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Havana— conservatives now claim only
I a majority of foui in the Cuban constitutional
Marseilles— lt is probable. that an American
I coal trust will be formed here by an import
] ant London house.
[ London—lt is rumored that Sir Alfred Mil
i ncr, governor of the Transvaal and Orange
i Rivrr colony, wi'i be elevated to the peerage.
j Manila— Mac Arthur celebrated the
i surrender of the insurgent generals Mascardo
and Lacuna by releasing 1,000 Filipino prison
: ers.
| Tangier—Mohammed Torres. the ■ grand
I chamberlain, sent to the French.minister 'here
an expression of his regrets over the mur
der of M. Pouget, a French citizen, at Keb
London George Wyndham, chief secretary
for Ireland, stated that the census peturns
for Ireland showed a population of 4,456,545.
a decrease of 5.3 per cent since the previous
Vienna—The estimates for the dual mon
archy show the total expenditures to be 357,
--568,572 kronen. The revenue from the cui
toms applicable to the joint account is 110,
--541,299 kronen. :■ •; '....r.^.
London—The Marchioness of Anglesey made
a somewhat remarkable application to Sir
I Francis Jeune, president of the divorce div
ision .of the righ court of justice, asking the
court to rescind the divorce granted her Nov.
7 last.
| Berlin— naval authorities have ex
] aniined the proposition recently made in the
. budget committee of the reichstag in favor
| of the establishment of a government fac
| tory for the manufacture of armored. plate
I and have rejected if. as too costly.
I Paris— Pierpont Morgan has bought the |
I complete and splendid collection of antique, ;
medieval and renaissance curiosities formed i
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here by M. Mannheim, a Parisian expert. It
is stated that Mr. Morgan will present the
collection to the Kensington museum.
Berlin—The German government instructed
Berlin polkt; that persons who have immi
grated to the United States to avoid military
service, and who have been naturalized there,
will be permitted to visit Germany only tem
porarily, permanent stay being forbidden.
St. Petersburg—Simon James Gordon, the
Russo-Arnerican charged with changing his
allegiance without the czar's permission, and
who was threatened with deportation to Si
beria, has been released under 25,00u roubles,
that amount having been deposited as secu
rity by his wife's relatives.
St. Petersburg—The new plan proposed by
England for payment of the Chinese indemn-,
nity Is received here with murb mistrust,
principally as . necessitating an entirely new
exchange of notes, thus involving fresh de
lays, which are just exactly what the Russo-
American policy seeks to avoid.
Shanghai—'The power of the eunuchs at the
court of Singan-fu is becoming increasingly
offensive. Even the members of the grand
council are afraid of offending them even in
small matters. Yung Lu. generalissimo of,
the Chinese northern army, is active in his
attempts to restrain their nefarious 1 influence.
Berlin—The report of petition committee of
German reichstag asserts, with reference to
the Germans expelled from the Transvaal,
that the number of claimant? has been
greatly reduced through Germany's refusal to
support the claims of persons who- fought on
the Boer side and who accepted free trans
port from the British home as equivalent for
their claims.
Constantinople—Ahmed Tewflk Pasha.
Turkish minister of foreign affairs, having
renewed his assurances of Turkey's desires
to apologize to the embassies for the recent
violations of the foreign mail bags, the Brit
ish, French and Austro-Hungarian ambassa
dors have acknowledged them in an identical
note, and the postal difficulty is now re
; garded as adjusted.
St. Petersburg, Tuesday, May 21.—The sen
ate of Finland has refused to agree to pro
vide for the proposed political police force
for Finland in the budget of the grand duchy,
on the ground that this branch of the ad-
ministration often makes causeless accusa
tions against innocent persons, and that this
institution is in no wise Finnish and is un
necessary. The hope is expressed that thp
imperial government will not insist upon
the establishment of the gendarmerie in Fin
land, for, it is uregd, it would only provoke
discontent and friction. .
