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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, May 30, 1901, Image 3

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Silks and Velvets T mRJMT SkMtCWMM ti> " W &% ST%BF Furniture
Odds and Ends and Remnants, black and ;! MB BpE&m fflflF^ M&W&Bn MSF^ WMSrWB^F' B KB $3 S&BT J«P^ ''' °dds and Ends of All Kinds,
colors, novelty and plain phases, cords, warp !; OB JW JBf M W SSLnsm W\ W 0L VMS flLdflF V] B ffiwif 1 LOT I—Couches, Dining Tables, Dressers,
print taffetas, foulards, satin jacquards, plaids, ,; » fly fIMHf IV W BHV Mr V M *■» MKk BBBW .; Chiffonieres, Combination Cases, Sideboards;
oheoks, stripes, brocades, taffetas,, satin duch- I' i v- '' ' .. ! regular prices ub to 527 50 -4 JD'tffcßf'
S^^^^t^,^:! 815, 617, 619; 621, 623,625, 627, 629 Nicollet Avenue. || \ u^s2^°.sl4.9s
'—.::.:::,::'.:.;;;-:■.::.:'' L ; | oa , - ftr nriiillMTC And odds' and Ends, beginning at \ Si
tvSVoo., &£* up^ldo,:! SALE OF REMNANTS S O'oßook sharp, Friday Morn-\^.:..:...™..:. $5.95
19C 45« 69c ;|i "r . ' •' \' :.." —, ;':.;',.,; ' ing, a quick and decisive clearing of ji Men's Furnishings
Ilra«e Bands ' i; the decks for SUmmer business. IT'S THE GREATEST EVER. :| Odds and ends in men's fancy silk Ties, all
UID99 HUUU9 |, , >„,;. , .■;, .- . • /| of the latest styles, shapes and colors, includ-
Odds and Ends and Remnants, black and all ;! II— 1 m/ A m L^T^ 'AMH llk I "ip|% W*^k II $T^ H / HT"" !Ol likl d^ iO d^ d\ !' ing our famous patent shield bow, the only
colors, novelty and plain, Crepons, Matte- <; ■_ m/ Ml% | \w/m \\ \ MB- 1^ IJ?I ff &A »- L^ llm ■ Jlk ■ ■ W '■ correct up to date tie for hot weather, men's
lasses, Grenadines, Cheviots, Golf Cloths, j; Wf\\\ /^ W| \\ M W\ tW^ I I W\ MM \ l|l (V ill !j fancy and solid colored Hose, men's plain
Diagonals, Poplins, Plaids, Coverts, Waist \\ L. T/ ml V-r %IT■ vI « ffl* I—■ mm B ■Vlm ■— ■ 111 IVF' %^ V-T •I; , and fancy elastic web braces and collars
Cloths, Prunelles, Venetians, Broadcloths,••;!•'-■ _______■__ _■___■_f__;'____„■__'__'_■ ' nV nnr n^Tp-^^,,^^ nnn • • - - \ \ and cuffs, values up to 65c. In 3 lots.
Henriettas, Serges, etc; dress lengths, skirt <; n*n~w*~*~>**~*'ww%*s~*^^ ,; LOT 1 LOT 2 LOT 3
lengths. waist lengths; have been up to |4 !; Rsmnant Sale of Hillis Shoes : I Draperies * V I 1 Boys Clothing ij values to 35c, values tosoc, values to esc,
yard; in o lots; i' » - - • S- ■ ■. . . t il_, . ■ . . . j ■ c •n i < js ..-, v- • _ m
Lot iup to $1, Lot2uptos2, Lot3uptos4 :! Only Two Days to Clean Up the Balance of \ These gleanings from our Drapery Dept. are < Friday and ■ Saturday will be cleaning up ,; |f|A i "7 ' f* 2K©
<IIC *fc«* g+m !; That Enormous Shoe Stock. ~ |! the best all round collection of Bargains ■[ days of all odds and ends m suits, waists and ( ; .; |yy «*w em^^Bf..
