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The Three Thing's Most Important in Shoes are
HBBHHBfiBQBi "; ' - - ,: * ' ■ ' ■
FIRST—A Perfect Pit:... SECOND—StyIe and Graceful
k design, that Means Beauty.... THlßD—Thoroughly Pirst
Class Materials and Construction, that Means Service.
239 Nicollet Aye. and 23 and 25 So. Wash. Aye.
ffoF"—^ Ladies' fine vici kid lace, best Gent's t Patent, „ ,
|; c on earth for $2.50, special price Leather Oxford ■„•''."•''. v
JW Wi per pair, - ; 42* "ft QR Ties,; new-Teddy ; r~~j -■ >
jf^CfEEL 4#\ only " ■ Bvll and Tremont lasts,' . 11 1
jlyX ' Ladies' patent, leather Oxford per Pair; ML ■'
' JkJL.****** I*'1 *' 41 Ties, new shapes, worth $2.00, &O 'aa i |«\
.; _^#^^^^. special, per $1.69 I|*"UW MMi\ <
—^ __ t *\t i \t\ vlui^r
iiiiiwi ■ our Calf and Vici \l|j^ B
.^gf*^ m^^^BMSß^^^. Kid Oxfords, new /Vfif'^ Ism
$2, $2.50 and 53.00 Boys' Sample Lace, 1 4^O ISh / *$* J^
in boxcalf, veluur JKj gTi j: \1 sPfißH*S"q^ LJ^-^^^lw
calf and vici kid^jj oTß'wr h'- &EC B^HftJfmYKwK
lace. Price I^. v^^k rioVi+o' qj*> rw~v Pof B&sSBmSfiSaSH
Boys' Satin Calf School AA ' JL N^k Ue, U, tS ,7 'U x 7 i a WIHB
Shoes, worth 81.25 and ||{| A B^V N^i '■ ent leather ' clour ■ S££^
$1.50. Special *^ IL, x - --> *Sk and Vici Kid WMSMISW
Boys'and Youths' Kangaroo Calf Bi- l*l>*^^!k Lace, only W&gSs&y^
cycle Shoes, #tfc ,M g\ V%* Wt *W
worth $1.50. Jb II ■1 o k fiQ «c V^^ r
Only .... V■ ■ ■ !Ur -^v* 1^ liiw nJh ii H" !ra3£-^S
Misses' Tan and Black £lkO ** -:V:;- > ■-^%^
Strap Sandals, Hqi; Ladies'fancy cut lace Boot,, kid 8 different atvles
sWish only Wl# tip, worth $2, t£-fl CQ . » different styles.. ... ;;
Misses' tan lace and button, worth on } y \^ I■%o %p
from $1.50 to m^ 4A / Gents' Satin Calf Lace and Con
-82.00; broken 2$ || Bj| |J Ladies' fine kid Bicycle ft£A gress worth $1.50. - &+ 4A
Infanis'-nnekidbuTn mg% Boots, worth $2.50, special.. Cut to »!.iy
Infants'fine kid button /%&%** — • . u>" *
shoes, with patent tips, £LHQ Ladies'extra fine ideal Kid, pat- . - , :;.
worth6sc; 0n1y... ent leather . lace . Boots, welted Gents' Tan Russia , Calf Lace,
s£"?^£2ffdrtmp 59n solesregular $8-50 values S3 worth §2.00, «1 ft Q
sandals; only * W^FO only V« only .;........ & ■■U3P
neu pu patronize
He North American
Telegraph Co.,
You encourage competition
and foster a Minneapolis
North Dakota Lignite Stove Comany.
We, the undersigned, do hereby associate
ourselves together for the purpose of organ
izing a corporation under chapter II of the
law of 1573 of the state of Minnesota, and
all acts amendatory thereof, and to that end
do hereby adopt and sign the following ai
ticles of association:
The name of this corporation shall be
Korth Dakota Lignite Stove Company. The
general nature or its business shall be the
manufacturing and selling of stoves, ranges,
furnaces and heating devices of every nature,
working in and 01 iron, tin, zinc, copper,
brass, and any other metal, as founders and
manufacturers of .stoves, ranges, furnaces
and heating devices of every nature, and of
any other castings, and of all wares, fixtures
and appurtenances in any wise appertaining
to stoves, ranges, furnaces, boilers and heat
ing devices of every nature. The principal
place of transacting the business of said cor
poration shall be the city of Minneapolis,
The time of the commencement of eaid cor
poration shall be the 11th day of May, lSul,
and the period of its continuance shall be
thirty years.
