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Modem Preachers.
The only value of the question in the
headline is to bring home the fact that
of all classes of testimony, that offered
by the clergy would be most promptly
accepted without doubt or cavil. The
clergy stand for truth and right, and
thousands follow them living up to the
tame precepts of rectitude. These fol
lowers are no whit less truthful than
their leaders. Yet because the preacher
is a leader it is natural to give weight to
his statements.. His very position and
responsibility to his people and the
world at ; large not only forbid the
thought of untruth in him, but lend
emphasis to any voluntary declaration
of fact which he may make.
If a pastor say. to one of his congre-
Stion who is coughing, "I cured a very
d cough once by the use of Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery," he
' could offer no stronger endorsement as
to the value of that well-known medi
cine as a cure for coughs; and if such a
pastor makes for the time the world his
parish, and puts out the same testimony
he is only enlarging the scope of his
benefaction. For if the world at large
knew and was persuaded of the wonder
ful curative powers of "Golden Medical
Discovery" in cases of diseases of the
respiratory organs, it would mean a
great increase in the general health and
comfort, not to say a probable saving of
a great many lives. .
"as True AS GOSPEI.."
It is "as true as gospel that Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery cures
coughs, bronchitis, weak and bleeding
lungs and such diseases of the respira
tory organs as through neglect or un
skillful treatment may find a fatal term
ination in consumption. It is also true
that the limit to a possibility of a cure
cannot be set. When people who have
had fourscore hemorrhages of the lungs
are cured by the use of the "Discovery,"
there is certainly hope for one who may
have had ninety hemorrhages. When
some one is taken from the condemned
cell into which the local practitioner has
shut him, and from a weak, emaciated
Minister Accused of Plotting: Against
Lady! Insurrection Led '.-■••:
. by' Soldiers. .•;"''•'•
Mew Ymrk Sun Special Service
Victoria, B. C, April 3.—News was
brought by the ! Empress of Japan that
another of those strange dramas for which
the Korean, apttal- is notorious, is going
- : on at Seoul. Kirn Yang Chun' minister
-. of finance, was charged with plotting to
, do away, with the emperor's favorite, the
-Lady Om; who, according to eastern pa
pers, has a romantic history, having been
rescued from slavery:; and placed in - the
y palace. . She is now practically the dic
tator .of the Korean policy. yyyyy.
Kirn "was seized and tortured in a shock
ing-manner. Kwon Chai Miong, minis
ter,^ war, enraged at the fate of his
friend, resigned, and a political crisis re
sulted. r yyyy."
The Japan Daily Mail says that rumor
assigns the plot to Russia.
The correspondent of the Shanghai Mer
!- cury at Seoul wires March 18 that Kirn
Yir Jun, another Korean officer, arrested
\ in connection with the plots, when tor
tured, confessed that there was a scheme
y to issue circulars and to fire on the Rus
sian legation, to murder the empress and
the Lady Om and to. create the Princess
j Taspekiu empress. He has been sentenced
"to be decapitated.
Reports are also given from Korea of
an insurrection at Song Pha, eight miles
east of Seoul, where insurgents led by
soldiers, who have become malcontent
because of their failure to receive their
pay, are .. raiding and killing.
©_ the Down Grade Ever Since the
• King's Speech Was Read. . 4
Sam Turk Sun Special Servie*
London, April '■ 3.Parliament has risen
lor the Easter recess after a session more
' satisfactory".- to the opposition than to the
government. The; record of business Is
• meager, but that is a small matter in com
parison with the lack of energy, and Judg
ment with which the house of commons
- has been led. The government has lacked
_\ the force of a single strong will, ;and
there have been "grave indiscretions in
both houses.
There was no lack of gossip in the
smoking-room of the = house of commons
during the closing hours, but the only
point on which there was a general agree
ment, was that the government has been
on the downward grade since the king's
, speech was read, and that a stronger
leader than Mr. Balfour was needed in
the house.
Through Sleeping; Car Service to
Kansas City via "The Milwaukee."
A standard first-class sleeper for Kan
sas City via C, M. _ St. P. Ry _ popular
Hedrick Route leaves Minneapolis 7:60 a. j
m."," St. Paul 8:00 a. m., daily and arrives '
Kansas City 7:00 o'clock next morning.
