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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, May 21, 1901, Image 9

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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ij^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^s**^ NEW ENGLAND STORE NEWS \*+^*s**^^>-+***s>*^>^j*~^^
f _ __^___^^^_^^^ m^^_^_^^m^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmuummmu^ammmmmmm mmMmmmmmmmmmmv J
!■■ Wednesday's Special Bargains
I All prices quoted in this advertisement hold good, not only for Wednesday, but until quantities s
| ■£".' -a' -■'^^^^SBKS^^SSxM are exhausted. It is but right, however- to state that, owing to the attractiveness of the V
I mmEm :^wE^S^^B^^S^i offerings, it is risky, if interested to postpone selections, and the earlier you call the less 5
likely are you to be disappointed. $
*^-lJ!lm^ SPeCtiimmock ra Sal G attd f^'f f"f" A S Pecial Clear- §A&| \
I living room in the apartments of Mr. Samuel Johnston, resident manager of the )fljjjjjfi|| ' ;)§j|^*. i >^C\ fv *»-^L^^==aiJP 111* ' ¥IWtf)i>fx % f§:fi:s fOV WG(J!n(?S(J£IV P^JEi^J^Es. ?
Life Insurance company, in the Virginia Flats at the junction-of-Lyndale jpffgggff J,'; " \^.~ *j /^/Wfh^^^^S^^Jil Itf'l^Ml KF CUfICaUCI/*. l^^m^^^^H^^Sr \
' residences 5 we have^ately furnished, we are permitted to illustrate in this and the ■ %SSSBM ft |*rtrr-'>Jfrg - jjj\\ "'f ' S|||£i ' Fl 111 Mlßil MM HI^K rimQ Condition, \
|as furnished by The New England. The significance of these illustrations lies in the \.-, *• 4f > tW/lI <:t //'ill I P B^_ !■■—■"__ L V S^^^^^^SS" ■ SrrclUJ llllilp's /
, fact that they are exact pictures of rooms in daily use^not fancy sketches-and are "A WSHM "' ' V */' \ //'/// ' t^^^^^piS : Kt^fl fi3i ! Hlftft' S& ck " Quail-" Description. Size. $&. Price. >
I primarily meritorious as indicating the excellent good taste of Minneapolis house- • MPi" ; \*, \ (J 111 r^^^^^tmW^^ . "*■■ .«W ,*s¥§! WH&*%. 'li:» 5 "', . „ .10 '« «ii ~ «12 *
fLepers/and^neiden^iy^esources if/HP*—l IIU^) j I^9l 1^ £Tff > » 1 SS^ntS'Siii""".'///.'.'/.'//.'^*!; ft S "ioo J
! If the picture shown impresses you with rls attractiveness, bear In mind you can S^SSSmaS^v^m^l We are sole agents in Minneapolis for the W&^/t^S^^My '<&& .if! Mottled Fluff Rugs 9x12 ft. 15-00 11.50 S
i have the same effect in your own home by consulting an* one of our corps of efficient M Qoldea Cak Combination Bookcases, celebrated"Uohn's" White Enamel Re/rig 'y^i^raym lit Z | okl° Rug^ ™,; .' '■ ,' -.- 8 " 75 S
..ale.meu^ho will be ouly too glad to called make suggestions and estates, with- jj^j^ucgneg, 7 . 7 5 SSR.!!SBWaS!WSSB7 ; 75pa ™" J^™ 902 ! SST.!T. ™:'.V::V«SS *. « So (
> oUtCh>r';»-. ■ ■ ••■■■■ ■■- -■^■- ••■■■ ■ - ■■ ■ <***J—-^ . I) »»*««„. ».^rtl»«i« «-»"*.. S!S BeSdf', P"''"'--*T"™ 22 6 Ditto 6X9 ft.. 5.75 *-O»/