The amount of the capital stock of said cor
poration shall be twenty thousand (20,04)0)
dollars, and the same shall be divided into
four hundred (400) shares of fifty (50) dollars
each. Said stock shall be issued, sold, paid
in and transferred as shall be prescribed by
resolution or the by-laws of said corporation
or its niana.ging board.
The highest amount of indebtedness or lia
bility to ■which said corporation shall at any
time be subject shall be the amount of its
paid-up capital stock.
The names and place of residence of the
persons forming this association for incorpo
ration axe Alfred Porter, Charles T. Glasser,
Charles E. Ballard and Henry J. Glasser, ail
residing la the city of Minneapolis, Min
The government of this corporation and the
management of its affairs shall be vested In
a board of directors, not less than three nor
Btore than seven in number, all of ■whom shall
be stockholders, and who shall be chosen
annually by the stockholders of this corpora
tion at such time and place as shall be pro
vided by the by-laws of the corporation, and
eball hold their office for one year and until
others shall be chosen in their stead; and
uutli their successors are elected at the first
annual meeting of said corporation, the fol
lowing named persons, stockholders of this
corporation, shall be the first board of di
rectors of said corporation, namely, Alfred
Porter, Charles T. Glasser, Charles E; Bal
lard end Henry J. Glasser.
The officers of this corporation shall be
•lected by the board of directors annually at
the annual meeting of said board, and shall
be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and
Secretary, which two last named offices may
be held by one and the same person, who
ehall hold their officers until their successors
are elected and qualified; and until their
successors are elected the following named
persons shall be the officers of said corpora
tion namely, Alfred Porter, President;
Charie3 T. Glasser, Secretary and Treasurer.
In witness whereof, we have hereunto set
our hands and eeals this 4th day of May,
In presence of
[Ten-cent U. S. revenue stamp. Canceled.]
Comity of Hennepin, ss. .
Be it known, that on this 4th day of May,
A. D. 1901, before me, a notary public within
and for the county and state aforesaid, per
sonally appeared Charles T. Glasser, Alfred
Porter, Charles E. Ballard and Henry J.
Glasser, to me known to be the persons de
scribed in and who executed the foregoing
Instrument, and severally acknowledged that
they executed the same as their own free
act and deed.
Notary Public, Hennepin County, Minne
State of Minnesota, County of Hennepin.
I hereby certify that the within inst.
was filed for record in this office on the Bth
flay of May. A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
and was duly recorded in Book of ,
page _. GEO. C. MERRILL,
Register of Deeds.
By A. W. SKOG,
Deputy Register of Deeds.
Department of State. , . . - .-■ L
B I hereby certify that the within instrument
■was filed for record in this office on the Bth
day of May, A. D. 1901, at 11 o'clock a, m.,
and' was duly recorded in Book A-3 of Inoor
portions, on page -. r^£i£&£fci
S«er«Ury el SUM. .
Samuel Hi) of Minneapolis En
Route to Vlndlvostock.
St. Petersburg, May 10.—Samuel Hill,
son-in-law of James J. Hill, arrives here
Friday next to visit Charlemagne Tower,
the United States ambassador. He will
return to the United States by way of
Vladivostoek. Mr. Hill is studying inter
national transportation for American Pa
cific railroad and steamship interests.
■ A ]^ ■"■■*"jit
NEURALGIA —There is no sense in wasting words about Neu
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lflfr^»'-"V>*- '"-Ai-t''- &VL*V^'/'lJ^^J^ ~- __nniL
S»* W^S*^J^**/ "jSntf^'^^-y* * * * V^y* \ . ay* w&jmS 2tuT^*] JhT
W^^^^^^L, If you are driving across a railroad
mt&^^BW; f^ trac* and hear the scresch of an *p"
HF: 1' v^ proaching engine, you don't stop to
JP^^V see whether a train is coming. You get off the
€ '• When you arise in the morning with aches and pains shooting
\ through you from hips to shoulders with that tired, stupid disposition
: 9 and general run-down feeling, then you may be sure there is some- -
thin? wrong with your liver or kidneys, or both. Don t wait to make
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McLean's \ Li-Ver
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■• K ;:j ■-;.. :'■■■ \ -■■"■ :, ■.;.:■'/■::' „ , n ;- ;=' •-■'"^y ■': '■'■__"-■: v'>^ •>' -^ :
Washington—Former Judge Ilayden of In
diana, died here, aged 82 years. He was ac
tive in early Indiana republican politics, but
had been in the government service at Wash
ington for some years. He was said to be the
oldest living graduate of Harvard univer
If you are tired taking the large old
fashioned griping pills, try Cartel's Little
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He Also Wore a Black Mask With
Eye Holes.
rfnyor'n Secretary IleplieM In - Kind
Twice—Wild Night on
„ ,-■ . liiKaii Aye. • .' .