The "Hedrick" is the most direct and
comfortable route from the Twin cities
to Kansas City, the South, Southwest and
For full Information regarding lowest
•■*' rates apply to C., M. & St. P. Ry„ ticket
agents or address J. T. Conley, Ass't Gen
: Pass. Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Yellow Kins *■
For "Goodness sake" smoke It,* .■■
wreck restored ,to rugged health by the
use of the " Discovery," it is impossible to
dint the door of hope on any one how
ever weak; he ■ may be. It is the * record
of such • cures - which has given .Dr.
Pierce _ Golden Medical Discovery a
pre-eminence among all preparations for
the cure of diseases of the organs of
respiration. ,' y *.*'■ y '. ..: \, v, [yy_
"I-desire to send you this brief, unso
licited testimonial," /writes Rev. Joseph
H. Pesperman, of Barium Springs, Iredell
Co., N. C. "In 1898, one of my daugh
ters was suffering on account of a severe
cough, hectic fever, wasting of flesh and
other symptoms of diseased lungs. I
promptly gave her Dr. R. V. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery with gratify
ing success, and she now
enjoys excellent health.
This experience caused me
to recommend Dr. Pierces
medicines *to ! my neigh
bors, who, without excep
tion, used them with favor
able results. This being
true, I hereby heartily en
dorse your medicines." *
It can be truly said of
Dr. Pierces Golden Med
ical Discovery that it al
ways helps and almost
always cures. Ninety
eight per cent, of all who
use "Golden Medical Dis
covery" are perfectly and
permanently cured. The
remaining two per cent,
though not cured acknowl
edge appreciable benefit.
They cough less, eat bet
ter, sleep better and feel
better for the use of the
While extreme cases of
disease are cured by the
use of "Golden Medical
Discovery," the important
point is not to neglect the
slight cough. From such
neglect fatal results have
come to many thousands.
It is useless to try the mere
"cough medicine," or pal-,
liative, which soothes but
does not cure. The one
thing desirable is to be
cured quickly and per
manently, and it is in such
cures that the " Discovery "
proves its value.
" I took a severe cold which settled in
the bronchial tubes," writes Rev. Frank
Hay, of Nortonville, Jefferson Co., Kan
sas. "After trying medicines labeled
'Sure cure,' almost without number, I
was led to try Dr. Pierces Golden Med
ical Discovery. I took two bottles and
was cured, and have stayed cured. When
I think of the great pain I had to endure,
and the terrible cough I had, it seems
almost a miracle that I was so soon re
lieved. That God may spare you many
years and abundantly bless you is the
prayer of your grateful friend."
Men or women suffering from disease
in chronic form are invited to consult
Dr. Pierce by letter, free. All corres
pondence jis held in strict privacy and
sacred confidence. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
This offer of free consultation by let
ter places at the disposal of the sick the
skill and experience of nearly a score of
the best physicians who are associated
with Dr.. Pierce, chief consulting physi
cian, to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.
Accept no substitutes for " Golden Med
ical Discovery." . No other medicine is
"just as good " for diseases of the organs
of respiration.
is a title that has been given to Dr.
Pierces Common Sense Medical Ad
viser. It is a perfect guide to the health
of the body, as the Bible is to the health
of the soul. This great work, contain
ing more than a thousand large pages
and over seven hundred illustrations, is
sent free on receipt of stamps to pay ex
pense of mailing only. Send 31 one
cent stamps for the cloth-bound volume,
or only 21 -cent stamps for the book
in paper covers. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.
Two Students Suspended for the Row
at the Sophomore Smoker. -
New York Sun Special Service
Ann Arbor, Mich., April 3.0tt0 C.
Berry, a freshman literary' of Glendale',
Ohio, and Charles A. Crane, junior law, of
Fenton, Mich., have been suspended for
participation in the fight with a sheriff's
force on the evening of the sophomore
smoker last week. Crane is suspended
for five weeks and Berry for the rest of
the year.
