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Experience of a Vaudeville Star of
National Reputation.
Mr. Clayton E. White, who has attained a
fcationcU reputation as a vaudeville star,
writing us from Philadelphia on Dec. 26, 1900
thus tells of his experience with Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskt-y: After having had Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey recommended for various
ailmeuts by a score of doctors from Maine
to California. 1 decided to be my own phy
sician (.saving the expense of the doctor s
advice), aud have not been without it for the
past five years. It keeps me free from coughs
and colds; it brings refreshing sleep after a
hard days work." Mr. White's experience
is similar to the experiences of thousands
■who write us daily.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey cures consump
tion, general debility, !a grippe, colds, bron
chitis, malaria, low fever, dyspepsia, depres
sion and weakness from whatever causes.
It builds up and nourishes the body, it invig
orates the brain, tones up the heart aud pro
longs life. It is the only whiskey taxed by
the government as a medicine. This is a
guarantee. It is aboslutely pure and contains
no fusel oil. All druggists and grocers, or
$1 a bottle. Refuse substitutes, they
are injurious. Send for free medical booklet
to Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y.
Is an Ideal instrument for the summer
home. In the retreats, away from mu
sical entertainments, a Pianola provides
the pleasure of hearing any composition
one's mood may call for.
The Pianola is an inexhaustible source
of entertainment and an invaluable ally
to the hostess, for it can be played by
any one.
We invite you to our warerooms. where
you can hear the Pianola play, any hour
during the day.
Stetson Mandolin given away. See
our window.
41 and 43 So. Sixth Street,
Just Off Nicollet Avenue.
ninneapolis, Minn.
Workers in the Xevr Mexico Mines
of Senator Clark of Montana.
Ktc York Sun Special Servto* •
Los Angeles, Cal.. May 17. —The strike
fever has reached the mines of Senator
W. A. Clark, located at Clarksville, seven
miles from Gallup, N. M. J. Ross Clark
has received a telegram that all of the
operators in the mine of his brother's
company have quit work. The cause of
the strike is not known, as the Clark
miners have always been union men. and
this order has been fully recognized by
Senator Clark. About 700 men are af
fected and the walkout occurred last Mon
day. The Clarksville mines supply Sena
tor Clark's Jerome copper mine and the
narrow gauge railroad in the same local
ity with fuel. A walkout took place in
the mines of the Colorado Fuel and Iron
company's mines at Gallup last January,
end the trouble only recently ended. Since
that time no union miners have been em
ployed there, the operators now being
Greeks, Japanese and negroes.
For a Summer Trip
You cannot do better than to visit the
east. Scenically and historically it is
rich in interest, and -with the added at
traction of the Pan-American exposition—
at which you have the privilege of stop
ping on Tourist Tickets reading over the
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railway
—an ideal vacation may be spent. Our
publication, "'Lake Shore Tours," copy of
■which will be sent on application, con
tains outline maps of a number of the
choicest and most popular trips, with
rates. Chautauquans will be interested in
the opening of our new and direct line
to this famous recreative and educational
resort. "Book of Trains" gives full in
formation concerning our very complete
passenger service to the East. Address
■\V. B. Hutter. X. W. P. A., 122 Endicott
Arcade, St. Paul. Minn. F. M. Byron,
G. W. A., Chicago.
Are very cool
these warm
tiL Handsome
#l^^mNew Tan Rus-
J Calf lace on
H OH the "McKinley"
/:^v||||||p|jla Bluchers on the
! \|»&|b|*|£|^ with spade edg
j New Tan Oxfords on the "Var
! sity" last, nob- faWf ESf £k
!by square edge V% Tjk Vkll
; soles, only .... *JMF» 4F V
Depositors of Defunct Canton Bank
May Be Paid.
V. H. Bucon. the President nutl Bx-
Stute Official, t uiuiot Be
Special to The Journal.