; ■— —■—^^^^r^^™ST^""^^^™^^Zrr^^ rsSMW^7 I if frigerators, stock No. 601; a first class war- Wednesday g y^'w ; $4.50 29 1 Pink and White ditto 6x9 ft. 15.00 5.00 }
> ><%fcv *<*3£&>~-T—m—<r /*s&ss*** V*.. rfS§v3> * / Hr ■■■„.. .T-JW ranted Ketrigerator, mineral wood fl» 4*| »eunei>aay , fSHe-htlv SoilptM i^V- . >
► y^^^TlV *§lll^iiP W»^>»*=s# *gSSSSSm filled, regr $13.50, Wednesday d.s*® 9pairs dlttD, regularly §7.50, O^ AR o . 2 GoldandSXan^Rugs^xTf, 8.00 5.00 /
1 //a'\ l^fev Ji^^irU 1 WtlTffl RnWfmrn trna^tffl™BS3fla : - . . . • ■ ■ Wednesday..... ..:.......-. «P^b-«^»O Si 2 Gold and. White Japanese Rugs..4x7 ft. 8.00 5.00 f
IYI/w\v/yVA\ # n A "STIJ HH A II '* - II HRm*lfl^ 36 "White Mountain" Cleanable Refrlgera- 6 pairs ditto, regularly $7, t*Mk g%g\ 99 2-. Ditto ......... ;.....:..... 4-6x4-6 5.75 3.50 /
vi iY\u/t4v) y^^v sTdmji-n--a ,2\ t^'l* Vim U Hll ,= v a I If ft tori, large family size, filled with best char- Wednesday . . ip^KUU 333 '' ■--•■■ (Slightly Soiled ) '■•■■■ '" S
'ttffiL 0m #^1> 111 II pwhtaßfe W:>Jar^"!^6.so 10 r ;. S-S^^±:-:^2: 7:?U
' te^^^S^irSvjr^U I* 'fiiKU^T I fl SO-In.peWßeMgentors.sWn.-oa* Wnesiuy: **[ ]*[ .$&.Q® 14 r-c-.l 1. .. Pink and White ditto ...V... .24x4S in. . 2.25 1.25 >
I ls?^SS£t!l^r^-i^rrwS^S3^ SO genteel uphol- 100 Jardiniere Stands, SSOa=^ggL U^KsiMma^dL i finUh 27 Inches wide, is Inches deep. 41 .12 pairs Cluney Laces', regular-' X A 4052 .^.^l^.;-: Waldorf Bath Rug I. v::v.v.-.:... 4.00 : 2.00 C
C^l 3?SR3|fc|tettJawS stered Stools. like picture, oak and V■ - ~f^? f^B fel inches high, regularly $9.00, $5.95 ly $5.75, "Wednesday ;.i.OHrmO%J: 31 .: .-^-2; Gold and' White Bath Rugs.. ..24x48 in. 2.25 1.20 /
1 li^SL^ K» «^^^lF^P*tS Picture and slml- mahogany finishes; " jT^ 1 I I'wl'ir'"lT'lil|r'i Wednesday ...^v.w '.'0 pairs Imitation Battenbergs.^Q ' Eft- 27 2 Blue and White ditto 18x36 in. .75 .50 )
1 /T^™PBaSl-^^™ We: dSay ys ': WednersLf::36O |¥^^fe4ia I Jj --^_ j - regularly $3.00. Wednesday. ...s>a.OU 13 3 - "Pink and White ditto 18x36 in. 1.25 .75
'I iMWiMyIMf^XV* $1.50 fc™B^^_: ll^^^lS^^^™* r"• 1 Golfi^mif^dlT 18x36^1 M '"I
*' seats, golden oak. ■ lT^ ]jf -fl' /00 Fancy , Rockers, 0 fldAi >? if Uv^si^^ y^?/ Bed Sets Complete to your -■• ttQ'7B 10302 2 Jacquard Rugs .. ....... 9x12 ft. . 30.00 20.00
-SO elegant Iron Bedsteads, like picture, with Flemish and ma- 1 « a I like picture and slml- 7 ¥ f|fff l'"ft order at ....5P«®« « O inqil , r , ir^ c. vl ., ,-. o ( , 00 20 on
heavy continuous posts and artistic scroll hoirany finishes; U V 9 lar. golden oak and •--.; WS2Ss^^tm*£S&s%l ,- * ,r- * . , Iv. I ~~ tto 00 =« >
, nUinß, in 14 different enamel nnlihes-whlte. regularly 51.25. | /I mahogany finished. 100 Bamboo Music '• ■' SX&S&^^+SSg ISSfI-Z&Bm l I'aiffled Curtains to match at, tf»Q AA 20 1 Khorassan Rug, seamless 9x12 ft. 35.00 22.50 C