___B__-_T (sli__i%_l BRINGS FREEDOM I
H_ \ll 3&& tev\ m ' have been suffering from female diseases for four years. At times I have
lliii^i___'^_i__l^_^^^^_f __ _K^l_r^^*^_>. lß_. Era *° t0 bed* ' have had several doctors but none of them did me-any
M " ' \_v^cl_H ffi' "** _*-^ilfs HI good. My menses have not been right for years and they get worse every S3
__s^li^ii_lli_lf^^_N_ \_ \___--J__ K^_________rs_T_f^~^^^^___ __f year. My friends advise me to take Wine of Cardui and Thedford's Black- |1[
► HH_^^:'-^'^ X^ _^W___*___B___. <'iS_^_' ______ Draught. I will tell you of my troubles and ask you to write me whether or not i g
i_f_l!illll„^^ jjfe^ l!>gps?*^v-_!3____%_^^^ U „\_ffigj*-W r^O H I should take Wine of Cardui. 1 have pains all over me. I have no appetite to W
ll^a^Sf^ ______ B_B _____! B__!'^___^____^_SS«L_3^__Sjr. ___ *$___ eat" At times ** hurtS me to stand on my feet. I have spells in which I nearly lift
| EM_^__n^^^^^^J^l__^___^^____! I______v_f ___\^___l_^_l\____.S^( smother. My stomach and bowels are in bad shape and it hurts me to lie on «&
£m&s^^ V l&mfflßa my Sld&' * have catarrh in my head so bad, my head nearly kills me some- IM
_H_. 0 ______ __-._!—_rTT____ pi_Sß-l_f _»a y^Hßy yt Ma ■■) Bj7J 4Br _/^ _*_S ________________________________ _E_i
pt^u|^ suffering! This good woman knew she was gradually growing vl|
weaker. She could not ea*- It was painful at times to lie down. Hf
Wk friend ________ by advising her to take Wine of she 2 less able to bear it. What was she to friend. M
X friend answered that for Mrs. Pearson by advising her to take Wine of Cardui. Mrs. Pearson can never fully repay that friend.
I ii li!,i. Vf. US. _ "V? I oitl*s °f Wl °f Ca, Pdul f Dd fiVe Packages of Thedford's Black-Draught, and I feel like a new woman.** M / h^ba^_TanTmy fr.inds 1/
m say I look better than I have in some time. I wrote you in February about your medicine, and I have been taking it ever since. lam doing all my work ■
§1 with ease, and am resting well at night and sleeping like a child. My menses come on regularly now for the first time in three years. I have no more 69'
111 smothering spells and no more headache, and lam feeling better in every way. When I wrote you last February I was not able to sit up. I beoan mending iH
HI as soon as I commenced taking your medicine and have been improving ever since. Your medicines have done me more good than all^hedoetbry %
■ How can any woman who suffers as Mrs. Pearson suffered read this statement without recognizing that Wine of Cardui will | [
SB cure her own ills in the same way. Wine of Cardui has brought relief to more than 1,000,000 women during its history of nearly 'H
W 100 years. It is not an untried experiment. A million healthy women are examples of the health-giving power of the Wine. It is B
H a simple, harmless vegetable medicine, that always does one thing—regulating the menstrual flow and strengthening the weakened If
» and diseased female organs. That is what you need if you suffer like Mrs. Pearson. If you are in distress as she was the way to If
■ health is open to you—go to your druggist and buy a $1.00 bottle of Wine of Cardui. Don't accept substitutes. These women I
D_-_._t_.-t," Tho Chattanooga Medicine Company, Chattanooga, Teas.
Jean De Reszke May Never Sing in
Public Again. y: I
Strain Since He Returned to the
Stage, the Doctors Say, Hum
Been Too Great.
flew Ymrk Sun Speolal Smrvlmm
Boston, April 3.—Jean De Reszke's voice
has failed him again. "Le Cid" was not
given here by the Grau .. Opera company.
The management simply announced ' the
change of operas, and said the tenor was
indisposed. *'."..*'-.."j*" '.
As near as can be learned, De Reszke
has been stricken with the same form of
bronchitis with which he was afflicted
last year, and which kept him voiceless
for many months. His physicians believe
he will be unable to appear upon the
operatic stage again. •"*•;•'
The.last recovery of De Reszke was a
matter of weary months, and after a long
rest, when he did attempt to sing in pub
lic, he was a failure. It is only since he
came to America that his voice. has re
gained Its former brilliancy. Now the
doctors say the strain has proved too
great, and he must pay a severe penalty.
His age, too, is against him, and it is im
possible for him to recuperate as he did
"Jean.De Reszke's voice will be only a
memory hereafter," is the mournful
prophecy of the music lovers.
They Are Reunited Now After Two
Marriages Apiece.
New York Sun Special Service
Kansas City, Mo., April 3. — romance
came to light here to-day in the marriage
of J. K. Powers, a prominent O. A. R.
man of lowa, and Mrs. E. S. Moore of
California, Both had been married twice
before. Though they were war time
sweethearts, neither had seen the other
for many years. ■;:..-.,
At the beginning of the war Mr. Powers
enlisted in Company H, Ninth Indiana in
fantry, and lost his right arm at Shiloh.