Canton, S. D., May 17.—C. W. Dala
maire, an attorney for the Omaha stock
brokers, who had a branch office here, is
in the city. He comes to collect $10,000
from the defunct state bank and threatens
to compel bankruptcy proceedings. On
Wednesday of last week the bank tele
graphed the Omaha commission house it
had a balance of $5,000, but when a draft
for $3,000 came it was protested. Now
the accounts show that the Omaha people
had already overdrawn $3,000 and still
Mr. Delamatre is on hand with his claim
for $10,030.
I Since coming here in 1891. F. H. Bacon
j h«<l growu in the confidence of the peo
' pie. He was once mayor, also a member
lof the state bpard of charities and cor
| rections, treasurer of the Farmers' Iniple
' ment company, secretary of the Canton
i Co-operative Telephone company and one
;of the promoters of the Order of Home
j Guardians. Leaving here, he went to
I Sioux Falls, where he was seen by B. H.
'Lien, c prominent stockholder. Bacon told
| Lien he was going to Vermilliou to see
i ex-Governor Lee about getting funds for
the bank. Since then he has not been
seen or heard from. What has become
of him? Nobody here knows.
What is positively known is that both
Baton and Larsen had a great deal to
do with the bucket-shop here. They
played and lost heavily. Mesdarnes Bacon
land Larsen have deeded their property to
the bank and are doing all they can to
protect depositors and stockholders. The
liabilities are about $55,000 and the assets
about $65,000.
Public Examiner Cooper is now in
charge, and is making a thorough exam
ination of the bank's affairs, and until the
'facts are known it is impossible to form
| an intelligent opinion of the unfortunate
\ affair. The bank has been in distress for
some years through the loss of $10,000
! by the failure of a Lennox business man.
The temptation to recoup themselves and
their patrons by speculation was in an
evil moment yielded to. and in the recent j
flurry on Wall street the bank went under, j
j It is believed that Bacon and Larsen had
mo intent to defraud depositors, and the
i investigation by the public examiner may
I disclose the fact that the assets will
nearly, if not quite, be sufficient to seve !
j depositors from loss. If the depositors!
'and creditors can agree upon an assignee,
i the affairs of the bank can be wound up j
with comparatively small expense, while
if any of the creditors seek to force mat
ters and compel bankruptcy proceedings,
the probability is that most of the assets
will be eaten up in the legal proceed
: ings.
| The cash on hand is some $2,600, and
Public Examiner Cooper is of the opinion
that if some level beaded business man is
appointed assignee and the settlement is
wisely managed, the loss to depositors]
j will be small. The examination is not
j yet completed, but if the conditions re-
Irnain as "they appear at present the disas
ter will chiefly affect the stockholders of
the bank.
Old-Time South Dakota Engineer
Has a . Grievance.
Special to The Journal.
Pierre, S. D., May 171 —Governor Her
reid has received a letter written at j
Plattsmouth. Neb., and signed E. J. Gil- !
son, in which the writer says that several I
years ago he was an engineer running on
the road between Edgmont and Deadwood,
and was sent to Yankton insane asylum j
without reason or cause. He now de
i mands a settlement from the governor
j for his wrongful detention in the asylum,
I and declares that if the governor does not
settle with him he will bring suit. He
does not state in what amount or in what
manner he wants the damages awarded.
He simply wants the governor to settle.
Articles of incorporation were filed to
day for the Evarts Transportation com
pany at Evarts with a capital of $5,000. j
The incorporators are principally from
Chamberlain and lowa points, being
James W. Sanford, John H. Keene, Walter i
L. Montgomery and Edmund J. Somers. j
The purpose of the company is to operate
a steamer on the Missouri from Chamber
lain to Evarts.
The state land department has filed on
1,600 acres of school indemnity lands in i
Sully county, making the filings in the I
extreme northeast and northwest town- i
ships. Six hundred and forty acres were j
filed- in the northeast corner, and the rest
was rough lands in the Artichoke Butte
country. While these lands are rough,
they fill out connecting links between
other state tracts, and make them better
leasing property.
Nearly a Mile of Cars Hauled by a
New Compound Locomotive.
Special to The Journal.