■ Oil «a/C 000 nni^nc wii i rft CM , CH < ever offered. . ' ;. knee pants: ' ji Odds and ends in men's Oxford and Madras
HUP 39 Ufil w**w ;, -j PRICES WILL GO SMASH- "l a* n • W^ <*v ,1 :, ;1 LOT 1 " ... LOT 2 LOT 3 .-"'I Laundered Shirts, with .or without collars to
inillPfi '! Women's high grade shoes, hand £*©'* j> fj £ enims' - mnaowonaaes, ( , Knee Pants Waists or Blouses Sailor Suits v match, soft or stiff bosoms, link cuffs, of all
R. m ;. n u and Odd IL, Hai^oths, ;: Beed tan aid biack, ,0t.,t0 *3..»» Cj| BaHa^ F?o,%nioSr °rth to 50c ' WOrth to 25c ' worth to *2, the newest s P ing and summer novelties, val-
Remnants and Odd Pieces, Haircloths, '!, ( , Art lickings, J? loss billows, ' **■■ a^. > : - "< npqnritnftifiO Tn '^ lnt«
to 75c yard, in three lots, Bb .. !: Women's high grade Bicycle Shoes, 6, 8 and | Art Cretonnes, Oak Grille, j LOT 4 LOTS LOT 6 ! JB Ra va,^^, va^ptoSl.so,
LOTI, LOT 2, LOT 3, ; : .inch, tan and black, worth <fc-f QO Yard ft*» • Each IRp , T ( W° *H «-T 'T, « ? ÜBSia?w !! 4-OC 7©C BHC
uptolOc, upto2sc, up to 76a, I; to ,4.00, at.... ...sl-VS Yard »C „- IOC „; Suits.worth to^ Suits worth to SulS 6 m °■' B^ken lines in Men's Fancy Laundered
2C fIC 18fi / Boy's Boarded Calf Bicycle Shoes, tan and Screen Frames, Couch Covers, ■ _|' -i— &1 'jj _ ft^^_ ; ; Percale Shirtsa few slightly tossed. A■ A
&b «O •«*»» } black; worth §2.00, <&■« *@ A i Lord Draperies, Door Draperies.. ,; «b Q g|^ SJ | .^f.«l 9>Z£*OU I Values up to $1.00; while they last. &*3%r
IMB i, II i ■ • i 1 at Us HIP > Lace Curtains, Brussels Curtains, ( ' ■ ,' na ■' an n
D "Jt*.-?'* 81 i'P"t 'i^^strlp'slipp^n'rXtan , fi r SSS£S^ Ma^^Ss ij Boys' Furnishing Dept. ;! Men's Underwear
Remnants, India Linens, Victoria Lawns, and tent i^therf worth $1.50, at.. TOG D ow h pmows ' Sample Cur ains Odds and Ends in boys' black and white Odks and ends and broken lines of Men's
Nainsooks, Batistes, Swiss Mul Is, Drap De J ' Q g r&O^ uown.«^ .sample Uunain^ stried summer overalls, boys'merino and all fancy ribbed and plain light or medium
Soie,Madras Stripes, Batiste Plaids, (xrena- !; W 98© Each @Rn Each SI .98 wool ■ sweater* and fancy negligee shirts, \ weight Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers (im
dines, .Dimities, Piques Persian Lawns, Mer- ;, -Lhey are good at ••••• w^ ,; ; v •. *?*"¥ v.' &*> • ' ■ W !' boys' elastic webb braces, Windsor and string |! ported and domestic goods), Men's fine Bal
cenzed and Fancy White Goods of every ,; Women's Oxford Ties, hand turned soles, > Dlifimal RIJ£S !> silk ties values up to $1.25, in 4 lots ' '! briggan and Lisle Thread Combination Suits
description Remnants Muslins, Sheetings, !• over forty styles, tan and black, ft 4 «§jjfl > WM9I" "••&• > LOT 1 LOT 2 LOT 3 LOT 4 '' and Men's natural light weight Wools, values
