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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, May 09, 1901, Image 8

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My DYSPEPSIA CURE positively
' cures all forms of indigestion or stom
ach trouble. It rejuvenates worn-out
stomachs. It builds up stomachs that
have been weakened by powerful cath
artics and old-fashioned nostrums.
Muiran'i Dyspepsia Cur« correct* bloatingol
Ike stomach, palpitation of the heart, shortness of
breath, and all affection* of the heart caused by in
ttigestivn, wind 01 the stomach, btichiog wind or
•our food,bad taste, offensive breath, loss of appetite,
faintness or weakness of the stomach, improper cir
culation, coated tongue, heart-burn or water-brash.
His Headache Cure stops headache in 3 minutes.
Munyon's Pile Ointment cures all forms of piles.
Muayoa's Blood Cur« corrects all blood impurities.
Munyon's Liver Cure cmrects headache, bilious*
■ess, jaundice, constipation and all liver diseases.
Munyon's Female Remedies are a boon to women.
Munyon's Asthma Cure and Herbs areguaranteedw
relieve asthma in three minutes and cure in five days.
Munyon's Catarrh Remedies never fail. .:. -v
Munyon's Vitalizer restores lost powers to weak
• Ben. Price, $1.
Munyon has a cure for every disease. he RiMt
I C* Health free) tells of them. Cures, mostly 25 eta,
Munyon, New York and Philadelphia.
!■■■■ 4flE / * s^^M 19^K 1 ■ \ ds^H w '* ■
Electric Lighted— Leave I Arrive
nervation Curs to Port- _ ,_ «„!._, « -
land. Ore., Butte. Mlssoula, * 10:10 * I :45
Spokace,Seattle, Tacoma am - pm
Pacific Express
Fargo, Jamestown, Boze- _ , , „ #I .nK
man, Helena, Butte, Spokane, * I I : I 5 * 7 :U0
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland... pm am
Farro and Leech Lake
St.Cloud,Little Falls, Brain- 9 :05 5:10
era. Walker, Bemidji, Fargo.. am pm
Dakota * Manitoba
Fergus Falls, Wahpeton,
Noorhead, Fargo, Crookston, _ _ .. ft # - - n
Grand Forks, Cirafton, Win- * «L4-U * 0 .4U
El peg. pm am
*8 am DUIUTH& .££.
nogS gg SUPERIOR jj«.;
•Daily. t£x. Sunday.
TICKET OFFICE— I 9 nicol. l,Sck.
■ Minneapolis. St. Paul.
~ -
Ticket office. 418 Klcollet At.. Phone. 240 Main
tEx.Sun. Others dally. | Leave Arrive
Badger State Express— } 7:60 10:46
Chl'go, Mllw'kee.Madlson 5 am pm
Chicago— Express.. 10:40 pm ii:M am
Chicago— Mall 6:26 pm 9:00 am
North-Western Limited-) ; 7:30 8:15
Chl'go, Mllw'kee.Madlson ) ! pm am
Waußau.F.duLac.Greenßay ! 6:25 pm 9:00 am
Duluth. Superior. Ashland.. t8:lO am+s.2o pm
Twilight Limited— ) 4:00 10:30
Puluth, Superior, Ashland > pm pm
SuCity. Omaha. Dead wood.. t7:10 am 8:00 am
Klmore, Algona, DesMolnes i+7:lo am t8:05 pm
St. James. New Ulm, Tracy 9:30 am 8:05 pm
Omaha Express— > 9:30 8:05
feu. City, Omaha, Kan. City >. am pm
New u1m,E1m0re..;........ 4:20 pm 10:36 am
Fairmont, St. James. 4:20 pm 10:35 am
Omaha Limited— ) 8:00 8:00
Bu.Clty, Omaha, Kan. City ) pm am
Office, 228 Nlc Phone 132. Milwaukee Depot.
Leave. | »Dally. tExcept Sunday. | Arrive.