He was only 16 years of age. He settled'
in Cass county, lowa, at the close of the
war and found that his sweetheart, his
present wife, was gone. He married, and
at the funeral of his present wife's first
husband in 1888 they saw each other for
the last time. Both Mrs. Jones and Mr.
Powers remarried. Mrs. Jones went to
California and married E. S. Moore, an
artist who exhibited at the world's fair.
Mr. Powers' second wife died and a couple
of years ago the separated sweethearts
learned each others address. A corre
spondence resulted in marriage.
Mr. Powers is now assistant superin
tendent of the National cemetery at Fort
Leavenworth. •'-
London Bankers Said to Have Been
Defrauded Out of $1,250,000.
>"(_. York Sun .. Special Service.
London, April —Two men are charged
in a London police court with defrauding
Barclay & Co., bankers, of about $15,000
by forged documents purporting to repre
sent large shipments of gold ore, which
never existed. '
According to the Daily Chronicle, seven
bankers were similarly defrauded out of
large amounts, the total sum being nearly
It -is asserted that the supposed bags
of bullion were filled with sand.
Frenchman Makes Great Claims for
His Invention. „
"Sew York Bun Special Service
London, April --The Paris corre
spondent of the Daily Mail credits a
Frenchman, J. P. Lajoie, with inventing
a motor worked with liquified gas. The
inventor says that the gas is three times
as powerful as steam. A vessel propelled
by the cold gas might remain at sea for
years without needing to refill her
bunkers. .....
Easter Holiday Rates via Soo Line.
April 5 and 6, the Soo line will sell
tickets to all local points at fare and one
third for round trip. Ticket office, 119
3d st S. . ;.. - y . " y-'S>-: '.?,:-:
Cascarine at All l)rnjcljsst*.
Cures Biliousness.Constipation and Dys
pepsia, or money refunded. Price 60 cents.
Book explaining cause and cure mailed
free. Kea Bros. & Co.. Minneapolis Minn
That tired, languid feeling and dull
headache is very disagreeable. Take two
of Carter's Little Liver Pills before ■ re
tiring, and you will find relief. They
never fail to do good.
? Have Been Wrecked on the Rock of Vice. x^^lsl_^_k
Thousands Hove Been Rescue, by f^^S
- Ihe Slate Electro-Medical institute fsfms 11
Which Combines All of the Curative Powers of Both Medicine and 4 4___B|. •4_^''
Electricity in Our Electro-Medical Treatment. || ■j^^^m, SBu >^
Specialists for Diseases _____ Men mh^SSSt'
tli _ii IT^ 2_ I i tSS ¥ ___ bblh II il_S£l_3_c bS __ fair __i_r___- . ■•^J/_S%_^'/
y J:l ': j! TREAT MEN ONLY AND CURE THEM TO STAY CURED. ■" ' *• y^MmWßmm^.
1 make no extravagant assertion when I say that millions of men have been wrecked on the ftfi __ ___ A___ _*- ______■____-
rock of vice +v The h trouble is not so much that they get disease, but rather that they allow it to 2St © T S_t D©£§ __ 3 _ St
grow worse through neglect or improper treatment. This fact is responsible in many cases for ■»■_■ _P_ _»■ V^Wiail^li
nine-tenths of the suffering. *_-i-"■•'.."*>'** >« ''"':',>'■'. . ■' - ■ ■■' -. - ...... ' ■ -.'■■- - ■
*-,_ You should remember that the sexual diseases are never at a standstill. Neither can you make any compromise with them Either you must con
trol them or they will control you and render you utterly unfit for the ordinary duties and pleasures of life y
*■*. ? I £pectf and Free Samples, Trial Treatments and the like don't cure complaints of this kind, as any one who has tried them knows
self I. _n°d reefvY^^^ B,°°t d POiS^ N™:**». debility, or aV^iatTdTs^se^wef knesl you owe it to your
self to tuny and freely Investigate my treatment. My mastery of these maladies is complete. 1 began a special study of them soon after _raduatin_
nothing _fse'. n°W * °f * ''"^ 3g°' *"* duHng M° f the yearS since then th^ h™ »& ™" stuSyand perTistent practife Ttrat
.»*• Does it not occur to you, hen that lam better prepared to combat and conquer diseases and weaknesses oeculiar to man than the _ *n_r_l nrac
titioner, who, instead of concentrating his faculties on a single class of diseases scatters them over the e_t_?fSd P
VARICOCELE Whatever may be I "NERVOUS .1 Men many of with poisonous virus we will tell you so .__-.__.- -
._.«. .-.„ the cause of Varl- ■■" _- '„*'__. you are now reap- frankly, and show you how to get rid ! HOME Most cases can
AND ITS cocele, its injurious DEBILITY ing the result of! of it. Our special treatment for Blood ; .-.,-__ _. ... be treated success