New York, May 21.—1t is currently reported
that the Universal Tobacco company, which
increased its authorized capital stock laa*
week from $100,000 to $10,000,000. is to be an
active competitor of both the American and
the Continental Tobacco companies.
llt Has Been Practically Accepted
nr : by the Cubans. •
It la Held the Modifications Do Xot
• Attack the Spirit of the
Maw York Sun Spmotal Smrvlom
'■ Washington, May 21.—1n the opinion of
officials who have, studied the results at
Havana, the Cubans have, to all intents
and purposes, accepted the provisions of
the Platt amendment. It is held that the
modification suggested in the majority
report of the Cuban convention does not
attack the spirit of the Platt amendment.
It is explained that it was never expected
that the Cubans would adopt the resolu
tion passed by congress in so many words.
On the contrary, . the president was
vested with some discretion in the mat
ter, and he is authorized to recognize
the $ Cuban republic, '\ provided the new
government, by a ' solemn act, recognizes
each of the separate principles- insisted
upon by congress. The majority report
of the Cuban convention, it is said, does
not really modify the Platt amendment
in any way, but is almost, .in so. many
words, a fair resume of the explanations
of the resolutions of congress as given to
I the h Cuban ~ commissioners by Secretary
! Root and by the president himself. Each
! of the additions in the majority report is
I intended simply to allay the fears of
[ fanatical patriots in Cuba. .
These explanations, or protocols, as they
are called, by the diplomats, are merely
an extension of the principle laid down by
congress. The concession of naval : sta
, tions is admitted, and the. right of the
i United States to intervene in case of ac
! tual disorder is nowhere denied. It rests
j with President McKinley alone to decide
; when the conditions imposed by congress
I have been met by the Cubans. It is said
by those who understand his position that
j the majority report in the Havana con-
I vention will meet with his approval, and
I the prediction accordingly is made that
; when congress meets in December the
president will be able to report the peace
! able establishment of the republic of
i Cuba substantially on the lines laid
down by congress last March.
St. Joseph, Mo.—Edward Hanna, secretary
of the National Manufacturing company, is
Cincinnati—A new sect of agnostics, based
on Robert lngeisoll's teachings, is to be
founded, with its central headquarters in
; New York—Patrick Gleason, formerly mayor
! of Long Island City and popularly known a»
1 'Battle Ax" Gieasou, died at his home in that
I place, aged about 70 years.
| Kansas City—Frank Siegel, late president
iof the Siegel-Sandera Live Stock company,
I was arrested charged with embezzling $5,000.
j He was released on a $2,0u0 bond.
I Springfield, Mass.—The May anniversaries
]of the Baptist organizations of the United
; States, which will be in session in this city
I for the next ten days, began last night.
•Washington—Consul General Mason, at Ber
lin, baa informed the state department that
the official German crop ivport gives a dis
couraging outlook for German agriculturists.
New York—Lou Loy Tai. alias Tai Hook,
senior member of the Chinese firm of Lou Loy
Tai & Co., of New Orleans, was arraigned in
polio* court here on a charge of having em
bezzeled $30,000.
New York—Edwin Alexander Sweet, a hu
morist of national reputation under the pen
names of Jo Bill Snort uud the Rev. Mr.
Whangdoodle. died at bis home in this city
of heart disease.
Boston—Anniversary week, with it? session
of importance to the Unitarian denomination,
was opened here with a devotional service at
King's chapel. Rev. W. S. Bramm, D. D.,
was elected president.
} Pekin,.lU.—As a result of a family cjuarrel,
' John D. Epkius, aged 60 years, committed
i suicide by hanging himself with a clothes
: line. He left a note alleging his end was
due to unkindness of his wife.
Chicago—Carl Bishing was killed by a
Northwestern elevated train at Halsted street,
and his companion, Bernard Levy, was seri
ously injured. Both men were visiting in
Chicago from Livingston, Mont.
i San Francisco —The president has promised
! to talk to the Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth ln
' fantry regiments. United States volunteers,
: who have just returned from the Philippines
*-and are now in camp at the Presidio.
i St. Louis. Mich.—Mrs. Elmer Quimby gave
' her two children, a boy aged 7 and a girl
i aged 9, large doses of morphine, and both
children died. Mrs. Quimby then took eight
! grains of the drug, but will recover.
Sylvania, Ga.—The five negroes, Arnold
Augustus. Richard Sanders, Andrew Davis,
William Hudson and Sam Baldwin, convicted
of the murder of Messrs. Herring and Meara,
were sentenced to be hanged June 14.