Thomas R. Brown, secretary to Mayor
Ames, says he was the victim of an at
tempted assassination last evening at Lo
gan avenue N and Thomas place. One
shot was flred at him by an unknown man.
In response Secretary Brown drew his
revolver and fired two shots at the re
treating figure of his assailant.
Later a 38-calibre bull dog revolver, a
set of false whiskers, a piece of black
cloth a foot square with two holes cut in
it, were found near the spot where the
shooting occurred.
Mr. llnnMi\ Story.
Concerning the attempt on his life Sec
retary Brown said this morning:
Last evening after supper 1 was called up
over the 'phone at my. house,'and received a
message that, the mayor wanted to see me
at his office in the city '- hall at 9:30. I went
down town, called at the office, but did; not
find the mayor there. Then I went about
town looking-for him. "At 11:30 jf I took the
Sixth avenue N car home, having been; un
successful in finding the mayor. I got oft
at Logan avenue and., as 1 was walking along
the street my' attention' was attracted, by a
crowd of girls coming from some party or.
other near Thomas' place. I had my head
turned' looking toward this party when I
heard, an ominous click about fifteen feet
from the crossing on Thomas place. Instinct
ively my 1 hand went to my pistol pocket. At
that instant a man arose before me on the
walk and fired a shot. I immediately drew
my revolver and fired two* shots at the man
as he fled up Thomas place:' The fellow
was short and thick set. I do not know that
I could recognize. him If I should see him
again." It was a dark night and I was very
much alarmed when he fired at me. I tried
to blow my whistle but. was so scared that
I could not. Not an officer appeared , until
after I had hurried home and V telephoned
headquarters. Then the patrol wagon and a
load of detectives' came out to the house on
Logan avenue. ■ ■'■ ■ ■ ; -
-". Brown IV re ■ Saw Him. ■-. •"
Secretary Brown's; fathei, says that lie
saw ; a ... man '. with long black whisk
ers about half an hour before his son was
shot at. He says the man wore whiskers
very much like those found near the r spot.
The entire detective force of the depart
ment are detailed on the case this morn
ing, but no arrests have been made.
' Dave Gorham, ex-register of deeds, who
lives on Logan, thinks he saw Mr. Brown's
assailant running away. He heard the
three revolver shots. Several other resi
dents of the vicinage heard the shooting
and the neighborhood was somewhat agi
tated when the patrol wagon arrived. v r
This Is According; to Some Prevalent
.- Hypotheses. :'
Dark clouds skurried across a lowering
sky, ■ and a deep brown .gale rattled
through the teeth of Thomas R. Brown,
secretary to the mayor, as he hastened
on his lonely nocturnal way.'^ *
.Something was .amiss. ■ ' h ■'■■-..
None knew • that ! better than Thomas,
unless it was the eleven restless keen
eyed detectives keeping their vigil at po
lice headquarters two miles away. 7
Rapidly did; the secretary run over in
his mind as ;he strode along the events
of the evening—the sudden summons by
telephone to the mayor's office,; the leav
ing in hot haste jby the first street car,
the arrival at the city hall only to find the
mayor's 2 office dark and !- forbidding, the
futile search for his superior, the uneasy
conclusion that sompOne had been playing
a Joke, on him—him,, secretary to"? his
—and then the return home through
the aforesaid ; dark brown gale. Truly,
these .were happenings that would suffice
to shake the heart of the stoutest. ; - ;
Small wonder, then, that the facile sec
retary looked about him apprehensively
and grasped the handle of his trusty
weapon with its reassuring self-cocking
trigger. He who had slain so mlany un
offending coppers and had grimly watched
their ghastly heads roll into the basket
as they were stricken off by the official
axe, was haunted now in the glimmering
gloom by the ghosts of the mayor's vic
tims while the wails of their children cry
ing for bread rang in his ears.
Hist—What's Thatf
Hark! What was thiat? A click—one
of the business-like kind that makes the
hair stand on end —unless you are bald.