• Chicago.L* Cro6se,Milw'keej*lo:sopm
• 3:oopm Cnicago.L* Crosse.Milw'kee »12:30pm
• «:25pm Chicaffo,La Crosse,Mllv'kee • 3:2opm
*250pm Chicago-Pioneer Limited *B:2oam
• 3:45pm Chc'go, Faribault, Dubuque *10:50 am
t 8:00pm .Red Wing and Rochester. |12 :30pm
t 7:6oam LaCrosse, Dub., Ilk. IslandjtlO :60pm
• 7:soam Northfleld, Farlbo, Kan. Cy * 6:lspm
t 9-A>am ... Ortonviile. Milbank ... t 5:45pm
• 7:Bspm Ortonviile, Aberdeen, Fargo * 6:55 am
t 6:sopm .Northfleld, Faribo, Austin. UO :00am
Office, 300 Nib. Phone, main 860. Union Depot
Leave.|*Ex.Sun. jSun.only. qth. daily. | Arrive!
. • 9:ooam St. Cloud, Fer.Falls, Fargo • s:lopm |
• 9:ooam|.. Willmar, via St. Cloud .. * s:lopm
9:3oam Flyer to Mont, and Pac. Co. 2:oopm
• 9:4oam Willmar, SuF.,Yan.,Su City * s:o2pm
• 6:lopm Elk River, Milaca.Sandst'ne • 9:4oam
• 6:ospm .Wayzata and Hutchinson. * 9:ooam
7:4opm Fargo, .Qd. Forks, Winnipeg 7:lsam
9:oopm ..Minn, and Dak. Express.. 7:ooam
• 9:2oam|—.Duluth, West Superior...l* 6:oopm
ll:sopm|...Duluth, West Superior... 6:loam
Sleeper for 11:50 train ready at 9 p. m
> Leave Minneapolis—ls am, •5:05 pm, 6:15
pm, $10 am. Returning, Leave Spring Park—
8:20 am, 4:40 pm, *7:25 am.
Mlnnntaptlls & St. Uuls It, R.
Office Nlc House, Phone 233. St. Louis Depo:.
Leave. | 'Dally. tEx. Sunday. | Arrive."
■(•f:3S new short line to -j- 6:50
*8"i OMAHA. •*£■
;'* Bl* AN» DBS nOINBS. ** mL
: Waterloo, Cedar Rapids,
+9:35 am Chicago, Kansas City. t6:SO pm
•7:35 pm Chlcaco&St. Louis Ltd. • 8:05 am
+8:10 am New Ulm-St Jamas, * 10:03 am
•5:85 pm Sherburne & Esthervllle +5:11 pm
tO:iO am |Watertown&BtormLake t5:ll pm
Chighx) Great; Western RY.
"Til* Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, sth A Nlcollet, Minneapolis.
Depot: Washington & 10th Aye. S.
tEx, Sunday; others daily, j [ffffl fqt | illiffi FlDl
Kenyon, . ; ' Dodge - Center, • 7:40 am 10:36 pm
* Oelweln, Dubuque, Free- 7:35 pre 8:25 am
' pert, Chicago and East.. 10:45 pm 1:25 pm
Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Ma- 10:00 am 8:00 pm
. shall town, Dee- Molnea, 7:35 pm .8:25 am
St. Joseph. Kansas City 10:45 pm 1:25 pm
I Cannon Falls, Red Wing, 7:40 am t10:35 pm
Northfleld - Faribault,] 6:30 pn 10:25 am
Waterville, Mankato. f j
Mantorvllle. Local ........| 5:30 pm| 10:25 am
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sattlt Ste. Marie
Office, 119 Guaranty Building. Telephone 134 L
Depot. 3d and Washington Avea S.
Leave I 'Dally. tß*cept Sunday. | Arrive.'
•9:4sami Pacific Coast Points.. 6:lspm
• i:3Spm|...AUantio Coast PolnU...|« 9:3oam
Depot sth and Washington Avea. N.
T,6:l6pmf.._ Olenwood Express ....It B:46am
t 8:30 aml Khlnelander Local ....|t «:05pm
Rnritnrtnn Rnilt? Office, 414 Nicollet Aye.