Jamestown, N. D., May 17. —The longest
train ever hauled on the Northern Pa
cific railway left Jamestown yesterday
for Fargo in charge of Engineer Dalzell
and Conductor Delmore. The train con
sisted of 125 box cars, five of which were
loaded. It was 5,030 feet long, 250 feet
less than a mile. The train was hauled
by one of the new compound locomotives.
Recently the Great Northern hauled a
train of 110 cars and the Burlington one
of 120. A test of the hauling capacity of
the new compound locomotives is being
made by the Northern Pacific. Some won
derful results are shown, but it is con
' sidered doubtful if any longer trains can
j be hauled.
, I Henry Baker of Buffalo, X. D., has
i i purchased 3,500 sheep and placed them
' on his ranch at Medina in the western
| portion of Stutsman county. There have
i been numerous investments in sheep of J
1 late. Ranchmen are much encouraged !
| over the situation, the range being the
| finest for years.
i Gnstav Melby Seeks Damages for
j Broken Bones and Wounds.
1 Special to The Journal.
[ Fergus Falls, Minn., May 17.—Gustav
i Melby, who resides near Ashby, was in
i this city to-day, conferring with his at
' torneys regarding a $15,000 damage suit
, which he is about to institute against
i the Great Northern railway. He lives
» just across the Grant county line, and
[ the action will be brought in the district
i court in that county. The complaint al
i leges that the plaintiff was crossing the
1 track at a point where the road curves
| sharply, and that while ; watching for
i trains on the main track his carriage
> struck a flat car which had been pushed
[ out in such a manner as to partly block
, the roadway. The vehicle was upset and
> Mr. Melby sustained a bad scalp wound
' and severe bruises in addition to having
[ his collar bone and ribs broken. ,
, Ole Kron, the well-known general mer
i chant of Evansville, filed a petition in
1 bankruptcy, placing his assets at $19,
--[ 798.43, of.which $2,307 is exempt, and his
i liabilities at $15,717.98. 'He hopes to pay
• his debts in full. He has been a prom
[ inent citizen of this section for years and
, was the prohibition candidate for congress
i a few years ago.
> George Ross,a Northern Pacific Man,
! yearly Killed.
, Special to The Journal, fe.V
i Fargo, X. D., May 17. —George Ross, an
1 employe of the Northern. Pacific, was as
[ sisting the section crew in propelling a
i handcar in the Fargo yards. The handle
• broke and he was precipitated in front of
! the car, which ran s over his body. He
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I rofoffl^niyfOr2SC: $L 49 t erlb: ...14C 16C P t erd-; lIC corn-Sweet Cream, SSSg^JiCJ Rib Roasts (best cuts). i|c P« SmokS Meats'' '♦
V 7a Za ri» remiar'r'" box "made by the Fancy Dalrv Butter- Rhubarb per pound good as the best 10c mines - Small pits. Shoulder Steak, per lb 9c OlTlOKea iYieaiS. jT
+ ftnfous&^S. ofN Perlb.. 17c 18c for lC cans, pe r can. •6C thick meats, 3c Round Steak, per lb ....... lie Picnic Hams, lb. Bc,J
X 7 for 25c; box of 50 only 5>1.4V at i/w iow only iw omy per lb Sirloin Steak, per 1b........ 12c Medium Hams, lb lOc A
▼ Henry George, box of so. only $1.69 Asparagus-per bunch, 5 C .-J^The^nest wjs- JX^Vgh^gr'ade Hamburger Steak, per 1b......9c Breakfast Bacon, lb .... 12c I
X s;SSSS:::!£ StT^erri e^^^f^^ei; CU" P^.P er * 9* l^. & OurDellvery System Reaches Parts of th City PrompUy. vj
A bpecKiea iroutLigar, DoxotoO 85c cumDers, Spinach, etc., in plenty, . can --•• uu— ."" . ..•..-' -■ ■ • ■-. • ™
'. , . . , .~ • . ♦
I closing out sale SL£.«t Fishins* Tackle Dept in basement I
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<jp : - • Snecial Bargains for Saturday.