Aand Thomas is at least baldescent.
Just as he turned and descried through
th» gloaming a dark, sinister figure, a
shot rang out on the air, cldar, sharp and
minatory. A bullet whistled by the at
tent ear of the secretary.
Almost mechanically, from long habit,
he noted as it flew by that it was 38
Wheeling about with military precision,
he drew his revolver and sent two bullets
hurtling in rapid succession after the flee
ing figure. One chugged in the soft earth
by Ihe side of the assassin. The other
seemed to give back that dull, thickening
su'l —or rather sickening thud—that is
heard when a leaden missile strikes hu
man flesh. And yet he could not tell. It
might have hit a tree, although he told
himself that It was not often he missed
two consecutive shots.
But the miscreant continued to flee.
Turn's Mind Present.
With rare presence of mind, the secre
tary drew from another pocket his police
•whistle and prepared to blow a blast on
it that would put to shame Robin Hood
and all- his merry men of Sherwood For
est. Just as the whistle touched his lips,
a thought came darting through his brain.
Owing to the fact that so many of the po
lice force had been raised to captaincies
and given assignments at headquarters,
it had been impossible to put a patrolman
Eagle Brand
The best, sweetest'flavored butter made,
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Extra Creamery, fine fresh ■; #*. m
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QuartOUC ; :. - QuartspUG.
'. Leave Your Orders for Entertain
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309 Hennepin Avenue.
Telephone 914 [bothlines.] ';_U>,,\
Cloak Department.
Very fine White Dressing Sacques, handsomely
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lace, at
Dressing Sacques, in best quality dimity, in
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251, 253, 255 Nicollet Avenue.
on the beat where the secretary stood.
If he blew his whistle and no one came,
that awful fact would be revealed. So
Thomas rut the whistle back in his pock
et, hastened home and called up head
The eleven restless, shrewd detectives
were still there, although it was now mid
night. They never sleep anyway. The
patrol v^agon was oFdered out in hot
haste and the eleven —captains every one
of them —tumbled in and the horses were
put to a hard gallop that sounded every
wlilt as clattery as "Held by the Enemy."
Arrived at the scene of the deadly as
sault, they began to sherlockholmes the
entire neighborhood. Within nineteen
seconds after the search began, that bold,
daredevil chief of detectives, Norman
King, had picked up 4 mysterious pack
ago neatly done up in brown paper. Cool
ly tearing it open, Captain King disclosed
to the eyes of the assembled sleuths a 38
--oalibre bulldog \revolver with two empty
chambers, a black cloth mask with holes
cut for nose and eyes and—most damning
of all—a set of flowing black whiskers
warranted to make a Sunday school su
perintendent look like a pirate.
"This settles It, see?" remarked the
captain of detectives. "We got 'em dead
to rights, see?"
Without another word, for like all great
men he is tactiturn to a degree, the de
tective turned and clambered into the
wagon followed by his admiring com
"Not so fast," said the secretary. "Gen
tlemen, come into my house and have a
little refreshment. You must be thirsty
after the labors of the evening."
Nothing loath, the eleven silent, all
seeing men went in and partook of the
secretary's bottled best. One of them was
then detailed to see that the newspapers
got the story. Then they all went home.
But the secretary slept very poorly.
Pan-American Opeulng.
The Nickel Plate Road will sell excur
sion tickets from Chicago to Buffalo at
$13.00 for the round trip each Tuesday in
May (the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th), with
limit of five days; namely, returning good
on any train to and including midnight
train from Buffalo on Saturday following
Tuesday tickets are sold. They will be
good going on all trains on date sold.
Daily trains from Chicago at 10:35 a. m.,
arriving Buffalo 2:05 following morning;
daily train from Chicago, at 2:30 p. m.,
arrives at Buffalo 7:35 next morning;
daily train from Chicago at 10:30 p. m.,
arrives Buffalo 4:45 next afternoon.
All trains carry through vestibuled
sleeping cars. Individual Club Meals,
ranging In price from 35c to $1.00, and no
meal In excess of the latter figure, are
served in dining cars.
For sleeping car reservations and all
other information, call at Chicago City
Ticket Office, 111 Adams St., or write
John Y. Calahan, General Agent, 111
Adams St., Chicago, 'phone Central 2057.
Chicago Desot: Van Buren St and Pa
ciflc Aye., on the Elevated Loop.