dull black, red, pinK, rose, light blue, moss Wednei- QC fi >l * ■ either wood or cobbler Racks, like pic- » H«^Rft^^^S^lS!*tffl JfW/i*- per pair ..*S»«.«W Royal Wilton Rug ~.:.- 9x12 ft. 35.00 25.00 \
green, apple green, dull green, bronze day %*%*** & *„. seats . regularly $3.25 ture; eg v larly *S»3wK^^^^oßiHm'irWv , „, _. «'.; „."-«-■; 01 1 ri •/* 5 cIO t . r „ «- nn C
green ivory, fire bronze, crimson'bronze, Clilil fcww miipTi? and $3.50; d»Q «-25; QB. JffJ^^i^T^rTl^^T^ mi Just a Word About Bed Sets 21 1 Ditto -•• .9x12 ft. 35.00 25.00 S
lemon bronze—a regular $10 rtg 75 choice Wednes M>^ Wednea..sfO© XiL.^^*lfliiitTr™" ~- IIX and Over-Draoerles 13871 1 Ditto &xl 2 ft - 35-00 27.50 (
Bedstead. Wednesday M <pWitU U^M.i T ?iSji J^& ;^SS^^^^!^^s^^^w ■ v*^' - v j» • ■■■^ f ana uver-uraperies. 30 - x DiUo 9x12 ft. 35.00 .25.00 /
SfifwifiL "^UkUftfr- ll I 111! if ' ' /^m^^^^^^^^^^^V 100 Regular $2.50 "Boa Ton" Hammocks, beautiful be quite impossible to describe the „] o, ^ 2 Heavy Wool Smyrnas 9x12 ft. 22.50 15.00 (
Tffi I- fitl! e*°rowand e Preader eWedsl«9s' Art Tickings in one's sleeping room. Our ■ 14180 . 3 ... . = Standard Smyrnas 9x12 ft. .. .19.50; 12.75 C
jEHw^-iyMV JT'd^MHtkPl Pl9Vmj^afc II 111 1:1 P^^^^^^^ BMlinnTrllltfmrlti *t°o Close Woven Hammocks, with large I>ll- First Avenue and Sixth Street window dis- ''10302 /? 1- Axminsters "..'... „8-3xlo-6... 25.00 • 16.50 J
Sm^gßkwßk |« feiSam^ME: R6SI|SSb«kI low and steel spreader, regularly QC p plays give yon an excellent idea of how to " ' . ' . _ r a
t^Bilw^^^^ CMMfiimN|E LJißHallLil HB^IMIWI'IMII IllllWgfflWWgeiWi^ $i.-> 5, Wednesday. .... «fOC use these by°Vmpe^enf"ec^rator^in our 6405 4 Standard Rugs 7-6xlo ft. 14.50 9.75 /
KSvKWWJgSaBP II Ufeiii in! t , ,_, ,<u ow .., 1 if! ( f 1 furnished by competent decorators in our G405 3 Standard Rugs 7-6xlo ft. 14.50 9.75
'-■WW^ -'■'-- "C^^i EffixwWWOfti gsfgiP l^*** This picture represents either a Bed, a WO Open Woven Hammocks, with bent wood Drapery Department without charge. 10306 1 Jacauard Rue e-9x^-^ Id 00 14 50 k
Kjfil '! 'f' 1 H'WjajDM gAMvOOmlfc^tcv B^BWSa Couch or a Cof-lt consists of a strong woven spreader, regularly $1.00, ftCfefl „. lu'sUb x Jacquard Kug b yxy y u».uu ,*„" >
T&JISn !• ' i'-iwHSfS ' \^wraWPß^s^ IHSS^^^B wire foundation with substantial legs, up- Wednesday vO« On Wednesday, as long as It lasts, we will 14160 1 Body Brussels Rug 6x9 ft. 18.00 15.00 N
WißiVi'"»jjg pMaSsj ■MgftlHWygy I|C IT 221—1f|| bolstered with a moss mattress, covered "■-■.-,- " : sell 600 yards of White Curtain Muslin, 1159 ■, ' Khora«san Ru» 6t9 ft "000 1250 >
ff- *? ■ PllMilSliTr • B^"^SJaBC L-^J with beautiful cretonne, with valance of ___—^—^— 40 Inches wide, regularly 16c, at, O o "*- I - Smyrnas .*6x9 it. 9.50 a^.ou >
■ f^te£»££££CT£ \#■ r=rP^ ' sameto the floor, 32 In. wide, 6 f» O ' per yard «>C 9334 5 \\ ocl Smyrnas bx9 ft. 9.50 7.50 ?