BtiniDflOniWUie. >ph oneS4B . Union Depot
Leave for | Terminal Points. . | Ar. from
- 7 :3oam I Chicago — Except Sunday. 1726pm
7:80 am! St. Louis—Except Sunday. ,:.V...%."..'
' Chic, and St. Louis—Daily. 6:25 am
Office. 230 Nicollet.' Phone, 1938. Union depot
: Leave. 1 All Trains Dally. | Arrive.
' 7 :2saml..Chicago and - Milwaukee..! - B:soam
7:o6p:al..Chicago and Milwaukee^! 6:35pm j
HU Debility ReiiU'tiirAH Treatment—
What Would Follow His j
• . Death.
London, May 9.— Alarming reports about
Lord Salisbury's condition are prevalent.
A. J. Balfour, the government leader of
the house of commons, and a nephew of
Salisbury had a private audience with the
king, which is understood to have been
caused by the prime minister's failing
There has been complete silence on the
subject for three weeks, the only indica
tion that he was not recovering being
Afforded by the postponing of his return
from Beaulieu. He was to have been in
London by this time, but he has not yet
left his Riveira residence. The attack
of influenza before Easter left him ex
tremely enfeebled and the news received
in London shows that his debility is ob
stinately resisting all treatment and has
now reached a grave point. The corre
spondent asked Lord Hugh Cecil, M. P.,
one of Lord Salisbury's sons, if it is true
that the premier is seriously ill. He re
plied: "I know of no ground for such a
Lord Salisbury's death would not dis
solve the ministry, but would lead to its
reconstruction. King Edward would first
ask the Duke of Devonshire to take the
premiership, and if he should refuse would
then ask Mr. Balfour to accept it.
They Take No Part in the "Wall
Street "Ghost Uiuice."
New York, May 9.—According to the
London correspondent of the Tribune, the
American revel In speculation with de
tails of vast fortunes made in a few
weeks, continues to fascinate and to per
plex Englishmen. The holdings of Eng
lish investors in the properties which have
heen making a meteoric passage across
the western sky were disposed of long
ago. There has been little speculation in
London in American securities and the
market quotations have risen automati
cally in response to Wall street prices.
English speculators have kept out of the
American market because they did not
understand what was going, on and had
no faith that the rise in values would be
Milton First Edition and Various
Autograph Letters Sold.
■ New York, May 9.—A first edition of
John Milton's "Paradise Lost," London,
1667, brought $830 at the auction sale here
of the books and letters collected by Wil
liam Harris Arnold. It is the highest
price ever fetched by an early Milton
A first edition of "Adonals," by Percy
Bysshe Shelly, Pisa, with the types of
Didot, 1821, sold for $510, and Tennyson's
"The Falcon," London, 1879, for J4lO.
"The Promis of May," by the same author,
London, 1882, sold for $430.
An autograph letter, written in a Vir
ginia jail, November 17, 1859, by John
Brown, "Of Ossawatomie," to T. B. Mus
grove, sold for $220. A long autograph
journal-letter, January 13. 27, 1820, from
John Keats to his sister-in-law, Georgiana,
was sold for $300. A complete holograph
manuscript of Keat's poem, "To Charles
Cowden Clark," dated 1816, went for $325.
Missing Cleveland Banker Kills
Himself In Seattle.
Seattle, Wash., May 9. —A marl believed
to be R. N. Pollock, the missing bank
president from Cleveland, Ohio, ended his
life here yesterday in the Hotel York by
sending a bullet through his brain. A
razor, a two-ounce box of rough on rats
and a phial containing 100 tablets of aco
nite were found at hand.
Cleveland, Ohio, May 9.— R. ,N. Pollock,
who killed himself in Seattle, was the
president of the Cuyahoga Savings and
Banking company, which closed its doors
last Monday. He disappeared ten days ago
and had not been definitely placed until
news of his act of self-destruction reached
this city.
Turkey's Monarch Reported In a
• V-: Precarious Condition.
JYmo York Sun Special Service.