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_ .. " : ■;' / - -..■'..-"- ■-. /' •■': -;-:' '" ,■■
was unconscious for some hours and un
able to talk, after seemingly recovering.
It Is feared his spine is injured and paral
ysis may result.
The banks of Fargo have always kept
the same hours on Saturday as other days
in the week, but beginning to-morrow
they will close their doors at 1 o'clock
Saturday afternoons. Efforts are being
made to have the wholesale houses follow
the example and have the half holidays
in vogue in the larger cities.
Reunion May Be a Feature of Far-
go's Fire Festival.
Special to The Journal.
Fargo, N. D., May 17.—The Fargo fire
festival committee is renewing its efforts
to secure a reunion of the Philippine vet
erans here during the festival. It was
first proposed to convert the affair into
an encampment, but the militia officials
could not assist in any way other than
leaning the tents and paraphernalia. It
is now proposed to get all the companies
of ttfe state militia here and to hold out
inducements to bring veterans who are
not now members of the militia. A rate
of 1 cent a mile can be secured and the
boys will be the guests of the committee
while here.
The Norwegians of Fargo will celebrate
the anniversary of the freedom of their
country with an interesting program this
evening. There will be a musical and
literary program with some able addresses.
The colors were worn by a large number
over the city to-day.
Mr«. Wllllnni H. Oiborne Left by
Relatives to Shift for Herself.
Special to The Journal.
Aberdeen, S. D., May 17.—Mrs. William
H. Osborne, formerly of Claremont, this
county, has been sent to the insane hos
pital at Yankton, after having been an
inmate of the poorhouse since last August.
She left here in the spring of 1890 for
Homer, Mich., with her family, and after
reaching there was found by the authori
ties to be of unsound mind. Xot wish
ing her to become a charge upon them,
they shipped her back to this county,
claiming she was insane before she left.
Her husband, who remained in Michigan,
took no interest in the case except to
execute an affidavit in support of the
Michigan authorities, and has refused to
answer correspondence. Her parents live
in Minneapolis. She has five children,
the youngest being twins of 3 years.
Gopher tails, like the coon-skin cur
rency of the fathers, are recognized as
legal tender hereabouts. Country mer
chants remit them in payment of bills,
and several lots have been received re
cently by Jobbers in this city.
The Aberdeen baseball team is open
for engagement lor the Fourth of July,
either at home or abroad, preferably at
Sunday Excursion to La Crone.
Special to The Journal.
Winona, Minn.. May 17.—The North-West
ern road will run an excursion from Waseca
to La Crosse next Sunday, ■ and many Wi
nonians are planning to go.—The government
snag boat. Colonel McKenzie, tied up here
on Wednesday evening on its way down river.
The boat will in the near future commence
the placing of buoys at the ends of dams be
tween here and St. Paul.
* Connor's Gift to Maruhfleld.
Special to The Journal.
Marshfleld, Wis., May 17— W. D. Connor of
this city gladdened Marshlleld to-day by giv
ing $2,500 toward the new city library funds
—Mrs. Frank Leitner was adjudged insane
to-day and taken to the home of the feeble
minded at Oshkosb.
Have you rented your flat? A Journal
want ad will do it.
Seattle, Wash., May 17.—The coast and
geodetic vessels, the Patterson. Captain J.
F. Pratt commanding, and the MeArthur,
Captain Westdahl commanding, have sailoif
for Alaska to begin their anouaj sumine:
work in those waters. The Patterson wil!
pilot the MeArthur to the scene of the lat
ter's operations—the Sannak islands, an out
lying group of the Aleutian airchipelago
Cross sound and Icy strait are to be tht
waters in which the Patterson wil/ work.
Some Big Engines.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R. now
uses the finest type of passenger locomo
tive on its through trains to Omaha, Dcs
Moines, St. Louis and Chicago.
Those unhappy persons who suffer from
nervousness and dyspepsia should use Car
ter's Little Nerve Pills, which are made
expressly for sleepless, nervous, dyspep'
tic sutferers. Price 25 cents.

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