l^^^^^^^^M CV^ss9l_jl *iU JU ft.2in.louK,reg.ss.6a WWe e d b.s4-00 Grand Clearance SaleDetO- 500 yards regular lSc ditto, at. |-| c 14182 X Cairo Rug , 6x9 ft. 6.75 .4.75
pl^^^^^^^Sttj^l Rockers, with full box seat Dining Chairs &^^^SrPv^im^^Sß^^B^: &&%&[&* •/' sT^'iAh^^ <Zn/*riflt ***/& Plf*mi<sh 20-ln, and 22-in.; regularly 13c. Q« /^^^^>V\\ f/7C /
jaiHsßeßjSJ'Si^^^^ffl roll bides, like pic- with handmade cane 3^ 3 t«^^^>^ H*TSt *t*spYl -jpcClal oa/C? £ icill I2>ii ■ Wednesday pel yard SFO /V^ /\\\ fI \. W f
JiiijSS^F^ «aaS%« sevs&jsj; j^j^sartsrafifwi ■ :*~SMzi_Z£P Sionenare. saaKfesss!*!!* 'iio ( ■2^^((\ \)j\
. $iilO - $li5U Choice Wednesday q»»>«llf „ „.' ..."S. 28-in. and 30-in.; regularly 17c. 4Q« IV VV - - . Jit
25 tine Golden Oak Sideboards — Swell ; --«iVrrrrgHßHT) A - ■ aSO Upholstered . .1 , _& _ Wednesday, per yard ■ i&«* \V ■. .v ■ ";t7»T^ NXr««":«r:r>'/ V
front, canopy top; regular- tf* 4|l f}A /A^^^Pa*Sa2^^^ L-i<t?S^^ 'J Spring Seat Rock- . On Wednesday we will place on sale two 32-ln. and S4-ln.; regularly 20c. 4/2. _ . Vs.^^/V « X^——'^ (
lys22. Wednesday V ■ %Jm\M \M ;IM'JIj i \ i .J^^fl lUhCS 9^^B? ers—ln golden oak beautiful open stock patterns, and will sell . tC^G&DaS&P^FM Wednesday, per yard ' .... ■ Hro Xsr>^r ■- )
- : _^^!9flga3@6asfflili \WmM^i f°h def HlKct2r ne them s aS long as taer laSC at the following Jfe=—-^S^ 36-ln. and 38-In.; regularly <7l« 5 Ladles-Crescent" Bicycles. 1900 model. C
£^iisi^ffi9 <S?^\f«Ssi^^uG^rfi ll^^^^^^l and similar-?^ 8,"- ri,~r#d nuh.i (OrtCrk :" r^>- ■■yv.'^?^ Wednesday, per yard 110 with Dunlop Detachable Tires. >
« TmtlJtrßff^Sy*-! Ef BTUnTlTfr^ farly £»' Wed- fo 3r' DCOVer<dD! Sh.! $2.50 jg^V iA 500 heaviest tin Watering Pots. 1g Q regularly $.5. Wednesday .'524 .j