Tacoma —Alexander McDonald, the richest
Klondike miner,' has been made a Knight of
St. George by Pope Leo XIII. for his gener
osity in establishing Dawson hospital and for
giving J25.0W) toward St. Mary's church.
St. Louis, Mo.—Leroy Charles Blazer, who
posed here as a wealthy Louisiana lumber
merchant, left last night for Jackson, Mich.,
where he will resume a two-and-a-half years'
sentence, which he has only partially served.
He was out on parole.
Chicago—ln refusing to grant Lewis F.
Mason an appointment as shipping commis
sioner at Chicago, the treasury department
has practically decided that this is not an
ocean port and consequently not entitled to
an officer of this class.
Lander, Wyo.—An Indian outbreak is im
minent on the Shoshone reservation. Six
hundred Arapahoes have defied the authority
of the agent, Captain Nickerson, who refused
them permission to hold their annual sua
dance and denied the passes.
San Francisco—Stanford university's facul
ty has lost another member by the resigna
tion of Professor Ross, under pressure. Pro
fessor H. D. Lathrop tendered his resignation
yesterday, and stated he had accepted a chair
in the University of Wisconsin.
Maitland, N S —The Nova Scotia sb;ip, Sa
vona. from Sydney, N. S. W.. for Rotterdam,
with a cargo of whole oil, has put into Mon
tevideo with the captain and three of the
crew dead. They were killed by an immense
wave, which broke over the ship.
Washington—An order has been issued di
re ting Colonel Albert Mills, superintendent
of the military academy, to come to Washing
ton on official business pertaining to the
academy. It is supposed his business relates
to ihe late disturbances at West Point.
New York—The big, damaged thirteen-inch
gun was removed from the lower section of
the'double turret of the battleship Kearsarge
yesterday, and the new gun installed. It
took five weeks' work and an expenditure of
Jti.uoo to get the disabled gun from its posi
Detroit—President Green, of the National
Educational Association, has secured Cloudes
ley Brereton, of Melton Constable, Eng., to
deliver an address at the Detroit convention
in place of Fabian Ware, who has been or
dered to report for government service In
South Africa.
Kansan City.—The National Belgian Hare
Registry Club met here and elected the fol
lowing, officers: President, W. B. Howard,
Omaha; vice-president, W. F. Stafford, Sioux
City; secretary and treasurer, B. H. Eversall,
Rosedale, Kan. The next meeting will be
held at Omaha, Sept, 3, 1901.
Evansville, Ind.—John L. Jones shot and
killed Thomas Keane in the presence of
Ktane's wife. Mrs. Keane is a bookkeeper
In Jone6' department store. Keane went to
the store and began to abuse her, when Jones
interfered. Keane pulled a pistol and Jones
also rirew his and s>hot Keane iv the heart.
New York—The organization committee,
1,100 strong, of the Greater New York democ
racy, met last evening in the big assembly
room of Cooper Union and organized for the
<-ampaig:i by electing ex-Corporation Attor
ney Louis Hanneman as its chairman. When
ever David B. Hill's name was mentioned it
was cheered and Croker's was hissed.
Omaha—Ernest J. Wolter, charged with
having sent a letter to Senator Kearns of
Utah, threatening to kidnap his son if $5,000
was not sent, has beeu released. Attorneys
for Wolter contended that there is no such
clime as kidnapping under the United States
law, and that the letter received by Kearns
d.d not show that there was a scheme to
Washington—The latest reports concerning
the hospiial for consumption, which was in
st.tuted under the direction of Surgeon Gen
eral Sternberg, at Fort Bayard, N. M., about
' a year ago, show that there are 149 patients
j now undergoing treatment at that place. A
number of patients so closely approached
complete recovery that they were discharged
and sent back to their duties, and a majority
have shown marked improvement.
Chicago—Papers covering the Chicago end
of the Allls-Chalmers company, the consoli
dation of the Edward P. Allis company of
Not iSS^f^ Them
Expert Specialist, Who Treats Men Only. Skill and Ability.