Pillow Casings, To welings and Table Linens, J, worth to $2.50, at M* ■■ IV For. a Clean Sweep. "!; values to values to values to values to !] up to $I.7s—in five lots—
LOTI, W L(?A- LOT 3, LOT 4,, 1; Women's patent leather and <&-§ • <©g& Prices made on. 3 great lots v Eight reserved J. 2 5c,. 35c, 75c, $1.25. |; ' LOT 1, LOT 2, LOT 3, LOT 4, LOTS,
Worthtoloc^Vorthto3oc"\\orthtosoc\\orthto,oc i, , , . I np «, worth to So atwl«O«f to limit number to a ■ customer. Worth to< -^ 4g* " *%g% "9 &2 '' Values Values Values Values Values
4c 10c 19c 3»c ".0i".."","... mzrt lot- lot, i9c I»c3«c7sc ::;t£;r:«sr
Wash Goods E|HEH:S-m* HNMM SIB^O »*- B'">»a»ts ™> »«0 Bte 98c
Remnants, Odds and Ends, French Emb. i; at.. %9ffll* ,; ; Rlßa-e : :^^^ j! Remnants of Fine Ribbons, including Fancy .;• Slllt 116031*1108811
Swiss, Gauze Travers Silk and LinenNoVtel- ? Children's Strau Slicners worth ■' «■ A^ J HlifcO i| Stripes, Taffetas, Gros Grains, Satins, Hair ,' r
ties. Hemstitched and mercerized Foulards, ;! "g^- Strap PPers' worth 59© j! Royal WHton, Khorasans and Empress !; Ribbons, divided in three lots and displayed,jl . . Odds and Ends.
Emb. Plisse, Silk Stripe Dimity, Mousseline '! *x>w 'ttl •' •;•.•••• fj! Smyrna—Value to $40.00 each— 3 lots. !| on bargain table in glove section, j, Ladie ß ' Suits, Jackets, Skirts, Waists, etc.,
de Soie Silk Mulls Emb. Crepe dv Chine, !; Men' Vici Kid, Dark Tan and Box Calf ,; LOT 1 LOT 2 LOT 3 !' LOT 1, LOT 2, LOT 3 !' all this season's styles and fabrics. All odd
Lace Mulls, French Challies, Hopsacking, !' Shoes, worth to $4.00, O*4 Cfil|<av4Js "TC -i O fed) A OO > values to 50c values to 25c values to 10c ■; suits and garments from our regular stock.
Canvas Cloth, Silk Camisa, St. Gall and An- |! at....... .^PHbBW < $14.i0 ( ; yard, " yard, . , yard, |!; If you can find a fit, you will get the biggest
atolian Fancies, Imperial Silks. Ruban Soie, 'I |u,ali.u «Mfl Cilwariif^ra > U AII|IA niA^nSniv ■■• O«n. HA t O < ORa <&£&*% J, bargain ever. They are worth to $45-00-
Eddy Silks Hemstitch Mulls, Korah Pongee, jj Jewelry ana oiiverware HOUSe bleaiiing in Carpets ;: 2soc. IOC 3IC- ;| Six lots, as follows:
German Linens, Imported Madras, Dimities, |j Odds and ends of broken sets Silverware, ;! Ingrains—Extra super all wool Pro-Brussels i| . Planiiole '! i LOT 1,: LOT 2, L0?ILo B ' C n
Lawns Percales, etc, former values to $1.25 !; Water Pitchers and Tankards. Sugars and and C. C. Ingrains, worth to7sc yd n § r * ' T IdIHIBIS |, up to $1.25. up to $2.25, up to $8.50,
s^gif^ws mfOUrlOtSjPrlCedf°rqU Creams, Tea and Coffee Pots, Bakek Cake ■ 'pieces 10 to 25 yards, yard .;..... dWC Remnants, Odds and Ends 25c B Q C $ 3h7 5
LOT 1, LOT 2, LOT 3, LOT 4, and Nut Dishes, Bread Trays and Current jj Wilton Velvets-Moquettes A.minsters and l^^W^A-^S^^l^i 'i LOT 4, LOT 5, * ' LOT 6 '