ffl^&t^"3r lll^jF'^ 4f^J-jR«MP CIIII I Jill nesday, «6 25 Pudding Sets" $4.17 &*^-~^k 4-qt.; regularty 25c. Wednesday... ■»• 3 Gents'ditto, Wedne.- .: $24)
L/| -^MSlk TJLJftaUFji 5r *? rrr'TWl 8. ({ {I {iff'- a $3a75 for per'doien Dinner" ... $4.60 ' JOT*"">isT"'+lflk day."..'.."...:....:..: Wednes- ■UC sS^es^Barnes'^^ 9^4 )
/P Il\ WW^ SiiTiil I'llMß ll^lT SlllSllH^V &O**& $6.75 per dozen Dinner ffi^ Cfl 1/ "TT^Ti^itM day ' 2 Ladles'"Barnes White Flyers." d»rtO \
ffi Ml i I ""^^S^S^ti %V l! Pirn Platesfor »*'WU &/"*?€£ 'fflArtwt^ ■ 1900 model, reg. $40, Wednesday .. .9^o #
j \^^^^rZ'"4LM TWg*g ~i^ B " inTs Pau rcersfor C. off?. EC. U!'. S>... S6-00 - SpeCWl Book Sale, 19M model?regular^!. Wedues-^^g C
.JH^^^^B^. 25 Orfd Upholstered Divans and Sofas, like |r^^^3 fn'r" J natters*" . sP^"*'*' AS^^^^^^ \ . Standard Books only each.— r, 1 adip*l goc4^ hunri m • <*^#« /
3L 25 Orftft>Ao/ srt r«/fl/v« SM d So/«. like I^l"**^ » 595 Plaiiers & 1 QA \S£±'/%S^ "Little Classic" size, sweetly bound. s ! ef n an o^^e e o n n^it^n °cnolc2 Wed $8 >
vFv\ JJ-JM^aaafl^flCT picture and similar, no two alike; regularly 1 R-^E^apaß&L,. I $1.95 Flatters SlaOU fts^'j ' ■>■ <?P*sg printed from new type, popular titles, j"«, touuuion. cuoite \>ej.^ r
MiiSaßßy^iSroltfl Sl2, $15 and $18; choice #>Q OK 1 l«iyW?««SS!3S^^ S V-^*^ *,\,>i KfTjEN just what you want for summer reading S Ladies' and Gents'second &A CA /
Wednesday . 90i09 'hH^^l^^^l - «. \Vo *"> ;JV ,.y«f and Commencement gifts. Amoni?them : hand Bicycles, choice Wednes .V**"**** i
-tus^t V^WWk mm—mm *. ,JgSß± .jZif "Hollo's Travels," "Black Beauty, j0 "Electro" Bicycle Gas ft 4OR C
"^* I A«? In Jl'lfl Special price for Wednesday f£fQ 1000 cans Chain Lubricant; regu- C- (
i \ 1" ff —-—————————— aB W- I %tmm% »li*9 lO 9OiUU only, each mm*** X ar\y be. Wednesday, 2 cans for O© ?