London, May The Athens correspond
ent of tre Daily Mail claims to have re
ceived reliable information that the sultan
of Turkey has been very sick and that he
is still in a precarious condition. He re
fuses to undergo a necessary operation.
He has lost all energy and does not handle
state affairs, which are left to his chief
secretary and a chamberlain.
\o Wonder This Ohio "Woman Didn't
o*' ; W Feel Well.
JT»« York Sun Sf>*eial StrviM /•';"..
Columbus, 0.. May Mrs. Mary Swain
of WooPter has been complaining of. pains
in her stomach for the past six years. A
few weeks ago she commenced treatment
with a country physician, who gave her
medicine for stomach worms. The remedy
brought to light the startling discovery
that her stomach contained a snake two
feet long. She is suffering from poisonous
effects, but will recover.
Misa Wilklns and Dr. Freeman Re
ported Wife and Man.
y*u> York Sun Special SevrUs*
New York, May 9. —It Is reported in
Metuchen, N. J., that Dr. Charles M. Free
man of that piece and Miss Mary E. Wilk
ins, the novelist, have been married. The
doctor will not affirm or deny the rumor.
If the marriage has not taken place the
inhabitants of Metuchen think that only a
few days will Intervene before it will.
Rochester, N. V., May 9.—The annual con
vention of the . National Municipal League
was called to order by First Vice President
Charles Richardson of Philadelphia yester
day. - The convention will.be In session three
days. Clinton Rogers Woodruff of Philadel
phia presented the work of the municipal
league in a paper..
Mr. Woodruff was followed by City Engi
neer Lewis of Brooklyn with a paper, outlin
ing "The Organization, Work and. Aims of
the American Society of Municipal Improve
ments." '"'■.. •
Dr. Max Hoffman of Heidelberg, Germany,
followed Mr. Lewis. His subject was "The
Relation of the Baden Cities to the States."
He explained in detail the system of munici
pal government in operation in the Baden
cities. • v^-'Vi^'
Royal Kelffhbora of America.
Low rates to biennial meeting, Spring
field, 111., May 14-17. The North-Western
Line has made a rate of. a fare-and-one
thlrd for this occasion. • Tickets and in
formation as to selling dates, etc., at
413 Nicollet ay, Minneapolis. . .
Some Bis Engines.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R. now
uses the finest type of passenger locomo
tive, on its through trains to Omaha, Dcs
Moines, St. Louis and Chicago. \
Does your building require a new roof?
See W. S. Xott Co. Telephone 376.
Why: It Groni. '
The travel over the Minneapolis & St.
Louis R. R. to Omaha has doubled in one
year. . Reason — new passenger is a
permanent patron. „-,
A complexion grows fairer daily using
magical Satin-Skin Cream ,and Powder.
You using them? 25c. Voegeli Brothers. ,
1 Shorten* the Time to Pacfic Coast.
: The , Great Northern . Railway, _- will iin
ftutre run its transcontinental train, the
"Great i Northern' Flyer," into Seattle one
hour ahead of its former schedule.
The Manutacliirers' sale ol Rockers : eS« A*
Over 1,600 Rockers still left that we ara selling at less than the cost of making. Attend this btg sale.