upto 2s c yd *».,..*: ■*>*»*: vp t os, 25 ; d .;i Trays. All quadruple plate of the best bes^W-wire^Brussels,; worth to 5Q # j| 3?£^^ e^^^S 7 :"2^" 1^
Iff* Iflp "iß!^ O««j!- make. Also pictures-framed pictures, round, *" yd, /'*!'".'" U.V.: all in three lots, as follows: ! !; S4a3S S9iß9 $ISIbOII
«fU I lf«9 lOt# fcVb ; ; oval and square-sizes to 14x22; and triple Linoleums-AU short pieces, room sizes, 7oc ; ! LQT 1 LO T 2 LOT 3, '-' ...,■■ o
Trimmings :; Mirrors and Art statuary-Jewelry embraces -Siti^tle^orki yardg ° 39c ;: P t o is Cy d, u P t39d, u P to7sd, :| Ladies Uoderwaar
tt- i. m 411 x,6. pm < Cuff Buttons, Studs, Tie Pins, Chains, Sterl- <" " ' y W: "'*SVV" t ''! K^ "IK^' 2HCI i' Odds and Ends and Broken lines of : Ladies'
IS&nS^a^&J^^ xo - liH^ Toilet ■: Articles and Ebony, Brushes, . Camera Department ' °° ■oo : 4 ™ J Swiss^Ribbed Cotton, Silk _and Lisle' Thread
ifpp£^^ |i Combs and Mirror, Values to |5.00, divided Dryi Rack ? ' Mounts, Devel- I; ;. ; .- v.Notions / ' J^^t^g^^M
remnant must , go. Come and see the way i 1 in tour lots. .-• oper, Toning Solution, Frames, etc., values to ,» . . T ... y.. ,---,, n^Vv^ri Po-vtSi«ti Hnftnn 'nnrl Li^e
we've priced t.4, - ' LOT 1. LOT 2, LOT 3, LOT 4, «! SI in four .L- ' . Odds and Ends m Seamßippers, Initial v length. „Oom bed Egyptian uotton ana i^isie
we ye priced tnem. ,; L.U± 1, LUI 2, LU± d, LOI 4 ( >Mn tour lots _^ v- _ _ _ > T^tprs Nepdle Books Corset Laces Whale- 'I Thread Combination Suits and Summer
Corsets, Uidermuslins c^ up£Jf*u^ a^ $1- ii £S£ 4?A u P °t Tok W§^^^^mmttM^mSoS^M'
Odds and,End/Gowns. S.drts. Cheese, 1 ai.Ha Hlln 45C 19C >• ■* 126 18© 36C ( i Waist Fasteners in 6 lots, (| in tnree lots,
Odds and Ends Gowns, Skirts, Chemise, !; '*••*"» „. . 4-0 12C 18C 36C LOT 1 LOT 2, LOT 3, LOT 1, LOT 2. LOT 3,
Drawers and Corset Covers, values £Q A •!; WaffiheS 5 ' '! values to sc, values to 7c, values to 10c, I; Values to 25c, Values to 39c. Values to $1,
to $1.50, choice 69C and .•fall ;, ... "*"•»•• !;..... ' HrfllfT Hoilf !' 4^. ' H^ O^k '■! > ':':'-4''*%**" AQa >S €Bic»
Odds and Ends Corsets, straight fronts and \ 2 Watch Specials. . \ MrUgySpi j! IC £G *i® <! l^liO 4W6
girdles, in Batiste and summer net, white,.; Ladies'2o year guaranteed gold filled case, |> pdds and Ends— Perfumes, Toi- ,| LOT 4 - L0T5,.." . > V A i S | jßii .■ ll«Jk«o.A-i»
pink, blue and dresden, all sizes; £O n '! worth $15.00; jeweled Waltham movement, a'! let Water, Face Powder Talcum Powder, |; va i ueß to ' 12c values to 15c bHll(lr6n S UoCl6rW@ar
worth to $1.00, choice -^fr©^ bargain at $15.00, special for QQ QK { Tooth Powder, Hair Brushes.Tooth Brushes, ' Odds and' Ends in Misses' and Cnildren's
Odds and Ends,Petticoats,Sateen,Glass Silk Friday ...;........ .?^W- «I 9: Moth Balls Syringes, Chamois Pat.ntMed. »C : WO Vests and Pamts and Boys'Balbriggan Shirts