2S fine golden oak Dressers, like picture, ? —.'> ■ v ' >^rks*>v [a^g^B^BWlSflMffi •^"■* ■ SOO best quality Screen Doors, made In four —————^— ———— ' 100 Bicycle Whistles, with chains; reg-|C O J
with swell front, shaped French bevel plate 35 three-piece Parlor Suits, like picture; /^**Jb~ "l<e^ • Rjiyo.^lVi panels, l li inches thick, thoroughly painted, -^-— = __ ularly 10c. Wednesday wl» C
mirror and heavy cast brass trimmings; mahogany finished frames, art velour up- /r J 53HWKJ ««. C^NiTrSllß complete with spring hinges, door handle f^JTT^P^BnTnrSrrn 1 m 1000 Bottles "Perfection" Bicycle Oil- *-> ~. )
regularly $18. £4 q 71> bolstering; regularly $14.50; $Q,75 r^i^^r^\Smm lEpC c o kJBI and catch; regular $1.23. Wednes- Q7. VWIBVW^ntSI regularly 10c. Wednesday '...3 \
Weduesday 914i10 Wednesday, for the 3 pieces.. /»F ff / \9mt jM fcfcft, H day (bring measure) OIU BjK JB7IJ ' /
SOO standard Wl )S,/3^ "VV*fr«/f" Adjustable Window Screens, NvVi .^fr***l^ C
• Woveo W/r» \f )\^Q» AflV A^^ 3kA> £?a Va mrtfl« la selected oak—we can nt any window— _^^^ |^^ggl^^|^^ 5
' .'.,- ■. j . ~ r"W r'"^' :r fiftS^j l^i^^ ll V^i'Slj^ i^^ (bring measure) .' OI C >
Jv pered steel 300 '•White Mountain" TrlpU-Motion Ice 200 Safety \
- .^ ■.- MW wire and extra -^^H WftT^jmmmmmT&EZT^ Cream Freezers. No Freezer so dependable _^._ %jfiP d 1, ♦ '
BK—■— 1 1 ——^ i—■ ri iiff weave: . .-while Moiutuin" *1W BracKet \
j I I lin "i 11" SpSsaSßßff regularly $2.50 25 F/rncA CAtoa fl/naer Se/s, lOi! pieces- as tDe >vnue -w<™ULaiu- ildlll//i9lk. If\ I amos for IHUgi p5 t? f» <
»i^^-J—,l - ■■? m fl Wednesday choice of three handsome decorations, en- 2-quart size, regularly $1.75. tf» 4QQ JMW W/m9MI%\ " / Mmn S-fS >
4> 4aa tlrely new shape; never sold <fc 4Q 7B Wednesday I «O«f jfiSSSffi WmSSßi t\ y°ur camP QM S
9IiUU for less than $'.'5. Wednes .»*»■ «F» ■ W Other sizes In proportion, gSailiaillgml Tft °^ Bummer S| 9 S
JS 'r^j|^!^Si Ste| SB&wfc/CTL^ | |<^^^^^T - J^ >|~l^|| IJP^^^aiiJfKf complete .^■^^(| \^r B"B' *
ffir^i aStl frxlWfT"T^fftf fl^:fnF W P*P W%fv«»4l tf^ ■"" ■" best "««a^^^ |p*» M gea] T eather Sult Caseg _ Bra? . )
\W^?AX&*Wf?- Ml km l] J| I■h£ 1 r aJ| Bb BI I »J^B "illll IB 1111] dsAW a wBA CTVTUCT /mF V'^UtL VlV^i trimmings trimmed, either oll'-e or tan, sizes 22 and >
' MP^flt^Pr JKS Ik I iLllil I till kL" if r^Wiw flf ft I Bti J&\ Y^&SEm andrefle^ C^Zi^ y x^\^^^S%\^- Weane7d ray! llarlyß_~. $4-75 S
!^^^«3r i^^fll kIH Ijß Ik IS j Ilk! I M^fc^Lll ¥I I 111 TB Ml S| |^ M mS. -.^[^.* >4^ ) lal^SHm^ c e^rapl'suesß^o^^ "nS'ffAKH 500 Buffalo Grain Leather Suit Cases-Linen ?
r"*rv^jATO*vrfW I S a. IA I I I mWjTjm &9 ' 1 J ifl ffik^. /HHfl FIRST ranf [ j|^_qgM wS^m nfesaa -' 34 inch, regularly $6.Wednesday V»-»* V lined, with brass trimmings and lock, sizes ?
mmm^3£Stmmmml*'^'^g^^*£Wf^k^^^ mmmf^^^^^^^Sr^^^^ -m^^^^^mmiOH
The Nursing
and Her Child
absolutely essential?
The mother's condition at this time affects the whole family, and
vitally affects the whole future life of the little, helpless infant.
