August Strindberg, the Swedish author, an
nounces his engagement to Harriet Bosse,
the artress. This will be his fourth matri
monial venture, if consummated.
Editor Charles Borglund. of Forskaren, will
open the debate on "The Origin of Morality,"
at the meeting of the Yggdraslt theosophists,
this evening, at 410 Cedar avenue.
Unni Lund, the Norwegian-American can
tatrice, is meeting with fully as much suc
cess in Denmark as in Norway, and is a
favorite wherever she has been heard.
The committee having charge of the Ole
Bull memorial has requested Bergen to per
mit the erection of a statue near the foun
tain between Grand: cafe and Hotel Norge.
At Galesburg, 111., the other day, Annie
Peterson was married to Frank Peterson,
with Joan and Mary Peterson as witnesses
and Rev. Peter Peterson as the officiating
According to the report of Norway's een-
Grasp the Opportunitv= LaSt Saturday>s sale of Silks
„ . Mr • r- m ** was perhaps the greatest in our
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ties, in choice and price, that you will have this <>0-mch Black Taffetas very heaw A m regular 61.10, at .' .'.. . ■ $$ / C
pii^s^fe^iii «-'-— ■■ S »at ryh6 *vy... 64c „££&«?* ™» .h-w.^ -31.19
Valentine & Bentley, Felgram & Meyer; reg- 36-inch Black Taffeta, very heavy, smooth, 24-inch Peau de Levant (Cheney' Bros V war
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Is in active preparation. We . mJJrUBWm wf Wfl ' A A F~J- "'Clark's High
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SS^iß SSSSSS ~»^ c. M .30 a^sSr^
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»»*.»« Hssariss wniicGoods £ra-^c—
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tut mnti»i, u sS£a«Si-S saSSSEwB SSl;"s3~
oJiTOS^^ffir"*?^ f H orSatur- %1 3Q J^Lf: n a; n h^T iC «oll^^ d ' atSOc. Saturday g 39C
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elude "How the inner Light Failed," by An extra fine quality of mercer- strong strap O lf C y^X niffirneik^b^t flivS Sro
Hillin; -The Hidden ears of Nazareth,' by \ 7f ,,\ ifoiiar, ob-iV* „,,,iVQ i in n« • o i t-»u * i • o v esis, nign netK, snort sleeves, also
Morgan;-Peace, Perfect Peace," b> Meyer; cV Italian cloth skirt, umbrella Genuine Seal Chatelaine Bag, some pure all wool cashmere Vests
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■a-ttw'ga 'mXK'iiifi •■•^s?2 JucS' hedWithsl.7s c? a^r c a k tet;aspe" 51.50 V-ts ' rthto $l;Sat... 50C
Prayer Books and Hymnal*, both separate rucping, at ......%* H■M *9 cial value at ....;.. vliwV Children's, Misses' and Boys'
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nor; published at $1.25. Saturday.. IfC . mmM mmm m r(ti& B2 -JS *■ "'"'•' * I | nAn SlAl^^intinAnt
Th'^L^KbtfKaVß; by 2fS; Our first display of outing and On SatuiSly we shall sell gener- LIIIC" WCpdl iillCill
Saturday price..:.....:. .......O**V ready-to-wear Hats is now on the ous bunches of Violets, worth- 25c, Remember that Saturday' will be
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SnS&h~™ilW ton^SK" 1 children. The prices £4 Eft 35c; Crush Roses, 3in a 4 ft,. vail; \
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package..:.... ..........:.. ;;.j;.«»C I ■.-■■ ,■-. ■ - .-. .... ■-. I . . . ■ ■ ■ ■..-. „ 'each................... .....O4C
tral bureau for statistics, that country's im
ports for 1900 amounted to 326,714,7110 kroner,
an Increase of over 16,000,000 kroner. The
balance of trade is against Norway, for the
exports were valued at L 78 t 585,000 kroner, but
they show a very satisfactory increase of
26,568,200 kroner. The iocrease is in fish,
lumber and wood puip.
I Xorway. which six years ago had a navy
! scarcely worthy the name, has now quite a
pretentious fleet, consisting of four armored
cruisers, two gunboats and thirty torpedo
boats, with necessary supply boats." A coast
defense corps, independent of both the army
and navy, has been formed, but the arrange
ment is likely to be changed, as it is criti
cized by the best authorities.
Noted in MinnenpotiN.
Dovre Society gave a well attended dan-
J||i|iPP^s^ ' All *ne *? ad backs in Minneapolis can be cured. No.doubt about it. ?
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xS^^k Tw! I II if if//Mk ' Mrs- G- J- Guimond. of 313 University Aye. Northeast, says:
llllnllllr/JB&tetik "My mother, residing in Centerville, this state, waa constantly V
ii// \l\l/Jty7^ii&L\\h under medical treatment for twelve years, receiving no percept- A
wLAMJLW WW-:'\>\ ible. help- Learning of Doan's Kidney Pills I asked Mr.
ml l|Av\ Guimond to get her a box from Voegeli Bros. Drug Co. He O
j» ' so anc^ my mo^ner ' wno was then visiting us, began a course A
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greater improvement, and the third brought results almost *QP
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ffHBHI IfIRHBHHHtzS? Foster, Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
ring party at Dan la hall last Tuesday even
C. E. Anderson of Peoria, 111., has been
visiting in Minneapolis for some days.
Charles Cedarvall, a resident of West Su
perior, has been observing the scenes of a
great city. In Minneapolis, this week.
The Dania ladies cleared $134.50 at their
entertainment for the benefit of Mrs. Kobert
son and her little, fatherless children.
Axel Hard has transferred his affections
from St. Paul to Minneapolis and engaged
himself with A. R. .lohnson & Co. as steam
ship and land agent.
Skandinaven, of Chicago and Minneapolis,
is receiving contributions to a fund for the
relief of the sufferers from the terrible storm
at Heroe, Nordland, Xorway.
The performance of "Gudbrandsdolerne,"
which made such a hit a short time ago, will
be repeated by the Sannes company next
Sunday evening, at Dania hall.
Normanna infantry company is preparing
for a lively shooting season this summer,
and already has several tournaments in con
templation. Xew members are wanted, and
those interested should apply at the regular
meetings, Sunday afternoon, at Normanna
Mrs. Bertha Nllsson Best, the Minneapolis
singer, formerly with the Boston Lyric com
pany, has finished her season with the
Runaway Girl company and joined a
new opera company, of which Misa Jo
sephine Stanton will be the star. Mrs. Beat
will .take the lyric parts, playing "second
leads." as they say on the stage. Mr. Best
will be connected with the company In a
business capacity. The Stanton company
will take the road on March 17 for a tour
of the northwest, the coast and Honolulu.
Ail entertainment, arranged by Alfred Sod
erstrom, will be given at No'rnaanna hail
next Sunday evening. The Postecu band of
twenty-five pieces will furnish the music, and
the Swedish Dramatic Society will produce
two laughable farces, "En Brottslig Bet
jent" and "Jamie Bulling." Mr. Soderstroui
will deliver a popular lecture on the ques
tions of the day. He is one of the old set
tlers of Minneapolis and a veteran newspaper
Xo one knows better than those who
have used Carter's Little Liver Pills whaj
relief they have given when taken for
dyspepsia, dizziness, pain in the skie, con
stipation and disordered stomach.

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