and wash goods plaitings and 7Q n ' Gentlemen's 12, 16 and 18 sizes, 20 year guar- j! T^nfc Unfermented Grane Juice etc values |! I A^Bt *» C A AfI» ; and DrawerS in white' ecrU and fanCy C^° rS '
ruffles, values to $1.50, choice..... iifU |, anteed gold filled watch, <£ 4A4 H f st ° ah ; t « ITS 2^^P^^ 106 ' etc"value J; . Leather hOOOS || short and long sleeves and Children's Sleep-
Mi iiHBrV - Dent. I! With 15 jeweled movement ' ■«■/• I Loll/ Lot 2, Lot' 3, Lot 4, '\ Genuine Seal, Alligator, Walrus, Pig Skin. J ing Garments in 3 lots:
M "' .' J PnH «P I'l Laefifi and EmhrAlflliriaft Up to 20c Upto39c Up to Up to $1.00 !; Mexican carved and patent leather Chatelaine LOT 1, LOT 2v■ _. . LOT 3,.-
Odds and Ends. i bdGUS dl!B CmDllllUirieS , ■-_ j||j - -|A a AO#fc !; Bags, Finger Purses, Books, double and |; Values to 25c, Values to 35c. Values to 45c,
Trimmed Hats, in 3 lots. \ ; I Remnants of all-overs, worth to Qfln OC B^aO I^C HT^C j! single, lined with ooze calf, hand turned S ■• IS<r* "f^r* €^^1^
LOT 1, LOT 2, LOT 3, ;! $2.00, yard «fOO «l . * ■ [ shaped belts, patent invisible buckles, fancy < IOC lit fcOW ■'
*"ill fin SK fill Sll Oil i; Remnants of Black, Ecru and White Laces. UIOYBS , '< gold buckles, values to $3.98, in three lots, I . ftlliffl©' li^^jj^^
? vT'r • ■ ?-y ?t!l V < Insertions, Galoons, divided in three lots re- ;! O dd lines of hieh class Kid Gloves good :: LOT 1, . LOT 2, . . LOT 3, 1.80168 nOSI6ry t
One lot of unirimmed shapes at 10c each, gardless of former prices, ". } colors and sizes selling prkes up :: Up to $3"98' ■= Up to $2.00, "Upto v 15 °' Odds and Ends and Broken lines of Ladies
Outing hats m two lots. ;! LOT 1, LOT 2, LOT 3, °° |f 7 5 Sl,™i ose P a?r Pnces UP 93C !! Choice, Choice, Choice, Misses'and Children's (imported and domes-
LOT 1, LOT 2, ;! Value to $1.00, Value to 35c, Value to 20c, >m, 'Qf ~ Ml '| orio ' fl ['~-\l'n\'' in u ]onh > i^4 7R OQa IQa > tic) Hose in fancy and plain colors, lisle
$1.50 98c 39C IdC 7C :i !^^ i • 1-'B 8»C 1»C Jd, Bilk fine , to fine
Sailors-afinea ¥ ortment-in3lot, 39 C 19 C TO J —th all of 75c. S^cialT ATft ;l Ulflbr6llaß «! ' LOT"2° $ LOT I ° £oT 4,
J££ 2, LOT 3 ' Samples of Lace and Embroidery Combina- 'l pair-"--; '\'£'.r '.'"'■ Ij 26 in. Good Rain Umbrellas, qi| Values toques to 35c,Values to 50c ValuestoSl
$1.50 98C 250 tion All-overs, values to $1.00 mty^l BOOkS Olid StdtlOliery I; special, each /'. «®^ IOC IBC I§C49©
.... „ . _ . I' yard, samples, each &n&%3 !» „,, , ,:,. „ • „. . T,. -, !• 26 in. Best Otto Hueller Twilled Carrolla \ ■**«* H *jr%# «w^r -^w
Art Needlework Dept ;h« ia^ Na^ks, 1™ S£^*?^^^ F^ 1-'^ 11 th? yJ^s? "^^jjr ii " Ladies' Neckwear
Best values ever offered in Lace and Batten- \\ Swiss ' Irish Point, Edgings and Insertions, I; aries , Juveniles and Box Stationery, Tablets, £|L 5 al^° a e, W n<lty 98C ■"■«■•• l^*mw««i