.._.,, _-■%___- * effects are too well __-.__■-■ :_-___/. -._ : your. former folly. ; Poison is practically the result of our 1 TREATMENT fully at home. One
NEW CURE. (known for extended 11 J* KLMLDY. Your, manhood is life work, and is indorsed by the best 1 „-, ...... personal visit is
;..""•• :.. comment, y Suffice to - -y. •_ failing and will soon physicians of America and Europe. It BY MAIL. preferred, but if it
say that it depresses the mind, weakens jbe lost unless you do something: for your- j contains no dangerous drugs or injurious! is impossible or
the body, racks the nervous system, and j self. There is no time to lose. Impotency, medicines of any kind. It goes to the. Inconvenient for you to call at our
ultimately leads to a complete loss of sex- i like all sexual diseases, is never on the , very bottom of the disease and forces out offlce,' write us a full and unreserved
ual power., If you are a victim of this stand-still. Either you must master it j every particle of impurity. Soon every history of your case, plainly stating
dire disease come to our office and let or it will master you, and fill your whole sign and symptom of Blood Poison dis-j your symptoms. We make no charge
us explain to you our, process of treating future with misery and indescribable woe. appears completely and forever. The for Private counsel, and give to each
it. You will--then not wonder why we We have treated so many cases of this blood, the tissue, the flesh, the bones and Patient a
have positively cured more than 700 cases kind that we are as familiar with them the whole system are cleansed purified I _ _>Al _>__■_ to a __>
of varicocele during the past 12 months. as you are with the very daylight. Once and restored to perfect health' and the j LtUAL UUNI HAL-T
Under our treatment the patient improves cured by us, you will never again be both- patient prepared anew for the duties and iin writing, backed by abundant capi
from the very beginning. All pain in- ered with emissions, prematureness, pleasures of life. ital. to hold for our promise Address
stantly ceases. Soreness and swelling small or weak organs, nervousness, fail- all communications to State Electro
quickly subsides. The pools of stagnant In S memory, loss of ambition or other —— — Medical Institute 301 Hennepin aye
. blood are forced from the dilated veins, | symptoms which rob you of your manhood All A _ .fin In nirlmr _ **. nue, Minneapolis'
which rapidly assume their normal size, and absolutely unfit you for study, bust- /M-1- rtOOUtl- «of an. kind i
strength and soundness. All indications ness, pleasure or marriage. Our treatment AIT DISFA .F . we never fail to ! The E _otrO-M_d!c_l __P_i_li
of disease and weakness vanish complete- for weak men will correct all these evils, *11*- "iSt-ASLa *c " ever .a" fl £ „,B *' """'"I »pe_iailSlS
ly, and in their stead comes * the pride, and restore you to what nature intended- CURED comollcatlons If A. tha _if._. a _t _»__..*_.__*_
the power, and the pleasures of perfect a hale, healthy, happy man, with physical, I.UKLU. S? MS ?_ Varl ■"■«__! Departments
health and restored manhood. __y_&As___S_!_^?-™ COmplete * cocele, the weakness caused by -it disapl of this Institute by their special combined
rTmrTllnr T . .* _ BLOOD POISON On account of its pears. If it is Stricture, and has devel- i Electro-Medical treatment, are making
SI NIL I URL It matters not _„,„,_.._ frightful hideous- oped into Prostatic, Bladder or Kidney I many .wonderful cures in diseases of the
DAI_II reel V «_nLi^ S y°. ,_*_! CURED ness Blood Poison| affections, the injured organs are all re- , IUCD „ lnß . v . ___■■■__
PAINLESSLY suffered from _-,*„.-.„-._ is commonly called stored to perfectly healthy conditions. LIVER, KIDNEYS, RHEUMA
nrunvrn Stricture nor how FOREVER. the king of all If it is Blood Poison, any and all Skin, _____ __„ .. „ .
REMOVED. many different _ venereal diseases. Blood and Bone diseases arising from TISM, PARALYSIS. PILES. eTC.
doctors have dis- it may be* either hereditary or contracted, the taint, are entirely and permanently ' ,fcfcW ''"
appointed you, we will cure you ; just as once the system is tainted with it the eliminated from the system. If it is Im- PRIVATE I.! ______
certainly as you come to-us for treatment disease may manifest itself in the form potency, the many distressing symptoms rniww,t »"«*.