Hardware Dept. fva^oTstoves IZI SB^^Bg^K^-^So I Iron Tolding Beds \ M^HSrWS
Lawn Mo- JVc arf.o.e agent, for the Vapor S.r^, qcS«fc.t?fe eis^&i;!^ '_ ' " .._ $5.98
_, ifev ers. iSlnch ' p Insurance StoTeß; absolute y siife. KM , Ur 75c quality Sale prlce/y^! 4=* C ' • 'PerPalr
rm^S22£^^BSf^\ size, our > belug edorlesn and easy to handle; pSg (| oLly sUe xl .. (> Velvet Hugs; res- fill A<! HI II IT T T Til 1111 %\ '! All $9.00. and $10.00 Rope Portieres, in all
iTirfl'^M*' .US mi\ own brand,. <, "dLI^ 111 I^3r { i u!ar value $21. sale price ..vA* < mK/^J^rfAvvAVvl^K^r^ P. i: colors and styles; ail new designs; largest
■E&JS&T 2& frlri mSI warranted, i, $7.50 /HHHHKbHU V 4. only sizo 8 ft." 3 in.xlv ft. Cm.. Vel- «1-| ', • JuYWVuMMM Xftii¥>.)Awl\_ (,' line in city; . fiS«7 g\g\
HW^B^g Br*3^PjMßV^7 Special. i, .jL^lr^fl TBe^^wPw^^^ST !' vet Hugs; reg. value $18.50. Sale price. VJLA (, tTZ t'" "* TttVttl -' T^ '' for one day only, " liVV
&3tV&?ZZ^^^^l£ Bffito/ eacll 'i $10.00, flu !' 6 (Size ftxrj) Japanese Rugs; regu- Ai A j, I hTI' HCT !' each
'*^m^^B^^**3S&* 92.50 i, $12.00, jßi^^^^^^^^ •' 4.(alze 6x9) Japanese regular *fl|A'-J> - W~2 <z.-i :::=:: 311 -: -" ~ Ji /%^*w%l^WN^^^-vw%*>VN^rfN^
made'of Special! MS^a/U^ob, lif^^B !; 300 rolls of China and Japan Matting.'per yd |i JL- '2 1 M -Jg4 = "fc !' Refrigerators ■ ■■'
each $1.50 j [:| $16.00,^ pi | 15c 18c 2Oj^J2scJ3sc | jfe^^^^^^MSk M£mMmVRfiWF
Crockery Dept. 8 B!; *|| fflj ]| Heywood Baby Cab« ; "*^*"3^ '> W sg»
WBK lurlue Jj^lvß '' Tfi '! a Keuts 'or '■'ie ML i 1 i
Special »Q A.Fk !' S^.sy H^HflA I oue for 1 y<M >" I"t"9'"' I *P^» ■** manogany. "it'lneludes the |
IKw each.... V^'^*' ,i J^BSm B«| & ]W i' best of iprlngs, with curtains for the front, ,
Ii 1 /nLhrjßW & M Stl c i-a r\/\ WrfmSioSftMlß ,' Ali Fish Net—4s and 50 Inches 4^\ M i 1
%^ rQ aiivSXxili S (fmx*sU!&&asKl ? ouu i ISflHri 9.m__ '! wlde> r*? ular We goods; special JLwC '
cial " f3.95 i|^[ gg# !>.;.• .\.^-^VrvA\\\ ■^^ p?^* \ $15, )^/wSp^»^r/7TVN) '! »6 pairs ruffle lace Curtains. g»^ fLg\ <! We sell the Wilke, White Tile, Baldwin,
: Fruit Bowl 8-inch size dee Dlv and hand- 5:: 20 Japanese Rugs, size 18x36, regu- A(\ o ', 817. t^Tf&mMikirt XA A\L '• 3 ya^ di ? at' re? ular $L.25 .Ov ', Bowen and Ranney. Your choice of these
somelvcuT 'regular mice $$ M ttO:O C 5 lar value 75c- Sale price * C eon V7hZrTss&j XILJ«^ '■ curtains, for one day only,yd "^ ■ < four makes on sale tomorrow at 53, $9,
Bp?elar-V^ „. . $3.95 j! 20 pieces of the best quality all wool, extra jj *20, \Uf (^Qt I 1 100 pairs Tapestry Portieres with heavy { $10. 80, 512. SI 5, $17, $20 and $25.
D\MUlmm \m La OI®O d ■ Cor. First Aye. and Fifth St. S.
Claim It Is Found In Boiled Yellow
ITtt York SunS»eoiat Servto*.
Centralville, Conn., May 9.—A new
cancer cure of undoubted benefit is given
to the world by Stephen Griggs of Brook
lyn. A traveling man from Hartford was
cured by Griggs some months ago. Miss
Anda Surrett, a Brooklyn lady, ascribes
her cure to Mr. Griggs' method. Mr.