berg patterns, Stamped Pillow Tops, Center- !| at next to nothing prices, for instance, |; Pound Paper and Memorandum . Books, in 3\\ Parasols.. Special, each .......... Www , Windsor Ties, slightly soiled and mussed
pieces and Doylies, v|! LOT 1, LOT 2, LOT 3, > lots, values to $1.50. Extraordinary values; ;! U« M «llrAi>Al«ialc " 5 from handling and display values to Bp
LOT 1, . LOT 2, -j! Values to 50c Values to 35c, Values to 20c j! tables full of varied selections. ;!/ • IHlOfllUll Gill 015 j| 25c. While they last, each, .........«'V
Value to $1,00, * Value to $1.50, ]! Yard Yard Yard ;! Worth to 25c Worth to 49c, Worth to $1.50, |! Lace Edged and Embroidered Handker- ;! Odds and ends in novelty neckwear and
27c 47© 23e 17c 11c 7c 19c 69c t:^:.. To.^:LA9c\^^^:.^r. pii£eß.! o.A99
Lake Mohonk. N. V.—The seventh annual
Lake ilohonk conference on international ar
bitration has begun.
Pittsburg—The general synod of the Re
formed . Presbyterian Church of America be
fcan its sessions yesterday.
Washington—President Castro's frank criti
cism of Minister Loomis made it impossible
for that diplomat to return to Venezuela as
• aTCTTHm The Biters
gjflSTtlTrDV makes health
HU** 1 ■ MfSand prolongs
f 9 CCLEIRATEO *** life.. It cures
9r^^ Constipation,
fIH ft^ifyt&B^- Biliousness,
f'wU Jm^MgC^r Flatulency,
cI bbjM Mwk also acts
'*^ » T nuAcui ._ strengthens the
R§) STOMACH stomach, and
B I I'fT X nourishes the
I 1 !*■* nerves. Try it
We are offering; Fine Top Buggies, Phaetons, Fine Surreys, Road Carti
IRoad Wagons, Sleighs, Bobs and Cutters at 40 PER CENT LESS than they
retail for. Our special Vehicle. Sleigh and Harness Catalogue contains the latest and best goods
for 1901. Bend tout name at once and we will send It free.
COFPBBI COFFEE 1 COFFEE 1 This Is the day of big daalc and we are having such a big Coffee
trade only makes us want to do more. You will need iota of coffee for the summer months, and if
you will notice our quotations elsewhere you will see that we can save you big noney on Coffee.
10 lbs. fine Green Coffee for 970. 10 lbs. fine Boasted Coffee lor 51.14. Other grades at the
same low margin of, profit.
ARE YOU OOINQ TO PAINT? We can sell you paint at from 25 to 60 per cent less than others
isle. We can make you a prioe on St. Louis White Lead that will surprise you. It will pay you
lo send for our sample cards of Paints at once. Same will be sent you free.
the accredited representative of the United
Lincoln. Neb.—The Dunkard national con
vention concluded its business session last
evening, and at the close of the religious ser
vice at the tabernacle last night the meeting
was declared at an end.
New York—The June coal circular of the
Philadelphia & Reading company will an
nounce an increase of 10 cents per ton in the
Drice of anthracite. This will make an ad
vance of 20 rents since May 1.