The genuine Johann Hoff's Malt Extract is the nursing mother's
friend and safeguard. It sustains the mother's strength in the days before
the child is born, and is a staff to lean upon at all times, especially until the
child is weaned.
The peculiar fitness of Johann Hoff's Malt Extract for sustaining"; a
nursing mother's strength is well known. It makes flesh and blood by
promoting a perfect digestion. This keeps the nerve centres in full control
and most excellent results follow. There is no mystery about the action
of this great flesh and blood builder; it aids nature by the perfect assimi
lation of food, in which is the mainspring of all strength.
In the old countries of northern Europe, whence the hardiest sons and
daughters came, Johann Hoff's Malt Extract has been used by nursing
mothers for over half a century. Nothing equals it in simplicity of action
or in certainty of good results. American mothers will do well to under
stand how easy it is to get the help they need for these drains upon their
strength. Buy the genuine Johann Hoff's Malt Extract at the druggist's.
The fifth annual convention of the United
Amateur Press Association is scheduled to.
convene at St. Paul early in July, and the
officers of the association say that they have
assurances of. an unexpectedly large attend
ance. Representatives will be present from
all parts of the country, and the program
prepared will be of more tban ordinary inter
What a constant drain upon her
strength the nursing mother sustains!
How vitally important is robust
health—important to mother and
important to child.
Is there any time in a woman'?
life when perfect digestion is so
Supreme Court's Decision Discussed
—Only Hennepin and Lyndale
Affected by It.
The park board, knocked out on its
6-inch tire ordinance for the regulation of
traffic on Hennepin and Lyndale boule
vards, will now proceed to frame another
ordinance which will come within the su
preme court's idea of what are reasonable
regulations for the control of traffic on
streets originally laid out as public high
ways end later put under the control of
the park board.
At yesterday's meeting of the board C.
J. Rockwood, attorney of the board, re
viewed the court's recent decision ruling
against the park board's 6-inch tire con
struction, and presented the court's con
clusions as follows:
To the Honorable Board of Park Commis
sioners, of the City of Minneapolis.
Gentlemen —The supreme court has filed a
decision in the case of state vs. Rohart, which
■was a prosecution under the widetire ordin
ance, for travel upon Lyndale avenue between
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-ninth avenues N*.
The court in its decision lays down several
propositions, which may be briefly stated as
First—The board has power, with the con
tent of the city council, to take a street for
parkway purposes.
Second—The board has power to regulate
traffic upon such streets, but not to exclude
any class of tranV.
Third—The board has power upon parkways
originally established as such to prohibit
general traffic.
Fourth—The ordinance prohibiting traffic
upon parkways which were originally streets
except in vehicles having tires six inches
wide, is unreasonable and void, because it
amounts to an exclusion of such traffic.
Respectfully, —C. J. Rockwood,
May 20, 1901. Attorney.
A Committee Appointed. (
The board discussed the matter at con-
siderable length, found some points of
disagreement as to what is the best
course in the matter, and finally decided
to appoint a committee of five to inves
tigate the situation and present at the
next meeting of the board a draft of a
new ordinance regulating traffic on Hen
nepin and Lyndale. The committee con
sists of Commissioners De Laittre,
Young, Baxter, Dodge and Johnson.
It is expected that the board will make
some final disposition of the matter at
the next meeting. It is possible that it
will be decided to abandon the two boule
vards entirely and turn them over to the
care of the city. It costs the board
nearly $6,000 a year to maintain the two,
and some of the commissioners favor
abandoning both streets and using the
money along other lines. In that event
the burden of maintenance would fall on
the third, fourth and eighth wards.
Superintendent Berry was instructed
to prepare at once foundations for the
new bathhouses at Lake Calhoun and at
Riverside park, and it was voted to use
the present men's bathhouse at Calhoun
pending the completion of the new one.
E. F. Bournes and G. W. Glllon were ap
pointed park policemen.
The board granted the use of the Lake
Harriet pavilion to the national guard for
entertainment purposes up to June 15.
Congregational Club Prepares for a
Date in the Country.