Longest Established.
d'u VARICOCELE I) n«?s
1. The tieatment la painless and devoid of danger; no anesthetic is given. . ■
2. The ordinary case is cured ill five days, the most complicated itt from five to ten days. , . ;
3. The cure is permanent. I have treated hundreds of the most aggravated :' cases without failure or recurrence.
vp..f>: .4. -My treatment has all the advantages to be derived from the Old-time, -wide-open, surgical operation, but - none -; of ' the many
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il.£i»O %* U K£l \ Blood Poison, vc
(TO STAY CURED) ( And Vita! Weaknesses and Diseases of Men.
My original and strictly modern treatment of Uretheral Stricture cures the disease without cutting or dilating, thus avoid
ing the horrors of surgery. It Is the only treatment that should ever be used, and the only one recommended by the legions of men
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diseased tissue, which comes away in strips or shred—like fiber, allayfng all irritation and Inflammation, and leaving the uretheral
canal entirely free from obstruction and in a sound and healthful condition.
Nervo=Sexual Debility.
It Is sad to contemplate the unfortunate condition of so many men of our day and generation. At 30 they feel 50; at 40 they f«el
60, and at 50 or 60, when they should be inVhe prime of life, they are almost ready for the grave. The fire of youth has gone out,
the fountain of vitality is exhaused. Premature old age! No matter what brought it on. the one thing-for you to do Is to get
back the vim, the vigor and the vivacity of youth. Don't lose your grip on life. There are yet many happy, golden years for you
if you only get help. I can and will not only help you,, but cure you to stay cured. Curing diseases and weakness of the sexual
and urinary system has been my exclusive business for the past thirty years, during which time I have lifted up enough fallen
men to make an army. My treatment will restore to you what you have lost—your precious' manhood. It stops unnatural dis
charges and drains of vigor, and gives perfect and permanent power to the sexual organs. It makes the blood pure and rich, the com
plexion clear, the eyes bright, the flesh flrm, and muscles solid, and the nerves strong and steady. It clears up the clouded brain,
brightens the intellect, and dispels all despondency. In short, my treatment for weak men builds up the physical and mental, aa
well as the sexual man, and prepares him anew for the duties and pleasures of both, married and single life.
Specific Blood Poison.
Like leprosy of old. Specific Blood Poison was for ages supposed to be incurable. This ancient idea is not yet altogether ex
tinct. It still exists in the minds of many old fogy physicians, who continue to salivate their patients with potash, meroury, and
other dangerous mineral mixtures, which, instead of forcing the disease out of the system, drive it deeper in, where it lies
dormant for. a time, and then breaks out again, in the form of some frightful skin, blood or bone disease. I cure Specific Blood
Poison to stay cured forever. I challenge the medical world for a ease in any stage, hereditary or contracted, that I oannot positively
cure, never to return, in from sixty to ninety days. My treatment for this disease is indorsed by the best physicians of America and
Europe. It is purely vegetable in composition, and perfectly harmless in effect. Hundreds of men, many of whom have tried Hot
Springs and numerous specific remedies in vain, have been completely and forever cured by me during the past year. Phy«ioiaiis
baffled by stubborn cases are cordially invited to consult me by special appointment.
In curing a disease of any kind I never fail to remove all reflex complications. If the case is Varicocele, the weakness caused
by it disappears. If it i* Stricture, and has developed into Prostatie. Bladder or Kidney affections, the injured organs are all re
stored to a perfectly healthy condition. If it is Contagious Blood Poison, any and all Skin, Blood and Bone diseases arising from
the taint are entirely and permanently eliminated from the system. If it is Impotency, the many distressing symptoms following In
its train, and indicating a premature decline of physical, mental, arid sexual power, are totally removed and rapidly replaced by the
youthful' energy of robust manhood. Hence all resulting ills and reflex complications which may be properly termed associate dis
eases, and which, in fact, are often more serious than the original ailment that gives riae to them—all, I say, disappear com
pletely and forever with the cure of the main malady.
I want to talk or write to every man who is afflicted with any of the above di 6 eases, and who feels that he is not up ti
the proper standard of health, vitality and manhood. I especially wish to interest patients who have been unsuccessful in thei?
search for a cure; men who realize the seriousness of their condition, and who will appreciate successful, scientific treatment any.
a permanent cure*. I will take pleasure in explaining to you the true nature of your condition, and describing fully the sytem of
treatment 1 will use in restoring you to good health and power. The Question of good health is of vital interest to every man, for
on its possession depends your future happiness and success in life. I give a written guarantee in every cae accepted, and can
refer you to reliable business men, whom I have cured of these diseases. And when you place yourself in my care you may rest
assured you will receive the very best treatment obtainable, and that you will be cured in the shortest time possible.