Indianapolis—The appraisers for the real
and personal property of the late General
Harrison found real estate valued at $184,600
and personal property valued at $170,025. This
sum includes only the property in this
St. Joseph, Mo.—E. H. Lamberson, who
was arrested after he had sfoleir- a horse
and buggy, committed suicide on the way to
the police station. He was a prominent resi
dent of Wallace, Mo., and the superintend
ent of the Methodist Sunday school at that
New York—lt was admitted at the office
of the Montana Ore Purchasing company
that the United Copper company, of Montana,
which was formed in South Dakota, with a
capital stock of J80,000,000, will take over the
copper properties and mines of the Heinze
Sandusky, Ohio—Three employes of Gay
nor's quarries at Johnsons Island, Dennis
Cummings, aged 60; William Griffin, aged 30,
and Otto Adams, aged 22, left here in a
small boat. Their boat was found upturned
In the water and it is believed they were
Chicago—Records of the coroners office
charge another death to the faith taught by
John A. Dowie. A child, which had come
into the home of John Nelson, died with
out medical attendance. Dowie's elders
were called, and after them the coroner and
undertaker were notified. According to the
records of the coroner's office, there has been
a death among the Dowie patients every day
since Sunday.
Chicago—The doom of the single overhead
trolley system in the United States was ap
parently overshadowed by Special Master in
Chancery Frank L. Wean when he filed his
report in the Peoria electrolysis case. Should
Judge Grosscup approve the findings,- the
street railway companies of l'eoria directly,
and all traction lines operating the single
trolley ; system indirectly, will be compelled
to substitute a double wire, giving a return
circuit without using the earth as a medium.
ESTHERVILLE—It is expected the largest
crowd that ever assembled here will be
present on the occasion of the Modern Wood
men celebration, June 19. William J. Bryan
and Senator J. P. Dolllver have been secured.
From fifteen to twenty bands will be pres
DES " MOINES—The lowa .. Homeopathic
Medical Society elected the following officers:
President. F. -A. Remmington,. Sioux City;
first vice-president,. Dr. - Carolina Brooks, of
Independence;-, second ~ vice-president,' Dr.
Emma F. Richardson, of Cedar Rapids; sec
retary. Dr. E. R. Ames, of Rolfe; treasurer.
Dr. George Royal, of Dcs Moines.
SIOUX CITY— the Sioux City live
stock business is growing !is shown ■by the
fact that the stockyards, company has been
forced to let a contract for a 120,000 addition
to i the present Exchange building.—A base
ball nine has been organized by society young
women, under the direction of Mrs. •J. W.
Hallazn. a well-known lowa suffragist leader.
. Carey roofing aheds ? water life* ' a duck.
Se« W. S. Nott Co. . Telephone ; ITS: ,v :^,
BELLE PLAINE—The Gran Milling com
pany's plant at this place was sold to the
Imperial Elevator company of Minneapolis.
EAST GRAND FORKS—Louis Baker was
found dead in bed. Charles Keland, who
slept with him, was not disturbed during the
night. Baker's relatives reside in Goodhue
ROCHESTER—The Rochester military com
pany was inspected by Captain W. W. Price
of St. Paul, a banquet following the inspec
tion. Company F is now the banner com
pany of the Second regiment.
OWATONNA—The new armory, built for
the use of Company I, was dedicated yester
day. The building cost $6,000. Addresses
were made by Mayor Ames of Minneapolis
and by the officers of the company. A ban
quet followed the dedication.
DULUTH—Work has commenced upon the
Bevier building that Is to go up opposite the
board of trade. It will coat $40,000.— The
Bloomer Qirl, a vessel with capacity for 1,000
persons, will be brought here at once from
Milwaukee for the river and lake's end excur
sion trade.
ALBERT LEA—The statement that Morris
McLain pleao*ed guilty to larceny was an
error, as he entered a plea of not guilty.—
G. A. Gallagher, tried for burghiry in the
third degree, was declared not guilty.—Sam
uel Lenhart, who pleaded guilty to forgery
was sentenced to the state reformatory at
St. Cloud, as was Arthur Hanson, who plead
ed guilty to burglary.
WlNONA—George Nichols, the 7-year-old
son of Loyal Nichols, was drowned.—lt has
just come "to light that the body of a veteran
of the revolutionary war rests in the ceme
tery at this place. Stephen Taylor was his
name, and he was one of the four men who
entered Fort Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen.