Kingsley of Plainfleld has lately been
2?s^&^*"^j?r I! u\|j j M 1 mfi~*s |Z&ap ™*lvjr I * .^y jm ho^ IB^BHBlPß^^^BßW^l^B^^BMßPß^WßsMßWW^^^B^^^^"^i^^^^B^^^i^^9^9Wwi^^"*^^^p^pa^^wi^"i^iiwii^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^H
mU can now eat anything and am not afraid but that I will sleep at night. I always have a pack- Mm
mm age of them in my pocket to use myself and to give to my friends, and I also-give them to the Big
SB children when they are troubled with their bowels, as I find them a good medicine for children, mm
BH I would not do without them for a good deal. They are worth their weight in gold. Charles fap
Irftfi I have been manager of one of the, if not the oldest ~ I have been usingl Ripans Tabules for about six months, \]|lll
wholesale shoe houses in Philadelphia for several years past. and I found them to do me a great deal of good, I had been ra^
II! H! After suffering much from stomach troubles, I obtained Ripans complaining for months with headaches, irregularities t&e m
fi| Tabules upon the recommendation of a .friend, and was so bowels and loss of appetite, bad taste in the mouth and bad §l[i||
Pi iM much benefited that I desire ;to express my ; thanks. Ripans breath, disordered stomach and ; restless in my sleep. I met M j^|
SS Tabules are a compound which can always be taken with a friend one day who recommended Ripans Tabutes to me. |ja l|l
a^ sureness of relief. I consider them the btSt remedy for consti- I spoke to my doctor about it and he advised me to them. MW$
I! HI f>atio7i ever put on the market and would not be without I am. pleased to-day that I did so, for I saved myself a large
Wi rH having them in the house. W. H. Bellows, with A. J. 1 Bellows doctor bill and lam getting rid ;of all my trouble, for whfch SB «
II Wi & Co., wholesale dealers in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, No. . I thank Ripans Tabules. A. Kaufman, manager sth floor, N.
HI! 247 Market Street,.Philadelphia, March 11, 1901.. Snellenburg & Co., 12th and Market Streets, Philadelphia,
|p S There is sctrcely any condition of ill-health that is Dot benefited bythe occasional use of a R.I.P.A.N.S TABULE, and the price, ten for five cents, does not bar them from any |pf||j
la home or justify any one in enduring ills that are easily cured. A family bottle-containing 160 tabules is sold for 60 cents. For children the chocolate coated sorts, 72 for 25 cents, -,': B» S; -
are recommended. For sale by druggists. fiS
under the treatment for an aggravated
cancer and is said to be nearly cured.
The treatment consists in eating boiled
yellow corn and drinking the water in
which it is boiled. No other food is al
lowed during the treatment. At least
thirty days is necessary to complete a
You hardly realize that it is a medicine,
when taking Carter's Little Liver Pills;
they are very small; no bad effects; all
troubles from torpid liver are relieved by
their use.
Conciliation Plan of the Civic Fed
eration Is Presented.
New York, May 9. —A mass meeting un
der the auspices of the committee of con
ciliation of the National Civic federation
was held last night at Cooper Union to fur
ther the movement inaugurated at the
conference on Tuesday to form a national
board of arbitration. The committee
on conciliation and arbitration gave out
its report. The report says that the pur
pose of the organization is to enter into
active service in the cause of Deace and
harmony in the'industrial world for the
purpose of preventing strikes and lock
outs. The report advocates full and frank
conferences between employers and work
men with the avowed purpose of reaching
an agreement as to the terms of employ
It further says the aim is to establish
and maintain a board of commission com
posed of the most competent persons
available, selected from employers and
employes of judgment, experience and
reliability, which shall be charged with
carrying out the objects aimed at and shall
also be expected to make known to
workmen and their employers that their
counsel and aid will be available, if de
sired, in securing that co-operation, mu
tual understanding and agreement already
indicated as the purpose of the national
The committee will select from its mem
bers an executive committee of fifteen to
direct the work of the organization.
Do you want a roof that will never leak?
See W. S. Nott Co. Telephone 376.

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