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Ul d|Jt7l IG9 also Brussels Net, all the newest
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Window Shades—6 foot Roller Shades in all colors,
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WVaall UUUU9 the prettiest collections :of
patterns you have ever seen, in light and dark colors;:
also all the plain shades, 50 pieces of this 4C«,
22c cloth on sale Saturday, per yard .......... Ivu
Silk Ginghams—ln silk stripes and silk plaids,
our regular 35c qual.; warranted. fast colors, 41 A a
Saturday only (quanity limited,) per yard ...Iww
llnriafi Qlfirfe ' (MamHosr.)
UIIQOI ORIIIS Five dozen Skirts made of
fancy colored Taffeta Silk; also black, deep accordion
plait. Our regular 87.50 skirt, Satur- ft* E AA
day. only, each..-. Hf%9u ifW
Twenty dozen Fast Black Skirts, made of mercerized
Italian cloth, full size, well made, with pretty ruffle
and corded. Our $1.75 skirt. Satur- G*<6 AC
day, each, ....^....... ■■fcil
Witt's Meat Market
411 Nicollet TeLJRSMgS?""
The finest lot of Minnesota Young Lambs EXPORT BEEF ONLY
Just received (good weather for. lamb meat. Rib Rolling Beef, (Saturday) . Qa
Minnesota Young Lambs, front IOC Kb CSroiled(n6thingDetterj;--| QI C
1(u *' ' lv.. per pound ... ■ x^2**
Minnesota Young Lamb Stew, Cp Choice Pot Roasts, - * j "17^ ©«
lb .:.„......... ........*'*' per pound. /C Ob
Minnesota Young Lamb, hind ie A Chuck Roasts, - "-?■ - Ra
quarter, lb A*-*V per pound .....\; ****
5-lb. Jars choice Separator SI.OO-51.05
5-lb. jars best Dairy ............:............:.... ........900
3-lb. Jars good ■Dairy........... "...•.......:.;:..;... :..'. —..: .: 55c-60c
About forty-eight miles from Deadwood,
S. D., is a mountain of good size which
prospectors say is almost solid copper.
Th a Rlit ikdi HEALTHY m
When there is a natural and healthy circulation of the blood, the entire
quantity, estimated at one-eighth the weight of the body, passes through the heart
every five minutes. This rapid flow of the blood through the system prevents the
entrance of disease germs and impurities of every description. It filters out all that
is not necessary or good for the growth and development of the body and nourish
ing and strengthening the muscles, tissues, nerves and bones. But, unfortunately,
few persons can rightly claim an absolutely pure blood supply and perfect and
unpolluted circulation, and in consequence are exposed to innumerable diseases.
Contagious Blood Poison, the greatest enemy to mankind, enters the system
through the blood, and Cancer, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Eczema, Salt
Rheum, Psoriasis, Tetter—in fact the majority of human ailments — are caused by
poisons or humors that are engen
dered and fostered in a sluggish The BiOQtJ §S ttlO SOUTCC
and impoverished blood. Old ._
sores, chronic ulcers and rheumatic pains are com- of Jkil §tt*Gttffth
mon, especially among old people, whose blood p
naturally grows thin and pale because of the lack of the red corpuscles that give
color and strength to youthful blood. Sallow complexions and rough, oily skin 3
evidence some constitutional or blood trouble, which salves, lotions, powders nor
any external treatment can cure. Diseases that originate in the blood, whether
they manifest themselves as ulcers, tumors, itching eruptions, muscular 01 bone
pains, require a tonic and blood purifier such as S. S. S., which not only antidotes
and neutralizes blood poisons and humors, but possesses health-giving tonic proper
ties that no other blood medicine does. It goes down to the very foundation of
the disease and eliminates from the system every-
PotiUtCtt 81000 thing of a poisonous character or that obstructs and
clogs the circulation. It builds up and imparts
BreGtf& BISC4MSC new strength and vitality to the old innutritious
blood, and when the arteriea and veins are once
more filled with new rich blood, the general health begins to improve, muscles
grow stronger, and sores and eruptions of every kind disappear.
S. S. S. is the only sruaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier, and the purest
and most reliable in all blood diseases. It has been tested in thousands of cases
during the past fifty years and is more popular today than ever. We will be glad
to send you our book free, and if in need of medical advice write our physicians all
about your case; this information will cost you nothing and comes from experi
enced and educated doctors. All correspondence is conducted in strictest
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
Seven-year-old tea plants yield four
ounces of leaves apiece, or 700 pounds of
tea to the acre.

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