The arrangements of the Congregational
club's outing this year promise those who
attend a very enjoyable time. The train
will leave the union station for Spring
Park at 9:15 a. m., and returning will
leave Spring Park at 4:40 p. m., though a
special may return later if the party is
large enough in make up. Basket lunches
will be the orders though those who pre
fer will be able to get dinner at the Hotel
del Otero, which is near the grounds. At
1 o'clock the annual meeting of the club
will be held at the pavilion. At this a
discussion of "The Sunny Side of Things"
will be heard, Rev. Dr. Clarence F. Swift,
the retiring president, speaking of "Those
Lucky Laymen," and Charles W. Purple
of "The Minister's Soft Snap."
National Guardsmen FiifnrinK on
Their Buffalo Trip.
The militia men who will accompany
the governor to Buffalo to assist in the
dedication of the Minnesota building have
further plans for the raising of funds to
pay expenses of the battalion. A meet
ing of the Minneapolis members of the
staff and the principal commissioned offi
cers of the battalion was held last even-
Ing The soldiers will be allowed the use
of the pavilion at Lake Harriet until
June 18. A series of entertainments, In
cluding drills and a repetition of the min
strel performance which was given at the
Lyceum, will be presented. Messrs. Sher
man Smith, Mayor Ames and E. C. \\ ar
ner were appointed to visit the chamber of
commerce, millers and grain men for
financial aid. The lumbermen and prod
uce men will also be visited, as well as
other classes of business men.
Excursions to Buffalo exposition via
Xiekel Plate Road
On May 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th, respec
tively, at rate of $13.00 for the round trip
from Chicago; good returning five days,
from date of sale. Three through trains
daily, with vestlbuled sleeping-cars and
first-class dining car service. For par
ticulars and Pan American folder, write
John Y. Calahan, General Agent, 111
Adams St., Chicago. Depot: Van Buren
St. and Pacific Aye., Chicago, on Elevated
A woman who is weak, nervous and
sleepless, and who has cold hands and
feet, cannot feel and act like a well per
son. Carter's Iron Pills equalize the cir
culation, remove nervousness and give
strength and rest.
Manufacturing Industries Wanted.
Substantial inducements are being of
fered for manufacturing or other indus
tries at several points on the lowa Cen
tral Railway where there are good fa
cilities and natural advantages. Parties
seeking new location should communicate
with George S. Batty, general passen
ger and ticket agent lowa Central rail
way, Marsballtown, lowa.
Two Trotters Bring 910,000.
Cleveland, Ohio, May 21.—Charles A. Win
ship, of Los Angeles, Cal., yesterdaqy sold to
J. C. McKlnney, of Terrace farm, Titusville,
100,000 Samples
to be Distributed
This Week >
This is the time to take i *- msm = mmmmmm m
Abbey's Salt, it is the ideal Spring a "
remedy for cooling the blood and ... H . S&flfl
cleansing- the system," an unfailing "J'^f|B - • - '""
remedy for Headache. Indigestion r for A "^
and Constipation. ■;*.-••:"
Abbey's Sample
Effervescent To-Day
Cjl gk\t "The **alt> •'«•"•" ■■■■■■^■i^
is made from the salt extracted from the juices of
pure fresh fruit,and is unrivaled' as a-cure for all :
troubles arising from a disordered ■ condition of the
Stomach, Liver or Bowels. As a delicious, invigor
ating, cooling and health-giving drink it has no equal.
;/ *If you are not acquainted with Abbey's
send for a sample, which we will mail to you post
paid on receipt of your name and address and mention
of this paper.
• \ ■' For sale by most druggist, or sect by mail,
price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle.-." , -
The Abbey Effervescent Salt Co.;
Iris MUunnl O1KCC1) "C" I V^rvXV Vrfl 1J •
Pa., the 3-year-old" and 5-year-old trotting
mares, -Zephyr and Velvet Rose, for $10,000.
Zephyr brought the larger portion of this
sum, it being the largest amount paid for a
3-year-old filly in years.

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