We will not do it by cutting or dilating. 0 f scrofula, eczema, rheumatic pains, stiff following in its train and indicating a pre- ' PM-TAClflll _Dl AAA *__!.__
Our treatment is new, entirely original or swollen joints, eruptions or copper- mature decline of physical mental and AUIUU4 HLUUD FOlSOrl,
with ,us and perfectly painless. It com- colored spots on face or body, little ulcers sexual power are totally 'removed and n.i__ii__ ____________
pletely dissolves the Stricture and per- m the mouth or on the tongue, sore rapidly replaced by the youthful energy "Ur I Unt, STRICTURE,
manently. removes every obstruction from throat, swollen joints, falling out of the of robust . manhood. Hence all resulting .___*.
the urinary passage It stops every hair or eyebrows, and finally a leprous- ills and reflex complications which may VARICOCELE. HYDROCELE
unnatural discharge, allays all inflamma- like decay of the flesh and bone. If you! be properly termed associate diseases and •■««"«■*•___,
tion, reduces the prostate gland when en- have any of these or similar symptoms, which, in fact, are often more serious _______ __ _!f ITY
larged, cleanses the bladder and kidneys, you are cordially invited to consult us than the original ailment that gives rise OLn,uu' U_E>._ll I
: invigorates the sexual organs and restores immediately. If we find your fears are to them—all, we say, disappear complete- j And All Allied and Associate Disease .
health and soundness to every part of unfounded, we will quickly unburden your ly and forever with the cure of the main I _ *ssooiaie uiseases
the body effected by the.disease. mind. But If your constitution is infected malady. y of Men.
.r],.: \y^l:.:'.'- Guarantees You Honest, Faithful and Successful Treatment.
Consultation in Person or by Letter Free. OFFlCEH°^l*l oj6TonM. 301 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.
Secretary Gage Is Reducing the Sur
- plus and the Bonded Debt.
>*««*■ York Sun Special Service
[ Washington, April ( 3.Secretary Gage
has decided that the time had come for
reducing the surplus and the bonded debt
at the same time. He announced last
week that he would buy in any of the
short time bonds whenever they were of
fered to him at a rate which would place
them as an investment on a par with new
2 per cents. .: „ _.. - - - . y" 1- '..-
The secretary to-day purchased in New
York $600,000 additional short term bonds
at substantially the same rate as paid for
the $2,000,000 bought yesterday.
Secretary Gage does not propose to in
volve the treasury in j any stock jobbing
operations, nor has the surplus grown to
su.h proportions that there is any imme
diate, pressure to get rid of the money.
The new 2 per cent bonds were issued ex
clusively for refunding operations. They
were permitted to be exchanged for j the
old bonds at a fixed rate. The govern
ment saved the interest and the investor
secured a more desirable security. The
transaction was conducted . strictly on a
business basis, and neither the govern
ment nor the bondholders made any im
proper profit... •■ r* - . : ' ..■'-_
The refunding - operations were practi
cally closed some months ago. Now the
secretary purposes to buy bonds only when
it will be profitable, to do so.
The indicated: surplus for the year is
$56,000,000. The reduction in the war reve
nue taxes will scale down the receipts
next year about $40,000,000. The result will
be that there will not be such a great sur
plus to".- work en : next year, and the bond
buying plans of the treasury are not like
ly to be carried on to any great extent,
judging from present indications. -.'-,
Change of Time— Northern Ry.
Commencing Monday, April 1, morning
train for St. Cloud. Fergus Falls, Fargo
and connecting points will leave Minne
apolis at 9:00 a. m., instead of 9:03 as
Carey Roofing better than metal, pitch
and gravel. W. S. Nott Co. Telephone 376.
Duke of Parma *
Smoke one and you will amok* another.
Boston Inventor Has Built a Two-
Horse Power Engine.
__- York Sun Special Service
New York, April 3.—A Boston inventor
has built a two-horse power
steam engine which is attached
to an ordinary bicycle and he
is at work attaching a larger motor to a
heavy racing carriage. The motor on the
bicycle weighs only, fifteen pounds.
Don't Get Left.
Eastern , Minnesota railway changes
time. On and after Sunday, March 31, the
night train on Eastern Minnesota railway
will leave St. Paul at 11:10 p. m., Minne
apolis at 11:50 p. m. for Duluth and West
Superior. Sleepers ready at 9:00 p. m.

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