Most cases can be treated successfully at home. One personal visit is preferred, but if it is impossible for you to call at my
office,* write me a full description of your case as you understand it. plainly stating your symptoms. I mak« no ciarge for con
sultation and examination. Address all communications to
24 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minn.
OFFICE HOURS—9 a. m. to 5 p. m.; 7to 8:30 p. m. Sundays, 10 a. m. to 12:30 p. m.
Milwaukee, Fraser & Chalmers (incorporated)
! and the Gates Iron Works of Chicago and the
i Dickson Manufacturing company, exclusive
of the locomotive works of Scranton. Pa.,
have been filed. The total value of the four
I plants constituting the syndicate, not count-
I ing anything for good will, was estimated by
the expert appraisers at $9,935,000.
Omaha, Neb— Attorneys for James Calla
han, alleged kidnapper, moved for a Judgment
In the robbery and larceny cases pending
against him iv connection with the kidnap
ping of young Edward Cudahy. The pleading
! was for the discharge of the defendant on the
1 ground that he had already been put in
jeopardy for the same offense. The court
i sustained the motion to discharge. This ac
tion disposes of all the cases against Calla
han excepting the one of false imprisonment
and the new case of perjury.
Xortliweiit Pensions.
Washington, May 21.—Pensions granted:
Minnesota—Charles W. Ronaldson, Plain
view $6- Jacob Glem, Wabasha, $6: Charlea
O Pierce, Minneapolis. $8; John Hunt, Be
midji, 912; George Brooking, St. Paul, $8;
Malinda A. Fessenden. Wlnnebago Oity, $8.
Wisconsin—Doane E. Salde. Wolft Creek,
$6; Edwin M*rDonough, West Superior. $6;
Marcus Eamesen, Soldiers' Home. Milwaukee,
$12; John Saeger, dead, Milwaukee, $12;
Thomas Benoy, dead, Highland, $12; Frank
Catur, Arkansas, $12; John S. Colby, Prescott,
Urethral Stricture.
Associate Diseases.
Home Treatment.
$17; John R. Little. Joel, $8; Caroline W. Sae
ger, Milwaukee. $8; Catharine F. Farmer,
Medina, $12: Sarah Beede, Shell Lake, $8;
War with Spain—Original, G. M. Einrieh,
Merrill, $6.
North Dakota—Lafayette Paramore, Devils
Lake, $3.
lowa—George Bedhaed, Postvllle, $12; Sam
uel Barcus, Dcs Moines, $12: Absalom F.
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35 M Brßßm *•*■**" B&iSjrSr&Bv /^pllpL £&
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3* to the young mother. Happy and easy will she Njffcs; -^IEbI Su
be ii some kind friend tells her of , the marvels *fv*^VW -
3j of relief to be obtained by the use of ; i 4i'-'.\flP-^§£v': '^ "
"Mother's Friend" d§?^lllll £
There is nothing in the world like this simple '<^l|ipESliiP*^
liniment, used externally. It relaxes all strains j^ 1
3" : and distensions, soothing headaches and nerv- 4z^FW ■=sitf(V\\ S^ 5c ••
■'55 ousness,aswellasrelieving"morningsickness." '';ff^^^JAVVv • • "
:'ofbrnntot»«t»liofieiitby««pte«p«idoßfeoßlntofprice. Writefor .'• /YfM^rSißi\^ r ;■' /■ Wv A .
*TW illucrated book containing testimonial* and valuable totbrmation for all ttl-* r .*.<.,» „,<„,.» '-' *VC '
<^5 Mothers, free. Tho BradUeld Regulator Co.. Atlaut»,«». •'That I should a to. g,-Vf
$10; Henry C. Randall, Shell Rook, $16; Mar
garet Eberhart, Monticello, $8; Dorlisca R.
Stilson, Corwltb, $8; Elizabeth Burtt, Colfax.
$8. War with . Spain—Original, : Walter G.
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Creston.a $6; Robert Mills, father, Otturuwa
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