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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, April 19, 1901, Image 16

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\ ▼ Sfete-^^^B^. FREE JJ I
You are cordially invited to test, try and
prove, without expense, the merits of the
most daiuty refined article ever produced
magical SATIN-SKIN CREAM. This charm
ing toilet requisite i 3 a vegetable concrete
luade from fragrant flowers, milk of plants
beautifying balsams and healing herb.s; a
wonderful curative and tissue-building skin
food. Prevents early ageing of the skin,
keeps it fresh, fair and youthful. At n;ght
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SKIN CREAM; note their disappearance. Be
fore exposure to wind or weather apply
SATIN-SKIN CREAM, it prevents tan, smart
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SATIN-SKIN CREAM. It has scores of uses
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SATIN-SKIN CREAM, receive ready relief.
It's a vegetable emoliment, an all healing
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ladies doing fancy work find SATIN-SKIN
CREAM makes the lingers supple, firm,
The New Store Drug Department.
Evans, Munzer, Pickering & Co
: "wears "well J%T
and always /*/\
Holds its k/m\ v,
shape. A' «A| /\
Price, J /-A
$ >oo J3/J
and up per pair J7ss*++Jfjar
The most
satisfying shoe made is
.-SkFlor sheim
vSHoe for Men
So Id by
412 collet (Avenue
Special to The Journal.
Le Roy, Minn., April 19.—Cam. P. Wells, a
well-known blacksmith of this city, died in
the Rochester hospital last evening. His
skull had been fractured by a kick from a
horse. —C. A. Smart, for years a merchant in
Le Roy, has engaged in the grocery business
at Cresco, lowa. —Principal Lord and the re
mainder of the school faculty have been re
elerted far the coming school year.—H. E.
Johnson, formerly head miller of the Le Roy
roller mills, will erect a new flour mill and
electric light plant at Adams. He erected
•he Le Roy roller mills building.
Special tp The Journal.
Northfield, Minn., April 15*.—The oratorical
contest for. the Ware prize between the rep
resentatives of the senior classes of St. Olaf
and Carleton colleges will take place on
May 3;—Carleton plays her first scheduled
jame of baseball on Monday, the 22i with
St. Olaf.
W - t^^mencall
Wljistf^W became
Druggists. Dealers and Clubs.
nimble. Applied before using powder renders
it adhesive, invisible. SATIX-SKIN CREAM
perfectly protects the complexion from ex
posures, climatic changes, when out of doors.
It is warranted harmless, without acids,
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cause or promote hair growth.
LL'LU COLEMAN. Howbert, Col., writes: I
have used one box and am forced to admit
SATIX-SKIN CREAM excels any facial cream
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IDA M. DIEHL, Colve, Md.. writes: Cannot
j speak too highly of SATIX-SKIN CREAM. It
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ALTHES NEILSOX writes: 1 have tried
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Thousands of testimonials of appreciative
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you miss much happiness In every passing
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! The skin needs a nourishing, protective pre
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I Writs ALBERT p. WOOD, Perfumer. Detroit,
1 Mich., for free box or call at local dealers soou
I as possible.
St. Anthony Park Women Led by
Prof. Lugger.
It Will Be Hetmlarly Applied to the
Surface of All Ponds and
For a number of years the residents of
mosquito-infested- regions along the A.t
lantic coast have found considerable relief
from this pest by the use of kerosene.
The people of St. Anthony Park, who in
common with everybody in this part of the
country, have suffered so much from the
mosquitoes last year, are preparing to
fight the enemy this season under the
command of General Otto Lugger the
The Woman's Improvement association
of St. Anthony Park stands sponsor for
the enterprise. The women recently list
ened to an address by Professor Lugger
on the mosquito and its eradication, and,
after he had told how the pest is out
matched by those upon whom it so merci
lessly feeds in other localities, they de
cided to authorize Dr. Lugger to go ahead.
Dr. Lugger, preparatory to the work,
has had a careful survey of the park
made, showing every pool of stagnant
water, how large its area, how much
It is likely to shrink in surface as the
warmer weather comes on. This is
necessary in order to find out just how
much of the oil is needed. It requires for
each treatment one ounce of oil to fifteen
square feet of surface. Two barrels of
kerosene oil have already been purchased
in order to be prepared for the first ap
pearance of the pest, and other barrels
will be In readiness as soon as needed.
When to Catch Her.
The mosquito must be reached before
she is a mosquito,-when .she is in the
larval or pupal stage. The pronoun "she"
is used advisedly, for the male mosquito
never attacks anybody. He is an orna
ment to his race, but he never fights, and
dies young. The female mosquito lays
about 200 eggs at a time. She can lay
this number once in three days in the
height of the season, but usually- she only
lays that many once in ten days. She de
posits these upon the still water of a
stangnant pond, in an old tomato caji half
full of rainwater, or in the barrel of rain
water left conveniently near the house.
The eggs hatch into the lively "wigglers"
of the rain barrel. These chaps must
come to the top of the water for air, for
they can live only a comparatively short
time under water. The least motion of
the surface of the water kills them, or,
at least, is very likely seriously to dis
turb them.
I'se of Kerosene.
But the breeding is done by the sly I
pest on water that is calm, so that other
means than agitation are needed. Kero
sene not only kills the insect in its pupal
or larval stage, in case any particle of
the oil enters the breathing apparatus,
but by forming a thin film over the top
of the water effecutually seals the pest
up. Any attempt to get air through this
film of oil is sure death.