He came to Winona in tbe early fifties with
hi* mob and di«d Iwre oa June 2, 1857.
PRAIRIE DU CHrEN—A man, supposed to
be Jacob Sterner, was drowned in tha river.
PLATTEVILLE—Word hai been received
of the murder of Edward Otto, formerly of
Platteville, in Idaho.
TREMPEALEAU—Oscar Van Vleet, the 18
--year-old son of John Van Vleet, of this city,
is reported missing from Rice Lake,
HAYWARD—A man named McGilavary
was sentenced by Judge Parish to two years
In Waupun, upon a plea of guilty of high
way robbery.—Smallpox has again made its
appearance in Sawyer county.
LA CROSSE—John Bloomer, a young farm
er, lies In a serious condition as the result
of an attack by three men. There Is a sus
picion as to the identity of the men, who
are said to have a grudge against Bloomer.
WEST SUPERlOß—Dispatches have been
received from C. O. Goodrich to the effect
that he and Mr. Lowry will be here on Fri
day to confer in regard to the proposed
broad-gauge track to the East End.—The
strike at the Eastern Minnesota ore docks
seems to have died out, and the company
anticipates no more trouble.
MILWAUKEE—The United Switchmen of
North America hare adjourned to meet in
Los Angeles, Cal., in May, 1903. The fol
lowing board of directors wag chosen: Daniel
Smith. Chicago; S. J. Danlan, Jersey City,
N. J.: J. T. MacMillan. Ashtabula. Ohio.
The board of directors will appoint Dr. M.
J. Ford, of Omaha, as grand medical exam
EAU CLAIRE—The Wisconsin high court
of the United Order of Foresters elected the
following officers: Chief ranger, W. H.
Rowe. of Waukesha; vice-ranger, G. W.
Woolford. of Baraboo; secretary, -Otto Kelhl,
of Milwaukee; treasurer, E. J. Rice, of Mil
waukee; physician, George L. Alexander, of
Milwaukee; auditors, H. S. Bergman and Ga
bral! Rlngenoidus, of Milwaukee; chaplain,
H. W. Kadcllff, of River Falls; archer, B. N.
Hurd. of New Lisbon; woodwards, E. B.
Con»tock, of Milwaukee, and W. F. Kisow,
of Lake Mills; supreme representatives,
Chafln. of Waukesha, Alexander, of Milwau
kee, and Loomer, of Whitewater.
YANKTON—Bishop O'Gorman of Sioux
Palls, assisted by eight other priests, con
firmed 104 in the Catholic church.
LEAD—The new Smead Hotel, built by the
people of Lead and named after Walter E.
Smead, was opened last night formally.
ABERDEEN—The deed from C. H. Prior
for the lots on which to erect the Carnegie
library building has arrived.—Several case* of
anthrax are reported among the cattle In
the vicinity of Grass Lake.
Washington—Secretary Root has decided
that all of the second lieutenants of cavalry
who were such on Feb. 2 last, aad all second
lieutenants of infantry who were sucJi at the
date of the organization of the volunteer
army. In 1899, shall be at once promoted to
the rank of first lieutenants.
3 A Tear for a Pain f^®!^ %
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25 ment that tHttftwl& Mil guibt incident to chiidWrth. W^ v "SK^P ' *^a
*C te rmo S.MORTON, of H»rlo»e.H.C,**ys i "Too much «int f-<- *i*^*sS^lfc- '/7r A\ !^»
*3 be Mid in praise of 'Mother* Friend. 1 Mywifeujed only two ;^^s»^y>>^^^\> 5&
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*^^ uptfi tfyltf ti*** 11 ■; ***"" Tcnrcngna « aaanss. ,■....» jn C'..^*ttfgrJ9tilvHmfl/u^y,l fit (•S^ il:9C'
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;^^*_., J ■ -j- - ■ -i ..in i»«rfii »'^ **!w<fe'' v - *.L I ..V_'.H*"* l "' ■■■*. ,' . ■ . ' ■"■■ -■•■ i,
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