The oil is spread over the water at the
first appearance of the mosquitoes in the
spring. The mosquitoes stand the cold
est winter successfully, coming out in
the spring all ready to begin the produc
tion of their young in such enormous
numbers that the mind Is staggered at
aay attempt at enumeration. During the I
season it Is only necessary to renew the j
oil about once in twenty days, now and j
then a Httle oftener than this—sometimes,
in very dry seasons, once in thirty days is
sufficient. Of course, the laying of the
eggs successfully upon this film of oil Is
an impossibility—the preventive serves
effectually both before and after the in
sect is in the pupal stage. Of course, the
drainage of the breeding places is the j
most satisfactory, because the most ade- j
quate method; but, where this is not!
feasible, the kerosene serves admirably, j
Plan Applicable Anywhere.
The plan which is being followed by the
women of this association is feasible for
any locality. Dr. Lugger points out that
in every country place, around every
farmhouse where there are empty cans or
tubs, pails or barrels liable to fill up and
stand full of rainwater, the mosquitoee
breed by the millions, and if but a tea
spoonful of oil is poured on one of these
small breeding places, the results follow
as effectually as where a large stagnant
pond is treated. If the amount sug
gested, one ounce of oil to every fifteen
square feet of surface, is us«d Dronor-
*mßii THF NFW <?TfIRF ssSfe
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caps, worth to 50c, Saturday.. &§3 C L©aiflßr OOOOS en $1.15 i-dozen 60c, :• J|a« ha^o^tilf^^^'
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Latest productions in high class novelty j! Martha —A splendid smoker, as thou« '! with pearl, silver and other novel and illsif I^^^^ special
Ribbons, from best makers, at lowest '! sands will testify, put up 12 4Q^ !| up-to-date handles; value ti^4 Tf BC B %l^^^'• size, 00 size, 0 size. 1 size.->
prices. >-;^ ;\- ; .-_■; -W- \.! .:: / > cigars in tin box,worth 60c: Sat ■If V \ $2.50. Special, each ;.9.Mu; %B f^^^^' 5.69 750 9.50 X.98
tionately. the area 1 thus treated,* be it
pond or rain barrel, -is kept free from | the
pest. 'He calls attention to the fact
that, for " washing purposes, the trifling
amount ;of oil . placed upon the surface of ''■
the water in the rain barrel is a help j
rather, r than | a hindrance, the custom *of
some laundresses being to add . a & small '
portion of kerosene to the water before j
washing. ;" - ■+'. - /■' \ J'.~ '■-■■')^£.\ •
:[' The ■ people 'of St. J Anthony ' Park are
looking.forward to a 'summer.of freedom
froni^.torture', \ for. wherever the plan has
been faithfully• followed up. good results
.havn^h«c>n»:renorted. ■.■*•*. . . ..--.. -„
Hastings, . Minn., April i9.—Henry Saver.
the young jeweler who recently returned ' from
j El I Paso, Texas, . was taken to the Rochester
asylum yesterday afternoon by Deputy Sheriff
N. J. • SteSens; upon a commitment issued rby
Judge T. P. Morau. His mind became de
ranged :on ■ account: of s despondency.— so
cial" hop given by Hastings lodge, 7 No. 98,
A. O. U." W., ;at Workman • Hall Wednesday,
evening:was largely • attended and proved an
enjoyable -affair.—The steamer Lora came
over from . Stiilwater yesterday, taking - the
barge Twin * Cities to : St: Paul.—Lake } City'
has declined the challenge of '- th«? Hastings
! high schoo 'or a joint debate.—Marriage li
! censes were issued yesterday to William
j Cortes and Miss Johanna Forster of West St.
I Paul and Edmund L. Tender and Miss Jennie
Perron of Eagan.—The funeral of Mrs. Pat
rick Flannery will be held from the Church
of the Guardian Angels on Monday at 10 a.
m., at which a requiem high mass will be
celebrated, the Rev. J. A. Fitzgerald officiat
ing. She was an old and highly esteemed
resident of Hastings.
Special to The Journal.
Rocaester, Minn., April 19. —Rev L. Ward
Bugham returned last evening from Owa
tonna, where he assisted in the installation
of Rev. J. H. Qmtter as pastor of the Uni
versalist church of that place. Mr. Carter
is from Herkimer, X. V., and a personal
friend of Mr. I^'gham. The installation ser
mon was preached by Rev. Marion Shutter,
D. D., of Minneapolis. The Rochester pastor
delivered the customary charge to the min
ister and the people.—The water in the vicin
ity of Rochester is good for condensed milk.
Such Is the verdict of J. B. RacklifT, whose
themist has been analyzing samples of Olm
eted county water taken from well* of vary
ing depths. Mr. Rackliff is from Denver and
is here for the purpose of starting a con
densed milk plant.—The Rochester high
school team has accepted a challenge from
the Pillsbury Academy nine and will play a
game of baseball on the Owatonna grounds
next Saturday.—F. P. MeClure of Chicago is
in the city to complete negotiations for the
location of the new opera-house. Work will
be commenced at once.
At a recent sale of Angora goats at
Kansas City good prices were realized.
The little animals were mostly from New
Mexico and brought from $3.15 to $26 »

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